Breakfast with Baker - State Police, Veteran's Day and More!

Tuesday, November 14th

Governor Baker stops by for his monthly visit! Today, we discussed High School Football, the MIAA, Veteran's Day, the latest on the State Police and more!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com book. Okay now. Welcome to breakfast with the baker. With the governor at the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Jar lead daycare on WV yeah. The governor is here we're trying to get his microphone Austin at a formal over there how our own history as you don't have to toe microphone I now need. Good did you bring yourself down to him that and I'm down here to hide her breath though. That's a you're doing by B unless you have despite being I just don't forget alright there's your lawyer and they have what they call no wide stance please tell me energy and actually listen the last politician who claimed the FY oh yeah did it and it then so much problem. I had an am I good for him sale. Good so. If you guys already gone through all of this Schobel football team blah blah blah thing I did talk about a little kind of thought you might want would you what would you like to say congratulations. Recently until like he's probably listen as what is all right let's there's avoid you footballer went to. Lieutenant governor's son. Plays on the carefully or somebody plays on the trees create great team yes an airplane in the states semifinals on Saturday yes and I literally rearranged my dad how much are veterans things which were awesome men and which I did but that I snuck over to watch that game for awhile and they went fourteen to eight. Yeah our goal line stand when the other team at first thing goal of the one yard line about two minutes to play and I incredibly exciting and it sounds like your game well is incredibly exhilarating and I'm making her kids in Louisville I think scored. Who had he didn't until it's downhill yes you may have noticed that I sent listen there's a murderer who need to think yeah that's what about. The good athletic pretty got a little the other guy behind it god is designer jeans and then well. They you know he went that. When he was lucky enough to get to us the state to a championship to symbols of sophomores and they get to go back this year so I as seniors on I'm really I'm proud of him and that team is UW football they've all played together since they were seven years old and so on aids as good as went undefeated. Yet they didn't we only lost like one game like one game as a youth team in that was an eighth grade their last one game regular seat that lives in a very pretty extraordinary so yes are you gonna be there American catch on the field if you want for. I wanna do you wanna really think it could yeah you wanna do you know a couple of people don't I don't know why would we wanna do like a little pregame. There a rousing speech isn't his thing on Saturday yeah Saturday December 2 at the Gillette all the all these Super Bowls governors that. A Taylor let me let me think about knowing my ethnic miles this latest Super Bowl until I may one and it was. And and and he was playing with a group of kids even playing with all the way through youth football as well. Mentally well listen I want it is the kind of guy that the governor has people don't know this but at one point abouts six months or eight months or so ago. When priest was thinking about where he's gonna go to college the governor offered up sign to to give some advice on that which. He signs a great guy and he which he pull Bart. Is that where the way I I it's 21 the oldest went to Venice and and his brother went to union union unit which is adequate yeah yeah yeah they're both great plays well I wanted to ask you we had a great. Veterans day event on Friday. At flank with a bunch of World War II veterans and I know you were out did you go out the whole Leo a good. I went and I was is of the soldiers Ullman also went and spinal time with. The family of gunnery Sargent Tom Sullivan who then got two purple hearts in. The war on terror and came home always station in Chattanooga Tennessee. And was killed defending the the base when that. Domestic higher prices terrorists are achieving the place yes I visited with his family and they just the day before they head. Named apart after Armand Springfield and I couldn't go to that but I went back I went out the next day and gave them off if the family a flag and have been flown over the capitol and flown over the Statehouse as well as. A proclamation. On behalf of on behalf of their son and brother son and brother and I. A tale of gone soldiers home it's. To ask you about that because I don't know much about it but well there's still on this one it shows in one in polio and we're actually hoping one of the things are comes out of the legislature before they leave. On Wednesday is. An authorization for us to build a new. Chelsea soldiers on the alone I that the current soldiers home doesn't really wonderful job with the people they serve but it's barracks I mean it doesn't pass any. Sort of modern health care facility standards at all and the feds will fund two thirds of the cost of building a new one. But we need legislation to get past that authorizes a so we can go apply for the federal money. But I'll tell you who. I don't know the average images there it's probably. Seventy something. And I was talking to World War II vets I was talking to Korean vets I was talking to Vietnam vet. And army navy. Marines. Air force. Lot of air force out there and though it sold his home because of the two air force bases we have out there. And and I'll tell you you know day. They're they still give each other a hard time about. Each of his military service they give each other a hard time about the britches I created a little bit of occur Fo awful but get them. It's over the army and navy guys about the game on December 9. Oh on talk with a guy about Korea mum. Because. He was darken when his buddies and they're trying to decide which one actually had a tougher assignment in the the guy I was in Korea to look at me you know minus forty. I was fighting in Korea and they'll tell us how could you possibly be Korean War you don't you don't that'll. They sold do you think I am innocent among playing that game. And he says I'm 84. And you kept me. And 84 years old and they told me all about how we ended up in the service and there's a there's a shared life experience and I shared. Appreciation. For this country. Among those men and it's mostly all men because you're talking about people for the most part served at a point in time when most of the active military people were meant. The least become and and it's really. Stressed that the special places. It's it's that we we have to do every single thing that we can and for those who have served this country and the you know I am interested. I hope that the legislature does the right thing when it comes to the soldiers home and Chelsea do. And I hope that those who are listening. Who can. Through some miracle of science actually reach one of your elected legislature officials. Might call them and tell them that they out of there out of there and make sure that gets funded because there's a rate that's a very very very important very important thing you know wanna do yet. For the record though people should know the Massachusetts does more then. I I think more than any other state in the country when it comes to serving and supporting her bathroom literally the only state in the country as a veteran service agent and every one over 350 Wednesdays and well. Really we discuss what we have a ton of all kinds of of educational programming. We have an annuity for families who lose a loved one. Serving. And in a combat theater we have. We have a tax credit that's available to small businesses that hire veterans so that they can album. That helped fund that the transition to work we also have a program that makes it possible for vets basically. Translate there military experience and how that would fit into civilian work and where they're best opportunities for employment might be we do alignments. There's there's a positive news today which is. OP Lloyd overdoses in Massachusetts are down 10%. First first nine months of this year. The other 2 AM. That's the first time in fifteen years that number's going in the right direction. And you know frankly the numbers would be look. Still too many people die and there's no question about that right by. What's interesting or war sort of challenging about those numbers is. We're down 10% year over year through the first nine months of the year first time in fifteen years members headed in the right direction. But it view. If you take a look at fentanyl which is there recent. Them. Piece of this puzzle. In. 2014 fentanyl is president of 15% of the deaths in Massachusetts announced present in over eighty per aha we can we can find a way to really get penalized gain on my com we could see some really positive benefit from that and and again we've got legislation pending to live. To basically make fentanyl classic substance which would make it illegal to distribute meant so often known and I'm hoping legislature acts on violent you know you're debuting a new O peel it package is that today today that I'm gonna give a supreme June of that. Was in my development stood and it's sort of builds on. The prevention education treatment and recovery agenda that we've been pursuing vote. There's about thirty million dollars and new funding for treatment there will be part of this. There's also going to be. A series of a task I guess is the best way to put it. One of them is to. Is to do is to put together credentialing program for the people who actually provide. Services to people who are dealing with a addiction you know we don't really have a credentialing program for recovery coaches we don't really have a credentialing program for. A lot of the people who do counseling that supports folks were dealing with. Addiction who are involved in medication assisted treatment. And we need to create a structure around that stuff so people can be credentialed in and and and get paid by. Third party's health plans and others but the work that they do providing services one of the biggest issues we have in this bases. Everybody says they wanna. The wanna make sure we pay for what works well. We haven't got a very good job as a country and we haven't done a very good to have his commonwealth and sort of laying out the the road map with respect to what works and what skills are best and helping people deal with folks we're dealing with us. That the two other things that mention that it's a huge package so kinds of stuff. But the other two things I would mention is Ross are gonna push come to some. Additional resources into. What we're doing and of the school based level with middle school kids in high school kids around. Around education and prevention and the world's gonna put some standards in place. For prescribe birds and if Bruce drivers don't play by those standards we're gonna refer to the resuscitation yeah isn't. You know he resolutely become it is breakfast food baker the governor is here and this is Matt the morning Matt. There you go low on loans and had no luck I appreciate it my all out yes. I got a question or better yet they don't governor. And yeah. OK I can tell you if the cannot do it before is being in the real World Cup hot pick up. That's a lot old yes what is what is your question. Why would I got unhappy. They get a. It. You eat your masters series and there's so it's parents and yeah. That's not me that was you have to call being asked to come back I'll take John hate Johnny on the the governor. Say good morning governor are you doing today. I got a question about the state police superintendent. In the investigation could be pending or is it over now that he resigned. Well obviously. There are three things associated would this one was. We're gonna need the next colonel. To put in place some real explicit protocols and policies around how to handle arrest reports that's number one number two. We've ordered the state police to remove. Observational letters which were the letters the reprimands or put the files of those two officers. Which has that happened. And number three. Thursday. An ongoing conversation. With the state police about some of the policies and protocols associated with this as well. Are you who can't be you know. Do you believe that there. Was are you concerned that there was an issue was this. That went higher you know it an issue that goes. Two. Through the DA Horry to. It to anybody higher up that you feel like as the governor you need to have in internal investigation to find out more about this. Oh colonel basically. I said from day one with no apologies that he's the guy that ordered the the alteration on it today edit to edit the report now the thing everybody should remember is both versions of those reports. The edited version and the original both went to the defense counsel. And to the prosecutors into the court in that case it's now late there was no beat people shared all the information was available to rewrite in the original. And the other thing emergency radio listeners is. I know enough about law enforcement to know that usually whoever's on the night desk. Is supposed to read every single arrest report that comes and and if there's information in those arrest reports that either. Needs to be developed. To support the charges it's not there. Or. There's information in there that isn't really relevant to the to what the charges are they're being brought you know they're supposed to. It goes back to the police officers happens at the local level as well and troopers who wrote them and say you know clean this up based on what you said to me about what the charges are with the reports about. So that part of it's not that unusual but I do think Saddam in this case there's there's been public reports about. Dialogue between the DA's office and the state police around this and the colonels basically on the issuing of the order which I believe he made a mistake when he did that he shouldn't have done it. What about that judge the father do you believe that. That that he got himself involved in this and are you concerned. Unequivocally that he didn't talk to anybody about it yeah said that over and over and over again you. I don't I don't have any evidence on our side that he did anything for me. I am proud and patty forget them hard bounce back and if I didn't ask you I'm proud people been worried all week that I would not ask you this one you know wow you know they think egg it's top balls do you think it is softball questions every time coming here. I think it depends. You look at the F whenever this gets scheduled right. I have no idea what's going to be in the news there too before yeah yes and sometimes there's no the news we in the talking about the pitcher yeah. As urgent and it concerts but I and I want to hear feel pretty good. There's a lot of news in the me in the news and becoming known for low lit the mom to be really great when it's time ago. Listen I I think that and I don't have the smell in the studio with the I wanna say with regard to this in this is not this is not because you are not. You know I don't I don't believe that asking you about this or questioning you about this. Here's the good news is I don't believe I'm saying that he's talking about I don't think it's a negative as if for you worried because you're not yup the one who was he involved in anything that that went on I I however involved write. I'm however shout god as a surprise to a lot of people. I thought that the colonel said something that is that was interest thing and in in in departing. In the in the in an email that he sent to the troopers which I think everybody needs to think of in light of what is going on here in this state and in this country with the with the opening problem. And he said that law enforcement has an obligation. Yes to enforce the law and to arrest somebody who is. Is using heroin. In this case I think that's what it was Eric show mobile actually yes and and and the troopers responding to the call about the crash yes I'm however. He also said that line if there's nothing that says law enforcement can't. I'd do their best to understand that people are going through the worst time in their lives on this kind of thing happens and they don't necessarily have to be. I embarrassed by what is an arrest report I think the problem comes with the voters the regular people who say. What if I want that from my daughter when ideally get that that taken out that's right portrayed and a judge the other judge is the one who ordered you know he says he dale but that's. Whether that's why the whole question about you know what's the protocol what are the procedures what's the process in place for. Reviewing arrest reports. And I would argue that this needs a lot more clarity that it has now on a model and a much more explicit standard and we said to the folks at the state police. You know the new kernels got to put a protocol place here that's understood in its explicit than everybody gets and the people then abide by. Just that reason because that's exactly the question that comes up here which is you know why this one and knock them yeah. And and that's and that is a great who disagree diligent issue I wanna ask you about the newly elected mayor. Of Attleboro. Who owner. Who has said that he wants to keep his state rep job and essentially collect a couple. State salaries. Where it how do you feel about that. Looked at them the voters. Borough. Voted to elect a mayor who didn't vote to a full time mayor and you talked to any of the mayors in Massachusetts affiliate. If they're working seven days a week as carefully you know lieutenant governor I spent a lot of time with the mayors in Massachusetts they work all the time. And for representative Perot. Or he's your observer wrote to say that I can keep both jobs. Right I can be a state rep which is a full time job in getting there left at the end there which is a full time job. Is an insult to the voters of both his district and the commonwealth. And it's also an insult. To the mayors in Massachusetts who work full time every single day and to the state route to take their job seriously and do it full time and we've only had one of the situation on water with someone tried to pull this off and I always. William Antigua and you know as the jets is a former stay replica elected mayor. Lawrence's that he was gonna keep both jobs and and he eventually backed off and and just to the mayor's job but I think it's outrageous for him. Two. Suppose. That just because you know I'm a hard worker. I can do both jobs at the same time I think it's double dipping at its very worst. And and I really hope sometime in the very near future he chooses. The night chase both jobs and he does choose to continue to keep both jobs we're gonna fire legislation. The prohibits somebody from being a state rep. Enemy here at the same time people of Attleboro voted for him to be the mayor of out of borrow he should do his job. Great I agree. I'm the Thanksgiving plans what are you what are you doing for the idea we have enough people come into our house for Thanksgiving in my life and Arab gigantic debate about the kid table I'll. We haven't had a disabled and play and yes. Looks to me like there's going to be a bunch people and I government amongst people the outcasts sitting on the front all around card table I've already said look Americans that mojo in the front I was whoever else. I mean yeah like that's the preferred location you get your question yeah. A good points. Literally at issue is literally like everybody has to be in the same room and I think I mean against the snow on the way we're gonna fit sixteen people and it's not gonna work. Any any traditional that we had we do of you know in the old days that Thanksgiving Day football game between marvel and swans go it was a really big deal cast literally for six years in a row. The league championship in the northeastern conference was on the line in that game. But now that MIA. In their wisdom yeah. It's completely redefined all of this stuff in rendered Thanksgiving to be. So laws aside the point yeah hundreds of years of tradition isn't. Obama hit it if it isn't that ridiculous yeah like we'll. You know they the teams that are headed to a Super Bowl or ROI data can rest their starters yes you have to make a decision on the senior year for it I mean it showbiz gonna have to think about the yes and if they play. If they play there at the best kids and people got for big hurt. You know it. It's goofy elated and I really I can't you don't know what can't you do look at it like that I have absolutely and I asked this question do you ask I guess about MIA and that is what our guys the the MIA is. A body unto itself. They're on like a dark way adverse impact. How do you it did but what that girl who it was an unbelievable golfer yes exactly couldn't he'll beat all the boy got men and women in an exhibit to mention it's and couldn't play so is it is that eight is an escape. Controlled body. It's a it's as I understand that it's a it's an independent entity that is made up of representatives of a bunch of mostly municipal. Business is all local local sports right now is made up of a bunch and assigned a number of folks representing a variety of different communities around coming off. And and it's. And it's you know it's chartered under I think some. And I Richards chartered under state law I think it started under. Under regulation somewhere but the bottom line is no can it doesn't it doesn't report to me certainly and. Those kind of like NBC used to be they don't report to the key they don't record the confidence that. Is insane what do you do for things I. And I'm running the of the still double her 50. Yeah and and then I'm not gonna eat as much as possible and not as their traditional dish he like give the green bean casserole over the baker house there. You know I that the thing everybody really likes is one of my cousins brings. Spanish wells. I don't they come out really spends. It never happened there isn't a good now when you look Richard yeah it'd blow with a little lemon juice. That it that it that seems to be one of my my I'm I'm. I'm stuffing myself not something that's that's. All right well listen great CO you'll really nice. Thanksgiving is it looked in the show about don't check on the December 2 mortgage out there will get on the field for a little pregame shows us. And Bethel that's rapist that breakfast that aren't there pressure will ask how we interact with our governor here on the Hill Man Morning Show.