Boston Sports 101 - Brady Twilight Wars

Wednesday, September 12th

In this episode of the Boston Sports 101 podcast, Buck and Kip discuss the twilight of great Boston careers in comparison to Tom Brady.

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We're back Boston sports wanna one BS 11 of her short time here as uncle buck. And with me is my main man dirty kept up gangsters. George we've been off for most of the summer. Yes well deserved vacation and I thank them. The brass here at that the WAF podcast studio decided to give as little time off and we are happy he did as we return to matters. Totally recharged to be back here. Yesterday. Killing time my different local book and now we started the 20182019. NFL season. And things start about the patriots won now. But of course the entire tock during the offseason has ban that now Brady Belichick a lot of controversy going this season but certainly I feel like more than the past even knock Butler thing about exciting and the Guerrero TB twelve stuff on Brady's prognosis he is well I'm isn't gonna retire his contract and one boy and so we were kind of thinking that. And Thomas said in his post script. The numbers this time it is time dvd little high five minute kind of finale and it. That he plans on playing at least by Mori's or at least that's that you would hope to deal by. Bob Barnett who IMAX ecstatic I thought he would maybe kind of say that you know I'm dammit guy you the year something. I do think with the kind of commitment that effort in coming out he puts an that TB twelve. For him not to go the full five. And if he's making a point by a continuing to play. Saying that it is liability is actually working for me in that could work for you to do on TV well he's now but I mean do you almost feel like the way he's so emphatically said I'm looking at the fighters and notably really hard. They are almost there. I got a guy pigs magnets right so if I was thinking I was gonna play five years I might say three years. Just so that I look great hero you know I mean I went and I'm not yet under under promise over performing. So if that's the case with Tom do you feel like maybe he's thinking beyond that are ma'am I just nuts. Beyond five years yeah like maybe even suitably seven years and he's just like I'm saying five because I know again that I don't look at for the brand I think Tom Brady. Loves football more than anything in his life but because he's always practicing in the offseason you know the he'll see trips with the images Elin and the kids. Throughout you know the offseason FaceBook posts and social media posts. But it. It always comes back to football for him and I truly think it's a peek at the rate of fifty he. Hope they'll fifty. Why else and I agree with where creamy obviously stating opinion but he said you know the last eight years where I feel better tonight it the first ten. And that's because is attired men mentality change the entire way trained prepared. Change working with Guerrero Louie I think he originally met from Willie McGinest. On on the plight ability says things hamstring that lengthening muscles opposes Franken must solve them all on the outside Rico go read that Tom Brady TB to Opel when all of it details. It really. It's only so much that he's even promoting this new brand it is and this new business but on top of that act genuinely feel like he feels better than he ever has before. I think young kids of both the spotlight since he was while he's so would love it seems oh. With his wife is wrong with her wants to change its. Let's seriously I think he just. He he said that shows in the year that you know has. The wife in the life and count in the skill and and end he's that the handsome quarterback from high school that never grew up you know. Yeah no doubt but so. This topic that we had tonight was based on the fact that. Okay so Tom's is gonna play five warriors so not today indicated that if you talk about the twilight of a boss an athlete's career. What does that spell out for ease the players were talking about a Tom Brady. Zdeno Chara with the Bruins future hall of Famer and still tells me on skates in the world how high at the -- enemy really is and has probably a year to may be. Way from hanging in his past gates or a year or two that he probably some of them leaders who well and some meals at that in fact I think two years ago he had a worst season in the blasters and again kind of a Comex he's likely to that you gadgets. And then now and then what about bronco because rock didn't deficit. Seriously is there right so let's say maybe he's got 45 years left him if that yeah directory so weird it's it in Boston right now with three hall of fame. Caliber. Superstars who will go down known only for their time in Boston really mean Chara played elsewhere in the operating Crocker both here. Who were looking at maybe fortify your window if we elect right. So let's take a look back then at. The real boxing greats in kind of the way their toilets were handled them maybe he'll give us some insight as to what we could expect from level players of that caliber. On what we could start off with the splendid splinter had set itself Ted Williams. Two williams' last at bat yep he went out on top man in his home run. Last by the assault so essentially got pulled by years of the of whoever we're talking votes stats right whether the baseball or or basketball football. It's hard to compile football just because it's the unity it the terms of the exact sore. You know it really has vehicle backs two Williams last five years as hope runs of plants and this is as he got older bride. What before deadly disease of the ages and you're just against not you know contiguous. I think forty in his last here 39 in his second season and therefore he retired Ford. And so you went from 244 home runs the 38 to 26 to expand. And did last year when he got home runs of 82 RBIs so now. If I'm firmament this correctly I think he batted the mediate in his there the last season. 3881957%. So that's the fourth of course the F worthless these cell at the age of like what. 3736. He's batting 388 that's pretty amazing. I especially at that time period but then I think during his second last season knowingly of the town runs. He was counted August 287. Right. He is down to 5454. Is teams were decreasing that was a 162 games ya know it was it was a 150 something that is important for the Maris magnolia trees. So he declined to games every year but then he even roses area of rose he brought his average up two or 316 I think this through sixty has finally buckled ill. That 360s. He. If that by the year two arena home runs and 82 RBIs that that 316 now that. 44. A four year old man. Well actually edit so he was 40583420. When when he batted 360 which is crazy and I infected the age of forty. He led the American League with its 28 jets. On. So. Yes and that was a way Kyle Williams finished up now let's face it those those were not great teams he was not contending. Much after you know the early fifties is that the death squads so. It was really more. Personal achievement. That 59 season may have spun him into the you know he only played a 103 games. Has have a home runs 43 RB is now was about a 254 he Al you'd ever see the seasonally that made me you know right right right exactly they came back that I could hustle play and I think. Yeah you know so he ended up with that 521. Career home runs. Robby got a memory missed five years duty forward to Korea so. You know lord knows who would've had that he had this like for five years in his prime for what a four players that hit home runs in four different decades. He's also my favorite baseball trivia question okay which is two guys four separate decades. At least once on base. Oh mummies. George Brett now at them and Rickey Henderson. And their constituents tell my name's overseas was 1939. He's last he's 96 easily get at least one stolen base. They're in a thirty some from the sixty I think my it was George George Brett was what the batting title three different decades in line maybe 83. EV one in 1990 but. The other four the other reporters at home runs support for decades Willie McCovey. Ian Anderson I think Omar the skill level really. Your thing man. Well for directory spit some empires the home I was liberal well he tournament. I'm. I was lazy at the short stuff desert right. Now that was our basement if it was brought up but they were both that whenever they both begin with the Olerud we'll clean this up later. But let's get to our next Boston mount Rushmore superstar effect when I went to the list of guys who should be can discussing here. I really pulled from our episode and they can find the archives the Boston sport's mount Rushmore and really food pyramid come out and went straight to the from there as. It will have the same top four by the way I we've never. We didn't now we didn't. Now we obviously taught sixth that's the one. The ones who in theory it's somebody I think it was nick and put Pedro up in the top four and I had keys I was Ortiz Williams. That Toxics were that he was Russell Byrd. Or breathe out Aaron. On in the pyramid with Brady's third and it's OK so Bill Russell. The great Celtic legend. Very interesting final four years for bill now he's got to remember that finally played. Thirteen seasons in the league. And won eleven championships in thirteen years of really heeded his head through down years. Okay everywhere and they you know and one of them have a gallon and the final four right and in the idol three years he ended up coaching the team as well that meant by that was a final three years and then the last two yeah they went championship and whatnot that they weren't good seeded teams to. Then there were battling will then seven sixes. And then on the lakers as well what that those great west eastern west that's right I believe in 68 he became the first team to come back from 3131. Against Sony Pictures that are and then the 69 finally became the first team to lose the opening two games and come back 02. Someone else would you be the right gap well actually that was the first year of the MVP and they voted in Jerry West in an ally. Russell's team had won it in seven that was the famous balloon game injecting Jack Kent Cooke of the owners the lakers and then. So I'm still Russell's averages. Russell wasn't much of points per game which surprised me a little bit the other from and this is again going youngest to oldest. His final four years twelve point 913 point three. What point five. Point nine points per games. Rebounds kind of stayed the same I mean he's just sick numbers 22 point 84118. Point 690 point three is finally here. Always averaged five assists that's crazy is it that he played. You know an 82 game season makes it no less than some recent games in this final four years that's out that's a. Mark Andy here's a guy who I mean he said he yourself we're talking before recent recording. You kind of ornery the end there and tired. In a 101000 dollar got. 101000 dollars to. It is announces retirement from basketball on Sports Illustrated that kind of stuff or that. Because our about it just drafted Jo-Jo white who became a great Celtic but now that now they were so gives us an area. Though so Russell had. I taken over the mantle and read in sixty seven. It was the first time at eight and nine season that they had gone on when to chain him as a first time and I think it was with the eleven seasons at twelve seasons that they didn't get a finals right. On so he goes out there actually a lot of players of today they were upset even though that summit to dominated so long rust didn't win because you. And him being the first black head coach Wright and they you know they kind of hope that he'd be on the par through and of course he does ethnic. Next few seasons. On but certainly his final four years like different than. Hi anybody else's because affect the economy and Cote he's also played 4042. Minutes. Yet to see now they currently get. But that I can remotely thirty minutes after it it's certainly not yet. Well I'm eager I think LeBron and it'll just last year he played ammonia so. I guess analyst Bill Russell bronze level you can placement pure. How about if we move on to one mr. Carl Yastrzemski. The it's so you as a by the way just if you haven't noticed every week it is he's only Boston sports athletes who. Finish their career and apartment legendary athletes on the level of like a layer but Tom Brady. It finished up their career in Boston so certainly we can't count like Ty Law. Roger Clemens. Pedro laud its airy pogs pork. Even Bobby your elected the Blackhawks for half season wherever they reverently so would like to have believed his career was cut short so he didn't a you know a glorious and right yeah that was really more about cat out of the blue just that was bombed. So Carissa. I yen as added I am most well known for the Triple Crown and he won during the air time here so it's possible dreams 67 season. On you know still a very good player perennial all star. And in that 979 actually became the first American League player with 3000 career hits and 400 home runs. And you know he was moved basically from left field designated hitter his skills are really declined he had planned. To play in Philly 84. And now imagine if the kind of like he he adds that maybe you know it is. That he would play with them Clemens who have been coming happening before on Friday that a field sets with rice and Armas and Evans who he is just the team at the time yeah it doesn't the agency was over first for awhile to. If I from the 35 series he was first. Ozzy recently passed. Area in that time period was yours ever first a fairway actually that they're great kids are doing I believe. Yes that would prefer it. In the as the third of the particulars terrible for a but anyway yes and that retiring he decides retired 83. And I got a point Loma yearning for because his skills and all the cigarettes I'm guessing. If prevents both the my third things like yes that's a yes like the typical guy I mean I played what was it today he had a record. He played 23 seasons with one teams at 23 seasons I mean like any quick four years earlier then yeah I mean like maybe it's going to be high. Instead he's quitting kind of just that much in the tank. On but he keeps me though rather than yeah. There was a great documentary series that WSP case to run way back and today. On yeah as its final season and eat cock this ever member of this are great says it shot on film. It has he would run around he ran around the fields to but that's right we're events that was his last home home game he had a manner on the field. But the and they brought up like at a rocking chair you a whole ceremony. Things. And unfortunately his last at bat was a we popped to a I think with the third which is the Soviet. Yet the same man I am very upsetting so. Frustrating. But anyway that was again and after for yes now yes it was really. As much as he did you guys hall of fame or anything else. And abide by that point he was its shelves. Oh sure via so right so we have yet has been covered about one mr. O Larry Joseph bird. Now Bert is we don't know we owe it. But in both grew up at the bird Paris that he was the news that Tom Brady oh god basketball at the very least he was he was he was everything so. Bird. Ended up in 1988 having his best statistical season. Celtics didn't reach the finals for the first time five years losing to the pistons in six games. Than it the 1989 season started in birds. Please how many games about six or seven after its. It gets taken out. With terrible you're terrible ankles the it disease he wasn't the same player after an. He would want to is back I guess while helping his mother. With the new drive players and now she's up youth openly pavement first heard that and they are asphalt driveway. And appliance back and this was kind of the beginning of the end for Larry which was sad because you think about it now. He ended up going to college late so he was not only in the of the guys when I was in college so became the league's all the players on. But really from 792. Men now it's in ten years later 89. And replaced as ten seasons. On and T yeah and not to say Burton had great seasons afterwards that he was. He wasn't the same in 1990 he averaged 44 points a game and it's going to be when he averaged nineteen points a game the rebounds always were up there. It evens at to date uniquely 45 games averaged twenty points to a game yet but. At that point we were used to seeing him on the sidelines it was kind of like yeah campaign yet not radiate the plane down as ordinary in the amid some time they rule they were losing series in the playoffs that they'd ordinarily when it's people at Cleveland listen. That was this is actual last NBA game was flag team seven loss in Cleveland. And I think you went fourteen points fourteen rebounds and that's when I was finals outline also. Might last a great memory and it was like a might Sunday matinee game where he played on NBC played trailblazers. And he had that jumps kid at three point or where he kind of liked the city's tiptoed or whatever and I still don't know that it was not necessarily on line or whatever but they called a victory and and that kind of winning that game it was like one last great rock from Larry. In 92 in eagle at. Like for some reason the font in the Celtics jerseys with smaller it was just look there is Erica sure he didn't look too unhealthy bird. You know he retired as you know went on top gold medalist on the dream team. But red despite barely playing and yes his last game zero point via. I think just do these the average meet meet them at all about saying. Oh Larry we're going into the game as they get there is. Benitez I still recognized the view of the you've remembered appropriately game. So he is just awful but the idea that being said Byrd went out on it is. On his way he wasn't going to be logged in the state of the tedious try to try to beat the sixth man like you know. Magic team that Jordan came back birds and I'm not about. This is you know on the play and I'm relieved ia Iowa I'm gonna get my tactics like at least swinging golf club. And that was. Very telling that he used this is the same exact guy from French Lick Indiana. When he got there when he got the Soviets and ended the same place and I'm not dramatically editors and you know. The had actually a few way to Wal-Mart de something they would no snakes and you can't bear would have like I sort of that I body kick stand believed a 2000010 million dollar bonus just something crazy which displays the plan is not right the plan that is done there aren't that money. On our it's a Larry Bird says Dubai and I mean honestly for unions agree stand now with like that Tom Brady this generations ago by. On but you kind of saw that one coming a little bit more Isa Brady's gone now like it even. A champion of slowing me down even keel whereas he he Larry was on the top of the topic his game bird. It was sad watching her on stomach down on the sidelines because he was in so much pain that finally here and what about Mikhail. Yet so yeah well. It's surprising because he hear these stories at Macdill. It was pretty much ruined by playing on a broken foot 1987 via BA finals where they oh loss to the lakers. On the magic. Man baby baby jump out. After that his his his teams were rolling into just need to play 82 full games 1990. Always averaging over twenty points but he is where you see the decline he went 42 points. Forty points. Eighteen points thirteen points and ten points and now and now as a parameter and I think he put it was last year is last. Team with the playoffs it Charlotte I believe and that was the game Reggie Lewis went down. The series to series of Reggie went out I was actually yet Mattel's last loan him the result already reeling it was. He still had he always perform the playoffs now last this last season. 1983 games played war is they they lost that series but he averaged ninety points a game. Yeah I was just guilt it's only whose career was that your much like birds disease just. You know played so hard on with injuries. Now does. You know game but I hang you know he's my. These guys are playing on broken feet broken ankles arrow burns and broken. That did this happen. The world's yet but he. Cross right you're right it was growth. This guys they are likely to enter the ad it would it would make it perfectly vertebrae at the place that we can. Now as an endless certainly turning it attraction that they were in. I aid and I T I remember. I was there tomorrow. I do remember with Mikhail they had that retirement ceremony. In teams because now I'm not saying Kevin as a big four red lake Herman Munster. Boomer golf vague and it rains we hiding under for if you can. Recover and that was always the funny yeah so the news goes against them by Eaton. Or is that this that the allies and Britain's few times that McHale could have been so much rather than I was are you just could never kill aren't thinking Larry Larry Bird or Michael Jordan Magic Johnson or member it was this is also I think it was at the am bird Harrison and Mikhail retirement thing. Larry pulled a video from the 84 finals team two. With Anderson steel in Mikhail hesitated to free throw will tied to gains these within thirty. Well like it took all of these security. Until there is that he would he was 4445. Years old navy in Anaheim magic Hilton theories do miss them files. That. Dossier it don't say that. RA let's move on then to. The most recent ones they've urging India are right. Gave her she is on the Ortiz were her favorite games on the valiantly to. 2013 David how about the what we don't have a four years prior to 2016. Okay are just sixteen out. At this this is where it gets and this is where people thought each DH him keep this is where people say oh he was on steroids the whole time. Because he'd ever played you with a 137. Games after that 2012 season where it was hurt. But we want. But what 2013 going forward okay. Thirty home runs 35 moments 37 home runs the year he retires. 38 home. So he just improved with the city gonna played longer he I am surprised he didn't. It is. He was. He was coming statistically what was best season with thirty home runs a 127. Are we. At 315. Part of me feels like he kind of wanna do that but publicist or whoever gotta gotta hold them like listen. They've been doing this kind of one big star retires every year they had Rivera retired editor retire. I'm Ager Karen is hanging out there at the going away or okay yeah that peace in the Yankees past and I'll sort it rocking chairs the bases and pieces of whenever but that it was there a bigger. Aside from the Brady games meet. It was there are bigger. Mormons in World Series history that Ortiz as the 2000 was thirteen yes so in the World Series not only does he lead into the World Series by. Yes single handedly fight all the offense against the tigers. But he ends up. Banding without that here it's six. Yes 688 he batted in the World Series with in game one and 286 RBIs alone. And they can patent for some odd reason it was probably I'd never seen it like that but then again in 2003 when he came over here he was going to be the baton to Giambi where I think that that's right wrap him there there are put to them now yeah and then. Honestly he became mired you know most beloved figures it in Red Sox history more than likely grant. Plus a top four. I think when we get this the specialists. Aside from Brady who's the most well known. You know Boston sports figure right now. From the 2000 Zhan we think we talk about rock maybe but it. It's Ortiz GAAP in that they even Ortiz who you 500 home runs. It. Unbelievable he's just. He's one who'll want to buy beer and Boston and or should know. Cohesion nor should he be drinking is that Diana finally got a point to where do you see the next 45 years for very. I worry that. I I think he made teams 28 touchdowns. Twelve interceptions that season's 4000 yards. It depends on if they get him any weapons I think. Pretty even ground is. Is is this generations. Of months and it's a race partly you'd ever gonna see this in view of the greatest quote both on. Throw throwing to the greatest all via the going to throw he made a double coverage. On Sunday. Ingram you know what that ridiculous rocket that I think one of the Prius is this several dozen operating in the Super Bowl last year when and whether a he's lost by eight. Grown with. On the believable that game two touchdowns in one of of the that the one that put them ahead in the fourth quarter was one of the greatest catches I've ever seen play out stage right. By eight but he does that he does that every game and it's still shocks me when I get to see it. How lucky are we going to be able to see that. The weekly now gas. It eat yet again someone other than Hogan to throw to me elements of Ambac but let's come back up a torrent it's the oh yeah. I as I gonna run out there and suddenly just be the same tools and equipment he means it in the dollars and did you forget that element now what was. Had a little bit cases to drop tease him you know you that you made that great care to the super ball. No doubt about it maybe a great Super Bowl occasional time but. Mean he was certain little way about Welker with some of those drops a 100% TV he's not a you know he he he's not illegal Iowa's felt comfortable Brady throwing in the middle ground I always felt a little bit more comfortable you know I think almost passed or more elusive. To law always seems in those games huge catches the last year's playoffs he was unreal tournament so I think I think you miss him. But previously about the breeze intimate or said the star brands that make hopefully Paterson this you know corn that'll Patterson look at it. The you know he rebrand a lapel relevance Marie Brenner Grasso. Is this spring and the wrong in each gave me teams why there's someone at the back field. You know he continues when he twelve every year yet I but I also think they've done it so many times. That. Sums that you know not really sure how to not. Get deep into the playoffs and maybe even go to the Super Bowl. On the offensive line has to be stated continue to be stabilized with it was. That you can go left tackle not first round draft pick but. It was unreal gap that we have at least some hemophilia this year so. Well and I about it Hamas is tempering my excitement decades is because again he's a rookie and he doesn't mean as few injury problems though. I mean listen to be great to have another dynamic TO Lewis. That's all I'm thinking right right that that type net that player bent down. Anyway so. That's are glad wrap it up for this and I addition. I must you have thoughts on terms rang him up or. Or grunt coming you think rock you say yard catch part of a breeding ground but I mean. Do you see. Brady I see or radio playing rock was gay rights a Brady have a long and yes. Are they haven't had a rough you're. And of itself I think run distances but. Hard on the basis. And that's the proposition that played in heat heat heat go on Libya. Movie star but he's an attraction where treat those words rustling or whether it's. You know movies are sick bombs or Cuba where kids at Nickelodeon stuff can be Dick Butkus. Gap where he had just for this to be large whatever but around. Yes I do think if there's probably not an injury in his feature that will kind of decide that for him on not that he can't but maybe that makes in this idea that want to anymore. On but it was good to see here are some of the latest Ian Rappaport reports that he wanted to stage you'd never wanted to be part part route he retired and not be patriot. On but I mean time producer on to me maybe if you since posting. Let's wrap this this one up. George as always thank you so much where we find you on the old Twitter machine at the other pats it's like you know Brady's son news yes well some of that Louis wraps it. That it's the united dropped is that I didn't we download that I'll also view a copy broke after the my new ring tonight honoring donors via. And you know if you've got to watch it go back you've got to watch the original senator I was called Lisa leads late Sunday. Watch that refers to the guys hit the scene beats on so many of the things. If you if you're familiar to fan of that especially you'll into this that is it was that this night full of human and you've been in the them before it was great it is this a lot of phone and then you can find me at. And uncle buck to be a half on Twitter. And once again thank you for joining us and we will see you next time.