Audio Eulogy - Malcolm Young

Monday, November 20th

Malcolm Young passed away over the weekend, so we celebrate the life of one of the founding members of AC/DC through his work with this audio eulogy!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I the sad duty of delivering an audio eulogy this morning for Malcolm young of AC DC who died over the weekend yeah he'd been suffering from dementia yes elements for one yes yes and of course. There had been he had been replaced in the band's. And because of because of his dementia but. So many. So many hits on Easter AME what are you rank shield in Europe musicologist. Like myself. What do you ranking CD's the rock double bands like that pop 505. All I really I mean so many. So when he hit socks. Then after I'd been. Johnny Sutton. Soon. Great use of the bag pipes right Amazon by AC DC absolutely this I think the drop Dick Murphy's base their entire sound on that one segment and that's our guys yet as a as winds so seriously that's that's well. They hit. They covered that. Right job picks and Kenny actually tweeted about the death of Malcolm young yesterday came case. We have some audio from Malcolm in which he discusses. How he CDC got their name. You want to astonishing and I had a CE. And we're tossing around nice for weeks that she just set at one time in her own right that's that's correct. So AC DC got their name off of a sewing me. Machine right sewing machine that says that on the back. Alive. AC DC as part of the audio. Welcome young. Back in black goose also just a wildly. Successful album art for those guys shield. Tonight and none are easy feat when you lose your lead singer yes who had a gigantic personalities begin would months yes yes and then come back and sell like five times more death than your last album art are you so in Ankara are you able to say who you prefer. Leads annualized that's tough there's there's so home like he says so many great songs yeah and they're you know you can't really imagine. Anyone else singing them except for Brian Johnson and bon Scott but I'm moral bon Scott I Laura I am pilot Brian John excelled in the back in black out like human dynamo on and have a drink on me and now. Would assume I mean obviously you know Angus and Malcolm. Were Brothers this is an audio eulogy by the way for Malcolm young of the AC/DC who died over the over the weekend. They're Brothers but I would assume that Angus will continue on I would sign that a CD or do you think I don't know he really he took a. Pretty hard when Malcolm Malcolm was was kinda like the manager of the band. Like he he and Angus in their older brother George who is an easy beats and had this formula stuck with it and when. When Malcolm had to leave because of his dementia. And this was like he was my one guy the band that I can run ideas by enacted fully trust gap. His opinion just because he'd be brutally honest with me and then when he left he he kind of lost that and felt a little. Insecure about decisions in the band. It's only 6159 it's not officially seven budget I think should allow him should I allow Scott from women on the show because he wants to talk a buddy's CD's in the one a jacket what are you going on snapshot now. Oh my god is pretty glass and it doesn't yeah I mean this is really this'll actually be really good on snapshot because you've got all dressed up for the gynecologist which is weird in itself. I mean I have add and I just. Yeah. Who marriage Kennedy's. If you I don't always boat load from my hearing I just think it's going to dying on the. I don't think it's weird little woman gets all dressed up to go see the gynecologist I wanna explore that more during the show but I'm in the middle of an audio eulogy today but anyway here's Scott from women yes good morning Scott. Yes good morning Greg if if there is such thing on Monday. It's true it's Monday that if I didn't get punched in the face so that that could have been a better. Listen it's surely trying hard enough to find instant. That. What AC DC yes. Yeah I mean party can make it top five noting quotes. Now it still might still I respect community center and not even close. I'll give you a quick five that found that no pun intended without political landscape. The font face CDC ready here we go Rolling Stones Led Zeppelin The Beatles. Yeah Floyd. How can change our sound guy and I disagree with group. To my employees not topside in mind yeah team I did I agree not to I can't help but it. In the old albums that sound the same they have hit after the hour now and people love it not think you hit after hit after hit and they replaced what did I say that reflect alternative music all my whether it's the audience. You'd also articles I don't attend the other segment let's put out but yeah. All he can't not cannot split Darden or. I'm not no no gears there will be no gears switching. Still no gear switching on this program I am hanging up on you. Immediately although I do agree with you originals and would what original sound garden top five it's possible it. It's impossible to pick the top five. Rock bands all time but certainly it will Eagles argument well The Beatles rock and roll ever beer and one of the brutal. That. And then that's not necessarily factor. It's hard it's. Not an. Yeah team better and indeed time. Yeah take. This it is an. Audio eulogy for Malcolm young of AC DC you passed away over the weekend I would. This text there wants us to entertain queen as being top five rock band all kinda I'd enjoy their nomination they're I would go there I would entertainment. I mean I would I would I would Sanderson and seriously think about. Coming kids. Yeah. You see. That are played it. They dominate the sporting event. I might have to play that one at in the shelled regional. A proud prep rally tomorrow night the big bonfire prep rally today at Thanksgiving if there's no spy I mean that. That is why you hear that at a sporting event that is it's it's just it's the.