Boston Sports 101 - Boston Celtics vs Cleveland Cavaliers

Wednesday, May 16th

With the Celtics and Cavaliers facing off in another NBA Eastern conference finals, the BS101 crew takes an irreverent look at the history of the Boston/Cleveland sports rivalry.


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Okay being this dream. You bed plus the. Always put those suits but stealing. The movie industry is pretty scary you. She. And at their that they opening. For our bosses ports one on BS one a one podcast. Based on Boston vs Cleveland. And it's year old uncle buck here with as always George kept Georgia Edelman I've gangs is I'm hanging them but hang and then sewed George. Tonight we're gonna talk about Red Sox and it's what type of Boston vs Cleveland specifically. Because of the fact the Celtics and the cavs are going at once again in the playoffs have you. Ever been to Cleveland. Never been Cleveland's. Was invited for. The Brady come back game by our our co host nick Stephens but I didn't make because too many connecting flights and yeah. He's gonna really like to see you eat those sea littoral city city visit to travel to there's no direct laws directly relates to from Boston and Cleveland Nichols of the New York of the time in school with a look at. I was like dude is ridiculous it is doing that far. I drove once the Cleveland via. Knows I'm really lazy I Cleveland's not a great city now and in the hall of fame you've been I haven't been there but. It did that video that that old YouTube classic does kind of sum up a lot of what Cleveland's all of us. I'm I with the the Jake the first game would mean he came back after joining the Red Sox have. And nice stadium really enjoy that the Sox got destroyed and one in there was a guy from the upper deck who threw fake money. Out of that is that they were like pelting Manny was money. Got a fist fight later in the evening which was fine Zahn man I was yelling at at a bar that Drew Carey was right Cleveland rocks. You know in in kind of a sarcastic tones that didn't go out. But yeah that's not that's not terrific an enemy you know in their driving back my body nine in my. I keep Wrangler with a soft top nights is a window of about 100 hours it was not one. So armed it is. So I'm I'm guessing during this dog has really discuss the rivalry is there a rivalry between Boston Police won't say here's the thing that not a lot of people maybe realized. Clean it's neat to Lee. That's the word get out of our biggest sports rivals you know on. Certainly they don't have a hockey team that we compared to because there's no way NHL team in Cleveland no ice in Cleveland no ice in Cleveland but. I think employee africanized. The lake effect guys so but they had the Red Sox and Indians have a very strong rivalry. The Celtics and cavs did not have much a rivalry until the last you know twenty years or so fifteen years or so. Maybe it's even less of that and more like ten years. But the but some of the matchup they have kind of thing and then. Bill Belichick yes. Former coach of by the Cleveland Browns that famous 1994 season yet so let you know if we're we're gonna break down their their rivalry between the two cities as far as sports goes why are we going to jump him right into with. The at least of the rivalry franchises the patriots and the browns so obviously the browns that classic NFL franchise. Greeted by Paul Brown. Or wrote the original NFL teams Jim Brown being their greatest the all time players still holds. And faulty records and LT knowing I played ten years that might mean that the dirty dozen armed. But really made the biggest connections between that they present browns come from Bill Belichick. Who went there after the giants a couple of years and it rebuilt them I think it was five years total and had them on the winning path. Before it Art Modell jettison them to Baltimore. And at that point the entire everything just fell apart in the end of it fired. So there's that connection is Belichick obviously after that went and created a great patriot dynasty after a quick. It snapped a New York well with the jets and Parcells. In them but you also mentioned that patriot. Game in which Brady returned after the suspension though there was actually one more than me and Jeannie game I don't know if you remember Mangini being the coach of the browns. In broad Peyton Hillis to a victory. Apple oiler of them. Hats and the biggest regular season upsets that an inaccurate call and they carry Mangini off the field. I don't really they did that as say terrible it's incredibly sad I wanna say that was a super when he eleven mean I don't know when that. Yet probably coming up it was. I remember it being so. Pissed off that we lost to me and he you know it was when he 102010. They beat is 34 at thirteen and a member of Peyton Hillis got him the Madden cover it. Totally did that you know totally did yeah he ran all over us that was very disappointing. But that was another connection. With the the browns. In the patriots the second to me at the moment but that I'm sure it will four week and we talked about the breeding game Brady mean his return. Also that the flaky suspension against Cleveland and tore them up all I know what it was obviously they have their around. Only playoff meeting. Was the unbelievable. Turn of events in which bill Belichick's Cleveland Browns faced off against Bill Parcells. New England Patriots. India playoff games in 94 season it was a Parcells the patriots first. Playoff appearance that is so so when Parcells embassy in puts a second year. And down they went to Cleveland and dad didn't play so well and end up losing a twenty to thirteen politics only playoff wins and of course the next year they started off. We started out pretty good the negative. Rumors spread about them the moving was it Testaverde. The quarterback for yes it has never he does echoes are gay Mexico's are what we Testaverde. And that was another reason why have people hanging him in effigy is because there was so popular there right. Put the the major him he came out of that and then also the the following year really interest in the first game of the year. Was patriots and in rounds in a rematch. And the patriots won and it was Curtis Martin's rookie year. And obliterated over a hundred race yet but also he. Eight unit diving touchdown at the end zone. That was pulled out three page bulldogs were those are really oh yeah I wrote that. Any idea that anyone would even cover the patriots and what goes Gingrich still amazing. One of my all time favorite articles. In Sports Illustrated was one from 91 or 92 called. At c.s in which they just ripped the entire franchise it and you know everything the result is scandal and apart Steve mullah. Alia horrible so anyway there's not not a huge amount of ties between the patriots and browns on but there is one between the Celtics and browns so. Celtics and Bruins get back we'll get to that we talk with so this but let's jump into the rivalry between the Indians in the Red Sox this is actually one that has a lot of Al lot of bad blood as a lot of interesting matchups a lot of class matches were really the only you have. The only time prior to 1985 where these guys. What had to have was it actually what was the first ever American League. One game plan out so 1948 rolls around. And it was a final series of the year the Indians. Lead the ale by a game over them Red Sox and yankees. They get from back then it was whenever you if you want DA on the standings and like Premier League soccer now you just went and yeah so. They he got down the last game and last series a year two games to go Indians have one game lead the Red Sox and yankees. The Indians are going to play Detroit. The two game series in Detroit they split. Red Sox and yankees playing each other subway the Red Sox sweep the two games against the Yankees they went five to one in ten to five now that would be. Eight benchmark moment in the Red Sox Yankee rivalry in the fact that the Red Sox the on the defending champions. Eat it twice. To a really important games handily the high totals fifteen to whatever the run in a fifteen to six. Run tally I'm like I'm just hearing about this. Of course the Cleveland Indians commanded in the spoiler. The because a coin flip and by the way we'll tackle the Red Sox beat the Barry di Maggio yankees right okay. But Ted Williams and you know they had a great line up. But based on a coin flip. The game gets played at Fenway Park. Off on October 4 1948 daily deal house has given the ball he seven and eight fours that year he gets the start he is of shooting the bed he gives up one of the first war in the fourth. And that's all they would need be needs of that beat the Red Sox 83 they don't want to win to be still their last World Series 409040. So that's really elites are vacant head butted heads and NEC any serious time the first oh. 94 years of the sport right mom but come 1995 a year after the strikes he's we've now added the wildcard divisional series the site today while cars divisional round. In 198547. Years after. The first and these two teams to match up. And it manager Kevin Kennedy. Would bring his rag tag group of guys. Including this is by the way to recycle the division yeah. They brought Roger Clemens American League MVP malvo on whoever thug who had edged out Albert Belle. Jose Canseco was on the end and yet he might very well and a young Tim Wakefield. Oh wow nobody had a great start with you was created hours of that year to start the season. Unbelievable and man. The Indians and of course Albert bell Cory Snyder wanna think I have now I don't have momma said that doesn't mean he wasn't a mini they at a young meteor Mears Kenny Lofton. He laughed it was awesome at it cannot that we Jim Tommy. Omar Vizquel. Out OK so they had obviously average stack lineup mark Carter it was a managers they stacked lineup. They go and they play. What that there was a best of five series Sandy Alomar junior may be as catcher. Well in game one it was their catch it was Sandy Alomar it was Tony Pena. Tony La Pena former sock who would win citywide events I don't have in my notes here sandy baby was the team to Tony Pena ended up winning game one. In the bottom of the thirteenth. And then they add as with a walk off home run to win it it was the indians' first win. In the playoffs. Since they have won that 1940 were answers on an Arab gonna win game 240 nothing incarcerate site at home eat it too. This leads the best of five series three games and I think. Appropriate fight oh in the NB a but it in medically amounted to lose the World Series to the Braves say here. I'm the only be so it's good to loosen that law only T edited it wasn't able to defeat the brazen returns appraisal of the World Series like ten years and they have the greatest pitching staff in the history of baseball 1111. Or they were like the Buffalo Bills of baseball but they even the Indians. Couldn't just that followed themselves and who's the breeze so. Two years later or three years later 1998. It is the Red Sox now as the wildcard. And they're in a faceoff against the Indians this time. It's the Red Sox and eleven those three. Thrashing of the tribe now at this point. It's both on and a young nobler goes the other Gerri on Nomar had a two home runs of the game Nomar had a three run outlasted zone. And it looked like wow this is totally different sects remember. Since since the Bill Buckner in 86 biggest weapon in forty ALCS and Oakland and Nicholas davis' story yes. I we're talking about what are your favorite series of all time I'll look and a 98. Sox. Side and it does any dying yet. So. Hannity so we say it the Red Sox had been swept in the 88 ALCS IDA's David swept again in ninety. By the Abbott is in CSX and an aid lost in a three game sweep to the Indians in and I was i.s such a gut punch because. Tim Wakefield was unstoppable and unhittable this season. And though it was only had a home run Tony Pena have won it in game one that it would three you walk off homer in the thirteenth. Day that we had lost. Eleven straight playoff games Internet and I was through an MO Bonnie Garcia Burke about hit three home runs in game one in 98 were like they should be turn around. Instead. We end up losing the next three games including. One with what Pedro. Get a game to figure matchup was right this is gonna blame game two of the 1998. AL. Diaz. Tim Wakefield against Dwight Gooden. That's right yeah got picked us that's right any debris may become mentally it is memorial went back to the before it went the extra. Yep exact before I think is that it is no material yet. So right now. Episode before that happens again is it that well so so their dad's a neophyte at home plate because there was some bad strike calls harper of its costs. And then. Or his nickname is a player violent. My car broke down the human rain. Because he's a pinch hitter and he used to take five minutes really warm ups are. Mike Hargrove was. Insufferable when there's nothing better on the Monday night baseball in the unions would be on. They called in the human rain delay that's a really good nickname like thousand. The Sox are for the tournament lead and then we feel gives up four runs they couldn't make anything animate the prime and the throwing 95. And then they go on to win games three and four terra Charles Nagy vs prince Avery was a matchup in game history in saves pitched terrific. Charles and he was like the Mike Mussina today. Acne in mussina over the dominant right he's of the NL all I remember yeah. Did it would make yet a big free agent appoint him now so on the end of losing games three and game four. The final the final game and it adds them way to las outta one. Was first told Cologne Cologne. Beating Pete sure. Heat sure. If you gave me fifty s's if you literally just said nick. You can guess the pitcher that lost that game against parts element if I would never get speech you could if I can give me two years again. I've still an eight block one was at nine or 99. It was 99 I believe that. Tyrod beat out. Pedro for him the theory. It was nine B. Eddie was 99 it was because he was the last place Rangers team. Arnold it modernize their target of attack he had gone and he beat wasn't an N 99 major issues and that was the year of his seventeen were two guys left them off the ballot yes yes still in 99. I still maintain and you had to awaited report Twitter. That unlike. Justin Verlander is her friend in a UEU night were the only got to get the (%expletive) Pedro in. Do you guys who flock to snap an uncle on the ballot here all got. Now I mean there's every thank god 99 is the moderates are on the back because. Pedro who of course you know in that series through did and he getting to through the most. I'm still the most unbelievable it's got to be the most unbelievable relief for parents. Better than Randy Johnson in 95 right for the Mariners. Better than Randy Johnson in two that's one wanting I'm an ax the most unbelievable relate better incursion on the playoffs last year. The most unbelievable relief appearance ever has to be Pedro what's alleged to have them but his entire 99 season what's debit and it will I because it was the Red Sox in 99 became 13 in four. My effort. To 0723. And four and of course still the most electric start I've ever watched. July. 99 and as the Yankees to a Davis. An appearance that he's hitting coach. Seventeen strikeouts final pitch a rising nine game on a fastball Yankee Stadium. Yankee fans seventeen strikeouts against that line applauded him for the F ridiculous. Are still my favorite game. No attempt was the one I went to it was some and it baseball 2000 vs Clemens. And Pedro struck out nine Clemens struck out eleven or thirteen can't remember but Trot Nixon won the game in the bottom of the at the top of the ninth of two run homer off Clemens. India we seem to have clemens' numbers and it Pedro loaded the bases in the bottom line. It got out of it web. That was a driller the second and that whoever second base it was kind double clutched. It's the what's the got the outer first that the ending game it was the most stressful but I blew it was Yankee Stadium times that they are doing with the Yankees section not nobody should ship to me because you know what. All the fans go to those gives a bunch of a season. So he says from behind a microphone yeah like I. Guys this vacancy from an in my jacket. 1992 I was wearing a bad night really did having that. And I can and had a rematch between the two franchises. They're kind of five years and two teams have met and it starts out well. It would think because Pedro is in there and you know he gets the start of the Nittany poem. Because he seems to have an injury and now it's like all hope of off color but I lost ended. It's a block something or other gap pretty yeah I left it left knee injury in the bottom of the fifth. Derek Lowe comes in relief but it's not enough they lose the game 32 was in town out here 2003 dear lord and down and they're down 01 day and and it's getting destroyed gained 211 to one thing you'd is going you know here we go again. The game three we come back to Fenway Park and again it's this time it was I was Derek Lowe on the mound to get the start and Pedro he gets us the win over Jaret Wright return rate. Big burly right very delivered his motion yet Sox win nine history. Austin now is and Brian dot arc I guess sealed with a three and one half volleys bumpers Jaaber all the dollars man and you have to run back you shall be running it in them so. And now we're down in two games are won the game four I was at this game. And the Red Sox won 23 to seven it was the most widely held twice present to the pats had. Judy say pat and I got Red Sox had two touchdowns three field goals he hears what their heirs of their box score went. From from innings 12925353. As in it's Ernie subsequently making and then 32. While it was on it was at nine is all aim will or or any you know you used not all here we go now soon to do what happens every time one team scores a gazillion runs the next game they do. Read nothing so you're expecting we're gonna Cleveland nothing's happening it's day to. That's always one of those games like now you see people right social media time like it's. Envoys answered him. And now in the next game we get one of the great games in the history of the Red Sox in my opinion it was a complete like dozens of rocky flight it was no red sock game. It reflects well here you'll never have to buy around by the should be an Irish bar near Findlay culturally it is for this team. All low myself and I bachelor party parents arrive we are Montreal and they are playing nets Toronto. And he was with the Expos of the time we were yelling yell beat them the respect he was yummy. Was I don't know it but he loved it he was eating he was like hey give nobody recognized nuclear. But after a double and intentional walk to Nomar load the bases Torre leery it's a Grand Slam put the Red Sox have 75. And then. Jim Thome made it 87 via the Red Sox get it the equalizer in the top of the fourth and then they go in Colin Pedro injured it out Pedro running out of the bullpen. It early and we know he's he's gotten up and Cleveland's heart sank what does he do goes out throws and don't know for the rest of the game I know a perfect perfect game to the rescue with Irving is presenting perfect game. Fastest pitch he threw all night. Eighty miles for our he had nothing more than changeup he was under his fault 130. I guess the team they just put a bit bronze jokingly Pedro at a hundred pounds with the dictionary and a bag of rocks in his pocket. It's and I ask now that Nelson an effort for another three runs it he did. That I had a Grand Slam and you're out there. It. So at a Red Sox they're going to lose the ALCS to the Yankees afford one the only game he did win was the Clemens and Pedro Pinto. Which is still want my favorite headlines in Boston Herald. The boxing thing dad I was hostility everywhere they showed it was survivors might just add the gap. Not an elevated a couple that wanted to Pedro Clemens was the best. So let's go on and fast forward and 2007. This will be the next dynasty teams of matchup in the class does Imus in the the ALCS the American we tentative series. And that was actually hears the two teams have the same record for the regular season. But this Red Sox in the wagons was that the by far the best team in had Josh Beckett was having great seasons past killings the little gas left in the tank. They had. Does it Daisuke Dice-K will whisper about five innings was always consistently good pitcher for five innings you know. Time and they had your buddy the closer. So amendment of Papelbon did Jonathan Papelbon mr. Irish dancing himself. And it opened so what's amazing is the Red Sox won game one at Fenway Park industry. They lose. Game two and I still remember this oddly because they were tied 66 in the eleventh to Cleveland put up seven runs of 113 to six. Immunity one of the stranger extremely well I ordered debuts Papelbon. Early. There was no last yet until they handed out. They did against spent their entire bullpen and a five hour fourteen minute marathon that they go back to Cleveland 11. On end up losing games three. And game four I remember what happens next but yet ice wasn't that worried I. What can handle it elimination you're worried idea. But still this team was so good we felt like you know we just got only one in Cleveland and you back to finally understand is gonna. Adult EBB soul fire department put a 31 leave his. The though worst lead in sports. Are you think I mean. Isn't it while I while worse than a 30 lead. Well you know. You'd. Yesterday aid and it Jacobs Field game by the red sacks put up finally you're able put it together. I'd just back against the wind what was funny whether it was unreal that series and Danielle peck and I Google this girl. I remember her she was AM. He was a country country singers of sort of yeah I mean though her go. Hit Gordon Googlers who machine if you have a chance I'd cooler issues minus by the c'mon. David George has a few. Although I didn't hear the area you carried this as an associate I guess had dated Beckett the year before or during the summer before they started the whatever the reports that later this summer. Anyway they broken up and the Indians brought her in to sing the national hip. Which is battle of the game gamesmanship and they also had who was there I met a band American rejects ending saying it and tonight for the game started. Beckett was so fired up he went eight innings in the Red Sox won. I think it was 871. And to bring the series back to Fenway for game six. Eight games six Curt Schilling takes the mound the Sox put up for the first input at three in the third panic it was over the and it when he twelve to. But then it was game seven in the game game seven. That told me and go home run well Daisuke had Daisuke Matsuzaka. Came out and oh by the way the Red Sox have played before this post started it and tonight yeah it is a nice touch. That was not Imus to skip the attitude of my dad's eighty drugs nobody had J. D. Drew that you know at that might have been a game. In those games and on 7701 was a so so did Ager played a big role at some point. The game seven so the Red Sox and Indians. Based America Matsuzaka goes by strong the Red Sox put up a single run the first three innings Cleveland makes it treated to by the end of the fifth. But they unload for two and a seventh in six of the eight. And then go on to win the ALCS eleven the two. J. D. Drew his game six this was Pedroia error I think in Salisbury and in those cats just Russian. And the game. Government that already at a rate today and it with a six runs late. You know what it world is. I just can't find anywhere we keep moving on now so at 2007 yeah it's it was such an odd series that I never really felt like I was in jeopardy. I mean he shared it with three games the one of the on the Red Sox at Indians are not meeting in the playoffs until last season when they met males male Diaz. It was billed as Terry Francona is William Stewart right he comes back after a the winning the World Series 2007 to those four. And is now they managed the Indians and after the smear campaign the Sox from opposite kind of done behind the scenes against him. He brings is Indian squad into town and they proceed to beat the Red Sox. In a three game sweep by for a game 16 that the game 243 at Fenway Park and the Indians take this series. So. You know and peonies are still good team they end up losing that 2016 where a series of the cubs in and they are still forced to be reckoned with. And so that's a rivalry is still stay strong today they eat campy yet many choosing Boston. Leaving Cleveland for Boston right. But I don't think there was any chance and staying in Cleveland but that was always kind of underlying theme that does that was the first time we got. Are you kidding me we signed a free agent right. In after we'd guess that was on the scene and we missed a mussina and ended up getting Manny and it was kind of and remember ESP and did a great at documentary on. This whole deal letting go on. On down with can't yeah and was it worse it was the other guys whoever's manes agent was. But yeah it was a huge huge deal that we get Manny and and he ended up obviously being great use of BP that it has forwards your. So let's run out of the Celtics and cavs which is it's in the reason why we're doing the show because of the Celtics and cavs are playing for the eighth time no plan house. They met seven times previously. On but two things between the Celtics and cavs. Stand out. There are support. 1962 the Celtics got draft. Ohio State. Ohio State John Pavlik. On part of him ran. It's not strapped to John haven't checked the Cleveland Browns picked him as a wide receiver okay. Politic goes to training camp the browns but the decides you know what I was gonna play basketball. And joins a Celtics who becomes hall of Famer. In gunnery settings active wherever you are so ridiculous. Good choice you obviously made the right call every as the browns still haven't won squat. Is a legend to legend Boston courtroom Los tablet X the greatest. But that in 1986. Cleveland gets the number one overall draft Obama added eight acquired from the 76ers. It and I I you know I just some recent and the same could find if I do I've heard this summer I wanna say. You might even now read our back. The audience and the owner of the GM somebody with the Cleveland Indians had kind of asked reds advice about rebuilding the camps. And read it sneak police said well. And yet obviously a lot of support to back this up really can't go wrong with starting with a center. And it kind of hinted that target we have Brad tardy was one of the top hears that they I've heard that's why do yes. But in the end all the document it sees me to documentaries the magic for his bird. Any good birds into view with I think Simmons. On on on his pod. Hurd said Britain was gonna take tardy it appeared that if he would in the more and panic because Brad Carty he couldn't pass up. Senator could shoot and just you know threat that it is much as we have it in their heads that unbiased was this you know the next Jordan. You know our back was like why of the next. Humble of Mikhail and and in parish right mind and he loved Brendan Doherty was gonna take him. While the lobbyists and see what would have happened I mean he also don't know if. Rivers is playing right trying to promote now the greatest Brad dirty hands that particular bias as as it went and and of course bias you know we have capital him. But those are kind of two interest off the field things between via between Cleveland the Celtics but the first avenue would be in the last 1970s to house. It was the next 36 conference finals. Dave Cowan Celtics that callous averaged down eighteen points and fifteen rebounds. Which is ridiculous. That his top two seeds and ease. And I guess the Celtics went on. Two take the series in six. And they went on face the NBA the Phoenix Suns in the NBA finals what are the great an underrated NBA finals of all time mean not only what six games because it did have a triple overtime. I think Joseph Joseph what was the MVP act that's out there right now. Glad McDonnell was the hero of that triple overtime game that that that's the one I believe we're callous and diving scrambling for the ball court. All of the see him play play as talons. Just because EE here early bird gloves him for a idolize him it at one point in his career and and just to have that scrappy. Asked the senator that's rays and red and it. I actually hear he's a little bit of it I'd better before you guys have got a basket and amp traditions have so I I guy and a buddy went this is basketball camp the guy for your eyes good player. In that big kid and he he box you know it's it's go down low if the accounts at forty whatever he was even when you're happy whenever it was when we did camp. And you know Kenneth square him up and it took a whole counted like one happy. So the next I'm not that counts not the ball down and basically when elbows high turnaround got a friend and knows that it. Anyway the Celtics and cavs who once again matchup in 1980 five's first round series. You know this is the title Larry Bird exist in the middle of his three consecutive NBP's it was no big surprise. That the Celtics won the series. Easily. Only giving up one game to the cavs burden of putting up forty points a game one. And will be free program deeper yeah yeah he was the cavs Lee was story vault on he actually helped them win game three was 32 points in his own use kind of a Celtics killer or Hamburg and Rio season he'd he'd put up some points would goodies that a dominant there have a good games is Celtic yeah it was like him and I injured Tony. Those outside jump shoes and Tony in Cunningham the restless and in some sectors. But it would mean to many too that they would face up again in the in the laughs in unfortunately is gonna stick to me because it was Larry bird's final you know. Lamb series. They would lose in seven. So won that series out yet and and this was the yeah this vote was tough because. They have one lucky guy a tough game six of the gritty game six that part of this the games haven't you thought maybe it won't bore. Little bit of Larry Bird magic fortunately. That was the case number Sports Illustrated having an article. It's it's a big bird watching with the title here basically summing up that this is that this is Larry's last. Leave that Cleveland team had mark price spread RD day Hadley the poor man's Stockton and Malone you know now they they were good team and they were popping coming in late Celtics were just following Larry Hansen hot rival India right now at Larry Nance. Reggie Lewis ended up putting him twenty points to this for the Celtics is their league score. Now but Dana following the third seeded cavs. The cows are going to lose the bulls in the Eastern Conference finals. Elope that's I mean what's funny is you know that was. As good as Cleveland's team was the LeBron showed up. But that would happen later. A few years later but it was 2008. In the conference sevens semifinals where the Celtics would finally be revitalized by the arrival Kevin Garnett. And by Ray Allen. Rajon Rondo can be do his own as a rookie. And Paul Pierce finally gained the support he so desperately needs. As the top seeded Celtics took on the cavs can't beat the NBA finals a year before they ever LeBron having that terrible. Senator who lives. Monologue area where he said of LeBron James and you know if you watched beside that we lost that. Spurs in seven and if you didn't watch me we swept them for. It'll look like crickets. Great train wreck them as early for me was pretty and a so LeBron goes out there averages 46 points a game in the series the home team won every single game. But what I remember most is saying game seven LeBron puts up 45. Pierce though puts up 41 and has that great diving for the ball moment yeah we dives in the ball and where will the whistle and he's rolls on his back indices so pumped out he's like shaking right. What was that was probably on race in Cleveland no so what happened was the Celtics won that series in seven of the final game 97 NET went on. Beat the lakers in the finals. But it was two years later the conference semifinals. Where they would once again lead the cavaliers this time they would beat him in six games and now was it from over and it most telling point about that whole thing was at the end of the game abroad. Storming up the tunnel. Picking up his Jersey. Signifying pretty much done with Cleveland and of course a few years a few weeks later whatever was a decision you make that decision and ESPN announced he's taken his town South Beach. The southern sort of misty may file system that would lose at lakers seven games but LeBron had put out. Some big big numbers that series including a thirty point game to game three Rajon Rondo was our series star when he points per game. But so that would really be delighted that that the end of clue how to prosper running Cleveland. But I have been you know the Celtics have been that he would go back and forth this is a self interest LeBron podcasts and visit Cleveland. So we'll go ahead fast forwarded to love 151 round. Very different Celtic team. They would get swept tap organs that thing. Cleveland with LeBron would who's 127 points and nine rebounds. It is the biggest thing that it came from that series was the injury from Kelly Atlantic that he can blow to Kevin Love broke his arm and I had dislocated. Ever. And I love and miss them they're made of plastic that cans went and went on the loose he'd be final so warriors. And then of course the following year. Would be the year they would go on and finally wind PB championship. But did the last time before Kansas opens we're playing now when they met was to get seventy Nicklaus back. And it was the cavaliers once again. In AS series went four games the when that this is so odd specially. If you're in a longtime Celtics I was at. Team. Two. At the guard was sixty per against a buddy of mine took me raise forty burst anyway it was great and we were damaged 51 point. And there. Fifty point to be an actor I I took a photo of this or Brooks a complete lunacy. It was yes that did them. Abolition of the Celtics by LeBron James and that that carried. Guy re add it all out to just strike me as it was laughable. But they're basically the Celtics went one behind. And America Smart enough went out and had to grit that we do industry Cleveland went after Isiah Thomas. Today Zantac was adopted the pretty much last game to that halfway through now with him that. That was and it has Celtic career. And so as salads are going to lose that in five games but yes this did this after the road around smack smack down the the cavs provided in some of those games in Boston which is so disheartening it was just it was really ugly laughter turnabout fair play. Oh. Well they want to integrate it. That's right. Yeah. On that now we're gonna finish out this show was just that following nets series we had basically what's known as of that trade. It was the Celtics sending guys they'd tarnished Jae Crowder. Pick up a used Buick in the first round pick. Of the mets' 2018. Which we will see. The could put him at tonight where where that ends up landing. It. And a Celtics got carrier ring and now this is kind of jump started what we are now seen although Carey obviously without the answers so. We're gonna wrap this podcast that but real quick George. Dots addresses series are the Celtics gonna take it obviously by the time you heard the scheme tool Marty happened has started quite yet forest. We reduced Alice others Dario I think they out for real I think it when the series I think they went in six games I. Abroad usually takes his time coming you know he'll he'll play like. He's playing poker right now let's see what but I have what works what doesn't work. I I think Celtics wouldn't six have too much down to I had the Celtics in six. Camps and 64. Of starting game one. After what I saw on game one I think it's going to be a situation where the home team wins every games to the ticket seventh. Nine we will weighted in at the guard because. I think we're gonna pull out tonight it's going to be one of these things where it's going to be tied to about half time and it's something that's going to be runners up where it's gonna gonna break LeBron spear relevant. Will will go to Cleveland up two will lose to come back the Boston and finally won game five and will straight games and won the when he gets. By the time everyone listens to this which will be at least Wednesday I had had a smile and saying hey back now to an up and are. And habits I neutralized you can see it and neutralize you you could you could see the storm coming but. I can also see the Celtics just flat out. Being better there was a piece written earlier today on the ringer about out to the best match of team basketball. And forget about Cleveland sorority too excited and have your basketball Boehner extend past the Eastern Conference finals into the finals themselves. They match up would anybody. This is out to the top 25 players. In the NBA I still say this always get it done. In seven. I know it's the disorder like epic game seven like in 2001 Paul Pierce was on shoppers LeBron. I'm Nora I see that demoralizing five or six games seers or virus that game series when in 2010 cent a pack in with his talents to South Beach. It's held so my estimates are this is when coach counts this is when bill basketball check a guy named Brad Stevens the Office Depot manager Walt but it gunmen. Every time I think that that like I kind of had the flash back though beat out fifty with the same coach. So now but he hadn't yet no horse we now you're right you're right we've got different situation now in the way that Jason did displaying it in the with a young guns are responding here there is yours flagrant. So that it's over at real quick I missed the part we guys talked about the grounds in the paths not that there's really any rivalry there. I'm just quickly to present in the 2010. In team. Where that jug now owes it to that was Mangini coached and yet when it goes game yeah ran all over sorry guys wanna say that got to imagine that none of up. Wrong fumbled the ball the theory and 2016. I was there for race first and yet he said he'd turn managers and at a Cleveland. It should. It. Yeah it's the plates connecting by. No direct flights but typically. If that's been so it was it. I we're gonna go unwrapped. This one out that take you so much for joining us here on Boston sports wanna wanna hear the WAF. Podcasting network. You can find those at real BS one a one on Twitter Georgie at the other pass him. Course at Manny nick WA AF and only nick Stephens and I'm aunt uncle buck WA AF. We will see you next time where we would talk about more fun things sports related in the city of Boston take here.