In Case You Missed It- Barbara Corcoran

Friday, November 3rd

Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank joins the show and talks about the show, going up against Donald Trump the businessman and failing on Dancing With The Stars!

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Yeah Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Barbara joins us right now Barbara Corcoran whose son shark tank and I'm huge and how are you Barbara. Do well. I was. She was telling me this morning in the office. That you started everything with a thousand dollars loan is is that is that factor is that like fiction. I should thank god it was practically to death without getting into an attack like can make an example that it actually right thousand dollars I was like. Forty years ago I can't win any new baby 890000. Dollars per account for a little bit and it really. It is it a little bit better like a little bit better than it actually felt. Now but still I we have not like and we have a lot of people listening who have and I love having guests like you on the show because. We have a lot of people listening have a dream of starting their own business and and I mean obviously those people who on shark tank and they. Did you they get help from you guys but I think if if somebody's listening right now and today they have this dream. What what is the first thing and and the one thing that they ought to do. Just that regulate just just stepped out and do little defend its people client how people that are great. They wish they should add a little wonder what would have happened. The one who reached ninety over every decision I like to take any kind of political make it left error rate and turning in highlight different. And they are all regretted Hillary Clinton to detect and it didn't take it shouted and act recently I kinda think Dancing With The Stars against. All the best of thanks from my friend Haley was ridiculous saying it and cans and I think that what I was noble wanted to east Dillon as number one eliminated. And can we have him I think the worst catastrophe that all the immediately I kept out. You know let them quit but except me and I heard about the next swear that he will probably try to quit the wondering what would've happened. You know that just jump up there trying and I think it's the most important thing is how many people plant along and wanna get it right you have to get a great to have to get they have bingo it. Actually get their shot. And also don't you think you have to get over we all have a fear of failure but if you can get over that fear of failure and and and just understand you're awake if you do failure gonna wake up the next morning and start all over again that that that that helps a lot as well. Check that he ballot this fear of failure obviously is the main obstacle that we are playing for whatever people think that's the second when I was saying. We need to wake up and feel like you've failed at something. It's funny because of the universe we have they're we could have a worst. I have my worst mistakes where I was really thinking why average unit out of the best from in. I partly out of the black Richie right on the heels of that failure. I just feel like he did you get (%expletive) that is the bounce fact that I come hunt bounce up yeah he's some other things. Picking guys they came failing I would like Beckett like many many things at a live picture. Even had the idea if I had failed Bentley was bouncing up and thought. I think like eight or what ever. And that's always like terrorism related take it became an extra couldn't and I definitely expect it. I have had a couple can't be can't actually think they don't want a couple more in China great it's great to talk break. You've seen you've been pitched a lot of great ideas on shark tank I'm wondering Barbara if you have in your mind the worst. Ideas that you're the worst product you're structure that. Can't definitely. We have rootkit. Look how brilliant engineer so articulate at the world likes to teach us the way to represent Italy gets. Political odd about his pitch first he wanted. Five million dollars annually get it from all five sharks we all can have they actually make a bundle and what he's finally do is build a water tower. Over the Atlantic Ocean. It's going to multi billion according to him which of course means. That convert all of the ocean water to be sure drinking water. And then he had chart and illustrated kids. He's talked equality and he told me. While entertaining but it realize that we are one how to act first and little by little. Just started falling apart but he's such as project fervent believers that it could get it done. He was the wildest surprised chart thanks and don't miss judge and. These do all the sharks get along like you know mr. wonderful and market new lemon you guys two guys get along or is there's some animosity. All I can no longer obviously and says coworkers at once or off the net you know we -- together we work twelve hour days together respecting the court together actually they yesterday. But on the set and sometimes we have probable a lot of different different currency strategist like each other because people don't think there. You know like let let's say I ask for hate to ever be my partner in the country my partner that he change around and the world Becky quick flurry of market is our kids. Be there. If it was felt that it outraged. Intel is palpable Collie and the plane had little entrepreneur comes in the door. And you think that they can Iranian base and you forgot what the animosity little pact that. If I have anything that I got different from little. Come on each got corporate. It. I've heard you say that standing up to our president when he was a businessman was one of the most pivotal moments in your business career is that true. I would say that's true because it was the most frightening because. And that was frightening because I would say alone operator with a brokerage firm fortunately the media was coming off my first successful profitable year. After fourteen years in the business friendly crowd getting nickel to actually got into crowds bigger. When I got him by Donald Trump I was shocked because I had to meet the biggest. It stealing in New York history he was near bankruptcy court Chinese to buy out but I don't hotel ultimately brought up. Like York city code block after block of Obama side which you respect the talent that was his hero. And yet he turned around simply for the commission first as Amy for the commissioner thinks couples like wait wait let my year. Fortunately would agree here I had to money in the pocket I had 500000 dollars to inspect our legal fees to have. They collect the money and I was so thankful I have to agree yeah I just can't just. I would have to just take it again expect a I want to thank god didn't count count and collected every dime as. So still thankful and I expect that to me that that kind but at the moment it was right most frightening to elect and the giant commitment effect on head and I was like. You don't think it's like a beltway in the world to speak visited her there. What's your opinion of him as a businessman. I'll throw. Well that's dangerous thing up from the orient for the rest of land it's. And he didn't factor is that prevalent among company like I I'm curious accepted. But I'll I'll be completely humiliated that it might know it felt it checked. Yes Google style of working which is something I wouldn't want my own children to emulate anyway. As the titular head like I guess it does. But I don't really believe as a someone in the public you salute the leadership position I don't think that's a good message at all. So I'm just at just for the defense vulnerable at this that it political aspect to get. It was yeah illustrate proper notice. I wanna ask you if you could only ask one question someone that you're interviewing. For a job what what does that question. Coming that it mother and I am still to turn. It. We get it get great brother. And don't play like that I have worked with a guy who original question I think is hired that they actually graduated from college that was kind of the captain obvious that you are. Italy and continue to finish among the hardest workers and creditors at Atlanta right. He's probably about Bryant went on and on about his mother and I do take it then there and what what else different that answer from what I like that. You get the idea that he has respect big party to these world bank and get the idea that he can work for a walk. That's about to tell by advocate but if he didn't like as far as how successful I had to be as a bloc. And more importantly you get published genuine. And could appreciate it you know appreciation. To ensure that and healing and yeah exactly probably the couple in every way. And I can't count that certainly that you're not saying it LLC what do you think we can look at my question after that it. Michael really should be to get my parents expect to propagate it would like tuition. It. Definitely Kyra and that not using his name is absolutely critical look at all the. Greg that's like the mine hunter thing tell me about your mother yes and she says it's like the exact Allyson with the guys in the show as good relationship you good people. And you actually you actually end up making. Doing well and making good money on these shark tank. Businesses are from. What criteria asking now I can say yes but I have played great yet of Brady got my first three years that it's kind cheered and how they are. Anchor good like first three years of losses which I think yes to everything checked that you might calculate. Great yeah I can't do it. Until I realized that you have to really great cup captain we can actually make living along the way. That actually towards making a million dollars a year can present our area that you gotta give me an international effort to deal with partners. The learning that little do wanted my contract where was he. Keep churning away turning around me investments and are willing to do that technology as far as I've never done it before. We'll update her living but I did you know what like a battle these businesses that you know what you're chatting now. The most important call that you really trying to make common shell is taking the right people. And the right people the ranch records are exactly like my late fills people get credit. It competitive. Street Smart they go in a kid that usually insecurity has something to prove so all those qualities elite the people that said that it building my own business. I've learned to use such a tactic that's really what we had to save lives but from losing a tough let me. The ninth season. Shark tank is back on Sunday night ninth season. Yeah double episodes the next few weeks I didn't I don't know. The gesture that that that's so my opinion but we're watching. I thank you Barbara it's been great having on that's Barbara Corcoran who is. I don't know if you prefer her Lori year both of them are marker well if you if you have to have a favorite shark and Cuban you know you are yeah he's he's.