Adam Ezra Group - The Devil Went Up To Boston

Monday, May 22nd

The Adam Ezra Group joins the boys in studio to perform his hilarious song, "The Devil Went Up To Boston."  Check out their new album Hurricane Wind now available for free for a limited time!


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. Speaking of friends we are joined by the atom as a group in studio guys thanks for me yeah. Now that's and kickass on the fly backing for the girls wore off. Hoop so true musicianship can do you just name a son and they just complaints like Springsteen doesn't is God's people love signs and they just Billick and all of your taxes that. Well you're as intimacy is atom bomb. So your band has a new record hurricane wind at its rate and you have I was joking with you out there you've kind of pulled. A non presumptive U2 hundred. Where fans can actually download your album for free for the next two week. Is Ingraham yeah we have the we have the coolest community of fans around doing them we had actually produced its problem with that they chose the opium problem so I mean album and now we're giving it way to ever so you basically like crowd sourced produced the only did we wanted to do fan funny thing as we. Don't have any money and but what we wanted to do it in a way that would really celebrate the people that were supporting us and so we actually had them create via that is so. Oh cool and the Adam as a group had that. Record release party on a boat correct gap in the back kids love it. So like go to Adam as red dot com Adam as red dot com you get a free album the beautiful hurricane wind. On the next two weeks for the don't for free now. Did you Radiohead did something like that a little while ago too didn't they release and they're exactly like Radiohead while Matt are you guys the first trio that's ever been described as part Springsteen part radio every day while his some just that piece of jewelry wearing around your neck yeah I can't decide if I've that is like the school's unique authentic piece. Or are you the Blair witch I could be I cannot tell you. What is the meaning now and my my my girl does this stuff. On and that's really cool really cool is the first please do area ever decide where it trickles seriously I don't blame had to get used to it but I like many it does and we're delegate dumpster fire a couple of guys in the genes that need to get washed old T shirts there's you know most is being instance incomes. I hear Alex right yeah at altimeter and like I'll just as nice lays there are you glad you noted and light yet here's here's Adam like looking like he should be saying and in light. You know like super Angeli a going to be on the voice of the targets arena beautiful of the violent ones hop don't yet know what he has no class in the studio we're we're trying to channel later on this place thank you thank you that's so. But in addition to the beautiful kind of real music you make you also occasionally bust out some fun and funny song slight. The double went down to Boston which we play here on looney tunes Tuesday which I have to tell you order a local got to grow up and years in. Our song even really stupid song of just on its face it it's like a dream for me how did that come about the devil went on to Boston and how often do you do that routes and make fun party you know that's the only time we've ever done anything quite like that week you know we're we're like oh. Rock band. And but in the end it will play and remember we're on a plane on. Nantucket and to chicken box and we were on the ferry going out there. And it in line. Gotta give us dollars yes I just started scribbling words. Out came about dig it man are without it furthered while it's amazing how those little things pop up ahead right now everyone knows you in the fun thing is. It's a great sound to get things started and use that as the gateway to the original stuff do you recall that our gateway drug. It's hard Springsteen part radio had a game where that hit man you get gas OK here they are Adam as a group the double went down to Boston live on Matty and. We're gonna do our best did edit out did not he led the listeners out there. Yeah back. It never came up to rest and he was let him as a miles to break pages got in from Quincy where it rained out a lot this debate. At the Copley T sockets on the pedal and smoking a that double jumped up on a globe dispenses gold let me tell you why. That you didn't know what kid but I can't surround you may think you all hot but you just got. Bomb I'd rocked out hot spots from the got into the Lange about a lot of pattern a pack a map that you can't. And kids at my name's Sally and you're a stupid. But if you wanna Betty I'm David and the fact. That they brought stand up guy about Mike Appel. We don't impostor NN that devils do you think cats. You've got to win all I don't not impact on mob arose but you'll lose it ever gets yes. Okay. They have a lot opened up his case he set out. That bypass governments fingertips that was hot discrete across the strings you got to subway cups all that. And it's not taken that these showed up and it sounded something like this is. Only said great job and I hear that like every outlet. And there are a bit up now they need to take a shower. Or don't have a watch out sale. Greatest thing is in the Boston well. Locked in medical and steal and a lot. Exactly what that. I. The devils shot at NASA that he knew wages mean Todd asked the static jug and box tennis and a colossal. So we shouted don't call back if you wanna press got locked. I told you once yeah Euro wicked scoped. Okay. Yeah proud that I. Nationally the angry Bradley game winning record in Cleveland. Live music then this India and the Celtics away anything is possible didn't do you. And our. You won't allow un believable. Yet to Adam Ezra dot com get there record two weeks were free. To Matty and nick what a thrill unbelievable job guys nailed it showered readers.