In Case You Missed It - Bill Speros The Obnoxious Sports Fan

Wednesday, May 3rd

The Obnoxious Boston Sports Fan, Bill Spiros, joins the show to talk about the controversy from Fenway involving Adam Jones and whether or not Boston is a Racist city!

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. When we discussed. Fenway Park and Adam Jones. And the comments that he made. Before the game yesterday in the and the standing ovation that he received last night. Listener rod up. A piece in The Herald today which is written by a friend of this program bill superheroes the obnoxious Boston fan. We're about to talk to bill about that but here's what Adam Jones said. Before the game last night. Heard him Wear. A head to swim lessons learned from the cynicism whoever was there from wounds he could win. And last night was not good. Those caught my attention square despite news we've. Just things like this they just don't that place in the game. We've moved past that long time. Obviously with the. Writing in The Herald today our friend bill Spiro says. That he felt Boston had moved on as well but maybe Boston hasn't and we discusses during the 6 o'clock hour bill how are you good morning. While me and you know I'll. Sign outside my text messages at 6 AM. Yeah ours is reserved for the requisite. Oh my god my prostate is so big you have to go to. Here in Florida yearns. Florida and so in nothing but you guys Don TI does he get up early but you know get moving till 9 o'clock in an act and I would neither a fire or retired in Florida and well I'm not retire or Sri job -- happening to a blunted that this movement on you cared so. In The Herald today. You write about this incident and about the city and I'm curious because. It seems like suddenly. We're back to. At least in the view of the national some of the national media outlets and maybe people in other parts of the country. That Boston is suddenly back to the busing crisis order. Who. Red Sox and an early history of what some would say is is racism in. Bill Russell's them ugly incidents involving Bill Russell is is is that how you feel essentially in and yeah yeah. And I mean they you know we start again on you know on my editors and I were talking about the guest today. John strange and managing editor Gerri great detected meaning that Billy has. He's got this fight are these people audio at the end and talk about it I think I can tell that less with. My bought at her watch and outside the lines then it was it was like a replay of every single. ESPN box and saying that they've ever done on this issue. Every since I can remember. And and I mean from a general and standpoint just lazy it is lazy. Tom you noticed that your play that game. Race card all burn over again night. You know alluded to in my column today as saying at the same plate race car they've played when when Larry Bird was better than magic Johnson and and and when you go out Juan like some of us out. You know when you see this same thing over and over and over again over the course of like literally 35 years. And and it it and maybe you you have bot that I was at David Ortiz last game. Last year. That a lot from it and play in any you know it did it's not yet. City anymore at Fenway Park is not the Fenway Park it might use. Lou we threw batteries and swore in purse that Mickey rivers and Reggie Jackson. And you've heard these words. As opted Asian bird strike three I mean yeah it was like that's not gonna deny it was like I'd lived it. I don't know how how old are you sit here okay. So you. I only you know because it was a long drive in from snow in the station wagon I only went to enroll. Spotted out billions in Lou we were not well to do back then Cody. The this picture. Took a line drive off the off the face yeah. Foods you remember that was by the way. Boy. Sorry guys do it I guess I got so I would guess it was like 1976. Or 7778. That day night and never forget that but. I you would go there and you would hear. Is like. Three wins the wars you you how well if you sat in the bleachers in the Yankees aren't out you heard everything. Yeah. You know I remember one game in particular words sit in the lower right field it was 177 or seven BA. And before any you know we've displayed everywhere it's changed Reggie Reggie grade he needs finally turned around. And it is just play every single word you could never say on the radio yeah. You delegate to quote the late great Archie Bunker in OTE besides that you is that ordered five years. And and you heard that word and you heard a lot worse that I wanted just all this guy yelled the N word it air Reggie Jackson it was. So it's just that. All. I am being greedy. You know fair. Not I don't think he's as I was a kid and I never felt in danger like their game seven of the World Series in 1975% at least put my mom. The fight broke out like three rows behind it and these two guys you know it is my mom and I. And it seemed like there never ever forget that they basically my my mother they could tell where we'll protect you. And they told me to get under the seat and sure enough I get to that he need to get this candidate and my mom and he's got a fight in the fiscal fly an hour. So I mean Fenway Park with a with a top that was a bad place. I don't you know it would get this Gloria always useful at all except. That's because we were hit. If you have held back then you know it was it was a down hole it was gross. Other team was bad they show they were white they were slow. The concessions all bull the only good thing would that trough in the men's room I'm like yeah yeah yeah room with us. It counts as a young boy. You view we had a lot to aspire to in the truck you know I'm a ten year old boy and travel marks grown man you think it while I got a waves. Ha ha ha. I acknowledge so be it you know for me I what I what I can't wrap my head around is you tell that and you talk about from way back down. But that why isn't the news we talked about it like it's only Fenway every. Almost every ball park and I'll exclude sick Lewis because of the experience I had there. In the World Series points at their gas and every Saint Louis mammals are five minutes and graduating as saying great job whereas if there was here you get your basket. But why is it that we we just single out Boston we single out federally. Yet. Stadium was just as an active I don't have many batters and they break you know late yesterday yesterday I was disgusted with ESPN just just. Just picking on Boston because it was it was best story. Yeah I mean you can go to every ballpark you know even Adam Jones said in the USA reporter he said and to nick former he said. Yeah I think called racial slurs and other stadiums and why is story in the other stadiums why would it. Because you know it it and I don't and I thought that's who I was and I saw it as mild night that was okay I saw this. And again I mean I'm a journalist I'm an editor my other job they're work manner. And so lazy story if the easy story if it does you know it easy tweak. Yeah it's easy it's easy thing for attic on a radio itself bought and sable table book but that's it from you know from two things. Not to say it's not. Not just suddenly park anywhere in this video I think the main reason for that is because you know you that this economic ran a stock. The captain of 1990. In Charleston like is it force file Warsaw economically in the bought in 2017. And I think. Huge part of you know it and and again people are excited about Charleston which in my mind. Was as bad if not worse and the Osce. You know bossy people or fighting for their children who have a lot of economics involved. You know people in Newton element people without bossa what is and they kit I'll let garbage. Charles Stewart was indeed a low point. Because you had the entire institutional. Institutional bought the police department. But may. Everybody in outgoing on this squad and I racist witch hunt Burke a suspect who was at the top. Only because of what this guy says turnout to be one got back. We get with me only because of what he said I mean it's a figured out and Clinton. I mean I don't know yes. Yes he was shot himself and he killed his wife and and they figured that out eventually marry I mean I don't. I don't know I guess. I guess the you'd believe that they were more willing to believe that will what was the suspect's name Willie. It was whatever his name was that they were more willing to believe that he had done this that brought it down and. Greatness it's like you're around people left and right yeah. And and that's a part of this city's history and it is also a part of bought this history that you'll never hear from ESPN. You never hear from people on the main stadiums they hear from it won in New York you know. If if we want to talk about history let's talk about history let let's talk what the entirety of history why did history stop at 1974 while I would go back and I. 64. When people like Henry Cabot Lodge were instrumental. In the civil rights bill that eighteenth pick these forward it was soldiers from Massachusetts. Who would have to fight this civil war effort displayed or you know I was doing my exterior to the abolitionist movement. You know it out you want to talk about the history unique to talk about the entirety yet it. Yeah he's got about 40171717. I think you not to cherry pick your spots from forty years. All right I'll let you make it great point that you make a great point and herald today and certainly. I think the city has worked hard to overcome that image whether it was busing or. The Red Sox early on or whatever began whatever began that image which is. You know its there was grass referenced recently on Saturday Night Live oh god about how racist the city we live in the election comedian Michael. I mean I it's certainly is out there I think you make a great point and I'm glad he came on to discuss that and I I'm curious whether. I would it will take some calls and and Texas stumpel whether people believe the bus and is they need a more races city then. Than any other city in the country and bill thanks it's great to talk did you can rebuild in the. Herald today. I always good to be job if you guys I'd build me a little bit more ahead up. Thank you sorry about that. Willie Bennett was the name of the man who was rounded up and originally. Was going to be a guy who was charged in the Charles Stuart's. The situation.