Can Veteran Leadership and Star Power Carry Chip Gannasi Racing to their first Championship?

Tuesday, January 16th

Kyle Larson and Jamie McMurray are hoping to answer that question in 2018.


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Chip Ganassi racing gets a much needed boost to their cup program as he sees solar already partnered fifteen to thirty program. As upped its game to sponsor some cars in the series for how worsening Jamie McMurray and will also debut in the yearly exhibition race. The class at Daytona. How Larson's car if you she's always been. You part of motor sports now for quite awhile and it Jeff is so passionate about racing and for meted. See you get to run decent solar on the track built or. A couple of years ago and if the wind. Yeah after being closed the couple times before it was it was specials so. Hopefully this year we can you bring them in many more good rounds and some good wins and you. Bring them you more excitement is to being in the cup series this is very. Prestigious TTV to see your brand on a cup car so. I'm excited about all that and then you ready get going in the season and I guess they get some wins them. Up next what it's like for Jamie McMurray to be one of the longest tenured drivers in the cup arrives. That this is contracts by most recent bit. We're Cameroon's rollback losing the greatest races in NASCAR history Richard Petty company outside of but apart from their latest. Betty Victoria's ME ST. These guys and Thursdays at 1 PM eastern on MRN dot com for the MR. Eduardo today in all of my mom demanded him hard dot com. I want my two. No room. On Hillary is done. Tony Stewart Jeff Gordon Deal murkier Carl Edwards back then that even Greg Biffle. For all Bill Walker racing and NASCAR's top level. I million needy and probably doable right now this idea of Jamie Carey is now 82 veteran in the cup garage he says it's a bit of a plumber you know it's it's interesting. You know consist and I still really good friends and you know the seed grave the full and consistent and make guys that retired in two raise those who might group them. It's kind of sad you know us you know like to know if they're not done Harry Seymour and and you know racing is is. Is no different the way you view it as a driver. Then life in general. Did you get older and in your eyes are still hasn't healed and and I still myself mr. McMurray has teammate Kyle Larson to make him feel younger followers have won four times last. In the cup series this season and it was a disappointment is he ready to win a championship. That's next. A new season is right around the corner in NASCAR today takes you along for the ride I won't be a huge change but I'm looking forward to it. Continuing drive for Roger Penske on the cup side has been so all anyone knew nobody covers the sports like the motor racing network and NASCAR today keeps you up front go race and try to go for wins and keep developing our equipment making sure our stuff is good for the kids that are coming up get set for the green flag on the twentieth eighteenth season with NASCAR today right here every week day. Kyle Larson did not make the championship sport homestead. Before wins on the year you could say that was a bit of disappointment. You're really fresh off another disappointing loss of the twenties teens chili bowl Parsons said today he feels like they have the right. In place and possibly win the champions. 48 team last year I didn't know early on men families are here really did like wild. Who decides championship. Early on and you know we maintain that consistency in the competitiveness self. I hope that we can do that again I feel like we did. Close like we did last year you know this is everybody says. To be as good or better than what words so yeah I expect that we'll be contenders again but it's hard saying you know with the new body and stuff like that let. Either I'm sure be some growing pains are out of and if they feel like we have. Extremely Smart group of people back in. Do it takes is to get our cars better. For more on the EC solar announced that plus the recap of the 48 team chili bowl that was won by Christopher bell check out Hillary got. Time for NASCAR hall of fame I'm talent Burnett and his contract for January 16. What eighteen.