Boston Sports 101 - Patriots History in the Wild Card Round

Wednesday, December 6th

Uncle Buck and George talk about the Patriots history of playing in the Wild Card round.


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We are back here at the U guys 2017. And once again you've tuned into the Boston sports one on one podcast with your old year old palpable bock. In his old pal big Georgie can't turn out you know how to go gangster. If NATO brought app and are you happy new man so I don't know if you want again this I just remembered this beats Omega. Really went overboard. A bit too much injury what I mean is it. I have it in a way everyone has their there when downfall mine is fire ball. Fireball shots as quite a few of them yeah that's a salacious and sealed. And you combine that with the you know a year you with your friends you Danson year. You know you have to sit there for the night it it it just now with the kids you know all the apps that you just route the center that was over the baby sitter for the in and but we have that the wife and I had a blast and I'd just drank way too much to the point where. New Year's Eve the clock winding down my voice a conforming I'm an companion RP yeah I think it is the legacy I mean I think it was a you're looking. But also drug campaign dope you can I do and it took like three minutes so at. Missed time that you own is still better them right here so guys struggle in the that we have interesting series of shows you're going to be Bulent. You know his play out season here knowing that and we've gotten way used to the patriots lose and things count points and we used him we've gotten very used to the patriots. Being in the position there in. Right now the top 110 two CD's you're the one. And so we really wanted to kind of take. Our historical. Professor. Like jobs here at W yeah I seriously in kind of inform everyone as a reminder of what. The history of the patriots in the playoffs looks like we're gonna go the way back machine we're gonna go mr. Peabody and Sherman here is precisely chairman. William. It's a regular go visit names late so he's and then. In Garin Veres and only a fantastic level this so come with us if you will we're gonna start this week and efforts. A series of show's going to be on kind of the history of the pitchers in the wild card round now fortunately. For us we don't have to deal with the way out there around the here's the pats beat them once eaten by that's child's play now and yeah that's it's really kind of like those. You know the first first few months the school where you know he does that's his organized basketball right into the does the ads in the finals there's a we are I just started by just kind of talking about the wild card and while our first season. Of while cart football in the playoff format. Actually started seven need to look at okay which is typical because it completely screwed patriots. On the the pats now have won their first ever division seven. And amazingly enough. Did lead the league decides to do it at a wild card round and so the patriots do get abided in the have to face Houston. In their home game and they end up you know even though we're gonna talk more about that next week we going to do the division series ride in the history there they get blown out of home. By those that fantastic Houston Oilers. And I was 31 of fourteen blah but you know so it is the wild card round doesn't exist. We don't have to play that game against Houston the patriots at the time had set the NFL record for. Rushing by team which still stands but really that's that it actually Russian in 1970. Eight season. For 3165. Yards is a team and get this rating. So they have four guys over 500 yards rushing but nobody over a thousand yards to the thousand yard rusher. But yet they still says that the team record in 78 it did against the stance today. So those facilities members Sam bam Cunningham I mean still so great. You know included in the Adam Sandler son back once and that was good that. 768 yards all mutton chops Andy Johnson got a good look guys job yes is great seventies haircut. 675. Yards course ivory who probably has the best mustache have you ever won a look at this in the best day Horace I area I mean that's brilliant yeah it out of his mustache that you won't believe. Doesn't quick from little. And that's actually on his bumper sticker. A assistant. 693 yards and in Grogan 33 neck roll okay back when he was very mobile's. He had 539 as a quarterback we just get a at the time was like you know nobody ran out of her though right that's Randall Cunningham numbers I mean certainly not Michael Vick numbers. You know so he blundered or later I mean so they had this incredible running game Texas senate NFL record for rushing first down 180 one's. It's also still stands. I'm talking a first down re running so like to think about all the guys that go third and longs third ministered Nat. It's got a lot of first downs and as he's running and talked about utilizing. A multi back. Back fields you know four different options there on the run I mean this year. I was shocked that we used three different options and the role with James White the analysts and of course LG. And then you know Brady's not exactly tearing down. That breaking now easing in bulk records. It Jane chuck Fairbanks is the head coach that time chuck Fairbanks and it will get into next week I'll get the disaster that game and everything else that hasn't registered I just thought it was worth the mansion. That's always a wild card starts the year of the pig is that when an altar embassies. But actual first wildcard matchup is back way back in 1982. All right young five year old uncle buck's a sign up for an televisions. After attending the game earlier in the year. As a five year old mind you in which this the snowplow comes out in the patriots got the three nothing win the John Smith field goal. That was a while Miami you know I'll created a listen to the snowplow game. So I bring that went up because. 1982 we're gonna go back to January 8. A 1983. Make the plants and they're going up against the seven and two. Miami Dolphins at the Orange Bowl who are livid. Because of the patriots three nothing sort earlier in the season. What could cracked me about this when his. On first of all let's talk what plants story that time because the strike shortened season. Did the NFL decided to basically up different type of turn to there's eight teams involved in this tournament that of the five used to be okay. ASEAN CB fighting due to ten total it eighteens for Eads. Conference so the patriots are the seventh seed and it eight. Okay they're the face the number two seed dolphins. In the 53 degree after 24 degree weather the original. Don Shula. Had met Pete Rose L week after the he remember the whole. Story about the snow plow right yes yes of course Mark Anderson. Work work release guys from my MCI nor folk right. You member of their the plug the open spot check yet you remember who the gap most. Notorious. Incarcerate beer. A prisoner of that. Jail was prior to mr. Anderson. Now I would look at Malcolm X was. Marketers and plows the the field we'll swap that allows for the Johnson with Google patriots win. I Don Shula and the commission competition committee actually goes and meets with Pete is now he is Al Ras Al says. Right patriots cheated with a burst on. A eight bit jaded as something illegal you know what he'd said I've never overturned a game. At this point not restart now. I'd be the only time we actually definitively prove that they treat every day and you know that's. It's is that worse than deflating for balls just being generally aware of I'll have to be. But nick is fantastic levity fits perfectly into our sports city for the dolphins as the is there remains game. 3 December 12 that says it's up with the plug and now passed Borg raid. And through the dolphins. It's. It was a it was a when need that their team undated patriots highlight was dot passed back yes either of those of salmon darlings. And Matt Hasselbeck. Twenty yard touchdown Steve and that's really. A billionaire. Heat of the go back and watch it's funny that you can find the opening of that team. Which Bob Kostis. Talk about controversy of these you know patriots. And it's very it's very cute very funny to mr. Costas nobody seems we take series they played and does. So. Everything else and a India and no one's I I look forward to that except for the playoffs and it adds. So yes the patriots go out and blow their first that offers the wildcard. And and have another wild card game it's real three years later the dream season the dreams he's yeah this is like the closest thing to you know impossible dream patriots it would we will lies that was so which argument 95 wild card. Game game's actually on December 28. It's five patriots in the New York Jets at Giants Stadium the forests. First game plant to be held urgency and right is a major win. It and we wrote Tony Franklin's bare foot. While the with its victory. Bothered me the negative ones you did I met him and I said demise it well I was at my kids in the semester break and doesn't hurt that year. You know she often kicking nine better accuracy of this thing happening in enemies in action that was strangest thing like but the I can't imagine you would get feel like you get better accuracy whatever. And I've been hit series the stuff news. Put into like smaller issue by. Yeah well and he said you know one and games where they've played this now actually memory and kicking with that. It's a lot in this game he it and ticket and then he basically wouldn't cover the kick is one back of the size companies that argument. So anyway that the five wild card patriots have agreement buried. As their. Coach. We're talking about that thing going and his team with the battle and it's through draft class rate Tonys and it was the fifteenth overall pick by the patriots. Nurses can O'Brien video cameos 24 pick by the jets and he's ever wondered what's the that yet video went east into Marino. They're the third was related to but if you just watch its opening date. Compiled Eisley who YouTube all the jet draft. Wonders and as the great one that you know obviously did jet's nose up that we don't. Because they both passed on from bingo later told him. So EC at O'Brien. O'Brien supposedly suffered a concussion the first quarter but like today. He has replaced in the third quarter we care about concussions and 85 kids via pats defense. At a four turnover game absolutely. Annihilated the jets' offense. O'Brien was sacked five times Alfred Marietta picked the senate he's dispersed field goal. A sorry Franklin I'm sorry. Know Fred married it picked the senate. Tony Eason. Who threw two 36 yard touchdown passes dealings and Morgan and then you know was can't count offering her thirteen separate half. I'm Tony remembered. Strip strip sack into the end zone touchdown. A special team a gap in so the patriots are opera running right so they go on and Pat O'Brien another one from the the graveyard of Jack quarterbacks comes in and there are places count when he exit doors for touchdown pass by. He does get picked up again mayors and set up field with the right final score 2614. Pets Darren Veres with three sacks and an interception what was the last time a patriot of the three sack game. You know maybe Chandler Jones a couple years ago so yeah I would think back to McGinest you know if it Willie McGinest absolutely implants anyway. But he had no so that was a Pat's first lap car went in and of course our fanatical and Oakland Morgan and more to that next week to a but they go to Oakland and they go to Miami two more road wins and more off running as of bolt when he. It was gonna stop us now no one noble Nolan though so we'll let you tune in later we Italy will need that game I was thinking. Nine years old well now. So now we really get a password because the pats don't make it to the wild card game series at make it. They made the playoffs the following year but again they don't ask the following year from 86 on they don't make it back the plants and also 94. You know we have we have Victor and I am we have James north line is finally sells the team the Bob Kraft. That's does that gets Parcells in two years in the Parcells. Bledsoe number one overall pick. You know what looks like it's finish it up to be some special. We get new uniforms a one point uniforms yet Eugene Chung at one point stimulus money if you go back and you -- he eased to Google machine. You can see some rare photos of Bob Belichick and I Belichick Parcells in the old pat patriot. Here because you know like the jacket whatever else likes and it with a helmet everything else. Because they had changed eggs or its way it was a guy hired and not that Kraft. That it changed the aid in uniforms until until later. You know it was still four parcels first first game Baghdad you know yet the great. Picture of was that this pat Harlow winter and Andre Tippett it was a but he has modeled the uniform now however a and it is a great picture on the cover that and that is the globe and herald and Ted Parcells go looking up like they can't leave them like this is like gas slap shot you know model. You know would a this opened the rubble notably it got a little out of everybody bit except in my life is going to be running for the exit in. Yes so I have moved fast for now and 1994. Patriots have made to the wild card round. On January 1 section four seasons refers to new year's day of 95. When you before you aware of this what this game I do. I think that was at Framingham State College. On break though so I was struck watching it probably drove back there in Washington a friend's house. And in the you know was surprised to see that the opposing coach. Rather than. A from the virus Bill Belichick about it that's right so the story line going and this was years Parcells. Two years in New England who's going up against who is protege. Bill Belichick who had left the giants after Parcells retired and taking the job over the Cleveland Browns. This is I think his fourth season with Cleveland and he had to he would stirred. Stirred everything up there he would. That was the year or couple. He had treated close our Brooke just strip released burning coal is our who was like a broad in Cleveland in favor for of the Big Three Testaverde. And did just made some really. Belichick Blake moves that you know Cleveland folks were like why are. Is this guy Dylan. Via an aid money to go back and once they did a great 30 AM yes it was via. 94 browns and them. Errors 95 story but it leads up until the moving 95 season that you see that guys and a coaching staff and exceed and a whole the whole group of guys went on for for great coaching job Saban obviously really. I need to have always patriots staffers forums and repeat your staffers but also guys went on Jim Schwartz the guys who went on to head coaching gigs ranging. So I want to net buddies buddy's house. And you know so we we had it was a one time all of us can remember. Notes where seniors in high school getting together being excited yet we'll go to is getting ever a game right prior to that. I'm just secured it actually it is the first time in my entire school run that you think these days on these kids have been you know. Every year they're just you know others they're getting together for these big games that ninety's were kind to us folks who know they were not backed all the way through bosses would be that we should do that missed on that. So. Anyway. Notes or fourth year comes and he's 115 record I'm a patriot 106. On and when ends up happening is that amazingly. Even though Bledsoe threw three picks. Have a chance to so as it is it the first efforts browns were stranded down to the feel. Patriots first ride lots of it was a panic after all 33. He ends up at the clintons have stallings Cleveland's reaction and punting. Com and that it's it's kind of this bizarre chess match that it gets to attend and half. It's a classic Bledsoe game it it seems like such a typical Bledsoe game and and as the way he'd. Just the way you thought it would except it doesn't and with the deception on the if you want to take it but the pat downs and yeah with a minute and a half left. Matt Barr comes in and kicks a field goal to pre within seven then we'd. We recover an onside. I know would like me. That like with money had we won that game might have been one thing like in Cleveland had a drive and a couple goes though stuff. What would have been like the onside kick I mean like at the so you believe we couldn't recover the psychic but instead. Exit Bledsoe goes over for the next four passes it down. Or salmon then and yet drive stall that's it it was just you know. To just missed on four passes and just reminded me and that's Super Bowl. A couple years ago we lost to the giants the second one. And Brady was on fourth down that it was fourth and twelve. And in order to get to hail Mary range you know we needed this was the last in when last he plays the game. And he hits Deion Branch. Only on a fourteen yard out and that was like. That's strawberry the fourth and while many he would steel a branch to so they have a shot at the library of program and it there's bullets available for. Opel for the China I've game. Testaverde and going to be in 2030 for 268. And a touchdown on receptions. He had a 105 quarterback rating which was that time it really hire them for broad Brown's plan history which you can imagine this got a small. Blood Sony had a hand when he won a fifty or who. Fifty taxes hikes if you test that. Eight that shows what kind of running him that they had it's basically think about that the Parcells was with the giants run defense and that was it. To come to new England and Aaron out now is clearly militia and gives credit to the fact that he obviously played to his weapons he picked. Bledsoe was hiking has stuck with. With Ric Meyers that we got to run the ball constantly. They're trying to run a little bit effort season in 93 and they got to think five for twelve record yup winning their last four including the last running its Miami. With that great. Is it frisbee yeah there's an an integral and I was a brown envelope what it was you debris is dad and in in in one of the last play of the game with Bledsoe. So they cannot this year they have this this great season it was gonna back into it but in you know he had just let down loss in Cleveland but ultimately I think at that time. Pats fans you know like wow OK we gets cooking here and then next he's made the draft is marked yet the following year everyone thought patriots are going to the Super Bowl. Right. But to date that was the last victory for Cleveland in the post season. For the Cleveland Browns it was an exe they go on and get the crushed when nine at nine at Pittsburgh who. And you know that was you know that you know for the for the browns and Indian -- accident at Redding was all the walk as the following season. You know they have that awful year where they Flanagan advocates the bulls like tap into the year you know they have a terrible easy and earlier and I was like September. They have a terrible season Belichick gets fired and fortune he goes and joins us in New England in 96. So from that we had the patriots had a 96 season they've they've gotten first round byes and number two CD here. So our next wild card game comes. Courtesy of the at a Miami Dolphins December 28 1987. It's the Al wild card game at Foxboro Stadium on this one variants seem to me in affected not only is it to Miami. The plane again but it was third time playing them that year. And we're looking at 84 year old Tamarine. Did Marino if his numbers are good that game they were terrible but but just think about this for a second. How old the damn real feel at. Well we boxing game was this is last year night an airplane and it one more season that is this the writing was on the law so there. So it was a bizarre situation Miami because they had went out it in and got Jimmie Johnson at a retirement didn't. Brilliant blue and guys are amazing coach. In a built Dallas Dallas dynasty. You know he deserves to get credit for all three matches to the streets in chips. I don't care what Barry Switzer has had to do at third when. But. He comes at a Miami and the first thing he stink and is aren't gonna. Get rid of Marino's gonna seraph rations and him management ownership just want to do it you know he's got the Marino who seem sold Gasol Marino us. Thirteen game. 836. You know 36 years old and he looked so he didn't like think about what Tom Brady's accomplishing right now. 39. How good is. He looks like the MVP of the National Football League Emmy just unbelievable and went out to give my father it would you know praised him Marino left or right nobody throws and marine husband that statement front and your Miami but he just in the town side. When he'd seen you know. All these great quarterbacks is they it was always part start Marino threw the ball. You know like like Bledsoe did you know hard and fast and in heat he was able to do a lot of bridges now which is take. Just that one step in the right in the pocket yeah there was pressure you know. And that's what means a bit but at 36 he's completed carriers in fact. On this day seventeen of 43. Of all under 41 yards and and what three picks the F. Intercepted voice also fumbled the ball place. Yes that's right yes so. Eight. It is to return first time in this fifteen season career including fourteen post season games that he did not throw a touchdown pass in the playoff game two of the season now in the because this is Carol season is that this is Pete Carroll's for a season he comes in with. After Parcells is jettisoned in New York. We don't realize just quite yet the kind of poison pills and a script patriots and and kickers mart and is following years you know. But the pats came out they have a tenant sixties in the AFC east champs they started off for now animal was kind of like parcel so in fact I think the fourth game. Was third or fourth game was a win over the jets it was that last second I don't armor that Google it was in overtime monetary and it. After I think fumble but as they started off morneau then they went. In heaven for six in five. Week thirteen they beat the dolphins 2724. And not being a huge game for this season. Because by week seventeen. They need to beat. The dolphins again. An inch at Joseph Robbie time yet to even make a plan passes the AFC east champs. You know I'd last legacy get this Miami the pats jets are on 96. Now I'm in college I'm people dying because I had a dopey friend of the Long Island they had bet needed that Parcells is gonna take that one in fifteen jets and the year before. And get them into the playoffs like him a hundred bucks ticket. As opposed to nobody's hundred Napolitano but I was so sure and of course. They are 96 the jets that are added dollars and Isaac pat nine's X and the only way it was a working the patriots favor. Was to go exactly how it ends up going the jets lose at Detroit Barry Sanders as a monster games and. Incident at 97 Miami loses at home 1412 the patriots. So they won't isn't it well fourteen to twelve yeah I real stink fest. Today are now an iron to seven the patriots with the windy content six and the soul holders probably was the fourth. Fourth seeded India. In the plants here. Wild card victory seventeen history over the dolphins Reno intercepted twice at 11 of them was run back forty yards by Todd Todd Collins Todd Collins. After you all the Parcells gone guys have got to go on. We were like Todd columns of at least until the violence. Big egos on the throw a couple of names that puck and now we're talking about before. In a room like I can't believe. That these names are just coming back to us now what is that we didn't mention before Kareem Abdul Jabbar starting running back for the Miami from him so that I leave. He could see what was funny was that did Corey that we were able to are silly and it forces seen. It's forced changes need to cream Abdul. It's it's it's the amazing that. That that happened in the public yet announcing all my lord. His name was Kareem Abdul Jabbar and he ran the ball for Miami Dolphins. I ate it just blows my mind second name Derek colors let the pats in running the ball that gets Curtis was in Paris aren't was injured. Adams at Agilent why don't cupboard there were it is me. No idea why would you now I wouldn't. And the aspect here bit Terry missed two field goals and had the personal foul on a late hit. Dirt in front a you know it's funny it will go through this retirement suitable two. But as much is that it's Ares hair heralded would be the greatest kicker of all time he should be in agrees policies kickers are bigger and you don't want to miss this well and viewing this and he won it Pittsburgh community him to do as one team is he he missed like rare for this bulls now he's played eight and so ride with him and think about you know here's this guy. Missed it too late that double were caused mr. thirty yarder missed. Yeah I it's like a pair this. A body blow against him as in the game where inside forty. An and at this game right so it was it was amazing to think at that time. Did the patriots have won. Or is it three times against one team in six weeks in fact there was there was our articles talking about how Jimmie Johnson is complaining that. Because they had just played a week earlier he could change names on ovals. And that was one of the big things is audible in the line so they have time to like change meetings of the patriots would get a get the kind of laughing. At the fact that they were doing this and and there was a quote I pulled out here where Bruschi had said. A one point game Marino sort of complained that lawyer Malloy saying boy you guys dislocating we don't you let both the candidates that it just. Could change the levels can change a word or two. You know published in the backwards into a Bledsoe did it to add three for yard touchdown pass the program. And Andy did and Collins had the interception return for a touchdown that made fourteen nothing. And it was pretty wanted to blood so kind of a modest sixteen of 32. Passing day 139 yards but he was turn over for. Let's drill huge for drew that's fine for me let but imagine folks Brady going 50% of those passes. We we would be up in arms. You know bellies or does it a day for Bledsoe didn't go ill. 23446. In you know 270 yards you know two touchdowns three interceptions that was it Drew Bledsoe game and now we're fine with it. No lapses. This is the thirty. It was this is the sixth time. The team had actually beat and a team three times in season is six and real history. And that there were but there were 32 previous instances up to this point in which teams have met three times when it's six and 32. The preakness that I had their collars. Derek and holy lands that are colored Jersey wouldn't even make one I didn't have a Chris leaders. All actors agers are pretty yet either of those or they are who's good you know he was. Belichick and electrical outlets over the guys that. Alien implicitly for the I had I had. Ted Johnson I had grossly. And I have Bruschi I Johnson later and I am the Bruschi the red oh but as far as the flying Elvis of this field presently whenever have a Pulitzer. And a that's probably covers the reason he was jinxed yeah. Our rights and has an excellent as a personal favorite mind. Ninety and 98 seasons 1990s. 9 January 3. As a nanny nine. That it patriots next wildcard appearance is courtesy of the Jacksonville Jaguars and what strange to me is is bad as the jaguars. In the earlier days now all right they're like we're living through now as far as how bad the jaguars are. It'll come a long history against the jaguars. In half White House and then they'd already beaten him once in the case championship in 1996. Out of basin and again this time it's at Alltel Stadium in Jackson. If this point all the poison pills and things that Parcells is done to get out of knowingly have all taken effect Pete Carroll's. Doing the best you can to not only keeps you afloat but save his own job. Patriots one of four teams in the AFC east in the eighties at five teams. To our sixteenth time. To make. The plan estimate that four teams at one division make the wild. The jets were to level four with Parcells the dolphins are 106 bills lieutenant sixth and the patriots are nine and seven after starting the season six and two. This game was billed as Bernal verses so lack. Because because blood so I've been suffering from injured or are they okay yep this banker. I do I do remember yet again played any dead which is amazing because he was actually he had games where you're like wow you know what. This guy is is kind of marking his own territory for a spot. In in patriot history and just like just having grit. Right yeah. So Alltel Stadium Pete Carroll's patriots. Get down their Drew Bledsoe watching helplessly from the side. Right solicited as you know like history Jacksonville takes its well doesn't lead NAFTA and that's no fun now well guess what Ryan. Are you I'm inserts on the New York up at my then girlfriend now wife's house. Visiting her for her birthday it's on January 5 that those swing so Alison this sub sitting there in their house. And my wife says. We're gonna go down because they have rental property. And that we needed check on because the tenant. Haven't paid months and we found out yesterday did they bulked they're not there anymore. So we've got to go see with the house looks likes they dragged out of the house and a Mike Allen made much of the patriots class game anyway. And there's they're losing two of the things this is terrible. About one halftime it's about a mile of road my wife calls me my performance time. You gotta get down here the pipes to burst this January it's crazy as hell yes so he gets worse. EDT down here. And help us because of the water's coming out of the ceiling fixtures satellite pictures waters pouring into this house. So I RA get a car dragged down. And when I get there in Adelaide you are fine at the house is being flooded. But that these people did not let their dog out. In the wintertime. They would let him into the basement I don't know so the basement is full abduction. Now this dog and they're not a dog was gone until the B. Yeah so I get down there. Trying to be the good boyfriend the patriots are losing its God's elect of the home. That it Jacksonville Jaguars and I'm literally shoveling (%expletive) and a flag. In Jacksonville was new to the lead. If you're buried yet politically that well no well it did Donnelly that does that. We're expecting to beat the Jacksonville they were illegally. In fact the year that we played in the east championship in 96. Would certainly sad to hear the camera Carolina being in the NFC championship that year Iran Sports Illustrated the surprise surprise there but. You know buck when it comes that civilization out of a basement for the lovable lady. You're OK by me thanks I appreciate your caveman well. Fortunately. I didn't miss much. Them the patriots idea Jimmy Smith beat Iowa for 37 yard touchdown. Actor pat had a chance to make it come back in the game yeah it was 1210 after Vinatieri. You know fuel fourth. But Jimmy Smith beat Ty Law for 37 yard touchdown reception. And there are feel OK color picker added two more. And it was in that one patriots. Losing in Jacksonville. Cadillac. I have five sacks and sixteen. For third and let prisoners by music out there. And I and I have talked a mutual did and that was two days ago thirty yards in the first half. I am is is is full game numbers here. But. Mutual friend of ours I've always said you know we talk about so like being a local sports guy Hebert in Boston and in Sports Radio guy. And he always said that's result like Austin is that the second accidently edited the Marcus Marcus territory in. He gave me the playoffs start. But you know what else is very telling about that game that was last game we probably sell you know one of the better running backs from New England Robert Edwards that's right. Play for the pats. Our power play about it you know a gain. Of his star caliber to us that he had that's right Robert Edwards had had a thousand yards she's like that year 2007 yes it's the ninth touchdown grass he you know he played really well coming out thirties or groceries out of you know who is now in the jets in the gonna be their greatest earner of all time. But Robert Edwards then goes and closes me out during apps and football game that the Pro Bowl as a Pro Bowl later that year. It was lucky wasn't he didn't have it is like enough yet it was that's really sad injury. And so but it at this point you feel like the patriots at likes it you know there you go from 11510 to six niners haven't. They just lost their their rookie running back which miraculously been found after Curtis Martin leaves me. And he actually ended up to do some things with the Miami was you know he had a team that rarely do comeback. But the following year it Pete Carroll's. Exact opposite of of Parcells all the players where they liked him better because he was the nice guy Evers Parcells who has the Dex kills a sergeant. And especially Bledsoe used to complain about bully mistreated by Parcells. And then they were a look at the scope of what happened here we looked like we had in this model franchise but of course as pages in I'm sure you remember this at that time. It was like the fact that the group in the playoffs is still like. Sixty sir we had no. Just you don't reams of government to a suitable Emmy winning miserable maybe it may be waiting for it. Winning is it it just never crossed our mind we would know how to react if they won the Super Bowl and I've beast you know now I still don't know what to do when they when the Super Bowl where there all the time it feels like knock on wood. But but the following year you're right they went from them by ten at 697. The following it when he Nate Nate and that was that her character. And it wasn't as I mean you know you care doesn't cows' fault the Pete Carroll's also mean like he's a coach he is today not coach who has when he would the USC. But he also got no help one either way I always said the Pete Carroll when there was gonna wanna Super Bowl for us. Any and it is yours congratulations beatings he all right so now we're gonna move on we actually. In the next century but it's actually only five years down the road sixers on the road now. We are now Super Bowl juggernaut yeah so yes that. Rader had this one here so the guy who beat us in our our two you know a wild card game two appearances ago in the wild card round. Comes in takes over for Pete Carroll in within two years he's brought us a suitable. I don't have a it was a wild card comes. We we we we should've probably onto the wild card. That year but Oakland had blown their blown their shot against the lowly jets right that's able and well we're next week. But so the patriots find themselves when it's a bull in 2001. Missed the playoffs because tiebreaker in 2002. It was a nine record. Going to Super Bowl and I am waiting. With a fourteen to two record in 2003. Then going back to Super Bowl winning another one back to back three out of four it's when he won game winning streak in the middle there with another fourteen to record. I see you're just like I mean we're we're literally you'd completely different airspace we were last summer in awhile around cup 2005. And we are but we are once again against the Jacksonville Jaguars right. And and in Jacksonville here we have three times double champion pretense liberal champion patriots. Who. We have to win three games to advance to Super Bowl. And we go up against the jags and we soundly defeat them 283. Willie McGinest sets up playoff record for sacks in the game with four and a half sacks. At that time and also mean in the all time sack leader we as a record still stands and for the post season and you know nobody has more sex than policies will remember Willie was in all those great wild card and and championship. Caliber teams in the the ninety's with the pats as well so they knew he was he was mr. patriot I mean for his long as I. Remember them drafting him in 95 mile Long Beach in county USC USC from one of these disease and was snoop. Remember back he'd make it soup would come to the Super Bowl parties at Brady's knows everybody's related to Demi to be superstars Natalie I think now it's. With Willie McGinest. OK so let's let's backtrack committed here for a sore from here. Patriots had a very odd season or ActiveX both teams have won three out of four. Yet they start the season form Ford was very odd season they won one lost among them and lost on the Los Angeles 44. They turned things around. They may end up getting via wild card. But. So it could be the foresee any kind of have this I'd gain because it is the final game of the year they play Miami. It's the game in which it now today had to drop kick game with Flutie. Om the big. I mean nobody would ever meet this in Petri. You know instead PG walls but because just forfeited the game I think have forfeited the DD eight it didn't. It seemed like they gave out there are all based on what we're choosing their opponent for the next round they lore so they went out there. And had bullets have left for the first quarter and Emery pulled them absurd it's the Brady other for the first quarter ended imparted Matt Cassel who pretty much the rest of the game. A. Had they do with things like drop kicks for fun. There are that the two point conversion that they missed the tie the game the end game kind of sailed into the stands then it was hot. Was weird you've never seen you've never before since in a Belichick team. Kind of take that approach they've always gone full balls of the Walt. Like you just saw this past weekend against Miami deaconess is that they play so knowing about what trouble Oakland was in right to keep the number one seed instead they went and had Bledsoe played you know Brady yet there. I damn. Brady plating tied game except for the very end right. So I there was talk currents had they were trying to. Set their own path they wanted to Jackson obviously that Jacksonville. But remember the colts and Manning were really hot day years the number one seed Denver was the number twos he would rank Griese quarterback you can believe that race. Said the there was talk about whether or not they're trying to pick their road to Super Bowl. But the number sixty Steelers and it's kind of screwing up everybody by beating the number three Cincinnati angles and the patriots go to Denver. After beating Jackson on a course remember that game. One other footnote on the the patriots jaguar game. Is that the the wind was the tenth consecutive win for Brady Belichick. Brady became the only player in history to win ten in a row and that will Belichick did to Vince Lombardi. Of the sixties had never want to or other partnership with nine. Could plant victories in a row and so Belichick about Brady went to attend you know in. In playoff wins and Belichick went to an amazing eleven and one having been only one and one in Cleveland. And one more footnote David given scores his seventh consecutive board six consecutive. Touchdown in a playoff game he ends up with seven consecutive touchdowns. That scoring the following week. That is a the he ends up being I think that that's a record. A second place record for all time which is David Givens of all people in my fear patriots of all time just so underrated. Yet no I agree and we talked about underrated Boston at present givens certainly in a conversations when he history was the final. Ally in 2000 five in the game was a sixth. Let's move now to the following season the patriots they'll find themselves kind of meddling in that wild card round this time it is to dozens. We're talking about a facing the New York Jets right. The interesting thing or are released today headlining this game was Belichick vs Mangini hasn't. Pop up but it's there is a. Belichick and the way it realizes that Corey Dylan was still around here after the after the 2000. 42000 by Super Bowl. I thought cordial was gone and sent the pastor after that. No. From my notes it is Corey Dylan Laurence Maroney in heaven bought split in as Clinton. But runs yet this what was interesting in the fact that. On some and Jeannie goes. Two digits right Belichick reportedly. From what the reports where was he wasn't happy necessarily that he was going. And because remember he had just kind of been vaulted up to this spot of defensive coordinator. After both Weis and Cornell had laughed. You know here it was me Jeanine he is in now linebackers coach and whatever during the Super Bowl runs. He becomes offensive coordinator for a year instantly jets pluck him out. And go from what the report stars of Belichick was upset necessarily that he left but who he left for him that he jets Belichick still. Is it. Ticked up but yeah so so aging goes politics than happy. The first game and they meet up is in New York there's our very eyes cold handshake after the game. Media's all over this. You know even demand. You know the about Jacqueline legend of the way things. Go post game and in his coaching styles that reverend there was nobody it was but it was wasn't quite it is almost. Senator iris is it is very likely to putter that's why my reference to people nationally get it. Back then people that it's actually necessarily know that he's Canada's rough and tumble coach so he he kind of blows up as is well reporters today. In their first meeting now managing east team the jets actually come into England later that season and and wind. Com. In Foxborough and this time he's the greatest pitchers if you're jets and you probably have plastered Waugh at least a year. A meiji now smiling ballots smiling as he's handshaking Belichick and he's the one paragraph Lee pushing Belichick's that was to me Judah was clearly. Over the moon and he'd beaten dale rated fox. So if you call back now. Will see foreshadow his later. I heard you we sobs we saw this back in 2004. Nicholas. When Parcells was coach in cowboys. And it comes to Foxborough and it was still very icy thing. Belichick and the patriots beat the cow waste while nothing at home. Game when the time it was a great game great defensive battle between UT coaches in Indiana game. Belichick. And Parcells meet the meet in midfield and Parcells gives hung it right it was like this I leave the ice is a little embrace yes right because. Parcells had always been record's been really pissed about it believe in the jets' ounces of it from what I know they had spoken much at all. If and they had this big moment it made field in. Both have talked about it afterwards Parcells and again I'd like that for me you know forget that Belichick saying. You know it's it and so that's on. This time after the patriots. Take care of the jets. In the wild card round on January 7 2007. When the 37 to sixteen victory it's Belichick. Then reaching over and giving me indeed need to hide and it it field after the game and it looks like all's forgiven. Have the next year exactly said the following season. The first game in the air patriots going to new York and completely annihilate the jets. With their new toy rainy mosque and the score 3017%. It's absurd. Yeah if Clinton is what pastor Brady threw the forty yards on forty and boss in the left corner close youthful. Mom. And dad. After that comes by ice right yeah so it's interesting to see the seeds Alvis. Mean planted in a year prior anti he's leaving me. Yeah in its it's not pretty at all you. And in this playoff run is is. Is not radio off for the patsy that it was actually very. Very telling remember them dropping a game towards the end of the year drop putting them in the pretty terrible spot in the playoffs. It was a four seed they should have been the three seed who gets the three Ciba Indianapolis. It's it's it's sad that him at the top four seed that season. And Diego. Baltimore Indianapolis the patriots and I mean it's interesting lineup of of teams especially in knowing these teams are trying to. Seaside ballot out there in that kind of medium thousands. To see on pats and being Golota colosio. Pats and the being the Lucy and we're gonna review this in the next couple weeks but. But pats win enough. On a gift from San Diego the following week and then they go to Indianapolis where you know what would be the that lost Super Bowl. You know is Boston Indianapolis where they blow completely blow when he went through it happens when he won three lead and in his reports command after the veil of the flow in this thing and thing but you know ultimately went in today and that he played the Rex Grossman led jets bears in the Super Bowl I mean that would have meant a win to be so what's funny is that. It just shows you that it at a all of the things the pages of couple somebody's somebody's. Losses suggests. Like this. Mean they'd be the jets they go in and they steal one minute we stole from city to eat a publisher ones of yes on and Damian Thompson a record setting year in and it will get into it mourning the shutter and advance an area spin out. And Andy in the foreground strip. And they'd at least the Vinatieri field goal. But then they go to Indianapolis Dakota when that it would be the bears in the rain and we would be you know it after the scale I hate to harp on this game because this is. You know it it really don't you look at it on the cut as it doesn't mean anything. But this is the game where oh my god we're gonna be okay we have Jabar Gaffney. In Reche Caldwell and they're serviceable receivers. After this playoff run. Guess what we know Wes Welker ran him so. Dante solar that the thing that's what's really amazing in one of the arguments you can always make anybody visibly Tubbs agrees of all time. He more or less suitable as a bubble that year with deaths are Gaffney leadership exactly and. And I. New members we had. Good defense agree that's the good defense societies and election and a return. And Chad Pennington interception in his game that led route. But yet really wasn't much content that'll so that was. The 2006 patriots in 2007 defeated jets. Georgie we'll have one more wild card game to talk about. It was what pain at this one was brutal this was brutal because it was over in the first. I wanna say two or three minutes of the games starting yeah. I was at this one to you word was did you people can of course say I didn't do much of Atari at the C we've been drinking all. Yup. At the Rodman it hit rob and Rio is our. Or strategists say in response via headset over car dealership lot. It is the dislodged it and and dads that we're going to go back to January 10 two dozen times that. Wild card game patriots vs the Baltimore Ravens and well documented as part of the football life on Bill Belichick. You know it's amazing to think all the season goes but put forward for the patriots all the things accomplished the one season. That is captured with a microphone needs carriers to 2000. Yes niceties aside from Michael Ali's book. Major rain which is fantastic. I'm not because Michael always behind me. Mr. Ali and Michael. Disputing that women's. Lemon nope but if you were called this was. Brady's comeback season. After the injury. And then the week before the playoffs were we were moving anywhere in the wild cards things weren't moving anywhere. What happens in the final week of the season. They decide to play their starters. And Welker Lowe's is ACL. And CEO at at the Houston ask Houston. Against match job. Shaba. And well now it's funny is funny tragic is that their plane I'm number three seed in an opinion anyway because losses. Com but yet so at the time you know. It was like bill said going into this weekend. But Belichick said you know I don't see the correlation studies tells me that it Tommy which guys plan which Townsend which games and I'll be added you know put. I can. In this one of those times where you just in it at as well as Bosnia and Munich game obviously then that ravens' gains speed of the goodness and win that game. But they would had a better shot at were all worried because who's replacing Wes Welker that game. Julian element that's there. Enjoy it ends up having held game he does in fact when of one of the great exhibit that specials you what's analysts and it emergence of a bill out regularly he says the locker room on the sidelines while kept. He's goes well let's let's face facts in game is over on the first play Ray Rice on the opening play takes 83 yards for a touch which is unheard of and Ed against RT heat while Michael Moore. The blind side's Michael. Movie Einhorn Michael. Michael. CS Jake doesn't throw somebody over offense when I hope so yes he does have a but yet he scores the seven day was 833 yard Ray Rice people Ray Rice. I'm nine Agassi when he does what he did real life now he. And this is not funny he's someone who aren't so he runs 83 yard touchdown. And then we're like oh that's not the way we won the said the game don't want Brady has the ball. Yeah ultimately happens Tom turned the ball over four times in the first quarter. Guy it was just it was is bipartisan Brady's worth plant before brutal. Through the papers are trailing 24 to nothing after the first quarter. And a scorcher. Thomas street three interceptions and a fumble we turn over we'd blow lose the game 3314. It's the ravens that go on did it to run the table ago when Super Bowl. The idea that was the end and won the super cool but also. But it ought to know say it was. Obviously. But let me tell you of it if you think it was weird because of the fantastic they won 3314 you think it was because a fantastic performance by Joseph Flacco Joseph Flacco on the game. Four for 1034. Yards. And actually FLAC or had been much better earlier in the season I think it was a week every year. Towards a very game. You know criminalist to it would pay everything it different position. But Flacco didn't need to doing things became the brand the ball. You just ran low on pages themselves in the foot turnabout Willis McGahee. While people who man. And then unfortunately you know being the fiftieth anniversary and the patriots. You know in the 2010. He's. Anyway that wraps up our little look back at the wild card round of the patriots we go work to be different because division series. They let up laps whether B wildcard or whether B. Division series patriots have played a lot more division series games blogger games with a lot more. That Contra to work on fortunately most of it happens lifetime because brighter a stick around patriots were not very good so you're welcome. Thanks from a I let's talk about real quick just some of the games on this weekend. I'm glad pull up on the Google machine when we have matchups we. Let's see here. Intriguing matchups we have Green Bay. Verses. Here on the is that top qualities yet all right let's go dolphins Steelers all the Steelers. I actually you know don't be surprised the dolphins went nice and and so on yeah I actually liked a lot of awaiting him playing. It's majors last week in the fact that they stood tough and in animated game. You know it's not for that that. That fumble return. No we we can edit a real game in the last two minutes and that stand last four minutes right in instead. In the patriots and that kind of little laugher but. The Adam. The dolphins I think. Can surprise people in Pittsburgh suspense though hard to predict you know as usual it is probably the bad the next week tickets to get me click once now maybe. This is the week that Pittsburgh does give me click and blowout which should be weaker dolphins team but. Heard it here first. Number six seed dolphins. Over a three seats. Raiders Texans can edit that part and the operator sexes. Raiders he added they're they're they're also it's the best together all sorts messed up as are the Texans though has now brought costs while as their quarterback again. I. That's gonna come down fluke play there the raiders offense is such shambles moment despite the fact that if the running game. Texas affinity fans that are home. It's so hard on this one because honestly. The wild card round is always around which that upsets happen. You you know I can see Michael Crabtree making big plays somewhere I can see some jet Sebastian Janikowski missing some extra points to lose amnesty seasons for people. I would love to see Oakland of the Foxboro vs Houston if nothing else Houston's boring. You know. That's 47 nothing. Game we had earlier this year. Was three for tourism and nothing I am. That was boring you know that Houston Texans are boring team so let's see an accident rate from its counsel it's going to picket the raiders and I think. Lions Seahawks. That was in as Seattle yet and he I don't and that's the Saturday Yankee clock that's a joke that's that's so unfair to that the lines in the city Detroit put down on them. That's going there insanity I don't know that Dutch Seattle dance that's Seattle where and end I think that the game of the weekend is. The New York Giants at the Green Bay Packers. A rule this siege seem because no matter who who wins I would be happy because I a afraid about the team's. And I'm not afraid of the giants of the way and I was used to be. But. I mean it whenever it I just don't I'm not even necessarily afraid it's more I don't wanna have to leave through two weeks of horror. Of the previous two giants Super Bowls if the patriots are able to make it that far. Or even if they don't the giants make it that far right at the lived through two weeks of watching the giants recaps of doubles. So if the Packers went out we have with the giants eliminated the giants win. I'll be relieved because I really fear Aaron Rodgers morning in the court I fear. I think that the three best teams in the NF CR. And no help. A well. Green Bay. The giants in Seattle who the Atlanta there and yeah Atlanta Atlanta does that inform me Palin doesn't scare me at all and in. And Dallas along I was I don't I was scared me to they don't love it it's been affected aired just. Have been a better team I just don't see him making an out of the CI just feel like again that account into rookies who do reading for you. To which experience in Seattle in these two which experience the and Green Day. Today's today to have them get that far so it's it's going to be interesting because I don't see Atlanta or Dallas I think we're gonna see. Maybe Green Bay Seattle in the final again of the NFC championship very possibly you know all of those teams that we will be tough for us the past. I would most I'd most like to be honest about it yeah SC team. Wouldn't. I I'd love to see Atlanta but. That what it is via Twitter at with your NFL MVP Matt Ryan if you can believe that X. Please that is a scary time limit are able to wrap this one up. Make you so much for joining us uncle buck Gatt W yeah die on Twitter and George which Europe the other handle the other pats fan. And it's a good Twitter if you like comedy you know the things George says exit George likes it. So but this is a Abbas words 101 signing up we will see you next week for our special on the patriots in the division are known data gangsters.