Breakfast with Baker - Bruins, Duels, Rock Songs, and more!

Thursday, April 26th

Governer of the Commonwealth Charlie Baker is in Studio for his monthly segment! We discuss the Bruins, LB's upcoming duel, Officer Gannon's murder, and other issues in the State!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pinned on your schedule at WAS. Dot com though they. Areas we can skip the intro. For our governor and get right to business because the governor Charlie Baker has arrived for breakfast with the maker this morning and it's nice. Nice to see Il area got up and a little traffic this morning a little. Whatever is littering my uncle nobody can drive. Yeah I also think more people are wondering if so I do all people that normally like right there bikers on the dignity a dignity yeah. Money just closes the size means in the lights on them that's like your thing the only thing. There were two or not she's the widow military line guys and where we are on the priority. Another resident that. Two youths and respect it is but he. All right well governor acres years and look you go to bed and went to him as you know I remember we talked about it. I watch a little bit of the post games and though eyes and brick and Jack we're talking to coach Cassidy afterwards. And it's watch a little bit of the island stuff and then I called them side by. One game you watched the whole entire thing I hope our way. My neighbors and I couldn't watch it with each other uses to school night another arrest. They're literally sending each other crazy pictures. Of our responses to the various events in a moment of such an Evans an emotional ebb and flow in that game last buffalo wing or recruit. It's sort of a slap shot the whole garden just came alive and I that it hadn't been and always great. Well Patrice Bergeron says that that was theoretically it allowed us. That third period got cramped it was a low level of the doubt is that he's ever been in his career here so. It's I mean is pretty decent on Jovi to. Well I think that comes from. That stems from that patriots game where Jon Bon Jovi was in mr. press box and everybody sang along its in now everybody how every sporting event I think I agree I think we have the single line but it's exciting I mean theoretically that this is. This is the city champions this is title town theoretically we the I don't wanna say anything about planning any. Kind of parades or anything I don't. Yeah. Along those lines. It was them. Is there some of the plant parking and known as the great it's been great and Zelda as a for a plant but he. I mean listen everybody was whining that I went Saturday and I and then they lost and there's Jennings a little boring mining. James solid state oil last time. I will go next Wednesday night. Now it's gonna be out of place and undergo an excellent read about it not and not that I'm. Speaking of track let's get right into this governor Charlie Baker here it's breakfast with the acre. Our monthly visit from the governor and he can tax or you can call when your question. I'm without regard to traffic. Are we you expecting any issues because there's stuff that says still needs to be done on the come out bridge that's there's more of both of them. Summers. For people thing about their vacation schedules and you saw last week in July and the first ten days so Vargas and those will be good days and take off if you commute into the city of Boston as it's it's it's part two of the project from last summer. The eastbound side I think. I think they did these outside last summer and they're doing the westbound side. This summer calm but the bottom line is. It's worth it has to be done and people thought it was going to be. A disaster last year actually. Archives people that mean that it would never get done the timeframe that was sort of period and actually been listed there too early plow and but there are good are nearer it because it's amazing. Well that's vague it's amazing that the entered the ability just walk through the mass. But it hugely and although there are a 100% but the but it this is stuff that we have to do I mean it's. It's part of fixing things that. Who's maintenance has been deferred for a long time and and it's. And and the best time to do something like that is during that sort of so called dog days of summer when people around where it is not as many people are around and and and it's our hope and anticipation that people can schedule around it they well. And if they can't we fully expect no less than numbered days it supposed to know more and by the way if your adjusted and so how this works and all the rest the DOT's website does a pretty good job. Using visuals and and graphics and all the rest I'm and in some cases even some. Some motion based graphics this area of the project that actually happens. All right this is Robert on the Framingham forward studio line with the governor Robert welcomed to breakfast and baker. Good morning rather. A question from the governor there with them over there I think we've got baited or it would be a martyr or home equity yup me and oppression and kill them directly Massachusetts recently and contractors. In the judge says the governor about hundred and another judge ordered the 5000. And on the street. Some interest offer besides murder. We need to talk about the so we of 125. Down on the cape. Responsible for. The death of the government officer one went. What one point five deaths how many prior. Oh well if it does it in this case it happens in our state. Com are you concerned. Bouts the State's court system and do we need to review of that with regard to these judges it's judge patent in the case of this. This guy is still on the loose in Maine. Are you concerned about these judges in the leniency. That is given in our state to violent. Every story that involves. Want horsemen officer. Is an opportunity. Is a tragedy. And then an opportunity to learn and giving example the there's an office in name renter Tina who it was an armored police officer. He Malia over routine traffic that work to do is when noted Arab on the window and shot and killed them. That guy was eventually Tobler state police shoot them there too later. But he had three outstanding misdemeanors. And the big question was why was this guy even on the street. One of those misdemeanors was for an assault on a police officer in Netherlands and it was a domestic violence issue and and so we. Took took that information and change the law. With respect to solve that area police officer. There to make more more serious. It compliments the going to be of misdemeanor but to make literally assaults on police officers felonies now that have been a felony. Tarantino would have been. Zambrano guy's arm wouldn't have been on the street you would have been behind bars because it would have pulled a minimum of felony. And I signed legislation and a couple of weeks ago that made that a felony which we've been working on now for two years and I think one of the things. That needs to happen as a result of the incident. Involving sergeant Gannon is a review of what was in this. Got a lot of stuff on his record and and he did career crew are needed for five years and and Max maximum security prison. And was he was out of jail he wrote a patient who is an appropriate use out of probation. Effort stabbing some. You know if I think. I don't know I could be wrong it's rare but. My recollection is that he. I don't remember you got I already got the four to five years four he served the fortified views on on a probation period it was similar fortified. And and there were a series of charges. Were dismissed by two different reasons. One of them which was a strangulation issue with a woman was dismissed because she refused to testify. I don't remember the other details but the point here is. We believe and we are doing and others as well take a little cute sort of track record on what happened with that guy. And if there are things we need change and a lot of it we need to change in law. And they're issues that the judiciary should learn from this issue in those two. In the case of the guys have been this terrible issue and a domain. Com. I think there was a story with some of the morning of the third wife. And and they basically said it. Part of the reason he. Has been reduced is does he didn't have a violent. Incidents come on his record although the issue associated as you pointed out Greg with why he was in court in the first place was in charge now. The these things these are awful and and it should be. It should be on the minds of every judge every prosecutor everybody who's involved in this process. When you're dealing with people. Com. Who are in front of view you need to take into consideration every single aspect of the of the case as you know and the law as it is of. But he's prosecuted you know in my opinion these prosecutors going in and in the case of this this this guy who who killed the officer in Maine. They go win in the looking for 101000 dollars bail. The low blood that. My guess is that it's a very. Liberal judge who is reducing that 7500 dollars and then it gets reduced the 5000 dollars. And it they're not listening to what the prosecutors want they are they look at these criminals as victims. And I think. In my opinion the state needs to have some Connery movie ever a review and hold these judges accountable I mean. You know which I guess you're somewhat sane. No I've looked very I think first of all you need to figure out it was judicial decision aero issue of law in the case of Tarantino it was an issue of law it which you check which we wish it was huge. And that I think you got to start there. The the other thing I would say and I think I sort of The Herald as well. Knowing him knowing Astrid dangerousness hearing from the scare. I don't know line but nobody asked for dangerous and clearly ago is dangerous. Alright well. Eat you you are just going to be a question and we're gonna do the you know look back which is no which is very cold comfort for anybody who's involved in this though. I'm bewildered who we're gonna do impeccable. Are you. When you look at judge asked this. Boot. Is theoretically. Could be referred to you by the supreme judicial court. His the judge who an affair with the underlying. Is that somebody that if that came. In front of you that you believe he should be dismissed. If the SEC says in case those. Impressive series. His affair got sent to a judicial conduct committee that conduct committee kicked it to wrote a report and kicked it out. As issues in his record further review. If if the FTC sense that those. Ayman recommends what they recommend this I am. We believe he should be the parents and violent. Due to do that governor baker is here it's breakfast with the acre. This is obviously reminded the guys judge Larry it's not about such as eat into that area affair in the in the courthouse in accordance go to somebody who worked for him yeah I mean. And he's a judge yeah and and in many cases are a lot of cases I think she did a lot of work on substance abuse com. Her recommendations. To the court matter with respect sentences than others and the whole thing is just. An appropriate. Yeah. Where you stand on the Wynn casino. The do you think depth. Related to be built and related to open and but. Again and by the way I don't Apolo latitude here because the legislation basically with the gaming commission in charge of this which I completely understand it wanted to have the process associated casinos. And their oversight separated from the elected officials. Com. By. But I said for awhile now the gaming commission needs to do the work. Associate with a investigating the suitability question which is big right into the statute. And remember there are other people who got denied an opportunity to bid on the Boston's right. Beckham early in the process because they didn't meet the suitability standards so it's a legitimate issue and I think the commission and other commissions have people on the ground in Vegas soon researcher and who knew what when and so yeah it would. The Wynn casino I certainly think the fact it's the win. Resigned as chairman of the board soldiers. Is equity position in win com. Takes a big pieces of I think most people's concerns out of this thing I worry about the most 2000 people working on the project and you guys. 5000. Who'll ultimately weren't there when it's completed and as John it's important that whole thing effects yet. A question that it listener head and message be about a couple of weeks ago asking if I would ask the governor about this are you familiar governor with the and legislation that's been passed with regard to the backlog of rape kits in the state now waiting for your signature deeply annoying candidates I get sent out an awesome that's great so. For people who don't know this very big backlog in mass. Of rape kits that haven't tested for various reasons people don't want to press charges of setter out. So the goal of that was to get those tested so that we can't DNA evidence in the case of serial rapists and whatnot so that's great. Thank you get there am I mean that thing people should know about the chances it's not just people who didn't wanna go to trial it's also cases where the where the kids though never became important for purposes of actually rendering it around Asia on the case I mean there's a whole bunch a reasons for this and most of those. Most of those recruits are believers story either local police departments or the DA's office and and and we have. I think we have. Think we have a year no one knows how many there are so the what the legislation did was basically gives us about a year. Two. To work them through the process them to catalog Eminem have that information available for future reference to. In the event that that information becomes relevant as a match to something else that is as Daniels of this. And a lot of people say to me you mean we don't use this information today when we. Investigate prosecute and hopefully convict people who are. Who are guilty of committing these cards here is no we do bode well we don't do is that the information itself does not. Germane or relevant to a case. We're not. Doing the test re airing it out and then bank and its so that at some point down the road woman doing matches. It would be available to us and the other thing remember about mrs. Am. Sometimes there's only enough evidence salute you tested. You destroyed and in that particular case you've got to go to court and get a judge to say that we are willing to trade knowing what that information would. Provide a swift in exchange for recognizing that once we do it on we've lost right. Here's the text of this Dexter wants me ask you about this I don't know if you've been listening to show or not but there's a listener. A hostile Mike whose job yes yes he's hurt us and I like a obviously challenged they'll be a fight limited unused and lobbyists yeah yeah we came out and actually I came up news on the lobby waiting. On it was to generate a weapon yeah Q grandma but it was suggested there's gonna want. And now I don't care and on and come back and I'm it was suggested. That this could be settled with the dual. On the common which is technically allowed in in our lives here in the com while I believe it have to be approved and overseen by yield would you open prove. An official tool. On the conflict and unaccounted between Albanian. And Mike you know. Edmonton that we have we have a lot of time before I commend the show. Talking among ourselves are the things that Greg in the and and then we usually long this. We worked our way through with this idea. This I don't ever vigilant. Glad to do I have to get a permit to put the brick the Bugs Bunny brick in the white glove when I swapped from the start a dual so you you have an approved any duels yet and probably has ordered us Hackett I probably won't be on the right. Texts are also wanna meet askew. Mike's comment about he doesn't like nobody's got an issue happening. Is that he's had I didn't say Arafat called my wife now and he didn't meet a group and I swear where yes. Com a Texan economy. Earlier. Askew follow up on the 100000 dollar MBTA board bathroom have you done some investigating on that yeah and it was them. That they should vetted out separately it was done as part of a larger project and and and and generally speaking you know most the people we talked to said that if you put. Plumbing and a place where it doesn't exist inside me and existing buildings specially in home building. Whose boat the seventies and have to do the renovation work associated with that it's going to be expensive now. The big issue I think is a process one more than the price which is that the pros should have been bid separately. Well great to have you again. Where we're up against clock wound down. I usually can't hear anything or upload the course Nigerian. It has zero cup winner she's got tackled domestic partners and other avenue homered as the minister of news dual. You even figure out that this is late for me it was a deadlock that is permitted in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts if the governor is there to supervise. And it proves that you can still have a Abdul. And I can't wait to call might be legal counsel. Like a really important issue and yeah. I'd like to approve down what I guarantee is written on parchment. Yeah. Hasn't. I think you should go not even in the electronic version of the general was America they'll think you're off years completely off your rocker if you go back and say that commutes and research I'd like to improve the dual economy. Again completely not all one final question I I don't get delivered some hard balls today Olympic it was all soft balls today would you people well it's time. Have been in that and they've been in that and hardball on Monday deliver ones like. It's great up. Too easily and I don't know involved in in and razor and six million bucks. As humble fifteenth when he over the course of the past few years Tom Brady there whose hair is literally like sitting next mean. The sitting at this and I I would. Greatness. That being invisible. Could have been in my underwear no only cared did you notice how exciting west seem. Yes I did yesterday that that is definitely gets his day by. The highlight of my best these day like I'm supple question. It's back at the legislature. The naming. Road runner as the official rocks on the outcome while remind me where you stand on that I look they're. Their budget songs could be the official's account walk and that would absolute problem was it Leo thank Adam I think jima Japan. And. Mentioned Massachusetts. The and how critical player in the easiest because they met other Australians should be exposed they're not even America and so you don't want to be brought honor and tribute to Massachusetts alliance that. This is that is absolutely right if you think about. I am the lyrics and the frame this invigorate it's now time. So if the legislature decided that's who won the only time I tell me every ceremony on the comment until. Several techsters want your theme song for the segment to be bleaker street but your upper grades on it as great idea the grits aren't like that next month occurred article or governor baker. The it's that's breakfast. We have the baker here and it blow yeah go Bruins.