Brigadier General (ret) Jack Hammond Home Base Program Exec Dir.

Friday, November 10th

Mistress Carrie interviews he longtime friend, Brigadier General (ret.) Jack Hammond, Executive Director of the Home Base Program on Veterans Day 2017. They talked about the expanded mission of Home Base, the partnership with Mass. General Hospital, and the Red Sox Foundation, and the Veterans Day TV Special airing at 7:30pm on Channel 5 in Boston. More info on the TV special can be found here.

More info on Home Base can be found here.

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Then mr. scary show. Us and we didn't play. Are you 88 yeah. Hello all how we don't today yeah and how are you down great happy veterans day and happy veterans day thank you so much and happy birthday and all the Marines and editor at a birthday today 242. Years yeah. Optimal be the same compound the day they they they get together for their annual luncheon and oh boy. Yeah that's Monday I think on Monday gather avenue on Monday. I'm shocked it didn't take advantage of a Friday birthday. I think I changed it because I heard the common Dante is coming. Of OK you got it. Planned around a guy like that. You've planner on the common not to get a get the big guy and here you gotta you gotta make an adjustment. That is mean they're gonna have to be a little little more sober Friday Monday afternoon. Yeah but I'm fairly certain that all the Marines and veterans are going to be celebrating. Officially end and successfully this weekend. I had them in mid pick up the men start today and work their way towards Monday. I. Tomorrow was officially veterans day but today is the government observation of it to give people a day off work. That's right. And you and I both work into the. Yeah of course it's well you got a lot going on all based program this is a busy time a year for you guys and you got your big television telephone on tonight. We do it's it's it's an amazing amazing day for us we this is one of those opportunities that we have that. We couldn't be happier about. It you know that he is a nonprofit group you've got to watch yourself when you spend money on advertising so we don't. But by being able to do the only veterans day television special in New England were able to raise a lot of great awareness and you know. Hopefully connect with some Balkan agency if you watch the show tonight one of the veterans that we feature watched last year's show and came in for care. All day and just that one person made the whole special worth last year that's exactly right so way to people watch it. So it's tonight on WCVB channel five here in Boston. 730 to nine and we got some you know amazing stories so we. We go our way to make sure these are stories of hope. And you're gonna hit you get a cease them adversity that people have to overcome you know and I mean because what you know like pretty messy and what our men and women in uniform gone through it pretty. Top sometimes but you get a seat that there is hope and when they get the care they need big Kamal the other side of that and have the lives that they deserve and they they earned. Oh pretty good doesn't know about the home based program I you know I've had you on the air bunch of times I've known you for years we met in Afghanistan's six years ago believe it or not. Now that it seem at all this program is a partnership between mass general hospital in the Red Sox foundation and and originally the mission of home base was to treat post 9/11. Veterans with. Posttraumatic stress and traumatic brain injury and it's become so successful. Not only in. Outreach fund raising research treatment they Uga is now be able to open your mission where you treat all veterans now right. That's correct July 15 we made that announcement. As part of our recognition of the fiftieth anniversary of the Vietnam veterans and you'll actually see if Pete and I from that event. We were we were able to welcome home 14100 Vietnam that. And their family members. Have them walk through the senate field wall during a pregame ceremony with the Yankees on a national televised show and give them a welcome home that they never gotten initiative got. Fifty years ago. And that there was not a dry eye in the house we had bag pipes drums. And like the field of dreams and you see this and when you when when they played caption recognition of the 58315. Vietnam. Service members that were killed in action. There was not a dry eye in the house and then when he at fifteen floor over boys you know is it sent chills. There's nothing like the flyby. There isn't and an eight guys you know we had general Fred Franks who. Commanded all US forces into them or their Operation Desert Storm he's a guy that did the left hook that knocked Iraqis out in six days and took out their entire army. He lost his right leg in Vietnam and when he came home he explained that. He went to a ticker tape parade in New York City and Avalon Washington in his hometown. But it was the first time in fifty years anyone ever invited him to any thing to honor his service in Vietnam while all that's pretty powerful. It and that's so that's a that's an Arden keel win so many Vietnam veterans we felt. We get it at least do something you know we could make up for the pain and what do but we pictures help. Trying to make a difference today by honoring them and recognize him and each one got a commemorative medal. Itron got a special T shirts I won an apartment they work and it was just a fantastic amazing day you'll see that a clip from that night if you watch. Well it's on at 730 tonight on channel five. There's a whole veterans day section up the WA AF dot com that as all of the deet tails about that. And all of the amazing. Businesses in and places that are offering. Discounts and specials for veterans as a way to say thank you all of you for your service. And people should really be encouraged better measure really being encouraged to take advantage of those things. Because it's civilians way of thanking you. Not amazing this is wonderful I just wanted to what's gonna look at all the stuff you put up there that that was. Really toppled he would do that it's amazing go get all one place. A lot of this this is this is the only thing they can get to say thank you so they want opry you a discount there's deet tails all the parades up there. I'm I had a chance to talk to the secretary of veterans services Francisco U Reno who I know you know very well and you know just talking about all of the veterans in Massachusetts all of the different benefits and programs and things that are out there to help them and Massachusetts is a pretty special plays and it comes to supporting our veterans. I've traveled across the country and added that the benefit now serving out on a visor group with President Bush. I in his post military career that's one of his three top focuses. But beyond that the president light. But as you travel the country Massachusetts has some of the best bet and server programs existing starting with. And I would like to get this help increase in the Massachusetts resident that didn't take tremendous. That the welcome home bonus of a thousand dollars. For any deployment be you know on the content deployment inside their master residence and then 500 dolls for the subsequent. And went up post 9/11 generation. We've got guys with 5678. Deployments and so. If they haven't done it there's just a lot of single piece of paper with the passage to fourteen and you know built a detract. That's pretty amazing it's pretty special and you look at organizations like all based program and so many other organizations that have started on the private sector. You know nonprofits. That it that have started here in Massachusetts. It really does show that the people in Massachusetts care and really wanna support our veterans in her. And are there and on veterans day in every day in all of our veterans should know there where there is they need anything. So if you know Terry we we operable largest private sector like an American to treat Cuba's loaned them and when I travel across the country. Places like Texas. You know you'll get these these you know wealthy taxing guys that'll look in saint way to what are you guys don't. As yes right Massachusetts. Think the guys who make fun out. Actually not talking about it we're doing about it in and the people in the went on at supported home base of his birth to eight years ago and now it's risen to a national program. Not only because of the amazing people that supported by viewing your staff and everybody behind a home based program all the clinicians. Everybody at the Red Sox foundation and you guys really do amazing work and I am honored to. You know be part of anything that you guys are doing that you'll let me be a part of because I really do believe in your mission. Oh we appreciate all the support you give us you couldn't have a better friend and you and obviously. You know you've done tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and you you know what the folks are gone through you know what the deal on the come back and so we appreciate all that you do. Well good luck tonight I can't wait to watch the special it's on at 730. On channel five you can get more details that WA AF dot com thanks Jerry stood delicate flower. Boston radio. Oh man are you serious sorry there's there's no way I can say there with a straight face it this is scary show with a delicate little flowers years. And W hey yeah.