Boston Sports 101 - Fenway Memories

Tuesday, April 3rd

Everyone remembers their first trip to Fenway Park. Cheering on the Red Sox, chowing down some Fenway Franks, sipping back some beers and taking in that spring/summer air. But then again, there are also some Fenway memories we'd like to forget. Tune in for this special "Opening Day" episode of the Boston Sports 101 Podcast!

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Backed off its fourth one on VS one went for short. I'm your uncle buck in this smooth jazz in the evening. Amazingly we'd like back in the future here ever PS 101. It's just me and Jerry Norton Jerry. If they'll blitz or back to our roots this whale is pleased to do is you yeah it's a Wayne's world like now we just Bakken are basically down to let the big national bank in out and. Oh cable access PS 101 we tasted mr. Biggs. Limousine that was WA AF and now back at him yet just temporarily right the other guys seduced busy and you and I had the audit and a couple weeks so it's it's it's. Which is do something that we wanna talk about that it's gonna resonate with people and at a couple of laughs and call it an angle. What's the reds. And oh Georgia that that male thing in the post office. Of course man he's recovering the more LT seven that if reassignment surgery really out evils we support him people who opposed them in the mail this column. With Matty is that that there is an open oak hopefully he'll be coverings and and then of course that nick as taxes so that's what we're looking and it's a gear were free of what the heck with the two guys had nothing on not a big expenses is as good as it gets for us opening day. Of the 2018 minutes taxis. What better way to re live that for a dubious when one's sports fans but just the times that we park. Either grown up opening day and as we look into this. The first things your commitment to him. This time a year the first thing and we think of his opening days that had that have been through. Start in college I remember I had the same professor for back to back classes I went to the first one. And Tom didn't show up for the film affects you because they I had tickets today and I had to go in his arm. You don't that helped get the times I went didn't have a ticket in just rode go with a buddy at the casket flag along with other friends were in there I think. I'm not in a regular opening date go there people grow annually but that's it it's just it's a flood of memories. All of them good even the games that they logic and Nokia's wanna when 62 but if they win you remember that forever and you into probably. I'm gonna throw a figure here. Who does. It's probably in the mean it's this is. Not something that. That I that I missed out on but it bit. I've been lucky not to be part of a fairly season ticket group since like 83 hit my father would take no time and then. You know years later in the became my tickets so I go as often as I can but I am I also share tickets on the guys and in so it's not every year. But I tell you. It's always the same type of formula rate you go it's too cold you sit there and why are we opening here we should be in Tampa Bay like we are this year. Sometimes you gotta battle the rain is LA's. Lately last couple years it's over the top theatrics with piano is our job is being released storage giant. You know and it's up against the green monster what we know what that ownership group that we patent in 2002 but it's amazing feeling it's complete. Lee New England feeling it's a debate Tuesday. Right yeah and it's a last year was. The patriots coming out with five Lombardi trophies and rate the game day chasing grant around the field and and then you know zany innocents who would ever put. Yeah the easiest ticket in the world to get is. Any of vote the games. To fool boat ten. You know those are the ones people giveaway I I went to one of the outcome so many years ago now that I think about it that. It was Pedro face in Tampa. And the rays will literally come until late in ski masks as it was that freaking cult it was maybe. 34 degrees we would dress like it was for a patriots game by. Those aren't special opening day inning all you you know again yet it's at like sixty to make that big difference. It does that the one. You can make a big deal out of that'd. That it deserves that's the one that the next stayed off and talk radio was filled with what's wrong with the Red Sox and the way you're not gonna say if they. Drop. You know one at a three in a weekend series in May feel. Only the only the group like twisted to divide up the yearly 82 games. Or 81 games that we and it having it's amazing because it the first game picked is always opening day than the Yankees go real quick. In the last game last games you're right it's always that first week. It hit in an April nobody was a good game to game three game for it really up until about the end of April then you know people start depending and that the players armored. Yeah and you know what at that. Major League Baseball for the way they do it at them the math works out to roughly half the teams are either in a dome or warm weather climate. That the Sox should even seat and wait until bowl week three. Complain about that you know what I mean it's it's different than its football because there's a home field advantage there and you know they want Miami in the cold in Miami wants them down there in September in the heat. Baseball it's a miserable experience for everybody involved in. 1 and I am the king of the world and it's in it's coming soon and that's how it's gonna go week. For re paid in April may be you start seeing games in. In New York in Boston in Philly one win at any place that doesn't have a he deal also what you start. Our here and until it gets nicer. You know why don't get us in their earlier so we need a little bit more sunlight in this thing before you know these games a long enough you will look and it's starting at 6 o'clock. You know 33 and a half or game gets you out of there by my tent if you started then instead eagle and seven you'll be lucky to be you know back on the tight by midnight yeah. I'd I'd love up but then they're gonna say the other thing that people can't get there 00 whatever so. Little opening day brings to an end. It's really only. Patriots stayed dozens namely it's a morning drinking day you and I edge of the games it it one. Then the bars a felon out they probably 8 o'clock in the morning it's like it's like a Saint Patrick's Day over a whatever. Com and that's one of those games like I nice that you goal even if you know of tickets you might try to scalp we might say Stuart I just want to be around I just want to be part of that can more experience in the bar state full it's not like they completely empty out if you're at the casket you're at who's on first baseball tavern. It's a little hard to tell the games even started. Or are not at all. Well I'd just go through living in the history park as a facility. And I mean listen things over a hundred years old it was a opened. In built in nineteen well. And have been the same week that Titanic actually sank ago. It was constructed for 650000. Dollars we talked about once before by the Osborne engineering company. And move the outsider in reference or oh my god as a look long before they invented the flying wing in little balls that explode so that does that present in 1912650000. Dollars to build them park. 58 years later. Foxboro Stadium which was then originally when Schaefer stadium yup. Was 26 million dollars to the stood at just because you would adopt. Fox promised it with fifty years later meanwhile now they're talking about that new stadium that's being built I Los Angeles for the yen for the rams. They know what the price of presents for 3000000003 billion is when I'm here. Plague billion. And we think the three billion you could design like a fleet of spacecraft. That portrait really you could buy a dog went through that if it on the but snow. Any other way that they too fled from the beginning Fenway was. A bad idea. It I know that this is heresy to say that but the reason why you don't squeeze. Ballparks onto a city block that small because you're gonna end up with a 300 foot. But feel like and not enough space and you don't. They are again right yeah well actually so it's funny you mentioned that because. The Osborne engineer company did build some of the other stadiums that are. We're known at that time Tiger Stadium also in 1912 certainly was a much larger facility. Back then they also. Pepto the polo grounds and upper Manhattan in 1911. They built braves field 1915. Yankee Stadium in 1923 Notre Dame stadium and 29 are 5059. And he beat three very receive if you believe that thing came from the space company that they think they gave you Fenway Park. That built the polo grounds which is basically like a what a rom that's right it's the area it was like. It had a notch in center field right that went there was deep enough already but that it went straight out for awhile and so it was like. The public a former 5460. Foot dead center field. And yet and they build something like of like the the ultimate cookie cutter at Three Rivers just east peace circle in the middle oath of a parking lot. And they've I guess I guess they fell on hard times the company because the latest feel the pain belt was actually that eight. Which is now progressive state Cleveland OK but really that that's been about it they went home obviously in the Red Sox in nineteen while the president. On interest in fact the and you were talking about how was already bad idea. The after we park was open with in 19121914. Comes around the World Series is played in the brave stadium is being built. So for 1915 seasons that they played a World Series against Philadelphia. At Fenway Park in 1914. The following year the Red Sox make it in the World Series. But because raised fields brand new and pulls a lot larger capacity they play the World Series games separate field. So the heaters in the family's existence RT obsolete it's RD heavy over Saturday and considered a dud. I should've thought I'd never heard that before that this incident that that's an amazing factoid because you'd you know it's will work commitment. Of heresy this is this is blessed beaming because world's most. You know not not the collapse of the history lesson what was most beloved and think that it was built this way because that keep maximum charm no it was. It was just like dealing with the reality of Boston's crowded city they could narrow streets in tiny little weird shaped block cell. If we're gonna put it here we have to make these horrible can concessions and we still dealing with them today. Out of dampen one of the funny things as they did have some state of the art innovations at this time. They had what was considered small parking area for automobiles just not right feel this is like when nobody had a cars that they probably could park or five or six cars are there. And when that that was like a huge like Dario but what they're darn now. They actually had a wire screen behind home plate which is the first of its kind elected they were the first ones that electric scoreboard. On bid twice as much seating areas Huntington avenue grounds which is the previous home. The original distance from home to dead center and then the flag people and that senator 550 feet says before they'd really the bleachers during Nancy. Demanding an odd 25 foot wall laughter prevented non paying fans entertainment. Answering did the park and onlookers from from viewing the games are for. He backed and you could build a wall and don't complain we keep even asked indeed beautiful ball. What they do in the construction. There was a mound of grass is that these clips from the wall and that because Lewis was so good it. The able to maneuvering. To try to do that in and get rid of it in Houston. Right they had it was dead center field. And it was just a little like my home that for him a little incline. Rape which made no sense in was it eventually gonna snap the ankle of some. Seventeen million dollar a year center fielder Blake that the Sox had that in. I don't I'd hate of red voted I've never understood the logic of it but they had it was their dead down. They'd basically hall of fame outfielder right it was true speak who isn't right Lewis was in. Left in the in the senate Harry Harry Hooper was very. See this where you know all in all I read. Like metric but on all of Red Sox history books and I was a kid which is like. I was raised to. Love that. We were little band box and we'll get into that. It is amazing how way you know for so many years it was considered this poetic now hallowed grounds of misery in sorrow and now it is overpriced. It's okay so in the season opener in 1912 smoky Joseph wood completes I'd. AS seven hitter against the New York highlanders who of course want to become the Yankees. In winds south five to three interest than interesting that Joseph would it actually gotten to start a few years earlier. Turning pro for twenty dollars is a member of the barnstorming bloomer girls. He was one of four ballplayers that used to dress in drag as a team. For a team that was billed as an all girl team. He wouldn't. No there and look you know maybe they weren't as tolerant and media hype that stuff. Boy that today we live in an age if you really want we do is wait who has fool. By the fact that this Catholics and deal in 93 mile an hour fastballs. Different times you know the it would it was a team need to get a compared. Some is of these fellas the ladies they really had guys who. Would drag says. Be able to play baseball apparently he had they had these that. These situations where barnstorming teams would we doing in the gap there. Opposite of Red Sox play this is the red B and trailer of the history of the Red Sox we're gonna get. We indicated to see them really with it was that would errors and the family fortunes going. If you licences in the car over the kids years because we're about to keep. For the Red Sox there from 1912 today obviously. On Boston Braves called home from fourteen to fifteen. On the possible blogs of the NFL played in 19266. Games there for the franchise full fidelity which enveloped him. Only one of those games actually and being played. Boston Redskins called and all from 193336. When he moved to New York become. Are actually Washington in the Washington Redskins. In fact they was in 1936 Seattle Jamie chip that they were not able to drawn fans. At them parking tickets they moved the game against the new year to ninth to may be new beginning with the Packers moved it was against they moved it to. Yankee Stadium. No (%expletive) I I did not I mean I know that they three different. Pro football franchises waited and waited at some point Caspian in the Red Sox and left in the patriots in the in the sixties and to the point where. They had to. It had the patriots left in. As the with threatened to in 1994. That we were never gonna get pro football again because that's the patriots are a factor third strike. Real people forget that you know especially in the thirties. College football with a Yale Harvard being that big game. That the pros were still looked down upon choke the idea pro football and in Boston was kind of fans like tuck we don't you know we don't go for that professional something go for the amateur game. Now. Sure and and that the get off track here but the the whole Redskins thing. While yeah okay the rest of the country can look at at a C Boston's racist again it's not that it's not easy this villagers started that whole month. That local that they currently have. Was actually to pay homage to this real. Indian leader tribal leader who was a friend of like John Adams and a lot of the founding fathers. Whose name escapes me like. The whole thing was too kind a homage to take him because he was considered almost like a secular saint. The two it's colonial it's like because you is this respecting guy. Com and I know that's a long winded thing to say when someone else's yellen that you call the Redskins. Like OK but it didn't start it'd be intended to be anything remotely derogatory. That it is. What do we came as as times changed thank god it's. Washington's problem not ours and. The Boston shamrock. The NFL's second attempt to become. Completely. Fell. But that Iraq 193637. And ended up winning 36 league title which should count I think if we're counting Boston Cambridge if I'm gonna put the shamrock that they sure but again it's the NFL play it's it's like what in the ex FL title and animist and this one's. It blew my mind the Boston yanks were actual NFL team from 194448. In forty five they become the Boston New York yanks because they were the first or franchise in the history of sports that I deal. To actually share our hometowns they were literally Boston New York shared this team. Com before moving to New York full time in 1948. They folded in 51. The remains of the franchise. Were sold to Dallas in beat the team became the Texans the Dallas Texans. They failed and then those remains were sold to a Baltimore group agreed to create the Baltimore colts so those ass hole Indianapolis Colts got hit so much. Actually. Got their league needs their start. Within months. Meant in the model of having two cities that are. We don't back them what will be a seven hour drive apart somehow that didn't bet that there are more guys like Minneapolis and Saint Paul you know it's only. Boston and Providence and you stick him in the middle and equality and they actually were the Boston New York yeah it can you believe that now I I can't end. Everything bad that happens with the colts. Started here. This is this is this is eye opening Canada yes nice to know that actually pop the Boston patriots of course from 6368. Play here. And then the Boston begins a soccer franchise. Spent the 1960 season FM a clip. Quick moment a ball when the Red Sox played here. To a person they were excited about it is they felt like. Finally at the planet like you which is Saddam and and PC and and Harvard the least. It was a football stadium but it was professional sports like. You know she'll happily talked about how I'm in a locker room that like Ted Williams used you know this is what that this meant them. Com. And he's uniquely. Badly suited to host football yeah I mean because they handled singling out that they had when Notre Dame came here against BC a couple of years ago where one end zone. Is at home plate. And the Evelyn has helped by the great field bullpen right. Silva and barbarians from. Anywhere behind you know yeah there's only couple feet yeah I checked you get two feet down in the end zone the back of the end zone and you flew open over the ball and wall basically. Home. The biggest problem is the great seats that would be along. The the sidelines. If you're on those you know behind the whole league dugout or whatever you couldn't see bloody thing because. The seats are so low at Fenway that they don't know football stadiums like that. So this solution was. To put both teams out on the left field side that the green month there's. Deep into the flow on that. What they had is they had two football teams. On the same side thanks guys we just routinely walk all the to the other side here with these other guys with senator. We don't want a boy Emmerich listening in on the way they play at a strategy is yeah that's right around the ball more will. Another thing that the problem once. Does the walls this'll low that security was a nightmare in the U there was a documentary done about it hundredth anniversary of a family them by NFL films. Initially incomplete passes. And the ball bounces and then it heaven is gonna get it isn't just grabbed it just goes on an open the center field that that the garage door. If it happens all the time it was league and nightmare pepper proportions only the patriots would have done if he. Chance cocoa and trying to look I know there's some footage on the first patriots. Super bull dvd. That shows funeral Kapalua the in his time with patriots and it shows. A lot of the footage from Fenway Park when the shots of him is actually coming out of the Red Sox dugout so real you just give patriot player in full uniform even in the sixties. Coming out of the Red Sox dugout but yet. An eight aimlessly at a game back then bomb the AFL games went Friday nights not compete with with the NFL and there was snow in the forecast so they laid down the TARP on. I'd like our pollen is such a Edward RI would is just that's just a great sound that we courtesy car will. It's note on top of that aren't aren't like poisoned the current policies reflect a money play on. Bit about like woody sounding words Wayne's cutting both over 47 and would it. All of that's a word will. Though it's snowed on top of that this tarpaulin so they couldn't. Remove it. So they had to bring notes snowplows. To push it all lots that they did that rumble it's so that they could leave the game. Well the promise it was on live TV so what nationalized its books let's entertained by. About half an hour 45 minutes of jets. Trucks portions smell awful lot of them baseball. And the patriots jets even in the first clue what they would. Tumbling. Of course there you know if the place. Pretty much had been unchanged up until today Perry for the debacle where Ian loaded everybody including gave Britain early twenties. The team as a horrible decade for the twenties. And there's this so bad the point there's a fire. In left field that destroys most of this the stands but there was so little fans coming in ever bothered to fix it. Otherwise they wouldn't bleachers right area and so I'm at Tommy hockey comes in buys the franchise they build it up and it immediately that area burned down again it was like with Hearst. And then now yes so he expands the thing make these are putting advertising which you can see in some of the really old. Serial footage of him apart. Jim razors and things like that plastered along that the green monster Wailea. And they famously they had a. Billboard size signs in it was a guy in the shower and it says the Red Sox use life boy soap and people would say. Yet they still stink. And I who were reminded of that win them when the Coke bottles wanna not to get ahead of myself. But do people Paul aide giant Coke bottles on the light towers well. Okay like advertise it was just invented. Like they did this before. But back then all it's considered quaint and charming bit defeated and now it's like this this blight upon this pristine in and Lee ground one and. But that was when they were afraid to put anything beyond the little kid with the EA you know the little Jimmy Fund kid on the wall when we're afraid of him wanna print and advertising there. You know remember how many times do you hear home run call ought hot topic Coke bottles. Yeah eight egg object outlook it was a it was a promotion I remember. Saying I let the thing is that gonna get a soap open OK he answered no picnic and I relievers bites lap the most iso is appear fine. But that what they've done recently they had nothing not the April 1 time and then they yup they put the Jimmy fun thing nobody objected. But that was part of a plan because pursue with the Jimmy Fund thing. The Jimmy Fund it was slid over a little bit and then it was another sign and then it was enough enough well. It's fox woods and then it's like the jury Foreman is what the hell over there it's it's the camel's nose in the tent is what it is and that's you know. It towards the end this will get more into this ownership and how. Reagan clever they are public trust me these guys could all you win two world all the door and come out ahead of the. The AM. Yet it if that's a good point the only part expanded again in 1946 and one thing that's when they multiple parents are at the bullpen to right field. Because they've where hoping to get more moments at a time Williams yeah. It was it's 422. Of the bleachers via the bullpen wall is 400. And so yeah I don't know I think I'd that they had the bullpen just come up foul line makes them polices do or whatever com. Like yeah I think it is very effective think tickled at Williamsburg right but also like it. Mean guys when they have warmed up back then which scattered literally go out just throw the ball back with few times to wit sitting there with that. Bullpen coach trying to get certain amount of pitches and getting up to a certain mile per hour. It was literally just like parents get loose. Yeah you have a couple of lucky strikes it happened. Instead German you don't drink water is that softens yeah so I they've renovated again 88. It had 600 club all Mike Scioscia and that is that terrible move because it was just solid glass will. These and had a movie theater yes they have needles lowest arm. Press box of all time men they elevated that and they put him probably the height of would you say like a two story building a just. She up giant panes of unbreakable glass. In people who went there said it was like. In in the theater except. You are on the screen cricket gets his eagle starent edu and those don't sound right eventually had to piped in sound into the Stamkos. You don't run. It'll be like a church required as a mouse and be like queued to clap like almost like you're clapping you look at the guy next you're not supposed to clapping yeah. Eight and also they had this com. It it supposedly had its effect on the flight of the ball. Because now it's certainly what is clearly customer yet I am like is now vote though the wall up behind. Home plate is was probably. Animal that it be sixty feet higher. And they said it had this like effective tool on the ball so. Com in 87 illicit blogs at like 24 home runs and cheery like ace right and could what you get is that there was no wind was coming from behind napping would help drive the ball out of there yet yeah and the. Also they probably stopped Jews in the vaults like he did in 87. But I'll. There was somebody from MIT. Who said that they had at lake at a class design dislike wing foil like legacy on the back of the car like a totally out how people. And that if they'd just put up the of this this swing that it somehow would've hoped that the flight of the ball again Michael everything what did you does. Do what McCain eking kind of raise and lower. If I Erica if you're at the lately I've does Philly and now. Based open that when kicking field goals that giant stands and seeing me open the the doors already and don't allow more more air pressure from their way and doubles in Toronto if you open up the hotel. A windows in dead center field as the as the sale effect. On the beside the of course they renamed the 600 club later to leave for six club and thankfully now they've eliminated. On. The did expand enemy several times once that group bought it but it's just didn't think we said three years and today. And satellite for them Berger was Marty considered a relic because they you know. But here's a situation where I remember hearing story here read stories. In your poems but I credit that that Bob Gibson was really pissed in the 67 series at Dana plain Red Sox because. Saint Louis you know and it very large stadium it come to Fenway in your bonus check used to be based on ticket sales. So the fact that selling only only seated you know back then it was probably 32008. And maybe less than yet. I'm so yes of the idea they can only hold 32000 plays you know a guy like Bob Gibson was yeah. Their common formal place as it and I think they were already into the cookie cutter place straight. The is as my sixty's damage had probably had bush statement yeah okay and sell which. Saturday are out and I don't know where there is seeing Louis cardinals would play in crap and I totally get I I also. Remember reading this thing is to read a lot of Roger Angel blocks and a few familiar of them but he is like this. I'd media the news writer just wrote beautifully like. Not for humor partly he just had this purple prose way of rating these like elegant pieces and he would just. Take like the last five years of baseball just compile all this is columns and stuff. He told the story in one of these books that it that I read about you know yeah ads. Like on this team that hadn't been to the World Series in 21 years in 67. Poke his head out of the dugout looking around at of the stanza on. Equal obese people be so the people think you're all year has had no idea of it. The cardinals had been to the World Series like 64 in wondered also that you deal well what it was about oh. Gibson just to make a couple of bucks blame. Yeah. So. It was before we get into like the new ownership group. Grown up and everyone talks about the in the troughs in the bathroom. You know there was just so many kind of things that you just don't see east daisy I mean do you remember what it was like. When you go in there you eat your daddy get a beer and it would be. You know my daddy's can appear it would have cellophane top yeah unity mean. Or you go we Alec with a drops in the bathroom imagine today. You know you bring Acadia line up and there's ten guys you know. Within addicts out over the court like one large sink. Do you eat your friends ever use the term Fenway Park syndrome. That's what we are out there at this stage as they'd break it to you stand there and you've got it out. And you feel god self is just the and there are there's a bathtub there and a and there's a guy in on either side your elbow to elbow you got no privacy in the and you start thinking about it you become self conscious and now it's. Now it's a sneaky its tail now we can't bite you know what you think about polish you can produce it I mean the last time. Most vivid time remember this happened it was my buddy Clinton it's just it's each game illegal and didn't really odd. And political geek you come with well it's always the simple let's drop it becomes. Out of the path of imminently to us could go. But what I think I could hope. What it would have just the next at the biggest tech obviously in my life of a really cool because I write dirty pointed attack but attitudes up. But it was a it was a real good looks like Abbott. The movie rocks and whether whether talking to each other about how big chiefs noses yet that is the part of the really big nose in because. Think to myself this is ridiculous why am I staring and then you realize I'm staring and you're going and how well. Is suing wanted to look at the you to get good. Look so what you can sit there I could care maternity is this audit over here at the right Nabisco. Just if it like look at what. Now I don't know. Like to this day I did so like hard wired. To remember those days that would go to that is it is now apparently urinal. Ultimately the executive washroom at like a country club with a might well. Privacy and this little individual porcelain thing and it. There's eight guys in line behind you stole it and don't forget it can be yeah. I'm. And strokes on this. Again I always grew up reading these. These outreach homes about Bentley in its elegance in its quirky as it is quirky look if you have. Eight. A baseball video game of any kind you can pick a field gonna pick and it was huge at all it's it's a really will fixed up (%expletive) hole now would steal it for up to me. There would be no green monster it would be like oh. Like a real ballpark it would be so quirky to the point that it's distracting and I am. When I finally like current might might weigh a look at nine at this was. Would have a whole lot of people when you go to another ballpark. And eagle you don't like that isn't special. It's this pick with perfume on it like it you know they've fixed it up but immensely putt. I went to Camden yards. Gorgeous Pollack died and I sit wait every seat here. Faces the pictures comfortable yeah old and I was this is in the nineties when I went there. And we sit in the bleachers. And was able to walk around the entire ballpark which means nothing to its people to. They act that was unheard of that like the heavy chain link fence will they guarded gates like that you like Cuban refugees he does it these Arab. It was get moll you could act like. You could if you had grandstand seats you'd Grumman general features Engel back but the other way liked our game Agnelli talked nobody worries at Buick are considerably Jews are announcing the bar after the game. Alex and I. Exactly and. The of the food. Socked yeah like they had. Above five menu items it was those pretzels that would have a fresh or Fenway franks the most of where those little plastic like day things are ready. And let one kind of be year. And Tyco like gadget drill by now that was that app. And you'll alliteration and it always had this inexcusable we just don't have the space of the space of footprint. Whatever else people. Other beefs they have with John Henry yes tickets are crazy expensive. And will get it to some of the total cute things that they have done it released just like a cynical MoneyGram. They found the space they took the woman Janet Marie Smith who worked full Larry Lucchino. Building and designing. Camden yards faced up yes exactly and only with all the comforter all the amenities. And then they brought her in. And she performed miracles it was like origami she took this one shape is she folded up into this other shape and now it's. Is could you could possibly make that footprint that. But it's always kind of thought about this in the back that when you know like you I'm so used to them and when listens podcasts that he used to them. All right you've been there many times you know every corner when the ball is headed towards certain spot you know where it's gonna sound. Right it's us as they've tickets go with section you went OK I know exactly going to be going to be. Read about the about halfway to the (%expletive) people in the first dug out there and I mean we we've all at some point sat. Kind of in obstructed view seeding. But when you. Most what are what it's like for somebody outside Boston to watch their team coming to Fenway in your look at this going. Is this like a weird new since like had a movie just like I stumbled and I as a point Oz team. Because. He'd there's the dimensions are so odd. That left few Wallace oh lead it was that it might. Hitler killed seven feet high end and you could say the we talked about like Paul traded that the land of the poll programs that quarter or that just went on forever was like that. You know the infinite nothingness like need to go in there NBA like Ozzie Smith and answered that the ridges while. It's so the but. Like they did that stands remedies some of these things were quirky weird and I and you look like I get the closest thing breast would be when the Astros had. Minute maid park misdemeanor park when you know they had the mound to try to create that nothing else haven't trained. In like some weird things to try and make it. I the hydrates. UH Jewish part echo park yet they just have this random inexplicable. Little. Half circle down on the right field line where it. That the that this stance the cut out and that's got balls in play. And it's likely will lick 10 yeah I actually no it's not content keep its convex right the stands jab out. Until the playing field for no reason whatsoever just as designed cutesy and it's like you've got its California got land everywhere but the federally was. Wedged into that spot right because they had no choice that except. For Wrigley Field as the ivy in which the like I got there early here it's only there week rose towards the end in the in the playoffs or whatever it is. Except for that time to time a year were Balkan literally going during its stock rate. There's really no other park that has such a bizarre footprint in layout like a pinball. Type of that scenario. Where. An opposing team coming to visit would just do it. Hell am pissed so I noticed hockey all the rinks loosen ties to. I mean the data guard and guard the ice is a little shorter behind young that it matters to organize these so and so like there was an advantage of the Bruins there or like the old guard had a bad dead spots in the war that the police to talk about. But other than that. You know everything's the same dimensions in hockey. In basketball shore in football it and and for the most part in baseball and he can be families just like this acid trip out. Right. And. OK with some uniqueness like. Different foul grounds are different sizes. You know it's it's easy it is home runs to right field in Yankee Stadium but it's easy hit home runs to left field and that it that's fine. My problem with that is so he's an hour. When I was a kid iPod until but then I grew up and I meet short and I sit in order okay that is not an Easter Bunny and figure L I like I said look at it critically and said I'm. I won if you hit a ball artists rooms. Deep to left field 27. Feet in the year. That should be a home run not avid bounce off the wall and then a left field a cradle it in holding to a single yeah. Consequently. If you hit any little shot that goes 300 and don't lanky feet the left field should be able to feel that instead of watching it drift into the stands above his head and I wanna see. Good hits rewarded and bad hits. You know punished and then we does the opposite of that you know we've all seen that ball to the the triangle. Oh by that giant glass sign Ben like it if it's three feet over this way it's a Grand Slam but it's steady its. It three feet one inch over this way so. It's about one how many times did we see over the years need to talk about things like Bucky Dent. We're this quirky units of the ballpark and that up to be an investment by right in fact that was often uses the excuse why they went 86 years ago with him. Because at in its attempts guys that take it home runs well. The team that and that Rican too and finally winning. Didn't do that I mean mean he would have mashed in any ballpark in the in the world. Ortiz never hit one out to that side that was not his thing in the east they got away from them model of the consummate like just try to. Right he added it attorney Jacqueline out like Andre Dawson at the end of his career Jack Clark needed to the list goes on line in the east to. It pitchers succeed economic eat a lefty could hear. Hampering it lefties who won here late because they ignored the fact that that for good thing is legal. And what about things like the latter and the latter is still there it's building you don't anymore. Orbit because. Because if possibly change and I got I've never got kind of negative. Blowback on par stool. That I got when I said the Citgo sign is apiece each yet if he's gotten out. Like people like I agents. Let's go public and blatantly putt with old glory. It's nice a war. This company doesn't want it really anymore it's quite it's it's only in the mark yeah IndyCar is it's been. As terrorism until and Margaret I it's it's a landmark it is literally like him. It should be we should be paying for that thing that nobody should be about is so it goes at we don't want this thing anymore I get rid of it. It's its iconic that's all it is. The latter is iconic the Rockies have their name on the scoreboard in Morse code their initials OK it's iconic. You know the day he had operated scoreboard I don't mind that he adds I guess that's sort of a nice little line to. This is how things used to be done. All of the that if they built a new place it was at the tea leaves Levy these early ninety's that we talk and vote. By in the block. Which went to. It's a crime is like 2002 they had Amadeus they had done it was like right before either of Neitzel team right after easily yet his newest judge Harry to his nose and rise legacy that they yes of the 2002001 earned 99 as one. And I remember it like Boston baseball that dollar program and they hand out outside the thing and had this picture it was like an artist's rendering out. And it looked like something in the some parents of the Jetsons write it looks so futuristic golf tiger able walked on a concourse and actually see the game ain't right it's like written for. Although what they were gonna have seen footprint like the field that's what it was like eminent domain to take all the property and rightly so it's gonna be. All those things we talked about the comforts EU gets the puck Rome you know it this seats weren't designed. By eight yell in 1912. Like we live in a world of craft Beers and stuffed crust pizza even care wedged themselves into the anymore. It was going to be it was like double seeding by the field itself was gonna have the exact same dimensions and that is that is so Boston that. We can't change yet we can't move on from that. It can. Wait until it's gone you will not miss it like having it be. Still the law not 37 feet and not 390. Feet from home plate let's not forget that for the longest time grown up. They'll left field line it had assigned it to three feet the right and the global. Had like an aerial shot and it's easiest thing in the world to do the disabled took. Third is exactly ninety feet so let's just measure. And they said it was like two way short of that and the protection does the lion because there is at 309 sounds. (%expletive) ridiculous I guess what they asked activated you can hit it 390 foot home run it and in Baghdad on that the best people's real well. I thought I was actually under three to 93 years I was the only parking it in the country that has an under 300 and I am the best people in jail where you can actually. Pulled around because it actually comes back. But as the days go right to come in like exit comes back to that that rate field swings around but it's funny that time we were talking about affected that. All of those years and we worked against this. The only time I can really call working for us it was in 2004. And it was you know most of the breaks that we got to this series ended up coming in in game six against the Yankees number belt once home run. That they called a double off the walks that inning guy was black. And then he went with second and call the home run after your pars. Ultimately I get theories on that and then that was the key moment. Where everything changed all of that and then the A-Rod thing where he slapped at Arroyo's glove that was Aussie stadium but there was a play in game five. Where on the Tony Clark Clark former Red Sox. Like public really likable nice guy act that young became president of the players association or something like is. Everyone like them. Tony Clark it done squat for us but have been very nice even a former tigers in a class act that was flat out doesn't shake hands because maybe there's an average to drive a rusty you know every bit. And down the ad like zero run and so he hits a ball could play the Yankees now of course you know accused him going to yankees decently a ball player. He hit the ball hits the turf but because the right to lawless so low it actually balances into the stands right he ends up the second. And it's a being stranded where if that thing had hit it now a lower it rattles around he probably gets the third. Maybe scores and a sack. In on on another in another ballpark where the wall there isn't like two and a half feet high it would that's exactly would have been. Happen at it that was the only place in the major leagues without ball goes into the. That he did all those years except maybe a fiscal run it in now Paul left. It would have gone fell on him in the part of the country to the fact that now Poland and I hopeful yeah I there's nine feet. I don't call a single scenario. Who competed and we are well Larry actually benefited grant writing Jack I'm New Albany seemed to see yesterday kick in in the dirt. And 78 after that home run tock of those guys scored in you know. Inside drama of the Bucky Dent home run where he was like just kind of collapse of the ground NC he would have got ball easy in any other places in the world. Now look at and not publicist suggested that that's unfair. In terms of its the same field for a bowl teams it's just. Eat it never has rewarded. Really good hits and punished really bad hits it hasn't necessarily were awarded really good pitching and then. Punish bad pitching whatever it's just been there's a lock element there. It's something you'd need etiquette you don't you wouldn't get that in info bother notably different goal posts were different things that. Not that goal post wasn't like an acts look what it would have gone through instead its goal pose shaped so it's the same before and everybody and you. You flip sides if he is it would a wind element you switch every quarter it's so it keeps it fair so yeah if for up to me. I would have. Yeah when you say. I don't want it to be Fenway does Ozzie just deals cookie cutters symmetrical parts now know just not that ridiculous not. Not something out of it you know MC Asher painting. It houses that for an obscure athletes. Go what you're Google machine type amnesty pressure. As Asher Asher it's at the upside downstairs and his ties pressure this problem all say that's. What's funny Hewitt said you know word knowingly in Boston he can't change things in. We don't change. Both when he does that mean whenever I think if him the first thing that it was my dad you know to me for some years the kid. And I remember when week is that I was lucky I always went to patriot games of my father and I was with them like. Now we it's is that mr. both on and I never went to Bruins game in the eyes him and then. Like he could get. Tickets with proper and it's got back right now. And so on but I I remember and it's funny thing when. All those years at Foxboro. I filed a complaint this place back bank is terrible as owners of terrible thing in this thing. And down and then you know finally they build you know what residents seemed yeah field in the third and excellent in the first game we go there. He goes. You know to this news so high in the state this ad critic 'cause I miss the old place. All of us are happy to hammer I mean it was. Funny because you know immediately kind of Don to me it wasn't necessarily that he hated that then it was an eagle losing in the community. I love Foxboro Stadium and a youth you have a certain. You know memory of wonderful memories of being married. Well yeah but it was a it was a Checchi elbow that was my issue chilly especially child and it adds so but I think of that especially in the same way. It is wildly uncomfortable it is. Every I'm lucky because where we are we're where this where six rows behind the camera stands for the right of the dug out and so. With the seats are unbelievable review and where where some what kind of facing second base that would still leave it there appeared and a but we knew pointed at them the out of the bleachers. Which might that was not always they should just the next project they should do was literally take the bleachers out and rebuild from the air because you could do. Double layers you can duels for open concourse. And you have this expecting plenty of room back there. With senator why they attempt to use it with dead center field bleachers junior facing the past. People. Via what is the I I grew up the most bleacher really like in as much as I pitched about them that of the ballpark. Arm. The thing about this coming into tonight to do this podcast in a conversation back and us taking college I was working pleased with adults and ninth Alpert. And vividly remember talking off for an a minus girl and she says Ari. You eagle philosophical question what's the happy place in the world feel like we're do you really with the Uga you most apt. And civil were chosen she's at my grope on the West Coast my parents at my house. With this big picture window looked out over the Pacific who could relax here it's sit and watch the sunset in the ocean my buddy says. My sailboat say happy is that you and I said I'm. Fenway Park I'm not kidding it's it's and when I was a kid my mom and might we get me in my cousin who's my best friend lives across the street from us. Guinness packages of tickets yet who would go and we we get in there as soon as. The gates opened for batting practice like and try to get the place like tosses balls that maybe catch a home run 00 whatever. Tom sat in the center field bleachers and have gone near it fully WE I have. SATA in the seats we used to having your right of the first row of votes at a field wall and you'd give you face him. If it's SPN com. For our chiropractor loves you like pistol for four hours you turned. I don't think alike that people loose at the box seats is not yet so until went to the box seats and sit kitten Fella can get used to the accident. Later life ended up at the W yeah I've boxing but okay oh this is how to go but Allison apparently to move around attack people's so yeah. I have my problems with the plate like your dad with. Guild Schafer stadium. It's it's memories and that's what makes a good it's not apple lay out of the place it's just okay this is where I took my kids for the first hours and put him. Yeah exactly it's it's where ice up Louie Tiant pitch right you know alike it was not as good as whites in. Peter my team is pitched it was predicting the idea of good when it was the most important thing in my life. Yeah no doubt I mean. Day I remember once ethically and where high school. And my buddies and we're talking about how the Kingdome roof respond yeah in Seattle had Q. That they would cancel the Red Sox mariners series. Because a roof responded because the Major League schedule they wanted to get these instance of the flu the Mariners outplayed family. If so for some odd reason that it was like this like 945. There. And down. So what he'd do with state. They force the games he played at Fenway in so. I can't I can't remember the Red Sox were actually wait team on their home. I diamond I actually feel like they work for some reason. But I'm even though it was only fair that they shouldn't be mean like sees a little you don't. Well what's Canada the home team NC at home or else we'll get answered all the games yeah. But anyway. The that would happen was because this was like an emergency situation. They were selling tickets on where there were a general admission no matter where they where. So we went and my buddies and I like all called out sick for a summer jobs. And we went we get the general admission seats it was one of these things we're standing there. And then when the gates opened like when the garage doors open to enter the stadium we rolled underneath it just started running. And we ended up even even at that we have to appoint a third row behind home plate. And so we're receiving effort you know forever lighten things start. But it's memories like that it's like these dopey things that we did you trying to in their early because they emblem well when I was in high school or even your Internet didn't give towards. There wasn't that it was a green monster seats are only used to be Jerry's kids in parcel yup we've and we did Allen came on to win. In that we would get. Green monster to its what do you think do you think green monster seats. Are great or good. No it's it's still a novelty write that novel tee should have worn off by now and hasn't. I think those things RE RA plus but that's easy expensive seat for. What if if you built the park today and let's it is today at a Tampa. Let's say the rays decide that they wanna. Build a new outdoor ballpark in. At the top of the 37 foot high wall you can have whatever it twelve rows of seats. That you basically can't see anything between the infield and the left field wall 'cause your ankle people ago. It's like a five dollar seat now and I added a bad now they'll like 150 or something which is say. I have been up there I dig the standing room it's cool it's great if you go we have really not concerned about the game just one. Walk around and talk to people drink beer and people get that caused the dollar amounts out of England. A lot of one thing that people don't really realize is that pilot the sixth seventh inning inning the seventh eighth inning. The front row seats to become available in the green agreements are amazing you would think that that they do. Seventy Manning ninth inning. In so even if you're standing room you can make your way down. In depth with discreet front row seat but honestly I think anything beyond our behind that first row. Is really obstructed view and it's actually pretty much the worst obstructed view in this in the park tour because you're standing up in the standing room area section. You really can't see anything except for like the shortstop area a little bit into the grass and that's it all left field was covered up that most of the center field was covered up and. It's not you go if your thing is we'll get a pitch is as Heathrow and let's accounts. I would they don't want any taking a lead like is gonna like throw it over the first that's what you go when you're there to just hang out in and I. Not going to be one of these old school guys who totally offended by people go to just hang out. You'll be Japan candidate like yourself out at your right is an American I am not offended by the fact that you are the largest in state Graham. And let them when they play sweet Caroline signal line and and they had to be on net. I used to be mentally used to be. And I was there when it was like it does. Package for Christmas and stop was all of the baseball and Nolan the thing. To the point where the music was chew on Kiley on the organ. Plants on some like all of Karl whatever and roll out of barrel like Holcomb is a ground. He ate it got water yeah now that police back then was. Much like Schieffer public I should you can smell the smoke it would smoke old days they'd smoke weed like you've been ours yet. Again this time I spent the bleachers. Com. It was probably no more than any happening between him and news sections you have to watch the fight. Whose fight the literally now offered. I know I ate nothing and entertain me more like. Win the Sox play the Yankees rivalries really at its peak. Gary Sheffield chase the ball on the right field corner. And some guy and a game like at three stooges nosy and it was a whole big dog out too it's time raise money for a controlling that I got to rest these people. The globe wrote this it's easy series of articles about alcoholic games and help that it's gonna be like I. But that's part of the most people I just have a more vivid memory I remember what it used to be like I once watched a guy and Farnham meet. Lauren and I appear to hear of a woman in front of all I'm sure you pull it is like a hairdresser. In Italy she had done that offend them she was root for the blue jays. And it outcomes there is it like kid is going to. Guess that's just what you do I guess that's how people act whether grownups I don't know if that I'll like it if that happened today and rightly so. Do would be congressional and state elections the Red Sox would be like had taken witness statements which are then it was just. So. My one when it weighs and bad debts they're equally. Holy site going into that then. What do you think the best things that that this ownership has done I mean besides from championships this franchise. But in in the rabbit out of revitalization of Fenway Park what are you gotta think like that one or two best things that they've done an hour. OK first and foremost. The fine and places to keep you a better selection of food and the food is not cheap but. If you could see a menu from. Nineteen when ARRIS. 81 yeah Disco. Exit I would I would starve to death in a regular thing OK yeah arm you know put in more seating as has been great. Of the the concourses the play the the free areas kinda stand and move around it missed the games on TV that you can you can check out while Europe. Like grabbing a bite at least in a tables. Of the jockey weight thing like might be in heaven. And outdoor area leaking hang helping you still technically in the ballpark that's straight up out of five Utah street line in Baltimore would be great if we get him this. Are now they've expanded at the yet to answer mystery as well both both ends Howard are now openly that oh sure yeah absolutely that data's all. And the rules to center field a bar. What do company trooper. Yup okay cool calm debts dented a giant positive com. Again you know they've been giving cute about things like we talked about the the Jimmy Fund sign that has suddenly. And until also it's a sign it with a little bit of the Jimmy uncle Paul com. I remember when they would seats up or blow the right field. Side. And they called that the EC's action the 25 club whatever in on rove. Fallen local hero weakening those seats. 15 dollars a piece why because he won number 25. Tragically we care about this man. That lasted two years. Before it became 75 dollar seats and it's the Cumberland fire assay. OK so I'm like well I'll let Abbott a moderate is dialing millet they didn't have a press release on. Yeah honoring him and it would do any while honorable place LP is big money to sell. Com you know cartons of cigarettes and scratch east. Well and I like that that is as we load just let's not pretend that there although. You know. America's most beloved ball and it became. PC you buy on line forms of right. Woody woody who's your favorite thing it all and I got to add. Bringing back pierce sealed into this audience right you might I might not partake in those again at dollar announcer appears to lecture me. But the tactic. You're now reading happy person comments here it will bring this to you if you won it instead of a deal in 95 year old guy who just want to forget Miller Lite. No I obviously that's bonus but it and it. As if you're sitting America but I think aesthetically there's just look at it connects everything on even if the latter makes no sense now. I think that was a great move because it rings. Those home runs he used to love into an empty net the black this Steve Austin and I F yeah. This amazing now kind of added you know jubilation my people go and that's in the must eats and is he funny seats Arizona but he likes the photos of people like dodging out of my way or. How Sheila Sheila that that's that's pure good and that that you don't know the the first person proposed that was. Roger Clemens appeared in the eighth inning got mocked like what the deal that puts stands up there in average so why. Through that fell well. Although the Romans built an aqueduct his 2000 years ago and he was right. It it it does add to the visual when you're watching game no doubt. And next we'll get along here. If you. Buy them. So. We have gone. Once at a time. On talk radio talk about superhero is. Yard two hours are thought that it's outside the court I'm going all the actors I gotta get the bad it's like a donkey from Shrek and they showed up at the trip. So. Real quick if I mean what kind of wondered Q. Evidence what's the best gain you the remember seeing him what's the most by. OK I need a segment. Good all right my guys like I did notice real quick. Com. The best game I ever saw was 1986. Via I was there on drugs Hillary press pass which has launched a rising college agreed stories you know the network and at a place that did video production is important part time I was cooking for these plays is bruised right. In in camp was square. And nobody knew much about. Baseball and they had a contract to do videos for the Red Sox so I went. Justice like egg itself I was a kid and so I'm a game seven against that team jewels when the Sox team. Back from down three games to one minute mark did the pen in Auburn and so they have a blowout win. In game seven and on the air and auxiliary press best medium sit in my section 24. But I'm like they're there for not like. And lake with a game was over lake. Like I used my press pass that went to see as far as I could go a man like a press conference and answered by Willie sergeant. A hall table early start on it really hasn't thought America over the game PO does so you let him. Are there like the most beloved guy pops pop star Jill everybody loves them just growled at me and a what I was ready to go with the guys I was with I just cannot. Walked out problem pitches it's yeah among them. Not a federal land a right. At a guy like grabbed my press as a booted it was paid for it had my fun. On the the they'll. Most fun of every. Just had such a profound impact them like it's the last game. Of the season in 1993 point oh the White Sox they need to win if they win they get. Into the playoffs if they lose his all sorts of like scenarios that could of possibly ever. I'm sitting in section 42 which is the last sectional breaches of my buddies. And Ozzie Guillen hits up ball with twelve outs in the ninth that somber Nance cure rate feel the coast running and died flat out and catches the ball season ends Sox are going to the to the post season had he not got that hoo that almost. Well the TV announces didn't know he caught and he was so deep into the right field corner routes they had the one camera yes exactly so you know what I'm talking about. Well it'd happen right for me sowing do about it while. Fast forward a few days. It's their first playoff game of that that season and I'm with the seeing guys and some others write it down keep. Golf and for a bats the party in this does soda while most everything in my world comes back to Fenway eventually I'm. It's my idea to say look why don't we have to golf. There's a place that in Hyannis as a sports boat you go watch the Red Sox play grab a bite to eat so the whole. Guys at the whole global with its outlets go do that and I we gold air. And that's who I met my wife and we have and our 25 wedding anniversary you know it's got this number it's cute isn't it that are all I have no idea of idea I like that up it probably right now I would be behind a dumpster on my lord. Aggie self. Again everything in life eventually works its way back to. Part native commentators still think it's fair. Kept an eye out. And the like I. Caught that ball my guy yeah by my the best game it's not an analyst and I did Emma. It's David is joining us. Saturday that doldrums. Oh hey guys they just. And it is it's I think it's it's. And as the it's. As the stroll down opening game that relying on. We are on our instant and it's nice for its quick or because of her expected big surprise spoiler alert Shoney's admits that he shouldn't matter that that. I I'm so glad Tom and its image that I think everyone I'm actually fit about it and don't unfold for you at all if that doesn't happen. That I've slept in the policies to speak clearly I was out of the middle of that run of your member from the popular game room too I think mull Juan Jose Canseco Ara. They lost. Thirteen kids you know at post season games and all of me even approached. That that was just the era when this was loser Ville and we are all ecstatic as they won one game and lost the series three on the air. Yes that's an Amex is Bosnia Iraq and quick quick favour agreement. Favorite Fenway opening game on to defend very well. I was at times I thought our guys Greg it's so glad that I was not actually on podcast on the podcast network now my radius to 2000 favor in my moment but our hands down 2013. Game six actually 2013 I was at game one in game six of the answers it'll work for MLB in 2011 and about tickets to both games. And great seats it's okay seats for the first in that matter for goalies to companies that matters in last pitched again. That when he am like the ideas on the glove religiously. And build it. And in game six suite tickets. Free October fest in chicken tenders. All on the I was there to game six that was going to be all right I can't even the most fun game and government too because what a delight once once Victorino hit that triple the game was over it was not only over the entire place tribute to Marty the red parties. Please what was it like Hawaiian party music only with Bob Marley that's right no Larry. And the entire place they turned to music got in the entire loss art which is going to be a little pigs gonna be our special season. Special series and special to. Me I'm in the Finley if you just blow seat that's on eight. Oh. I'm satisfied that we're believers that is sick of the weakest part terrorism part of the car. That was likely cameo at a sitcom Democrat does. Antarctica and back at. Byte for me just the most one remembered the First Amendment the end of the Meola to Indian I was ominous knows. It's too late is was it government like course one and went on to serve our country probably is now home safely which we're so happy. Yeah I mean you know it's North Carolina but that's that's home relatively snow yet add absolutely and they and I have good memories of taken those kids. Two games but that they grew up in an era where you didn't. You can take your kid to twenty games a year nine view it it became an event and I get that's economics L I have no tolerance for old time's up. Batter back in my day you got locked up they dare game and yeah and access to see frank Mel's smaller see Mickey Mantle. Yeah you know line is that what 121000 people on the stand so blow it out your ass out they now sell three million tickets are reasonably well and when I went as a kid. And my father and I got season tickets back in 83. Our seats were along this side where the grounds crew economic be appalled that you know so great everything anyway I am ball. Com and then in 86 we ended up over where we are now. The tickets back they were twelve bucks a pop. Six rows off the field shot and that is status that's our reality and now they're staggered in the most expensive seat of the year is the 109 would. And again that the reason I don't complain is. That that the park is relatively filled Motley was you know late 2000. LA Atlanta are whatever whatever it. You remember until. School let out right though right field. Grandstand was empty. And that's that was how it always was until they hit that point this new ownership in and the the popularity of it as they raise prices. It was never anti that was in the seat to be had in there and they lied about that date fudge those on this for a long time but. Tom I I respected it it it's not the best thing for me but that's because. Corporation's buyout those tickets in and he used to businesses business has been done. No doubt. Bay in real quick this can happen appear. Get him active what was my basket analysts out there. Was. I go back to 2004 again. My father had taken. Head and tickets to game three game four DL CS. We it to the need to the World Series based on car ticket. Group he takes my mother to games 3 OK I am not going down to Notre Dame the Rutgers to watch. Notre Dame records game. With my buddies. In New York City they were playing at the ninth the and that night at the after that Notre Dame crushed records and what toolbar we watch the Red Sox get destroyed. By a score of nineteen to eight. OK and my father is in the sixth inning after the date to explode open again. Two stands out in discos that's it god dammit these mother (%expletive) have never come back at least a month. I did IEE I was deleted all the lace it'll you know first time in my life definitely on the effort by the Parker's not releasing defrocked. These guys have never come back here again that it in the stormed out. It's so I'm driving up very hung over the next morning he yeah it knowing the Red Sox are gonna play game four. And I council's got my father and he goes. The all yours you know both on when ago. And I'm so depressed were down through the Yankees I don't wanna sit there watching immunity keeping it definitely I feel Monica. So I start calling everyone I know I can't find anybody to take these tickets up my hands. I get Obama but he Justin who goes you know we got it was like. When we ever gonna get to get a Red Sox Yankee plant in. A week. Ago or so ago. And games going on we're losing late. And gone Cisco data here this is over whatever I'm trying to leave he will not let me leave it to the point where I go Italy and he goes with the at least Ellison here off the Carolina. Are fine so we sit and we stay in India Robert Dave Roberts gets up after law Mars walk. And you know I say if he's gonna go he's gonna go on the first pitch insured up after three or four pick up tent he goes he gets there. He's safe place goes bananas in him Bill Miller drives him home and that things tied. Jerry in extra innings attorney and leave. How out of here and let me read you know they can they win the big daddy games to one. At this is not only series and Schilling is her I don't think he's got a pitching yup I edit only and he's going known against thing. Ortiz is the home run the place who has been in it and will walk back in the car and I can still pay it peace ass holes we could've just been dot what is now. Tune in tomorrow this is horrible and minutes are not aim so my father didn't watch game four. Didn't watch instill that didn't watch game five I had to give bids into the eternity you know after game six. But that that was definite best game ever suck him it was with that amazing game rabbit. And then of course you know because my kids they went hitless in this all the games I took them to of course us it would put a wrap this one up yeah. We've LC on baseball moments it took. My brother took mean for my birthday to see Springsteen. And we stand there on the boat at shortstop. Animal like him my favorite musical performer of all time at about center field and I turned to minutes it seeks to it and. Why we like the Iraqis so much if those aren't. Everett in the league is now do you like concerts of arena like that it's not ideal it is more like the setting itself. Two years ago. I take my teenager who's big into music and two kids in high school take. The Beatles art god like figures and sellers of what you would be a good. On equally content from Celtic is he McCartney. And so. I just sort of pick the seats where I think all will be point sitting at the stage by it need to spend but to go down. Lol yeah some board agree it's it's miles away and will wait wait for the showed us and I go to the bathroom and come back and one of the staff mr. says hey this is the analysts away pars to read the ninth but now it feels like it. Cute with me. It's we could and we just keep Golan. Past the gets us old easily as the securities are seeking and and adults to soften and like this woman comes or. And I don't have a pass to be on the field and she knows. On. The bag with it I'm gonna get that and she. We're just right down the center. And says this might be good as a we use a nice that you reject you can you get. Wal we don't (%expletive) it. Up so much. And that was an amazing thing to get winged ship that we would ever seen in the years with the jockeys in the previous ownership. In yes we all have problems with. The current ownership in the you know what they charge whatever it. I have that memory of me but yeah nominal concert by a 71 year old. IBM superstar. Who. Late gives a great patriots in Super Bowl 36 from that that's right Deanna it dammit. Not me is a victim because he wasn't gonna show is nipple have to Janet Jackson. As a kid member of that as far as. The concert to him and was it Jimmy Buffett in 2004 when he put it voodoo curse architects to remove the curse of the bambino off the place. And then. Which was great I sat like over or my seats are but then I thought Tom Petty in I sat around second base in point sucks to be on the field because. To leak. Hike only thing I hope that only act in he's like does grass Sunday if the kids would like yeah yeah. It on Preston or knew what that if you did go to one concert here. Like any news in the air and immediately he. I can go to one now. I mean one that they've had I want SE. Okay. Yeah I mean it's a remarkable art you would be in the back you go back at times certainly see it. Line right topic it was amazing concert and I mean he CDC ticket suddenly reappear I would go to those. It Buffett was tough because Buffett pockets about the content about yeah I look at that that was a fun concert. As a concert wasn't on concert as Jimmy Buffett experience. I'd like to see who. Thankfully did the I had a chance to go that Roger Waters of that act of disappointed today especially being the wall we must do exactly fight back the one thing now 1969. Per cent Martino killer Kowalski they had a stretcher match. Odd that killed at Fenway Park. And I still have the photo assignment above them. That's what I would go to our let's reckless and out these are heavily park and memories I'm heroes but the black. My buddy Jerry Norton thank you of course we're always joining us ladies and gentlemen boys and girls I'm arm. I island on this one. I'll comic buddy of mine Mike Donovan does this bit about is my impression of a guy go to Labatt them at Fenway. I had to take issue yet. Turns around they'll lied to go to. They give somebody can now follow all of our. Podcast adventures on now iTunes or on the on WAF. Podcast radio network now army WA AF after as well. And you can follow us at real BS one a one or at Jerry or one on Twitter or I'm. At uncle buck WA AF that you once again for joining us and next week we have a special. The history of golf. And Massachusetts. May not be eyes that you think we have some amazing stories about the history golf and submit apps ridiculous stories. When it comes to PGA events internment. And now hijinks that have happened over the years many Blake will be joining us for that one cell that he once again for tuning in to another edition of bosses sports wanna wanna we will see you next time.