Boston Sports 101 - Top 20 Guys Movies

Wednesday, July 12th

Uncle Buck, Jerry Thornton, Matty Blake, Fitzy, and George Kipp finally unveil their top 20 guy movies. Will your top movie make the list?


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In fact once again. Out Boston sports 101 BS went one for short by rehearsal the buck right here at the WEEI podcast tenant headquarters. On the cross street. Of WA AF so of course we're wrapping up a project it has been months in the making. For all finalist here in the 100 greatest guy Louise gentleman's. When the top Tony. So let me introduce our crew real quick we have by Jerry torn. My name is illegal Montoya you killed my father prepare to die my name is in a moment tell you democratic repaired and I thought sang that. On nick Stephens. Take this under advisement jerk we'd. Was that you're enjoy your cinemas and you all path. Com metabolic. Ahmad do it. Give me the it's. Good now come. Thank you are aware of when they're ready or milk. He'll be here halfway through the pot and as these concerns are especially in Miami and Georgia GAAP. If you want this redemption it happen and go to Shawshank again this redemption. I. I guess there I don't know what I heard I don't feel I finally wait weeks to hear George's introductions. I mean. So that was I don't largely right it was it was that the that the. I thought that adds to his elegant Ivory Coast from I don't know everything is. Done. The most Kauffman re earning a rendition of whatever that line is. I can say is he a lot today no I. Well. Fairness I think that was AM one of the ones that didn't make it but it was part of the trail this out. On. To Germany Jordan got to be doing his one man show lives cut from trailers at the brattle theatre next month. We we are going to wrap up the top twenty ad guy movies. In history. Based on our opinions we we've we've already done eighty movies so far. And you can. Go back and listen to him in the archives we've broken down a four separate episodes that he deserves under or five. And we are following the sub with they broke mission episode which we're gonna talk about. Some of the things we learn about each other in about the things we learned about what movies belong in a list and that was shocking ones of them met did not make it. Yeah and we apologize to everybody for the weights. And getting out episodes between forty to twenty now on 221 because we are denies it around there or yet gathers up and then. And then babies in life happens and Malia. Take almost a month off however you say it's not clear by the way how. Have no business happening not presently have but not babies not life. It's a good thing you're cute because stay here to replace us for a small and second while. If they look like lobsters would just be Boylan a mini themselves just like Herm Edwards always said and not gonna happen happened that night. And babies is big in the day why podcast about it. I let's let's go cloud quickly turned 4221 million. On our last episode like we've done when last week jewel in the PS 101 bullies. They counted down from forty to twenty bullets very nice about forty was Happy Gilmore Iraqi war was 39 anchorman 38. Blazing saddles committed 37 Lord of the Rings we over The Fellowship of the Ring at 36. Notably some folks and actually I have some friends and tune in just because Jerry's impassioned. Plus he's never seen a series before and incited a watcher. They still I'm forgive me thank god this is there illegal immigrants I have I think ornaments my nerd buyers say before Rambo first blood part two. 33 was Monty Python and the holy Grail 32 Major League followed by gold finger at 31. They Cason and this is the original which every Jason John Candy was thirty. Commando it's 49. Blues Brothers was when he Dark Knight 27 back to school when he six. Office space round and 125. Fight club was here 44 hoosiers 43 airplanes when you do. And Tony when was the dirty dozen now gentlemen let's jump into the top. Twenty. Number class. And. Police teams. It's army ordered it. 870. Is give us John Miller's dvds give us John Candy in the nineties gave us Chris Farley. And no one has picked up the funny fat guy torched since early tragically left us thank. Not so fast Horatio sands. That Gallup and that is Sierra. Probably David Spade where the grunge version of Liberal Party. Fantastic chemistry probably as the lovable loser spade as his personal insult comic. And like many of our top 100 this is a buddy road trip comedy. It's rare comedy from the ninety's that still holds up in the collar timeless and an eagle on them and call timeless. It's quotable. A lot of people go to college for seven years. It's a net my brother and his wedding medical doctors as things they're product and we ought to paint chips when you were a kid. John Hancock. It's Kirby and he. And pat guy and a little coat might be my favorite comedy bit of all time. Rob Lowe is great and I've always loved to an accurate as Rasul and ski. Went a little heavy there in the mind troop country perfumed Eric did it pinpointed at step two was washing dot. When it movies that made all five heartless. A lot to see what parlay could've done with some experience a little more time. There are moments Tommy Boy that are absolutely heartbreaking where he just doesn't speak. This funeral looking at a spot as grave as expression is just so distressing. No words just the guy who suddenly alone probably could've done some really great drama. Kids don't do cocaine. And Ali I Shimon. I would also is it on to cocaine that you honor hook is still can't speed balls and I would. Bo Derek. And no that's for me stuff that's airline and anywhere you are it is very popular spot assembled even though Brian Dennehy dies you know. Earlier in the first twenty minutes whenever it is. On there're so many terrific dads sons scenes that he had you can point to that chameleon and him talking to his father in the boat at the end. Use a little wind here I mean who hasn't done that only somebody today you know they lost them. And a lot of great comics are good at the pesos. You know we talked about John Candy cans of planes trains and automobiles and it just breaks your heart when you realized that his big reveal. And Hartley pulled that off because he just genuinely likable and if you watch the Chris Farley special day it was a Comedy Central clinical biography yeah I am Chris Farley I am. You're how much did Tommy Boy it was auto biographical. NL and dusty Ohio in mind like his relationship does add up some of the jet you know fat man a little goes a thing that he did to me David speed laugh in the back rooms at at SNL or whatever yeah absolutely. 390s comedy is just. All heart he had such great heart you know and a real quick in 2000 California. That was the spark ace to go to is there's Catholic Church right there. And I went I would go to mass. And I was talking the priest and I should do a lot of famous people his rights and goes oh Chris Farley east and goes right there almost every weeklies that you know he says he had this. Such heart to just showed knowledge movies you know. I forget who in the world I was talking to recently that they went to school with them and Norman college for a couple of years and everyone always said like they knew he was the guy he was the funniest one they all were preaching. Now maybe a little moderation or take it easy back then because they could see was gonna burn out but. Talk about the heart in the fact that he could have maybe shown great chops later on I mean Dallas buyers club with Chris Farley would have an amazing. I'm gonna pull the weight on it every now. But my two I love his ability to transition from the broad. The broadest of the broad stuff. Too just like the little subtleties and nuances is that the line reads like just the way they. Get it in the and they are zig you you have a hard JD shell. Already running backs up and knock the door up the car what would she do. Like just in his readings alone I think there may not have been a comedian who I loved. The line readings of more than Chris Farley and I remember sitting in a movie theater in New York on Saturday twenty some odd years ago seeing this movie in vacant. While I am I was just happy to be at the movies. And I'm gonna add this instantly to my favorite comedies of all time and I'm so glad everyone enjoyed it and I've never met someone. Who didn't either way wanna got a cal at auto parts and B didn't have time boy. No dale buys from you. Comment just sold out but noon break time. The front and number nineteen and number. Nineteen. I've talked about on the show ad nauseam. On Matty and nick are so WA AF sudden I'm sorry. But a junior high Matty Blake. Went to the movies. And was forever changed thank to you thanks to Daniel and mr. B I need to try to kids this movie is essential guide viewing. It's like a post modern rocky America's most modern further preteen teen set it's a martial arts rocky. I think it's. I know this is crazy I think it's a little underrated. Because I mean it's a household word everyone knows the movie but it's a little underrated in the craftsmanship of that film like because of again this happens all these movies to 345678. Versions take away from the power of one that first one. There's a scene out or defer to nick I always talk to about it the scene where the wax on wax off training the work he had am doing is paid off. And one shot of those two actors and he just slowly pushes in chill made it sound a final. Show me campaign defense. And don't talk talk talk mental blocks is blocking system again when boxes and awaits revealed. With that wants and then there's a pause and look at each other. It is all wants. And they bow always took time always a guy one of the great action sequences in movie history and character scenes that's a character study. That one shot and it was so minimalist and so good. This movie was like a fair desist movie for me as a teen I was in Massachusetts in the trees in the cold. And it's this summer California dream he got Alley. Non machine rang in night where this place exists that they can go to water slides and have mini golf I don't know how active and just let up. That win. It's well. So I just love this week I immediately started taking martial arts I made my mother bring me to federal aria and never stopped and I just it really did it change your life. Ironically not to get too personal but our agent are super agent Tony Burton represents rough macho so later in life I got to meet them. Which is really cool odd though K this movie is essential guide viewing 1111. Yeah and it's it's yeah absolutely it's derivative rocky but then this a much like. Altruism in there you know I mean he's not just teaches kids how to beat the snot out of other guys he's teach him the whole philosophy that aren't you yes you OK on this item merlot. You'll squashed like packed putt but whatever edit and he teaches his velocity you don't know where it's common and impressed I was it surprising to all of us why he's gonna do well this stuff right to teach you how to defend himself out there. Did his mother just chew. You know with that crap up just like trying to be nice I'll take you line your days at not beg rich yeah but hey Dan. Ivy derivative of rocky has the same director. It's basically all the same kind his movie and it's yet to del Conte wrote the score four or. You know it's it's Mickey with a bad accident and then. You know I'd also like it falls on the same beats N and the thing is it works it's literally the rocky story and I called occur rocky grownups who. And teenage right Tina it's teenage Jersey karate rocky and I have no problem would that have no problem whatsoever. Imminently quotable what it meant a body bag John everything on the cover kinda Marco Bismarck as Kris Danica yet about the dead the birth of zapped yeah. Not be overlooked. In the history instead and I hate to say it as much as we all love Ralph my geo. If I had to pick one as to who left the greater impression. It's Africa as Johnny Lawrence decades after it was genius and also by the way. If if you use if your first crash. It's your dream is like a ten or twelve year old knees us movie wasn't having a soft serve plan putt putt and then have an abroad about the mixed session at Elizabeth should get. Doubt you liar. Real real quick pat or pat marina known. Known as Arnold on happy days. Nominated for Academy Award for best supporting actor still cements it that's the equivalent of mr. building getting nominated for an Academy Award rate so that's an amazing performance that legitimize his career win. He remembered the thing that made I'm rocky such an original type of thing when it birth canal was the underdog story begins a win. It's not the whole thing where he wins again it's just survived. And the fact that they were able to make Karate Kid without with a happy anywhere he does win. It's also something that's somewhat obscure like I know that we just came to a good Bruce we seventies and everything else so Iran he's not a foreign. Content to be brought to teenagers and younger people go to a movie this was no member. Our first time watching it is kind of confusing at the end when he when he. He gets punched in the face and you like he just lost let me turns out it was said that you know illegal moments you don't know Italy announced that later in. So like we're we're taught the rules as Daniels and actually lead he's a better job like say a round leaders inched in getting sure that the person to come in India that life. And at least this year was so hot that sure looks like he's about 22 in Daniel's legs sixteens so scrawny arm and back but you know. Daniel Russa is gonna fight. You said that they're your friends out of order number eighteen once actually out how to do it. Eighteen and then. It's eighteen. I guess I'd like you to meet Mohammed dubbed it city in Clayton. I. Could actually get aren't saying that it can and you know aren't. Can't. They can as well immediacy to say that Harold rain misses the MVP of the got a movie 100. Rating ultimate slobs Burris not come to give you national animal house knew it. Whatever men. At this. This is definitely ultimate college guy movie tell parties food but it's great music oldest in the nights. All calls this the most quotable movie of the 100. Eric Stratton rush chairman and going to meet. That's wrong and stupid is no way to deny. Thank you sir and a half an hour. Do you mind if we dance when we don't know the technical and you are you an arm they see if you can guess what I am now and there is it to us. Talk par the hole all raise our game. I was in your shoes I'd be. Maybe what a great idea yes this is known to be iconic who she performances though but I've always wanted to be honor. This is. New and trying to ask him how could anyone be flounder off about it. What'd you know I don't Matheson. This was my athlete is made Britain project tees but to perfection by Tim Matheson in god bless seabirds. Kent Dorfman AK plan under such an iconic role I love ensemble comedies where every characters just as important as the next. An ensemble comedies don't get me about it and animal house. And it doesn't like now you said George I I tried to live. My college years like it was that movie like we're running this will be a good one nothing more than to get an of Terry get crazy drunk and turn off after four years or clothes or chartered. Oh yeah. Cuba's it was completely fervent. But blues she's changed that kinda idea of how Hollywood star QB he's not in much of the movie go out and he is by far the most memorable thing about the breakout is absolutely and it helps in the fact that they had written the day for for Akron. They wrote to Matt and character he said for Chevy Chase but he's allowed tennis feel that an in an image bush was too good actor on top of being brilliant comedian. On the let die union of Karen Allen their Donald Sutherland how hot. Some hot for you to our. Is shell might ask the yeah I had to take doubles I was Ascot scenario which by the way he chilled because Karen Allen was supposed to show her ass and we see he was really reluctant to it is just an ass yeah. I'll do it at eight through it and have but you could give me Karen Allen's spared me Donaldson of the Shanghai residents we were supposed to see Mary Anne's asked. Oh yeah we'll get a good that. Like almost clearly watch T shirt though or widow are and I that we brought this line finally the only reason it's an eighteen man who had a sort of in my top three. Is because of mixed editing and not vote I'm not a huge again let's be honest when I first watched it I've re watching again. It just didn't do for now listen I respect it and understand. The same way that maybe some of the western that people. See and say. OK I get it but it's not my cup a tea or some of the old war movies that your dad makes you sit down and watch on syndicated stationery and cable repeats. There aren't this lobbied. Raunchy comedies of the eighty's this is the four runner all those movies that I grew up on and that we chair so much is no bachelor party there's even no caddy shack. Without animal house I get it. But when I sit down it I can quote from it's fun I appreciate whatever else just a new formula I think a lot of support. Introduced which may be too so when you look familiar with the derivatives of it. But not in itself and this was the one that sent the temple but it's the slobs vs the snobs I mean. What what is revenge of the nerds but a sanitized. It in animal house when I went to the movies to see at my Brothers took me I was fourteen years old and I felt like freaking adults and Abby. I serviceable blues Brothers. I was watching and bunch of white guys that identified with being really into like. You know black music. I grew up with this thing and it Europe and older generation. It's spoke to you you work that was your life. You took the words I'm up I think I saw this movie too young. There's a darkness to this movie. You know where he gets beat up. And the whole sexual thing with Donald silencing messing with cheating and and he goes to see engine with a professor like I was young kid my Brothers as we about a way what kid didn't have John Belushi with the were college and his dorm rental and I won candidates and it's not a wellspring in the underage girl home and shot. Hi yes I always like. 14 it's probably why am so (%expletive) up sexually out not a I don't know it. It was too young and I've never been able to shake that little bit darkness off of it for me it's it's it's different than other movies for me I love it like nick but I might be a little bit ambivalent like nick on. And underage girl home and shop and cardinal whole outlook change I don't I'll I'll I'll read watch and I'll reconsider now that hopefully I can watch it through. The you know contextual prism like go in I'm not trying to live this life now now I need to watch it knowing that this is the one. The set up all those movies opposed to like I'm sixteen wait a second. This isn't as funny as nerds blues Brothers are caddie shack excited they want you literally mean the biggest laugh was when they show on the slides of the pledges. And the Atlanta like half asleep and they shield and a lot hurting us. I wrote up the street doses to dump these left that it might bring could relate to. Like I didn't go look in the sixties so the rest of it was just kind of a feel for me still a great comedy and belongs on this ladies did. Kind of introduce us kind of like in that in the way Monty Python it was its own series of films to the brilliance of Harvard lampoon national improve right. I mean a sophomore dies in Q explosion to respond to build a part of me AME illegal acts upon story there Hillary and this is like party candidate Terry did it in college he figured out somebody who died gone to a girls school in the Kennedy was a boyfriend so has mentioned those other movies Ben wilder doesn't happen. For a Placido Domingo Garcia down I don't know so no need to Arlington but did you know all allies and then I'll be into that being wild and and she's got an eight Korean link it's here now all of now. This ditch and then I don't Elmer Bernstein said score which is the first and it took a serious score completed over ridiculous coming up. And what was the they that quote un L Emil favors. That's your knowledge is good that's yeah I never seventeen. These movies only Shan un team. San. Off. Does any movie theme. Give you those futuristic. Spine. Tingles does anything set has seen more. Then the music from. A movie debt I'll say not only has influenced. Launch a career but maybe they the most iconic action movie career. Conan did technically. But Schwarzenegger was a star and landed as the biggest star in the world. In a movie that influence scifi. Action and change the game in Hollywood forever. The terminator I remember seeing this movie. On a Sunday night at the dead a movie theaters and my dad in 1980 November 1984. And I disliked Agassi that night news for senator I was I was like hey listen medallist Cigna move outside that must mean mom that are here at a time and need to get outs are sure Argo. Panic pats loss that Sunday anyway so what Al. And just watching and thinking like wow this movie is intense it's kind of scary. Me it's riveting it's brilliant. Can't take your eyes off that first second and it sets up they sure there were movies before they give us the idea what that sort of like nightmares to stow paean. Future was. But the terminator I'll my soda thank you. The the terminator was the best of all that to an again James Cameron had made movies before and been James Cameron landed established himself. As probably the preeminent scifi an action movie director in Hollywood would this movie to just think about how great everyone who the hell was Linda Hamilton. Did you ever heard of Michael being before news this is where we all first saw Bill Paxton as well. The movie is. And rarely do you get to mixing genres the way that this movie did. And do it so effectively as well and I'll I have long been teaches there and I'd like to pretend the rest of them didn't. At that point but. Because you know we didn't we did not include some sequels in on the list and whatever. But the terminator is a must watch for every guy can you need to see term you need to see Schwarzenegger is first and performance it's still holds up and you said animal house. Your hot tape was that animal house was the most quotable. Movie on the list I'll say probably. The greatest quote on this list comes from the terminator. Only on the back no actually it's just earlier un can Saro this way the yeah. Maverick who now isn't it yeah recess but hey hey hey secondly I need a lot of it is that. I'm locked in his neighbor's house and I was I was I was at I use our economy that's only monitors. Do it it's such a freaking great movie and it showed it to you just talk about how Belushi wasn't an animal house that much. He's not liked to have eight lines in this movie ten lines tops. And yet still. It's that looming presently have electors screen time and sounds a land is only like eleven minutes. But when somebody can have that much impact and affect the environment throughout the course the whole movie always Levy's thinking about a long after the end credits finish. She's awesome. You watched it in recently was on I don't know what was on the does matter and and something I noticed that I never noticed before. What was the ingenious about the way that they're acting performances are a little stale. In terms not Schwarzenegger and Hamilton and about what's his face hi Michael being cannot soldier. But what was really brilliant. Was I didn't notices is that she is kind of groomed to be in a very intelligent way. Now on to become who she became later so the real touches she's this clueless. You know it's yes it dips and then there's little moments you see that he sprinkles out very in you know and of Smart way of like oh. I can see how she became this leader you know I can see how she became this toward a force in these little ways like she tends to his wound and on the and it just brilliant to any kind of lay it out there for it. Smart casting of Schwarzenegger is so brilliantly egregious actual data was made for him like. He'd make police part of this using Cohen and he was terrible so what do you do that terrible actor who's wouldn't sell. You turn a liberal a killer robot and you give them a vote he lines and then that he was perfect as like this would you you'd do with him and even. Has comic relief like when he's preparing himself on the hotel on the absurd that room service committee comes by it plug your so it's. It's a separate and not to be lost to like anyone out there who may or may not be thinking this whatever. I'll go ahead and say it. Yes this is a must guy movie but at the same time. Nobody writes the better parts for women. Then James Cameron do all the strong all the strongest thing about it Sarah Connor Ernie and that's Ripley in aliens and then. I'd jacket off my furniture you should drown in Titanic. And I. And this has planned to leave an Abbot time and it was people's journey we've very. I avatar doesn't it. Yeah yeah I really have on the -- grant or interior right now he got liken her mom how but the fact that it was July 3 1990 moment supposed to be judgement day. And I remember what a couple of years ago and then back to feature day and was out I don't regret any would freaking out at us as we deadly day that a lot bigger deal and Marty coming back. On and then how about what are the idea that was kind of a confusing plot Reese comes back. In impregnated Sarah. I thought it will be got a need to figure like it's why I don't thing where he was really the bad guy and he bring it certain that ruins the whole thing. That's actually what happens in the fourth that new one Genesis that's right he had that well. I don't know I have doubt at all legs are trying to get also part after the second movie because the whole you know tropea we say. Only organic material could goal back in time which is why they don't just send a duke back to late 1956. In just obliterate the human race. Well then bike to the accident liquid metal back and led by three inches send any at all all right. Itself and I'm glad I don't like outcome I knew what it's like twenty people at a time right that's why it's going back to make it. Not just for that spectacular Schwarzenegger hash out which I thank them for the right way to way to go split ya but it as a standalone. Same with. T two in there it's fine the rest of them just forget that the Christian Bale thing ever happen and we'll all get better on. Actually the very end movie and the movie where he's just the Skelton. Is sports page is adamant because he's he's been did deteriorate to being this robot but at that point dosage good job making Sarah Connors and in recent characters of the utes totally invested. And even have like almost a cheesy stop motion animation we write as a really work real well it is especially looking back on an album stills are. So the rubble have the and TAT 800 and a Skelton Jason after getting depressed and then it's got that like great ending shot where she just drives off into the uncertain future. Pregnant like I love when they don't give you this the happy ending the you signed up for like. God forbid an action movie scifi movie makes you think. And again god bless all the scifi movies to where they build the effects and groundbreaking effects for the time around the story is opposed to like. Optimist gonna cut that proves the student stabbed while boldly and pilots who undoubtedly number could be reasoned with that doesn't show AD or fear or remorse I don't will not stop until he liked Ted. It's just. Trying but it's taken him last side by super special effect was born in numbers sixteen and sixteen. Let's say I we really don't need to spend much time on this I mean it's number one on my movie lists all time guy movies all movies period. First movie I saw my first memory is a human human. I mean it's the greatest movie ever is it your favorite movie ever it's my favorite movie vault Star Wars. Ams or call Star Wars enough of the stomach and I don't stop marriage and our not empire it's not Jen and I. Matty has this cross to bear about my love for Star Wars and I'm not a cause player there's no rebel alliance tech to. And I can see yeah. Okay transcendent as well I don't know our bodies any deficit that and that the opposite but at the president's and did big the FB empires little symbol of the trams bonus program got that would be so hot. I mean. Vader the force by it's neighbors it's it's what. It's what you do it's what your kids grow up to play it's I mean my kids have done now it took about ten seconds. It's based on samurai culture you know why the whole thing like dead. Only once you've bothered take five seconds step away from like one out detonators really bad is dedicated is awesome like he's wearing a samurai helmet. Yeah I mean you can see where everything came from. And the dialogue. Is super cheesy and also ultimately iconic at the same time it's still fun to watch. Why I'm such a nerd like listening to in the car sometimes whatever the time. Does that matter I don't I don't care come August contract and a journal is an act it's the greatest scorer ever period. I mean and and that it's and now is that the it's a race wherever. From the guy who has the other top four like. He's on the medal stand and he's the 2 eastern European countries shaking in anger exists in how we should have been on the metal stands to Alter its course he's got all the greats who have just ahead. I I. It's time to listen to the John Williams pandora station when Imus vigilant with. Yeah my lovely wife because she's big into classical music you ever I am falcon Bluetooth speaker guys thanks I know. Craft beer and Richard might have thought it's like Jerry's got up figured out everything is nobody has dominated. His field. In our lifetimes doing John Williams has dominated writing music MS is one part of this we let me just out looking establishing shot. They have the scroll where it's a boat. Good guys bad guys visit of rebels there is an empire you don't nothing else about it there's this spaceship. Being chased by this massive spaceship. Suck it up with a you know a bit with the attractive beam. And then this dark sinister guy comes through an explosion you know nothing also culpable we ultimately felt for you in the span of about two minutes. And it just gets better from there. A universal idea based on themes that are as old as fiction itself. You know Joseph Campbell's the mail of a thousand faces with the inspiration for. And I knew when I met my now wife she owned the box set on DV ID HS and I just said. And that's marrying McNabb. I don't want to be like he would meet me and because we both. Otherwise what does that Amazon it's the ultimate heroes to not to open your talent who gets a veteran who also gets a better redemption and console to. Right it's fantasy eat you had your favorite should Tonya at blue hued should we limit the you know when your kid growing up. You you have those good guys tend to look up to it's it's it's the greatest thing you have the princess you had the wizard you have yeah Alec Guinness is Obi wan who is you have the pirate. It was all those classic tales. You know brought to into the future was fantastic well I was gonna be so bad power rankings here and production of as well. In the studio but they're gonna lose their shirt. Says it was going to be a disaster who the hell are all these people in the way yeah but it's also the debut of mass merchandising movies too like it's it's it's it literally changed everything as far as. Blockbuster news and don't shout out to the Thai fighter pilot who veto public picked at the last minute. Who actually. Destroy the empire violates an an out of control and what watched the final scene again he doesn't get hit the about what if he doesn't know why. Don't. I have a bit since beta of Korean and often as space good good choice him. Nothing I forget who is our duty to nominee and Academy Award. For. I'm Orlando doesn't blow. And that's got some people. Appreciate. It should come people appreciate. The thought the a two semester will be acting is completely are horrible. It doesn't hold out. The sequins or worse. Seems to enhance all principally other dialogue stilted and it's just awful but. Some people don't like The Beatles. But appreciate their place in musical importance there is no pop music about The Beatles in the first ban all that's opulent Star Wars I get it I understand why it's important. It just never hit me like it hit a young nick Stevens. Well I would kill Kim with the and I get a parent I find your lack of faith that he's seen it this they got this right to our. And release him policy. Technological terror you trees are. And you bill I'll do heavy top created afternoon drive time we show it's insignificant it would again so I was Star Wars. No I'm through legal matter it is. It is decent re watching Noah now Blu-ray even with a horrible add additions that Lucas and may because you notice there's no brought in space. In fact more land runs a write down what things are jiggling a complex and believes it leave it. Hey Matt we are on now don't. Data on out here is never 15 am and beaten. She's not to be Bill Simmons at the draft but finally it's to me if I think on a map. I would load. Don't movies I action movies sometimes in a rare event that you get. An action movie that's actually genius on so many levels so it's just defies genres. Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of my desert island movies like if you're asking you meet ten discs to tape and I'm gonna be stuck with not an entity myself but this. I'm bring in raiders. It worked just on so many levels it wasn't so I fly and it wasn't. You know what a western it was this shock that I was never exposed to this whole thing about Saturday morning serials that all sent a files. Grew up watching it. And they did a satire. Of film but a tribute to them. But what they davis' a whole iconic character in saintly. Complicated and fun action scenes chase scenes when it was starting right from the opening sequence it never let up. Then there's the Smart missed two in all the whole. The plot twists in the fact that. Yeah you got this does not see who. Lenses he had on a medallion and it hourly principle you find out that they have an impact of that medallion and until they got said Mattel it. It surprises in the air Harrison Ford is perfect. And we talked about Greek female leads. Karen Allen rocked the she she was so which you would drink you under the table and punch you in the face but she was hot and vulnerable. I was so happy when I Phillip my kids old enough to expose this warmth. And I showed it on any freedom of that it went as Indiana Jones Halloween that that year I could love this movie more. Ought without a doubt and you're right with Karen around the old drinking in table thinks he's. He's been the best brand and yet I do our best friend great and I mean just so perfect. Didn't mind if the tea. On I actually I met her once and he hears is sweet in person as he's in the movie. But in having seen her but two movies ago. He really you know set and a arms you really turned remember this now I thought it was in saying that I think Harrison Ford got two of the top ten hero. Towards yeah if by a list number ten was console would be outs loose got a harder and then he gets one for Indiana Jones but I mean isn't Indiana Jones. I ask them. Did in the movie is. We Dicker on sometimes tough right now at it's one of those ultimate liked. But arguments a conversation guys like to have what's the perfect movies are what would you say it would is the close and I still think raiders is as close. Star Wars is my favorite movie but I think raiders is as close to a perfect movie. As you're gonna get the script is nearly flawless. It's a throwback but it was it was something old something new now. Now what about the idea announced that they are viewed as much Big Bang theory. But that the guys show it to their girlfriends with the huge thing for them they want them to like the science and they're not implement there are hundreds of merit but children's girlfriend that used to be blossom. Hello Amy Farrah or Fowler is she goes unless that's fantastic except for the one glaring plot hole and two this is like what he means goes well. Indiana Jones really do have to be there. It doesn't make any difference at any point the entire movie he's just kind of observing all the stuff that's happening. And mail's gonna go. I think when he's the only idol ballot take that ideally policy of the stuff happens and not gonna do the thing anyway you are blowing up like so you know. That becomes a dental and argue allowing doctors to how he was until now without the without me and call for his current. As if should short to see yet he's sort more passive than he is active in the Euro Lex and the outcome of the movie but another something this is so great about the the archaeologists archaeologist adventurer too and I'll point out one thing the sum that always stuck with me whenever I think about raiders to. The way the movie was originally build on the original movie poster. Talking about the whole idea of the Saturday morning Saturday morning serious it would in now the move the tag line for was the return of degraded venture. So basically this was Spielberg trying to make it with a modern eyes in Mao would moderates are telling for what. It's just perfect in the fact that all Odyssey by George Lucas we ask Dan rather play well this. That it didn't win best picture is a freaking tragedy. Right now also the snake scene one of the greatest that movie history and John Williams score. It can't asked again and my love like best ms. the other as a listener John Williams music what's his best theme of our. My first thought was breeders and she's had to go its towers at all like you know what I got to concede that but it's. It's not a runaway close and yet just twenty that Iran and the competition it will lessen your two ways you can commit. Sort of heinous act of violence against a person in a movie line is it's a Nazi who had. And you get that sling a mop up freaking cool again you have my unit right there at the pinhead front L. Plane propeller can chew out all right I had this on and that's a great element we did talk about just he is never say die attitude that he wasn't a superhero he wasn't tougher than anybody else he just refused to freaking give up and time and time again that soul. Cool as bats I was gonna say to and that's why you love back man nick and I Labatt manage psyche so human. He's so not a superhero right you know and like that fist fight that's me that's a scary you have this unbeatable Nazi uses this huge dude is gonna. Killer with a bare hands it's like he's one of us in he's one of us you know I mean it's like he's fallible he's human it's admit it's a much more exciting and scary. An actor would have played ball bull in the Mike Tyson's punch out movie for sure. It is accused the app and also know that but also the scene where he he has a huge swords swords and obviously got hundreds of early widget which is a great story about how. He do next he had diarrhea and he could not unified team needs of wooden is going to be shooting. Eddy does break a little public square there or nothing happens and he's turned to get back to the wherever he's just had a crowd cleared pundit and a so great are let's move on to number fourteen. Known there. Forward team. I know she's thinking. After six movies don't. Literally had to Clark's going to do what we've been to any tapes with all the excitement back. Lost track of being this is 44 Magnum of stuff and in the world could blow your head clean off. Asks a question to you feel lucky well do ya punk. Dirty Harry class and what can send a card shop. Started you know we talk about starting a genre eight became the bar with which to do parodies of cop dramas you know cop movies also do a lot of stuff that's going on at that time. Dirty Harry. We introduced to Harry Callahan who dilate to guys civil rights with her and he gets released any allowed to forget that plot point he it was because of Harriet that guy's release meant kidnaps Abbas thereby making everything he does affect it seems like it is. It kind of looked at those issues of what's too much justice where's our line is Americans you know Clint obviously fell on the conservative side of that like kill these scum bags there at about cutting is yet deal. But you know it doesn't. I think we got this one right. By putting dirty Harry on this list because like with rocky one which will talk on the next bro mission podcasts like we picked weird movie sometimes and not the kind of original one. You can't put on even though I think some of them were better moving on you can't put on another sudden impact or anything like that without putting on dirty Jeremy came and stole as. I was a vigilante cap numbers visually absolutely and also but let me just sort of throw this went out there in terms of the great influence it's a well made movie too I still think in terms of like pure entertainment value I think Magnum force is probably a little more and exciting movie. Get this they get there except for the sports history antidumping. While the enforcers also like it's like eighty minutes long and it's like and hi my aliens and that's okay it's not a bad movies or not. But. Does dirty Harry begin. Should we are like the individual action hero one man against all odds now this is much more human guy like. This basically does this all start with dirty area. Yeah oh yeah and there's notion is no death wish obviously there's no Schwarzenegger movies is no Norris movies at all starts were dirty air we give us your bad you've gone over the line I got hold troll. Yeah you know as it was during the time where it felt like. Society start to crumble course still souls still sort of feels that way but now it's a fact that the courts that protect criminals don't right or wrong and we you know it might get mental thing both civil liberties. But this was your reaction to that this guy. You know Callahan tunnel there repeat of that stuff that happened downtown you know and I see a bunch of tight cheese and along with intent to rape I shoot the best and that's my policy. You know Heidi you know it's a matter he's right around this is that what it would mean it was cold and hard on I don't know. And a bomb. In so you'd cheered them on because you're going right civil right people want these per stopped and scorpio. Was won the all time great great villain we sort of the death Hamachi meet them we increase did that whole troll. Well which has been repeated ad nauseam where. But cop. Is being controlled by this guy who's gonna do something terrible issue runs next pay phone. And I got to Qaeda they didn't die hard three. They detonated by the on the lethal weapons and each is being done. Repeatedly to act started in and my favorite line when scorpio pace get the crap out of him every delegate this to. Anybody can tell I didn't do that like easy looks to do it yeah yeah yeah this movie could have easily been named. The anti Miranda rights movie. It was like don't tie up our cops in these bad guys on the right as a reaction got to be like. In New York City a modern day equivalent to can we stop and frisk and then having a much are crimes happen as a lawmaker a movie about out rough and locals you know like being able to let the cops do their job type thing so I was like rock rock rock movie tie. The scene where east east stepping on his leg ligament yes Oakland coliseum we screaming in the great helicopter shots coming actress yes. He had to it just it is contestants totally re watchable to. Arms even the dean communal houses. He's dealer hours days he had good chief. On in you know that that was based somewhat around the eyes zodiac killer. Situation happen with him Cisco's Francisco's disintegrate. Location of that movie Tim I would want that number thirteen. Number third. Not I don't know how are you guys visit Los Angeles if you're out there a lot. There is a and cry of play houseware. They do a show in which they bring an audience member up. And now audience member is immediately thrust into the stage production. Of this classic movie and his role is and that of Johnny Utah. Or can ever use any idea is they just give him a piece of paper clip from his lines. And a's so where's a better performers think she's in general re exactly yes but they do for present point break at this at this theater. Quick break in might should probably number one. I mean it's gonna. Hopefully leave how big. I think wait a week. Ads are you talking to give us all you want I got you know it's funny it's very easy I don't know and all of our stove. I would really so. Johnny dice isn't maybe not the best guy to Amazon recovered the people. In the fifth I didn't it didn't believe it to be scouting immediately recognize that al-Qaeda. Don't you think Sports Illustrated article on glove former quarterback John you Don is now down where they now is you can't. He's an undercover FBI agent who. Most high profile that I really need a little island on these aren't your top. Now. And anybody. This special agent Tim Tebow you know another caught. Up. I don't blame that it did an infiltrate. His patriotism and I were some polls it is it is the best movie ever made above. Serve for bank robbers. And I did get caught a little treats filmed is stop them from Robin banks of finance their nefarious. Surfing schemer who giant a lot of airplay. No I don't know now all that but then add Patrick Swayze in the house race days swayze and does bode. Whose lives by his own rules he's gonna ride that one giant wave that comes around once every hundred years whenever. And also the girl in this movie was someone who Hollywood kept trying to force down. But our throat and they kept trying to tell us like she's that is sexy symbol Lori petty and it and do it to remain. He's here. Complete not a threat socialism only and there aren't that can completely out memorable to me right now IQ and a picture I can picture every lineup only it was like Perry braves season. I the issue be the real life version of whoever this character would be in the movie that she was not a great cast in the movie how dot com. Was it's athlete and that the Andy -- is yeah as the that that would take too much power that would make you know going to beat him up outside the shower. Arm there's just so much great serving I guess this is the part where you toll that. Locals rule in. I should just give that a year. I mean. I I I think for me was top five but I okay fine if you guys are not that there I mean it's a great movie I just don't like my movie and it's an Hobbs is funny I just prefer my films not be so realistic. I directed by the great Katherine. Bigelow of course shell that current lockout and at the time I think she's she was coming off. I think James Cameron. She was married to him and he was now with Linda Hamilton. And he based on that along so key route he was rumored to have directed. The actions he's like the BB unit aren't on this that's why like the chase scenes are so grade and that's why. It's got great style really goods. Gary Gary you're easy to business is genius and I'll get top. There's Disney boss out does it make this a shot downstream it degrades me Los Angeles unity you targeting to like that's one might it be to do the microphones we grain more Childs can happen the next election it's just so it's just but it's really like Kevin and I and if you pick my life like child. Cheers. Is it do you see as the entire respect from elders you know McGinley is that it he's such a dish rag has this surface but what makes it above all. It's the ham fisted Kia honorees reforms Johnny times against Patrick sway our greatest. Tumble at that performance a prize fight it really is it's like if Montalban adversity Shatner is I hate us and I find it. This in the ham fisted earthquake that term answer. Why with this should be nice if players break. George put brake is a means it suit to go Jerry is Saving Private Ryan finishing behind kick boxer. Great season for how to start a war has been. I start determining. Is that it's. Kind of reminds you ruined it all we are sorry we're. We'll be odd ball and I'm very well because this is gonna do is illustrate knicks point going on you and Tom Brady. Out. Because its story that may be apocryphal I submit to be true that when this is twelve. Yeah yeah yeah yeah winning when they go to dominate people for the NFL hall of fame a writer from the cover is that team gets up in. Creates the you know the discussion. And that woody page stood up one time he says gentlemen. My nominee is John Elway when he sat back down economic hit from LA got elected. Gentlemen at number twelve I nominee. But the father the public does not. Quite I can't put this list would like aren't with it okay. That's probably in the top three does it get that would work backwards from there. And yet we've got some old act in the Israel I don't need to say anything more than it. Gentlemen. That god it's actually not the blowback it's the fact that somebody in this group of five. Has not yet seen the movie I never watched all the way through. On sitting I feel habits I've seen the entirety of it but to sit on the front are you particularly enjoy good for still what is broke about a month and I have to watch it and is still with no and he continues to lift because every time he sits down to quote unquote. Watch it he pitched perfect seven or Chris Pratt and the motorcycle blustery afternoon game Carolina or any. One of those it's much. I watched dirty dozen the other day. Came out is our first time and it's fantastic yeah god this is one of those things that it just passed me by. It's just passed me by and I feel I'm two behind to get into it. I don't want to sit down and watch it. It happened last month when you're gearing up but you can't beat the Blu-ray last month at a party incident watch this now. If I get to address it again in my just like Star Wars I get the artistry I get it. Why it's important I just I haven't hey it's my little weird thing everything gets mob movies and be. As Greg Murphy Brinkley quoted auto waiter or Connie showed that they comedian Greg Murphy was quoting Family Guy here and Peter Gibbons has. It insists upon itself what happened. You know it got me. I said agents as a pundit al-Qaeda or that it's it it couldn't possibly live up to the hype if you've gotten to this stage of your adult put. And not watch it. Nevertheless shot by shot frame for frame it's a piece of art. The dialogue the acting the the on congress to pass it all that day of the though these celebrated actor in the whole thing. Is the guy who played for NATO. I am through complaint and is that was not Meryl Streep so yes yes exactly and at night I apologize Newsom a senior moment. He was in five movies and his like before he was tragically claimed by cancer. All five were nominated for Beck's best picture including two godfathers. Head of our Dog Day Afternoon. Yeah kinda hear their content deer hunter and conversation. The people he acted with which nominee for something like thirty the re John cousy John judges say where we know that it but between like you know that like 33. Best actors. Actor supporting actor and actors. He never got a nomination he's that glue guy who kind of holds it together and we could put number two on this last you know would've thought the one but the first one. Everything from the violence that's operatic too I can never be a christening. Without. When they say yeah you re fixated and l.'s works I do and that picture or did somebody like hot flat and somebody in the elevator. It's a family story it's about America it's it's amazing it's one of the great if not the greatest moment for me. I wonder if what bothers you Matty is sort of is what bothers me that's why that was never that big sopranos fan. And I've seen all these moves that I know I need to and their fantastic a synagogue father once got farther to twice I think and and I'll watch him again this like them it's not the Schindler's List resorts like side I know what happens it's amazing but I really don't wanna watch again. I wonder if if it's one of those things like the scar face where people sort of coop to the the motives in the attitude in the hall must feel so. Tone to it and they and they make it so obnoxious wears say they're all like you don't got the goal you know law. You know lead the gun did the kernel is what we saw me in the boy you know like I just did not as easy to appointed Hampshire some people feel about new England sports and I just back. I can only take so much of it. You know it's funny I mean not punting on the deed on the certainly. I saw you've got mail and it you've got mail they haven't had accidents happen. And got. Addict and just didn't have a section where Tom Hanks. Relies on the godfather for all of his. Op meant ideas Wiki Gil won't go on go to the Madison's yep exactly and it got so lucky these various. I don't know. It's yet though that it is. Safe to say it's the most quoted movie on this list in movie history. It is everything reason in all an offer he can't refuse. You don't. You'd be imaging group go to the mad never ask me about my business again K you know there's a good or a master class in acting to my favorite. Non verbal acting moment in movie history is went. Alpa chino sits down at Joseph louis' restaurant. And it's his job he's a war hero he was never gonna get into the family business but it's tasked him to shoot. Up so lots cell and a police captain. And very hot and in attack in Italian he's just listen in and his eyes a flicker back and forth and you did you see this guy before he'd heard the scenery chewing out which you know. You know weekly. Half. All at all. Seeing that scene is incredible yes it is I have some unbelievable so much conveyed by saying so yep and. Eight vote go to was 95 years old when that movie was made and he died late last year at the age of 96 I don't know how that positive happen. I think it was like younger than everybody in this room in an old guy in doing that debate. In a book org teams kind of and Robert Duvall and it. And randomly retired Brando I mean you know he put the cotton balls is now stroking the cat a mean distance of power and everything he does. And we in a week easily could have been godfather two on this list as well it because that is also 'cause we've we've really just wanted to kind of a spread the wealth as much as possible. It was AF by number three movie of all time and in my opinion and blunt stopped by George I wish you would please watch it but so what now to number eleven. Before Jerry brought to give this guy leaflets like the rock con there Armageddon pirates of the Caribbean. Armageddon. Armageddon. He said Armageddon pocket Obama gets them pretty average. And I'm determined pirates of the Caribbean. Are being cared how rarely and that is the Caribbean record in its. Oh really sees its browser sees peace Reese's Reese's pieces like Caribbean island it's the Caribbean city. Thank you aren't recent Madonna turner got to say give us a gift in that it was Michael ironsides saying. Goodman to you can't. You give us up on. Dark movies that. The US navy stated that due to this film's popularity there was a 500% increase in recruits wanting to answer their aviation program. 500% yeah. Don't get me started in 1986. New York Mets starting lineup degree sorry I'm in 1986. Words. Hollywood wolfman. Piper just recited Harland iceman Goosen maverick. It was very much a coming of age from eight. I was eleven when this came out herald fall to Meyer. It was the first time I saw people tongue kissing and it took my breath away. To. Now eleventh it was the first nominated movie with a good guy that everyone lights was killed in the devastated. I don't know if sorry accused. This film showed me what I want to be when I grew up. It was built it was nice man. You wonder if you're wondering are we reading this I'll. This history. It sure is able to speak so absolutely Annika passed with the other guy had his Jersey and at the bar gives up on spiky hair wearing sunglasses holding a buck on the rocks of hot on the Amazon he knew he was the ship he. This coolness. And this is live on significant breaks out there goes my sense is that gut punch who is now my wing man that. The Oscars advisement you have another action he went. Brilliant fighter pilot sequences it was revised hours that great music. Whenever I want them for basketball Kenny Watkins danger zone was playing in my head. A tremendous comedic performance client beat Edwards which made excuses get that much more upsetting he unexpected moment of you must have a feeling in the bar. And the greens are buzzing above time then you never. No matter how hard you can I try to recreate it. And altitudes over by the. Jerry say bizarre. The most home moronic movie on this list I don't know what about baby boy from the ban is coming out baby Crying Game is the lot of work. And all the rubble graphic yeah well it's just. Guys like a right each other's faces insists that's right Jerry you know I am and yes. It can't keep it use to. That's not what I think are worried about your friend groups. Won. It. How about just all of them at very all of them at their hands of us. All. So many breakthrough performances. Since so much sweaty fighter pilot muscle and the most implausible story ever. Most eighties movie I ever yell just everything to me soundtrack of black shielded rushing air zoom in the rationale I get a prize at this crashing thirty million dollar planes left and right no big deal on the tower not a bad day. Pattern is full. So that's yeah I know you do see is. I know this is vilified while cargo plane Robert dodged yet kind of dominate dives deeply into zone in this movie the reason why this happened would have been enough create an. I don't. We'll let you know my parents so I don't think history of the vote preacher and your creation is get their danger zone. I hope when maverick on top got maverick comes out toward in nineteen I hope they played danger zone. It's potter movie the head of login and it sold for example robots that it finally made by. The guy who. Did. Lead runner it and aliens brother. Think you have to expect Butler to raise. I realized it was not was no slot governing team action movies I mean it's the guys this isn't in the directed last boy scout all played in an anti science. It is so ridiculous it Kelly McGillis becomes. Okay. Well I have eleven MEL if you don't fight with four hits Tom Cruise who do that you'll want and I get our rear leading mentioned. She's did modeling school to become a Ph.D. in astrophysics and electric guys up. Maverick I didn't see this in front of the other men that they don't I don't want that and know that had followed the well. I'll let you know they just started the John. Prolific career away that only is he gets his butt but she shows are her lady bombs and witness. If you wanna call how much my current favorite all time out there and that is spectacular she had a brief shining moment are and then see them back and I. I'd. Have a chance to what you who machinists and as promised oops I did. I did I look at Obama's moves type in I quit on Tarantino's. Speech from a movie called sleep with me which is the only remember rule they memorable thing with a horrible week. In which he breaks down the entire lot of top gun has. As bad guy turned to fight going to the game away in it's it's hilarious the way he did it's complete everything deployed backed is one of video to show clips of the movie. To go along with the what he's explaining it to the end of the movie. You know you can be my wing man what do you can be not a good yeah right that's okay. I let's move on to number ten. Now. On third ten and scholars say this. Because maybe some guy stood down. Each. On. I want. And I. Didn't do. I bet you one site that the real man take it will bring a pretty awesome apology I'll show you real mess. Odd. So glad this is on the list rocky three the inevitable conclusion to the rocky movies that's right because right before never happened and certain Iraqi five never up in my reality. The logical conclusion for sly Stallone's rocky character when he envisioned it was. He fights that goes the distance. He then in two wins the title and there's no other way for him ago but to get cocky. Fat and as Mickey says civilize clouds and map that we don't know and I would argue it was like to present body fat and lose his eye of the tiger and lose the title and lose me key it is. Probably the greatest third movie they're pretty great third. Movies and franchises this thing is perfection one of my favorite scenes and action movie history. Is being monetized. Of Stallone doing magazine covers them. All and meanwhile he got clobbered Lang he's never basement apartment. I mean it is I remembered seeing the first time actually went. Same data sock predicated Acton mass and it was sold out Raikkonen was sold out my father worked his street hustle magician shipping got a sand public paid got when he boxed. By giving hands coming apart and I'm dead that's not the point. But we have him present Obama doesn't. And saw the movie and I was literally frightened by club relying Mr. T you know just iconic talk iconic breakthrough performance. Slightly taller than the five for enforcement you know it is amazing they look like giant gods and you see the movie. Adrian starts getting chippy in this she breaks out of the you know innocent little pet shop she fights him on the beach. Can't grant we've got kids have gotten. Really how duke it out just fighting back my bedroom. Which really terrible moment lead which seemed the secondary character and which had a lot of these sports really liquid. He's done that take punches to did he do what like out of that job. It's perhaps. Our goal is telling turtles bitch you look back. Don't know why they think nothing and then the. Brilliance of talk when a guy's movie than the message being you go back to your roots to find the fire with any goes back to LA. To not even users are Apollo those roots. And then find that fire inside him from his former opponent and then stepping inside the ring with the guy who custom Mickey. And made him lose his mode Joseph he lost his Austin Powers mode Joe's rocky mode joke and then facing him and only facing him but. It's bad it'll passionately doing nothing anyway I if you don't stand up. Or at least get chills during that seem restarts talking smack to club relying after everything needed to on that we can't be that it sold you know a little. Emma. But it was not. Also. Maybe NN MNM movie series. Just right. With some of the greatest montage as I'd say this one has the second greatest montage I mean. While the first death in the first is not rocky for the first one has to be the original rocky because without the first one right now on the street. Would bill Conte is gonna fly now we don't have montage so you always got to pay due respect and deference to the original. But this one of them running in slow motion on the beach without tiger and then. And then got to find out again and and that close ups on their just greasy giant muscular quads in such a relaxed and I'm so glad. And then right at the Rockies got. I don't know homeless and I'll. Let you know so it was a blessing you see that Iraqi puts his arm up a big long V yeah. I've got a new entity go into the fight it's just a big watercolor of two just throbbing punch penises together expressed. And muscle or eye of the tiger which until. That's my leg my number one favorite song. If I ever have to appeal was speeding ticket. Ice I promise of medical by the judge I'm just gonna say your honor here's my evidence and I'm just gonna play pilot tiger. I defy any man in this realm too not accelerate when they get this on it's it's impossible not to buy in with rock him and have been outside I'll take it. If if I have to go to jail over eye of the tiger and will it stands attest that type. It introduced Hulk Hogan took the world eat it up there a whole new era of wrestling because wrestle mania one was new hero Hulk Hogan. In his sidekick in the rain was missed opportunities to visit tag team yeah who I was able to deter it from. Greek movie villain into his lovable guy who tells kids to say the prison drink their milk at the end currently handling serial base. How much using deets about 200 to bounce weighing 200 until proud. It's already here that NASA ordered. Before he dies he gets a loan holders in the outcome and and then you can deputy director of the rocky statue would still stands until and I'll pass upgrade that is eight and a great. Ending like the yeah. It has sold perfectly they. Will we be talking about what's able. To make up and that is in the ring I lost but once at one ticket you look at those don't make my intelligence there. And then it ends in the a lot of subtlety and Carla Collins of Maine beatable. Someone did you wandering the bell Ding Ding you someone did a study I swear to god that it's on to search giant Google someone did a study about who won that fight. Based on clues. In rocky four. Date they backtrack. And they fight they figure out who won between Apollo on rocky in that don't miss it yeah I got to read it's fantastic and it's a Great Britain there's a link you to tune written just. Stallone is really like Stanley Kubrick and that he can tell entire message in the next it was Yankee it's hot what's LaMont now because we have we do need to pick up the pace a little bit north and number nine. None there now. If there's one movie on this list. That they had never OJ Simpson I'm glad it was us. It was a failed ladies are hardliners on number nine there was a failure. Eighties add TV series and I called police squad failed but it probably still television's funniest as a tool fighting only at this. Ranked sixth best episodes of TV ever. What is Y field because it was too good for a basket and it EA can only get a dvd relax in fact the entire naked gun two. Is all the jokes from the TV street then like I and I Deborah sequel to pick at TV series they're eligible veterans are noble. On the naked gun. From the files of police squad zucker Brothers. Do it again the team from that it's an airplane David Zucker actually directed this one. Arm but the idea. That you have Leslie Nielsen. Who waited so perfectly as the doctor in airplane comes back and now he's. Frank driven the the head of clarity that top detects that the police squad. Google is like who are over it is being celebrated for his 100 and 100 regular killed and I don't think that he's acceptance speech goes. Well to be truthful the last two right back to when my car fortunately it turned out to be done here that's. Edits to supply the mayor's look at it like. It's got dancing dirty Harry Reid goes you know. One incident like last year it depart at. Our guy while NIC five weird Rosen told his staff and a guy in front of minded people IG the basses that's my policy Dallas separate subscription or Julius Caesar and Alvaro you'll moron. You kill five actors. Yeah. George Kennedy as an art so. Presley back at Al Allen guy eagerly seized from the big missiles basically Aaron isn't out yet and I decided to hold banana club. Yeah. It's daily this slapstick comedy it's in his movies unparalleled in his probably not a better baseball scene an old movie history off. I am in this scene conceded the California angels. Where are literally will employ the guy gets picked it segues shortstop they're showing look at these great plays got to tip my car and gets mauled by tiger. And our problems that the guy goes out and that is it a pig is not a they get them is exactly why don't but it can't Mel Allen but I'll bump in the attack. That's gathered. And an argument that some attempts coming off. And we have got guys and how well that well itself when it comes out first he's dozens of is that regal plots of the Italian opera singers responses sigma nationally but it doesn't know the words all the bombs in they patent law. And the brilliantly amid generally good and I. There aren't vehicle. Yeah the government should these guys. Every fire official backbone I'm becoming Alex in mountain break dances that he'd just been so. Do you remember. It's very odd that. But then he can't he can't get to the seventh and he's actually prolong it by not calling strikes and not calling out all to the plate reserve argument on other umpires kicking dirt and don't and then frank pulls his gun would be seized. Somebody running in the gig at all yeah. They're brought out including the other partner. I want to grow lots. Currently one liners and go on to the death to a bingo cables out of Manila kind of so our man McCain is sort of like I'm the evidence that OK does that help. Evidence in the college isn't all he wanted to reach here last year and in them and drops. Because smashing everything in depth at that follows the career down the drain knowing there's about a mile frank frank that's my address my desk off of. He's Japanese fighting been embraced anything the water for any talk radical yeah that is consistent with a samurai fighting it. All the Herman's turn its real lines. Did BP didn't come out and say yeah. Yeah yeah. But lately but after as the umpire he Ito and he stops Reggie Jackson. And any jumps up and what does that that the big guy he was big and entered a tight. So that was this year and redouble our celebrity. And that's not a guy from views and eventually that's Francis of its finances plus they host and now that I am happy I am and I did the right as agony that the beginning to collect angels. Panel in frank that's. All orders and our commitment to inhibit news. You know you got to remember went went went to Zagreb and as he's welcome back to police club in practice goes. Let's accords are doing visual and I think that's only common sense. Went to Africa nobody other's voices get arrest the minute we're fundamentally did this announcement. Let's go grab lunch Clinton feels it's a little nuts but it's. This kind. But you know I am ignore birds like Oklahoma it was a Vincent bluntly. Hey Greta let's Lambert has a message. You know it's hot shooting. Pilots but the group has grown on to remember Ross I and number eight all day. Number number examiner had to check. At duke and legendary don't know I just it's a menacing than number eight or eight I think I'm not going out on a limb if I say. This is the highest rated. That movie on this list the greatest bad boy of all time and I say it would love. Because I get shy shaped by this movie all the time this is all the all time. Road house. So much about that I think it's safe to say it's the best movie ever. Upload a bouncer with a degree in philosophy and why you pain donors saves a small town. On the far he saves a small town from a madness I don't a lot of men like Brad Wesley. Who we have introduced through Baghdad is our witness. There's ways he's driving up the road might as a business and desirous got the ask god because you know hassles that whites it's of that gut. Andy's got jetBlue Michelle ago. Eddie actually we're gonna gross about Vizio Derek and make Jesus zero render everything those that his mind what are. It's so many great lines pain don't hurt. You know let's not call these terrorists come elect and now they are at our house that don't quite belong CN Eliot. Oh yeah tennis I don't block the pot the euros is don't need the white meant that Irish gender roles book that double deuce. His night he had a rule they sweep up the eyeballs at closing time it's sold them blind guitarist. Oh my god feel goods and me is don't. You've got to be a lot Tolle. I hear that line you know I detect Healy. Just peel and Alberto I think I don't like it that you guys irritated Terry funk they're at their desks the old Mikey and I as a muscle got snookered what I Bakken might her early career as a court ought to once you we had to go to training just learn how to defend yourself itself in my it was my career goal to get to teach the class one time completely and doll line up out product. The nice until it's time not to be excited what are some pick up I think I got a little girl or what. He she. If they agree to chancellor does. On how well they're the greatest stake out scene I've ever seen in movie history these two guys to sit there. Turned to see what's what's happening over the card mr. Bennett looking at a newspaper metallic looking around the newspaper in an age who are revealed that they are in a sitting in a monster truck. But yes yes yes. I am sad and just think I guess it monsters rock. Sounds clearly. People have a monster truck I mean. Mean you can blow up someone's business literally just got a huge explosion no FBI don't have snow now America's on its analysts like found some how much does this three fingers the wrote repelled I love my and I don't think this issue of any villain that's -- that's the greatest wrestlers finish mover and hired to kill the guy about to anybody besides he has the fun out of his arsenal just this one more time for the jerk. Final Boston as the yes. How would this though Kelly lynch. Has the unbelievable nude scene in sexy with Patrick Swayze. One of the great stories of all time Bill Murray and his Brothers the other three Murray Brothers. There a friend Mitch Glazer who co wrote armories 88 Christmas Carol ask Scrooge. Where all four Burton Murray Brothers for in the movie. Not they. He's married to Kelly lynch every time wrote outcomes on their seeing that they will pick up the phone and call him on some two reminding them Patrick Swayze currently buying I live life. And so what's great is that Bill Murray actually was it was over in Russia shooting something you're doing some of there in it was on TV it's a recalled Glaser from off. Did tell him about it and he's currently banging your way as buddies by gap so but that's roadhouse I mean that certainly could be higher it is probably the best that we all time. And it's including me watchable and return on dollars. Is great moment win. Just before it gets a fight with a guy with that. Terrible eighty sperm drive an ATP does little Emmett how is it goes and it comes out why is cracked and yet he's fine as I was just got blown to smithereens. Any stock watch how's burning he does the following. I'm not. I order 45 seconds. Definitely I love that guy you Wear the jeans shirt with the jeans up high and an advantage. Tuxedo cited her Atlantic title went to one and number seven on. Numbers so. And. It's sorry that's a few quiet might camouflaged. Up off. I opened the show that. OK I believe that this film on an action list of this list was action films. It's number one. I do I think it's the greatest action film ever made it is predator. Here's here's the deal name me a better action film it's. Special forces guys several you know the whole thing you want out of a movie like that. Trapped on an island with a man hunting aliens. No love interest. No (%expletive) no but sub plots there was little subplot Carl Weathers and CIA but that's. They don't get into that it is a pleasure argument this is kind of an error INN and everyone dies there's no happy endings here really except for Dutch. And it's. Just wall to wall action the special effects actually except for one single shot when he invisible. They hold up I just watched recently named operation of this the special effects hold up the revealed alien is one of the greatest reveals in special effects. History I think it could you don't see the only don't chino C a when he takes off that African mask. As that cooperation on one of the amount of luck. It is frightening this movie is a perfect action movie I love every character and I love the opening shot we're gonna have some fun and acted. It's a tobacco I wanted to be every single one of those commands that is the most is like Fred kid who has. Wanna be much oh complex like this movie is your fantasy you know he just wanna be these guys you wanna be these bad ass guys are going to any situation. And just kick ass what's (%expletive) in his prime physically. Great acting forms to buy him Carl Weathers awesome is that he'll. I just love everything about this film I I I think it's perfect I think it's a perfect action movie. It's the most macho movie on this list it I watch it over the weekend and I it's he ran around on that point that you know we got we're all watching and Arlington each other it is all just. Biceps triceps adults like atlas got the cut offs leaves there's a guy who plays Mac who's like you know. Bill does builder and reality is that well the white Hillary think she gave us an drive chatting with the F a with a with a little room. From commando. He plays the yeah results in another continent again raised go to Canada and rightly helped greatly either. Indian guy who just decides to throw was gonna wake as I'm not gonna be is yeah. Take us it's not the public. The lacrosse stick each. Swap across its chest and then later as his spine and skull pulled from the well I hope your enjoy it here on ceremonies departure because you're just kind of like a fish later on moving the country. He's keeping us as trophies Joyce an honest one at a time on and the moral line it mocked so many donned. Got a little chopper. That is. He says that shot by who sings I reveal to the scene I did just Joseph you to like come on give me a good battle that scene when alien huh. Hops passed them goes behind emulate. Oh that was so well bill that so blocked it was blocked so well and. In addition to like the only movie that has one of two movies that has to future of governors and like we mentioned before with that and the running man as well. It's it has the there's so much. Action movie royalty here as well because you've got the writer of lethal weapon who was on set for rewrites chain black he plays on. The guys in the crew he does the joke about the god was into the guy glasses yeah they're talking. And I think I could not have been trying to tell his in the united get a bit personal automatically put on an idea like Sargent rock Compaq. I had. Yep and the movie. Is directed by the guy who directed another movie coming up on the list that I believe is actually the greatest action movie said there is day. An action talk about somebody on and on a run. And music by Jerry Goldsmith who if you didn't get it serve to about John Williams in the Asian better open was done by. Jerry Goldsmith who did most of the Schwarzenegger movies to sell its. It builds up so well and the last hour there's barely any dialogue as members it's just man to man managed to hunt so also. As regular by the way out and I don't know are not not those diner a seller who. Many agreed to present ensemble comedy where every character's a bad ass so much fun to reports awesome. Some will come in our animals to be fair there Gerri you brought it up to faults I should always excited to like one or two faults of a movie that I say is it was perfect man of many genres like the kind of Wacey institutes. Their biceps. Had a car. Unnecessary and it had a bullet that means the donor currently sit movies yet they called delta would force the. But many aren't is that where they went to the a equipment department it would let the old armaments at the studio what are they called my department who get them weapons they had this thing. That this owed Jesse Ventura can handle this and the guys is not enough that it amounted to decide and a helicopter you know me I'm gonna hope that they said this and I. And I am it was one of those things whether we just showed our whole book is spinning yeah external Internet. After it cut a hole doubled to 80 point mad about how it stands up. Some want to those who was like as much as many years a separate these two moist it's not that big leap to take this movie to say Jurassic world. You know ideally it's just this whole thing and you just can't be seen congress here and it although they are current or its portrayal of split. Like that the effects and soul. Out of the realm and it Drew Brees but elite girls don't like that the costs and I was. Carl Weathers losing his arm in the arms following so soon again. On how but the fact is supposed to be the most elite ideally they're wearing helmets like bears they're also that it's universe as they get there shortly sleeveless. Shirts. But my favorite thing about it and I always think back to loosen the old Foxboro Stadium. It during the Parcells there they would play the clip of him with the torch to get the fans fired up on defense always. So everyone to stand by if and when you synagogue. Haven't I've not seen as he's like London's clip. You know an athlete Schwarzenegger was like governor California. I would have covered myself in clay got a forty yeah and economy and do it does put model will be yourself would not some theorize on who joined us six. Now and there. And it's been. Talks. I am I too many. Things are pretty tired rave parties since. It's certainly deserving of being this happened list. Talk about one of the greatest. Movies of all time. Don't think it yes whenever. It Mel Gibson's classic he directs it. It was nominated for all the Academy Awards I think he got a for direct arm to dig out of the picture he did did limited pictures just a guy that rare like action movies like actual violence as satisfying such a good drama. On its. Wildly inaccurate historically. Our liberties galore Albania and every time yeah William miles did not impregnated these pitcher out queen of England. With his evils problem with Scotland's. Most guts yeah how. A million times. Lines and long tanks and from the odd days Stephen the Irish and I love how they bring Stephen into basically as a plot point to show that the Irish have always had these issues do. They just say another teaming up with Scottish it's my island. I thought the almighty Sosa because that is able this time he's scandal in the Yeltsin. Our military tactics could well tell me what you think which the throw them out of window. After hours plus the money similarly Irish they must not yet gotten me. In arguably the greatest. Battle rally. I'll speak to all the long period the freedom speech is that the speech. That they have stated that we shall run. We still live. And you brought and you give them. Least reliable quoted an air dying many years and now in their beds give up. Just pets. The bacteria frogs are free it's it's excellent yeah. It took the princess who has like Ater only nine years old blue red but they they never came within a thousand miles of each other. So sure it's historians I is neither candidate the villain he's actually the beast we hear from the Scottish people and realized. William moss was complete lunatic he's not yet and people's eyeballs and necklace around his neck he intimidated and are not far from ownership and he. But it's just it's solo shot the score is fantastic with that the Irish since Gary that in your overtones of bag pipes and everything else. On the you know that the part where they just picked up. The when he moon the anguish and I plan map by apple on. It is really not a better probably lose its. It's a picture and braver and we're all. Excited to you have to you I'm just like get into the Hudson to offer the. The thing of the. Life on the lawn via. Always what dumb idea it was a time about how beautiful like the one cat thing it's Catherine McCormack at first was all eyes are cents on the vengeance spree in any ends up with Sophie Marceau was later in a bond movie like when no one today to hold mobile. If you are a little bit in my own filth and hated any part of me blue just to get a sniff of their chambers right now it's not a wild card. You know that's the part where her French handmade didn't mean it is talked into or a ball William Wallace and tone of the stories she's heard about him it's up. AG's likes bullying just want to simulate life wouldn't shouldn't want to help. A woman like act that way about yields about. But his knowledge gives it to take hope and then he informed his friends got together and. Huh huh and I don't. So he's in gluten free pancakes and he says that jokes and they parity thanks to drink double life isn't fall asleep in his mouth open in the zone and I want you all the he's gaining weight and smoked a cigar with his brother and for the joint written don't I don't I will ever experience but it's it's cool that. Rare sort of romantic way that you hear a lot of actual never take you freedom. Now that they won't you can hear free you do all those things because of William Wallace. Let's move on now we general were the top five are the hotter fire a top five alert OK and OK. I'm gonna have to punch out tick me off the clock as it would be unfair for me to get paid not in it but if I were would be unfair to be paid talking about dismal week. Not the best movie ever made but if you force me to pick one I would say this is my favorite movie ever made. In it is jaws and our own as a little kid when might rut it was the first. Summer movie not originally came from some about what we think this summer movies this would get this set the template. Meet going to the hero of the mall with my brother in these guys in my neighborhood scared to death of how horrifying this movie was supposed to be. Aligned around the parking lot which it never happened before. And sat there and for the first few minutes I was queasy I thought it was gonna get sick. And it's clarified his as it turns into a jointly and so this is he wrote the music it really is unsolvable this is a pirate movie. Like that it's an adventure it's these three guys. Thrown together opening comment but on this adventure and he did what great. Harvard does which is separates you from the rest of the world not just stock and you got to fight for survival. End of key point of all seen the makings of a way to replace it it's a great point about how Spielberg proved his genius because that stupid mechanical shark would mark. And so what you did it's that make it a monster movie. He turned it into his deep dark psychological thriller they get you to your bones. You know linked to the point where the water. Came terrifying in this movie if you went totally. Your free. UBS swimming pool leagues and we frankly no one does and I go to this too I'm climbing up the stairs of pool I'd go that extra bit quicker rough. I am feeling of nothing being I don't know what's behind me unity the water all around us. It's a great point about this VH one used to run a series the best stuff horror movie moments of all time kind of sumo we are doing a runner on Halloween. And it Rob Reiner talked about jaws as number one. And as I sought at the theater we all are on the way we stop had dinner. Amid amends Rome at a restaurant. You don't love freedom be attacked by a shark that is power enable us. If Spielberg case it CGI then. Probably some middle of the road movie rights to use the thin and apparel and this relationship of these guys and it's. Defying and I watch it a million times and it it stands the test of time in spite of its flaws we. It's yet it's this hip hop at its peak Hitchcock philosophy of like the less you see the more frightening is like M. Night Shyamalan. Took that when he made signs like you never see the alias the variant makes so much more frightening and on means like we don't know and then like this the little things about them when they're so perfect like the town hall scene. The great performances the Spielberg somehow got from actual townspeople just cheater chattering and and the camera winds through his you know it's just. Everything about that movie's just how frightening is that when you see the boy get killed if they are Alex isn't out Skinner whose anniversary just different apparently you know mom slaps Bernie. Odd it's like it's it was the scariest thing as a child to watch that scene at it as an adult should I'm sure to. It quit like Hitchcock if you breakdown frame for frame. The shower scene in Psycho often happens this you seek an arm flail a thin. In just. Let's pretty outgoing bush did still it's horrifying but what you don't see a lot of directors fall into the trap. We had to go not to do anything so I'm gonna do. Anything with reference list has more Peter Jackson is made them instantly King Kong action sequences are forever at the Hobbits. I'm Cameron may be with like avatar it happens if sponsor traps spiel on migrant that's. Michael made as to when that call you an idea that's over directing tootsie. In this is perfectly directive not even understated times this one the first movies they showed us one side door to out of went to film school to. And not just for the sequences in the the barrel on using symbolism and suggestion. Just even his framing in certain shots and is that purse perspective that he uses for. Sizing and how there's that great shot when Russia at a realize that the sharks like everyone out of water. They Dolly in in the zoom out which is really kind of hard to do so you get the camera it's closer to him at the backgrounds it goes further away. It's great and yet and again who wrote the skirt who wrote the score. John again his or shot anybody and John John final again and that. Want to meet him in Spielberg and watch a lot of makings of this and when he sat down is that okay. Stevens is on a picture and didn't and and and and it ends overs is not enough seriously would you would you gonna go no that's it. To get this sort of like Islam I just in this thing that's un relenting and. My god it's still partially agree our song that your going to not Muslim army are out playwright and put food and our affiliates every now and in the way he didn't use it during the part with a fake thin. He only uses it to in the scene of the shark tank in there until the charming scenes. That did that every get a good jump scare because you're almost like given this lit this little clue. To the audience the entire time of Jaime committed to and then and then you realized the actual shark as eloquent with the kids and I think then there's no. The regular trying to and it's OPEC to finally use the camera at a on the surface of the water and sometimes under the water and IE it's. It's so effective in the that the cast was amazing those three guys who. Hated each other and then have their weird kind of funny bonding thing and the speech I mean I'm Richard Dreyfuss said to Spielberg like widest point hate sharks so much. Insult Carl Gottlieb who's that guy Metallica I put the ads and all of it is he is the script writer. On a Peter Benchley and he said it was excellent week. USS Indianapolis that was the real thing in the way it's his agency to Wales and only recently canal when they were make that point they were right there was an unclassified documents are public and even the speech is. Historically inaccurate but it's so effective in what happened apparently have heard this is that. Rory Robert shot ask can I get drunk this was drinking can I get drunk to do this seemed to be over so it actually that. So they start filming in Eagles off script if he starts ranting about the staying in. Things in his life and tragedies he's had any breaks down in tears and the OK that's enough filming for today. The next day they come back same thing one take it just did their all in in one take and that's agree director Jess and like Stiller and his crap. Just to book. Everything working against them almost human nervous breakdown and created the movie that if the effort Google on the watch won the rest of my life could be that. So it just an in couple quick side to answer first off if you get a chance watched dual. Which is Spielberg's movies first there is very similar and that was actually for TV movie that they released in Japan and internationally as a feature film because it was so well done as a as a TV movie in America. But it's the idea of a truck. Until my contract with chastened and the highly Dennis floor and Jack it's really elegant in India Italy. Reason he's just travel on the road in this tractor trailer is just pursuing him and you never see and Spielberg directs the that is just me. Yeah I think created the best made for TV movie of. Od. I infecting kind of trashed it. He gets off there are there that tells you blame them. But dead and Orkut devoted so this trip to pieces by fans over the years to the point where past it was like a small shell has finally removed by the DPW whenever. On if you ever have just read the book. Which by the way to make it impossible moving heater vessel eventually booked was by far the most popular book you know and the year before neatly on the web about the race for the big deal. On the book is actually off Long Island is that Massachusetts. Are Spielberg wanted to put him on an island which is why it was was BM and you know which is meant there was some Martha's Vineyard. Armed L Hooper actually screws Alan Brody in the book that I mean that. On the other hand yeah I ask you that that gave me an early onset Boehner. I read I tried read it was really taken over my head but I don't want an hour. Right there I at least every daughters I drove my new number on a. Boehner joked with him and a number four. And did you train. Who crawled through a river she didn't came out clean on the other side. And did you frame. Headed for the cystic. Those of us who knew him best talk about him off and I swear the stuffy old. Sometimes it makes me sad though Andy being gone. I have to remind myself that some birds are meant to DK pitched. The Fed does is just too bright and when they fly away the part of you that knows it was a sin to lock them up does rejoice. But still the place you live in is that much more drab and empty now on the Pentagon. I guess I just missed my friend. Yeah. It's not a movie ever wrong. Harsco period period there maybe. The most universally agreed upon moving. I don't think I have ever met and I I deemed to imagine that none of you have ever vote in this room and listening right now I've ever met. Anyone that said how about that shot shank. Is that right Al really I acknowledge the whole thing needs emperor's new along there and is that no one digs out there right now and things out. Shaw shank redemption. Is another one of those near perfect movies. What really. Made its so great was. A move that had all heard of or knew anything about this movie when these movies come from out of left field when you know nothing about them and what's so great about this Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman moved a prison movie. Tim Robbins stands are due in part historians say it's a Stephen King historians and emphasize the McCain. While I'm while Wyman has is what's a what's so great about that. In the fall of 94. We kid and he's and there are free tickets available to move 1000 in my view we always were and to go see it via. Bands. We he. I've got tickets this movie I Saturn like. There's this new movie the director's gonna be there which goes to you whatever and they say like OK guys the movie's scenes guys call that's going to be coming them theatres in a few weeks it's called the shock shank redemption and apparently are extremely honored them immediately and and America. I'm an old school. And it's I don't watch and then for the next two hours tournaments. Was just floored and had one of the most emotional responses. Which was that much greater because I knew nothing about it and was had the lowest of expectations and then frank thereupon after the news or after August like in tears and goosebumps the laws noon giving him a standing ovation. Comes out and doesn't ninety minutes USA. We got to get we just got to talk to him for an hour and a half about this movie that grow like. Almighty god and you have and it was his team. Holy (%expletive) this movie and watch him Monday odd and I was watching it surely created Israel of all time. All yelled at all when he pulls the poster ads in Brazil to the other side when he's hot top five reveals an hour. Was an actress. Much. Whack and it wasn't and a poster of sentiment then eight prisoners. Commonly as the political statement. Yeah yeah yeah. I plot to. He's gone at an hour forty members idea and sinks will be a little movie thinking that you know what they're never going out mechanics of the EC Morgan Freeman's character continued on your part of the review board. You you you're resigned ourselves to back to these guys you just wonder and easily kill himself. Right that's exactly they set that up so well like bread in his sailed just. Worried that his friends can elect is just reached a breaking point because his last hope it did not hear was just shocked by this will Horton. And the it it didn't make anything at the box office except fantastic reviews. Theater it's in my guy gets wrongly convicted of a crime. And then it hit cable and everyone had the same experience like. Holy (%expletive) in the word Amal was off the charts I recently had the pleasure of introducing our friends. Daughter who's in college who says if one apologists talking about this whole com to our house and watch it with us and you get that. To be able see it through fresh eyes and on your fiftieth viewing 150. Buick it's still fun. Like to see someone else go. So you know that. When he finds the box under the volcanic rock and it's no business to be an enemy and corn field and and here's the note from me and he said and we areas. Only god had gotten right and it moderates are different Arab once said that much that's where the movie is gonna end and that focus groups. Wanted like their relationship so much on love these characters. That they went back and they did a re shoots owe him meeting and then meeting as he wants NATO at the boat. Was a reissue. Just for audience gratification it wouldn't gorgeous shot dead. You know out of the Pacific I think it was it is and I don't know it's I just wanna see my friend and shake his hand and you'll like it the best romance. Vault yeah. And the fact that Stephen King novel was which was it was four different novels and typical different season long was the body which. Became stand by meanwhile was apt pupil. The other one that from as a movie but the other one shot at redemption called Rita Hayworth in the Shawshank redemption. Red is actually an irishman. What the red hair whose article read so Morgan Freeman ends up getting cast as this and they have one line and that movie. That refers on maybe it's because I'm Irish he says that the movie and now. Kicking anyone else play that part any better than him into it right trailers voice over is it any candy defray it is written as a small guy which is why he can get through with the the hole so so easily installed around Yang said he's he's giant human people polar opposite but did Robbins is brilliant I think it was offered to Tom Hanks Forrest. How was it was so I'll my buddy. Was moving to Chicago and a real tight group of friends from high school. And we were all just like with the first guy who's not gonna be around locally anymore besides what do college again to come. Israel and oblivion again registry your brain. On him but we were so like I didn't really know how to handle less. That we remember Tex chain and we just quoting the movie for like honestly my 34 days a world where you. And the point or you got stripper deals on stuff before he went. And we were like writing like writing like. I don't know what he was dancing about a hope it was something beautiful like I did and opera thing I like we're taking what we actually I'm an attitude into this ridiculous you know according are shouting and if you. But we did for so long and it was something that stuck with the state every now and then. From the guys a pull up the old they saved it. In Colombia and Wilkens is getting bad plan. So he had to move back. Tom puts the idea though that I think it was TNT but the rights to it when you said he didn't make a lot of money in the inner. And I basically bought the they'd the all time viewing right to whatever it was which is why it's played constantly because people still to me and every time displayed on the air for twenty years. We all have and point credit to. Cherry for creating one of my favorite hash tags in one of the a term that we use all the time this entire movie this this whole list is basically. Movies that you get shot shaped by. Did I hear as the top hundred movies is when every year passing about one of these movies predator. Quite break kick box or whatever and you love it so much. You put down their mud even they've seen is seventeen times say laps and I get a finish has now are you it was an anomaly usually dishes that yes they're done many sedan rush arrest even your child benefits it. In your dvd case yelling. I'm gonna watch the edited for TV version with commercials of what advocates can't. I wanna know what happens next I've seen thousands of zero friends like it's just like what it is in the movie I'll maybe this time the sisters won't get the better of Andy. Those first few days that through both tight flags it's unreal now I know Ike as he was getting road prison raped on a regular bye bye bog that's Larry watch. But to run a number Fareed. Earlier Matty said he thought predator was the greatest action movie ever made and I said well. On action movie directed by the same guy that made predator John Tierney and in my estimation also made another move that appears in this less the great movie. The hunt for October this particular movie I think is the greatest action movie and maybe what's squeezes it by predator which you can't argue. I mean it's an arguable that there isn't that a more. Macho movie per say but you talked about there's no romantic plot line to get in the way. There's no sort of comic relief and it's just two straight hours to decide biceps guns and monsters well. Die hard has since the romantic subplot die hard has the more colorful characters die hard has the comic relief. Die hard has. They be characters that you end up falling for as well. Diehard is. I mean I just on Heidi had a better action movie I don't I mean it's. Eight you and I again geeks I expected last predator man expectations were through the roof which Schwarzenegger that's the guy. It's all the guys but. I have hard who's that within which is what's Bruce Willis doing in a movie about like from moonlit. And he's happy and I can promise I promise I minus these rooms Cromwell. Oh yeah mom could lose. Is it and now we don't watch the return to Bruno. A minute I was free and commercial. 10 yeah and it's an important oh home. T. Yeah you. And he and he was going to PSAs about that I hate kids don't drink and drive bull can get this is basically vodka mixed with equally safe and that. Darted hype that's on met Bruce I yep hole. Implausible on this. And works so many levels because intently it's funny Indiana Jones he's not magical Wii doesn't know powers he's just the guy who believes all over the place for two straight outlets as I have. Okay which is won't give up because it's his wife it's people don't deserve to be. I heard. And the greatest movie villain of all time. I do not not costume version yeah yeah exactly I mean it's the I would put Gruber I put on Europe to Alan repayment claims of never you know playing I mean. Take this under fire after British said earlier like all his lines you've become a mother (%expletive) is top twenties and must be sixty minutes yet. But shoot the glass blows the roof. It's about the year Ellis Ellis at such amount to about now tons blue. You raise hated it though consummate eighties yuppies I ate let's let's talk the language okay you got guys. Donna I use of the. It so it's fun to not get shot. China hostile takeover in York not a poison all coming up the works are right. Does that. Hogan as well kill them Walter peck is the they TV news anchor Jennie and how thorough yet of the great I mean it wouldn't happen and trying to ease. He's so good at bond days ago at Roosevelt Johnson from family matters as the Al Powell. Even dial puts the unsung hero of the whole thing. I mean if he doesn't scenario that yet it Alexander's Alexander. Its name he passed away years ago he plays the. The place or like secondary love interest slash conductor from the money pit. And he looks almost like Arnold and stand Anderson the number one henchmen then. Who. Right now are all out of candidates. Like Gary gray moving up into their options. It's so much has become part of our language a few years ago down in DC with the family we go to the spy easy which is a good take you hear me there. And among other things you can see in the exhibits you can try some civil they have ductwork eking crawl through and I called Phil and I just couldn't help but stop ago. Lunch Golota look at. Everything haven't you left now I know the TV dinner feels OK am dying at an. I can't come on now but there's no way I'm not gonna Carlton dot. Without saying and I cannot pass this movie bio on K I've won after watching every time one is a good question now to watch the most and we debated this before is is Chris is moving. I'll use an excuse to evade my in laws and watch this. That struck on eggnog every few years included Christmas now. Now Aaron is they'll. Give me your Christmas I wouldn't watch I spent a defiant as election every Christmas I would got to watch it because it's Christmas but it does give me Christmas feeling as does lethal weapon. Because a sonic the end of that movie ads like Christmas is coming in. It'll cross into being a Christmas movie if this year I do what I plan on doing. I've neighbors up and at least what a party and getting the recent lecture in writing hold on our ha actually yeah yeah. That little left out this letter of all fantastic Aaron let's move on now we're in the top two and number two news dropped the news what's it gonna be. Let's hear big laugh from nick would objects and dissent. I'm at. History it's got and I'm going to need you to do is shine boxes does a number ASEAN click on this list is the best. (%expletive) movie ever. Good balance. Rob by the academy for best pitcher in 1992 movie starring Kevin Costner and not about baseball. Really upset about this can you do the rest as Stephon please. Don't. Mind scoops I. But experts to give the world when the Koreans films of all time but in the workings of the mob scene through the eyes career wise guy. Henry Hill. Hate it now gets really you know. I've never gotten enough credit to respect. The backbone of the stone and give a really late appointment to Mattie. Jones did not. Sure has you were the best supporting actor for his unreal comedic it scary performance. Current prime economy to you know I think it's. I would put that she's points right up there he pledges Joker is too great to see steelers' all time. Call. Robert De Niro when the disastrous demure performances is Jimmy Conway. It doesn't get much more iconic than the nearest smoking cigarette deciding to kill Mori's that we guide disorderly creams such an interview. No words spoken just one bad ass after. Get what they thought well what this world where he has money girls brands booze parties and everything all exports come crashing down whereas may just turn on him and the Stanley. And he eventually turns on them. It's sad scary funny ballot it's a movie that made me appreciate movies. How sad and most has seen it mentioned. I remember you talk about film school or something the. You know son Johnny love. Dan and and now man the slow push and Indian arrow and he's just not gonna vote. I mean what balls are directed it is like this gonna be no dialog for the next. 672. Seconds or whatever it is and just push and let this guy do his thing. Just facial immunize is so great you know I kill a guy. I spoke a moment is saga so greatly to the binding. Agreement this heat on us tell you. And so many other blatant boom at my money real moments. I've heard just horse an obviously mile track's going to be amazing director in the montage where they show unlike the result of him like whack and all the guys who are involved yeah. That is Paramount then later on when Henry Hillis get boldly called out of his mind and helicopters Jason minutes the the Roland starts. Wow ADT sure if so what is life all right. The senator Jay do you just feel the stress in that and the tension in a lot of people have a problem with mob movies in that. You know it's the anti hero thing these guys to look at the lines the way. We choose not to. And we celebrated my different ideological like the monsters get ahead as usual and this is appealing a cautionary tale because all the guys who help the dice. End up getting whacked out of green or in jail and yeah yeah. Once again Jerry you've hit on something that I couldn't articulate earlier today mob movies and this movie have no problem being number two and I don't like mob movies. Because of that you're right it's like they somehow and nick use it to like they take that whole like they were at Diane makes somehow excused. The horrible of victim hood that goes on you know it's like this good old boy is an Italian thing and it's okay Ramada hate that I hate injustice but this film. I mean they you know by the end of it Henry knows to junkie. Just straight up junkie there's nothing celebrated. About this you know culture other and the fact of their family loyalty and all that but that this will be so good it transcends. My hatred for mob stuff joy and like it more than. And I like it more than god father in the godfather might be the grander more operatic. Cinematic film but like. This movie there's not a wasted frame there's not a directorial miscue there's not a remote there's not a wasted piece of emotion performance wise the soundtrack. Is flawless the Copacabana show like I mean not personal. They've been may be greater or at least longer tracking shots and steady cams but. You wanna talk about just like something that set a mood and just gave you a feel for behind the scenes and ray Leo it was awesome in this movie and like I tried to this day I can't meet anyone named Karen without a step ahead. Early on when there. They're taken a guy in sticking his head in a pizza oven for the crime of delivering the meal out how is that the mail is so it was a ability consciously. Yet you feel for these characters and I'm a rookie for the right. Way lower them by quite yet when he goes completely sideways and everyone OK now we can just ordered you don't have to reap. Jay your moral compass signal okay. China got a bad and it was a comic who was the guy like you know security. On our own security. Elvis did and being done in Meltzer is always. In this guy and I'm the parent can I want you don't mean I was and get to the diligent. You. We're just here on him and knowing knowing he would Elster hills girls rock. Ours. Known about him he's and it's. See Michael Jackson it's Dexia the guy who like as opposed to get rid. They set except materially and they get. Let's just let them and they they pleasant like a Megan McCarthy and I hear if you don't pocket it girl if you had you would take. A movie in in compared to a rollercoaster this will be the closing model it's a complete ride through the entire thing in my except they don't waste is in the spring. This scene where Caron said neighbor across the street has been harassing her wallet cell and he tells her to go inside. And then he just gets at a guy takes it takes and puts it neatly as bands who walks got this press the street in a straight line straights at this guy. And the guy just goes when he was some sparkle you want some. Grabs him by the hinges. Beat him until the gun is covered implied it played good the other guys and then just what it's like it is Helio the space walk him back walks back and and given the Karen and just says hi Dennis. And sees it in the monologue says or says it's turned me on and I'm not gonna that it is. You know the about a dozen tents and perfect as you can make it and released a like. I became a witness protection he's have been pure and Howard stern show. The great thirty for thirty documentary in the Boston College all right all right all right guys they do we have very subtle suggests some points of Boston for the camera before Mori's wigs don't come opera before he gets the ice pick in the back then. On the editor seemed to Derek and dominoes that lassie with. She dollar those of Google complains one thing that's kind of out of doesn't really make a lot of sense in the movie actually kind of shooting the audience and last. She does is all of its assimilate into passage is technically a great train robbery when he renewal silent movies where the I don't care to deal west guy shoots the camera. You know in India and that's what the homage this too from Scorsese but certainly is every day number two probably could be the number one I'm most people's list. I hope that because she's death. He thinks she's going to be a main guy and he cracks a joke but I got you got me back when not at the pebble and he Watson. Eighty sees an empty room and the plastic gone. Luck and he knows exactly what's happened like and then Dinara has that like his telephone just. It's it's it's Tommy Tommy is there's nothing we can do is other. Any just smash. He has noted this is news this is a whole other world that really is out there is immediate to pirate act. On wanna know nothing about that world but this is my favorite or at least the most entertaining glimpse into you can sit back and want to be Arabs they read it's it's. The amount of people would get affected by and sat. I gentlemen it's taken us months. Actually my parents are. This is also approach in the eighteenth tee of this. Long and around. Number. Number one. Me all along. Went. Yeah. Yeah. What Garrett who alleged that who hasn't done this. When incredible Cinderella story. This unknown comes in new area to lead the pack and a guest. He's on his final whom. He's about 455 yards away he's gonna hit about a two minus. Louie got our net. Grandstanding. It's your against the normally reserved against ticker and go on my own. For this young. Cinderella. Who's about commander he's but it. Three or fifty yards that he's gonna hit but about a five iron in the technique during. Always going to be a black seeing low. That all got on Ellen he's got to be good or bad. The crowd it is and it's really weird news this and there are a boy in tears and is that they guesses if it's a business. He's got about a 195 year president and he's got looks it is going to be eight. Guns you need visa and send news story out of nowhere former greens keeper. Now about to become the Massachusetts. It looks thing America. When I'm tired and doesn't have an entire movie is worth. Of quotable lines every one of them does they all have there's such a luxury of riches in cat checked there's just there's too many. In Omaha is a movie quotes except maybe the kid who is going to be the lead ended in the hole just to Michael Powell. Him I think they originally set out to make a movie but this kid date was AM ER I watched GAAP US dvd extras they had a whole. Brian Doyle Murray and I think got Kenny who's the old guys that seems Kenny can drying Kenny had an opinion you don't tiny start Doug came in at and it does not played and I had to go to glasses a store in animals the movie Lewis. Had all actual script. I was supposed to chronicle the life of these caddies and the reason you see the opening scene with the whole. Compared to running the Foster care that was a whole plot line that ran throughout the movie that we're gonna go back to Danny's house follow the lives of those kids what it was like why they ran the fastest thing to try to raise money in his struggles. God almighty god yeah it does did the rain has I'd have you out grimace almost wanted to leave the project halfway to be exact I don't have of this what this movie is not the movie it's disguised improperly restraining a star they signed. Dangerfield and trying to reach base they sandal Murray. At anytime Ted night how great that night hey guys so that's all right yeah. I think Ted and I kind of funny I think Ted Knight makes me out is just with Ronnie. Interview the performance and brown Sean how are driving through his. This is one of the five greatest characters in history but he's best in the movie where I I maybe my favorite character vaulted. Smells good and I don't know. All three months both political we came out he was probably on an episode of like the love both right you don't mean is that generic TV star you know. Character an ensemble comedy married tell more and then steals the where everyone just you know. When there are others jagr from the chairman of the of the leagues in areas that they allegedly gainers at the college golf. About the Dallas hits one of those magic moments in move art history where it like OK so his disdain for Rodney Dangerfield was not an act. He did not quite alien guy in like all you Marty there once Yastrzhembsky. Did. DNA levels channeling that character because he didn't like the whole of the proposal yeah that's at the top. Yeah I sailed through the front here. Except fit gambling isn't really good looks good and Matt and I never fly the flag and we really easy to ask. But what you thought I saw. Are over the top it's bad provoke New Zealand. Bush who is though should keep it excludes country club everything. It looks retires what are Afghani and the caddies Wear it he strictly jeans and the Italian guys got to putt anywhere like this week said that I can't eat at a camp. The well of course still exist and so anyway actual caddie shack course still exists in Florida. And housing golf tonight in a character of the golf detective that we did you know whatever six episodes and the last homers boasted to that we got and they ended the show. Was we're gonna go to the actual caddie shack course into a piece about what it's like to be caddy shack course that's a kind of downplay it they don't like. You know being known is that when it was stupid on their part as they can make a killing Rubin also lomb. Jimmy chastened and Bill Murray had gone to the entire film this filming. Don't ask you seem to get to the end and adding the scene with him which is that brilliant C cats like coming in which you always want it. In 2004 rap reggae kicked off of he is still there aren't job yeah. Which job nick yeah I thought of that same. And he's my Internet movie dear study. When I'd start doing a little work for the SPN affiliate in new York and they said like they can do like a three minute piece each week just doing my comedies. Little sports stuff so my first one was like oh I got to finds I have to finds faulty and on interview and I found him. In this in 2004 when Google didn't have nearly the power does now. And I found them call them up I forget what the hell is name is and talked to Roman. He just as a regular guy he's actually a free in one ear and out and Pakistan. There's only real stating Kingsley was he let me let a little I know I had a long time. Yeah I mean like he's an incidental hero to people like when you watch this movie to you'll get nothing like it lacy under all I am my god like. Yet at least federal and without Ty Webb it do any new and and within 24 hours. Show up its absolute smoking that. The DO propped his comes duke is these are all guys at the height of their powers of me Chevy Chase that. You are really attractive for a beautiful woman with incredible body. How what Chevy Chase at the height of his also his. His mastery of his female eyes female in the has mastered his physical comedic powers just like when he doesn't have anything I'll Bernie take that to carry days. And yet so there's quite a ticket to Paris and tries to open its aren't well I don't yeah. That's different than it is still cold it should call them little bows. Okay do. Love you. Pilot on. The other days that I would. And none of these but overall I do not you personally that he patio and. Every person that shot he does it all out of Valeri just let out tequila overshadow. Him. Tempers of 5000 dollars and keep leave it and we mentioned in this series this hundred greatest guy movie several times. Well it's so infinitely quotable. This movie might be the number on caller who I'm sorry hands down it's freaking caddies and among comedy wedding hero golf or not. You quote this movie everything you don't know and and and and and a problem like we just insert ubiquitous this economy. Listening to us who hasn't quoted in every round of golf that the never played. Also want to it might late father in law was a retired judge and every diet play with them I'd say. Chirac your honor and I. Gotta eat this guy in their societies holds an album on today. And what's great is right in the reacted. To each. Each they have camps haven't had him. I am I does that get mad at me and that that's that's each. I'd every throw away lines are funny but. What's great is part for the friends of yours it would school that have been your lifelong pals that we don't know Jerry guys that you've been differences for dirt gesture a lot of friends. We know lots of people have respectively for France. To each group of friends caddie shack feels like it's your own treasure chest of comedy. And quotes and somehow even though we all share it feels unique and personal to all of us I think that's what makes it degrades can we ever. That's why that is anomaly that's why powerless so Eric I didn't wrap this one up to a matter of fact a brisk. Kind of risk to ten us. So I'm what we sent recapping just got back every widely watched this thing we need to numbers anyway although we don't wanna say thank you to everyone who tuned in so so much and so long to all these. Is there are fits joke and we do over bro missions episode coming your way we can Babel little bit longer. Ladies and gentlemen as well and we'll wicked people tweaked your complaint and sweet complaints certainly in Cohen the many knicks showed that three to seven and WA AF. Or shooter Jerry something over parcel. Or or you know how pentium Postal Service for Georgia's information problems or you can go to to real BS one a one on Twitter. And I am at a about WEEI. And it Terry Thornton won at the pats fan. Pat oh boy nick Stephens and also part of that Matty nick WA half's that the Mehdi glee. Thank you so much for joining us when we started this project guys there was snow on the ground. And we have now gotten to this point so congratulations to you all we've done that and lord knows what that must next time that you're so much for joining us once again a Boston sports one of one. BS one on one per short and we will see you next time for Barbara missions episode thanks. I.