In Case You Missed It - Cheech Marin

Thursday, April 19th

Cheech <arin calls in this morning to talk about the 40th Anniversary of "Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke" and also talks about "Cheech's Secret Stash" which is a collection of Marijuana coming out soon!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pinned on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I I know I know Mike Hsu wish I was growing up as well that she each had been my best friend or trying to teach or China either and so. And and new bureaucracy. And and sheets joins us right now here on the Hill Man Morning Show on the premium sports studio line. Warrior credit trying to find letters in the morning. And I did some good very well the fact that your Holden. Is is going to be the year that you're gonna have a lot of best friend street should. We hope so. Hard to believe. That up in smoke is forty years old. And I didn't. Have this sort of vessel back. Do you have a favorite film and were you able to put the favorite. On your films. Oh you're absolute. Portrait this certainly of the smoke at the top of the list. What about what about favorite scenes like I was one I was we want to smoke plus. And that scene you would and Tommy in the car and he whips out that forearm size split. And that's that's the scenes and you guys in the car are my favorites the and you know those those of the best. Now that that are my favorite city to attract a lot of letters that I've heard about it like like our. There ain't Jesus is real quick that is crazy to view. That the that your career in the sense was built on. The fact that marijuana was illegal and and now here we are today and you're calling us talk about your new line. Of recreational candidates is is that crazy you. And will assume that. If you live long enough that it Indianapolis yeah. Is losing. Police would have 29 states senate legalize marijuana now so. It is actually. More than normal about. You. Yeah hey this young people come up to use these guys. I I we are used to in grade nine my freshman year high school we've got a great fit allison's house and we are Brussels should there was fibrous about round leader of the Russell Schwab I don't mention that might believe this lie quietly. Everybody we almost anywhere now we just got a great fields this house has his parents were where he was like. Did the job were born boy they were older and didn't. Here and we used to listen to your comment. Weasel this year commonly finals again date before rewards school Monday through Friday. How young kids. Younger kids to want to go dude. You're amazing you changed their life. Look everybody. You know we need a little bit sleepy credit score but you know he is okay got a job with certainty that made it about direct I mean there. And are you concerned. That Hollywood. Will do what they do very frequently. And remake. Teaching John films. There's a new. New cheats and a new child content. Relieve tensions that are loud you know of him but that they can keep trying to pin that was the people. Lieutenant in the student. Six facts right we played great column from this sometimes Lulu dot I have missile out of here. And grow but that will never be able to create. We create cheeks and strong because the texture and sound. Tell us about teaches private stash. I can't it's private. Could. Do your homework. With. And we knew we'd be glad well. Although. Category is that there were some opening up and that very California Colorado moved out so register. PM. In that column in the Washington and shoot Lee Bassett to sit so. I'm some other person back east shouldn't lose. In the east solo but don't. We're doing well today you know I met and its sister has just tripled because you have to do did you all meet face interviews straight. Conditional status Sandler. He kept so little trust for former instructor who earlier trucks which now or use children involved in the past. Are you the CRO the chief reefer officer. And. Yeah. That. Excited to be good it's really hard to regularly as little effect. It's really interesting aliens shoot talks a lot about the opportunities when it comes to making money in this business and you mentioned Massachusetts and it it's it is interesting as these states sort of try to come to grips of what is going on here is that is is that the interest in part of the business for you. Well if yes I hit it just seemed like yes as an operative word. He looked at me. So it has some alone well legalized marital Obama is equal about somebody other than that it was duo slot and they want to reassure them that's been the order on other people. Actually tried absolutely rocks and boulders are out they possibly can't. But here we are 29 states and yeah every election cycle for far more so. You don't. Yeah could stand up for the local that this wouldn't recommend that. Teacher merit is our guest I. I don't this true or not but I had read one time. That stripes was written for you guys and the in the military would not allow that is that is that true. Oh no wasn't true that they that they it was so offered to ask. At that time that we do we hero world tackling what do you do that so the Castro strikes but they will let. But that they had nothing doing okay. I'll let you have been in Haiti so poor country. They. Seats with the fortieth anniversary of smoke and get this this huge box them out which has mostly the big bamboo a gigantic Roland. Which is often the iPad a run off that helped Pakistan. Noise again there are currently there are some I won't do so would that they are there any plans for you went on immediately and it's boring. Lecturer right now from New Jersey. And fairly terrible when it will be the show Chris. Script idea plot idea for you here. Teach and John. At the villages to absolutely did talking kid include those terrible. Oh yeah after another right. Look. Good news is black and Libya and other charitable rhetoric court. World and have them do. Waiting traders say your loan for right. I'm talented try teaching job at the villages. It would be you know I think you may have been on something now. It's it. They so easy professional giving teachers on something would never indulge just like in the movies all that we'd mistake got married a chorus of all right this was a stunt lead well that was the line at the time these days it made it for its gas. I. US and tin cup yeah also right right I guess that the US a part of our what's the the Florida option awards two yards what we only on Johnson yeah yeah. No he isn't a different dodge guy who has and in Miami I wasn't going to get another job yeah we have taken another cop yeah. So many hours issued an incline apparently in listening to those those columns now. Now why did I I did read that there remaking. Teaching John movie with will Smith's kid no doubt in both are right Kenseth and Sanyo brutally technical. Perry. Other guests of the going to be women this time Barack and racked up a jobless politics. That's a female actresses give them a chance to be teaching job embryos in Ireland Ian Johnson as he. Nash Bridges that's yeah female Indiana Jones Spielberg is talking. About doing another one and making Indiana Jones. A female character maybe which what you award winners and news in his honor.