Battle-A-Bruin with Josh Dolan: Brad Marchand

Friday, February 9th

Our own Boston Bruins correspondent Josh Dolan was in the locker room again today with the Bruins. While he was there, he asked Brad Marchand a few questions for this weeks segment of Battle-A-Bruin with Josh Dolan! Marchy was even nice enough to stop by the studio.. Wait, is that really Brad Marchand?!

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We lost Indians 37. Our guests are always on. Are you schedule Kelly and you think you got what it takes to drop the gloves with the Bruins. Now step in doing your own stick lace them up and let's see what you gaps it's time dubbed bad no brew it. We've met the NBA. All right. On the line. For tonight's game. As you battle Brad marsh on. You know I think one of my favorite workout fans that remember we're talking about more music that pumps you up when you try to get pumped up yes. Alice in Chains. Will we get tickets out to change the house of blues. I'll sell now April 28 I will definitely. 1000%. Being that you know so if you win and I'll see you there. All right now let's get not just over and here we do that not just Dolan. Was that a Bruins practice again today a game today. And he was able to play with. The great Brad Marshall. C'mon it may not stellar idea he was able to play this game on and how are you about it good area by so. You're able to get brat I was and he was they are willing participant. A bug in my it was and eating and mustard chicken fantastic. I've got to be found to have just like another dude just pastor you really trying to blackout accrual of protein by a hockey practice. The breaking news and questions I really did like Kaczur did you check it occupy your free time and invade your personal space of the import prison and take. Note other athletes in the city. Bruins and hock how neighbors in general are so much more accessible let's continue to do this at an MBA player come up ask him on playing him in great. They. I don't know man up now I'm good you wanna good you know it's gonna say ya know man it's it yeah odd question yet. I educated here so aggressive yeah that's how ago yeah like Johnson batted mostly BC. Let's do that yet Ray Allen bloom off. Well I am getting paid a lot on NBA players I don't know why do I ever really got it early out of a year do I have to stand right now. I'll go to Andrew Kantor added a battle brewing. OK here we go here's the question it pumped in there before the tea garden was called the garden what was the name of the building. I before the TD garden was the guard. What was the name of the bill do you think Brad will get this right or wrong. I. Here SC gets it right of course let's see if a year ago. And those sort of and he gave it was the I know it's very well I don't know if all. It. In our. But you say so he said the guard the question was. The question was to bring others rose with the name Danes who would be fleets. That's right or the TD garden or they called the TV Gartner calls athletes. John it's better I'm sorry and that it was at the Boston guardian. All right let's show on the fleet TD that's our go to Josh and another Josh hello Josh you're in a battleground. Darn good man writes a listen carefully as our own not Josh stolen Bruins correspondent asked Brad marsh on a question and you're gonna. Guess if he gets it right. Oh you're telling Massachusetts. 001 Sagan Josh. Dot so yeah. That's perfect and I do the capital Massachusetts Boston's. Second part of the question in April 7075. The town of Watertown. Became the capital of Massachusetts for a short time to a halt. The town of Watertown. Became the capital of Massachusetts. Restaurant and just what's the answer that question that is true I had done it all wrong okay. Josh thinks he's gonna get it wrong let's see. The answers true CDs on the situation. I got sites are did you god does not give. Just one week theater right yeah I said he was gonna get it right yeah. And but why why did he qualified that wow Brad marsh and is just that we sell like. We're at like the confused it is confusing because it's true nieces and get true would it be said follow suit again it's very confused and we traveled gluten that. Yeah USS Ilan mosque after you put in the car let's go to. Had there at Heather you ready to battle broke and I like hockey players and other. Oh you know. Notion announced now we have a great announcement on the downside check ourselves involving hockey we have a great announcement coming up an elaborate tease. Maybe that's just don't know. The Winter Olympics are starting in South Korea which one of these is not in Winter Olympic event eighth curling. DE bobsledding. Or seat under water ice sculpting. The answer of course in DC. But Heather do you think Brad Marchand with that. I think he got right. That's if Roberts. Says underwater was that lose me Wednesday and water ice. They're doing. Why way he must've misunderstood the question asked the president played again wait hold on there's no way he. The Winter Olympics are starting in South Korea which one of these is not even Winter Olympic event eight curly. But he bobsledding. Or seat under water ice sculpting. And he's set the. Clearly. Well. And they could Germany did to update to report. Rather what happened in that five game suspension he must've misunderstood the question he had do or maybe uses you know having fun when I think about you were there with them do they use. Had a brain Varner. At that think he's been in the states too long enough. Is losing touch with his. Ancestral winter your roots while. It's dry right now rhinos and imports to the alignment looked. Our lives and that shot I located at Israeli plot play. I am a question for the it at Tokai my son our run continues to do well here well. You rotten com and thanks brother that means a lot to me. I'm a big market share and I did I understand there's those strongly. All it means a lot you know we'll coming from Canada and I'm working very hard to become argued there is about to hear from fans like you it where you from. Full bomb. Suit that it shouldn't do what you do problem mosque and what I'm. Poppy I grew up big hockey down. A sinking. I love meeting as a disease that to maybe we'll overcome in my house of diamond ring got back we could hang out and you siders you know. I get the kids say yes I am glad my info guys. But he ain't all my heart out. And I don't do in one. That code red blue blue. I want you didn't want a little bit on the right now. Reducing the it is in this land them in the for a minute does make you feel like home yeah. Ago apple and move I can. Yeah and then beyond our. Our local. You'll. Yeah. Oh yeah yeah disease. And then I'd go out. Up and I don't you know you quote the I appreciate got to hang on the line of the rotation will be. You don't I could you. I could you do it. Wait a quote I. Think one more. Apple well I I think we are right so we have we have about Josh and one more we get to run no one of do we're running time now we are up against the club that was better than compassion. I suppose good restaurant open in the hat it was a 00. I think we have Brad back on Long Island. Hello. I am red motion on June. And right now. They have relatives that we're thinking of what we put the needles you wanna wish you luck. The core group you. I've been intermittent. I didn't. I go yeah I do not live. There are. I'm rooting for you given. I think a little bit of little widget for the root of all time and what is your favorite room and about time. Our little bit. Iraq and guess what looked up what you just one. Problem. And yet. Are you know there's always you know router hey I just won tickets go see. Allyson sings the house of blues you B plus one. Have an idea plus one. Well I wouldn't want to thank goodness it with you. Yeah. Yeah my. Polls analysts Greta cat. Yeah. Yeah I am he got called rhino here it is one and a nice job but he. Oh. Yeah and welcome. This. Hang on right. Now.