Boston Sports 101 - Moss Memories

Friday, August 10th

Fresh off his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction, Buck, Nick & Kippah revisit the short but brilliant time Randy Moss spent with the Patriots and discuss whether he was the greatest receiver in team history.

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Right and we are back. Boston sports one on one BS went on for a short. I'm black I'm happy to be here with my fellow corps haute caught my score perhaps the yes the court so close to coral all posts. And they're here Nicholas even. It's. Dirty kept up to yours all right guys. Now has greater. We are back with another edition of across the sports 11 because. One of the greats short timers in the history of Boston sports Randy miles was just inducted in the National Football League. Pop off and real quick before we get into you just talking about Randy short run right in New England in Boston sports lower what did you guys think of the Al fame induction. I thought ray lewis'. Speech Saturday night. Was. True performance art I think it was one of the greatest speeches of any kind that I've ever seen anywhere he. A think. He should have delivered from a mega church. And the fact that Ray Lewis brought up. Bring prayer back to school. And making sure that children don't get involved in sex trafficking. Syndicates. Could be the most memorable moment in a long night of memorable moments given by. Very many worthy hall of fame inductees truth he's a guy does speak the truth is he he does that and it a mosque is great. It's great it's a crap there is great to see Belichick there. I can't believe the size of the night though. Yeah oak bank did it surprise you haven't started in daytime and Boris are all users feel like half a day thing and now like the game in this ceremony in the dinner but what's funny pages. Like don't derby he does a hall of fame and it's just walk. Right and that's ridiculous others can all the all the fans are now just gonna try to out hall of fame pitcher yet I mean lesson I cannot feel like these guys deserve to just get whatever time they want. Record goes forever and you're sitting there it's only you're gambling itself. Right sitting with well fame members the minutes thing. McHale was 21. Christmas we use some reason it's. Fifteen to twenty minutes 1520 minutes is the sweet spot I think once you over Tawny. We start trending towards self indulgence when you go thirty and over. I'm size is too much like that that's literally like a whole quarter football where you surprised. That he pretty much made a patriots beat. Randy Moss again now. You know Latin he was very fair to the vikings fans I mean it is called it was good to school but. But I think we also know that. What kind of impact the patriots had on rent I mean they'd not only did they pick him up off. His own personal football scrappy put those two wasted years with the raiders. But the impact that the quarterback. The owner and then obviously the last person that he mentioned the speech. The coach Adam Bryant also it was brought up to me the other dates to I completely forgot. That Randy Moscow at super close to and really almost kind of deserve to or should have won not one that. Two if not three Super Bowl obviously one that will get to. And yes that one but also 2012. I forgot everyone forgets. His last game as a pro Super Bowl 47 Ray Lewis. Wrongfully get the ring that Randy Moss and those guys should've gotten nose cap and overthrew him I think. A ball cap predicted they'd run capita for downs around francoeur Fordham what the hell they were calling on their first and on the seven. And thirty. His Minnesota Vikings Randall Cunningham an incredible season once he has 51 or Gary Anderson shank that one on how well that would have been the proper eighteen and one for. But also. The yearly trader in the patriots trade him back to Minnesota they go to the suitable if he if he may have figured out a contract then or got it all together not only. Does he get and I shouted Super Bowl maybe even on when how fun was that the what's the suitable via the through mosques you know no they didn't goes to rule to hasn't and that's the year they lost since 2000 that's. Jets 2010 they lost that game that you and I are watching Quincy says that well that Sunday afternoon it will go down and infamy I was there. You includes dinner with us now finally. You're in the stadium that's under car that I allowed to get in that was a big game. I felt like it. Quick side podcasts top five worst patriot losses knots of audition. Suggests that jets that just lost to inspect the baton. The but it doesn't I'm Ellis of the ravens' 2000 and they lost that sets divisional round that was cut puncher. Yeah that was I put that high atop the Magellan probably the wars that was the 2000 the Elway Broncos once that hurts me because I believe Jeanette. Team 86 so deeply that I first log team like I. It is not often edit the Super Bowl 22 I was assembled when he when they blew that. You are their his then nine years had to do there he believes that. If I wanted to ask him to tickets that cost him. Nothing about it though and now dollars that's still light. 250 or more and we and we were three rows from the roof. About that. Hot so let's go ahead and touch base on the guide short time that Randy was here. Width witness in New England. Can you think of Spock Georgy. A patriot. Maybe even just in Boston sports. History. A player that had the impact that Randy Moss did in the three plus years he played there. Who else had played for like two years three years X that are not just like a rent electorally it's a Orlando Cabrera for the played half the season that one we'll browsers I'm. I'm hoping it's diary. Now I won't I won't stare longer Larry there are three of four years I think he'll have them but I think I would I would reference them anymore like a Bill Walton. Yeah yeah office Amer quiet caliber player who comes in and gives us is best for a season. Like not wanted holiday blues played for the Bruins four years five years via. Democrats law now that's little more that's like an actual that's attend mosque was somewhere between distant it and right yet and he's Adrian Beltre. It one year was 11 year and this is as tents knocked in the other plants like at least it's weird for somebody to come in. And make that much impact that kind of impact that quickly and we still think of him is like. Fifty greatest Ager topped maybe Tony Fabrice it's all at least right rejuvenate the top ten. How level he's like top to you know behind Brady really high aging climb. Laws and the constitution Kodiak has clam mosques and anger Roch yeah. The high major all this but that's adding to the future pot that we Georgia investigate. But let's let's cut based on Randy first prior to herb herb previously before coming to the patriots. The troubled teen had them up off the field troubles is highly recruited had chances to go to Notre Dame and Florida State. It drug and police issues. Take him off their radar England's have been DT Marshall. In that 1996 the same year the former Marshall standout. Trey brown is left at a Super Bowl the patriots. Probably their most touted grab receiver one of them prior to rein b.'s arrival. On but during that 96 season I'm Manny does that ties Jerry rice's. Despite deteriorates and also BD two college guy touchdown record 28. The following season 9718 to Chad Pennington who is marshals tarmac and they go division one now. We're Randy says the TD. Record at 26. In. US. He would have been drafted 21 overall ninety draftsman in Minnesota Vikings. What are you guys remember about Randy when he played for the vikings to seven just a dynamic talent. That first year that offense that was a Brian Billick led offense that Culpepper. No that was still renal panel that was Randall Cunningham Culpepper came on later and still. He made he made Culpepper who was beak is. The ability to catch anything from anywhere I think the primary play in the playbook. It wasn't some sort of like. Do you know post pattern skinny post corner fade with it was just I think the play it was actually called rainy don't get it right. That honestly. Absolutely whatever route. Whatever George and I would play football like the Turkey ball Saturday after Thanksgiving with our friends about quarterback George was always the tallest receiver. And we were despite many gonna get through college Georgia don't get in George to go get it over anyone else. That year that team the 98 patriots that was the post Robert Edwards. So cars are left after 96 right in N Edwards had a good rookie 97000 yards in the 98 patriots. The fate was on that was the year they end up losing in the playoffs to. The aids gently on the enemy jaguars and now is Nyhan though us what that weapon I didn't see it and analyze the jags that laugh in was in 99 and then 99 season. In innate need to counter Iran's and the silence after hitting sixteen. That was the most compete they were the most compelling team is amazing to me that the two most offensively compelling teams that that two best offenses. In the last twenty years it's no coincidence rather that they both featured. Randy Moss on doubt Chris Carter Randy Moss on the same team to the ten best wide receivers ever still completely lost. Teach him to game the I do my. When does the kick. Everyone's memory. Abbas on the vikings ethnic is in moving the the crowd that's O and Joe Buck followed targeted children no way. Ethics guy we apologize. Or is the most fake sanctimonious fake his second half and after the game Joe Buck I'm Artie Lange and as the doctor. That's Internet and I think you're scaring him that the other 500 getting traded to the raiders. Cynicism about that is that passed just one suitable. And this is the marquee matchup for the opening at odds that September 2005 because of brandy my house that was the game in Ottawa and next to the patriots had that giant helmet that opened up and Ozzy Osborne was playing them. Via trade that was fun not just haven't mark Walt her delivers beats underneath the banners and then. That's the end openly about your face it I think trophy. Land on so but he has no fun in Oakland in fact that they notice that here you only had eight touchdowns and three touchdowns and two seasons with Oakland and I just miserable there. I did he flame out in Minnesota does he. That did was that the eventual he Randy Moss is way out of there I don't get a lot the off field incidents he kept himself clean through a cash coming at this right. Bump that cop had to pay yet they find straight cash only. But in 9899. Kept his head above water kept as it kept him out of the police blotter. He by all accounts was like today. Model citizen yet I heard that he was just like a good dude regular different Al Davis liked them while Al Davis loved everything that had speed Al Davis always love straight ahead in line. Feel like killer burner speed. Mosque was so good for so long and then Minnesota. Fell apart. I think it was that there was some late minute talk about coach Mike Tice and I think he just sort of like either gave into all of that are just sort of like. Got order distracted and fell apart. I think it was yeah probably comics it's not like as if that means he played three last game deeply thirteen sixteen games. But consistency to those those teams play sixty as he sees it as him but I mean look at the yardage with Minnesota thirteen 114114112113. 116100. Yards century right and but then he drops off his last season. Only 767. So it could salary cap situation. As a lot of factors there anyway the and that setting and Oakland's first you're there does go over a thousand yards receiving backdrops and half the only 553. Completely. So then the rumors are swirling. And come draft Sunday of the the year 2007 Ana FL draft. Here comes Randy Moss the newest member and in the patriots now I specifically remember this because my son was born. Three days earlier it was actually he was traded to the patriots and April 29 by some as 125. So we bring my son home in the first thing he sees in my living room because the patriots. Have now signed Randy Moss and it was like. Why does the mainly what I signed you'll duly freaked out you so hard you were at draft I think this. I noticed I was too unfit to call him craft. I I replied you break it they just got mosques were fourth round in you could not believe a fourth round pick thinking like wait a second there's. They got him like there's no way he's washed up took care but I guess did not want and go. That's why they discount jettisoned for eight and as an even even gauge the temperature of the pocket. Agreed on how badly want to page Green Bay green makes you guys are. Are won the patent. It would have made an epic connection that would of made for help final season agreement they may be would have made it to the Super Bowl that year if they had moss as well the fourth round pick. To me. That was Belichick's greatest offseason because he at Welker for a second rounder yes and he got. Mosque or fourth rounder obviously flipped that it should have been. Mosque for first second and fourth round urban rockers toast probably would have been. First round talent but to me that's the offseason from which I wonder why anyone ever answered the phone from Bill Belichick ever again. Also it's funny you mention that because here's the patriots draft who ordered to gotten 71. Round pick Brandon meriwether. Second half fourth and enough to olive oil and a fourth round now Kareem Brown defensive linemen though fifth round Clint Oldenburg. Of our offensive linemen they have now for a six round picks Justin Rogers a linebacker Mike Richardson a cornerback. Just east Harry Harry it's harassment running back and a Central Connecticut State. Corey Willard offensive linemen into seventh routers Oscars somebody and Mike Englund so. I really picks that we know very it was a first caller. He lives we we'd hate him in the right because the Packers Bangkok yet been but because that's what's so good. That area of the hiring there whether he was like oh well we need the safety in the as an all proposal yeah I was there are Patriots defense that was. And so that to bring masa over the he'd have to restructure his contract. Brady even moves five point two million dollars of his salary if it. Andy and I mean big loss of income discs and you know moved down wild you rightly it out game but they've restructured. On but Randy comes in to training camp separate him from pole. Misses practice the rest of the thing misses all the pre season so we don't see him until week one now September 9 2017. It's in New York Jets at the New York Jets. That's the type. 277 at the New York Jets. Verses old old college a teammate Chad Pennington moss gets nine balls for a 183 yards in his debut. Including a 51 yard touchdown bomb. Where he literally runs from the right side of the field all the way deadly restaurant sealed with the retrieving the fat three defender Australian. I was. On the road I was working for ESPN at the time. And remember the date it's wrong and we just finished up our shooting on Sunday morning. And a and a disaster. Or sports burning and it simply says the ticket and was at the ticket. And a walk down the street and find this like from where Laura's radio sports bar. Members there. Watson. Oh pats at some points up on the court on mosques play awesome the debut mosque. And I remember just seen Brady go to mosque and I saw that bomb. We're Brees went back to fight as hard it is their cars he could throw it. And mosques running diagonally across the field runs underneath it in the beat those three guys that accordions and and I remember thinking like. Holy. Shiite. Holy (%expletive) I have never seen. I've never seen this before real Randy Moss is back they didn't plan wants in the pre season hamstring injury in my past that didn't want anyone to see what they are gonna do with this guy and Belichick. Who in 2006. And I think this is what were all little bit afraid of in 2018. Is Belichick. 2006. Slash 2013. Brady 2006. He sticks him with Reche Caldwell to art GAAP Julia Jabar Gaffney. Doug Gabriel. After the whole Deion Branch think 2013. It's Dobson it's Boyce it's Kimbrough Tompkins and now of course he's. Got a new number 81 Eric Decker. Court Carol Courter Alco. Corner or core core machinery corduroy Cornell corn belt Paterson quarterback has developed Doris dad in the pot when Hogan should have won. Them enough for weeks so. That Belichick. That was right that look at he figured Isaak I gotta give Tom weapons the patriots beat the jets offered 3814. Such a so lacking it. That Eric Mangini aside this man what I think the patriots reasoned legal cameras and ladies and gentlemen the birth of spy gate. Hamas makes the cover Sports Illustrated with a caption reading nothing but scary. Silly was put on notice fast following week week to September 16. Citing incendiary correct that's correct nice one from a sports bar in Philadelphia member of the ovation Belichick got after yet find. And the team was doctor picked that week. And per ski led the charge with every room pointing to signs that the fans hung from the side into that stadium over there on the walls and Belichick. Cheers of the crowd by dale is Thomas picked off the ball and ran back 67 the yards and mosque of course just the ladies of the San Diego second. And Thomas Kot that he'd like put on the actor birds like you're like where what the world is just an of course we and realize he's gonna and it being implemented but. Op mosque hit eight balls for a 105 yards two touchdowns you're in one of them in the week one and that that one Obama's race. But they again same score 3014. Weeks the arena September 23. Buffalo is now coming into Foxboro. Must have five catches for a 115. Yards and two touchdowns. In a 387 in three weeks in a row 38 points. Moscow is over a hundred yards all 33 throwing jump balls. And most analysts at that episode started making me crazy week is we are not sure why it was a delightful or October 1 at Cincinnati. Mosque gets nine balls for a 102 yards gained over under with two touchdowns in any 34 at their team and play at week five. And say they were on I remember that game two I think he wrecks at that game they were true they tried really hard like. The word was out like moss deep to Brady's is uncovered as a dependable it dissent and regardless and daddy was that a good deeds that are really good defense. And they were all over him and Brady still found a way snuck it in that's the thing it wasn't just gazelle speed it wasn't just long arms. Moss had soft hands to. And he made great catches. He did almost backed acrobatic catches some of the way waste is kind of our early is like arm and get it right here I got. Week five October 7 at home against Cleveland only three catches for 46 yards those tough browns and upholding Indian tech that's right what. But the figure still in their before it's all worth I think that. This would also mean the congress built Sports Illustrated weeks 6 October 14. This huge master. At that it was that it was a us they're both five and oh pretty pop yes packets off you bring your popcorn game. Six catches 59 yards and a touchdown. Surprising because many normally lead at the cowboys get right public attitudes taken in the draft when he was coming out they passed the remember that test. I 4827. They'd lose the cowboys out of that its board touchdowns the first now that was against buffalo later on those that those. No but Welker had a huge Welker and Stallworth put yourself and cast the was used before receiver went past its war on the depth chart yet. I'm receiving corps rose some crap week is that Watson Watson it was a and then it's right it's been Watson to. Now week seven act also went through hell yeah. Is ourselves at Miami this gave this to catch. On us one of the two best guess is you'll receive remaining months for cats easily forecast in the game for 122. Straight. Court that is one fortitude to touchdowns that's an excuse that only 49 to 28 win this is the one Brady for fifty yards yes the roses far he can raise at least double covered. Twisting like a Barbara bowl and still kept quiet you know we need to do on just the dollar for a second so I can pull up the idea is I remember Gumbel and deer or. Are almost in credit other great is like this isn't funny yeah this is unfair this was close with this idea well in the weeks and that you're going defeated the -- Or less time operas so now week seven this was seven now. Undefeated seasons where so much bigger in 2007. The pocket anyway than it was any time after the patriots that it and the colts nearly did me kind of decided not to do it. And then you know those. He so. But the idea that they were going to go undefeated and monumental pressure the entire country is watching to see because it was the big ESPN thing with. The dolphins and popping the champagne yet so all that BS Mercury Morris and quit so much pressure on the patriots in the bottom hearken back to bed of 85 payers. They had lost the money at the golf and that's that might abandon thing kind of cemented undefeated season as being some sort of a regular season miles written. The market for years you know we are bugs in. He was going around to different stadiums every week then on ESP it is W you know what you just following the patriots does that get most intriguing team to watch you know now. So much. So much more because the patriots were just so much more compelling they had us covering. They had us covering Monday Night Football games. And the money at football games that that that year they just weren't that compelling so I I remember ask them like if you're sending me out to do videos for. ESPN mobile at the time. Coming up with the idea of an interaction they were well ahead of their time with the idea like short just content for sports website and for mobile devices. Can I switch over the pages because they're the most compelling story line. This is the most interesting stuff and in the content wherever degenerate everything about those patriots these ultimately evils post by. And the greatest offensive season averages seven. You haven't we made it overseas have like this again we do little video. Of me Jesse I was on ESP. Have you received well. I'm just up is pat patriot. In his present job as president often is the pulp and open it we have a putt past the competition in the snow on Boston Common in the well Brodrick TVs before Christmas as a sense. Got to are like the idea that. I think great late Gil Santos is not the idea from the CBS broadcast which is up to find on the YouTube's but. Yet that catch. It was it was Brady heaved it about 65 yards. And mosque just out leaped in the right people in the hands on one of which ended up falling in Terry is KCL just add insult injuring his right. That's our equipment what are Randi do we just turn and hand of all the different I think justice such a classic move. We gate October 28. This one's a one mile time favorites. Against the Redskins and home three catches 47 yards and a touchdown in 52 to seven. Stone of Joseph Gibbs well now now. That's the one Fauria had moved up 48 foot switched over that side said coming from the patriots to the Redskins. Was like going from reading like Chaucer to children's books and said they were so unbelievably I'm prepared. But also nationally. That was the game where if people party weren't against the patriots. That's when I into an apple you assign yes the ad that phrase the FT TD came up and that's what people really turned against us. It's never came out. You know and Joseph Gibbs. They asked dismembered need to give and well or fourth line apple threes in the schools and now is it that I believe that was the game afterwards where Belichick said you know one mice posted youth and just and the ball back like if they're dot does that mean my eyes I got. Did give the ball up he Belichick. And they asked Gibbs after the game you feel like these companies and I've no problem with the way the game. Joseph Gibbs came back after you know he's really started out. Hot week 9 November 4. At Indianapolis. Mosque as nine I was there I was at the U at this hour that is ninth it is the only one that worried me up in the point. 99 catches for 145 and a touchdown. Patriots went 24 it's when he but it was against Manning and it really good colts team voting hours yeah it yet but it just once again the year before. Game that the ITN. That site was tears but now they've just a beautiful they were eligible to yes. And so. And a big lead in the so they know it does paper they are playing from behind the hole and I iMac and Kevin Faulk got the game it's such a threat a threat. On. And into the bye week week 11 November 18 at buffalo ten catches 120 yards four touchdowns of 56 to ten. That was the Sunday nighter that was that was it I was I mean it was twenties nothing in the first quarter. It was. We can borrow him in his match horribly wonderful. On November 25 at home against Philadelphia five kitchens 43 yards. AJ Feeley had zero touchdowns AJ Feeley had a game it's the majors and say only squeak out there 3123. Point win at this point you're kind of guy had everyone's throwing them in the -- throwing their frank illusionist and again air everybody is a game plus right now and in the next week was the famous I think it was sending money football all week thirteen I was amber third at Baltimore miserable conditions for catching 34 yards and a touchdown what was the atmosphere like there because Baltimore he pushes me grosses for the Baltimore is it Mecca to team. Kyle bowler was their quarterback that night yeah. The game winning touchdown which of course now we always and I and that will wish that the patriots lost decade so that'd have the pressure Bryan defeated season I don't think that's a lesson in 2017 and actually. That from Gaffney again not the end audit contract it was her dogs yeah that's right and who's a professor of all to only came after Rex Ryan. Call a timeout when the patriots would have been stuffed. Gave in the down back thing at first now affects the Amex gave us on the air but then now about Billick blowing kisses to Rodney Harrison and outlined one of the best original first gifts that there was only one on the patriots do win that one week 14 December 9. Home it's Pittsburgh. Largely forgettable for a game against Pittsburgh seven catches 135 and two touchdowns in 3413. Win I'll wrap with predictable with each of these Smith in and that is at the safety was like enough money. Even the most famous place is. Backwards pass throws it to Matt and and bell already said Tom Brady's gone through as a football on this team. Any lateral is that out to Randy Bosnia thing can Muster half yet halfback option Moscow throw the ball. Back to Brady who than sharks at 65 yards down the field to Gaffney threat over that safety Brady in the face. To have outstanding. Week fifteen December 16. All there because I've always. It's. Not only are they dead right now miserable five yet blanket every nine yards. Zero touchdowns and 2010 went on that I was back in isn't that who my our partners Brent seasons. Is he season that's fantasy playoffs yet bring. In in repeat. It smartly would I went with him to that game and I told the bench him too because the way as I was able. Did the win was put it was sideways when with called hail rain sleet there's no way anybody was gonna have a game themselves that they patriots first touchdown that came off like Eugene Wilson interception or something. But Revis had moss is number that. We didn't forget to mention it came at the jets. Earlier this you know I don't know wasn't now oh wouldn't it is later. Was 2009. And win marks the one handed catch to read is a game yet it did yeah I was at that game I was in the beer. You miss that greatest. All time I was in the this is likely that of all it was the right what happens to rock. Against the Broncos you probably due out yeah I had I was one of the yeah. I'll Grimes cats last year against buffalo or elect goes up against two days right here let's connected with a one armed brings in his body. We can do all like hasn't grown up on our I want and catches. Cast some good ones. Weeks 16 December 23. Two days for Christmas home against Miami which is when you should be playing Miami. In Miami in September at home. Top five catches fifty yards two touchdowns and 27. Win Sunday after 4 o'clock game incredibly forget this leads us gentlemen to what I contend is the greatest football game. Ever played. Week 17. December 29 at the New York Giants. Here's the back story. The sixty you know season is on the line okay. The NFL network was in jail and they decided because the patriots looked at the wagon not to waste and he is there. Patriots games until the final game of the season because they knew they'd already be the class probably resting everybody. Instead picked me for sixteen and Al. At new York and if a network I guess it was knew it wasn't really on a lot of people's cable packages. So. Boston they play it on WCV beast that's on channel five it's on channel five in Boston and I was living alone or at the time there are also showed it locally in the or well so what happened was. Fox at eight guys. We're getting a time requests for this were when you're in now supplier football we should be held this game fox co airs the game. CBS goes. Screw that they don't park and just get this CBS gets to. So in Boston all four networks NFL network all three major. You that the three had put NBC ABC at a time and in the so it busted fortunate he could put it like this everywhere else in the county had at least three channels and anyway everyone was watching it burn every every member utilizing every channel because it wasn't easy Eden. Four and all sorts of sorts is different or so timely which we're just like the lucky ones like Tuesday where he's in the room what eagle or electric what was funny though it was just the NFL network broadcast it was buying double no matter which only flipped it to. And he was so that the patriots. Were on this incredible pace Brady need two touchdowns to break Manning's 49 touchdown marking get fifty. Mosque needed to to break Jerry rice's twenty to get 23 for the ultimate touchdown thing and then the two right heated strikes for season. Was it like eleven games for years fourteen some music it's that whom. On so you add all these sub plots. And the patriots. Look you know they're trailing for most of the you know back and forth and trailing late. I have a chance to its kick him in the eighty pepperoni and Brady misses yeah yeah. That is that it matters and is it too was that's the most early but but yet he did you know back and back cornea of them but this one. He misses in the throes of cynicism and next to throw to Muster up and literally cannot trust is as a front right but he goes back in the same plane and explain mosques open hits them. Gone touchdown you have both records broken on one little play supply. And let it out in the game when they they went by 33835. To go on the way this story it's different and I'm sorry again that's why preface this is why undefeated season at time was so it's bigger than it would be now. Nowadays like the colts did most teams do is come back with opera yet as other jacket precautionary tale. Divisional game January this is a way that season Wes Welker a 112. Catches yeah bio at the entire time. That Randy Moss is redefining the role of the deep threat setting the touchdown record. Wes Welker is defining. The role of the slot receiver and really underneath changing. The games are changing the NFL for as good as his mosque was 93 catches that's fourteen more catches and ran. And that epic season. Corzine nineteen. On site data via an envelope yeah hello 932 on 1219. Any mustard ninetieth. Well out fourteen or fourteen markets yeah on. Here Randy. And he had a 14193. Averaging fifteen point two catches ones is that 63 year. Just could have been the MVP himself. Yeah and of course in a season where Brady went emitted Brady it's fifty nanny actor degree period. Of points of that the pressure. But I mean now. It is what it is three time MVP. Divisional game January 12 2008. Patriots. Look a little sluggish. That tied it halftime TV Jack's jaguars muscling as one catch fifteen yards. I'm sorry to. If fifteen. It fifteen. And they went 31 it's when he. Nobody expected Jackson with a win this game was way closer to. Classical offense was good early these past sellers were Brady went 26 it's true yeah. And for Taylor yeah there was yet marksman but he was also it was all underneath and I'm he was relating scoreboard. On them we go to the eighty championship very bizarre game in which LaDainian Tomlinson bags out. With a knee injury Italy river yeah recitals and plays with IRL. Area. Unbelievable courage and guts from knack. Antonio. Antonio Cromartie picks up radiating toys in the game Brady had three picks yeah that's the Brady may have gotten her it is that's where broke his foot and mosque only has one catch for eighteen yards and that once and to play half games after going 98 catches. 14100 yards 23 record. Touchdown he's got zero touchdowns two catches. For about 133 yards right. Unbelievable they do this would that one out though when he went to twelve and point. It's gone from being like a team as a dominant two can we police deserve huge risks. To survive arrangements -- and then of course we go noticeable forty. Mosque five catches 62 yards and attached analog touch on give the patriots the fork in him he's with like actually changed to hatch and that of course the cats that he didn't make. Is that one that if he had made it or even Atlanta and maybe. May be a foot tops. And through the race cars he could eight humans are all back that he even almost came in became and moss got open is finally on the wrong place Moscow sort of put in the eleven to contracts and thank you for even tackle mosque they could kick the field all the time that inning if they think is that Mossad cottage April. So that is the end of the 2007 at Randy Moss campaign now of course 2008 starts. Enemy opener after the Sports Illustrated cover jinx has a picture Tom Brady on what a neat. Brady fit in need. Yep now Mo Brady as a play the whole pre season that's right they set up up and broken foot so it's it's the whole pre season. Where there for the opening game against Kansas City. Moss signs that three year two point seven million dollar deal the sides today looks like twelve is doing again this year we will get agreement from occasionally is doing where he was when it sure. Now the river. It's an. It's at 371. Yeah massive eighteen he. As preacher worked out and with a Pollard. Was it pol. Are you think yet a hundred Heller case fumble. Awesome Welker each moss and Welker each had a turnover early in the game against Kansas City pats came out super sloppy in the home whites off hot. Hot yeah I was there too awful game yet again the other guy who drank all the cores like wood in the stated that it. I I had this section you had that thanks a lot yesterday in a losing Brady obviously for a year Matt Cassel comes in. Mosques to his credit 69. Catches for a over a thousand yards receiving that that year. Really only when it comes sticks out in my it was the one against the jets yeah okay there. Back at that catch was that catch was phenomenal last play of the game and who's the DBB for the catch beavis tile law. What Tara. But here's a mosque patriots at this point. Is that he doesn't own that sees a lot of these other receivers. What. But he. Succeed and it catches a thousand yards eleven touchdowns it's match. Castle that's still pretty damn lot of receivers of elects I'm here for that please think it was a lot of man hassle to get it done in two Welker. La balk. That your number by the lot of running two I believe what did that catch you are honest and overtime none of the Dubai debt and other Austrian author of protest back when you could. Yes it was and Zack Crockett that's when you could get a feel via via an overtime was super super line. That put him at six and four. And a wing next week it's Miami and then winning four of the last five actually. He's narrowly missed the playoffs on a tiebreaker they that they thanks Favre may indicate that there are few times patriots haven't. Made the playoffs in the Brady Aaron and obviously was playing the seas and the radio came due to tie breakers and 97 tiebreaker thank you. And Brett Favre yet and an and then at it as well as an Asia. 115 thank you (%expletive) and Brett Favre. And Packers. So a 2009. Brady comes back after miss in the season with the ACL. And I remember I was at the game like 56 weeks in. Where they play the want to start the season George you and I were there for the first game it would epic comeback by the announcement Kallis and yet to test as a Ben Watson that's in the lives costs or it would order twelve catches for a 141 ranking in that game. I was too drunk to remember that and we both sat on a pretty good that. It wasn't until they played was until they played the Nashville Oilers were national titans are there Tennessee Titans Lindsay tiles that they were signs of tea. And Emily tag and they are like throw back unit it was throwing uniforms so Brady was in the red that the patriot and the Tennessee ties were in the in the Houston Oilers. Or get out there and they went in the south 59 nothing and that was the first day Brady and mosque finally re connected again the deep attack was back in everybody. Had such a sigh of relief around New England even those and we all kind of knew something was wrong with the team. Via and they ended up that was the season that they've been of course Belichick goes on the I just can't. Get these guys to play they way and you in the play hard and think about Belichick's career with the patriots who were on C errors have on my depth and hole. It's yeah. He's not a guy that was there are these hands yet on this is that the 83 receptions for ball 6413. Touch them should I mean again. It's they would think about it why here's the question widely going to mosque mode that offseason. After they got their doors blown off. Following the Welker ACL terror which has guided that team for the ball and it happened that was and that was Houston Texans game in need now and yet and then he had that on the map and and they get yet relaxed starting from that was that ray Ray Rice to the art. I was daughter untouched. Radio the rarest touchdown Terrell Suggs in the backfield every other play. When he won the alligator arms from the Randy Moss looked like he was phony and an alligator arms I was like arena horrible that and it league champion and a half and convenient but 2000 time remember seeing that picture then it's on Sports Illustrated its front cover like. Bream monster they still have it to this the magic. I'm never experienced why they atlas yes Syria yes why did because they want that first game in 2010. They're drafting cracker is when Belichick sort of reinvented the office they beat Cincinnati bad in that opening game. You ever be UN idea yes let's go with the American ago. And we all thought like all right so they're gonna do this to get these tight ends and mosque is gonna be there to give it ago. Else's honored guest on welfare Andelman stepped up the year before largest in the gaming at the raiders but it really lit element time didn't really start to like 2012. But they. There was something wrong like I remember a mosque complaining so much in the off season. Wanting another contract even though he was stall on the hook in 2010. For nine million bucks and he wasn't going anywhere. And that I think we're all just. Cumulatively disappointed in the idea that mosques in got PG and I don't know what I I don't wanna see this Randy Moss. Belichick was all right here's how our profits is you know CDs to news as we were 21. Years old each of both items. It. It was it was that I just think it was you know just adamant that I don't need to deal with this and I way. He kind of what that downside receiver. Age at that point and contacted just felt like you know. So after four weeks. With the patriots 2010 pitched a fit in the halftime of that money that Miami I think surprised him there like that's. Well but then also that happens and then. He comes out in I think it's the post game Miami pressed him it's actually where he kinda complains about how Ian doesn't feel respected knows the other stuff. And then they shipment patriots had a video inside the locker room of him do in the one clapping what a great team meeting is anything else. And sure enough they ship them off. During the bye week are going into the bye week to Minnesota he gets to reunite with vikings he goes back in the 84 that ends up working. I'm in the play four games and their foregoing Tennessee he comes back they came back to. To Foxboro area and so yet your rights they come back to Foxboro. And Randy. That they need patriots and that what was funny was member of the traded him and you're like everyone's like I had gimmick for weeks from now we gonna face what you know. I craze your answer Woodward about it would Wear it well in fact the patriots go out there and beat the vikings twenty AD team. And they eat it. Randy Moss was so neutered by the hawks retreat at this point in realized what me might just grew up. He goes into the post game press counted that libraries as easily as Belichick and Brady in front of the entire national media guide the vikings are like what the hell. And then the following they trade him. The exact content the Tennessee but it replaced that's right they traded him in the same season game I would just like Brad Childress was the head coach. Keller are now it's you remember. It was it was the patriots former kickoff return slash wide receiver that went to Cincinnati for a couple of years the cut the touchdown that that game. Against the vikings remember Brady a brand and a well known and brain and not matter whether Brandon. Is kick off guy wore number nineteen. Heat and it's a thing to remember that I see Brady turns the ball at the old jobs. That it had no jobs 2.0. Million times they'll remember that now catching them it's Sunni and and upon over the top that and one they catch against Seattle and he did nothing at Neitzel. Is in May be some place in my peaceably Plame himself. RA let's go red wrap this one up that is the retrospect of any month during his time with the New England Patriots in grad congratulations and the parades all aiming some well deserved sadly never won a Super Bowl but he will be he is so beloved around here and I love how he. Respects. The organization that coats the owners former quarterback. Now. The fans love him and that. Sure we all wish that he got that ring to cap off that incredible season but we can appreciate what he did how special it was. And you know he did we don't need a teacher the others who rules of command that is like. Made equally heated Buckner on seated do anything wrong right it's just they just it is just a foot short. And again that's why I said after. After every last game I could think was this is why football the number one sport it's one and done this everything rides on one African. Do I enjoy him. Reprieve and now is great on TV's the I'm afraid unseating an analyst at Selena was greatest in after the beaten I think it was Seattle. I'll intelligently for an over the an Indiana and they got a chance to talk on the the post game show right. Anyway a great character who's certainly had to repressed during the time he was here unfortunately it didn't and so well that hasn't and it. And hand them to the brakes top five paid top five wide receiver for the page probably the greatest wide receiver who's at greatest receiver while time now for the patriots and he got a pre. Pre qualified via a talking about like Stanley Morgan who is here you tag time as well as well orbiter friars it is that as well brown eyes and see it buys. I guess this is it best patriots wide receiver. Top five. Top twenty patriot. You know high right on top fifties while I don't top twenty and a from the top I go to I don't topped one I'd go probably tops one. He broke the record for touchdowns this season and won his first year. He was where do you put on a list of all time talent Boston athlete he put them. A daily Ted Williams are guys like that body or. This year it's not funny fatwa this year ten. Talent and we did appear it that was an account that those were kind of a mountain Rushmore. I mean deep Heidi compared let me stop hiding it they're ready Austin bill rosters they're down to the sport I mean Bill Russell you know wrestle alaskans that was consistency. That's what basis and I'm not his talent has only ever three and a half years it. Effect parable. Most talented top 25 athletically it's dot and dollars even as short an attempt at a time like receivers which. I think talent I put a number one. We'll points I think again I think too because of qualifications he can't put conference at six he's six Nixon re in the fourth three hit Chris Long arms and soft answer yes. Feel the death penalty. The product team. It's Revis that I saw on TV on a monitor laws they might beverage. Was the greatest cancer receded to go to prepare but I. Raptors went up I'm your host to go but you can find me at uncle buck WA AF and you find us at real BS one a one. Stephens at a point nick Stephens of course you know chicken with our pal fits the at this Egypt wider patriot season. Many nick show every day three to seven here on WA AF. In Turkey kept the other pats then. Our guys we have another hour pats video coming out. We actually have a couple of ideas coming up for the start of the season so stated objective to TG FY and other pats fan Twitter feed in. Who knows maybe leave and have year old uncle buck razzle celebrity cameo on me you know buying all right that's your monster are you aren't elaborating as long as we at the contract in order. Let's that thank you once again for joining us and get paid those who will talk we'll talk we'll see you next time.