In Case You Missed It - Airbnb Wellesley MA

Friday, September 15th

Wellesley MA is not happy about Airbnb folks staying in their town. Listen and find out what they want to do about it.

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. You talked about the controversies in Wellesley. Over him. Over the inner view and the players which is located in a residential move or play thing or more. File legislation to make your opinion piece of legal immunity thing you know would kind of pupils is pouring into the enabled. The big raucous party that was shut down last weekend on Shaw wrote in a home is being rented out by air B&B. Police had to go there are a couple of times I believe they had a a DJ. And a bouncer up the finally they shut the party down around 1:30 Sunday morning the girls throughout charging five bucks to get in now what it is. I'm assuming that what happened years these people have their place on aired the Indy. On show all road. It's very inferred hello George Bernard shuttle. And that it people rent that it with the specific contents. Now the rage here right for this thing out there are on their own plate right era this place. So now. The home owner has been told that if it happens again. They'd be subject to keep her of a disorderly house char Alaska and Health Department was asked to go by as well as building inspectors. Michelle bunker her bosh Shay was speaking at a meeting with the Wellesley board of selectmen about this issue. I mean it's actually a truck it's atrocious and I just help us help contests and you and we're coming to you because it was. It's happening dance club in your neighborhood and I am sure that none if you would like that. Not at Wellesley who alluded to. I mean apparently. People were duking and other people's driveway. And it was. I've got to tell you. You know how hard it is to remove vomit from cobblestone. Selectmen. How good they tell you can see the files from and a dry and riots here in the air that's the second Wellesley settlers who do those Leno like the rest like Wellesley for. Gosh well. I mean. I just because somebody uses the place and there being in the place for a party I'm thinking the ban. All aired in Colombia from your town is it's these little will be in the extreme reaction there hello Leon. Won't regret what's it seemingly. I'll fight with the committee sculpt trying to mark we do laser engraving to vote for marking once. Again from. Permanent marks a permanent mark okay right. Like you guys actually have an initial original but the temperature in the ground but did not. Puppy might wrecks because of falling apart actually airs in black actual related market where we picked equated it to fighter collapsed. Okay you're talking about like the the bricks. By the football field that say. You know the house that double zero built the weather's over it and correct yeah it. A lot of people do those bricks fundraisers when their buildings and Parker there you know me doing it found features annually that's. I excellent.