Adam Ezra Group - Steal Your Girlfriend

Monday, May 22nd

The Adam Ezra Group joins the boys in studio to perform their song, "Steal Your Girlfriend."  Check out their new album Hurricane Wind now available for free for a limited time!


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Matty and nick it's ten till the hour six our final hour at six if you wanna get a generic radio voice mail and do so old now 6177795454. You can leave a message about anything. You want like to thank you guys for coming in. Of course you played the devil went down to Boston and killed it. Arena Alex and Adam you're just a stripped down version of the real band Tony about the full on sunk him in your plan. Yesterday Abbas and armored there was six of us on stage in places. It keyboardist Josh. And we got to hand percussionist named her to Euro and on his age and boat with about 700 people opt. I love it well sellouts are those guys turtle. See you next time. You guys are playing a big benefit. For homeless vets in August on the ramble on which. Musicians donate their time. We'll have you back in before that date of these Labor Day it's it's the Saturday before Labor Day we can do it every single year and it's reopens Salisbury beach and mastery over 3000 people show and test support our heroes in the and that's what we. That's. London where were all into that so the album again as hurricane wind. You go to Adam as era dot com you can download it for free for the next two weeks and take advantage of that. So now we want to give you guys chance to play one of your I don't say real song that double and out of Austin is a real slog but maybe us more straighter effort that you're more known for. Yeah mammal apparently wants from the new album and as was inspired by. Man I live in Chelsea we've retirement with Gelman love in my life comes very. Mom and good luck to her being in Chelsea yet good. Good luck to you heard it in impoverished hippie folk playing here. Writes oh that's its I was really nervous about where her folks. Let me it I didn't. Know how to I was gonna go and luckily that it one. Opening them on and I mean it and it. Lawrence torso wrote a song instead of school steal your daughter. Out of it better reputation. I get out of my congregation. I'm obviously put you shotgun the old days it. The bill will knock on the front saw. And out of its budget did you Honolulu when you send them down such and who Latin song. And I don't know nothing about Matthew seven world. What I do know whether they don't batter gets removed shown. And doom talk we'll hold on. I'm from the don't know. And you create a moment stay at home last night. What I don't know look back to happen. And call me mom dad and the yeah. Didn't have an old kid you matter laughter. Both. Pulled the girl that got so that you rate. Mobile. And have been don't want to get out little chatter once and console that in the indicated an. Now Griff. Mean. My thing. Oh you want to ask them in the oh okay. Wow yeah. All we wanna ask. And you can shout all you. This morning that. And your daughters come away. That's what's happened in the home. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Johnson asking. All they want to happen tantamount to Steve the doha. And yeah I'll stay at home I'm. Please don't. It's. Why. You can lay out all you want about exist when he fifteen in the end your daughter's coming with me amazing the exact address at my prom dates far. Today I asked her genius thought guys Tiger Woods is thank you so much for sharing that. Adam Ezra group. Adam as red dot com you guys killed it. Since so much for having us on perhaps we'll be back really in any as wanna check him out to Adam as red dot com correct item tour dates and info yet you've got a video of those great guys. Yeah.