Breakfast with Baker - Live From Granite Telecommuncations

Thursday, March 8th

The Governor's monthly appearance on the show! He discusses Gun Control, The Storm, the 100 thousand dollar bathroom and more!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And we are joined right now by the governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Charlie Baker this will serve as our monthly breakfast would make your segment. So you've got out back to the they base it on another day which is good which is good news hour. I think any time we have a chance to do something like this is part of our breakfast and baker week we should all be very happy about it yet since now. You wrote me this a good thing I did. Q&A. Side. It's. Well I've known you know who's the CEO here for awhile twenty years going back almost when I was at Harvard pilgrim. And we were in the same. There's a business group could you both and he told me at one point that they'd done this. Things inside their company five or six years ago they raise some money for. Dana Farber says it's just really me and said you know if you actually it's actually get elected governor would you come back and do that. With the rest of closeness I thought about the tour and the that we. No ties to the winds for those making a commitment and but I still every year since since the election and I'm glad to have because it's. It's a really great. Team effort here people would. A thousand people usually plus or minus who worked for this company. Defensive men and women. And they raise somewhere between 456. Million dollars a year. For their apartments it's wonderful drugs. Yeah it's it's an option easy. And not only are we here representing. Well but so is David. Steve Rapp. And I don't do personal ties to see you. It's good to see it film and your district is it's the ninth listen this excellent music grabbed the Northridge in Upton. And some lucky enough to be joined. I'd like good thing Collins venue is going to happen. Who's nine years old and up until he was born actually had brain cancer and he's proud to be here today and he shaved head but this yeah. And you once. Any questions. After questions. And now he's doing a pretty good job ray yes so. We return we were chatting earlier and but today's great kid and come out and participate in this today's. He's sort of a great example of why so many people I hear why people appreciate the chance to be. Warrior. And I think you can talk. It. It's harder. However when I was just department. James I. I'm thankful days it's yeah. I yeah. Awesome awesome and it's really and that's and that's what makes this. So it's worth it to. Yes it's. We where do you where do you live. I think back to messaging doesn't do it during represented ratings system that I did it with me. I don't live good. Yesterday. Mostly because it. Arkansas and guilt and your marriage you think it'll grow back by the end of summer and Summers at the Pentagon. Yeah it was uncontrollable yeah. Yeah I don't know if I'll live like he. Luckily now that's the next day today. Well listen. Amazing job they move back in minutes they do I want Florida. Anything we'll listen congratulations. On being healthy. You for. Like cancer and and good luck to him in the thank you very much I'm. OK Oz I think they sincere thanks representative. So I can ask you I mean we're we're certainly awaiting the arrival of our special celebrity guests will drops. All programs immediately when you rise. However why because he's not gonna know who you are so why would you stuff the governor from jail questions. I didn't ask them then it is it is nice to have some really you know that does keep you where we. Danielle Danielle thanks. No that's. The man that I had a great friendship because I was talking about governor apparently it's. I was talking earlier about a two people who started at some bottom line up and work their way and well trajectory and work their way up to the top of their respective teams. We've lost however I gotta tell us again I believe the people recognized me and look at least one. I have no doubt and now will be the case yet you think he's gonna reach out to do is to brush the food out of here. We talked we've talked about the storm a little bit earlier when. Home. Anything they mean to status continues to cleanup and get people without power. Yeah I mean I think one thing I do wanna say is. Is all those folks. Driving plow trucks and and sort of motors and and and part of those saw brigades if it's out there and and and takes down and removes a lot of the debris and trees and all the rest of falter and storms. That that's a 24/7. Three shift type activity. And a lot of those folks have been pretty busy for the past 24 hours and are going to be busy. All day today and then probably tomorrow we should all remember that you know the storm hit different parts of Massachusetts differently and there. There are parts of western mass of people that's when you're thirty inches of snow parts of central so they get a foot to forty inches and up into for America only. And and folks are still mean we're in Quincy Wright wins he got hammered by the the storm we had last week that close to restore tonight I did so. I toured a bunch of those two parts of the community with very tomko is also here has been good distances for the third year round. And and those folks in the a lot of those folks a lot of their belongings were out on the phone on destroyed. And I think. An uphill into the sex life too. And or me you know and a series of governor I had I had no concept until I saw some video. The power of the ocean just ripping retaining walls down like they were people. I think the their at their. They're videos and photos out there literally. That storm surge crashing over people's houses yeah. And I think the that's the thing I remember years we have five. Very usual high tides in a row and a storm surge in the middle and. We're gonna I said this on Sunday whenever. We were gonna have to think differently about. How we help communities deal with the stuff going forward because. Because just treating this the same room to restore peace. Work will probably files them. Some legislation to to get at this next week. We have heard over the last few days that it's all there is a run for the presidency. That posting news team plays in Massachusetts resident. And obviously served two terms as governor and I in our head against them. He's so he's a heck of a campaign. I think you know it's a very personal decision and and I you know more power to anybody who wants to take on that kind of tones I. Fifty states to big country's premier premier campaign itself is. Is incredibly grew. I mean I think about just running statewide in Massachusetts. I felt like that was a really significant and all consuming effort. Makes you wonder how people actually do. The fifty state thing it's it's a big big big commit. It's. Under serious note. It isn't often serious when you're on display. I'm sure that you thought someone. This date in light of the Florida school shooting. Any thoughts on. Trying to do here to keep. Keeps you safer is that is there anything you can do. Well let's start with the fact in Massachusetts some like most states. The way you get. A license to carry you through the local police department. If there had been that kind of process in place in Florida. I question whether or not Nichols who's would have never been able weapon. And in addition to that in Massachusetts. Is. If somebody shows that the police stations says. They're neighbors they're friends or family member they're concerned about the most respected their state of mind. That police chief in the police department in a position to. Revoke their license to carry for a temporary period of time in. Confiscate the weapons and we're we're in a very different place in most of the states I'd run and all of our activity around this through our. Our local police departments. And I think it shows up on our statistics if you look at we have them. Lowest. Gun violence rates in the United States depending upon how you do the calculation. And I think in some ways and I said there's still went to the governor's with Clemens. Some governors association meeting. Two weeks ago. That a lot of what we've done here in Massachusetts especially the idea of having your your local TV is that vehicle through which you managed licensed. To carry processes proven to be very effective way. I'm sure into into. Keep guns out of the hands of people who they should be kept the other thing everybody's noses in Massachusetts every state every. Every municipality is required to have. A safety protocols war for their school districts now. We're big believers in local control over how this gets done to people tend to do differently. But I do think this is something that. Will be talking to our codes legislature. There are about to find out that something we should be doing to to to standardize and stuff. Wanna ask you about because I was get accused of serving up softball so wanna ask you about the Department of Transportation. Hi I'm confident. Probably that my wife could spend a 100000 dollars in the bathroom but I don't know I don't know too many other organizations that could. Are you are you up to speed on a 100000 dollar apple doesn't look like you don't know. I may have I may have missed this one was listening to news today that I noticed last week or maybe that what was the 100000 dollar about it. Do some exercises yeah. It's not a gotta win that nobody. So you know. Without without knowing how big it is or where they put that's hard questions community loses and do what I can tell you is that. I think the performances. Of the DOT especially. The course of the past. Few months in the storms that come with that and frankly the performances. Today as well. Has been pretty strong but I'm not. Enough familiar this morning. Take a look would you go back and I take a look at the 100000 pounds off it's off the board room and they they you know the that the board did. Wanna they were frustrated with the running to. Quarters of the bathroom so they don't own path to take take a look at some wealth as I've I think it's not that that might it's well it's a lot of oil. Eight everything else reflect I was about 87 dollars. What about. When it comes to the state. William taken steps. To make sure this upcoming election in November. Is safe and anyway she performed from. Potential Russian. Better yet. He in Massachusetts. Most of the elements associated with managing and overseeing elections are run through the secretary of State's office to build governor's office. We do have made a more. Secure and and sort of a closed system in terms of voter registration. Structure works we also have a ton of local control. Around. How people vote and what device they use to vote it's not out. The best way to describe it is to say mean and that's what's got for example. Paper ballot the put it into a box. The machine automatically calculate talked about some day you basically fill in thing and I would test for those of Bozeman. Number I expensive fill in the circle that's next in the name of the person voted for. Or about question. And then that box automatically tabulate the results they hold on to the paper ballots. But that tabulation is what goes secretary state that is not. And on line. Internet. Accessible. System. Works that way and a lot of the. And I think. No this is one example of where not having the whole thing sitting some big platforms somewhere. So many good penetrator who might actually be good thing didn't. There was a report this week with regards to. In immigration. Officials being somewhat concerned. That it in Boston particularly. Individuals are not being turned over ice. It is do you have any concern about the news this is a mountain Soledad. I remember there is a that was the supreme judicial court decision in Massachusetts it was rendered. About 68 months ago. Still the one decision you NN and basically what incentive is there is no state law. That gives local law enforcement. Permission to hold somebody. Beat on whatever it there times third period is. For any purpose and so. Including holding. Convicted felon or they're dangerous person. Including holding them beyond their whatever their period is. To hand them over the ice and we filed legislation and because we don't have legislation like this we filed legislation. To basically create a twelve hour hold. For certain categories categories we took came straight out of Obama administration's. Safe communities. Land which is what we were operating under before the one decision. Which would make it possible for local law enforcement if they if they pick somebody up that they had been custody just accustomed to visit to traffic. Yes a very nice to be run. Run there reported it turns out there's been convicted of whole series of violent crimes. Notified if that's the feds say that civilians. It just us to be. Want them. Under our statute our proposal would be able to hold them to twelve hours that I can get right now Massachusetts and did not. Because of that witnesses in the state law that makes it possible for. From local law enforcement to hold somebody beyond whatever they are required here is and I believe in me. That's a problem. Lucy defects and hopefully we get just listened to by the end of the session. Governor Charlie Victor is our guest we're live in Quincy. For saving. By shaving. And in all events in which many will end up with their heads shaved today in order to there were probably between 800000 people is incredible yeah. Critical it's phenomenal. It's just an amazing experience seeing people are so excited to loosen Linus. Saw Boston now. It really it really is great and were anxiously awaiting the arrival of our special guest. Now how does that feel within right now because that's I didn't feel for the rest of the morning my heart is beating rapidly. The stimulus governor this is how it goes sorry you have to be in court but I'm just trying to keep this kind objections to I don't I don't want him to be this. There's we go over couple text messages here. For you. Are you going to oppose is a five latex governor are you going to oppose the proposed scene gay voter registration. I'm not I don't know what that means you. We have we have a there's a court case currently pending Massachusetts. Under Massachusetts law. It's. You need to register to vote. At least twenty days before election. There's a whole series of channels and processes through which you can register. I happen I think the way we do currently works fine. I don't know. That court decision will ultimately decide where you know we moved to a different standard. It's Dexter wants to know if you're concerned at all with the wings on recently with the state police. Course. Yeah sure. I think what I would say. First of all. I spent a lot of time a lot of the men and women who were part of the state police force and and they are very high quality people. Who I believe local. They're both in their code of conduct a decent day. We get the opportunity to attract a lot of foundation wise and otherwise and the majority are. Amazing dedicated key evidence that. If you have if you have. Bad actors you can deal with the and I give. The current kernel. Colonel who opened credit when that story broke about. The path through which. That woman had become a member of the police to I think he's back in 20072008. Choose canine unit. No history associated with that notion the state police and and issues were raised about her relationship with one of the members of staff. She basically moved. As part of the overall restructuring of this stuff which was a statement as far as I'm concerned she's serious about. About taking musicians. Dealing with. And I would hope that continues to be the case going forward. Continues to be the case going forward then are you concerned you know you look at kind of what started this whole thing. The author of the arrest report which we spoke to about months ago. Are you. Concerned that. When you look at whether it's. Judicial folks. It DA's office anywhere that that. Do you think that he needs to be in deeper investor. Occasionally there are OK there's there's two investigations going on right now on what is. Being led by the new kernel colonel go the other one is. Is an investigation. From the attorney general's. Both of them are investigating. These issues the timeline associated with the changing support. See peoples and honesty hard balls and no it's different now aren't like that was used. A bus accident people thinking in the eighth and then all they think that. You know because you and I have a friendship like the principle I have with the gala celebrity's home. They they think they've got they think that I don't ask the tough questions. Oh I'm getting the wrap up signal for instance grinding my she'll always gonna army says I'm. They got to get to the text over here and it's dance like she thinks at least 30000 dollars more a year than stints. So up surgeons it's great to see a factor for getting thank you for getting me to this event. Thank you so much thanks for his manager Greg is it good to have you guys as part of the family on this one yeah I think we'll do a broad catalog airline about everybody loves that no latitude and yet. Well I think what this apparently is broadcasting company or your threw him off guard and you're going to keep it here at the I. Governor Charlie Baker here in Quincy won't be back.