In Case You Missed It - Ayla Brown

Friday, December 15th

Ayla Brown, country singer and daughter of the US Ambassador to New Zealand Scott Brown, joins the the show and performs a Christmas song!


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Yeah Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. It is so great to have our next guest with a senior Taylor brown is here to giving you are out of plus plan. Superstar. She's. We had its we had you on the show awhile ago you were you are doing play and has been sentenced onions one are you can be elected big star in Nashville elect elect like legitimate listen giant I'm trying to make it in Nashville at that place is there for seven years that's. Why it's such a great city. Yes it's an amazing that you know international. To me those at least by your first. It had about a hand well. Yeah it does get out of hand but I mean I think that in and this is what I mean this is the great thing about that city is that you're you can hear. Thirty great performers at 1 PM on Tuesday afternoon because they're so there's so many people playing music out there aren't it's 8:30 AM here at a soccer. I got yeah I mean it's is is what they have don't that we always a country music fans learn like what it took me about and I. I never grew up listening to country music I listen to like Celine Dion and Josh gros ban and Christina thank you Aaron a lot of like pop and stuff like that. I went to Afghanistan in 2010 to sink for the troops and I realized I was doing. More of other people's countries songs then my own songs and I realize that there is. Kind of a gravitating pulled toward that genre I absolutely love it icing. Decide you're gonna hearing now is action on the road by myself so don't judge that I happen riding a lie in Nashville and I love it and there's action in nationals rising stars show tomorrow in Plymouth mass that I'm going to be performing at the spires of and humans around. Tickets are only twenty dollars and it's featuring myself and two other incredible songwriters. And plastic and damion more and and your dad is now the ambassador to New Zealand he is are you going to see him over Christmas and not over Christmas he's coming home tomorrow night I don't Ozzie back in the Massachusetts area my mom's here today. It's India. Have you been easier. I've not been an easy on going over at the end of February into march and kind of has some big news that I was gonna wait till tomorrow at the show to say that I feel like I can tell you guys. And be singing at the Olympics and sell real lack. That's also. Maybe. Not many people now found that I made these really cool T shirts to help you know fund the trip it's going to be expensive but after South Korea I'm gonna go and visit my parents of her in New Zealand so that was planned a party halfway around the world is there was. Didn't the whole pineapple on pizza controversy starts in New Zealand. Elan are you. Do you. Abide by pineapple on pizza I don't I think it's a travesty but I do a whole line yeah yeah. I like famine in Africa as I know I. Never mind on the illicit liaison but he'll announce I had. Black guy you know where do we differ on and I I I don't think pineapple blogs on pizza yeah yeah multiple lines and being a lot of all right so this is this is an original that. You wrote this isn't original Christmas song of all things and it is available on Spotify IT and all that stuff that he really on and get in the festive holiday spirit you can download the song it's called spent Christmas with the what's your favorite Christmas on. Probably. Chestnuts so there are wholly uniter. Something Ari can like really sing your lungs will allow what about when it comes to elect a poppy don't seem right carries I don't know everybody loves that well apparently is yes yes and what's your favorite like pop Christmas seller rock Christmas soon. I really love to Whitney Houston's album yes yes like her joy to the world is really great affection and anti choice yeah. I needed that analysts what's going. You know that's what's going to add my shakers stolen from and my listening nationally really got to make it work with as many percussive instruments that yet. I wish they can come up Mike yeah but yet still met the. And and just went over and grab your foot tambourine limit what is going on in his place they can't can't get a different look and the Mac yeah the yeah and that's well. I have tea. All right so here is how about a round of applause for Taylor brown performing in the lives. Head me son Chris Snee. The main night Christmas. This hadn't snatches me or does it happen. Clinton hasn't been especially. Hang the stocking on the times said. I and I am today and being. It's enhancement. Alan it's news. It's de LA and gloom. And head. How Amman. Did. Hello I'm dominating the news. And I can snag. Did you kiss me in again soon. Wait for Sam. Well on math and he will jingle when he plans. On the net. If treatise. Hello I'm gonna do too well. He is to add you. Yeah. Yeah I am pregnant. Then. And hung out bombing. And is being laying yeah and made mental edge can I am sure. Well. And yeah. Yeah mean you. And make. Did. Yeah. I mean you know on Christmas and deck and in my Christmas tree. This time it's not just me and I have paying. The. My god yeah. I was maybe eight. Taylor brown. Isn't that written back. What do you still worry would eat you for Christmas would Yemeni traditions that you well I tried to start a tradition three years ago nowlin on entity it yet but I'm sticking to my irons I've bringing glass or plastic ornaments and I make ever and paint one and at first I thought I was weird and athletic. I kept seeing people go into the other room and paint their argument behind now I feel like it's becoming a thing so I bought 25 ornaments for about four people. You know well a lot of drinking in them and they're going to be invited guests I mean and every year. For 29 years of my mind can test you. We watched screeched with bill marry obstinacy that's a great movie I guess since I was little baby in a basket my parents have been watching that movie that's quote poster seen. Legendary yes. Well we. Hate that Angel. I'd love that I. All right well Palin is so great to see and and really awesome great luck with the everything country music well I think I'm in Nashville all the stuff. Merry Christmas to you Mary as in history as the supplier Delphi Flint yeah. Show tomorrow. In Plymouth. Rising country shipped. I was really good as she is it's he's joy to watch yes absolutely great great great great great great great great Christmas.