Boston Sports 101 - All Star Game Memories

Thursday, July 12th

With baseball set to enjoy the midsummer classic, Buck, Nick and Kippah reminisce about All-Star games of past, including Boston's favorite, the 1999 game at Fenway.

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Short announcement park. And no look of the show I'd gangsters we get dirty get up gangsters. Mixed feelings all Hain Bill Maher I didn't Z they care and wasted again making the member that's what Ted Williams went off on another wild card I'm sorry eight. The fox mics were live and a box at the game and thought fox mice were alive just long enough to beards and Williams when he came on the golf cart. And denied an analyst in all all IA no marker to go I snows Larry I didn't can be your party I don't know what Helen Wright Omar Ali right here that are area paralyzed. Those great magical. Well totals also our time. In fact I've done this post this will be the author game period this is the final week of the Major League Baseball season as we record. And next Tuesday. The eight he. 707070. Will be the Eric and also got him. So it made us immediately think of course about the great all star moments in Boston sports history just what are some of the was a pop in your head guys before we start talk about being number one which is the Nyhan and principles are. They they went over speak to ceiling in the bottom of the eleventh but Selig Pollyanna. After speaking with a commissioner we have decided this game and in a tie. And all the fans boo I have may also be one more inning. And then the battle BS yeah. And in its high and that's what begat the whole like. This time it counts and they played for home field advantage is you can put some juice in the Austrian which of course they've now this will be the second year that bill played without the use of winning league it's the all star bulletin advantage thing that came into the Red Sox series twice and yet because the community Easter goods go back and forth or 286 the Red Sox. Not an ansari was nine so not only came in amid all theater was that the team to a lesser alternating does alternate. But in 2004 or the Red Sox would have been starting the series in Saint Louis based on the altar nation's situation. As one of my fair I aggravating acts they did they did. Miss that they don't want strikes he's out and go look at my anyway one of my favorite moments was a lease their moments no they would have your. Was Wakefield finally making an all star team Tim Wakefield dollar arm. Constant you know now as the solid guy who window rock that I have to exert effort forever. Makes the all star game. And they don't play him. Had a drought they've elevated Torre didn't blame via. Yeah. How about some of the greatest Boston also are moments he got ray Bork winning the and BP unit it was the 2000 author game any to Austin in at. The Fleetcenter back then before he went to Colorado Tom Brady banging every chicken allies in the positive in its head at. It was that mean that he be the capitalist. A bird McHale and in parish always you know playing. In in bird always have a little extra flare up birds three point congress point on the and so on he way where he of the finger grows up. The money ball then turns away and he's wearing his warmup jacket the hospital if that's that I mean that's the reason why the two. The suit jackets I want the most in the 1980s. I wanted to read. Like triples it for Michael Jackson jacket from beat it yeah. Which would like dostum on its who object to I'm cute but I knew it and Rahal because the rough afternoon session with the white glove made at all frosting you and I wanted the bird warm up jacket and it was for that shot and I feel like another great moment to Wade Boggs following a vote next I advise on runs yeah yeah votes. But Jackson I think basically non Boston sports division is my favorite. Austrian and did he make like. Great catch and also hit like it's set legitimately 600 have given all run the anti human and Austrian cal Ripken was always my favorite growing up that was deeply it was a short top news pong balls on maybe one day Albion shortstop even on terrible. As in your definitely for a space abuse if your mind right but. He won the all star game the year here have been great comebacks in 1991 and then his final year he won the all star game MVP. Via home run. In in this first Japan the Ramona and out of here Johnson beat me announced he was sick. Hitting plan shooting alike and I still rock area it very easy right now it was it was incredible. The actually the eighty's and ninety's that's an All Star Games meant something that that they did like that they tried to give the whole idea of light now please forward this dominance of the humor blue line you're wonderful thing like you go to I don't know if not value on what he brought about it's why doesn't like adding widgets at the stroke that we've been token. Around there on the radio show on main act for awhile now we can't put our thumb on it. Why don't offs are games mean as much have we just seen everything we've seen every home run have we seen every. Have we seen every dunk that we see like you know what it's like they're not trying their bare the athletes and and have fun. Number being a you know it is street criminal a street criminal that gets a B 86 all star game knows what were Clemens won the MVP and he pitched three innings right. No way you only get anywhere. But I ever ever has to get them persistent through their member voting Wally Joyner being the first baseman does starting Christmas it was the first time member he would ever started for an all star game. I read happy institute huge divide us or deal and Wally Joyner was you know. Wally world immunity idols it was awesome in. I Arabic that meaning something now it's like if if you don't get voted on maybe bill volume on ESP and the final vote or whenever how about the effective personal number Scott Cooper and yours and rather it's still bad he was also are you needed someone from each you have to be on the team but also on. When it came to baseball this is really the only time you get CDs monster Matt Wright has backed them before free agency was really became free agency. You did it this eat these guys go at it until they started interleague schedule if it were interleague ruined everything right you'll remember. It again 86 it was Clemens verse Gooden. We're all starting pitchers and it was huge it was like who's gonna win mister K your doctor can he didn't it was. Eyes of the fondest memories of sit around in the July date night watching me also in with my now my folks in crazy yes I'm wondering when they're you know the police will come and pick you know consumers active streak. And I. Witness I got her to tie keeps the same way fertilization. Like literally it's good we can all play together like globalization it's good for us like man. It was at let's just go back to baseball exporting nationalism a year and a dramatic car Iraqis can defend my father that there's nothing I think everyone enjoys more than a nice. Late July weekend with the Diamondbacks rents. Colligan Toledo and also Cyrus now signaling that the ways that they will also sets for the NHL all star game in the NBA all star game now. Is that it's not east vs west anymore now its its foreign countries are US for hockey and and it's. What they have there's ratified draft they platters in which they did bid stepped Curry's team members the bronze team. And it's just such (%expletive) I'm Mikey try Georgia trying to do everything they can to get your answers like will Japanese cartoon fans vote drafts of the probable. Can we all look like all right let's imagine that three of us right now yeah. Are in charge of all sports All Star Games going forward. Can we just. Can we if we either relegate urges dismissed. The pro ball together. Please let abolish it yeah it's a wait and we'll now just rationality don't you play. Two Super Bowl teams have been eliminated and haven't displayed because they have to because they moved it in now in between had a bye week. Was just get rid of it just give them an honor they can I'll show they're all stars yeah them away that we can all watch the AF next year the alliance American football you know we get. Like pro quality football next year like we kept as a rule it's FO. That's and that and points one point nine team we get the AAF which is going to be on the CBS sports network. I'm costs are you involved we have a Boston team. I don't believe so as a month that the I played diamonds have you ever you have you tried like when you try to buck. Have you tried catching a football and Boston in late for. Another hour or any game not terribly far then. Mean the building down via what are they can just imagine real quick before we get to 99 going back Larry Bird. If you watch the video because the full thing is on YouTube it's hilarious he beats adding that it was for him and Democrat to win this thing. But of the change could he win the giant you know surprised and Happy Gilmore Jack that he gets. Don't know about yet he's so excited because as I check it the shop said my name on it since you announced this contests and can I take one guess for all that money went. And me relates. A 100% a 100% Ozzie with him personally. Oh no way out is either but he's not. On it make you sports but also elect. I don't really care about the NHL All Star Games. Char registered the fastest laps whatever you want Gary that was like that's like an airline on derby thing is like the skills re idiots are still like and here's an arrow or something fastest lap now but you know the heavily breakaway contests and no one's trying to do to bring their kid though and the school or on to harass him. We know he's right he's very Jason Cameron. Kid's score on grass all the time and now they bring it out if you miss the sacrifice the kid I stored with wrath. So I'm ninety I'm. And I never I don't know hi Barbara. And I've denying that I've in 1999. The all star game was scheduled to be played I believe in the Kingdome in Seattle. But the roof panels. Began to fall in the edge structural damage to they canceled it. And it got moved to Fenway Park which is a last minute substitution because let's face it nobody Major League Baseball wanted to. Fill out 33000 seats for big events back and I like that a big event like the Austrian. There's a last minute substitution and who can't since then has done a better job and it was the last all star game of the twentieth century right. It made sense right exactly so I was almost kind of like a timeless everything yeah Jeanne thanks Kerry cost or do the opening monologue. And on the challenge the red tape somewhere. So let's just go through the the line of Shelley real quick action before that the day before under every moment every what was was what was exciting. As the game and it's ours McGwire hit more 590. Foot steroid addled mom Rhonda and bullish on a show they weren't they were all. Grab her college. Moon shots that makes me. Makes me just think like Maine which is consistent with its right it was so much more fun watch. I'm at let me ask you as the three Red Sox made an all star team. Yes to a room mate won't just the third on Jose offerman shut up net. He won. While most if he was a no hitter Omar does as. Jose no card Peja so the America doing league lineup the starting nine had six future hall of famous. Pudge Rodriguez Jim told me. Robbie Alomar Ripken. Nomar was starting shortstop I remember that weekend Boston mean a big push for him to get over Jeter so we could start in the home. The home an error was third race. Numbered in laws of oh era and made team graffiti. Kenny Lofton. Yep in many were Maris the DH Jose can say. He's at Texas then. He was with a double release of just. Why haven't somebody has in the depth so era and team that they're doing the pitching said the vote reserves. Imaging center that you have David Cone. Roberta Hernandez Pedro. Mussina when he was on the Orioles. Charles Nagy brilliant pitcher in the union. Troy Percival. Mario Rivera Jose roster though. John Butler and in Jeff Zimmerman. Wetland was using closer than yankees you know there's now and really got. Wet John Webb was at the Rangers to the victories in content right he raises 96 and and went yet in here our reserves Brad posthumous. I'm Ron coomer Burress but he's been for the twins went gamer. Offerman was the reserves second baseman Tony Fernandez was the reserve third baseman he had left shorts them mostly were in the in the third media and short stops it to Obama Jeter. And Omar Vizquel I don't know maybe Iran was hurt. Weird John Green Magglio Ordonez. Many immortal. BJ Surhoff. Bernie every position Bernie Williams and then they had three back of the ages while John job ha. Raphael Palmeiro and Harold beings are Harold Baines was still kicking around I'm making all star teams. Not an LP got some McGwire Jay bell. Matt Williams. Williams yeah Perreault Oregon managed the team that they use him as it's in that toast in the Austin area. Barry Larkin the great Tony Gwynn. Sammy Sosa Larry Walker Jeff Bagwell. Pitchers in the ass beat and bought infield hit that button for Paul Byrd Mike Hampton. Trevor Hoffman Randy Johnson Jose Lima. Kevin Millwood Robb Nen. Your starter Curt Schilling can we just being honest as that are just anchors and then pitching staffs are great Billy Wagner in Scott Williamson former red in Scotland since whose there was an average in the eighth in game seven now. You will get wells in the reserves or Mike Lieberthal. Awfully Nielsen Sean Casey Jeff and Alex Gonzales. They'll never in its Bragg who. But was made and I asked if he won all the temperature that was not there he burned it's moving Gonzales. Blather. Yep. One Guerrero Brian oh Brian Jordan and Gary Sheffield. Now Boston had hosted the author game and police and two other keys don't wanna have fun walk down memory. Does that he had those baseball's owners were about as an out of one of them though was it like the twenties and early thirties. And it was the only ever Major League Baseball high until the one with that he'll do. But Boston's biggest loss their moment in the also a game probably came and it seems terribly was home run. Where it's ridiculous in 1940. 1941. Season where he paid for a six and dad to man GO you know had 56 game hitting streak it was Ted Williams with a game winning home run. It is still replay is one of the great you know baseball home run the line is the author and it's great because. Imagine your scores William comes in in the light class pains and it's like this website Kiki. Our report world would they do it's very odd. So we have this incredible line of the 99 game but guys we're completely overshadowed by the opening ceremonies. In which. A mr. Ted Williams is wheeled out after the all star. The all stars have been named. The all century team is blasts last Oster in its twentieth century are lined up on the field including Wade Boggs I believe is very unique look at sentry on. And they like when he wars Yankee ring when he appeared Stanley Cup years ago months. He was there last night actually. So. He comes Wade Boggs coming out of the dug out in a golf cart wearing the hitter dot net. It is son and have basically stapled to his head. John Henry Williams and trying to get his web sixth who'd wanna go hitter. Boggs did not make that a but no he was he was party also burials and I'm looking at the all century team now no no I don't. Army was that it was an excuse to do think they also give one in 2000. The year 2000 and I mean by. I beat the odds of Austin. I'm actually living place to third baseman Mike written Brooks Robinson. As. Notes for both. Really and in the bugs were met him in. Mike Schmidt that big game assess 570 rounds. Why yank is over there. So anyway they we allowed to have Williams and it completely. On provoked move. The players current and legends all the basically huddled around table games. And it is it's like a classic iconic it was a it really was it is just completely. You know spontaneous. It if you wanted to exit Tony Gwynn has a moment of that was group that was program I was really Williams and it treatment actually stands him up and holds and it. A steady him while he throws the first pitch from about ten feet away. Two Carlton Fisk who was part of the also beat him wearing his Red Sox that they'd just made up recently displayed the Red Sox and in this. But also at the moment where. Maguire. Talks to Ted Williams about the smell the smoke. When you foul off a ball below smell the burnt. You know would smaller to ash and then he starts saying I had met at the other guy it's like box Houston Texas some extra you know or aren't. Problem but what makes this author game of a better fellas. Is what happened in the first inning and yes but I did and as we get to that. Know the person made it all century team with a the issue on the field but it it's overshadowed by the Williams stuff Pete Rose makes the all star team in Jim Gray starts question on the field how do you feel great but that was in 2000 no that was here tonight and I was nothing else very. A quarter and a team is so important operating Pedro. Pitches the first two innings streaks of five of six in the streets of the side and it was here in America Australia. It is just yet every now that the Mikey that lie he strikes out but the thing is. Pedro now some people wonder if he didn't try to give the hometown fans such a show. And credit manager of the national spotlight that he that's when he didn't start shoulder problems ray that he almost in like basically just pitched arm out. He came out but in true Pedro fashion. The way he turned around the team or begin the turnaround in the way he electrify yucky Wayne Rogers street and turned into a party before we. He streak came out and just put on that show that night of watching my body game as the as apartment in accuracy. And the wore her this is again free Red Sox winning a championship. All we had to look forward to was this. And he put on a show that night. Just one we will know you'll never see a pitcher. Strikeout. With such velocity to ferocity the way he did this murder girls items paradigm believe he actually is next as the Marlins. In an ideal. Three weeks so pager or straight so. Barry Larkin Larry Walker. CME Sosa and so let's say aegis. Three and a liar walker ordered child second in the lot the matchup bureau weight everyone's waiting for Peter Rose McGwire. Strikes a McGwire Pena Matt Williams I think popped up maybe. Now some Matt Williams ground ball is booty for an air he makes the first yeah. Oh abandon the districts of Bagwell bags or bag on this I cannot promise as viner re as a run that Williams started with. I mean what is Lee but guys like meg well McGwire. All the Jews over all legitimate national league's superstars and probably Barry Larkin won agrees it is hitters of all time who never struck though. It but it was the way that he may embarrassed walker Sosa. Bat well and why. I was just made them look like children. And back I think it was one pitch to Sosa went with the breaking. Breaking ball that has curve ball Sosa does the eighties. Right the ball basically drops toward the same way Larry Walker like turn around and that it right and it with a turnaround batting all right it's Randy tonight as a credible. As when a fund currently. So it but it the end of the second inning are to be your third in the agency and the team's run back on the field. Due to it is the says poses classy thing has never territories in the Yankee pinstripes managing our African home Dahlia. Sands Jeter out replace Nomar snort it in the hands of our did bat. But I believe this. But Ian. On but really. I don't call being a book I swear it was 43 or one or one it doesn't say here they scored the runs demand they scored two in the first. Off Schilling. I mean think about Curt Schilling burst veto that in mind but the all star game on the hundreds and overs dumb ass comic and a half Isiah. It might grab ass I mean it was that was at the last great all star. I think so yeah I mean there's actually been some games that were pretty tight games that really. I mean they don't there had to theatrics from Justin hadn't yet been in the right I agree with them they've removed. You know. Playing for the as a field were giving Gwynn retiring a couple of years later that was the thing and Ripken didn't know warmer on its going to be the new pomp and circumstance of the Austrian. I don't know how they're gonna make it matter anymore. I don't think people care as much as the used. Known as if it was that it there was implication of that wasn't it and me but also going back to he has yet totally dirty. I I used. As a grown up as a kid when you didn't see too much indeed have access to every highlight and your computer your own TV. He's Detroit Friday's finally when. My dad would have friends over to watch Monday Night Football which could have an Oilers rams for God's. Stay away dislike you watch football because it was so. So rare so scarce and so fund the closest thing we got to an all star game was RBIs baseball is the wrong on the same team you know right rank and I think there's just too you know it is. I think. You could say it's entirely I think it's a saturation of content that's all. Yes I think the average policy programming options these that these and is it just fox got Major League Baseball that was big news. But people still didn't have much in the cables cable channels. In box getting in a professional sports was he fielded in the way change the game that is enough you'll book was the commentator to. For the game but. Willie ever having on the assembly can't. Why they wouldn't you know of seats that meet your heroes and now lives and also must trust that we Boston's setup it's not really. Others there's like this correctly placed around it means like. Remember during the past or camera going to Pittsburgh for war work and watching people walked to the game from Il and local neighborhood brightly into them. Yet even yet or you know to make things like where we feel we feel to finally Chicago. It's on the north side is really not easy to get to in this really nothing around it super couple. An owner I mean Rica re looking for it but there's so much more room down there even like even though people that's everywhere these folks out in my area. There's much more room to war and they're yet even there are a couple of Beers even like a huge career slowly commanders like. Four and a half times the size of the cast and fly right right. Yeah the great it's a great area but it is yet it's it's fun to think about I once a year I'd love to revisit. The united and Austrian that's the one like I've been really sort of four years old those first couple. Forty I'll start yes I remember nobody remembers who wins it one whenever you mentioned J. D. Drew. And in the all star game 1011 years ago pitiful me yet Pedro won the MVP obviously for the swan. JD J. D. Drew one and two thousands because he had a home run I think an extra eggs due tell them my chair Aylwin. What did they would then. Most Afghans than almost well I J. D. Drew a 18 courtly and Orion dollar Grand Slam and then in 2008 was part of that he's come back in Tampa. Mr. but that we. We can blame because there. Dave price on TV spew Leah and but it's it's that he got a chance but there's a dvd. Called the first hundred years or Red Sox are recyclers and years. There's a special feature you can find maybe thing YouTube. Where it's Pedro which is also our heels like. Paper weight. Star last start. Award from the also gave him BP. Talking with siblings after the game and there are some boots on the images it conversations and I'm coming to Italy. But it's just to have guys at that level and we just chatting with each. Is pretty basic premise of the drama that our guys that was Arab reminiscent memories of the united man. Next up we're not sure what we're doing that we will to Philly and as we do them. Well I'm a footballs in the training camp has around the corner football season three season. Things are gonna start to lean probably. As they usually aren't due percolating patriot are yet oh PP actions and the well let's begin a little BP jury hey yeah I. I gotta guess I have at Vienna. I'm gonna definitely hit the appropriate acts like. Whoever that. At the other pats fan events. As always can be found on the main action at threes seven here on WA AF money through Friday at a point nick Stephens are of course. It may now is your all of outfits yeah that's it yep I know we didn't know I know a whole column and we units are now. Yeah of why. And I'm at uncle buck W and right here on the WA AF podcast network thank you so much for joining us and we will see you next time.