Boch-Kini 2017 - Steel Panther

Monday, April 10th

Live from Ernie Boch's pool house, Steel Panther performs their song Lower The Bar before their show at the House Of Blues tonight!


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Hill Man Morning Show onto. Yeah I always lines and yes so that's okay ask. Let's get Michael to channel that's. Steele mean after an accurate and so do we ever out of bonds Vera Michael and Chris still they have all hugs from the bikini girls and how do you check out the runner up she's pretty yeah yeah body rocket yes I want you I'm good did positive and lost ten pounds of these killer it would be good at what and when you what did you do how did you I hate no meat. No meat and no food related to be all that's been doing an interview that's us we lose weight but I your athletes Austin thank you touch it's really time and I doubt there are currently under got better I followed it pounds the tour on. It's no good we know we started our world toward Philadelphia 45 days ago yeah. And it's been going great IV shows and sold out the records do really well it's our best charting records today. It's been number one across the board on all all right rock charts and iTunes worldwide that's awesome you guys did you guys that show recently and went. He added headline Wimbley with homelessness. It's it's him and without saying that bad word yes we have yet to be about it. It's it's like you feel like it'll rock side that we fly back in playable club. And that's what is some places are totally like you know we drop want you to please. We jaw a smaller crowd. But we call that a more intimate you know rest. We'll sell it to know that field there really are get a feel to steal close. So how many how many people that when we show. One legal sent out and we sold out there with them to use grow up to me this past November was our first. Official reason Torre UK. And then first official reason Torre and Germany. Thousands lost if a school that was us posture. And a back hopefully pursuit yeah we still have people who. Some people who don't get the holes. You know why why don't get the whole thing yet don't get it if some people don't get it. But it's just like every bad some people how could disturb you that's on. Now now I just don't get it right but a lot of people got it and loved it you know so there's a lot of things that people don't. But some people like whenever he needs. Right side and I heard. You know and I love limousines and just I didn't get some difficulties or you know units of stupid at this due to a twenty years ago like. Yeah Jesus only 2000 rock band's touring the world right they do that after Led Zeppelin and time. If there's a there's a taste. Everyone has their own taste yes but I at a time that we have a lot you love to have a good time Ottawa have a few years of the bodies. And just get rocked out yeah it's fun and not. So tonight house of blues. It was also about security tickets right now actually yeah what about three and the way we've sold out all right good. Are you guys that we. Yeah we I was like three times that's him that's great it's a great venue there's really nice are you guys are rated player who still waiting for a couple of guys you know. No we got everybody here's. And I picked Hillary we do couples to adopt the new record I'm not with a car they wanted to know now realize that I got to get the guys are just waking up right OK I can actually were. It all right underneath yeah I will wake everybody up at pebble before we we well we'll shoot for like 1015 minutes of it makes you targeted. All right out of Basra Michael. Give Michael Vick big round of applause here we're alive. You didn't can you. How can you. All right that students couldn't I can't. You can hear jacket and I listen. Listen we just jumped up by the bed and we're gonna do new song off our record low of about this is called that's in the Cayman. Oh totally. Yeah I counted out six and. You know the body. Good job. Who led. Only have a sale. Not have a. Women. Someone just. Yes. You led. They have no. Children there. We've got to call it. Guitar solo. Was really suits. They've been to Mexico. Once you menu just. Once you may lose yankees move was. Critics. Do you record was. Lack couldn't hit the roof but couldn't even see me. Days. Who. That's when you are okay man am. That's what do you. Man. That's when you. King email and M. That play. That's playing here. Freedom. You know why. Okay. Mixed that's a feel they have there. That night at the house of blues. And right now here are these pool. And me and the guys just looked up literally just don't know if they do beyond the editor. Hold it up all night yeah just do the things people do at the box counts yeah blow. It over though yeah yeah on a just try to clean in the nose up before you get the pool that yeah that's an idea agreement of them. It's a little more gun the bullets nor boring.