Breakfast With Baker - Merry Christmas From The Governor

Friday, December 15th

Governor Baker calls into the show to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year on the last Breakfast with Baker of the year!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Joining us right now to say Merry Christmas and and talk a little bit about Toys for Tots I'm assuming is. Ernie your friend of mine the governor of the common law little. Little news on this show Charlie apparently asked yes. Hey governor Mario. A blind guys Dario Merry Christmas Christmas very Indio. We're I'm subject though today. It's it's going it's going great where where we have the marine's weather says 90 yesterday. You add an events to. To celebrate the the National Guard in the what was that the 381. Birthday of. That some sounds about right. Yeah it's amazing they've been mustering then literally the 16100. Block out what we're the United States of America. And only got all the Marines here collecting toys and so turn out so far has been excellent has been great. Yeah I'd like that that marine play driver's mind bartering. I've been other and that cute to have large cavern has won every year. Which has led to the mayor several other groups that. That green toward judge you know imagine how many sort of direct and get out collected over the course of his stride but it got to be. Enormous. The other thing that that I saw you do which was very moving was the the Christmas tree would that it with the gold star families event governor. That is. That's been brought up and sit out now or six to seven years and collect organize a major leader lieutenant governor we never met sit. It's basically any. A large tree that gets late in the they have than. In memorial all dead. The tournament started but it also gives any goals are barely don't want the term put a memento of their locked every member of photographs. You know some special object of their whatever might bitty. Parliamentary an opportunity to go and that we haven't of that where we invite them and everybody wants to come and we had a gigantic crowd that this year. We give people a chip to basically come to the might anticipate something about their loved what. Mean it just SATA drive higher by the time you're halfway through this saying it's. Incredibly moving. They did pay a back street there's it's there's the constant reminder of this sacrifices. The assembly make on behalf of our freedom and our country as well where reminders about how many votes. I'm not going to be on the holidays. Because there are somewhere around the globe. I'm looking after our interest including mergers or order on the chilly. Really special. Do you have a favorite Christmas film. Christmas themed film governor. Oh yeah Christmas story to award them one at that and they're some are yes Kissinger I am best. Yeah I have a period baker baker ceremony can speak. Our. Who each other in line just out of that movie. And I disagree and have all the kids home for Christmas and everything. We are going to be great and and that's just another reminder by the way so small molecule well. But I think my doubt though we'll get much doubt it too easy result that do it. Knock on wood really well. But it you know it. What would Christmas about a month say okay. I creates for a lot of people camels or today. Opportunity. You know. Relax and enjoy. Your ceremony and enjoyed it feasible all the terms what it because I'm I'm expecting that. You know what Thursday afternoon it's very yet pretty quiet in in the world work and Friday and prior to Monday's probably going to be. A lot of times will it where President Obama which is very. There's a Texan who wants me to tell you that they have enjoyed breakfast with baker all year long and they're looking forward to a next year. And it's and it's an election and then and now years after that also yes. At Atlantis on paper it's illegal search now historic. Hold on gotta look let's answer. Never mind says something about our early Israel why just wanted to say. I wanted to and Denise Anderson. To their sacrifice core issue. Gave his life that is to. Well everybody is. Getting those people I can throw a time you know. Among the hardest thing but doing the job it is meet Sam at the airport when. When they're similar number comes home. I would hate. You know I'm so sorry that we are here together with the workers but apart you know you're way. Well. And at that moment in the bed tomorrow where pain and saying where's. They look at me and they say thanks so much the government now and it just speak. The kind of people who. Serve and that kind of family that they come from and I think. I think in some respects it. Certainly among the very best among us by our. Well it's always great having you as part of the show away. I don't know if there's any and Ernie and anything we have that I suppose you could ask there's. A story today about I'm very. Now you're again Greg let me give you are well be a nice to me. Yeah yeah I now at all I have. They're gonna say how great your delivering out well. Do you want to make it uncomfortable Greg they're saying you know years they're gonna say I'm just you know your Buddy Baker years I mean by the opens up my buddy they by the way. If you were my Buddy Baker you would have shown up for that pregame speeches promising to show The Chieftains football slope. Yeah I know I'm yeah. Voted down a day I try and I was sorry but I won't let you Muncie videos are brought up. It was a tough day but you know what they got there at Toledo's. Been there. Really wanted to get deployed escort our dads and number two is not that bad yet particulates in the first runner up is not how does that expression go the people who loosen. I am OK you know if you make the top floor the Florida. Well you know I mean you make the AFC championship in me the NHL Eastern Conference champ chip into one of the top four. You're you got there yet they have got to remember what Ricky Bobby. Certain. Here are hurt alas that's right and how great is it that we have a governor in our states whose quoting Ricky lineup has. Well why are you out of closets. LA is allegedly drives of the cougar in his car. A couple of it's the it was a moment. I. What do you hope that this thing down as well I'll ask you want serious breakfast and bigger question noble elegantly. But it's the job. Is the report that that the feds are looking into the some some some sexual harassment stuff with regard to the legislatures that. Accurate news report today. Like you believe that would be in the paper or more. And I think you know shortly after that story originally well. Which we look there's a bigger Dick and Bob. President. Shirley after the story broke. The copper and had an investigation and I am hoping they're hired somebody you know who can do that investigation is not connected in a way that it legislature. But yeah I embarked yeah it probably. Attorney general Maurice Daley also all vote. Made clear that they want they wanted to speak to anybody. Who may have. Saw Barack. But. By this by the guy. And the air or the fact that the FBI right. Is now on the paper. I I would I would anticipate that that that's the real I would also say that you know this stop our senate. That gave this story of this that need to be fully investigated. As anybody you know broken any laws broke any mortgage restart tourists. Especially if you're welcome why are they need to be. They need to investigate and prosecute this quote settle our unique chance he can have its its they're worried about somebody using a position of privilege. It's that you care to people which is. You know which is just something people really. Jenna should not do ever had and it needs to be chase. That yet period. Like she wants to know about marijuana in 2008. Well that's as far as I know the last thing the governor says we are going to have shops are running by July 1 Zachary governor. They're over land and you'd think that commercial deployment of I get access to listen the people voted on it yeah. I know you can't recreational recreation that's the attack that's where what are where what. Mike you interpret here and good. Luck to your opponent are not threats perfectly legal to adults what I'm nervous about is democracy governor I'm worried about what the voters voted for that's what I'm worried about but you know office last I heard that everything was on schedule right. Everything is still on schedule and I know you perfectly the united every. I might come or participate during 2018. Up until July. It just we should just put this one in the file and we are routed retired so I know foods are monitoring it just like. That might just sleep well at night. I expected. It to Jordan most of all the. That's right. Yeah and I'm gonna do is bring something applause of the governor and I heard about this yesterday your proposal to have vocational technical schools have adults take classes. Classes in that. And artists are excellent vocational technical schools I think that's a great idea I hope that goes through. For people who are like changing jobs or wanna change their their careers or something like talk a great I know that goes through that's a great yeah. Look at the auto industry got to do exactly industry the auto industry right now is in a panic because there aren't enough tax idea and these guys it's an incredible living Macon Macon and that tools it's just that we need them. So like that to bring it's it did not go through it happening I mean we go again. We get involved are well signed up to do that. It's at the pilot in the sense that. They have been tried or so where we're gonna cigarette rhetoric that you work but I. The bottom line here is. These people who pursue these programs and these are people going to be a primarily as manufactured with the bottom line is. Just Torino this is well we then spending literally millions and millions of dollars helping our boat types will upgrade and invest in their equipment. And their programming areas where it is big demand at one it's absolutely an automobile. Sort missions ahead this program advanced manufacturing. We started out so that it. It's certainly also not just of the gradual and it is manufacturing but I also went to college credit. And we got Community Colleges that are attached to it. So your attitude toward young adults are or older adults who chased this will be eligible for Cabrera and state career. Which makes it affordable and you have nights at night and on weekends so. It makes it affordable and accessible. Virtually anybody and and the best part about it is that the deal but there other jobs out there and the schools are really psyched about doing it. What really psyched about helping each circuit states or about your round. And and it and it's it's a total what went weak week we announced this southeastern mass book checked yesterday and at least. February 300 people there moreover accountable from the vote Turkey unity in the word unity in the manufacturing community are basically saying. You know is exactly and so when we should be doing so aunts or I'm very fired up. It costs to keep deference now governor do you UN dissipate after yesterday's decision by the FCC. The state would do anything with regard to net neutrality. Shouldn't the problem. A lot of us had been. Led to believe they could just wishful thinking on our part to theory gives it discretion or how to handle those. There was sort of going to be a classic should get out of making all the rules and flip it back to the state to make a world. They didn't do that instead they did was it literally just. Got rid of it and established a new federal standard. And I think war a lot of small businesses a lot of startups. And a lot of hopes to compete whereas some of the main players in. You supplied tight but also supports contest. The folks who compete against those votes while I Ted and in the does the technology to move back Chad. I'm gonna be really advantage and I am I'm not a fan of what it did yesterday I think you can have real consequences for consumers. And and I am. Glad it all solid state I've decided to weigh in on I don't know they have. The legal and think is that not familiar enough with that actually make something happen either but I. Here are people are consumers tempers start up. But that is something that you would eat your say you're not sure the states will be able to do anything from you know from a from a states rights perspective but it's something you would. Out of date via book would be that developed. Promote it appeared that I would assert that this is that was one. A new framework it is just a federal report that that's why a lot of states including Massachusetts. Personally Arum said I you know what I don't know about it whether I just don't know enough about a lot of dispute. Potential. You. Or an active. But because I don't look it up and that but it expects the and taking away that future. Real consequences are people's ability. Highway the same way they act that's now he's got a problem. All right governor well thank you very much for checking in this morning and further for being on the show all year you'll honored do you monitor campaign promise and are not 2008 he's going to be an exciting year it's an election year in and we'll see you sometime in January greatest. Governor in the country are yes yes yes yes so we'll see I've got a plus right governor bush is. Existence. My personal. Gotta let Leo Ernie got a picture hanging on the second well you guys my order checked out. Which is the picture of do picture of me in the front of an air of counselor to the problem. Where in 1970 part. Augusta 76. And obviously 76. It's date that's an issue. He's got Joseph Perry point snipers. For his foundation. I know he does I would start again that is so I have to do that is going to be so much hard enough foundation is just a great thing I had. I went to the event. That Ernie has sponsored report last year was. Tremendously. On and I would encourage anybody. Who can get that tonight. To stop by it's great because it would be a great show and kitty. Ernie. Always. Serve as an incredibly generous and gracious host when he does all of these things. Merry Christmas to you in the family that you governor mark Preston thank you are out. There's governor Charlie Baker breakfast with baker an abbreviated on the phone versions of office in its heaviest in yeah. The itsy. You have the auction governor.