In Case You Missed It - Bronson Arroyo

Wednesday, November 22nd

Former Red Sox Pitcher and 2004 World Series Champion Bronson Arroyo stops by to promote his upcoming charity event, and plays a couple songs on his guitar!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. It's the Wednesday before Thanksgiving so it's kind of a blow off day for everybody and I and they'll lighted. To have an old friend of the radio station in an old friend of the of the show and an old enemy of the New York Yankees. Studio guys. And it is Bronson Arroyo former Red Sox pitcher and musician extraordinary misused morning how are feel I'm doing good on about governor. Musician that allow. Lessig yeah I hope he tell you about eagle and sometimes do you have to hit the stage area how he did. Are great and yeah just the finesse of enslavement last year and down shoulders. Passengers and as a retired and does have a good time man and and plants music and get a chance and then it was a difference in time you how do you feel about retirement so far. You know when I was with the Washington Nationals in 2016 minutes a meter shall have probably done and not pitch again and it was bugging me definitely to let you know I I patronizing and half years. And inflict train to stop him like Tommy John surgery had my tears in my shoulder and it was like that's game set match and like now I gotta grind back so. Didn't back last year was was fantastic to its fourteen starts and you know by the end of that season at the last three months travel with the team wasn't that an anymore and you're always had a you know into retirement and you know to me it gave me a good chance the kind of to just wind out of the game really easy and you know by the NFL it was my senior high schools and I just couldn't wait to get on there did you cry when the tears the last no but I know I was megs of phone calls it as a Peter Gammons and caramel or in some guys in 2016. When they tell me your your shoulders it receptor. And I definitely missed Syria then who do you stay in touch with the Red Sox wise guys you guys to play am law are Malloy are Youkilis. Pedro. David Ortiz once in awhile Lenny DiNardo was an area now and to some that's and I yeah libraries and he's here. He's a little Florida and moved over the years ago so did. You follow anything with the Sox this season a little bit yet as I used to work Chris Sale in Naples for about three years go to Naples and return in the offseason and he's on he's treated as a believable it's fantastic man and and he doesn't care about and things that. Plants and some some Xbox and and pitch and then it turns out he's such a simple. Did you guys did you pay any attention to the whole. Incidentally is back on the on the bus in the plane and I didn't get all the details finally got into a price a little bit you know you know David Price at all I don't you don't I don't know because in order regard you know from outside I know a pretty good but. You know it's funny man when when generation's gotta go by like that especially when you're somebody you know. For some we. Or reason as soon as you retire from the game and you get stuck on the media side. After a couple of years go by you almost lose your credibility of what you've done in the game yeah strange for a guy like act right because he was he's a hall of Famer and he's unbelievable and but. As don't the longer you're in that suit in your talking on TV you almost become. A non player anymore and guys don't really wanna hear he had to say and sometimes they cause a rift did you have any issue playing in Boston wins you know because it's all we ever hear especially from somebody like David prices. You know. Fans are way too into it in the media as we I mean did you have issues and no wind you know throw all those complaints are here I heard from David Wells and he played in. In Yankee Stadium forever and he's like managed differently awesome and restaurant people's read on here and I'm like. This is what I've lived four man you know like he liked it yeah I came from Pittsburgh we lost a hundred games every year and nine yet at element Goodyear. And I was happy to be in a place where I would sit up. In the weight room in Fenway Park and you watched people walk into the stadium and I felt like they were just for it and they're like there but it's either The Beatles reunite man I. They were desperate there ear off or win every night and I loved playing in that environment has it in major ringer if I'd love to go to the park and Jessica. Part of a Boston when someone tells you F you you suck America. You you respect you because you know they come to the ballpark. You know. Have to seize those who have their rabid fans are actually spent 121000. Dollars to watch you know I watched beat. And yet the very first element Fenway Park I come from Talking Heads on that perfect game and the only thing anybody knew about me was August and Adams perfect game that vaguely heard that a Mormon in the tent behind Pedro and I got to save up through three and got only save my career against the Mariners. I'm warming up in that you know the fans are so close on top right there and I just here Rollyo. It'll say this is arguing that that was the other. And Bronson Arroyo is with us and he adds he retired last this is last season in Cincinnati and if you think about Fenway is that you mean does that compare to anywhere else on a dozen people have asked me since I left there. You know it's really that much different Boston and that the two stores I always tell because it's hard to quantify what it's like here you know because everybody says all happily in Chicago shortly here there. I think listen after we won the World Series people walking every single day just cry and and they would never say congratulations you won the World Series they say document thank you for my grandfather my followed it didn't get to see it or. Whatever and the other thing was people launch of this. As amateurs reading you know the newspaper articles to tombstones McNamee just doesn't happen happen any other place Chicago's fantastic but it it feels more like a party aired here. It feels like it's almost literally ingrained into the people if you lose it's like ruining their week. And you know I love that about it. I'm you're doing charity event the some yeah Plano or did were actually playing with a with the Boston Pops which is just ridiculous and a bunch of my friend Jane Aronson American life by local guy and you know lightly it's a homeless union missiles book I've been helping maturity in Arizona the last couple years it's it's us against special needs kids in implement. In two schools the idea of teaching in the musical instrument from another student is just fantastic I was in the U and then they play with orchestra sometimes a play. The halftime of Ohio State football games and so I've put all the cement to basically raise money for that were playing with a symphony on Monday night the 27 of November and you get tickets at www. united sound dot org slash Boston. And I've just gonna be a good night music the -- things shown up Dave Matthews saxophone player Jeff coffin and the guy and Wycliffe Gordon. Oh world renowned player or open up the show its honestly now did you select Monday night Monday the 27 after Thanksgiving Monday it will what are you doing for Thanksgiving east team understanding area who you wanna paint his house generally well I don't pay Florida Ibaka I saw Lester miles appear but. I think I'm gonna go over guitar player Clint Walton froze him some resentment hurt him on the show. You can Turkey years you on the Thanksgiving I'm I'm a fan of food man I would like and everybody. I'm Dave knows what wrong we GMAC now. My only matter if you have yeah yeah how tall you. About 64 I embryo and a broken of the game was some other parts of which 152 at the site. Now I weigh about 182 problem and I pitched about 19195. Yeah well if LB is. Actually does it you don't music what are you gonna do are you gonna do anything for work rather than playing music or use the would you would you ever go on the Booth. Yet I don't know they've you know David Ross called me. And before the season was even over anybody after your name and had a ESPN that you wanted the playoffs and stuff but to be honestly it's like you know I've lived kind of a different life in the average ball player most guys. You know you like 161718. Years old when you figure out maybe you've got this talent that might go somewhere and and you start getting serious about eagle in the weight room but. A group with a followed and the keys it was early in the power of animals friends of realtors level as they put me in the wee Herman is like a six year old kid and so I've got these dvds and I mean eight years old man squad like 250 pounds is a 55 year old and 25 pound kid yeah and and at least into 35 and so I lived kind of like professional athlete from that time on where you were carbo loading your resting and you were taking supplements. And so I've been doing this flight 35 years and yes from me I just want a little bit of a break away from the game. Just to see what it feels like just being normal life and earnings conference now would you advise that her parents who really want their kid to be a professional athlete get him into the gym at six or seven years old yeah maker of star power lifting at an earlier well maybe not maybe not that that that that level but definitely to get the body movement a little bit no doubt about it it was a good relationship yeah that it wasn't like. Who is that that quarterback Tom brunt of it ya got there could be two to three absolutely well I mean I know people ask me all the time how did your life and differently and and usually these stereotypical Little League coaches who burn their kids out and they wanted me drug addicts and the difference was I think that the thing that I we see in the stores like odds is that. They can never do enough to make the father happy right it was like you with three Ford Edge right now in the fourth at the right my father was exact opposite it was you went over for today so what they gonna give us tomorrow and both organic system are right and just that little. One change of optimism. Made all the difference in the world you'd announcements of revenue to the major leagues him and I remember being a Saint Louis and then on the through my parents and what my father was like the culmination of everything you'd been doing down and in in Key West, Florida. Since 05 year old kid and just envisioning. Mean at this finish line you know I think that was kind of the difference for me is that I was I was literally looking at the finish line at a much younger age than most people. Weren't so that's why I say you know mob burned out of the game market that you know ten years by. I'm I don't know if wanna go in the Booth will be on some audience watched yeah all right well art and he's right guitar here guitarist and near and your voice Ian units and some for a rental Littleton for winning and though program triangle old school here what is and well we're doing a little bit of Springsteen and blended and Tom patties on. And owner. The affluent house over there were video diary at the now you know. Just button and help you know Springsteen we we don't please and that's revenue springs and I really you know lyrically. It's funny Napoli I probably hundreds of these songs in my head. And a lot of times Utley got the berries you or something like yeah you know the leveraged everything I have a lot of flaws in my head but I really have to. To dig into the music to iTunes once it sticks and I'm good yeah I have done in the Springsteen it want now old ones that passed and I'm I don't know I just think there's you know there's obviously since Anheuser resonate with a terrible you know I'm embarrassed to say that publicly because of the greatest artists to listen I listen I I hear my hero musically is is is is any better Pearl Jam and and I know on almost every other one of the records. But and he he looks up to Bruce and he I think patterns over two groups in a lot of way that's yeah absolutely I have accomplished went to Mexico City with Youkilis yeah in nova and fifteen in 2015 and organize that idea how long you'd be doing this you know I want to wrap around my brain when it was that I market bureaucracy of programs show and he's day. Bruce is devoted to close the seventies and the reason I can't so that we. Out of the back story hill gardeners is so high school buddies and when they all live in sacks and build together they used to do shirtless. Bruce share. We don't have to mention that your. Yeah it's on the eighth but on the Jumbotron Kevin Harvick yeah you got that I've. Taggart and hot unrealistic if you aren't one Bronson is playing this Bruce and if you wanna take my shirt and school. I was I mean eighty better analysts last week I think. I did. Who needed a a duet that he did with Tom Petty. I'm I don't know. Armaments ominous in the he's and he just I mean Eddie that it has an amazing voice absolutely amazing amazing voice it's better when he's drinking red wines are yeah it is it's a after the third bottle and sometimes that's going down and that's after three and a half hour should. They are doing that to them into in the wading. In that in and that it's really. While there's a big event on Monday which Bronson Arroyo former Red Sox pitchers here to talk about. But right now get ready for Thanksgiving what what Bruce Bruce and he went through over the Atlantic City OK Atlanta great scene on the globe that you command infinitely. Element in the chicken and then it looked at his house to you know into the chicken pleased to come around mightily ballparks you know domain and and after it was done in San Diego and you know to talk a little bit 'cause you know he'd be swept so bad out there during the that's yet to come and off. Go back out but I got little of everything apple pie and then it's kind of late game mentally medley and now that practices. Bronson Arroyo here on the Hill Man Morning Show. We'll let me. The chicken man of that is that. Have a little bulldogs did an incredible. Bonus view that Iraq. On and these. And yeah. Yeah. There have seen. Yeah. The ball back. End. Left we'll roll on bag. Do you view his standing here. It is. Room. We'll home bags. Then. The tool. And you round. Little and he zone delusion in the ground. Dan tiger. Old blue bag now. Okay it's. Okay. Game. I'm home home back now. Who happened to blow up draft day due to yeah yeah. He's tall and foods in your round. No won't back down. Oh yeah much. And David. The little tool bag down. Loud malls. I. Yeah. Really really really good here is that taxed. From a woman who says he's he's single he could sing like that to me every night it's the most thing out lady's arms around. I mean is there anything better than having a guitar and being able to sing a song to a woman. It's like I can't I cannot go more I mean I just what the cub oh my girlfriend and I was like. You know they're not gonna take its. And just get some things off your chest that is fantastic while I mean IE does a lot of people say sound that you be told these sound a little bit like Eddie yeah we are mad because I love that music grownup you know you know ST EP and Pearl Jam and Nirvana and it's a hit in the united ever saying anything before that it's our most once you. But from the time I was fifteen I was with some of the stuff and just by out of pure luck that my horse on the came out in that range because that's really enjoy things. Yeah a week. Yet another sign it I would tell you would probably only you only know one girl into one we can do another one Jamie can pull off or. And also do. Damon was only contacted the mainland side. He did not know. I don't know enough oil. Yeah sure. Hold on videos. I edit them I at a time. I had completely owner complete Boehner and the Christian island. Has noticed my god that receipt killed it on that you have to Vizio land view that more Bronson. And I'm adding some more Freetown where people realize amateur partners ball players I mean your your partly it. 2 o'clock every day don't lead to 11 o'clock and we play every single day for months and you know you eat you everytime you turn around just thinking about your body in have you eaten in and how much slept and you know in order to survive in the game for twenty years and it you have to be thinking along those lines and. It's like doing the show for 27 years since an unsubstantiated. And not I don't know how many. The preparation I put in fronts and is unbelievable. We FaceBook life okay so just a heads up if you wanna see Bronson Arroyo former Red Sox pitcher. Play this morning and check that out on FaceBook alive and you're gonna do and India are organs the theme of the in the old school really rocker program. It's Marines. Yeah. Hi yeah. News oh yeah. Saying where. Is your own eight. Yeah played piano and I. Yeah comedy jam. Here is the owner here the way. It's. A few days and I gave them what not read it. The ball. Here in 2000 launch night. Yeah we'll ultimately is a man. He is the okay. We have the Red Sox fan that it. And if he's there. Honorable governor. My hair. And are there there it. Can you do Louie the way the frat parties request by. As the best night and hang in hotel rooms of people didn't expect that runs you've and I engines and into the sun comes up editor at any other guys he'd played with two really really guitar players really you know a lot of guys up. EV PB Jake Peavy actually plays a lot things a lot of songs as it dabble a little bit of either just a little guitar like a little bit but they don't bolt them together most of the time. And usually you know that its arsenal to horror instrument outlook to play because it's difficult. Is. Is it really I think for beginners absolutely it's one of those and he got a partner hands every single day and if you just put it down for a month to month and come back to a government can progress. And guys get frustrated by and to put it down. Yeah well I I really appreciate being in here this morning. As good to see what it seems like yesterday a VE year plan for the Red Sox now and I know I'm a seven wood seventeen years eighteen years it's been a long time element I left here I'm in the beginning of 06 and but your career right people places and 1995. While I've played it for that is in my at least fifteen in the big leagues for years now I mean how Republicans that wise I mean any chance that the the number goes up over there at from Miami and another chance and I'll hold the I'll be a reds hall of famers some points or 108 games is that team there and I was you know I played for nine years and kind of meat potatoes in my Beatles only here but probably retire it probably retire everybody's number out there now. I don't know how that's not you know that got arrested and another thing is the great eight you know we. From 75 to 36. He knows guys you know they they were such a special club they kind of set the bar. Really high for for a lot of people there that probably won't retire a lot of numbers and and that's did you completely now and Jimmy Pete Rose volume almost all passionate team which whats so special and he's all those guys always come back. Now it's a little difficult for Pete because he can't walk in the clubhouse like everybody else but he hangs out of the ballpark museum in the restaurant behind unit slot and there's an argument round and I've got it. You know I've got some good time with Pete over the years me and Sean Casey. Actually took. Eddie better over to meet Pete one night at a little place called the green down museum in Cincinnati's like a little mini hall of fame went there. To check out all the stuff we had a great dinner we want to jam until about 5 o'clock in the morning. But did you shed jobs man. Yeah I don't know for another drove it very decrepit athletes do absolutely Bryant yeah I mean at the end of the day I think everybody's Cincinnati feels you know like. You gotta put men hall of fame where where does and he just loves baseball so I mean I know that that's when I knew you know the first and I met him in 2010 in Columbus. Reverend conversation you right now this atlas is words back and forth talking to different things and you look over his little bag he's got to the store. And it's literally you know small almost like carry on bag and he's got four based on Glaus lined up on the top of it and the wrapped up with baseball's like like rubber bands. You would slightly angry kid absolutely Roman did you bake viewers in the them. Sometimes in the microwave heat up a little bit sad you're younger than me. I have seen. I is that my guys that put the doubles the earliest that the put his catchers in the and and now in the dominance right out muted -- if you were really rich you can buy this special only right that he put the wrong stuff on you're just below although it might like Harden up or something. I mean I honestly pick and most likely if award for for poor coaching I could have Major League career but we don't have I don't think we have time for that I'm the details all right well Bronson Arroyo. Who played for the Red Sox for many many years and years thanks he's thanked constantly for the World Series. It's has been kind of combine this morning in year big event let's give the details out again and yes our minds it's www. United sound dot org slash Boston a three get the tickets and November 27 Monday night symphony hall with your extra complain Pearl Jam Tom Petty oasis. Goo dolls and and I guess it's going to be fantastic we've got Jeff coffin Dave Matthews saxophone player opened the show with Michael Gordon on the trumpeted as the jazz. And just gonna great batteries and the money few things going to be in the house we'll try to talk to play as a music you know kind of bail on me in on an opulent and it still is or second place but sounds like it's going to be an unbelievable night so. On thanks to come by agreed to sing yeah thanks we'll see on Monday and happy Thanksgiving progress to have a great Thanksgiving night that's Bronson Arroyo rule be right back.