Boston Sports 101 - Top 100 Guys Movies Part 2

Wednesday, May 31st

Buck, George, Thornton, Nick, and Matty discuss the top 100 guy movies. This week we present 80-61.

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All you know that found me. Time for Boston course won one DS when I went for short. I'm real palca buck once again. We aren't and doing our our incredible journey here yeah sports it's not worth it to movies and a one. Hundred British sky movies we have witnessed Jerry there. Nick Stephens. Yeah this is sexy Al's last I had this. Security kept our BBA is your account rep by sending back out of the and our favorite Mehdi Blake joining us. The honoraria for boss is worth one of one. Uncle of the the group go ahead many got to think that either. You know I spent a week ago last show in it after all happened last week in sports and surprised we even talked about and movies are now. Sometimes of people need to know they have conquered would you what I. So good. And yet we we're still we have few black and blue bruises from last that the so what we're fighting over gladiator by and I enter into the bag that pit box set. It was rated ahead of Stephen Breyer I. I'm still giving him a process well listen at the end of homes Saving Private Ryan and captain Jim Miller says. Yes and I think there. And it okay. Sit right right hidden does anyone get their hands and honey and broken glass has invited other manner that threat. Spielberg. It's. Like Perry Patrick did that. And so now we're gonna get. Yeah well I think we're gonna go to the next when he movies on our list of a hundred. On so we are doing our part to now buttons ports one on 100 greatest guy movies a year ago August are avid number 80 number eighty. Number there. Eighties from 1987 in this is Stanley Kubrick that Vietnam classic it is full metal. Jacket and you don't element this movie guys it's not. Comes from an error of Vietnam movies right. You had told him you had platoon to. We both doom three and we did what I mean apple and well good question though buck how do you try to either like. Stay on par with the or even possibly at times topped the previous 1986 best picture winning. Platoon which is a gut punch to watch and an until private Ryan was probably considered the greatest or toughest war movie. And yet somehow Kubrick does and Kubrick in style with a movie I'm sure that are probably took him ten years to me I better get things about kick boxer beat the tempo with. No well Ab what's funny is course Nokia part all of his movies. Stanley Kubrick as you know I mean film historian knows even entity. You just people would just our fans a film now. Corporate was so. And it is time that we feel movies he was system a man amongst himself in his honor but he would take years. You put them together so he would plan this back in the early eighties by 87 it's finally. Finally coming to fruition and it's funny Mickey Wright platoon was a year earlier had won the academy where it was and Oliver stone's landmark piece but you know what sticks out about about full metal jacket. Is not necessarily Vietnam parts it's that early part is that leads Paris I don't write yeah it's it's early armory. This is the drill sergeant. Yeah I mean platoon is dark and grim and greedy from the beginning to the end. This is cool brick and his. Dark comedy best you know this is it it it you could see the progression from. The Dr. Strangelove you know worries he segment nuclear Armageddon. But in a dark funny way EL I mean even parts of of a shining arm a room and funny always let grimace and that's what this was an. The whole. Our earlier army. Helped write the script based on exactly what his drill sergeants used to say to him. And you just so drawn into that world created it's even more than by him then by Cooper on the Matthew Modine. Character becomes when they made Vietnam movies like the tuner whatever it was like ham fisted you know. We're against the Vietnam War. The Matthew Modine character becomes a really slick and interesting way for coo Rick to. Be anti war. Withdrew a character with his funny. Pattern one liners and therefore be our voice and a very interesting ways are brilliant choice. I mean the the opening whatever the 45 minutes of the movie where he's. On Parris island which is like an hour it's that's what that and that is that I remember the main critical well in its in its I think he's only film right it's two movies play evidence is only film. Of kind of era when he got to be great beyond like when he didn't Spartacus. Where it was under two hours it was like the only one he did but. The CDC just a crisply shot you have met your reviews Joker. On he was wearing the peace symbol on decidedly it's his born to kill. And and there's little intricacies. Even an app with who give get out of the barracks. In interviews that were the Vietnam you know. And love you long time and all the stuff you on. I mean it would switch to light crude oil all of that into it brought you had to. If brought you into. Vietnam a completely different way and heat complaining that. From the jump from way before alleys of the movies come out just shows. What type of a filmmaker he was but Sony quotable lines in bacterial he's mentioned the fact that people would YouTube and you look up the the crossover between. A full metal jacket and down and Rudolf the red nosed around the edges and match a little else which is like. You may sit out. The benefit but surely you Lopes had your friends aren't. And look at that the the break outs are the army has entertained us and basically be in that part or parity in that part for close to three decades it's it's an hour for you down the exactly vintage rock trio. Did offered John opera has ground and seen as trying to pile all those scenes are when I was thirteen years old I was babysitting and Cape Cod. And I had a night to myself and they took me up before a baby sat Nike gonna go to Cape Cod video Henrique. Rented movies yourself in the Gaza as they are awesome. I pirates it pulled out of Jack his summer 98 mainly 88 narrative I'm Marissa there paves is his life. Blocked off but yeah I got what I want. Why did not because copilot can pop up there. I I just need to add Israel collect com that irises. The men of the 3092 Morse were salty they are ready to eat their own guts and asked for seconds well. My own son goes to Paris island gets assigned to the 309 die. It's I don't know how many platoons are but they're all lots and the odds of that are astronomical. They kicked their asses extra hard because all of the legacy of Babel we still on Sundays and is supposed to get the day off. Do we times and their commanders we take them. Beyond the rifle range in just meet them do Cal's for an entire day goes because it because a movie the movie like he was partly inspired by. Inspired me to just sort of say just listen more stones' music again I. Artest went and number nine at 79. Number since indeed the same. Draw or make you horny. My friend at this comedy. Bursts onto the scene in the ninety's and you know I'm prone to hyperbole. But. Name a comedy a group of comedies. That moment to moment page to page joke to joke make you laugh out loud and I would put this Austin Powers up against and needs to king it is nonstop gags. Some of it so sophomoric. It's almost laughing itself but you laugh along with it Mike Myers had this character locked in are heard tale of him. And I get emotional I talk let's I don't know why like nick I love excellence and look people who drive themselves excellence he studied this character. That he created this Austin Powers loosely based on his father. It is the fairest open yes and his father is British and he he you can see shades of awesome powers in things he did before Austin Powers. But he would go to clubs. And he would be Austin Powers and answer questions as Austin Powers is that won't make this movie. Into like an ass that I can answer any question anyone asks me about him by our graphically. I'll answer he wanted to know that care to a cellular level when you watch that movie. It shows Liz Hurley in her prime. Listen guys listen guys. I watch this movie even if you hate Mike Myers and he just power it should be on this list because of Liz Hurley in her prime but he's still in our true. I don't travel outside her body here and she's still. On fire I'm in like eight like a Roger Clemens Brian I would say this you double quotable movies what on this list off now is brought recordable and Austin Powers people still do it to this day. Just incredible eight plus eight plus eight all I'll be Heidi I mean there. I became everything became a catch phrase in the fact that he said the character. He's the thousands of doctor evil character of the. How many hasn't thrown any ploy isn't it yeah hi I am due funniest people. This movie to at all this side character sacks got to be able to ask god evil and then like Seth green is proud of around for business I just aids is no. On Iran well at an iPad you know what I cut you. Probably when we all heard this was coming out we had a reaction like. And I can't does James Bond satire is kind of already been done a bunch at times. And he brought it to a mobile no Lizzy is that you do three really out. Standing and he he'll help tweaked the joke Mike Myers will tweak tweak it to like the PC when he first comes out of crowds enix freezing like OK okay there apple had just keeps dragging on and keeps dragging on but you laughed it's like I said Al. Alan Parsons brought. Oh god. Yep but it did this in the genius is not only does he poke fun. And everything within the genre of the movie but then also at all these other troops and sacred cows and other movies to. And yes that is so it becomes it becomes more just like a celebration of movies in general let alone that particulars. On one little brilliant touch and I know we got to wrap it up to him but little brilliant touch is when they follow the henchmen home. The other Hansen in to us that are my embassy killed and I'll be spy movies Myers you've also like heck can't remember to hold. OK honey oh president Jeff. And stuff. I also thought I was we're gonna move we do you just came out India I remember telling my friends you guys have got a seated at the time vehemently once. And and amateurs have been new casino where you know value a five isles today and I also like to regain. I thought it never 78. No matter seventies. Fell as I mentioned and allows podcast that some of these movies on this list are gonna who be reflective of my severe crippling daddy issues. And vote for all this is having daddy issues. Like weaponized. Semi autobiographical moment here in a fully auto biographical my dad passed away when I was nine years old in a fight could have. Three wishes in this world Iran would be too. Be able to revisit with him and have a game of cat chain a league catcher whatever. And this thing just there let's have this federal less than perfect okay the Amy Madigan Carrick Darren. You don't just want like curves on Mike one of those mostly off. Female characters in sports movie history the whole like preachy thing about them trying to like be able to the school. It that the total story arc this guy who. Like completely is disrespectful to his dad and gets that that you were over at the end. I defy. Any Meehan with a soul to watch the last twenty minutes of that and not be pepper sprayed. You know and in the James Earl Jones part is really good yes it's corny is telling people to come random people are most definitely come but it's perfect and it. Quick aside palm last year my son goes to. The Red Sox game at designed uncle. Send me a picture of him standing next to a guy in a pinstripe uniform I go that's John kinsella. That actor who played John kinsella and fielded dreams he goes yup he wrote a book in here and it got I've written a book. I cried reading the book and it's a vital part about his. Experiences and acted didn't really piano form but what that movie has meant to people and personal stories of people come to woman said. Ari I reconnect with my dad have to see in this movie whatever in him she'll went up to people's party's. And make it a little kids cry because he came out of corn field and that cost him it is it's a absolute number one tear Jerker on this. List love it well said I go back to a partner knicks point earlier about guys in their prime this recurring theme Kevin Costner is her time. I'm a guy straight guy saying this merit like time he's beautiful athletic and and after we never saw enough love I think it was Timothy bus fields from thirty something the ring I absolutely this is annoying brother in law the bank guy he's fantastic and gas out. Lately heel yeah school has his come to Jesus moment. I think the ads but why is it on the list it's on the list because it's baseball it's nostalgia. Capturing childhood faded glory a chance to may be hopefully get a do over or an emotional mall in this lifetime and it's. Daddy wanna have a catch period that's it that's it any field by the way of signing that field is still like you can tour now and it's like cat on tours to nationalize its annual. And when they said they would keep the dead date someone said you know people will handle their money because it is money they have in dreams that they black hats yet. Had like this is a part of this and I think every guy in this room can relate to it where. He's debating what to do any looks over and sitting on the porch swing is is. At an app for mention annoying wife it is adorable daughter any realizes this is this is heaven it's it it. Bottom and a restaurant that hasn't felt that watched your wife with the kids and just said I would give anything for that moment in the sun set in the cornfields and so. Really no doubt. Joseph Jackson C. Out batting righty and throw unless. I cannot hide things something very few people have done. Because Joseph Jackson himself batted lefty in through ready by Tom Ray Liotta was other than that perfect and it night I adore this movie. It's still not your boxer. We better move on the far away I think we have group. Number 77. Number 77. You better not cut up no otherwise are no more orders but I. Welcome back to you. Spectacular everybody whose sons have used to. Sure. This is and I restart the move a silence and a half. This is my jam I've fought for this movie be on the list it's. Tied with rocky probably is my favorite movie of all time the on forgiven or else I think it's Clint eastwood's best by far again probably my favorite move real time I think it's the best western ever made. Tom what this movie does is takes the western. And it examines it kind of what we're talking about earlier Jerry. About not letting the camera being relentless with the camera and in fact here's a weird analogy where Osama Mike Myers following a henchman home. I first saw this movie there's a shoot out scene was Morgan Freeman there and you know little gun voters going back. And they are having a cliche western shootout. But what Clinton does is he never cuts and you literally see the kid has been shot crawling for water to the point or Clint Eastwood has to go. Ultimate drink water for God's sakes the guy just shot in this no one ever has done that its examination of what happens to the gun fighter. You know what happens in all this violence what's the truth behind all this violence. On you know we just shoot people QB with impunity in movies which is fine but this movie was the first westerner really acting take a real gritty look at that. And not it's phenomenal it's a beautifully shot movie Morgan Freeman the the scrolling credits at the end if if nothing explainer to wash she married a man of such. Ill tempered bad reputation or you know it's just a it is from soup to nuts perfect Gene Hackman enactment amazing. And it I didn't deserve this deserves got an advantage to doing it which I think sums up the whole movie dessert and then because every western is and it ended. Or a re yeah Allah be polite yes I mean I'm sort of morality plays it real and write more idea this one year he's saying it's it's not our eyes nothing doing and this scene. I think his cronies it's great second performance the scene where he where he finds out. That little bill bill. Pat has tortured his best friend and killed them and he lets its billion connected spill and these are just slowly takes the whiskey. And drinking years it takes policies he's quest for the bills asked. In scare them today and our and the thunder in the background you know I don't. I don't know I don't like it is up perfect SkyWest and I would start this movie for any grants in western Beirut line maybe. Miner and small time. I don't deserve this deserves no announcement news it's we'll also be as dead not tens out yeah. Yeah yeah and I thought about I'm not sure if you noticed but I didn't really like gladiator but kick boxers are very early. I don't know if you can actually say like if you were gonna show somebody western U woods probably start there western viewing experience of this. And because it does hit on all the right beats and it does have all the moments but. I remember when it came out in the I've sought and won best picture it was probably like the first time mayor. Somebody ever won best first round site and I love the movie and I love Clint Eastwood. This movie in a lot of ways. Do you need all of the other westerns. I think your point referred to bring up in the previous episode he's sorting on Jerry talking about why Saving Private Ryan resonates so hard. And why it was so different why it was radical. Was because. All the war movies you showed before and we're like explosion would happen you could see it would be five feet away in the sand and guys are just jump and go and they help to fly out. We never saw bullets go through helmets we never saw explosions are terror off lands and people scream. And bloody murder around other people. In a western. We never saw people just live this warring. Plaintive life and just peace oh on his left so isolated. And then just. And then have somebody in that just sort of exceed the bloody aftermath of shoot out it was ropes. It was intense it was scary. All the time he really pulls away is the and the final shot re basically blows his head off by. You needed to see all the other westerns we never really saw this. Sort of graphic violence and intensity to appreciate how different on forgiven once well that's a great. And I guess that's why it away I said I would show this first. I agree with you but let's might my softer side against my better angels it's and want them to see this person that. They understood as they watch westerns and all the stuff that's consequence. We're gonna move on now we are looking at number 76. Number seven DCX. Yeah. The. Yeah. Kick boxer yeah. Remember I said I thought in the last episode. The navy. Seeing Jamie Lee can now. Quit my puberty just kick back him. To those who thought they used. It. I. And Phoebe Cates walk away from Hollywood to golden. Kevin Kline Kevin Bryant yeah stuck to it she's actually she didn't she didn't really. Why good his race is so much has already about this is a buck and. Not us on this mess is a layered movie yet pastimes original guys. Is so great first cause written by Cameron Crowe right. And it is in it's kind of like he diamond with a it's so sweet about it he's like. Phoebe Cates is the and that's the ultimate right to me like that's the great scene about time that it's everyone's gonna home runs and we just need to get there. Does bridle right. I. Got rattled his bracket right. Yeah and then Abbott Sean Penn is typical OK okay. His greatest performance and you can take. His dramatic roles in eking complement that of and to abolish government street appear asked I will take him as a bully any day of the week and twice is an art. And I'm not on all raise your hand and mr. Kerry and finally at this is east on. Eight article written in and I want to say it was National Lampoon. That I'd read long before it was a movie I guess we're got a boat just someone just did this kind of investigative recently sent a high school whatever it grow. Yeah. Okay so they make ends in this movie that turn into public really. If you don't take them out like a movie that belongs in a time capsule for future generations of white. High school was alike in mud. Late seventies early eighties where what was the Jackie Brown is it 82. Then. This just nails it everything the weirdness about it girls or sex in you know in the drugs and. And in girls trying to perfect the Pacman Ireland. Oh assertiveness and Gibbons McCauley is just the surfer dude you know those guys are aegs. But because we've got that jacket. I got definite network incur. Is the cut alone on this my brother is gut Somalis some tools. They can stick it. It is a movie you've yet it's not like ads specially with back and you can't even if like ability to your kids realize you can't even insert you know you can you show anymore. And and dad but his his role that is so iconic and so bovine and you have like little lot. Both Eric pack Eric castles Eric Stoltz falling out that the potter. You know ban. Forest Whitaker were yeah where's Whitacre had told both a lot of there's a lot of future Oscar winners and pastimes are my two and it also. First time you see it in your not just like the halo appreciate this like the boos in the Big Brother last aged. This is pretty sensitive movie too because in pregnancy have like heaven to get to the Jennifer Jason Lee play in the Jackson brown stuff later on my way rose is pretty heavy and I am the two guys the one who's supposed to be the cool guy forgive me for not remembering my neck Julie yes I. And I don't know it's already I'm totally the nerd I don't really struggled girl likes though the. Cool guy. Who genuinely feels bad for his buddy didn't wanna steal the girl from Roman style plays like they did the friendship is broken forever like you right there there are parts of the veterans in a very big east in grounded. In a reality. What you what will always remember is. Sparkle received Brooke Shields life from kidnappers and blew the money on hiring Van Halen for his birthday party. All right Hamilton it's time for number 7570. Dan Richards. I don't butcher of Bakersfield. Particularly and as Joseph plays it just sub zero now. The low ayalon. Richard. Oh yeah yeah that you. Name. Just name the most quotable okay. We can go on and on for days this can be podcast and sub castes. We can do is do this far. Weeks of our lives and it would probably be time well spent. A retreat with a beer and nothing was Schwarzenegger is on VHS. And debating what's your favorite. What's the most true watchable and what's the most quotable. And I will dare say the most quotable probably my favorite in the most for watchable. Is the one that is the perfect fusion. Of scifi. Camp action and mayhem the running man is so good and in and at the time. I remember just only going to see it like we used to go see it because it was a Schwarzenegger movie predator looked amazing and had the most much are cast ever. The terminator was this high food inside five futuristic to still be nuclear Armageddon nightmare movie. And he was it really at the fall at the let the full grasp of his powers but everything Schwarzenegger did well everything. That was. Just like that mid to late eighties action movie all came to be here but then you have the surprise. You've got Richard Dawson playing one of the great I'll have bad out there it is so good he's good to get you've got. My second favorite. 1980s love that I always is every boy dreamed of you've got Maria Conchita a lot. She good. Pictures of it and then it's and then it's just the core and that is just like the heat at the heroes the quotes this. Hundreds of where the hunger Scalia. Is there any trouble blow up. Obama. I think is what he called the Christmas tree yourself ahead tonight I'll pay as well GA. Hi there there is there untouched a purely Jewish neighborhood. Paying that is such a high watermark a what I like to cull kill phrases. Which he gets raises after he killed summons that you just mentioned you only you know zero subs down just plain Gerald curry he cut me into who will win. South Dakota though Andy says that about having killed professor torrents and not got. Hole. Soccer player they have jokes about Barton but that's. He cut some managed to win at a change sides of what 7 AM he had to split it. Purchased. Can't you can't make it up aimed at the center girls Richard Dawson who should've won an Oscar for yet right yuck Demi other mayors are there any. Oh crap and get rid of evidence justice entertainment division hello you want ratings did I gotta get down with reruns of Gilligan's Island. Gilligan's Island yep yep the wallet the boat left. I don't believe enough room is similar to. They stop at 30. Nail you mentioned Hunger Games how about a shadow for the mind of Stephen King Yahoo!. Right. Atlanta Richard I actually am I out yeah constantly ahead of the curve of society like a come up this. And and the ahead. Of the did the armed resistance in this like you know oppressed minority of people is America. It hit Apple's app. Now years later the postman comes out not on this list is not the worst movies of all time. The leader of the resistance movement is Tom Petty why. Is it. And then and demolition man it's the idea my. Now you know I don't know it's it's it's for united plus and common. You know as we're gonna. Maybe that's. Like why these movies chill to pick does a couple of power pop culture. The horse on that terrorism and Tom Petty is that goes. Art she knew Ernie goose yet. I pressed let's let's not forget Jesse the body Ventura. Are as captain freedom. Yeah and I is that is that the whole thing that this is one the only movies and as to future governors it's one old tool on this list. And I'm not mistaken right. Now you would know better than me. Numbers have before. Number 74. OK I got this one and this is on the list of movies that did not need a reboot. I would Phyllis on the with the longest yard I recently revisited bad news bears on MLB network how this will open around I just got shy shank by this. And even I forgot. How perfect it is it how it serves as. Yes kid comedy bullet definitely adult edge. Arm like a great commentary on sports and youth sports or whatever what it's really all about it is such a sold to it now. Full disclosure I was the same age as Tatum O'Neal when this movie came out. My first crush like to the point where I remember the puberty bulb moment for me I was at them a cameo theater. And she's in in Weymouth she's playing in air hockey against Kelly leak. If I win you play for the Beers and he says if I went in she says. Name it. And I was like what's going on and. Right now why I I felt this before but but just the music is fantastic. There the whole interaction between the kids that the holy un PC comity they could never get away with again. Hanna is such a way. And the best part is the the these anti heroes become heroes. And like. Most of your great movies. Sports movies they don't win at the end they win and a different Whalen just also indicated to walk off homer that the coaches did wrong. They've just seen that is that the languages content costs ticket offensive. It was kind of honesty the times but I think that's what people appreciate it appears that the yet. But they gave the kids a victory at the end they didn't win the game but that the goofy kid who couldn't make a play during W catches the ball all my guys get they give him the joking the second place trophy. And he opens his mouth and says hey you keep Jovian and then tanner opens up his big last month says. Yankees take you trophy in 7UP your ass and it rose and at them and yet now as the next day to celebrate winners participation trophy yeah. Yes I and an. They had had this whole thing where I hate hate. Don't make you gotta play the best players and he's like milk as he had a moment we told the kid no you did appearing get hit by a pitch. Because you'll have to help us win any solid thought the light it's it's a great commentary it's it's perfect over time. End time losses. Anyone who's ever coached and I I've coached Purdue last ten years now and I continue to coach. But there's that moment where he just goes don't wanna beat these bastards any of these kids and it is realizes that no no that's what Iowa. He'll any inning to inning just kind of skills that McNamee just readjust everything and yet made up losing at the end but it's like I know they're celebrating their prayers. And that that incredible moment of of I didn't I never really realized exactly what this is and he's he's out there. Carlos collapsing yeah talk about facing Ted Williams in spring training 1950. Or butter maker cleans pools are and yeah yeah Jackson yeah yeah he's an absolute disaster but it's like you said. They don't win it's the rags to riches story it's right around the right on time Iraqi you're thinking like here comes the redemption when I want I would any. Now they lose and the other kid like this league wraps up his kid who plays the dad the other two have been tomorrow our. I ask you a lot but I guess. Steamed up I guess. Ahead of his time this team he'd Texas kid the pitcher. On the mound and then don't look fat Jake I and berg it's one back to the mound in the cages holds the ball. Any advantage nowadays and they tackle the ball drops the ball and then his mom in the seventies high are Shia Adel Hanna does all gut. They walk away together in eagle that was great and that's one putter make it has a total like. He's just it's just go out there and do the best you can and comedy is guys. Our list guys how many other moves analysts have turned into way to describe like not just like a bad baseball team but like a Motley Crue we'll have our eyes and his parents but also how many people thinking that way to the net and see the opera Carmen and now and that I. Amount and then there. I don't bet on that play well. That went out little kid catches the ball over the wall. Might have them off first movie moment I've ever saw that brought me to tears Nolan doesn't signal to. Ivo and get beat up some might be equity in bunkers I 173. Emerson three thank you baby if someone can't do it dark as bad surrogates stand up and be tall dull and make hey yeah. Haven't you tired time had come Barkley then gets an hour. I was down one of these days I'll turn it around hey did have. Haven't do. Time has come boating accident. You have to leave and then there is Allison. I really enjoy the married. Yeah. It is no. Words. Invented and where is yeah. Hundreds. You don't go like the lay of the land a lamb goes on Carla yeah as a corporate. I mean you mean what were. What do we know the fact that were only doing three minutes per movie. That this kind of justice like you say like kick boxers and perhaps Saving Private Ryan pop out and you. His good buddy movie ever and it's Alec. If given a choice between cash check revenge of the nerds I would probably only say I've watched caddie shack first. I guess out of a default and loyalty no movie makes me laugh. With inappropriate consistency anymore that revenge of the nerds I guess because. Lamar Smith and 'cause I can't get what we. We don't get away with that is they mark we know any harm on we will win. And we know isn't about me I have hit that people think as a weather problem. They're in sexual choices that. Good everything's. About this movie's. I how they do that he had the he had ports. Gilbert and then a few years later his plan is to spend on these fires NT ERR. I actually like. So please the amount of rain erotic carry it whenever in this to read there's two in the number one with a bullet with the. That's exactly. Don't little. And then just like last week ran his wife and himself into I'd oncoming tractor trailer trying to commit suicide if he is that a story I don't think yeah. Yeah idea well like this probably says it into an Aston casually put amanpour a burglary in Holmgren and John Goodman as well. Please boost me a hole like football coach don't. She is god you RS is what kept. Quiet bunch and gotten better Timothy bounce it. Point two. Do it on everybody every penny raid to eager to share to country. You've got people mr. oh and my probably my favorite line all the movies. She's got thick rapid growth Gilbert whitish have a team that's. A ball into the chilly. What the puck Roger cries. They're playing hard it didn't take you what eyes but I have a surprise for fox oppression ala. No you don't want these graduates securities turned into victory fires new cards look brilliant were lucky on the roster Oprah as if the market. Front the front judged only care about themselves didn't know it's a good decent beat you hear a web analytical. Wherever it is we we actually wanna give the Al didn't bugger it I'm sure they take you behead Dolan and yeah yeah. They're budget it see other. You know huge burden and party and yet we're girls now I was outcome high schools all day. Not that I've stared at my mother's old deuce magnets that I had the right up you don't let alone. This animal hosts just kinda two weeks late in so you don't which it'll appeal not just to the guys feel like. John drunks and and get a high all the time it. But the marginalized people you know early that the guys who don't fit in an awkward to me that they're forced them to the reformists. For rat on the around. And then. The dean of the school district I haven't heard like yeah. Governor didn't cut it actually was a bootable morality play. Actually and if you hate I don't like him and no offense to anyone who's listening who was I'm sure you were wonderful but I just never liked frat culture. Tell me I'm happy I came on house like yeah I didn't like it ever like nerds on. I don't say that Israel can we get a good nerd laughed before regular throwing. I was still have a personality or do. The homebuyer. 72. Ladies and gentlemen and there are a lot of people that are the lead roles that are iconic. Motion picture legends on this list. Tom Hanks who don't really have as characters who don't really have. First names or say. When he stood in the good the bad and the ugly he was the man well known name. But nobody really actually has no name except for the man whose first name is not a nothing zero there is no first name. In the movie where. When you step to the front you're there for two things to chew bubble gum and I can't. Yeah. And today were a lot about down but we get a box all sunglasses that let you see the alien culture and post Reagan world. They live. Okay job we talked earlier about how John Tierney and had that kickass run from predator to die hard to the hunt for an October. Nobody had a better run I think over a decade. Than John Carpenter Halloween. This thing. Yet big trouble in little China. That they live Owens somewhere in the middle of the their Halloween. There a couple of star man John partner for about 1012 years. Could do a Christine could do actually know wrong in this was sort of like the end of this epic run and this is probably the riskiest of all those movies yeah. It's in many ways the most John Carpenter of all those movies and it's the woman you watch you think well why did he put his muse and it Kurt Russell. I don't know what the stories behind how rowdy Roddy Piper got into it in my current wrestled and Kurt Russell has umpteen million Kurt Russell movies. But Roddy Piper only has that one signature Roddy Piper movie it's the one that makes you wish. That he did more movies always yeah oh it's a crime freaking good in this movie. Climb any never got to do another one NAFTA has an easy to lead in actions semi perfect action hero in this movie. It's the only one that has a fifteen minute fight in an Alley. David Keith and by you and you're out of luck and why it is so it just keeps going on or not it's like. It's the put it this way this fight is the awesome kickass version of the puppet peaking. And team America yeah I always everytime you think it's Albert H that's it. Better and it finally making it because Parker in its own. Did us. I shot for shot remake of it on South Park I clip couple fight yeah the credit crisis yeah for over ten minutes. It's just it's such it also got Meg Foster. It was great in masters of the universe highly and removing and blew the Saving Private Ryan. Even have to execute. Out of you so good when. He's joys of these and clearly I think yeah. It's just it's so thoughtful. It's subversive like who would have ever thought that was for the these aliens were basically like. In commercial Reagan outrage reaganomics America like loaning us into this false sense of commercial satisfaction. And that sunglasses that only this guy not that would ever put on this almost got living in this tenement. That it would turn to this likes kickass scifi action movie afterwards no second and it wasn't hit either. This is one of the movies that re use or developed a life and it's on afterwards. I don't mean to get too deep about a movie that starts or has that quoted above public governments who kicking ass but I I always thought of this movie when like. I would hear someone like chuck. Wake up look around a goal that put the liquor stores stopping at forty you know like apple. Messages cult like after this movie just like a wake up movies yeah subversive in that way and usually right and I don't think is another movie are tireless. It is actually been his culturally significant as far as becoming a Hubei. Artwork. All obstinacy going to. And yeah he's going to say one of those that was then you Newbury comics in it everywhere you see people kids walking around in it. Maybe they don't know it but it all leads back to the darker and by the way when he was wearing the sunglasses and looked at this slick yuppie culture is terrifying it was so. That's all it's. Hey nice air fuel. And you'll you'll look good Jane real (%expletive) actually I expect it not go on to number 71. Number since the do you want but never said he wants kind of a dark horse pick for me I really love this guy that's analysts were founders. Matt Damon Ed Norton John mail pitch and friends explore the world of underground New York City poker will attend and it was part of back in the day. Which apparently is a lot to do is strip clubs bus school in Martin Orlando so Ed Norton plays the aptly named to worm brilliantly. The slimy bottom of the deck dealing do shoot tries to get a report card player Matt Damon to assist him. Campaign back his debt by winning high risk high reward card games. Immelt habits is out of his breezy freaky mind is steady KGB. The Oreo leading poker playing Russian mobster dropping classes classic one liners. While using the worst accent in film history. Owls bats dip pot to win and but got hot I. He might need debts Manny hits money's. Movie is this I think directly responsible for that huge poker boom we have where everyone including my grandma. Learned how to play no limit Texas hold them. Just I think. And a great movie that just came out at the right time in the right place was the big hit discuss huge following when dvd came out was amazing I'm only. And Edward Norton I'll make the case is our greatest living actor under the age of C fifty. It all like just yet. X yeah I mean I would hope Christian Bale in their but it means he's just and this is him at the height of his house. Women at the rate command women in the fall can regulate. Mean you know let me in and just. Early in the weight like Mike McDermott is just so beholden to home because of their friendship even though he knows it's like the self destructive kind of relationship it. Gretchen moll so. Adorable. Let also in that. Annoying female site character movie and and character and a sports movie business and sports with. Smartly and down low as not moral center the whole thing and explain in the whole thing upon emits fine and how why he didn't become a rabbi and his felt like a lot but he says in that waves and I follow bloc has that's where. My heart led me. You shouldn't be a lawyer you should play poker in you rates in the Czech in the fact that might give some money Pacman goes off the Vegas like I did so forgive satisfied. Big PGA it's. She's in our hand I think I just to Tur oh you know my aunt grandma. Yeah I was gonna say just like Matty said it. I was not crazy about. No I was never nuts about this movie but I'm wondering if that merits a re watch because us aside yes I've from the fact that. You know it is responsible for the Texas hold and boom in the poker boom so. And how much you love poker on TV Matty so that six super exciting third everybody's getting a watch cards on TV. But we all get together may have card games again because of that movie I I just. I don't know I mean I I guess because. For its cultural significance in terms of like. Card playing in much not to like I can't put it there it's not a great Matt Damon performance is not a great Edward Norton performance it's agree absolutely fantastic I. I think you'll find that person. Yeah I think you'll find later this hour with that Norton recently read everything yup I think you'll find it it appears to repeated your risk isn't so much like. Just philosophy and later little lines like I finally so quote all the time like. You can each guy Shearer sheep many times PD can only skin am once you know and. You know women of the rake a would have this is yeah so much you would your moral not to steal their money that kindness. Yeah I dated bailed deserve to keep their mind that will only add that did see where he he. We're worm tries that trick the cops on their paychecks. And and Matt Damon doesn't doesn't want him well doesn't want him in on this. And Mal wants the plane and heads up in and and warm you know basically goes behind his back and they both get their asses kicked. Any realizes what they shoot eighty what do shady friend he is. It's it's very telling is very thin at its very underrated I think. Well I also think there's there's a moral center to it the fact that he never given up on where he's always thought even of that happened. The thing with it Teddy KGB Oreo lots KGB is he's not which is so amazing that the outward might was talking with some friends cared about patriots tickets to look at schedule since of the season and we talked about here we go one of the guys money in India wanted to get Cisco's pay dad and his Clinton immediately put up a picture that he cape. So bring gas at a let's move on now to number seven. But at and a man he was that the more young Manning who else are OK look you can't have a hundred guys movie list. And not have Bruce Lee represented on the list and if you're gonna have Bruce Lee represented an analyst you've got to have enter the dragon. On so many things say about this movie. First. Hollywood produced. Chinese Kung Fu movie. Ever made and that everything you heard about this film. And just decided I'm not bragging but ice I'm a martial artists a study martial arts. And actually challenge and file which is this movie kind of takes place in all shalom temple. Everything you heard about this movie in the wild seventies is true. They literally half hathead. They had to hire prostitutes like real hookers and the -- Lex who played the dialects are real derelict and fights are breaking out on the set from. Neighboring triads of these different. Karate philosophies and come food closet fight to break up an extra challenge receipt of a fight this bad ass Triad. Chinese gangster challenged recede a fight was a goes I'm authority and they fought receipt kicked his ass home it's like all the Seve that you're told is give obviously it is kind of true leaders of asked. And this film is unbelievable he egos too many films of copied it since then. He goes out undercover. To get in this fighting tournament sound familiar neck and goes the fighting tournament and you know of course kicks ass he's indestructible there's a lot of things wrong with the film like. It's always made every lap I've watched it hundreds of times too many times. But there's assaulting I didn't realize it's allows a little older. Yes translators. And these other mob we got to speak Italian. Some speaking another language Chinese speaking English and there's clearly see his words receiver like gut tell him. I have no problem with that guy and discuss he has no problem with back to the person that's the biggest makes no sense that. They're not quite sure why he's a spy it is of failing avenge thing all commodities in this tournament. The karate sequences are breathtaking. Specially for the time. It's frightening it's one of those scary movies like that last epic battle he has in the hall Amir's is. Just pretty intense it's wicked intense obviously really got hurt in it you know again wild seventies brokers at oh he hit Jackie Chan a very young Jackie Chan is in this. And Bruce Lee strikes him in real life like kind of hurt them and said to him listen I I'm sorry communal my movies and and receive died. But citizens so much here but it should only him anybody it's the representative. Karate movie or. Kung Fu movie you gotta have it your right you have to have perversely moving on this list and if it's going to be won its commander of the dragon but also. I think you could actually say you need to see this movie because. This is the four runner two or lays the template for. The individual over the top action movie 100 he wasn't like say every movie where it's like six doll play is. This China chop Saki hero and then van dam in this movies Schwarzenegger like this is kind of one of the first ones are it's like. We put this star in this movie and he's got a certain set of skills and or put him against a million to one odds and he's gonna fight his way through. That's Resnick's sounds familiar it is yes and that's it that's all it all starts counselors than of the drag and it's like a James Bond movie to an away because she's would always a scary about bond. He always ended up. In enemies layer. And he was surrounded by all the bad guys they're putting them up nice here's the nicest room he's given the nicest ship payment danger lurked around every single corner and that's similar at this movie goes in this. Literally fighting tournament. Outgunned outmanned out matched and he's being treated well you know again danger and that there's a really subversive like. Darkness to this movie too with the prostitutes in the heroin dealing and and again the prostitutes he watches that movie historically they were real processor they've brought in so it's interesting to watch too great take. A lot of fun enter the dragon is not the only. Downsides entire movies they're that seem kind of in the middle where it's the it was a training thing and if that big doody. Yeah right against yeah at the at a white guy and then you only see his diluted I would can wait until he you know he he fights him and then it never happens to Datsyuk has very any event and it's choppy but yeah that's it's important stork. No absolutely into the dragons are number seven Beck. Number the next number is a favorite or body grunt episode anymore we but the position to number six now numbers sixty now. And you can you can have miracle you can have Youngblood you can have you know what Boone is the latest one. But nothing there is no hockey movie better than slash. Okay 1977. Paul Newman. He's he's the federal league's head coach player coach right. And he goes out there and he is is just did the clubs dying Grassley of Bonaparte this terrible middle Pennsylvania. Town. Charleston chiefs he he's the head coach of and he hears. And they're gonna sell the team he's got a pretty good right now he's kind of it is quite twilight is barely playing any more he's a player coach like you said and he comes up with a scheme now but here's the team's going to be sold. That he's going to make it sound like they're gonna go to Florida. So that bacon you know all the guys possible place for awhile to get the move although all of the whole team now for a while it's all a ruse he gets the local. Now sports writers of push it but at the same time here come these three thugs. They can't. Write I'll. The three Brothers Hanson Brothers and they command any there's just foods to complete Gil owns their horrible can get to the plate where he won't play them. And then finally he just you know they're in such dire straits and you know he needs just can't get any more added mid Braden or any other town is a team. And he values goes. Our employees. So it's which he got in what you see for the next to last minute TC and every hockey arena across the country any NHL AHL. Minor league thing is shown you these clips from the trying to fire the crowd it's the three hits for this writer on the rink. Tripping guys trip to the officials slamming into the goalie. Part of white people going into the crowd. There it at a Wednesday where Jeff comes flying up its next everyone of the opposing players along the bank to get ahead looking over the side see what's happening. It it in his films so perfectly is not a hockey would still like this even miracle which is such a great movie is not killed as well as slaps that was. It's another victim to our snowflake. PC society that you could never make a movie like this. You know not like San website that is mayors is like exactly like other end of the nerds and it's a shame because it's so ruthlessly guy like we always mention guy card jokingly like you Hoosier guy gardeners is movie I think if we cannot lot of hockey guy but we haven't seen slap shot. Usually got card right. All absolutely and you know at L wolf some site carriages and there. The the owner played by struggle Marten river like I now. I am proud I am you know agent is it no penalty box in just masturbating in. Jim Carr is the announcer. Who was actually when the original writers of this Saturday Night Live when efforts on on the air in just hilarious like just. That whole scene if you watch no other seem watch where he's introduce in the Syracuse. It did team how they've just basically like. You know brought out all the old Google would have been banned weapons in our desire. If I thought our league is gonna get back at this ended seeds by bringing in basically all he's retired goons to face it there's nothing but going to be a brawl. And it just waited chiefs the decided played straight right. Yeah yeah exact rules and hides like you know his. You know well it ended his rookie season that was marred by desire. Is criminal charges is deportation. To Canada that country's refusal to accept them well. That's another a lot of 21 year old can handle it does. I if not all of our exaggerated and just and then there's that guy oh gosh I'm blanking on his name by. The the real vulgar guy on the team like they they go to see the ice capades he's got a guy movie or ask. I so bloggers stop and acting only to see all that delicious snacks and a foul play and just it's sold politically incorrect in a group directed by George Roy Hill. And if I'm not mistaken though the script writer was a woman. And it's just in cold all the strange poses for an uncomfortable topless scene but mum public Christmas story this. Try she's topless spread good I've been a. Since well like it's easiest way I she's gotten lesbian and and let infant. Paul little the greatest actors of all times having a. Now I I like women's bodies and I'm a locker room all day it's just Cox everywhere. That's. Samberg. It's look people in nine years. The numbers 68. Number. 68. There's a reason why a. A gravitated a couple of times above the same in any movie could be my favorite. War movie. Because I gave a warm movie. Pat this is just I iconic Disney com. One of the singular greatest performances in the history of blue. Movies like fight George C. Scott if it's possible that I've never watched a movie as many times is not seen as from a floppy and on free TV on. Saturdays. Or whatever what I eat I. Met my. Then girlfriend now lovely wife she in order to get out of the stupid Columbia records movie club she had the fight to movies did you guys like tiger call you. And the planet which movies I should I. Com ID I could get ahold is so I decided to get Patten and the godfather the next day as a method jewelry store about it and explain to me how diamonds were going to. So much is that just. Jumps out of me obviously the big set piece at the beginning Charlotte great movie openings of college ball tyra does play a home media great lines as he deliver a. Where are not just gotta tell the Germans and I don't waited them organic I don't tell living guts and you don't agree such threats of our tanks. They don't know anything more ball real battle and they go. All four dictating and then. It goes all the world what to who wins is great amazing set pieces and him be in this weird sort of historical figure authorities reincarnated. In a bad hole to win ever. I I love this movie it's on my desert island list. Yet Patton is an absolute classic and funny just a classic on this list American class yes listen and every every list on. Even the evening I comprehend that. I George C. Scott Forbes is so good he actually hated the carefully explain the point where. Yeah our time watching it because Cecil Berry you know imagine mr. Hollywood right they're very liberal anti a lot of the stuff that pat would represent. But his scenes are particularly the scene. On where he's he'd that he orders of weather prayer in its true. Stress and so he says you know he'd get the Japanese as you've got to give us a good weather prayer he's basically like you know. I don't know I was gonna receiver or got kill our fellow man he says. If you break in prayer it will. It you know it's my release of the almighty but for me person. And it and by the way the next scene. Clear skies planes and I don't. That when he and I and by the way their mission at that point was to go rescue the guys some band of Brothers who is around that's gone. So that's why he was pouring in for a clear whether so they go see these guys who had just pulled the Germans and a surrender of request. Not that there. A man that Allen Glenn has to be say that's right and so what does he do he gives Chapman meant. Paragraph Diego whether it's funny I thought of that scene of the day because we were soldiers on Mel Gibson not agree war movie true story capsule. And he's praying and with the young actor's name is skates mean he's like oh lord please show on the way in delivering devoted and also interesting that our enemies and pray to him and he. The beat is like. God ignore the heat and prayers are our enemy shouldn't hit a it's gonna bring to the toilet Unita guy like that you need a patent to win a war as unseemly as you know you we want them on the law and that movie really kind of makes them human at the same time but it. It brings up that it's and nasty business. Can make game startling if not probably very upsetting invention. I've never seen Patton. It's I've never seen that I I hadn't seen routers I I think it seemed to scenes I admit it might actually be the only movie on the hundred I've Nazi and I feel like such a lesser man I feel like I feel. So inadequate for having nerves in Georgia this in this. I've seen them p.s haven't seen that didn't act. Yeah I'll go by you and. It something that just imprinted on me as a young age at. And I'm pretty sure like we went to the plaza turned. When driving in Braintree and my mom with the guy that you watch them Disney movie and my brother and my cousin who had. Gone to the other side like ask that they could take me and sell I sat there and I watched. It open. With the music I was just poignant and I the American flag that fills the screen there this scaled it. And then George C. Scott watts up in these miniscule yes I realize the scope of it. And he's making a speech to his troops that was all based on a real speech that he gave it. Every bead of it is perfect it's an epic it's the kind of thing that would be hard to make today unless you use tons of CGI these actual tanks and stuff. Do yourself a favor. I think I have seen it legislators and wondering. I'm gonna ask you guys like Ernie McCracken going to risk than outside Jamaica. Let's move on an amber and at that threatens a personal favorite from because like French connection with say. Movie lost movie that you so much movement it was one of these things that he would take on it just in the coming late late night at me bro and exactly that's what I. Our ice lot of dad movies I mean. I've seen got the guns have never enforced ten from that round is that I mean man card back. I know there's a little bit and I'll quickly say that the music I was playing was by Jerry Goldsmith who was. That John Williams and his time sure and we haven't mentioned a lot of really help them but do you really okay. Hey if there's anybody in American culture who has been better at what they do. Relative to their competitors more than John Williams and I don't know who that person as I clearly he's damaged a whole code. With but it. Acts Derek ultimately did their music for total recall he did the music for basic instinct. He's composed most of the other great soundtracks. Prior to the year 2000 and then that baton was passed on there I was at their protector. On it I'm never 67 now. No men and sixty cents and those are getting more more creepy is that what. That shot outfit of that was my spirit nick did seem vulnerable time when he did the departed. Which we had departed. Jack Nicholson's accents. Worst Boston accent. Ever performed a cute little Wear socks that refusing to Wear socks that but that's my really only complaint about the depart tonight loved this film. Food everything else Leo shedding his lame his lame Titanic skin. And really got transforming into an undercover cop who infiltrates the jacks Irish mafia. That sounded. Day. We get it and actually use whatever your limits and you want for you okay. DiCaprio is intense in this you don't know he's going the snap to do was torment appearing angered he doesn't know is a good guy or bad guy. Matt Damon is at his best years in speed ups not kids in good will but the biggest surprise in this film is sergeant dig them played by. Maki mock. Academy Award nominated. By his core is this his career defining performance. May be. Maybe not maybe (%expletive) yourself. Yeah I I think this I'm sorry skip I love you and I felt I felt this movie is vastly overrated to. As I did yeah yeah well you really care I. I could've left it off the top hundred it's yeah airline I can I. I think it might be the fifth best Scorsese movie that won the Oscar 'cause they said. Kind of a whole room on a lot of legal otherwise it's Scorsese's directorial sentinel. And that's like. Owed him one. One like that resonant it's you know we we don't DiCaprio to get eaten by a pair let's get comment on story I think with with this thing was it to them. Okay Abby DP the ultimate tech student what CGI raped by a bear. Wahlberg wasn't an ominous that was just he was seen I just to continue. And he went around yelled and everyone like. Angry but lately that I saw Doug Baldwin was brilliant and I was funny and I I thought really strong what was I can't really tell district I go pregnant. Our decisions like a real solid B. But you know. What are your thoughts if you like this I. I liked this movie but I don't know if I would included in the 100 no listen. I know it's no kick boxer but yeah. I've been like yeah is it is a good movie of course is eight. Is it well made is it Quinn essentially is it Scorsese is it should be called probably wicked scoreless daisy. Mark callers good. Leo's grey Damon as acts on probably only one who really knows the Boston accident spot on when you watch the first time and maybe the second time you're super entertained. What I call it his best movie are like top 100. What's the reason why guys need to see because it's a cluster of guys all like sort of like. Into weaving a web and it's Boston's quintessential crime movie yes. Yeah I don't I don't hate it unless an hour ago or five guys creating a top 100 movie list. From Boston. Yes but Oden. I'd help out give it the credit that it deserves as. An interest in telling of the Whitey Bulger story you know it's really cool but at the same time it's offset by haven't listened to a Martin Sheen say Michael processes. Says a thousand times in one. But what about when deputy attorney got toward marsh. Scored two probably get what you put the talent on this instead. Now listen you guys you guys are mistaken here I'm gonna go and correct the record right now. I departed belongs in this list it is a an easy superb donate cop. Drama okay and in the point where swears daisy. Masterfully either mix is he's so. Strong actors aren't. Are always like the sixth guy yeah it's all right here as far as the had a strong personalities when stone is mr. French able to pull one together. You have such incredible drama with the Seymour Martin Short short has played for my CD's is calling you run for the building yeah. Don't tell me anybody want to go moon and because you went out expect net it ending is a grace incredible the entire scene of the golden dome the aspirations you have that aids. I departed belongs in this list Hezbollah. Along now for. Meg and all our Gary does when he's well on Al aren't I gonna go to number 66. Spot. Now it's time I've snow slowed say that this is the best sports movie ever made I will I know the. Should this yeah the focus say. Yeah focus and save the best football movie ever made is Rudy fair enough Rudy. And I. It's a controversial topic lot of people find that it's too sappy a lot of people find that Rudy is annoying it is video pepper spray to me. May be by virtue of the fact that by marriage Ayman Notre Dame fan. That this is like one of those moments in that that part of the lore revolt like I got to go to Notre Dame game a few years ago with the Irish rose when she went to school. And I got a call from my cousin back in Massachusetts and how many Rudy quotes have you done so I told you over under is. 500 like Ted at at everything from just like. Going to the grotto and end in my hand and just. I'm not like with him. This field ever know today his coach buzz CG and all that and just everything from. Yup nothing harder to another let's athletic down the fact that it's. Generally speaking true not a 100% true they played fast and loose with a few of the fact that the the video exists of. Hit the way he actually needed the ad people did she had his name. Sean Aston is phenomenal. And Ned Beatty at the point where. When he gets the letter and sit on the bench looking across the lake of the gold adult and he gets a letter saying he's been accepted after going Holy Cross College it took years. I am a train wreck and I I think it's a. It's the template for. Don't feel good underdog story not named Iraqi. I feel like it should be on the list it's quintessential guy movie although I'm not a huge fan of it I don't think it's for whatever reason I wanna analyze it now. I don't think it's aging well I feel like there's a lot of ground swell backlash against it I've heard some people's support editing and there. Well I don't know what it is this is it does in the Asian lobby where came out it was at all my god and now after a couple of years I'm like. But I think Rudy has to be on this list beautifully filmed we give me that goes against it and goal like no doubt in all of the dollars that they do a great job of like I don't get mission of Notre Dame when you walk through the process you're like oh my god I'd get an idea why has so much him it's it's well executed it's just. Does seem to be something missing form an ambulance I don't gonna outside inside outside I'm gonna get Colombo. Yeah go go go. Just. And these movies with. Leach and asked him was the biggest name them movies he was a huge sorry had done the duties he had done about rock. What's I didn't want. It's gotten Charles Dutton and two guy in a movie that I love moving it up priest named John five bro. Just a lot of known names make an great piece of film. A lot of the priest who was actually the owner are all of the New York knights who is trying to like undermine it oh ya he plays appraiser has a great Larry does. And forty years of a religious studies have learned to incontrovertible facts one there is a god and two I'm not him. I thought god he's finished at the desk. Director of this movie was David and spot. His feature film debut may not surprise many Hoosier areas. Has I'm hearing from him again. So. As the score on balloons and you can listen to that general sense that natural once again natural yeah are there girls or he can listen to. And is it just takes you Whelan then apart when they're in training. And you know you know they're running the the drills hit the pads on coach again do it the whole thing if you're not a football player. Never grow up playing football game of the relationship you have it and what. NFL highlight package have you not have you watched that didn't have. Like the routing music and but what about the parents of the two teams now OK and I just real quick a a small part played by. Act two is mentioned earlier who might have been his first role to my knowledge that Vince Vaughn. And his name is O'Hair was lightly unlike Carol YCJ calls a O'Hara for no reason today content. Lara get unveiled writing and maybe you'll play like can't let it be first in instead yet no one of those scouts who had to say his career citizens of since this is the same we've seen Bob could be bothered Rudy realizes and I think he did it for awhile about moving on that a hug how many times have you hugged your body. Knowing that this is probably last them receiving a longtime. And you pull it very little right then right like. That's our thing and how many times that avenue. How many times have you seen a site said. This is the most beautiful sight EC these guys and every. How many times you go on ready to this witness to the room. Rudy run it and he. And you really need a moment that was that was plenty of times. Gary Bartlett barber and are you actually can. Not Jerry the last two movies in a row you have actually argued compelling enough case that were right to have enough time this weekend I watched Patten Henry. And that's the entire purpose of this podcast who I am tired of these mother (%expletive) and snakes in the most I blame but I am not tired of that Jerry and RL and that is the reason I wouldn't want round numbers 65 probably the most controversial film in the entirely legally numbers six teeth. I'm shocked it is. One thing. One thing. I don't see why this should be controversy all of here. At all our age and demand. I think this is required viewing it's about a man's midlife crisis it is city slickers. Heartbreaking. Although funny scene the kind of kicks this off Billy crystal's giving a speech and his kids' school about what he does for a living in this like an all firefighter or whatever constructs or arm or exactly. He gets up and describes how he basically sells radio advertisement to care. I saw another benefit I do not think about how many of us have not felt like Alec what do I do whoa who am I now the scary part about this I was about to say. If you're our age. You haven't seen this in your man wrestling with these things you should go see this immediately and I realized. This movie takes place of him turning for. Hooked us younger than I am now it's terrifying. But he takes his friends on this cattle roping this you know cowboy adventure and they meet Jack talents. And it's it's a coming of age movie for an adult male it's a buddy movie it's about friendship fundamentally. And it's about one thing and Jerry you mentioned. Kevin Costner looking at his wife and child's. On the swing. And realizing that's what it is and this movie has a moment that is exactly like that I would argue as powerful for me at least. I think city slickers is the ultimate guy movie in a way. It's super funny to its. There's still a lot of great laughs like yeah there's the birthday party early on if it were David Stern yeah there are fewer benefits gay affairs are in his life like. Majors aren't. Hey by Gabriel are big I big chill out I. Yeah. I don't like crystal has become one of those comedians work. Are the blues performers were for some reason it's become easier or like for awhile was cool to make fun of them aren't like belittle him. But it just because of that sort of like the broad nature in which you performed. But still funny and there's so. Much damn hard in this and I think it was also wrong by. Come on acute nerd because Edwards in most bitterly George. You know Lowell Ganz and Babylon and exactly right up there are and they were just like. They were screen writing royalties for the longest time and this is like it's another of those movies where. Sure there in parts you can nitpick about it. And yes it's in now it's tacky times and as long sentimental stretches where like the model and emotional pace gets a little thick that like. It's great a supposed to root me. I was just see Matty NS that was one of the Q&A few who really wanted to this on the list because I I felt the same way you did about this. Actually a couple of years ago I remember we're cleaning out your your house where you move into your new. And he goes do you want any of these posters I said I want one from my office that is I took seriously its just won't make that thing on our show. On many nick we do Susan. We're talking about a guy wrote an article on the in the globe and analysts and it was about. Us guys are literally. Endangering ourselves because we're not spinning of time together it's a major health crisis sermon but he's not spending time together and and and being together and who doesn't wanna go on a Callaway event to their friends and that's also a theme in this movie is like let's reconnect. Jude's. You know I'm from me I think it might be my Rudy and that. I sighed and it didn't velcro itself to my soul the way did you guys and so we reviewed it bears another visit I think I was sort of heaven that. Billy Crystal New York guy kind of fatigue I think I'll like I don't I'm just gonna be more annoyed but he got a great work yeah he's just a real movie 61 which I wanted heat in it was gene and. You know Kirby the late brutal guy is awesome in this Harry met Sally knows there's very funny in this column airing on its a great little combination Billy Crystal and Andrew what about David Stern member when he was that a top. I guess when this seventh pick in the draft as New York Knicks select he is today. Let's move on now we're gonna go with number six force an equal number sixty full I didn't think this movie was funny the first time SR. Didn't he was funny watching a repeat viewing. And it and it and 44. Will have wide range you think there's no you've got to be kidding me you didn't think it's not a ceiling line because it was one of those things where everyone's like you are gonna think this is the greatest comedy of all time built up too much for and that's why in the right and it's same thing they have in me with a hangover. And it to the movies old school. And it's. I watched the first NASA policy analyst funny wasn't the greatest comedy about timely does expect a lot people built little miss sunshine up the same mind you we're gonna love this same thing with a hangover. That you watch there were then each vehicle goes and it's really watch it twenty times in a row and it's it's everything it becomes everything it's. It's will pearl trying to re gift the load the bread maker expects him an accident Vince Vaughn son at the birthday what do you think masses got three speeds. I'm we actually gave this to you for your wedding it's local domestic audience of egos commute to new beginnings. A stand. And right. It when you talk about quote quotable movies out that you in the in the two thousands there was anything better than airmen performing. You know. Every once said that whenever you we're gonna curse and nearly airmen that for me. Wolf parliament's months so amazing Luke Wilson is playing around as pre his AT&T pitchman and his and but the Dan band singing total cost of the heart and just. Read that disclose the greatest. Moment and it's evident they are great and Eric in appearances stars in hunt still and I loved it and Weymouth zona about Iraq according. Loan or seeing as they aid if they were up to me this would be lower on the list at least since then. Wedding crashes you know the similar cast of whatever I just think like it. Was a great premise and I think it was kind of there was a muted will Farrell was some muted. Luke Wilson and then. The end where it's like the last that we can talk about these comedies with a third act where is okay. And does say and his college yeah about the complete is lacking experience stunts like that what that's why god and I have both guys have the jumble of lords why why why we ran and why. Was. From. Jeff why is Jimmer Jeremy Piven the dean Blake eventually ruled that extreme for a guy who's thirty year very little. Team and. Aides. It doesn't have served does that. Paris around had to give him a lot. There's so many great moments and as a mile I I get out so that that the plot while the part of the sensibility falls apart completely the fact that they have to live and they'd dot campus bang it in his buddies basically just convinces him to start a paternity. That seemed to look at. Bald guy. Abbott era must every time he told you can hear my right I just say there's a million things in this movement to make its debt as some Williams gut it by the pool is that pull you. Pretty big story here there is absolutely this one isn't starving but. He ends out I just there really any a lot of that what I. Stickers that he did these guys that we just there was just a nation tonne of dismissed fires in this so I I would put Lola but applying some analysts. It's 160. Theory here. Numbers six. Bond film boy did it gives more time that. Bridge smash. Your assistance down you know promote everybody get comfortable. The reliance who is 16309. When he who had gone home. And how. Little fun but I've read. Did show it to finish the slew of cool. Welcome you back to Seattle and wrong. Since piano well. And his movies so great that it's not only learning sign found. But it escorted beginning kill bill. Oh that's our candidate opening you'll go thinner then the dish best served called an old clean on my honor. I mean like okay. Guys this isn't a movie this is. Truly. Maybe how many plays have there where their Shakespeare like 3233. Like great town microphone works yet this is the one forgotten. Shakespeare and work because that's the only way you can describe I have. The intergalactic mellow drama. Free tool we've been Kirk can come. Never before cope but this is that true. This is actually James won't even better journal and try to not that I know and you have to look. I mean like it when you look at just like converse is Kirk the melodrama between the two like they never share the same piece of set. Just like in heat they only have like one shall receive the two guys together you get these two giants. Two TV stars to movie stars together. And they just like I don't know how far over the top you can go to where you basically he reset the standard. And you reach this new level of brilliance but the two of them together. Bring out the best of each other in this movie. It's it's a good Saigon hi I'm glad I I went to a whole essence that's really the best car it's that I think it's the best site bicycle it's far and away the best Star Trek movie and don't. I don't want again in the argument messy. When all eyes out knowing no one would argue it's the not the best Star Trek down movie period and also a master class in two. Brilliant. For actors Tennessee who can outdo the other just does it though those culturally we had like just completely. Over the tops off. And then in the middle of it Leonard Nimoy Cambridge is owned Lyndon B boy with. Dead great and that great heartfelt thing about it. You. And always. It will be my friend and just. Actually got Reggie you know he's coming back don't know they've got to killed spot nevertheless it's still tear your heart rate ID your chance to see him. Open it up the correct in his like last Koran quote moment. Did you guys give us a lot of pros right there than any cons. We are preparing our. The only way you know I don't think we'll get a CA I'll hear upon that bad but I'm just gonna have to check up now on. A guy. I have a friend named Louis were in a lawsuit I guess I have to sue them so. I get nothing your blog I don't have a right hell yes optical unimpressed. I'm. A but it's the movie is so I'd I'd I'd take it I. Left near city a couple of months ago and one of my favorite at last memories of your city was. Every summer does that mean you're playing me not doing. They did you are our. Summer summer in Bryant Park which is in midtown judge just slightly on the westside of Manhattan. They do every Monday night they do free movies and they have a giant of that huge screen that they erect an HBO sponsors the movie series this year like 1012 movies. Geez a couple of favorites a couple of all these that's where a scene like Elvis movie as opposed closers twice seen jaws out there. And the last of the movie they closed the Tony sixteenth season with a probably the last policy their my brother and I. Went and saw starter to the wrath of Conn outdoors with a thousand people. And everybody knew every line in the UC. That there are people in their early twenties and there are people on their late fifties all out there. Just going cot screaming just for this movie like you understand the generational appeal. They even with the Hokies sat the hokey special effects and even with the ham fisted acting. That it has such broad multi generational appeal. The best and no idea that you guys can be that reliant. It's deep at all. I think that's rule that so we're gonna keep moving on now we're looking at number Ali you know just real quick though haven't Spock giving up from self. Yes the tee and I mean you know I got in the current slime like. Well this holes I've known. Is OK GB began open. Oh yeah I want I'm gonna hold you guys of this right now if I should get hit by lightning on the way home tonight or whatever. I need one of you to say that in my funeral. End here at M if I managed outlive my actuarial table live another six months. I need somebody in this room to stand up that might be in on this day fusion driving me whom she has done an. A lawless all's I've known as was the most human. Yeah well I dizziness that even. I know that the bulk they slide Nixon I heard happenings he's taking notes I hope that on happens I want to live long and prosper. Numbers six feet ten opponent of carried me likes to Heidi about. Are well stated. That both analog it'd be good Jerry but I just count I don't. I had that number 62. He's dead Jim. Number 61. To 62 cup putt number 62. Were the oil penises launch. At best yet as Quebec that it John Landis there this is 1980 eight's coming to America. Eddie Murphy ROK now it's pretty much the army. Peak right because you know he went maybe that he presents later but this was. John Landis Eddie Murphy in fact the scene in which. He's walking around so Eddie Murphy's the the African prints it comes to all places queens refineries clean program he's walking and he wants to pretend he's a Forman who takes a fistful of money and said he. Played guy. I saying all right honor. Has it he had take away from things they port hand it to a couple of bombs and it turns out to be. Places threatening had a designated place anxiety or whatever back. And so Paul Pierce flying in bad does danceable 51. You know yes to eat out a picture of him patriots guard says border over there that fantastic. Coming to America is one of I I think the great American comedies in the fact that. It is so perfectly done. And prince going to queen define his cleaned the idea that bit me bowels of this ball Bentley did have. If based. And ripped up McDonald the bid to create their very important they've got they've got the Mac we've got a big guys don't like well one of the greatest physical comedy bits ever. Is when John Legend John Amos is showing him around. And he opens up the door and science and little. I'd trade any signals of hoops and golf lover constantly. Just as all kinds of that money on the counter top with a guy like milk shake. And about six built for the government to everywhere and I irony is thick. That's how. Are you not let this and I think I'll be odd burger government tried. At a couple weeks are they up to assist Amanda now suing the big bucks are really well and that is such a great anywhere letting little cameo as straight to the entire thing. Now which is so great but then you have DNC with this Samuel Jackson makes the cameo you bust in the back. Yeah I think and it please refrain. I. What's it like. Real life pet thing that we get paid bit. It's. It. Shots are young guys and it says that it is an answer to what they did later yeah but they sweep out and I asked him on Jackson and now. Who calls goes frees you these these these rhinoceros fizzled and I are looking medical. The Internet and to an ounce of speed and good. That's settled by the barbershop scene where there arguing right Oxnard we're legal we talked earlier rock and all of it I don't that's. Zelikow okay. I McCollum. When we talked earlier about Austin Powers in like Mike Myers playing these various roles those guys were curses so that like. And our City Hall I think several later on became kind of a cartoon character got a character himself but then this which you guys. The incident really Taliban like a variety of characters that they were it. Laid out a nightclub at that scene Alia you and you wanna lose his spot on James Earl Jones have to oversee and my son works. The testing for gas and the entire film with the classic American company. We gonna move on now and number 61. Aaron line and line and in. So hey Steve Morrow. Final bill move special number two hockey movie. Two story miracle. Mom probably the second greatest hockey movie ever made behind Mighty Ducks thought the quack quack. Not starring Emilio Estevez it's the ultimate underdog story of a bunch of rag tag college kids learning to work together and all the be heavily favored opponent in this case the judge you're not that was the 1980 Soviet hockey team. We watched them train bond to become a team and we wait for that shot by Mike you're losing money. This also led to my brother Bobby and me doing herb Brooks impersonation spent the next twelve years. Annulled for the Rick players greatly. A million for the best players Craig. What the Britain's. Akin to the Minnesota as well but howry watchable as this movie everytime it's on you watch it you know how it's gonna and Boston based a lot of players from being you. The kid who played below seat took his life last week so it's this is this podcast is dedicated to him. Romney's. Did you see memo that you played OK now. There and I know nothing about the act apple if that want to have always loved about this movie is that. They're silly they took hockey players and had them act as opposed to that they had taken a collection of twenty act isn't single play hockey I don't think it's the same movie. On the way to not to get to his side bit to things annoy him a source who was on that vein is getting you know athletes who can't play at your Jimmy out Daria place athletes is when. You will basketball players stop casting people like thirteen reasons why did the stud basketball players and act you can tell is never shot a jump shot he's like. You don't shootings horrible bricks and then I golf movies with a bad greens stop it enough. This movie miracle I'm not a hockey guy. You know how it ends and when you're when you're like something out how good movie is one of the things is to considerations how hard of a job filmmakers had. And when you have a thing like this everyone knows what happened has been beaten to death we've heard you believe in miracles a billion times and yet when they hit that moment. It works and I will credit your boy. Mix hero. Kurt Russell who is. Don't tussle with the Russell man he in the muscle muscle he's he nailed that pocket and his performance he looks like me sounds like a he became M it's a great turn and look at this it is and we sell breaker Russell as one of like the all time most much he's evolved guy action stars like I think it was somebody who may appear on this list as much as anybody else. But this is one of his more subtle nuanced performances. And emails that he nails the spirit of it and you know it's not a dog person nation but it's the spirit have any makes you believe it and I just heard him. As he's been doing all the press regarding the Aussie to on Bill Simmons podcast recently and he talked about how. He thought it was a pretty mediocre screenplay and I'm sure if we already it would be but it was about. Getting the right guys in place and how to hockey players really brought it to life and that everybody that was in it. Likes that story and knows how important it is to American history in sports history that they gave it their all and they took mediocrity. And raise it to a level of cinematic enjoyment and making this one of those movies that every guy and not only need to see. But wants to watch or give Josh and buy time and again. And I think what was most brilliant the notice how they captured the mood like I vividly remember this day. That game that win checks every single superlative as far as. Biggest. Sports moment biggest upset most dramatic while you don't get to pick a superlative that hasn't. And they captured because those spirit of the country at the time like how just. I don't know just demoralized. When we felt or whatever and it did silence hackneyed cliche to say that our hockey win the elevated the spirit of the country it's flat out did in if he'd want to know what that was like. Watch that movie. There's documentaries about it to the capture but the movie sure dramatizes that in. Tightly in his herb Brooks his wife was like a real the whole milk in that. You know what's funny is I put this on my original list of 100 and now is like oh god I hope this makes the list somewhere and just thinking in my don't want those. Movies that may have felt by the wayside maybe you know you guys didn't think of highly of it. A bit as I did or or maybe you know you forgot about late ilk as everyone forgot about you know whenever movie they forgot about as us. I was so happy that to see that every one genuinely enjoyed. This movie and didn't forget about yet it was. In the movie itself is like the impossible movie right it's almost like the team. You can't make this movie does great work that's I mean it's just too hard for it and it's just not possible and you get a studio like Disney's not. Known Ford being able to pull off a feel like this a drama without make its super sappy atlas air parts of editors champion and the outs but. Two ended Jim Craig story that this father. Pulling that out with that and then you have by Kurt Russell's performance we talked earlier this scene where he's make him going again and again that is. Ridiculous scene but doesn't work of Kurt Russell is it completely sold in the fact on this and that up and get a deliver the cheesy is lines of the whole thing and yet I love it is cheesy is this. I don't. And I blame the United States. I and I. You're out of there is a name on the front a hell of a lot more important than name on the back and brought to your point Disney. In a very Smart thing without movies I'm thinking back on it like his speech in the lockers of the with with very limited exceptions. They didn't do is in the fight they stripped it down actually and those locker room scenes are greedy. And there they had a lot of her hand held it it feels surreal that was a really Smart mocha they could shop bat like greatest game ever degrees story are polar Everett got it all glossy and they didn't they stripped down it's a hockey movie. Really well and remember what is the most difficult thing to do but to try to synthesizer. Re create drama when everybody knows her. The story and we already know the ending of the movie. Who makes it tough in that I could get to go one for us and our second time yeah. You guys you know and just. A a lot of oil attack now okay well wrap up here on the buck euros Terry Thornton nick Stephens. Urgent yet so many Blackberry guys some thank you hear and believe in your car and you are at this stage and and our player I can follow us and we you're following a policy now and it's off on Twitter. At real BS one a one because with this it was involvement dubious one so where I had real real BS 11. And it's certainly Matty nick and I every afternoon breeze seven W ever play. And and Jerry toward Boris who sports. And Georgie skip around every bush says spying and her friend so we we're gonna have to show and welcome. And we will see you next time take you so much for listening to part two we will be vaccine witty part three as we look at the last sixty. Movies and our Boston sports when one greatest guy in the realistic here.