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Wednesday, August 22nd

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Get Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online pin on your schedule at W. You say I think people are naive. When you think of someone wrote some multi billionaire. How many meanings does he have a day how many people. Are in his grow. The dollar. The luck stormy Daniels is a loser mine. In these are here active sermon for two Ingraham. What does he care he's a yard he's gonna go around the meeting he's got port never companies from Ron. And she means nothing to Arum and so psych whatever. All right it is 816. And that time for this. Or not time for this. We we we don't need the intro don't worry about it let's go ahead and we'll talk to Dave Dave Iraq and ask an attorney this morning. Blog why Larry what a joke let's not they. All of wall I'd that a question my girlfriend. Morgan Burke probably about seven years now and yeah. She got you were wrapped network that guy's got hired at. Mr. Ratzinger. And she went and bypassed your manager went straight it jarred ordered it. And it up right you're up giving you're rewarding thing you lose weight being off. Somebody I could resources. Are reporting of the what are they but legal recourse to the current situation. Doesn't seem like a normal HR reaction yeah that because of that act tags to yes yes yes. You know game I think that it's great you're Cullen in fear of for an obviously here for pleasure. Your news of defense. But I think it the way that you described Astoria it's it's almost impossible to believe that that's actually happened. In the UH oh I mean sometimes sexually harass you when you go to your HR department and they write you up I mean I. Out of that makes sense that doesn't make sense yeah can't sexually harassed usually to a crisis it's against the law. The sexually harassed a war that Israel. A policy. Item here's a 71 tax my car was damaged by an open man hole. I have receipts that proved the image. Can I sue on this so you can't shoot this city or the state for defects in the road that knowledge of these next it was an open manhole cover. You know I don't know it was work going on they have barriers up with a have a police officer there or that something some post but the you know that knows that it existed. If this thing now locked in tense seconds later you drive over the city can't be held servers that some negligence involved PG ANC chairman Domino's Pizza in your current. As bill food supply. And replace me. Here's a 617. Tax I think you've seen these kind of stories in the news. I recently hit the lottery for a big number. And am also in the process of getting a divorce. It's my wife entitled to any of that number Greg could you breakdown reforms and you ought to get all the it's clean and call me at army interaction icon yeah what's the deal on that if you are currently married even if you do voices pending you know game Massachusetts is what's called an equitable distribution properties they comes to divorce. Which means that we look at all property no matter window where required and then we can use the term equity which is in the word relief for fairness though. Yes it is a merit last question becomes is it fair and equitable for you divide it and chances are some. I can ice cube have sub to the rookie yes wherever you wearing anything in a lottery. Where do you know which is not a lot of money. Did your friend whatever Richie. Get him to cash particularly in sorts in his name married years you've thrown term percent and being your bag or she gets donkey. In other people and make a career that yes. It's 860. Text I broke up with my ex last week I told them I had to. I told him he had to send me my house key my stuff and 300 dollars for a plane ticket. He told me he's not doing any of that do I have any legal recourse change your locks let's start with that. As if you're creepy ex boyfriend won't give the house can access that need to change your life change it looks as good windows and get a system in place for the friends if they don't hear nearly twelve hours that they and the police over. Stars the other stuff you consume small claims court but you you know the chances of you getting these things without any kind of verbal contract written contract or agreement. Him to provide you these things back it's it's gonna be if the and that particular locks changed a lot solo marquee on the Framingham fourth studio are bearing ask an attorney. Good morning everybody I'm question yes. I'm I love her recent escalate for months ago and I've got a broad on the oldest my younger blood yet it hasn't been settled yet. In my younger brother is going for his gravel permit. On a gravel operation you know my father. And I don't see how he can be granted a gravel commitment to his state is in the unsettled yet. So it era I guess what he's I guess we really asking is your father had a business that sounds like it sounds like that business. Through the state is going to hear rather not you. Apparently. But does the will say that are. The world says reached if these guys leave immediately on the broad feature this year. Okay do you have a majority shares he had a majority share or is it equal. I believe it I I don't know I would alert and being what is lord is this afternoon. Partly to. Yet you earlier contacting acknowledge that yes. You letter I don't have a Loria. Well here's an early here's some free. I sense that there army get a lawyer here after all walking into an office of lawyers. Look at are ready dispute as to an estate which seems to be substantially in substantial value. Without it there it is you are literally walking in to post graduate school can you got. Now we've discussed you highly recommend getting a little. Of course. In the news today Aretha Franklin. Did not have a well that's what a lot of those people don't. Yeah and her green on our net worth is eighty million dollars that's crazy to and that will be split between her Ford children. Didn't have a will either write her at her son you'll you know what what should or will costs for those who words were thinking about the so if you get a simple will you know. Mentally guarding them explodes in my exposes here one cage you know you're you're not talking about a lot of money this is the thing that people don't get. Willis anywhere between you know let's caught 750 dollars are well health care proxy durable are returning which is all things anybody out there should have. It's not a lot of money people think that they go to a lawyer and there's been 5000 dollars for a simple statement simply not true. You know there are some lawyers that charge of that but there are others that would charge you pack of last. Listening to ask an attorney on the Hill Man Morning Show an 823 this is Melissa hello Melissa. I thought I. Love this. I have a freak act and once they get their but it. Didn't do they call and then they know and what about you that freak beep beep will it banged up my leg back where. Where was this listen. End up okay sinkhole. You stepped into a simple in Boston guy that I I and that might older it was all my belief is now. Straight into that bank. Shelves and they're visible and could you see it was that visible. Now it would at that couldn't be at the door open and I just went right into it and badly banged up my leg and had to go to that you are at it and feel and MR I cat and the whole thing. Luckily I didn't break yet but I've got the blood clot now. I certainly can't figure out you know do have a gave. They'll work and getting the legal guys separate the city is it about the hot we'll think we'll benefit much. What's so let's let's do it was an on. Out on the road none. Out OK. So. Let me say this to everybody and their and anybody wants to listen person. Eight to all costs to say to go to lawyers get of the lawyers for the most part 99.9. Percent this statement this tunnel. Do not charge you. Assent for personal injury case and lest they went. Or until now so yes everybody out there that you've been an accident would leave that hurt you balancing call. Call a lawyer it's pre yeah like you're literally able to get free legal advice then what do you do negotiate what that lawyer gets out of the settlement yeah I mean look it's a pretty standard fee most lawyers take 33%. You know and the reason is because. If for example medical malpractice right. Your expertise could be well over a 100000 dollars so lawyers they're getting these bees but they're also paying all those costs the bookcase together. So you know if you don't win you don't pay them a 100000 dollars back eat that. Here's a ninth ebony text I'd let my brother drive my spare vehicle for the past year. And he decided to take an inspection sticker from one vehicle and put it on that vehicle instead of getting inspected. I was not driving haven't driven it in over a year. He got pulled over and I now have three charges. Which includes forging a sticker. And I to be held accountable for slow the forging. Of the sticker they have to prove that you did so by eyes and you have made statements please it's based aegis that I hope your brother would take the block. So you would think they have and I was really aroused or regulate your brother John Kyra for a year and then you end up getting it as a seeded. I simplify this you can invite your brother over Sunday afternoon with a thirty pack and then beat the live Indy Lights. Do not do that. Is that you're going to jail personal matter and I Larry. If your going to file third chapter thirteen or chapter seven bankruptcy do you need an attorney that is 617 tax for you. So I do believe you need an attorney with a thirteen years to need an attorney with a seven but at least now you can file chapter seven by yourself but I'll tell you this. Filing bankruptcy you don't go to the state courts you go to the federal bankruptcy court so right off the back a year and a world that most lawyers on how to navigate. Number one number two it's extremely technical Beers means tests which means your income levels have to be a certain era way. There is different distinctions between commercial debt and consumer debt not an easy thing to do that it's really not that expensive. You know Greg we also talked about this before you know for bankruptcy cost 2000 dollars your 50000 dollars worth that dad. Mentally just get to the point where you believe that that legal fee is 2000 scratch tickets. 50000 dollar. Yeah I'd like about it and I. Have questions. About it being evicted. For what you are doing that is against the rules and now and and also about whether the security deposit. Its claim for that. We. Questions. About the wrong prescription. And questions about a states and whatever else you want to talk about we are in the middle. After that attorney would attorney Larry. Army junior before we get back to the questions on the phone and on tax. A wanna ask you about something we we have discuss the lot this week. The golf course incident in Plymouth. And which. In which an individual. Picked off the finger. Of another golfer. And his attorney said. That there is there are things that we don't know about this. Essentially am paraphrasing he's hungry is that. It's is attorney army is there a case where. Let's say that man felt threatened or they were in a fight. And he said that he were punished I mean is there case where you are justified in biting the finger off of another. So. This is that this is actually interesting question because I just had this conversation yesterday quote a couple of attorneys. Aimed evidently be guided it the finger off was on the bottom of the pile gets pummeled yes. And he all of us said look there's no rules and fighting at a time he's on top part of any. I am fighting and kicking polling and yeah screaming and that'll sure she have LBs in oh yeah you know biting his very came from anybody. It comes down to this and that day he didn't start the play. And it was self defense I think he's got I think he's got a pretty good defense that they might have a pretty good defense now having said that he's going to walk around the Commonwealth of Massachusetts the guy that it off the guys being right. And for the rest of his life and he will never be invited back to bush would I not seen on pull me under the do nothing. I here is a tax question for you Ernie army on African Ernie. My daughter is headed off the UNH congratulations. And roll and get ready to pay. And told me that she got a fake ID. What are the repercussions. If she is caught using it it's. So Greg being a father yes otters you and I both par yes good for this guy for having his daughter being able to sit there and pictures absolutely like god bless you buddy you've done is that right now having said that. Your daughter. On the other hand is doing something barrier. In Massachusetts. She could face jail time. Are being cut that highly likely gone up the three months. Is fine that she could pace. Bought the important thing is so when you lost a place. So that we don't know about Hampshire because you know practice there about but got a license yes it matters it's definitely going to be mass it's rob and the other problem is she's in. College Greg. That's totally different than law. You know so apparent it is simple answer. And look at your college's rules and regulations because there is a chance some of these colleges. Expel or throwing off the dorms on to things they do these kind of offenses so. That's more serious then the legal ramifications they all get them in China. Now speaking for a frantic that's where I know that's where they'll go and that's when they get their IDs in shy now. Policy this is Joseph hello Joseph. Hey what's up Joseph. Well I don't I just just to clarify. I just got to follow up text from the parent and she wants us to know that she's the mom. And it and the daughter told the mom that she got the fake ID that wasn't that dad was next. No I have a feeling they can end in divorce court. I give you the credit could it really kudos to you as well what's up Joseph what's your question. I just wanted to get married buried Meyer got no I'm married and it. It might Gator. Given that it doesn't you I have. But he's good he does he does have you yeah. On Christmas morning at my house does the latter is what standard do you let the government do that by. View it needed all of that and them had actually. That's in the core that's not smiled. Yeah. Making me blush I. I see that happening to die and do you have attendance CDO like clients from time speaking of that. Here's the 978 tax wife and I had been separated for ten years we have no kids and we don't own a home. Will this be a simple divorce. That. It is simple voice. I mean yeah Massachusetts's. Dose of singers simple divorce I mean look there are. Cases such as this one where the people just wanna end the marriage and they're both looking to keep what they have which after ten years is a pretty reasonable opinion. You can get this done real cheap and real real quick yeah that's got a joint petition for divorce. So there's two kinds of divorces as a one a divorce and a one B one as when you have one party it's filing. In the other parties now participating and act the other ones on both parties agree to joint petition you have year. Lawsuit the file your financial statements is separation and all on the same day. Typically can be divorced attitude through you can text your question on the tax line which is 97107. Or call on the framing him for its feline like. Peter did for asking attorney what's up Peter. Well good morning morning show Larry today in particular ball club. And fired a quick and it is possible I would panic. There's an impact grab. You know throw them you know what I'll. I actually demanded him to beta Raj on my property is people I was credit quality. He is he still on the I gave the sixty day notice but my question is when he leaves that he does not move well is not from the in the garage. And I have certainly moved by a trash company a move the company. That's going to be my bears some of that effort hit the courts if the money back. Michael order. Yes. That are subtlety here. I'll go accordingly about outcome I would hear about the Iran acquiring about an imminent two weeks. But it just opened up that you invite trouble here. Lamar and in fact aren't I great show public outrage Andrea Brett boxing work bunnies yes people have realized the ratio Asia. Sell the this is one of those situations Greg query that that person in me wants to say parallel. Plot. The lawyer in me knows that's the wrong advice. You can get all that stuff out of there you cannot throw away you can bring in a moving company what you need to do is indeed one of the housing court get an order. And they have the sheriff's department and the community that you live and comes in and a store and they take it it's a seizure basic theme. In the real world you wait a couple months you don't hear anything. Now. What and in combat Alex adapter like almost a year. When they come McNamee still like there is still I don't know grow that's why I gave the real answer for witches if you go to court get in order to share. This I mean. That's 100 right there somebody's come back injury and orders Kia stuff brilliant donated right yeah this is Dave hello Dave. Good morning Greg are you listen to. Well my dad and nursing home yeah we're in the process of someone's house. And they said that the nursing home in news that's the money from facilities elsewhere is here is that true. Yes indeed yes it is so yes they also say they can't. Yes they can. You know the the individual in the nursing home past the B without any money before the. Before it becomes a problem and you haven't even bigger problem you know and that was my point I think your point early great if doesn't cost a ton of money glow and make sure that your docs or. There's a look back period in Medicaid Medicare those types things so these nursing homes of leaders still five years. So even if you sold the home within five years of their mission to the nursing homes they can still come get them money. And they will. This is. Johanna on ask an attorney what's up Joanna. Question for you tell my mom went you respect in that yeah that they. Are going to be column. And I. Had he heard someone else this first question. And my mother and look at the bottle and talk that other perception. It helps you end up but I see an adult what can we now. Currency bill out you are eating up a quick look at that. You are if she didn't sell the ball well. Any kind of medical help that are like that. So I'm not sure it's necessary medical malpractice but there is 100% a lawsuit against CBS for a at a minimum negligence. You know you'd hear. They've failed to use the standard that a reasonable pharmacist would use when we give you the wrong prescription. Year mom unfortunately has damages she's been in the hospital. Uses you know again this is something she give a call somebody and you potentially have a real case. Here's a different type of junk question order I don't have. Divorced for six years now. And the ax still hasn't removed all of his stuff. He did. He didn't. He didn't take one truckload out can I get rid of his. Stuff. He is a legal Beagle and a real jerk we don't speak will he be able invite so she throws out all this stuff will he be able to do anything about so. When I'm weed when I do separation agreement you know we put time in a timely and on these kinds of things has spots have. Sixty days or ninety days would it be negotiate to get this stop by the property at which point in time if they dull. Edit out of the property becomes yours now I don't know what you're separation says. But again that's the ones that we do typically call you have to have everything and that kind of agreements that people don't do it argues she calls her husband legal Beagle yes. To me that means maybe he's a lawyer. OK that's always a tough fight via. He's keeping the stuff there. To get under your skin as I go yeah I I got here on worries I. I'm guessing they're placed right. Looks like blue. They didn't want it yeah. At that that's that's classy up that you cover that in your divorce agreement is get rid of the stuff get your John Gatti here and stay away for. Stay away forever this is Zach hello Zach. Zack well. There is appeared Eric. What's the monarchy on an attorney. Hey good morning guys. I'm all right what social work had been divorced from both are no in the seven years. My guess what this has a boyfriend that my kids stated boasts he spit at their house. I just recently remarried. And she refuses to let. There and step mom be around my my kids. Ha. I who loves you lose. Yeah you still like everybody that. It's just it's crazy. If she just impossible to do about it I was gonna call for a modification. It is our current. That's one way to deal and it. You know the other the other thing is that you have an order that says the kids are gonna be with you on I'm fairly certain doctors insert address. I don't see any way that she can stop that so you might also have contempt proceeding depending and we separation agreement says. Gaza is one thing is you're thinking about locking down and violent yourself. Well yeah that you have a couple different options here for example contempt Greg. We used violent content in Massachusetts your alleging that one party willfully. Violated existing clear unequivocal court order in the book content is if you are able to prove that. The court must award a year attorneys' fees so this is another one of those things that people up. They kind of shy away from going back to the lawyer after the original deal acoustic outdoor person that they hired or whatever it is. But this is one of those things you can get help. And a lot of times helps locker costing does pay. The thing. Good thing was Tom like with what I got divorced like she didn't want any third party is like. It's all become just like you know porn around what some gross my wife so we know it's my mother's daughter Ron Allen my brother's sister's sister who aren't. If you're getting good value and she can't bring the child on any third parties. Yeah that's a cheap she wanted to know does the agreement you can do that I don't understand I mean I hate the state but. Now what does that does your agreement say the U can't bring a younger smoke show third party around the kids. Out of Iraq as there on both days is it projects you are you and she's in mutual clause nor may while you're only as a I really sorry yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. He may be in in Indian trauma now is that often the thing where the in a divorce the spouse doesn't want the children. Be introduced to lose some kind of a road overnight visitor or things of that nature so let me tell it there it is it's. Many cases people want this language in there and agreements. And lest you are dating somebody that is like level one sex offender with a race and on the ankle or convicted murderer. Course not or drug addict and alcoholic courts don't really care who you and you can as long as they're safe. Yeah if it's something it's unsafe but as history being NC that's a different story eaten at discounting. What went on here is that this guy either had a lawyer who he'd gain what it. Why anybody would agree I mean it just doesn't make sense you're talking about a hypothetical hypothetical person on the road no judge would aborted that my friend. Now that there you stuck with it so you're definitely going to file the month vacation Gil win I spent some money doing it but she'll win. Here's the tax I ask work the pained me the same salary as those who work with me you're doing equal work and they refuse. Keep his fifth. I. Yeah I I don't know learned then I mean is there anything can you talk about that I would management know this will be clear and I'm thinking intelligent business and and probably violent or rather alliance Ohio or and I'll make ends its biggest. Greg woody stated that's I say the always have the job. And or somewhere else and you should try to unfortunately rather than five bitten and worry about it or about things being fair which they just aren't sometimes you gotta go on find another element. You'll probably like the place you get to next batter you know you know it says to me what's equipment you know it's adjusting from these questions them these questions are so in. Intelligent and some of these questions so insane but some of these questions you can just see they're not feel awful that. A bit dull right in question and say hey I do the same job to somebody else docket the same page and I asked for being located. That's not the whole story. If you don't think that's a hole I got an email that driving down the road to that I mean look I'm not saying that they are not situations pointed out where there's the weather is in her putting his weight equality and if that's or talk about that's a different conversation via. I don't know that that's were talking about yeah well this it would be helpful information yeah well if you're a woman making less than demand for example that's the situation. I don't our I don't serve to brawl but we went through so anyways number we wanted to do this we learned through this the other Derek. If you aren't happy with what you're giving paid that's me watching your boss' office poke him in the chest ago. That's what they did they name I think. That. Either you're not worth it and I agree that at the box generally. I know people would like to think that the bosh generally just arbitrarily points that somebody ray says I'm gonna pay you more than everybody else than they generally don't do that. They pay the person that they want to frank dispersants or isn't doing the same war. How is the quality of work. Like that's not a grew angry at these I don't know that. Looked cute in the end of the day men and women should be paid the same for the same job we all I think agree with that images are saying is is it. You'd ask these questions. What is the Massachusetts lemon law. And is it really possible to sell a car as eases. So yes you could yellow card as yet out there total lie it's different between new cars in use so let's just that soon because we're talking about selling it as idiots will focus on the use Carla and a lot. Which means that basically depending on your mileage your warranty. Expands to a certain period of time. I think the minimum is like Andy's here in attendees to inspections. You can't you can't sell a car for parts only. Has to say very clearly on the bill assailed yourself for parts only you acknowledges the automotive vehicle authorized for registration. And it's an as is condition. You can do. Time for one more during asking attorney this week this is Janet glow Janet. Hello I. Well you didn't have a I don't have a general question on the new group printed out at the court. Tenure used printed out text messages in court this is an evidentiary question rate I like this is my fourth. Yes yes yes yes as you can and judges loved beast xmas they do especially in a divorce rate that's one of those things that kind of gets us on the edge of our C. Our as we sit there day after day of the accident at the same thing again and and then and you one text with the anger came out at 2 in the morning. In big markets read on to record and you let your client so you can't product that'll be in cash and you can yeah but and understand it's. Use global ways and a screen shot everything. Then I was all that is an old expression in the probably be on the court Greg ones don't marry ten ones don't make them show that's going to be the blog headlines and yeah I'll other ones don't Mary panacea though this year if you're bringing in a text message I. Have read. More people's text messages and I care to admit now. Doing this for 2.2 plus years. The error is always something before the bad Tex I rings out. I experienced typically something happened about the worst tags that they exit the hole in the library. Are slept good advice as it always is Brian earning an army and that's asking attorney every Wednesday on the show. And we always up for the disclaimer that blindly Ares hear all the penalties that brings to hit kiss and he has not talked. He's not acting as your attorney he is just offering. His opinion on the matter I personally is personal.