Bill Speros - The Obnoxious Boston Sports Fan on Giselle's Concussion Gaffe

Thursday, May 18th

Bill Speros, aka The Obnoxious Boston Sports Fan, called in on the hotline to talk about his recent article in the Boston Globe, Giselle and TB12, and more!


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. I guess volleys and your schedule Kelly asked. Even when the show's not on it keeps going and we just yet we've been talking the whole time up there I'm shocked actually that the show keeps going because. Neither of you that I had a problem to the week's top athlete that's what you have left. We don't I stand by that where are you. Like a month now. About a month I only feels like ten men on that I've met have digests that in just moments we will speak to. Obnoxious Boston fan had a little sparrow. OC wrote an article in the Boston Herald titled. Gisele rushing the QB more dangerous than any defense so look. We are talking about that Gisele concussions I know what he's gone without yet she's gonna get him in trouble they gonna step poke around and now that it you know feet if he gets even. They do this sniffles something and then the NFL's gonna go you gotta go sit down and right. Because you know we need to. Ruin this perfect offseason is a new scandal at the very awhile since we've had. Controversy with the patriots everything was going great from overtime in the super ball straight through free agency the draft everything was absolutely perfect. How could we possibly have. Blonde. Scandal free offseason if I had a dollar for every time my wife said he's been hit in the head too many times and that's just make I don't even play full blown professional level. I'd be living in a hole nicer area code that's Joseph actually TMZ cot. Terry Bradshaw. I'm which will play in a minute at the airport rim with his wife yeah he says something pretty similar number right now we have Terry Bradshaw was with Giselle at the airport his wife. I'll online editor started his own life. To Madrid. Bill the obnoxious Boston ban while gonna Matty and thick. Like old deputy beyond your show especially when I get to talk about now. Probably. Second letter morality should be reached twenty years and stuff. OK bill let's get in this article you wrote to Zell rushing the QB more dangerous than any defense in the Boston Harold so I was saying on the show yesterday well. Correct wrong I was saying for months that I. Think my theory is my conspiracy theories that Tom actually knows he's going after number six and then he's gonna get out and that this whole. Thing about I'm a little 45 and I'm super healthy and is all just to smokescreen a ballot checking in ruse to go the rest of the lead off they're just going for number six I thought that was. More through and they kept grapple and now I think her saying concussion three times in an interview. Might bear fruit that to do you think is anything to that is this conspiracy. Are you acting up like a 100% on board with yet I'm a problem you got it back but before I. All he's been hit Brady's talent a lot corporate and he wanted to believe him up you know coming back from 45 point predictable ball a little. It was about a little sliver of it right then and there. But EU debt would want a bit sick is no question about that obviously want numbers six. Dad out when they blew it this year and Minneapolis. And he hit the trophy Gisele are gonna write it on unicorn. She's going to be bad breath it. The unit with the trophy it's just gonna fly through the root of the stadium. You'll never see it to get the check it all really excited exit that he look at block. There were a lot of people thought they were gonna trade you need to wrap lol I would not want of a mom on record as Evan said. Brady mortality. Was always in the back of my mind or affected people middle aged guy. You know pretty soon he's going to be way at Six Flags and I think the basket like Iraq. Yeah I'll tell you wouldn't now now now. Yeah he's so Amanda does go to the bat to let their as the knights. The they'll let me ask this question that that story about Gisele on the unicorn is that also another article that you wrote for different publication. No doubt it sounds like you're getting about. It sounds like at the beginning of the I never thought this would happen to me Qaeda article in an event. Out of the last eighty look at outscored them because they've ever accomplished so maybe number eighty will be that you are. Bill is that your headline alone and look it now hot take city population most of us. We all we all fall for the click bait no matter how. How much we know we shouldn't and we see it to hang on there on the hook in the water and we're freaking hungry like I know that worms gonna get me I'm not gonna click on that. But we do when your headline today yup that that that the byte for mutually Yoko Ono merely broke up The Beatles Gisele could bring down an empire. I mean a crime seriously Bravo has that is so click rhetoric I don't even know what to do. But Pete at the same time you're right come. What. None of us wanna see Tom Brady go gently into that good night that he can't remember and is afraid I may. We can't ate it we don't see that we don't wanna see that happen and and if it's gonna happen doesn't it make it easier to have somebody who's experienced and already beloved like rappel to make the transition. I think both football and point. Grappled and the appropriate. And we all saw they could whiplash here on the saw. Frankly I think they pull that title game Belichick were sold out I think he'd been sold out pro life side. I think that cardinal in my accurate but it it was on the road it was a Sunday night. If you know Arizona was all jacked up challenger Al blah blah blah blah blah grapple what's best ball hole Tom got out of date got to go out of the way. Are on their way to the he would probably the signature some homeowners are so promote respect it. Belichick RB soul of this. I believe that share. You know Schechter I'll probably the only two people consistently said. He would not going to be traded rejected blue was to what he's talking about how we speak all of idiocy. But they know logical. About it logically. Why would Belichick was stopped from ground zero. With another quarter we had this guy under Brady school which could react to zero yet. Grapple obviously get the physical attributes. Plus he may be the only human being on the planet a better look at the Brady. All right guys it's time. We're talking to us. I'm not just Boston man you can read him on Twitter at real old BF. And he wrote a great article in The Herald today. More comfortable do you think. Bill. The next morning. At the Bundchen Brady breakfast table or he celtics' pregame shootaround before the game last night. I didn't let the rally had a good idea they were didn't smoke. You Egypt rob and days not. He didn't know shot of that game I think it by 22. May be gained by like that at six political. I think I think of the Brady Bunch of household. It was one can say it would be if she came home. Like bats and it happened. Like she'd want to quit cheers. And she just like hate hobby what do you like what's up. It was not Grady is they like. What. Yeah on his only answer that he felt bad about what he did you know in all you know basically say hey Bob. Remember right almost we spent on the beach and caught the reap what you think about. It it's a television. Harry and why did you know that cat and wait a day that I think Sharon yeah is bill Spiro. The obnoxious Boston been at real yep thank you so much a come on Matty and nick and helpless makes sense of this concussion stuff but he. Eight yeah I've we'll talk soon.