Behind The Christmas Earmoth - Darlene Love

Wednesday, December 6th

The Legendary Darlene Love joins the show to talk about her holiday classic "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" and who does her favorite cover of the song as well as the origins to her annual Christmas Letterman performances!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. They Hill Man Morning Show T. This year my. Time to go behind the Christmas earmark that he 39 and it is an honor. To have the legendary. Artist Darlene love on the show this morning ms. love good morning TO. Good morning good who already are. Merry Christmas. We can't let good looking young guy. I was discussing earlier this morning that Rolling Stone. Has called the Christmas baby please come home the greatest rock and roll Christmas song ever. And and as we go behind the Christmas Sierra mop I was wondering. What there if the reaction was the same in 1963 when Mac came out. Or or or was it not it was was it not quite sticky and. Now I'm glad that that's not a fact you don't look at it earlier we announced. Recording eighty bright and do Christmas song you know that nobody is never heard before. The war. And we don't like the issue about Paris. The yeah well it's what you're saying that did that their recordings were you know white Christmas or or or are judged jingle what you bullet I would not yet Jim Ball battles know her elbows. Yeah now. Is it true. That you were not going to be the original singer of of the song. Don't go on. All beta and yeah. And of course Phil Spector was. Involved and in this in and it came out and his on his Christmas album and what what was it like working with Phil Spector. Or. Lately it is still good because you know you were just starting out yeah the whole Latin succession. And now. Yet we remember that you know very well and had like between number one hit songs. So you lose here let you break it debate or would you know what's funny. Lou great to be in deep recording studio with goodies which could you joked she'd almost all the about somebody. What they're realizing value to be trial also noted looks funny. Of Islam. Any ill feeling towards the Specter doesn't seem like he really leaned on you for a lot of his work and yet you. You didn't get as successful. You get paid for that's it makes me angry to read about that stuff them. I'll let this but it won't want to hate seeing millions of using even though because. Over the years that you know it wasn't although all area recorded although as you go out and have a career to date. My career is cool to say because all of bill's trial not just the crucial front that. He's the rebels who have done shoot a bland love you know we've got to get home. I wouldn't love that all of those records maybe even if I didn't do them to eat on Monday that second round on. So he. Cadillac. Are calling it really I mean would have sales of being done in love got more so than any of the other ought. And you also sang backup on monster mash notes is that here is that correct it and that's a darn yeah that law. Darlene love is our guest as we go. Behind the Christmas year month and of course that Christmas in Vermont is the one that Rolling Stone magazine says is the greatest business rock song ever. And is it true that both sunny and share. Played on played on this side. Read Obama didn't listen real capital sells you liar we had to tell our Munich appreciate you out that's it's two. Yes sure the other hot or not buddies I love them both Colombia at a taxi is that he's played enough. Our camera linger on the back in the background. I'm you sang backup on the EU to version of this arm and I was I was wondering. If that's your favorite cover version or cousins are he's been covered an awful lot or do you have another favorite cover version of this. Now you all. Way to really want it should be all right Gerri and on the inside she didn't look exactly the same way I did it. Then that would complement. Lesson from where. The. And what how did. That you know that we mentioned earlier the fact. That you performed this song for David Letterman and every Christmas bird 27 years or something like that how did that and upcoming about darling. Well I would look at shell and who won't call all of these good attack. At the bottom line in Washington's mainstream but you're late and he invited gave it. Down the feverish alumni. And that you McKnight on on the David Letterman joked he shares are now that surely won't downtown. Go to saint Christmas song that's the greatest Christmas song that order didn't give her a mission well. And I thought I was under the shell you know just one time I did not have an additional 29 years. Actually I bet I did Obama would let us great they have absolutely. It is the one that started calling me the question according. The yeah it. My career got bigger and bigger every Christian I work more we'll move on October to January and I do audio at all. Darlene love is our guest we are going behind the Christmas in my and the Christmas classic. Christmas baby please come home. And ms. love will I assume be performing that tonight. And she is that the new Tupelo music call in Derry New Hampshire will we hear that the right. Chela couldn't leave that they'd babble on about. That's right. It's that could ever get sick or performing it. No you know why it got got only do it once a year. The only time of the year I can dish and so you know. Even the people I've abandoned my fingers and look forward actually doing this fall. All of Rolling Stone tells you it so one of the greatest up Christmas songs ever recorded just didn't do. And I tried to do there by the way you look marvelous in the lethal weapon movies as mark Thomas wife. You. It is so not a lot I mean that's you think about your career what are you seven the way it's not like a school marriage it's that oh no let me be able to get it right. What he seventieth or 73. 7076. Hour and Andrea if you think about and you think about your career not only you have you had multiple hits bombs but. You also start. And then and. Very successful movies movie franchise. Pretty good yeah yeah. Didn't blitz. And it came along all these years later and make a movie called when people start them via. And it chronicled all all what background saying goes through an agent. And then it turned around the world Grammy and I Oscar's son did not give you a bit and that. Yeah no one night when I mentioned that you were coming on. I got an awful lot of text messages about the fact that that that is a great documentaries a city. One with regard to back up singers and with regard to your career and I mean you you actually went through. You want to some I mean he went through some interesting times we use it for Wally wood working as a made I think that's what she was talking about whereas if you where it's a business little business for. That bid to try to get into the business. Facts are what happens when you stop. It will flow you know you lose contact with all the people Beijing is urgent. This when you decide to come back again that you're not here all of them blessed to be able. To get in touch with people like little problem it was a big wanted to do some back and I'm like you shouldn't be on the fly on the apartment back on my actually to gain financially. And on that you didn't say it better when you got him. I actually less fortunate honestly I mean. All right if I think you know I'm gonna do all you can get blown up on my. All I'm looking back at the Kevin Golan you don't strike you know jump that hurdle didn't. You won't catch somebody who don't know mountains. Later there is going to be. Yeah it's got battered. Well thank you thank you so much for allowing us to go behind the Christmas C a monster on Christmas baby please come home I did want to ask. Other than yours on. If you have a favorite. Christmas rocks on. At least I'm mobile Crittenton loan amount you admit it it's like there is somebody but it is a lot. Well yeah the Eagles one that's on yes yeah yes yeah. All right well I am and it I have a question chemicals yeah I was listening to you guys talk about these and jam it. Yeah you made me want to see such Emma well I mean everybody heard that commercial let me run enough I guess the. Something if you want us Mike Shannon who Mike Hsu will deliver. Jobs due would you like mr. shooter bring all over to the hotel and answer. I would certainly go up. Yeah. I'm my moral dilemma Libya. I can you know what would you like to get you a pair of pajamas I could active I mean I'm entitled to some complementary players that's part of my endorsement. So let me update you all about. It but that's right. I love when you comedy honey dive LA and and and it is. So yes hang on if you hang on for a moment I'm gonna who would give you with a pair. Air. Christmas pajamas because you have gifted us with the greatest rock and we'll Christmas song of all time all right Darlene love. All it all right hang on and you can goes oh well I'm Islamabad agree children and bossi met. I Merry Christmas those seem ms. love tonight at the new Tupelo music hall in there New Hampshire this. Is considered by many to be the greatest Christmas impossible time. Okay. You are amazing. Voice she. An incredible.