Breakfast Baker - Change Names Change History

Thursday, August 17th

Once again the Governer of the Commonwealth stops by the studio to talk about Changing the name of Faneuil hall and the Free Speech Rally this weekend. 


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Yeah Hill Man Morning Show on an. I always oh. And yeah so hey asks us. Excuse me the governor and I am having a private conversation Zaria and I got to shoot or I'm I apologize for interrupting you blood where it's you have your job I measured things right handers in this. Or cargo resorts limited and by the way there a size 48 I don't know of museum and it is in 38 o'clock at UT that's. Are we actually get to the governor is introduction I've got it which he has. Yeah. Welcome to breakfast with baker. With the governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Jar lead daycare on WB yeah. It is a pleasure. To once again welcome the governor of the commonwealth into our studio for his monthly segment breakfast with baker I. A I'd like you know I literally was just here are guys I guess this market and there's like with the latest Ehrlich last week and it turned out that I actually my wife and I spent a week open Gloucester just hang around doing enough and literally right after the last timers here it does feel like I'm in. Isn't it sad when and people have been texting and say mine never ends but is that sad when summer vacation and and everybody else still has their vacation left. L death of oil will say this you know the com. The right in the past. The past few days until about now not of that. I you're right in this probably never that synopsis in the island and now that. I was told I just missed you yesterday at the UMass club W launching over the I was the -- it's great bush school of thought month. The first of all it's near the state house secondly it's which is easy makes it easy for me secondly. Membership is very inexpensive it's not an expensive club to belong to the and and it's pretty centrally located the view is amazing if we treat it. Only serves the same thickness and through its in the cafeteria UMass say suspect this UMass cameras cafeterias would've been my strength cafeterias school characters in the country Israel out as early in the top ten player yeah yeah. Well nice to have you here and if you wanna texts your question for the governor. You can do so on and tech needs text line which is 97107. It's 721. I wanna ask you. Governor right of the bats. About a couple things I'm always accused of delivering softball so let me ask you about say that every time amen well it's because these people are console they say just all you do is on the bomb kisser on so let me ask you about. Saturdays tough audience they're they're tough you know they like being tough on me they just they do and they don't they never can never catch a break but he. Saturdays. Free speech rally. You know the mayor been very vocal about it are you concerned about it with regard to a similar situation Charlottesville you feel confident that. Public safety has discovered what what are your thoughts on. Well the the mayor and I have spent a lot of time talking to each other about that about does this week. The kernel as they police and his team have spent a significant amount of time with. Commissioner Amundsen and his folks who the Boston Police Department I think the you know. Anybody just to some people understand this. Anybody. Can put a group together of economic petard about anything right you don't need a permit to just gather on a comment. Where you need a permit for is staging and sound. And that's what separates. Sort of an informal gathering. From a more formal rally year award presentation and and so. So easy to write my point here is that lots of people show up. Have gatherings. The common and never get a permit or it. But if you wanna have a stage if you wanna have amplification and you have to actually. Get a permit there's stipulations and rules that come with a permanent that's what this process has been about. The mayor and I and our teams and remember we support the city on this common belongs the city. We're gonna work extremely hard their teams to make sure everybody's safe. What happened in Charlottesville. Was tragedy emanate. I watch both. I've listened to watched the mom and dad Heather higher there they present us and numb. The two should the should never happened and and I feel terrible about the fact that in addition to that the state of Virginia wants to come over Virginia lost to state troopers mum. Dozens of other people were were injured in and that's what happened here yeah. I'm is that the heart as of as a politician because he Europe concerned about the safety of the people. Is it hard when there is. Speech that is distasteful. Or which it is to all of us. Is it different call. To resist the urge to say. Because we're in America because the constitution to say I don't want this speech to happen here is it is do you find it as a person hard to resist that church. I think what the First Amendment is a big deal it's one of the biggest deals on what's this nation's founded and but that said. And that's one of the reasons why. If almost any group seeks to get a permit speaking of little place they're gonna get. And a lot of very interesting dynamics will play out there. You know the ACLU has come to the and to the native many organizations that they don't agree with their support over years to support their right to march to support their right to. To assemble but all of this is about peaceful assembly right lets not forget that and and I think one of the major objectives we have as a commonwealth and I know the mayor of Boston has for the cities to make sure they're any gatherings any assemblies any marches any rounds that they are safe I mean. We've worked with the city on. Literally dozens of rallies protests and marches some of which involve very big numbers and some of which involve competing points of view. Over the course the past few years and we have had them without incident. And I think part of the reason we've had a without incident is because we work really hard to keep these groups separated from winter. We give them their opportunity. Say their piece and have there. Have their point of view and but we work really hard to make sure that they don't have that opportunity that. Tragically was part of this Roseville. Situation. Directly engage face to face face to face with the terror. We were just discussing fee annual hall and some who would like to see a name change there. You you've been vocal. In expressing the year belief that. When it comes to the civil war. Memorial that's on George's island that it is that that product. Perhaps go away. We're where do you stand on the annual on things like that. OK so let's talk about George's island first thumb. The memorial and George's island was put there by a group I think of the daughters of the confederacy in 1963. And it honors. The prisoners hum. The confederate prisoners who were held there during what the monument so says that was the war between the states. In. Back and 1860s and an eye I think third. When somebody first told me that this was there are so that will what does it say. Though they told me what it's that excellence glorification of the confederacy the confederate where life him. Those men who fought on behalf of the confederacy to preserve slavery Massachusetts was probably one of the if not the leading. Anti slavery abolition state it was one of them even. We shouldn't have we should not have monuments here the glorified that that that honor that the church that. But then we figured out it's a national historic. Landmark and there's a big process you have to go through to deal with the national historical marker any sort of Blair market's been deemed historic. So the VCR which is agency and whose property that thinks that's wrote a letter to. The mass historic commission and say help us understand what we're supposed to do here and and we're we're trade and information at this point but it's complicated process my view is. You shouldn't have a monument like that the glorifies. The glorifies. A Norton and entities that. Fought to preserve slavery. On public land. In the come off the mask now there's probably some other place would be appropriate for and that's what we're gonna try to figure out what to do with respect to Faneuil hall. Welcome happy to have a conversation about about any of these boats faces but. You know some of the greatest speeches and some of the greatest moments in the fight for freedom. Took place in that building and I think of saying hello I have always thought as of paying off as. As a symbol of of freedom and American socialism and all of the things that. Are supposed to be about what makes this country great I didn't know much about the history of Peter Finn Neal. But that is also in national historic. Monument and any kind of conversation about what to do with respect to thank you all have to go through a very significant process. Every. And the greatest food bizarre of all they do have good food over there probably upset don't they I hit hit hit the you know mile post every guy. I. Anybody's are working with. On target to cookies where just about anything. Even though started with you pandering because it's a told us that allows the chocolate chip cookie recipes from passages yeah. Eight. That. That's we have grown I don't know what you love chocolate chip cookies well it started with that. Chocolate chip cookie place at an all. The best of my parents every time there anywhere near their owners hectic it is now. It's interesting you're you know you're years. A bit of history buff. It seems. That. Often times there are some who want to race. History. That may be now. Disturbing award it may have you know he's in the viewing in in the lands of today. We all say why did that happen but when you race that history that histories also lost in eking more prominent you know. I am. A terrific group of business and research and scientists to. Israel last year to. Because Israel actually has a bigger footprint and cyber security than anybody else there way their years ahead of everybody else because. The Susie and it was created. People Israel started saying security around this going to be a big deal when they started worrying about this before. Literally decades before anybody else. But we were pretty big server security footprint here wanted to learn from them figure out how we can work with them to make sure we continue to grow it. One of the things we did their pursuant to a holocaust museum and the way the holocaust museum is set up in Jerusalem. It's not a museum we just walk in and go from sort of exhibit to exhibit its set up as kind of a one way street. And when you walk in you start. In. The very late eighteen hundreds in Europe and and the eastern bloc and you. You walk you basically walk through time in the 1945. Or so and what you learn when you do that is that. To get to your question Greg about how could this happen and write what you learn is and how it happened all right and how. The extermination. Of millions of Jews. Happened. Began with. You know the proverbial Pavel parable of mood the mood in the ocean it started with a bunch people. Small groups saying. Number horrible things about. The Jewish population. And you just watched. As. That small. So out of commentary in this is before the Internet and social media. Actually started to find its way into news in in the literature and in the culture and into plays and and a theater so by the time you got in the nineteen. The mid 1930s or early 1930s. There was an avalanche. Beginning of just real dehumanization. Of the Jewish people and and an enormous grievance that it just started to ripple through everything. And I I think. Which is why when a group of guys mostly guys show up in Charlottesville. Where Nazi flags. Representing neo Nazi organizations. I you know from with the idea that we should say. This has no place. An American public discourse and and and and my point here is that history doesn't usually happen sometimes is a seminal moment. The most of the time history happens over a long dark room and and I and I get YE. So many in my friends in the Jewish community. So bent about. The events of the past 48 hours I get why so many of my friends. In the African American and black and Latino communities are so bent about this. Because. They you know bigger grandfather's and sometimes on their own personal experience or great grandparents or friends or neighbors. For whom. You know this sort of thing. Is an open wound and we should we should be very aggressive about though which is why my comments about what happened in Charlottesville. We're very aggressive and very clear about we can't support this kind of behavior we can't support we should never ever. Saying that that type of hatred and bigotry has any place in American political discourse. And we should. Do everything we possibly can end the stand up and push back against them. Governor Bakker is our guest it's breakfast with baker and at 734. When we get to some text messages. This 617. Text or wants to know what happened to the sales tax holiday that that's the legislature or not. Not not you know we supportive we filed legislation on it. I. I'm sorry it didn't happen and and I think you know we've had a buried you know. Very challenging revenue environment we have thanks Larry good economy a lot of people are working but it. Tax revenue went up one half percent last year it's probably gonna go up about one half percent this year pretty tight. Usually a good economy tax revenue as a more like 45% and but I think I think giving people giving retailers especially local retailers will play local people. The provide local jobs and in many cases a lot of activity in downtown. Around the commonwealth giving them over the weekend. Where everybody has a chances are sticking to the commonwealth and by the NF listeners and they're whether there's definitely been in some of these stories and until tax holidays and a lot of people are in there. In part because they'll like the idea of you know we'll say you know screw you come to its. And I yes. They say fizzling if physically to your face when aren't there. I'm a minus should governor's suit yeah I've clinic right directly. But I think the I think it's I think it's a good idea it's good thing was that done it and. And I know there's going to be a big conversation going forward about whether or not there's going to be questioned about themselves text generally on the ballot and 2018. A lot of the retailers are talking about. Putting a question forward to reduce the sales tax in Massachusetts and and and I think that Jimmy in favor of that I would certainly consider that I think that's where the conversation now. And here's a text asking why. The new head of the MBTA. Is being paid over 300000 dollar. Ers on if you look at oil transit authority. Chief executives are getting paid around the rest of the country 300000 dollars is actually on the lower end of the scale. They're 24/7. Operations they have gigantic. Roles and responsibilities. And and and I think Luis is going to be a terrific general manager and and and that's what it takes and I don't. Mum. Million people ride that thing and use the bus lines is transits lines of the commuter rail we have a lot of work to do there. We've made progress and a number of areas but we have literally. Billions of dollars. Capital investment we need to make and operating improvements and upgrades that need to happen over the course of the next few years and frankly. You know making the MBTA. It's when he first century. World class reliable dependable predictable. Transportation system is going to be a big part of how we ensure that we continue to grow the economy in eastern and central Massachusetts. Our governor is here you can text or you can call on the premium for it studio line from him forward no one will sell you a Ford for less. This is Matt Matt Iran with the governor. All governor Beckett and I am article explores followed by a question. I recently had to leave my got a good car that is too expensive six embarrassingly the state. I had like their food stamps. Seat mile family. I ended up getting denied because my fiance has a little bit makes too much. My question was how it is so easy for all these people are so different stance on these falcons and the system for years. Well my family just need help for a couple months and we. I'm so much as your fiance make if you don't mind saying. Well after rent and electric and Internet and everything we have about thirty dollars just there for the month and as including gas. Oh. The medical created. Oh and I got one now led. I believe Madeleine to the computer around my scheduled to share our my girlfriend. I'm glad he got a job I guess I would say the following. We've done a number of things to improve the the credibility reduce. Well you point out as the as the threat that exists in that system and one of the things we've done is we've got agreements signed with. Local police departments. All over the commonwealth that. Tee up a relationship between us and them where if as the day. Search social media as many of them do to pay attention to what's going on in their communities or the day. Follow a lot of the incoming information intelligence they get about. What supermarkets and smaller convenience stores are doing with respect to. Selling or trading. Thumb food stamps com. They let us know and that and that relationship has led to a number of very significant. Bus associated with that type of activity I think I think the credibility of programs like that is a hugely important element in. Making sure that the benefits go I've never met anybody in Massachusetts and said people who need those benefits and get them but I know a lot of people of Massachusetts who said they're too many people. Who have figured out ways to game the system and we've put a bunch of mechanisms in place to reduce that and those have been. A successful we can always do more but I do believe. Partnering affirmatively when our colleagues and local law enforcement is one of the best ways we can put another serie here's a nice. On the ground in communities over Massachusetts to make sure that people don't game the system because you're right. The gaming of the system makes everybody. Crazy and and frankly is just a huge. Hit to the credibility of government generally and this is. Corey Corey with the governor. Good morning governor pick a good 1 Hill Man Morning Show Halloween. And I'm very well I am may have fireman and a paramedic had been working in the greater Los area ten years. And also for seventeen years in the business. I have a very insistent question about. The particular shooter I believed up until now that we shared in common passion or governor banker. The opiate addiction crisis. Yeah. I work for an ambulance company sit down and is probably the largest ambulance company in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts would provide not want to wait a lot of communities. And then we have me I'd go so far to say they're paying down first in the nation outpatient detox program that we are looking to implement. Throughout mobile integrated health care waiver. We've run into a couple of road blocks we are implementing this and other mobile integrated care programs because. While in line item veto for the oversight of mobile integrated I'll hear from you. So what I'm looking to find out governors. If there's going to be any candidate who is in place. Torre was that this year last year Indian. Electing him the producer the the I don't. I hate saying this because of supposed to know every single line item in the budget I don't know which one you're talking about can you. You give the produces the actual line item and have been a contact. Number that we can reach out to. I remember signing the legislation that created the mobile program in the first place which I did in the spring I have. I'm kind of concerned as to why if you would sign into law mobile integrated health care just a couple of years ago. Would use them pull the rug out from under by completely cutting every single oversight position to say about 400000 dollar but it. You know like I said you give me the give me the information available we'll follow up on that I hang out I can life can be when thousands of lives. The one thing you know it's a gory first of all thank you for your work on this there isn't. The the front lines. The people who were the first ones to start talking to me about this in addition to the moms and dads and Brothers and sisters who lost family members or had family members dealing with the addiction. When I was a candidate. Were for paramedics and an emergency room dark and and nurses in PA's and you folks and and and cops a lot of police officers as well. Indian cities you guys with a of the first people really start talking about this and I I very much appreciate the work you'll do in this space that I will look into the issue if you give information to the folks here. Follow up and he does that mean you're you're actually follow up with the speed and when you're in next month you'll you'll share in the next week growing members I. That's. And a I can't the next week and taking a few days. I like well I'm thrilled that. Yeah I dessert or anything to deserve a break command in here and grinding hard who have or are you learn and what Mubarak now for hours today governor Paul. All right well. It's it's great to see you and we will. While I know you'll be focused on Saturday I think there's. People are concerned about that sewing. And you guys are you guys are folks who are extremely hard to make sure whatever happens and nobody gets hurt good. All right and we'll see you next time for breakfast today with reports there's the governor of the commonwealth here on the Hill Man Morning Show.