Boston Sports 101 - Top 100 Guy Movies Part 1

Monday, May 15th

Buck, George, Thornton, Nick, and Matty discuss the top 100 guy movies. This week we present 100-81.

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Right that sound means we're back here in sports one on one PS 101. I'm your host uncle buck and I get Italian we have a room. Well folks here tonight because every one. This part of a BS one on one Stanley through tonight for our project. Our pet project that we are working on to let me introduce everybody. I Jerry Norton. Is witness. It's a leg up. The death highly heir Nicky Stevens. When in the dog any out there and dirty GAAP. I'm BBA. Yeah. No. That upper. A lot of people just canceled and that did commander on the big toe issue. Many like joining us you can ruin me. Two who have do you don't bore. Now that we run. At this. Madonna no it felt great I like yours still live for a regular kind should be okay. It's perfect would be one of the best Tucker I'm. Well that is what we're talking about tonight is I guess number one. Movies 181. Of the 100 greatest guy. Movie list and fellas this thank you all first of all the surprise that we started months ago how about a round of applause for all of. Not only being able to put together this list but finally getting in the same room and being a yeah. As I said like you're Airways that hey guys I like to think that some weird Mass. General there are five guys approximately our age. Putting in this much effort this much concern to locate some end design and it's going till like to stop the disease and cure for a. No they did not work this hard and. There isn't much about it is we still well this project that he was just like dude I had no idea units that they would do this just started the show and I was like serve whatever guy I don't really knows where this gray wolves is due this. But here we got that we come up with a hundred greatest guy I was list. Movie list and we're just gonna bring him down wondered time that what we wanna win at home there member yours we fought for months of this OK this. Guy he's a very very personal. OK so whether or not you agree with us or you have movies that we should have added you just gotta remember that this is coming from five guys with. We're so shocked. About how different some of our selections but also if people happen to disagree AA. Please make sure that you tweet at us now that we have an official Twitter handle which is real BS went on so go ahead and feel free to. Log your complaints voiced your descent or agree with us whatever else. And remember that in the construction of this list it took just getting us on the same room were excited about but also. The way we were able to put the list together was five guys creating their own list of the hundred guy movies. And then arguing. Over which ones that we all agree on which ones we don't agree on. And that alone that was like now I understand why somebody says like well it's clean drinking water a second half got on this yes. Yeah no absolutely neck because if you if you look if you actually saw the way this broke down. There's probably thirty out of a 130%. Of these we all kind of agreed even some of them we may be our favorite ways the least the greed they belong and -- hundred greatest Silas. The other seventy. World like that backs it was like you know we're all coming from different cars with spikes out of them in like helmets and explosions and little kids running around it was the definition of what constitutes a guy movie it was all of our long. Definition oh really BBA. Like for instance okay this isn't just movies that have a high body count this as just carnage this isn't just our read it always I mean I know when I personally put my list together. I I categorize and wanted. X number of war movies actually always called police crime movies comedies and got to have that arm. And you know as scifi and everything in between and not everything means. That no woman would have a watch VC and you know I mean it's not all. Just dumb ass or read there is things that I I mentioned I about. A white gloves Tarantino movies but there's not a comedy on this list that she would sit down and watch with me because she thinks they're all really stupid and Isaiah locked room. Right that's why that's why we enjoy them. Iowa couldn't kick it out we're going to start at the top of the list here we go number 100. Okay. 102. I forgot we got professional voice it says the duties. Swingers is swing is our number 100 movie ice and mean this was Doug Doug Lyman directed this but he also did Bourne identity talk about in two different movie. And also did the edge of tomorrow which is one of the most underrated scifi realized outside threat right. Pesos a John Barbara written project it was like a passion project it was funny because he watched him Rudy. OK he was like at large John yeah yeah and it was almost like he was going to fat suit because I tiny camp out with swingers he was you know 13 of himself. He's a New York guy coming out the live in LA and just trying to survive out there but it's it's a very typical like mid twenties comedy. In which you're trying to orders got the wrong way it looked like we inking it on your you're you're trying to pay a pizza guy on your friends are in the other room making. Making its Alec is a gay orgy going on deeply he typically does occasionally and also made playing. Like NHL hockey 97 on a Saturday night drinking with your friends seem like the cool thing to do yeah and they're sitting there and you're talking about and it is telling what to do it doesn't care who wins this is. Responds character. He isn't everyone's just wants to make his buddies. Wayne Gretzky the lead is that there's another where energy separate you write is handled pop open. And it it hit the criteria a lot of the movies that'll be on this list than that it's bond a bunch of catch phrases and money at all so my money. Also a musical craze I'm and is it fair to say that that hole. Selling music scare of the late ninety's pretty much game as a direct result of the mindset sir orchestra aisle and I always thought it was a daddy yeah. And zippers. That will not have you besmirched the score and that's it and Erin Nash. Pressure and surprisingly delicious can't pay raise your hand if you bought any of those swinger CA's there are five ends up in this room. Also what about the idea that. Sometimes we love these movies when somebody just jumps out of nowhere like did you ever Jon Favreau or Vince Vaughn and four ultimately you receive holy duty extended at all it was to me you know he didn't recognize them and he did now because you look at the different degrees and looks into it by with. It. Some sort of hot news right I wasn't sitting there waiting for him to say yeah I Hewitt to work and you as its lead sins like he did you room we also. Well you know who's a wild man now Ron Livingston made his and I went this early abilities and how about Heather Graham young Heather Graham abroad could you. I till it that's number 100 we're gonna move on now to number 99 we'll have a good number 99 number nine Steve. I and I got stripes for its comedy on the list that is human swingers is sort of a dark comedy whatever palm. Uncle buck and I have fought each other physically and all that all of this and that I feel like this movie belongs analyst at slowly but it's. Even though it's two thirds of a great movie that the third act fell into the capital lot of eighties comedies did seventies and eighties comedies where. They didn't really know what to do with this great premise and all these characters. So wouldn't it appear to cheap seat the whole part where they go into into Eastern Europe and the RV which has nothing to do with anything with just garlic and or out of ideas like. As a satire is. You know of of up parity of of the military of Bill Murray. At the most his most Bill Maher he finished. And talk about catch phrases that's a fact Jack. You know that the songs it into deuce like you know do what did he became. Read it came a giant song only because they did it in the you know. Sir and sequence. I think also argued in fifty is still my dream vehicle is ugly that they did not willow driver and I would say NS second viewing. The technology on that camper doesn't age well this particular technology. Doesn't. And terms of like. One of the things are talking audio analysts like to quote ability of them yet like. Yet you said that the facts Jack just like I'm Julie are you do you read any U haul almost some of his coaching and qalqilya like and I plan does Francis like this only goes in line and also I can't tell you how many times not that anyone has given a flying (%expletive) about it but damage hasn't been like. I rarely Wear underwear but when I do it and yeah. Seven a special way and also it. For guys like us but whose dads grew up watching him be a tough guy or like a a suave leading men our second fiddle to million movies. It brought Warren oats to the conscious of like the young kid who was watching was like who's this guy is playing the drill sergeant like why aren't outs ever brought your dazzling golf man he's. He's one of the great ones it was the perfect storm of everything that. Only made it 70%. Oh it calls when Harold Ramos was teaching in Mike is such a big shift. Right back I'd better on a Monday have a heart stood still and only people ESL class got to do. Rod run did you run answer yet. It was it was hit in that respect it was cool. It brought in who did the crazy one degrees when the stock James Woods. Introduced us and I asked John now you join John Young bad guys out as an absolute smoke. You know the aunt Jemima treatment distress are so much. Larry is the lead. Bill Murray in the lead role in you know I as his big break I think I have separate cash and no it's on and he is not just our check Jackie was it was with Bill Murray absolutely great climate PJ soles. And I wish I Frank's poster Adam thanks for being a two minute treatment. How a mile long. You Abbott demonstrates that so many so many classic lines but let's go on now we're gonna move on to number nine the lack eight. And that is anybody hit in the united than ninety none at night in DC east. I'll boy what do I say about Rushmore. At first blush I think you might not think this is a guy's movie but I think it might be one of the most guys movies on this list. It's about your first love your first crush it's about oh. Our relationship with an older. Wait for a release of an older man but it's okay 'cause it doesn't get weird I would guys like that. You know if you were influenced by a father figure in your life. It's Wes Anderson had his best I think maybe not his funniest may be not his most technically proficient. A fantastic mr. fox might get that award but it is him at his best it was the first time we saw the billboards the full screen with the billboards. And his whip pans and the narration like only he can do. And it's moving and it's it's about what it's like to be a boy coming of age it's about really it's a very dark comedy. It's about a man whose hit absolute bottom in Bill Murray and it's an incredible. Performance my favorite bill Murray's ever there's two scenes that quickly reference one. In the barbershop. Where he meets. Max Fisher's dad for the first time and realizes he's not some fancy be excited to barber. And he just there's this you don't Wes Anderson is only he can do push is in a Bill Murray any displaced pitched to he just loses it any. He says it's simply painless procedure and when he walked out of that haircut Bill Murray he's a changed man. And it's that type of decision the directors don't make. The only Wes Anderson and guys like him make those decisions. And the other CNET reference that I think it's one of the funniest scenes in movie history is when their cranking each other one upping each other. End. Max Fisher played by Jason Schwartzman sneaks b.s into bill marries hotel room and again Wes Anderson just leaves the camera unmarried. And marry reacts. To go. Now in his looks like not like it's our end good for him good for Max he won not me and then immediately. OSHA there's b.s and I remember distinguish it out and that piece of acting is so subtle. On so I think it's a quintessential. Coming of age film. And for men who might be going to a difficult time and for any young man who's trying to figure out what it is like to be a man in this world I think it's a perfect movie. These are OR Scruggs. Oh art yeah. And well on clay gas Manny and you're out there that's where he city surprising golf balls don't awesome people why is watching his ex wife and hear her current might whatever it is the situation as he has going over the young guy Z. Restrained. Sorrow. That Bill Murray has throughout that film. I think he did it looked tried to replicate it in my broken flowers and stuff which is never work like it didn't Rushmore for me that movie. Was perfect Wes Anderson as best by the end of course was an assessment. I they won't get it just want to think that the mean don't play calls Bill Murray the second greatest act just like mark I'm from my dog commercial and redemptive. The way yeah AstraZeneca doc who is let's. It was him and I'll tell. Yeah locked it up at mile Sara McLaughlin high. Got my attention and a great ability to bring all of these different characters in the movie by the general kind of together and celebrating what. Max going to do all the play the Vietnam I play the satire that in Murray holding up his fist at the end it's just it's perfect I guess public the speech that only gives me chaired. I'll take it and it's it's I'm a pretty one of them for you would take him out there and also. I think it's a great choice just to sort of like represented a vocal minority and the whole thing that. Like you said earlier Jerry not every movie has seven body count not every movie has to have this likely to that is that is. And it's. That the that it it it means something like you said for the coming of age story like this movies on their but the graduate is not spoiler alert one last thing on that is that I told you Jerry. We're doing the list I should do an action films only consisting guys and then we kind of refine it. Movies guy should see I thought to myself no longer a little deeper here like. What does it mean to be a man had a movie and I think this is right up there that's going are Ron and number 97 now have The Crying Game coming up next it. Number and ninety's. Number 97. Wedding crash it. Just the tip justices have this as good. Doesn't think that they shot sequence is one of the great this montage is in film history its first fifteen minutes Owen Wilson and the response characters so well defined and so likable you don't seem to care that they having when he out one night stands because everyone is having fun and partying. And you get the feeling that they genuinely genuinely love the idea of weddings and people falling in love. In the prospect of a lifetime of happiness. Will Ferrell as Chaz Reinhold. I'll bring my. Obama is okay put up that I think it's good I mean funerals are the only. Average yeah but it's all blood Erin as it would dynamite. Many lines he was. Step funeral grassy bid is the greatest cameo as cameos of all time. Oh Bradley Cooper as the predict what the greatest Jewish dame ever. Sack who lives in. And particularly just at an event like flew again it's for movies that it was over for movies and iconic comedy is all movies we would all gladly watch at the came on right now we hit upon the podcasts we can watch them. And breakthrough comedy performances Bill Maher owning his own movie. And Jason Schwartzman out of nowhere and now Brad particular rent to anyone ever tell you whoever and then there was like oh my god nobody human could have played that part. What did you like to hang over the goal I can't believe that that's the same guy I know I football and grand gigs that's what we do a split one year right now patriots games every week I think when a wedding crashes quote because it's only I think it is Thursday at all about sixty miles they don't terrain out here is background. At Connecticut. Huh yeah I Collison sat on mount mount them. That priest the old pre audience of one on with a pretty cool Henry Gibson buried at the old days dubbed the brother. Psychotic brother moves and tactics. It's just I think it was that I think was Vince Vaughn at the height of his. I think Vince Vaughn. And so on they just air at like the lock in just the tip down the seam he's talking about being a team player in the is gonna go ice is testicles and his penis is bleeding from Wallace thanks with the slip this year did you Mota bulldozing your vulnerability said individuals really won't. There's a credit to speak also. The women and it will be really any slippage here in and and we're originally gallons kind of hard to obviously you want you mom alone. Not an Apatow movie but he like every Apatow movie probably about fifteen minutes to. 3030 minutes. But so Connie still agree watch a lot of roll moments. Lot of quotes lot of laps and a lot of Christopher Walken. I was gonna get probably almost imagine as to why have you read my paper on Michael's DG expansion. Great. Article on them. To we are repaired bad number 96 now in 96. Eight to do that NFL that at a sold in Dalton are not denying these civic ex idols talks. Well. The matrix. Looking and saying hey I made it site that's got me I know. Excuse number 96 and yeah. Well I animal radio and even though we're gonna leave all that it got diaper totally John Travolta at the odds and they're not happy I economic stimulus. Lou Lou I'll do right there and number not based. While I mean red pill blue pill named the last time that you went to the movies. And you saw some things where. Not just forty minutes and he said man I like this a lot more than I thought I'd dinner whatever my preconceived notions movie where they're blown away in the last time. You were maybe half hour 45 minutes into movie and thought. I actually think I'm seeing something completely different people this is not like anything I have ever seen before. This is this is kind of redefining the rules because there were no rules they just made him opera's they went but that was what was so beautiful. About the twisted little universe or fake universe as we came to understand in the matrix. Forget about how great Keanu Reeves is in all these action movies forget about. How great you thought I while I agree usage of Laurence Fishburne how hot lap Kerry and mosque was. Just think first second that when you see science fiction. That the idea is. That the core like we're trapped in the age of Michael Bay in being ruined all the time by all the garbage that is just like all the effects first. And all right as of a story to support that. The matrix is it is science fiction is an incredible story. That the effects were created around that they wrote historians and figure out a way to make the effects to support this. Reality bending mind blowing story and they did it. They create every bit of camera technology that some employed now is off from there they created news special effects to go around it. And then yes they found the new body in Kerry and mosque yes Laurence Fishburne was the cool list. That the coolest sense say the coolest decide the coolest teacher you could've ever seen. And then Keanu Reeves was essentially perfect there is not a single time. I would marry this next to like Star Wars. All of my favorite comedies sounds that lands and shot shank as movies that if I pass by them on TNT TBS to coined the Jerry. That Jerry Jordan phrase the movie quarter line I get shot shaped by I can never not watch this movie because. It's damn near perfect. I and it's nickname of name a favorite scene at the reason mall Elsa I know come through I mean I sometimes a disorder shake your head or Anderson he had this to mr. Anderson that. Opening sequence in the office and then the as you mention the red pill blue pill scene I don't know. I've ever been that thrilled in a film like literally on the edge of my seat and what is going out of what's gonna happen media right maybe seven when their van arrives I didn't know what was in that box something like that but it was. So reeling. At the time. Yet there is really good story telling his good side by not enough of either but there is very few things that make you question the nature of existence at. It did yeah it was the early days of the Internet where his computer was still the green yellow model crawl look at us with a flashing yellow rectangle. And yet it already tapped in to the fact that people are becoming cyber people like we're not. Interacting with each other except over our our darn keyboards and big creatives and hire like alternate reality out of it in it was. Really die Hugo Weaving as I almost hit my tennis and so good and. Plays phenomenal in the fight sequence if you watch it for the special effects in the fight sequences along. You get it Peters wanna watch it because you loved super geek out nerdy scifi you can you can you can give me. If you're in the car that was my guns come flying and a dollar if you like a gun battle carnage in yet it's all just everyone and that. Our ones and zeros so this no Blake. This not even likened it moral aspect all the massive killings and yet. It's. You're under oppose in the word cool for that shooting sequence. It's a machine gun movie it's a Kong flu movie its size five in its all just beautifully into melded together one of maps of favorites. Are we are moving on we are now on number nine defiant event. No burden nine. 1981. Road warrior. Or as it's known mad Max two. I'll just say this to start off I have a son named Max and I column that Max. And he was born and there was a mad Max marathon on that night as my wife just went for hours labor house like Max of course and literally that's I don't actually got hot it. This movie took the original and made it better. And I love and I think any guy should love post apocalyptic. Movies but especially to something about the post apocalyptic movie where. You are outgunned because you're outgunned anyway if you survive the apocalypse you know whatever that may be in whenever film world you're in but humongous. Might have been the scariest. Villain I've ever seen amber are being young at the time and just the way they roll through that waste land. And who was cooler than Mel Gibson in nineteen early 1980s I mean he was just the ultimate male. On the movie's weird. Funny it's it's even the way it's edited. The way it is it that the camera speeds and and the cuts and stuff it's it's it feels dangerous and like another world and it's just a perfect post apocalyptic movie I'm glad it's the first one. Of our guy movies that were mentioning because there are many great guy movie set in an environment like that but that this I think might be the watermark. And how both the the absolute icon of Greek guy movies that she seen. And that has one that's right up there with the best Indiana Jones bullet French connection has whenever that one and it goes on for ever and there's zero. Special effects of that capsule that is our pure. It's done such a great point Jerry's all practical. As he as you know all. Romero would do just and then with the way he would use speed as I said earlier like. Stings cars on the speed up in his hyper speed it never became unrealistic but became frightening because you didn't know what to expect next. And dom men. So go. Have had that. They did that movie that Mel Gibson was able to break through with that performance because. He became well a little trouble as you know but what an action star and who else that's one of those things you could never picture anyone else being mad Max. But him. Until. The recent departure to its one point. I want the audience attitude that we did debate. In the inclusion of fury road. Vs mad Max and I love that Max who grow up watching all the time on channel 56 you know thirtieth independent stations it was a staple of those. I still think if I look at the two of them now fury road is a better movie only because. More contemporary better even greater stunt work but one of the things that we talked about ad nauseam in preparation of this list. Was what makes it is at the latter one or is it sometimes the one that influences it or gives you or starts off that particular genre. And mad Max really was kind of like one of those only distill paean. Kind of like road movies that melded psi phi and action together and like you said Mel Gibson. Again I'm handsome grandson trying to tell all we use the word icon but one of the great movie icons ever is the loner. You know all the guys who asks. Comes saves the day but what does he get to do he's got a route I'm sorry did I got a gun he hops a horse and he's just you know he had sex at the farm his daughter he's got to go ramble. And see in this case it's a guy who. This mysterious stranger in a no no serious but he has the goal be by himself with his dog and light because dog is awesome to. And a lunar daddy rebel. Our priority number 94. And people know around the ninety fool and look at the number 94 I've got Iron Man. I can you know I was watching it I Scholl and NFL network awhile ago that we talk. Mobile Wi they'd never seen a guy said he had never seen a superhero movie in my first thought was. If I knew somebody like that fortunately I don't I would shun him publicly but that's who I would say. Here's your gateway. Superhero yeah it's I manic is if you're somebody who is kind of disillusioned by the John you think like. RA it's it's fantasy it's a guy who gets rocketed to earth as a kid. It's a guy who radiation turns him green whatever. This is the one that's perfect as it's grounded. In reality it's plausible yet starts off his story arc is so phenomenal he's not he's a billionaire narcissus who happens to be brilliant. He goes off to the theater aborted sell stuff and make a fortune. And the one tragedy or another. Like he sees guys died before desire is very eyes uses some of the weapons that he designs so. He becomes super Carol for a reason and all that is is technology when I was kid peaceful environment commas can lease it to pinot. You could just be yourself but you've got to Sudan can do anything and several made this one. And he nailed it like everything he did was the home was perfect again it's plausible. The then it becomes exciting at the right times it's tragic at the right times when his Muslim bodies trapped in the cave with. Dies and sacrifices himself and tells them. You gonna be a better person Mike goal one that's that's why I'm saving lights that you could stopped what you do it and that's the cubs and then at the end. He did total return natural about the secret identity on its ear because the last line of the movie is. I am tired and it everything I think it's an. IQ Ozzy Osbourne I love love love this movie. Yeah us. Good hours gonna say app every your apps it is that first jumping off point Natalie spurt superior movies the marvel universe all the stuff that came after it doesn't happen if robber okay a lot that will and it is interesting to me where and where but seven Louisiana this we've got a lot of them are illegal I didn't Tom roe. We've got you know galleries are made an appearance. I'm but this 18 and I I I don't know I don't think we have another superior movie you know on the tireless but I think this one went perfectly and as that iconic. Additional jumping off point for super Arab and their becomes a point where you need the right actor to deliver that. Pattern dialogue boom boom boom boom boom as only Robert Downey junior could always come back exactly it's like. You know like Jack Nicklaus or somebody like the ability to deliver that dialogue as he does like a machine gun that wry sarcasm has again no one else can place apart like him. All right we're gonna go and so. It's superhero movies. Maybe there is one way and just. I'm just saying he's just he's. Maintenance and it we've got. Well it's lights all of it on a number ninety very. Yeah. Make that commitment. Trading places. OK okay. Now one of my favorites I'd John Landis directed this was at an act grating Eddie Murphy at the height of their power and John Landis was on a hell of Iran. Ought to not be heading Vic morrow division we're actually receive gas and how how how. We're gonna see a John Landis several times and what morrow I'm sorry the yeah. Yeah you know it didn't get that does that shoulders of the bush is gonna happen tomorrow makes another appearance later this as three stick morrow as least favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger quote did to the shop. My relatives. And then. Decent. Yet so we did aren't playing Lewis went dark the third Eddie Murphy playing a billiard on that thank Africa on. And the movie opens my favorite opening movie of all time it's Mozart's marriage of Figaro and it. Contrast the poor Philadelphia vs that well in Philadelphia team you basically knows whose credits are over who used to care coming from right. And it bit but the great ways to D&E SP concludes the difference statues around the city. And you're seeing these you know heroic war heroes Washington. Politicians also up in the Alaska as rocky right enemies anything or Philadelphia and rocking so it just sets the movie off into a great. The hoping to starts up in such a great way. In India obviously two of the duke Brothers the commodity brokers you know pork bellies and now looking feeling. If frozen RS using this as. Arm in the IT is that it make this particular tick went Thorpe this you know Ivy League kid advocate turned him into the gutter in the gonna take Billy Valentine. And in in you know to come with him. Back up into this that become in this bank star in the world of of futures futures market right so there's eight in the movies done so well they even haven't seen the end where they're. That is tired bank revolving aren't having you know something about stock market how the of what worked and they don't. Over complicate that they just make it real obvious that you're gonna see exactly how we're gonna. You know inflate the price as they never gonna watch these separate buy into words gonna basically we're gonna return it right around and you. Like all of the big short condensed into about a ten minute sequence a financial might is Margot Robbie in about how to explain it to you what's going all which actually help with the big advantage you had Jamie Lee Curtis. All Yemeni cleric for Camille Paglia a competitive guy and accurately this loud the so. I have his cell much Boogaard ever since I saw this movie actor Ashley and that's got to be wanna like the effort like next to. The what you saw in past times original I would Phoebe Cates like. Is there are more if you grow up in the seventies not a prostitute. Is there a more iconic Payer if you will that you saw the movie. I'd say I actually preferred Jamie Lee Curtis over what I saw Phoebe Cates and fast times. And so the only under the harmonizing. Constance. For. Constance. Or news when you at all. Yeah I have confidence we'll move through you need we introduce dream over. Cuomo. That's he's stepped on the ball. Well that's one of those ones that it's that you skew airlines a few more points than your body. Have a jacuzzi without going I want to does that have thought the bad. And they have a system of our brief footnote to this it's not filth. It's the first movie won't be the last movie on this list that has a future US senator. That's actually the outbreak that he has one of my what my favorites when he goes. He they accidentally followed baggage handler at her front of the train I'd call India the big into the car or into the little room there. And yet Clarence speaks is wholly and operate a big opportunity as hate. Night is through people more step and I'll I'll rip your eyeball to (%expletive) here's skull and you've ranked it just goes you gotta get that yeah. Yet still they want to my knowledge where if you GUS senator gets high and harass is a guy in a gorilla suit. By the way you know like Joseph Montana you feel bad guy in a gorilla suit come on really. That's a flawed on this one like oh what is is that three stooges in 1939. It MM a good guy and a gorilla suit. Gets. Raped by another guy in a different gorilla suit it's like I did at some point did you did you see any candidates are pulled out one Bakalar. I we're gonna go out and number nine need to it numbered no idea to. It's the natural. Well. Both of them. Don't. Man who they're goes Roy Hobbs the best there ever was. First time I ever solve my dad cry. My dad had granted. VHS and even into communities and what's even an have. My dad is given Andy's those and and better equipment properly administer over every. Of course it's getting out of Chevy karate and and it. Some Zelaya does beat up like that happen. Well that may feel like this the confluence of a bunch of made up things that are just fill in the gaps of nick said that they don't judge me. I remember these are not dead grown up and my dad's watch this movie that I was ten acknowledged margins and like drama about based. Well and I see my dazzling noon. Any looks and you know beneath his giant. Like porn star director glasses that he used to where he's like. I was awesome and I can see he's his weeping. And I never understood why that went wild right by. Because of the child you only associate your parents' crime would like abject sadness in this very traumatized if you're no matter what age. Only years later like maybe 1991 later in high school I watched his movie. And I see how great a beautifully shot it is I think it's fair elevenths his best work I know there diner fans and their fans some umpteen other movies of this agreement. It's so beautifully shot clan close separate part Perseus are terrifying and beautiful in the opening sequence of the movie it's the ultimate redemption story for somebody. I also love movies that are meditations on greatness that's one whiplash is one of my favorite and I neighborhoods. And he. Could have or should have been the greatest ever but he refuses to just punt on it comes back and tries to fulfill his own personal prophecy. And I love seeing that he's not gonna squandered that is gonna make good on. All the slow Mo shots at me she is loved baseball the soundtrack by Randy Newman is just perfect in Redford just just just nails in the is like. It's a kid after you see this movie you wanna take heed naming about wonder boy you know it's a voice special needs and they just gives you like even just talking about a right now like baseball is baseball may not mean as much to us now systematically or just as good as grown ups aside from whatever coach and our kids. But that movie to me best baseball movie made in my favorite sports movie. And and what many hits the lights out I mean you try. Couple quick points before we had rotten tomatoes we had Siskel and Ebert. They did a special show one time and they type of what if they ran a theater what would be on their playlist at that theater and they mentioned and actually said. Every kid did if it is corny. And yet gorgeous and I I agree to a lot of these movies are on this list is I have severe daddy issues. And is that part where you sit on the edge of the hospital bed and he says to Glenn Close I just wish my father was. Gotta love baseball I want to go waterworks in every. Book. Just a cut to the trickle. It after the movie name might might penis wonder boy and. I think it's beautiful defense attorney and Australia for these these earlier are up against Jerry brought up on your experiences beautiful yet there's also really where the penis used to be bigger than a lightning bolts hitting exactly the perfect. I mean dispute as Roy Hobbs the. After what the scene at the beginning a movie where it's like if you could give somebody came in from another country needs and I gotta describe what America's past and as you ends Moby. It basically sums up baseball is as far as being Americana right. But the scene at the beginning of the movie where he's based in a way amber yeah he's a picture was worried it brutally honest about it cancer and he went on to be greater. But he that it needs and meet and he would Barbara Hershey who she's starting in the last films perfect she's going to take out whenever she wants to be known for something in this is speaking out this icon of baseball. And goes out there in Brad Hawpe strikes and out of the re pitches. And this is great like we heard cannot I'll start actor had just turned right here Foley has shifted. She goes from a guy she's gonna stock to the new guy he's got to stock and it adds if you win every time we re watching it actually heartbreaking look at. This guy had in had this thing that happened. You know what when he could have been in public Robert Duvall as Max mercy I just jeez easy does sport a pretrial felons. You look for brenly to the whole idea I'll ask is trying to set I should have been a farmer I was on the far less a year after us on this you know. All right let's provided him in 91. It's numbered mind. It's 1984 we were freed a three things a Russian invasion. PG thirteen ratings NC comes well. Can we get a Wallace in this movie adultery. It's red dye. This was the first film history that was a PG thirteen movie. Yes it was essentially group of high schoolers led by a America's sweetheart Patrick Swayze. Take to the mountains while the USA is under attack by Russia which was at the time a very real. And scary things sure. Instead of hiding it we get along with the so well now there's no where we should do we sure do they are the North Korea of their day. This anywhere. Seven Heidi he's set to carry the flag of USA in their high school mascot which worth Wilbur and and they cigar stays out of guerrilla warfare attack on the Soviets dom. Any movie with C Thomas sleazy crazy chuck Sheen mrs. apply in baby from dirty dancing. By using M sixteens to fight Russians probably makes our list of the risk I'm movies of all time I think. This so many great moments in there whether aid you know see domicile becomes discovery machine young a young chuck Sheen and Patrick Swayze is Brothers. Mushy and Uga. You know Jennifer Grey get lit up hit or I had done but helicopter I think. And NC domicile has gone completely crazy watching his dad to kill them and ultimately. Kills his own like the student body president because he's all the bugs here just a scary movie to watch when your 910 years old you know. This proposal is that laughable he got a remake yeah not all along and numb because that it's it's such all of its time because it was like the post. Jimmy Carter years were America was depress the wedeman and I feel and it then drag legs together or Russian. Up talking shtick would schooled kids went right. Labels didn't turn back the written excuse we don't only and it's and it is preposterous and idiotic it yet perfect for the as well as almost subversive probably. In that time to be like. But America I mean I and I would say it is rather movie though not to be. Argument of but again one of the greatest opening scenes in film industry to task right up there matrix like that RC or are there when those. It's our government out of the teacher walks out and terrified I would say didn't live up to the rest of the rest and we did our court a little uneven and I could use some editing and maybe you. Couple rewrites but. But I'm glad it's on the list it was one of those movies that you just speak your once a year you Brent it from the yes your video corner and just watch that opening sequence of beast. Yes and you also wanted to see it because of the fact that it's the PG third the first PG thirteen right so it merits that as well and yet it's it's it's kind of like. It's historical fiction which I think will lead into the next movie as well. And yeah it's it's although it's basically like the brat pack with AK forty seven's. So in a lot of ways like if you loved those movies from the eighties and you feel like he'd. You need to see John Hughes movie well let's also show you like. The violent antithesis of all those movies. It's not a well made movie I believe it was directed and written by John millions who was also wrote and directed radical Hughes already got caught in the bars Conan the barbarian. All I know is that Patrick Swayze make somebody jump up on top of and this on a radiator so for that I thought that that that at this honor is much more at my Patrick Swayze in line that nobody was made in the corners. Our kids go ahead and move on now we're gonna switch to number nine. Number nine the this room right now is full. Of beverage cans. It's called snacks it's full of expensive hardware in his full of people love kill Nazis yeah yeah. The hot guy 100 movie takes. This to me as the best Quinton Tarantino movie Imus now I live by it I'm comfortable with a I was ready to go seeing goers pastors because a always gonna see every Quentin Tarantino movie. Be here comes the obnoxious name drop but my friend and former RA college Eli Roth is in this movie. That is just taken a call it's totally cool it was Eli Roth on the I was Eli looked a lot for ethics and but. All out on top sell that to like I love like a lot of people who would grow up with their dad watch in war movies watch and sports movie is watching monster in scifi movies. I love World War II movies. And to see Tarantino's take. On a World War II movie and a script that supposedly was an amazing read with a movie that all this buzz. Okay great sat down watched his movie and I think we've talked what does our radio show I think we've tick tick around talking about this too. Name another movie with a bitter cold open inning glorious bastards. That is the Internet and then attensa seen all I know this movie has probably two of the tense scenes two of the top ten tense scenes. 21 century division the cold open where Christoph Waltz could have stopped acting and done all the rest of his lines like and and Brandon. Genius and he still won best supporting actor after that opening and then beat. The scene. Where they split now not even the bit about his plate it's at the bar the bar on the Ohio and where we all learned that meg need though is just it's like well before like where he wants to go out speaking the kings. Name of the actor Michael just trying to customers are always that's our fast fender down there that great scene with Mike who do that. Sure I'd be up into yeah that Mike Myers still had dramatic chops on and that theme of them in the map from his fantastic. And I didn't mind. That they rewrite history that they kill Hitler spoiler alert. And that you know that they just totally tweaked things to their own benefit it's. Beautifully structured the acts are great it looks gorgeous the action sequences are awesome. I love over the top Brad Pitt between subdued tree of life. Wandering through life miserable and trying Brad Pitt verses like won't stop eating in oceans eleven or over the top you know Al though re out there rains there and how they're trained yet that how that I'll take I will gladly take that version of him. It's it's it's just a blast and again if not you know Christoph. Walter I give this movie 100 Nazi scalps yeah writers strike ended so many sometimes flawed it's almost three hours but to commit to it if it's on him positively because there are these sequences and Arendt and Tarantino sometimes is guilty of scenes sickle 12 Longley he falls in love with his own kind of dialogue. Not guilty in these cases because like you said that scene where he's at the farmhouse at the beginning. And you just feel the tension is out of control when he's eaten Stew brutal with the woman show shout out. And then. Yeah I like clam Kyle how. Clearly though and I think he believes in she just goes. Saw it all and then the whole pilot. If I'm going to accuse Hitler and I'm going to kill gutless and I'm going to kill government navigated Foreman not to mention Lil win the wealth of the allies we half. To make a deep. But. All events in the middle of this thing you'll laugh and because he's just. Just the right amount of over the top aides it's more him the best supporting actor. Winds of all time event. Event but it even gets buried two Tarantino is where he does the Hugo particulates. You know scene where it's the bat that is seventies you know ask nowhere very much script here at throwing himself it's got to be great out it's got a great soundtrack these mood music that's in congress to the error as well like the structures perfectly I'd say these are all about a fire with gasoline and and end. That exist in real Jackson probably so we just in the middle of it in and people mad because it perfect guaranteed notes due that's what's that's what I loved about it. That's true me you know what in even saying that he and the film with the that line. I think this is my masterpiece. And I think it is so article to a one and number not at 89. Bringing. BBA from the EPA we're. Atlantic which was controversial I told people this is on the list. Then sixty it was got a million it most certainly is. Certain films of inexplicably. Glossy Academy Award for best picture. Goodfellas seem driver Ryan Brokeback Mountain two of those three will be on this list spiral. Tell you that later on. He kept me giving the Oscar to Titanic over goodwill hunting is a travesty yeah looking back now Titanic is about the blowout. Tell us about the boat with some problems. You know. Goodwill the violent things don't spike TV guys lord of the academy. I don't know I I predict it man good well powerful film about human frailty brotherhood. An understanding. Now the till the reading my script that. It isn't a pure conceals his potential from the outside world is one of the few got movies that manages to make it pokey for us the cried because. It's not your fault. Incredible and he's not your fault but don't how many people in this room have a buddy who who constantly get every every doctors don't know Thomas and oh yeah. That's going to be out that that's the big Matt Daley breaker rolled cores but but but Williams. Did not go all Robin Williams on TV golf lover audacity didn't go all well Carlos there is in that role and every item we reacts to Dick head. You know I always love subdued Robin Williams you know he was just genius. And I that's this I took me that's his signature role people can say dead poet's society people can say. Eat you know awakening that this was by Robin Williams wrote this is my jam with the what do you we can you dig that cat yeah yeah I think we all agree u.'s really impact. I've noticed that. It yeah. There are also available you know the dressing down of the spot kid from how to. Always be one of those themselves in movie history how you like them apples and of course became annoying out everyone's in Americus argues in but. It's still better than any quote from Titanic so I'm just saying that you know Good Will Hunting tale book brotherhood corset dress me for us is still both Boston. There is is like another character in the film but does the genius movie. I I think Scott Affleck doesn't get enough credit for the acting at a because. He's the comedy relief and they're but the stuff he does is get what goes on with the with the cheap suit that doesn't fit them easily. Yet you guys are all suspect is or else suspect that. That is cool but he looks both foolish next to Matt Damon who was a no perfect. Like. Jurassic. Actor look out at that I wanna make one mentioned that you would is that great semen talking to each other and tells them you know. You've got a gift you've got to go out do that I think everything love I think that is where you don't come out well congrats I just think I. I didn't mean that speech and I was working for the state Sanwa Sunday I wanted it not be working here anymore yeah great but what Tony says. If you think you can Cordoba house the but the Petri. And at the time going. Records that are really the because the record that the driver like it out and I had body into don't want to be diagnosed and those are false notes in the end up the way they describe the count is go home run. I'm all in a lot of colleges don't like that it's like and on Robin's accent. At times been a model though kind of depend once the emotion yet know his performance race isn't locked in. Good accent they probably could backed off just also wanna give it up for Minnie Driver being about a ten and a half and imovie to answers great. Hi I was a big fan and also. Are you guys see the director's cut but the shoot out in Fenway is awesome. Now at a different they're really delighted decades uplifting and obviously we get him out of the one and over 87. 8088. 88 pull out a second to Hariri you know I mean did this thing goes back to maybe he goes eighty miles per hour. Don't hurt the this is going to be quick are you not entertained yes I am it's gladiator. Does he dislikes the potted you've got us you've got a side of the room this am I it's over and over wildly overrated neck off. Every shot yeah. Definitely. Well this guy there's. This bedroom I have I've wanted to voice dissent to a few of these movies earlier as I'm sure other people would do after I just slaughter all over in glorious bastards. I think this movie is about a five and I'd attend to give my responses got it. This guy movies everything Stewart's insist tiger's time on Hounsou. Well that's creating a giant in the hospital. For a smaller Djimon Hounsou second cup. Shimon it's (%expletive) beat it's easier to deal with WW he'll crazy. Let me make those swords in kill bill is that your mind on them. Mikey there we saw another just like I really don't MIS. Yes you're lucky they'll calm down. The next time you fly in the next time you fly to Morocco or the North Africa to make sure you get your shot for John Mon on tonight. Love his Stephon kept that's Greg hit a zealot rocks out. I don't talk to her presentation. Yeah it is so good it has every element. It's a revenge movie eats its. I look at that I cannot rest on our right now this exactly and so we went through because honestly you're actually right you do we're not into this but you still love. So much debt they you felt like he's got a top. Fifteen movie. You guys were like it should he be analyst yeah should watch this is this is had to struggle we love. Richard harris'. Is the grim par is Hillary's and Joaquin Phoenix is one of my top three actors alive and love him but he aren't as common as seized an error he's finally. And I sent you are Albert G1 percent of old woman. I thought Keane is great in a but I I just feel like it's. Bob Russell Crowe is I literally see the. On let's all be honest to lead the I just brought up Al Pacino winning percent of a woman. Al Pacino 1% of the woman as basically a career lifetime achievement. Russell Crowe wins in the year 2000 Tony wanted O'Connor army. Because. In 1999. He delivers the performance of his lifetime as the whistle blower from the answer is yes yeah from the insider which was easily one of the best active forms that thing I'd ever seen. So then he comes out here. And as all I have accident there ask how I got actually on the gym I was able to avoid Craig gave throw the bears and I saw that I cannot edit and small. Men and yeah I hope thirty odd foot of grunts of descent of this move right Jerry Y system analyst. Why is okay get bigger what does Gerry think it is everything it's it's got history I I I love movies that he even though I know that they play fast and loose with history. It's about it's about world. It's about a guy in a real man it's guide violence that's what disturbed to watch. Yeah although the whole gladiator thing was very very real it's loosely based on history and Russell Crowe is like all the idea man he was carved out of a solid block of testosterone. In this one. And he gets the acting parts in when when his wife and child dies and he C a moment and the apps don't know what I mean and as as he dies a hero's death it's phenomenon that British actors in every. We did kind of medium. God who who's who's Kenneth branded movie you know he's a Shakespearean actor he's the senator it's got it's got that it's good that soda senatorial like. Corruption and ancient America I I loved everything about it. Are going and number 87. Number eighty citizen I that's what the French connection this is one of my. All time favorite I re watching this in my father of the movie lost. And every time we were watching you mentioned in French connection until we get apparently. I direct. I don't like only because I'm Davis I think this is an adult. I did it is actually working off the cape these days money in the place I know I've always wanted to interview him also looked at. Anything else took us off it's just an arrow and still I know it's also not a fan of gladiator. I will William freaky brings I Gene Hackman as Popeye Doyle and Rory shatters his partner cloudy. New York City cops right they stumble upon this I heroin trade coming out of France. That's the main difference connection. It's a greedy day it was a guerrilla meek and guerrilla filmmaking with the first time in which state they basically didn't Wear it up permits and healthy to start filming. That that it did chase between the car in the subway. I liking it actually groundbreaking of the fact that that they talked about the fact that. Now if they had had indeed shot it real early the morning Ellicott Saturday trying to avoid people being on the roads but they are on opera's a hundred miles an hour. We it's holes like twenty feet why is is the congress there. And they're slamming in this and I decided he says concrete mortars. He is still considered one of the top chasing the ball kind of not be topic came off the bullet. You know the same team had done bullet did this once. Com but the entire thing about Popeye Doyle plenty of people enhance your evenings the pop I acronym that he goes with the but the real like Popeye Doyle plays that chief. I mean the whole thing is just really an Indy guy who was who plays that the French you know. Drug czar who comes over is actually an Italian actor didn't speak a worse prince amazement like it that they get in sync with the French language but the scene of a subway. Where pop eyes followed him down there and he's now on to the back the police following him. And there hopping on and off the subway. Right rape before but I think IAA and it finally he'd he'd like one steps. A Popeye Doyle come off. And in bad to happen realizes there's a chased the car he's attorney and somebody look to be used if he says that little wave. So icon so every dollar and eighteen every now and then now we drive in like our front and Robby drives where the keepers of the game will pass each other highway and we look over each other than one of us. That little window as we passed well that's off freed can I mean he might be underrated I know that sounds crazy but I mean you think about the movies he's made it even later screaming that movie bug. Ass out shot out movie is. Incredible but then the way he shot that film is the I you know it's iconic for the that Ara cop movie and you got to Jeanne happened in his prime and by the way who's done career better than Gene Hackman really when you look from soup to nuts and how he just kind of retired. And just got out of the right timing and become the chino it and start becoming de Niro into these. What could do little movies I'm doing caricature of himself that he can even still to come he later he apparently the PTA that was I worry she's perfect movie for Edmund. Right of bird cage he did like you know that that the submarine movie rock Crimson Tide is right data. That one needs to think Bob wanted to just yet though the one queries like that you know that guy trapped behind enemy lines yes and we are gonna get a government simply can't yet perfect I'm glad I'm glad it's on there what a sibling freak can do and only we don't actually it is the exercise yeah. Okay did a number of drama Ronald Reagan might actually just checking right now I think he did now he didn't do Pelham 123 but he's synonymous with. What he did is all good is very you corridors and get her act would mean each time hear and see where hack once was be cold outside. He yells a freak for an Arab equity for companies like we're supposed to do when he goes I'd give it stop your feet. Rubbing your hands you something technical technical. And it with it perfect can he play after he's just crazy ass at all those guys drug czars and having you know that whenever dessert without. On our best picture winner to Camaro ought to look at that they have won best picture it's that a gladiator. A robot in Everett I thought one of those deserved. This picture of the other's ideas on the year of the greatest Celtic team 86. Number. TV cynics. All ball bearing today don't tell my visit Barak. I mean quotable comedies for guys if you know if I'm thinking or show on my son mad Max comedies. It's gonna be led by three amigos. And this is gonna be somewhere in that top ten Fletcher is ultimately quotable. It's Chevy Chase in his prime he's handsome he's funny he subtly funny. Brilliant physical comedian in this movie I re watched it recently in anticipation of this very podcasts and I realize Ike. How physically gifted he was a comedian. He does a lot of little subtle stuff when his body in that film that is brilliant. And that you probably couldn't script. You know I'm very Andersen know what he got away with that was scripted and what wasn't on the whole it was funny we always quote that Tom. This is sad quick scene and yeah but if you watch him in that scene he does Sony little subtleties of. And again. Terrible 68 feet I just size great great Boston connection to George wins with a nice slow performance you know who nick and I we open our show many in nick threes and we do is in the rear. I always go you know. Have no and everybody ever goes no harm him in those respects and to see him in that film and I forgot he was even and it great. Little performance it's not perfect it it's not ageless it's stuck in its time and place but it is a great great comedy and got some list. And we all get a little you know again this is another movie whose final twenty minutes or third act. Does not represent how great the first two terrors of the movie is. If it turns and delegate chase something you stand lakes or whatever weird gets only get so we're at the end but. Just just the quote ability as well I mean just like. Has anyone ordered a bloody Mary your steak sandwich over the last thirty years or not not about to watch it antibodies were on the under real account it's like always I don't know that's what you do he he can have are your towel my my card and I out of buffalo yeah dike the second wanna go move. Yeah just get all this stuff they're Dodd and a you know we had this much taller because the Afro like it is like I think a lot of these movies. Are hitting right when people are in the height of their powers I think that's kind of like so far that his first two thirds of this like it this is Chevy Chase and as best. We got Tarantino at his best you know all the guys Vince Vaughn Bill Murray because just a will that these of these are basically like it's not even the guy 100 these are wheel house movies everyone who's in their prime. It's another of those ones where yuniesky brother and use of stupid like some help me move or something as good as you kill me you go. Sheer. Why it had its yes so you had a QB Jason unit Tim Madison avenue Los got some at this Chevy Chase is opera maps has raw animal house. And turned it down because of the winery and political goal be on him. But it's to help Larry's seem intuitive so similar stature that that happened. Plot of the movie yes but yes I mean it at my attempt to block those of color number 85. Number 84. Food that's an Elvis what does. Probably a little of those was to wait a lot of people but that reflects that this is a democracy because this is one that's hard for a lot of people to watch brilliant though it is. Saving Private Ryan to me he is though. As go to war movie as terrorism are written it's it's my favorite. Because it did give there it is Gramm in this some parts in the second act that maybe it's feel like they drag on. The only because little do with 300 people die in the first thirty seconds during this. 3000 you know I've seen that. Opening scene TV guide selected as the best seen in move as history. Just the realism and one thing that that I thought I mean this. A the gist of an epic performance by Spielberg is. Once they get on the beachhead and you see how they are trying to teach them the hills that did the deal with the clips. My whole life warm always have been you don't issue he the bad guys missed you you know you should you hit them. This actually show would you vote logistics of the client to take a film and yet trying to take a village in the low cameras and as Tom Sizemore and that heightened and you know guys are still get hit in just. You know trying to get over the barbed wire and one thing after another. And it's just so compelling it's as close to. You there would vote you know like. With sort of look at fortunate to quantum leap into that situation as you could ever see on film. And then. Yup yup I will confess that there is there's parts of the second act of media or slow played its character treatment and the part where. They confront. Tom Tom Hanks repeatedly won't tell what he does what we are yeah they're still it's debatable whether. To shoot a a German soldier in the head and he just comes with us. What's what's the pot Tel. I teach English lit in give the school's speech about how on the school teacher dies in the school did you middle it makes sense and I'm hearing from the captain and a I just wanna get home in my life and it just so compelling a little final act. There's another battle CNET again so. Realistic implausible and the lake at. I got a father Lyle who woods in the second wave hit Normandy probably have a kind of watch this thing and yet it to me it's it's. The top three war movies of all I. We beautifully said Gerri this movie affected me deeply they reduced tale of of veterans to your point like I remember when it came out there was two on the paper of like veterans having to counseling or having to leave our core weeping in the theaters having to drag out. On that opening scene what you discovered so let you get on that jury because everyone talks about getting. The gunshots they came up that but on the beach had the moments after how they took that hill and you just want Spielberg to move the camera and stop it. Yeah there's certain points that we is that just cut just cut please I can't take any market but they didn't get to cut. You know on that until they don't get the cut and he just left the care their left Eunice just think about what they went that was brilliant and you. Have the performances which occurred Hanks is unreal I can we just take a second to that's are really wanted to talk about like the reforms is to like. Yes size more traumatized by the first thirty minutes of the movie the two and a half hour development that mean. Matt Damon's Kasten and after he does save after he does co opting out thank is that the toast of the town. He is an afterthought in this movie. Barry peppers so unreal and Giambi racy. The medic cash Adam Goldberg is great Vin Diesel diesel isn't good but it beats me begins and ends with my favorite portion of Tom Hanks his career non comedy division that would be of course the splashed on to Edinburgh -- the big. From 8488. It's when he did. From castaway. To the green mile that three movie stretch he did from castaway to Saving Private Ryan to the green mile. Where he was as mellow even keel than Rio has he ever was I think may be captain Jim Miller might be his best performance because. It's haunting to watch it he's. You Cedric says schoolteacher. Any in the middle of the great world war part to make your life and death decisions when Ollie wants to do is teach kids about dangling principles and stuff like that it's it's edit it would birds at. Just kind of complain each guy ain't gets counted dressed down and started or right I can at Ted Danson it yeah. I got is that Tim called you Qaeda is known and we would talk about how some of his movies on this list buck are basically just movies that like we can't wait to come back up again like Yasser gladiator c'mon even all watcher for awhile until I select as is overrated. But this movie comes on and you debate momentarily. It goes through it if primer as on the come gonna go through the emotional ringer you have to because it's so well made. Gap not win best picture by the like. Shakespeare in Love. No multi academy lost all credibility on that you'll never get back. In my life I've never once heard people make a reference to. Yeah I Shakespeare in Love knowledge of it but I Shakespeare in Love sick Cabrera and I can't go two days without me in summer for weeks we get DO missions. Heparin 84. Number 84. Okay. A yeah. Homeland yeah. Hole. Okay that is one ever want to know who's a fan of Jon Claude van dam movies. So I mean anyone with a pulse anyone is alive any when he uses two feet to walk to be a fan of van dam movies. But while there are a number of other great iconic action stars performers in Leeds and heroes. Who have multiple representation there Amy sequels of some of their great movies on this list. We did come down to the nitty gritty of only being allowed to have one Jon Claude van dam movies. And Jerry and Matty and I had shed its Steve send them to check. That I must them. Didn't make humid today hit right now. Had discussions about how how do you pick how do you pick abandoned movie random I. Couldn't. Ready vapid to. An idea how to tie as I got it may happen. I. Ascribe scripts war. The way movies down. So we had to decide between. What would seem to be the obvious choice blood sport but in the movie that everybody console near all of the band damn lights in here at all of the GO van dam and decided that it would be kick boxer that would be the necessary inclusion now listen. I celebrate the entire catalog of men yeah. Demo go to London has the elements those who wants is that so many others lack I think it's gotta hope the best. Script that what that really have planets and I'll let decided between blood sport it boxer came down to this. Blood sport the first one it does have to commit to a fight strongly and the other on the the fight things like. He basically fights people. That are things you don't wanna come down with Lynn you traveled to southeast Asia and blood sport strongly in this one it's tong po should they all have amazing. Fight sequences that both have awesome slow malt in them round house flying ballerina wearily kicks. What it really came down to his. Kick boxer has. The drinking and an amateur when he's in the khaki that are held up up until a year ago nobody entity right now they didn't and it's not I don't go to. I'm Jean go about it the it has to watch he's in giant khaki Capri pants and a black tank top. And he gets drunk on movie vodka with a couple of girls and they just start dancing and that he fights a couple of guys in does deliver some not punches and that three minutes alone. I'll say this. Mock kick boxer the entire then damage catalog that you will name a more entertaining tale that's important I seconds. Of these types first spot in the notes out. Act and read books or after does is the dance off where he's basically dancing and karate jobs plenty dictating heated about poised to guys get a read left to beat it. Added Miller you don't appear to the split it its course in part of the jukebox and then after it's over he the he tells his mr. reality. Why they still mad at me that negative I think you have sex with their mother. This is eat this thing. Brush up. Downed at the wet towel wet soft moment of the movies that I got to draw all the trucks there's like tragedy and loss to get sect into competition as a wanted after deems somebody. You know that the training master puts and to help. And I mean I remember route Christopher Nolan saying that he barred most of Batman begins to affect public opinion is aimed at it where is his Brothers of real life professional kick boxer and a testament will be to become paralyzed. In the first you mean the scene because the compound. And I got bounced. Yeah well as well in July it's well. Clemens wheelchair George liked his these movies I think I just want them looking at the list now saving variety 85 kick boxer before I'm. So it's only tell so he's an opening scene right. And now his brother is paralyzed intelligence that they have this weird seeing like a park that last about two minutes where he just they basically explain entire plot to one's adopted was not like one Arab one of their what would limit mob you know with little debt that's why they're Brothers they don't look like it's. I did kick the. If they can't dance of any like it no longer let everybody. And the driver support I mean Greta put it into a movie here that's based on the fact that has an actual script does a decent movie time cop. Time. I've got a amazing week now what about his eyes yeah great afford Wilbur wood a sudden death briefly the goalie for the penguins it has this past weekend. Yet allows himself to have a few moments the play goalie like he always wanted to it and save up. Charlotte and the last night minutes in my life back again until I looked at. Oakland activists who did and got Ellen oh that is priority goes that's what I Colin notable. I say this style all the listeners if you are going to be a Buffalo Wild Wings in Bangor Maine gassed with nick Stephens and Greg Murphy watching them dance off to just one. Van damn movie let it be kick butt kicked by diagram on both reminded number 83. Number 83 he. Oh. Yes. Burt Reynolds. His last great effort stroke race. The laughter how things shape up post. Probably one of this film. Is probably one of the only films besides. His turn with. Will Ferrell. Any other guys that I enjoyed it Wahlberg and and that is boogie nights. You know what can you say get Heather grammar prime. Funny it just stands behind yeah what I liked about this film is that it really gives you. An inside look at a time and place. Of an industry that you probably. Like a bot then damn movie not thinking much as you watch porn. But you know a really kind it was like a sobering and serious look although funny. It pulled the veil behind a world you know in a time and place and I always love those type of movies. On super well crafted Philip Seymour Hoffman. In another heartbreaking performance bodies all he did was hit home runs that guy. All he did was hit home runs and hits one in this movie and for fresh on his performance as dusty and twist our bingo if he Cincinnati's great and he didn't crap they're always like. Along came Polly where he sees. That movie he makes a beat romantic comedy two and A plus and I think boogie nights. Eat eat eat just watching for him. John C. Reilly re growth John and John C. Reilly and Wahlberg. In their music. When their recording their single. Feel my. Hands up in the air field and he filmed he'd even. It might be one of the funniest scenes in movie history under and I guarantee that the white Pique your problem and it was a play that hasn't entered our site. But this choice show. He had just just all around well crafted great movie. It's definitely a guy's film guy. And you know it sort of has these little weird moments of these feels like when he's come up with the idea. To have her alike have sex in the backseat of car with random some think that would be really good PS in instead it's clumsy and sad. Durable and always with me together the in this world whether you'll sort of protect each other and as odd kind of way because of what they do for a living but you really is the they are kind of off the alien when they introduces randomness it's just. Not just the team like prostitution or whatever and it's terrible. This is it. Deep reach but is almost now this we're talking about what Spielberg did with a camera in Saving Private Ryan in terms of like that scene in particular. There's no glam is no glossy doesn't move the camera we and you want him to take an idea a reality here of the warts literally and figuratively. Cup and industry here we go in there. Not ever and he can out right now about guardians of the galaxy have in the best soundtrack are losing out to two lights out the vote unites the function soundtracks from one movie to and it magnate steel. Can't give the late seventies to in the Disco era through the eighty's and ninety's she doesn't twenty years and it didn't just if they get to about fifteen years and movie didn't mocking it it was reverential too that I remember there's a big thing too because the Brady Bunch movie came out a little before that were all making fun of getting in the time machine in the bell bottoms in the seventies. And this movie. Just captured perfectly again people at the height of their powers this is Paul Thomas Anderson I think. One of the great this is cute cute is this movie is in glorious bastards how does he ask him your pants back on but the steady cam seen with with little car. Spreading out yeah. Over the oh yeah when I'm Rory walks through the party you know finally playing it goes back Kennedy and then and then they don't really need it. On the wanna give its it did it is pornography Bennett you know bonus and it's like. And John C. Reilly and its sister Christian Leo aha well I that's why I still can't small Asian boys throw firecrackers at 1 o'clock that night. Lets it. OK he's like get cheap PX but one and number 82. Number yeah. 82. This and this is one might be on my desert island list and I will call it. The best adaptation. Of a novel to a movie of all time all I saw it. You dire one because nobody had a one man one day one be a very complicate I don't read a lot of novels but I read. Metric. Tons of Tom Clancy Hunt for Red October is so. Freaking perfect all those super complicated thing that evolves. Three different submarines. And all have to interact at the same time in his intrigue in the spy stuff. And it came out just kind of after the end of the Cold War they somehow managed to tie it in there. Amazing performances Alec Baldwin is so. Flocking dreamy that I I dream. Well Jack Ryan Burke yes I know and I don't dream of an alternate universe where he got along with the studio in terms of his contract in he did all the Jack Ryan movies this. While Harrison Ford is great everything Harrison Ford does he owned it and does he talk about catch phrases. I don't million of them that I still used to this day like. Breakup torture sure that promising should you do not drag well to bullets young Gunner finally got CM yep oh OK -- any captain mark Arabia's all on Russian media the it is could have been his best performance ever even selling. Dot com I'm Scott Glenn as the captain of the Dallas. You know they could at the of the rate they're going they could drive those submarines right over my daughter stereo and not even hear Russian don't take a dump a lot of plants on Fred Thompson future a US has a better idea wasn't he at. Now now await any kind of use that to sling shot but. Just as an action movie as a car is here because Fred Thompson was also and. Tired too. We're to the airport it was only I stare that head of the a guy who's just had always tells us reverse mortgages and machines that get diabetic geriatrics around. Yep and yelled the rest they say they'll they'll face it is impossible task how to. Make it look like they have gotten rid of an entire Russian submarine but still capture said submarine. The couple put away that's not only plausible which you can fall away and he's just been phenomenal moment like. Yes yeah I really love is god immediately. It's the movie equivalent of learning knowing. That you want to you have no idea how to do with the marine bio that you that you drive. Ran because they they break downs violence that's instant tea unique way to the point where. You know you're explaining the intricacies about these mullah colleagues had a pillar holding. An eight mile underneath vote vote but little did they what they usually get a couple. All I would ever and well and it just weird and I'll think of the comics name Rick too keen and whenever we just Rick duke in many reasons you an example randomly as those highly all of this. Does prop plane that's taken you know Alec Baldwin oh and I and Alec Baldwin has like Majorly. Issues with client and he's got. Yeah you showed us away or lastly have you everywhere you want to keep. Yeah just really dropped in there in spot on perfect in an all areas you would talk about people once again at the height of their powers not. Alan Ball and even young handsome and perfect is Akram as he was not Sean Connery who is a little past his prime it's still just nailed the part let's talk about the director for second. Record this movie was. John Mick Tierney and okay he is die second movie was predator his third movie was die hard his fourth movie the hunt for our Obama Neely hotter. Three director movies I hear every move is on the Tommy Hunter and Brian yeah you don't let that that is kgo from like 1997. Through like 2002. So we're gonna wrap up the spurs that was there with atlas. 81. Movie. 81. Go back to 1974 and out. The longest yard I'm not talking about the crappy Adam Sandler read may not yet not as bad as you would think not as bad as you just unnecessary test just doesn't need I'll grab the 74 when that was we are also amber Reynolds wearing sheepskin to him kick in the pigskin. Sorry sorry hey aren't about to see with. Read the secretary. On a night when reunited that night. Thank you so. Burt Reynolds is a NFL quarterback OK I think he's had just. Somewhat retired with what he's just been so this is also pretty mustache Burt Reynolds and I say that there's different Burt Reynolds has the mustache and beginning you to jail as bright dot. We talk about how like shark he's machine. It's stick Malone and he the three that the three single settlement three single word movie zipper or is it like that was always live Gator. Yeah. Get all rod like yeah he was on a role in the eighties were like early to mid seventies Burt Reynolds without a mustache bad ass I mean dollar. We asked them who through a huge star like it in an actor that you know me not play. Now like what he said you know I'm doing absolutely Don Belo Wii's where it's about a butchery scars like where he really was trying in the end this was. This was. Bobby is second best well. And I obviously this is one of the best book on movies ever made because. That the seats are fantastic. The adding entire thing about having you know he's got to pull this team together. And then hackers so rights of the ideas that he goes to jail for stealing is her friend's car in in jail he's basically offered a deal by the warden. Too because of former pro football player to. Panic get this team of of inmates the play against. The guards for any chiropractor this so that they can be ready for their guard turned it its relative imprisoned in the state downed accidentally. So unless he does he he he recruits the biggest in the bad as the guy's like Richard Kiel. 888 guys you know like become the master comes in was it like solitary but he's able to come out just didn't get the guard dances. And down and you think you have the sisters. Who entirely in jail is a sexually ambiguous say guys it's so indeed they do at halftime of the game before it starts he's actually. The the warden who's played oh my god he's played it. Teddy green acre zone eighty out for sure. Outlook and everything easily judge so males of the early seventies has ever seen somebody go from a considerably green acres to something where he's actually been. Aspect as the warden of the Fallujah is great just to rips evil and and I'll lose caretaker. It was and this is a deep hole you have to be at a certain age remember F Troop whose dogs from after. Oh the bugler so so yes so before the game starts. Paul crew script W we crew gets basically have paid off to throw the games of the guards and can certainly feel good about going unity going into the game it's another guards. And their down like patriot Super Bowl 51 proportion going into the second half as it is like 35 and I think it's something insane I felt like I was watching victory the way they were going to happen. And so. Eight when they get into the inmates kind of realize what is happening to this point caretakers been murdered. Ends up finally just to be just kind of realizes that I can't you know. I do I've done and blown by I threw you know all these guys trusted me out time under the bus and so they go on via an yet that would that that a. The movie post favorite yeah it's survival of the fiercest in the funniest the longest yard is a movie that cracks a lot of jokes. And a lot of bones where Reynolds stars. Tough sassy. And always that but fidelity. Sold its limit them to put movie poster is a it's about. All film in the movie poster Burt Reynolds or Shura on ABC's Terry chance yeah and pay modern day bros I know we like to shave. Pollard hair but that. That hair suit stunt yet router I don't ball out of the big black and more black hair on that and guidance no it's just hang on I'm doing all Farrar on the floor in my bathroom. But amenable to get some degree quotes that he would dispute trophy case. You know. In a way that we don't wraps up big dam of the when your Ireland's first and goal we've got to get in there with them on with literally young ones here what does it what does it have bucked its prison moving. Yeah imovie 100 checked it's a Burt Reynolds movie check its comedy. Check it's got great sports an excellent sport to Mosley is it's got everything you and that's why it's analyst also that's gonna wrap up our first episode one major problem when that. The idea of a pro football thing going to jail is so preposterous. Right it's triggering thing. That's okay they'll be more movies come and so hang in pregnancy demise remaking it Thomas is meant if before game has to go to some sort of prison because with so I'm kick boxer. Yeah I. So yes after the final so we're gonna wrap up this first episode of Boston sports one on one. BS one a one B. The guy at a hundred greatest guy movies. Top 100 Terry Thornton. George camp. Stevens that he Blake you your own house uncle buck that you guys are joining us we will be right back for episode number two. And also one more for caretaker. We'll we'll see you next time and don't forget to follow us at. That's right yes so we're gonna go at. BS the returns are real BS how will be as I want and this is the first ever podcast combination between WP EI and WA AF so please make sure. You check out all of your friends are we talking about this on the air let us know this is actually an occasion where we might say bad ass bro. Pago. I'd that we will see for part two coming soon thank you so much for joining us gladiators sucks.