In Case You Missed It - Bob Lobel

Wednesday, March 21st

Legendary retired Sportscaster Bob Lobel calls in to talk about his experience with medical marijuana, and share some old stories with LB and Greg.


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'll. And yes it's okay ask. I will be forever grateful to our next guest because he gave. A young. Fledgling upstart to broadcast third chance 28 years ago and agreed. To participate. In the first regular segment on this program the Loeb L prize for sports award. And I am so excited that he's joining us this morning problem though is on the framing imports studio line. Hey Bob. We'll let you Dylan. It square and a reduction. You remember those days and are you getting it right yeah yeah yeah it was like PDs. Typical duties and that was the name of that show yeah okay gosh we didn't have asked at least he's allowed to look at it. I don't even know who did another key piece that's. Well it's it's it's community beaten never heard. Well so yeah I mean you know it goes it could I Elvis covered bridge but they have more than grateful I mean really. It was a lot of record you. Does either that are against it it gets her restaurants you we where we were here I don't know I am here. It might third great food dude Greg don't kid yourself. Bob you didn't need career boost that you you guys were like the you guys the highest. Like local news anchors ever. And and you didn't NAFTA help they'll be radio guys. Forever grateful for the I think all right so it don't make me regret. Perhaps. It so. It's really interesting I think bird bird many of listeners and Danielle and you both remarked about it earlier. You've been you've been using marijuana. And you you've been a little bit suspect in and you've been using it and you wanna share that experience that everybody not only. The Nikkei and trade show this weekend. On on the show this morning tells a little bit about Bob. All about what about you using a medical marijuana yes or yes about how to go about your whose what what made what made you like that. Doctor recommended he seek it out of your own like what. Start. So I would be one of those. You learned so much so about what is on the forward well you're very very can't stop the point is. No it was good it was either Iraqis Cotto. Like you can have wondered about that. The a guard like that that I credit they way. Mean I hear my side. Saying in the one that I gripped the birds and the oxy code on the path I'm I'm I'm on marijuana and now myself hook. It's the greatest line I've ever had but I would like old and a microphone. In Pittsburgh when he came out. Play in the Stanley Cup finals that you're. Always says look. I'm back. That's what he says that he misses three or four shows a week here as well. Aaron Aaron whatever. Anyway it would go anywhere though about it openly just try to deal with. You know stupid pain. And you know. At that sound you know they'll they'll start where we better off it doesn't matter that. An alternative. To doing. You know. I can go lower actually good or anything but what we have is that you really work their way. When you got an alternative and you know from they have forces are not that. If that works and figure out what sort of warning and let you use what. He shared ordered under your son or do a lot of what but as a factor in the south has plenty of ways to deliver a package and and it's a lot safer than do Iraqi code on that that a victim in any way shape or form at just or. Now Bob I'm I'm assuming you used mostly CBD. Stuff as ever but paper that. Yeah so it's dvds is different from the age sees the cycle active part in but now they can they can with the technology does today you can dad. Canvas that's just CBD doesn't lie. It's an amazing well it's an amazing chemical that's in camp. Yeah let a little bit sorry but says it's the third deal. It's been very effective and howry doctor. And then it altered it is earth is about but doubt about it that nobody can browse to. But. Those doctors. You counsel Bob on and choosing marijuana from their view point of view. Look I need to work and a bit accurately. And it very important because one of my basic mission is. The people detained the big Mac and to learn about the beautiful system. Known that he and bill can happen like that and that we all. And yet most clinicians don't know anything about it because we're not talking and only about. He pretended medical poking the teacher now. And what we want people understand the truth. And that it truly an option that's out there and and I just can't dated an alternative. And we want people to know that they let it has been around a long long time. Eight as safe alternative. To killed nobody is. And it didn't prescribe. Why doctors. In the work in the United States on cookie from 1850. In 1942. And one of the indication. Like open your addiction. Also alcoholism. And most people don't know that and also beginning to see if America had to happen. Or can and the noise that you meant saying he'd be he'd want to Sam McKee he's another one as well. But they are. Anti oxidant and you know protect him. Wish I knew about this before my prostate exam you've heard yesterday that doctor Ella bully them. I would have thought would have liked what you would your fellow defense equipment boat ten. Well this. It's. Interesting you bring up our data indicate. Directed that the very banks deliberately sit and even a lot of people don't talk about it. I'm old oil. Well but I will be bothered by. They went out and vote yes well I'm. My guys this did not use that happened what eight years Bob this did not accept. Bob that this did not is that out when you're doing when you and Liz Walker devoted to 6 o'clock they weren't talking about but yeah. No I act I know I do so radical piece there direct them. It is in bed they're not letter certain diet doctor. Showed what we want people and and execute it accurately and that there are all ready a difference in the night. And it had over 400 different chemicals and over a hundred picnic in the night. And he he is our equality that the intoxicating. Can Benoit and CB he had been not executing an appetite. And we definitely want picky he I want them to be heard clearly. CB dean does not work with a septic not brain or are seeking to detectors at TC. Yeah indeed he is an alternative backed up there a lot of quality doctor about it but he did get one little cannot Benoit. Out there and it barred delivery system. That amount. Is one entry and a bit lately that you can inhale it. Weakening check it. Let it be your time you can put it on your body how quickly and yet. You to put it in the big guy nag completed in the wreck him either all delivery system and depending on. People whom. Depending on emotional physical whatever the harder the picking it. All delivery system that can work in different ways depending on how quickly you wanted to work what you. And there are many you know many who are listening. Let you know Bob was talking about LB and and sports and there are a lot of people who have old sports injuries a lot of people who are. Who wake up you know with the you know pain in the knees and and pain in the and they hips and if from a top focal point of view. That's making a big difference for people as well. In other out or but I think that sold the most important message you have to believe this stuff works. And inside the blue and sometimes it. Well this. Probably would have taken actually go to war which you probably it will give it to very certain period. Yeah sure they share the same. But you're gonna need more Iraqis to. I don't work but that's different. That that works and as. A lot of different forms. Right it's like okay we thought about about the sort of put that where I don't know anyway. See things work. Nice guy you know listen I've got a really great friend of mine you guys have known not that three hip replacements. Ya then I got an infection. And I haven't really good friend of mine give me a soft and it is completely. I went through. How long eighteen months of meet him yeah on crutches off crutches on crutches off crutches. And I I was introduced to the sob. And it is changed since it's changed my recovered yeah. You know I'm like I'm almost back to normal I'm I'm actually riding a stationary bike again and you know so and everybody here not big daddy your tree is about to. Most of the united front of voters to be stationary but you can't he can't move it. And had a different. At the and you know that's obvious not supposed to be taking that rectal. And so I do Bob now Bob you you and former bears quarterback Jim McMahon are going to be at the convention which is at the high key Hynes convention center this weekend correct. And I think that you I don't think that their personal. But at the point is that yeah its commitment and the back in 198611. US beside the bears are Super Bowl and yeah it was a bad boys or which is not an easy thing to be pretty wild and that was quarterback for the bears but. There's a great site is no question about it that got killed them with the wolf but on the other hand it was still a remarkable week since. And he that would give as break introduction of just to be there be part of that at bat and that ever that you'd think you'd start. Out that weekend activity docking jar and I've been doing it in Africa and let it. And given that they and talking about how he's using candidate didn't completely off of all that old feeling. And athlete of all athletes these wannabe athletes. And candidate that talked about convention. And it improving quality of life. And Rick and also had two billion that can be erratic rotate and Eric let. So it's the dark and the jocks which is alive panel discussion. On the rules can enlist in treating sports related injuries. Arab view and I don't know no matter if you fought if you if you checked on Jim McMahon story it is it is heartbreaking. Like literally. He was getting he was getting injections. In is it in the back of his match he. Can't leave the house he can't not Wear sunglasses like the story of the pain that he went through and his his torture. Is unbelievable and this is such a great day. Yeah you know it's it's it's it's. And Bob how are you doing met medically how are you feeling. Yeah great thanks but is that it is five elevenths. You know what rhetoric. You know patrol attention to the brain and that is until there is trying to. You know I look Cuba and let them know it's not a lot of thunder yeah I purchase. Most of tribe the way if you know. Sometimes of the card your belt of the Batman in the season where Kodak theater far yet to. That both of them mad. Similar style of play. Like drop the gloves soaked go. If I find again soon. That I say if I quantities through. Okay. Well but he obviously you don't remember so rare that. There was Bob Bob there's a lot of good conscience and Elizabeth you know a couple of 115. Fights. And winters I don't remember a whole lot anymore. And again I. I I will just say this deal we'll be you know higher I'm so proud you and I love that a year you'd take your debt now out and and being public about your. Your pain in your injury because people need to know there are so mean there's so many athletes. Back you know we we Tryon play though where the tough guy and you put up with so much so much pain and I know you did and then you you know you finally. You have this is this access to pain relief and it's it's some it's amazingly awesome. Yeah and at the same thing goes review let them. I've always been a big fan and a there are a lot of you know there's not a fully you know on the ice dollar sub let also. On the air and later you're basing transitions and you have a bit better work within your regular no question about. That there. I carry a bag of after you get through the personal painters they you're talking about that everybody has to deal with them some a lot more than others in your court. You know a lot more. At he would fire that that the government committed at some kind of a conversation I learned that people understand. That you're basically sober. Why you know low BI you know I want I want you know let people know. They argue would migrants. And that's out you put it on your temples. Don't you know you'd it it it cuts the pain by so many hours you know sort of battling for foreign five hours. That you know you get relief. You know way way way way sooner and then there's there's a you know again I'm just learning so there's so many options. There's so many on analysts aren't so me so. They'll let out a terror alert whom talked for two seconds but the fact he did just make you go see get migraines. You know that's an awful side and they have about. Feel that by putting traveling a terrible or whatever. You know it's pretty remarkable it's just a lot of people say well we're quite used this for apple exists. There are many different ways that justice stuff works and really hear better fit to learn as a refugee camp about what works where because if at all it's just you know I've very collaboration. But we have a terrible. I have heard about that. Neither of them out of these into or out there and it's worked for me wire would that work or somebody else is that migrant. Now the show is it's this weekend begins bank Hynes convention senator. And and a doctor and doctor Loeb well it is it has been that great. Both the view on the show this morning and I hope we get to see you soon Bob. Very. That there are like the pied piper Fox. News anchor Bob I think. And on that point it wouldn't recommend how to walk here. Health care provider about candidate. And also back dramatic injury and PTE ticket candidate is being out protected as well. Look forward looking Altria. All right fantastic. That is Pablo bowel and doctor. Both hot as the doctor O'Malley durable as high as a kite during. I mean that's you're you guys saying the you don't really you do you it depends it and you may not have the effect right you don't you play. It got high CBD strain for like a lot of people that used candidates to treat anxiety. TH C high teaching strained a tough financial although with something that's more high in CBD you don't have that Psycho active effect. Because I was a little concerned about somebody lighting the join and then blowing it up my my but that's okay yeah. How it works of the hole yeah OK yeah. It's a little bit puzzled in Oregon where you learned about it the way.