Behind The Christmas Earmoth - Barry Winslow From The Royal Guardsmen

Monday, December 11th

We go Behind the Christmas Earmoth with Barry Winslow of The Royal Guardsmen to talk about their Christmas classic Snoopy's Christmas Bells!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. This Hill Man Morning Show take. Christmas seared in my. All right but this this is an amazing and amazing moments I I have loved. I have loved the Christmas in my world that we are about to talk about since I was a young man. And this we are joined by. Mary Winslow. There are no there there will. I think I. Didn't ordered I'm doing breaks. There he is the we you're joining us from Florida bit Barry. I know through this session will include my little guy I. Obama from Missouri and Barry. Was the lead singer and I'd guitarists. In the royal Guardsmen. Who had eight a hassle first volley at a massive hit with snappy verses the red baron yes and then of course they came back a massive Christmas in my. Wind Christmas version and Berry thank you so much for joining us to go behind the Iraq on this on. Are they cute Monica little about martyred brother thank you very much weight that's that's might not grant and Greg Stevenson and you could column marked to people. I can market home like mark mark Mike yeah it welcome mark virtually yeah I didn't. Now is it true that the royal Guardsmen became the royal Guardsmen because of the British action. I think I think so might get there were trying their best studio we get to try to get a British name that would cavity in bank in sixty you know it's a six. So are we are you know we have to sign onto all bought bought equipment. And mark my book called the world guards and an. Somebody could cougars an English name so there's a mouthful but there you go you know I think the real Eric went down. Tom did you this did you guys end up having any legal issues with these new people when he came out with snoopy vs there aren't. Yeah they're the very first one I think to producers thought you know if he gets sacked a record over four. The visuals to count and you know. Yeah it's or OK or whatever. And somehow I did that didn't happen when the plane broke. I believe their lawyers probably smelled money so they committed a bunch of other. Dead it is generally. They fired up the song called squeaky in the black Knight a key bit you know Paris. And it got to learn and then couple weeks later we were. We were free and clear you know when Lotta bitter. Now is it true that that data producer just basically showed up at one of your shows with the lyrics first and reverses the red baron and that's a guy's got the song. Yet that can go down that I didn't you know we were six kids. Trying to copy The Beatles you know we were just basically are the base and you know a little blog you can't cover band. And we want July harmony and we want to just crawl yeah. All the suddenly get this you know this. The lyrics for a the Eagles knew in the red baron Margaret K. So delicate beckons to begrudge and we also look rattled keep track recorder. And didn't do you hope he's recruited and they lived. Up in the foot get a game out. And we don't see who. How did it how the Christmas version come about was that's what was that suggested by the record company or did you guys decide to do that how did that work. There is also another the company had pitted. It has that could talk to some writers and you know Luigi and they've at least wrote the thing. And all of that I mean I thought you know it took me years so he used to play in about a dog but I really low experience and he's just gonna have yet. I look popular readout and all the sudden this when he shows up and exit you know and this is really cool song you know trust to be done this is fun. Now what now that the media around the Christmas version came on in 1967. And and then you know the country was involved in Vietnam at that point. Did you might hit do you feel like it did that helped disarm because you know it it talks about I guess. I literally get emotional when I hear that the line about Christmas bells ringing through Milan and and peace and joy for all the world do you think that contributed there where the country was in 1967. With the success of the some. I hope that ditch are open rooted because it did did you say something about it you know was slow let's have some peace must stop all the bickered in tightening. It's ridiculous should I would think it would help our own. The message is great you know really illustrates. Now why must there must be and must being amazing for you to know that it's transcended third generations and generations. And did you know. My head argued I have regional I don't know what he wrote the assault. The record go to Islam you know it's pretty if it I'm I'm honored I'm cluttered at the but you still don't want him I do as the new year you know new users every year and yet it's all brand new to him and I think it really cook got laid the equity in the burden. Yeah four legs 'cause its new ethic as edit is now what you do you still are you do you guys still play shows that are what do you do what you do now dairy. Well. The majority of the bad actors through the four or for the original left. We've we've lost our our guitar player that at certain times and Tommy don't die and you know they've been. They live in order and they do a lot of local stuff you know just gigs of stuff around and and I know we're supposed to do one big let stand here I think. And April a belief down in Florida for the producer. And it won't you know memorial for him meat he's done here a couple of years ago bill Bernhard and not. For the most part you know bottom. You know 12100 miles away from them and don't really commuters on my talking occasioned it. I. After after the clubs that we play cloture vote for years I can bar somewhat rude bar pretty bad you know and for about twelve years purple rages on airplanes he earned by people licenses don't like they applied was you who open a local music. So there for a lot of years but there was a poll you know just couldn't slow. And you can beleaguered you know from her from me. Campers not alone that time and thought it was introduced it contemporary Christian music so yeah. Assert their union and actually you know what got an album. That I did call transition and so bouncy baby. Yeah and heavily promoted or pushing a which has been doing it on its own which is kind of cool. All of and what about it and really work and did do you do you still work what do you like what do you do with your time. Well we're not what I supposedly tired from the helicopter company appear there are back. The come to find out as I approached the magic 62 you know be so security was pretty clear that each man. For those years that's a tiny did go back to working out there and do it won't be as part time drug imports from through a little particularly. In. You know four days we can it's you know just something to do that I doubt strictly keep a driver's skill chart units at a site. Now I wonder I always wonder about this when you're when you're driving around with somebody from workers something. And Tony the Christmas version of snoopy vs the red band comes on. Do you ever tell somebody hey that's mean I'm singing that song right now as it's on its. Yeah Lou we're going to work on a good shot beach when we welcome duke shot central location here. The political mud they tell me you know Logan is well. I'd give it a different Google millionaire or. All we know like Google that myself a little lower. That we look at this. Do you still get a Europe do you still get checks for. I hope not but there's still keep the music and especially in the sixties. Most everybody was ripped really hard I mean we were kids you know we weren't even encouraged to sign a contract or folks bit. And the guys came here and in blue want to smoke here and everybody to a new and cool we only thing we know you know they don't at all. How did you guys get down now known about the program and we. We data and expect even songs like rotor co wrote what you try to get something done about let him know they did I can anthology album. I thank them. And that there's some stuff on there without that have been painful experience and good well yeah it is well within epidural all of this you know a lot of thirds. It is. If it is honestly. One of my top three favorite Christmas rock songs of all time it is a legendary sorrow. And I really appreciate the fact that you join nest Barry Winslow and gave us a little bit of behind the Christmas in a month. On on this legendary song so thank you in and and Merry Christmas to you. A man you guys have a very very blessed Christmas to you Matt thank you very much. You know that their brother. Yeah I'd putt well. And so we're talking you know you have heard your amazing yes he made you made our day and we hope you have a great Christmas and agree on the air I parent. Thank you Brothers and sisters Erica time and I acts. Okay. Okay. Look at best it's. Black and we'll. And I. Look I love. Thought it. They have. My idea. Oh yeah. Oh man. The end. Okay down the line. And then on the. Showed up when they. Singing Christmas bells those Christmas that gets it that has got to get you. Into the Christmas spirit and we just went behind the year Mon we is that Gary Winslow. The royal Guardsmen let me give you some feedback first of all. Several people found it difficult because he's doing little on those grieving. Yeah running on Greenland. But that happens that happens. And and I got the day. Here's the 77 port Texas says I've been living under a rock for 54 years I've never heard that song before real well I don't know how I'm. It's incredible you know whats easy is it. Imagine that's always like world famous and they don't the eating you make of the enemy now. You know like Darlene love yeah you know it is didn't make any money does but listeners that are owned it you know sold to other people. It's. Not working that's where they don't yeah. My. Here is any tax that said the behind the Christmas ear mock interviews get better and better and better ideas sorry I am held up three fingers through dome and three laser shows that three fingers in your costing him the other day total. Like if they are the yeah yeah. I'm very various various strains. Are well anyway. That is. Snoopy vs the red band Christmas edition a great year month. And we went behind the Christmas in my that would Mary Winslow of the royal Guardsmen. Who changed their name because the British invasion was happenings of the record price that you guys need a name that sounds get up and and its other British element. Marketed it adds.