Alabama Problems - Can't take Grandma to Prom

Friday, March 31st

While going over the news this morning, Danielle came across an interesting story out of Alabama, a student was told he couldn't bring his Grandma to Prom!

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Yeah Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule that's WA AF dot com now then you only will. Done I can do this story and make sure I only say did so that you wouldn't be barraged with. Unfortunate messages that a child could take grandma you're not helping a grandmother. Has been banned from the prom in Alabama. A high official personal Alabama yeah this grandmother could be 33 young and unfairness or. I'm glad I'm sorry high school student wanted to bring his grandmother to his prom because she never got to go to hurts. And why is she being banned. As the principal was afraid she might bring alcohol ball. Like seriously sit and so there's the issue of like a reputation for drinking now she's just of age. Us now and so for no reason at all no reason the principles as saying she can't come because she may bring booze in to the prom now there. He'll have that she shut him down Mary. Whoa god all the principal at that point counterpoint. They appealed to the school board got denied again because the board was afraid that other kids might start bringing their own grandmothers is a joke. I don't know why that's a big issue I think it's a nice night for the grandma who lives that's the problem now let's hear from racing past. During the I was always and then he. We'll put him far in my life I mowing. Woman figure in my life so. Sticking in my head why not take there. How he means the world may I Sally when he was born and raised raised in that. Raised him out raised and how race PM them. He was my grades and less than the blame cover other I'm going to prom. I still got my prom dress I am I rounder if it's happening about a woman show and that's right afterwards we got steel ban enhanced we can take the bicycle over a Waffle House. On the T summer announced a Kid Rock ascent while fans want to animals tackled. You can hit the Taylor and how he sings well too but for now I know any other Detroit eastern Michigan in nineteen that so far away. And so the for no other reason than she might bring alcohol to prop up your first of all. A vision 50% of the kids go to prom will be bringing alcohol in the that prompt it's not war yeah now that's a conservative estimates. The sounds like there's there's some kind of there's some kind of like they'll be concerned if they do theory is right. She she turned him down. In want of some relations. Yeah. I don't think that's that that's of a deal that would make sense yeah busy here this is not like an uncommon story. We want to think about it I mean what war was in town is starting to vote. Places are so small towns America from Newport 2800 people. Kind of grudges because. There's not one person in town that doesn't know the person on the other end of town on the other side of town. You know I mean nuclear ready knows her career Ritter's courage and a one point yup. Not all Lhasa and Brian says this is this is justified here on the Crimean port studio line during import Nolan will sell you afford to last Brian what's up. She actually had to. Make yet how it would have a good day yeah. Yeah. Hey hey. What I meant what is your record on this so does the quite like all the support these developments keep it low what is. Grandmother ot Matt Bennett of not that that's still well they have. She used to take from boots on how out of the blue shine lose it was pretty little side and it's yet that's right it was. Wrong with its own deep a Canadian dark spirits to dispose of when he's current open yet gets hurt yeah I think. And just let the breeze grammar of the bronze is what kill anybody guess. For crying out lord all Lehman. Parent.