In Case You Missed It - Carmella from the WWE!

Tuesday, May 22nd

Worcester native Carmella calls in to chat about the WWE, her career, favorite appetizers and more!

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Years next code word at ten. It's the thousand dollar Holler and joining us right now on the Framingham Ford's studio line framing him forward. It is metro less commercial truck headquarters. It is Carmela from the WWE. Good morning TO. Who are. I want to ask give us something we are talking about in the news earlier actually be it's. And doing some research on you like Saudi you were once an NBA dancer. And we were discussing that the San Antonio Spurs. Are doing away. Was there Shealy cheerleader defense team and going for a family friendly. Co Eds. It's flawed in that I was I was wondering how you feel about that. Well I don't feel either June or Stanley Sammy yeah I mean net I think that they suggest you read ER and became an agent you know. Excitement for the road show don't have cheerleaders ethnic I don't really see how they're not every company. It's. So and I am so sorry a year from Lester. Yeah I'm not only what I like about I would pick your share record of accurate three year. That's. And LB who is talking about how he feels like cheerleaders are woefully underpaid. Mean. Why take it all act talk about cheerleader saying that they don't get it up I'll complete. And I was doing it Iowa college at the time that illusion that are part time job to try to look the entire world. But the picture in the future super ball and I don't know I think it just we how well we do it does not directly affect the so at the players cannot let alone that I cannot secure their turnout like. Toward what the argument. Did you ever break the fraternization. Rule. I I'm not I don't you girls in Adelaide south drilling each packet down 151000. That's a no no he can't frown and a good players that is you know you notice and this is this is unfair. This is hash tag need to do you notice the players never get kicked off the team when they're having sex with a Q yeah examiner. Well Serena in the civil rights what's out of Carmel that's not fair is it. Me and I'm gonna get it. And I you know a lot of girls now locked up and now there's no kind of is there an economist fraternization rule that WW the ones that are. None of the people marry communicating very other wrestlers out. OK so when he yeah. When did you decide to go down to Orlando and start training and Ted to become a wrestler who were major flip the switch. Why did it again tomorrow we'll right and I got to the rest aren't throwing 98. And I used against her the opportunity came to delegate lead at just under which. It greatly to bring everything full circle without background in my back at a report. I'm on the Mac government see the entire elevator got all the outlook. Here is a tax that says please tell her. She is the most beautiful woman on the WW. Oh how I paid when attacked it got faster and community because it is a sob I eyesight of parents I know who you are. Somebody was texting early years that they went to high school with a view and so I was wondering what years what was your best subject in high school. Gosh I love and he didn't need to go there at that Koran day easily you know the craters musicals. I think right at the I don't know where all the diet that's fighting at now like to call in and beyond the shadow of. That's what we that's just shows that I'm old but what's out. What going to work what were you doing so when will you need your talking about going award dancing or did you work other job. Even beyond their way to school I caught them at UMass star and so what it was at that point 08 global. It or mechanical generalists they're very very cute so announced lurking there. How would you Atlantic could. Well WWE. Smackdown is happening on Tuesday may 22 so there is that is tonight. I'm at the DC use air there and. Not about their tickets still available tire there to present international outcry and yeah I party. Yes you need any worried about actually now of course who's yeah that's. Whose ass kicking tonight. You know I'm not sure that whatever whoever I guess I'm gonna conduct you know I don't. I. You're gonna have to and please. I'm going to use the phrase that was used on the show yesterday. We've all due respect I don't get to watch a lot of WW week. So could you inform me a little bit about current storyline involving U Carmel. Sure. Carmela is in turn couldn't couldn't get as and I Palin. I'll I can't see on TV had not great and I. It's basically a buddy your talent or money in the bank contract which is the first ever try it at the with an a lot of I want that in briefcase and cash it. After responding. Out of character and it here on Chara fired we're under the order. And I'd be and I became the champion. Not that bad of an ambulance they severed and I think. Celebration. Erupted. That's about victory in. Now they are now without back that is. Now did you have any kind of an argument with regard to the fact that Mel lot. Is from Staten Island. And not from central Massachusetts I mean if I feel like you should've stood up for your Massachusetts roots as a mass hole. Now it's funny because the dirty characters out today is gosh it's a block that got about character you know and it was OK and it. Thank character and that's island because of economic plan to meet them or not actually come option for them. It at my bank that is what it is. It's a little doubt now eagle connectors. Characters and storyline that have a a lot of fun playing the characters. Now I'm a texture would liked it though. What you do to get the tabs that you have obtained for yourself diet wise. You eat eat and don't ever. A good pizza day every hour and Alex are. Nobody cleaner and that kind of thing helping my entire life but cookie healthy healthy how well Trout. Just kind of something that any great. I hope they category Catholic I have an all moderation got a giant peach. Got where is the best pizza in your hometown. Oh gosh all. The other they are much. Going on Mary who can beat the directing it looked at Brookfield. It because of the and then the back Barbie Q&A a logic people action. I'm here around. Uncle Sam's. I'm act amendment keep track that. And we've been on an appetizer theme because of our latest food bracket though. I would ask you out of all the appetizers. If you could only order one. What what is your favorite analyzer. Our technical and weighing let Eric what about. Source sports now. Here's a tax. Asking how the WWE. Women feel about Ron drowsy. I think it's great. I can bring such a different field at the division and and ever on a parking lot whether they like I think it species you're at or garage in Denmark tensions the limit and it looked at the Getty Lee at the back half. In other I'll be first but first I want matched the heart as well perhaps and I would prefer government banks now making history all the can do it worked together to continue you know. You know by the word about what I'm firing a shot that we can do it isn't good if not better than them. There's Leah Williams committed developed allowed in the matching them and there's no money in the bank taken the big bump and. I was here I'm not like I was I was here I was don't have as our first service call girl in the match. I was definitely nervous but I knew I'd say that's a Catholic came together for the good of the action. I got a great match to be able he would have won and brought in another lie on my. It's exciting to be a part of it and I'm glad you like it comes with the territory and that it. Actually isn't. And coming up ally and. Pots of money in the bank though right. Exactly. More breaking Naylor anything on now listen I'll let our show about terminal count. I doubt about it got our. Our players like that and I did a lot. Al. I asked the this has been agreed in their view and Ellis not gotten to Vietnam where. Like ten or fifteen minutes into itself and everything is they cycled to iron name. Some of the people don't know is that. I'm acting in what I didn't look at it I idea. Well and yeah it wasn't like a lot lately I don't know morning Leah but yeah. You cannot it's the other thing he can you started right you you certainly in 2013. Let them or. Where you were you amazed at how hard the ring ropes were the tables. You have no idea and I got an egg. Get on top of them I would hate to opt out electric blunt the change because my body was so banks are those now. People are not automatic neglect to I think its three month and it kick off because my body to go back. I have great equipment like people think about what actress black well but it really not ever could well erupt like. You really really tough. Sooners up by the way a texture says wall with is the New England Patriots. You learn ended two deflected questions well. Yes that what we're asking about the solar grasping about the patriots looked up question is a good deflection and n.'s ballot Jack like Carmela ballot back. Back all right well. Get them mad. I'd bet you assess super friendly to the cheerleaders probably spent a lot of time with the guys right elegiac RA I am yeah. All right well it's WWE. Smackdown tonight there are still tickets available at the DC says there. And you're back back in your home. All that aren't writing you don't try to hit it great the do you expect. Any of your axes to show a lot anybody I hope not yeah. Yeah you who should go to the prom. Probably it my god she Laird a couple of years older than me. If Democrats get these computers are younger like at a typical white red carpet. And due to an easy is even texting tickets in the it is. God now. Lightning and you know he's probably telling everybody about the Barbara writes I mean. You know I don't and he made it out. While it's been great having on and I am glad you weren't listener of the show and it's then good luck tonight and one idea. One having it you know you should do is are you. I'm you should join us set our WAS celebrity golf tournament do you golf. A great golfer you are. An ultimate tournament. But arrogant a ball out. Oh yeah there are thousands and that's why I'm gonna reach out to your p.s and and by use is down at foxwoods and it's very it's for another great it's for charities though will reach out and see that was. That was kind of a blow off that would be great I get that from settlement only time. Don't yeah yeah and the Ugly Betty I know it's only hired you might people you only work 300 days a year. I've got another one of their ground lineup. Are right coffee that you still a diet I. There she is Carmela WW eat tonight it is 919. 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