3-8-18 Hour 1 - "At Remote Broadcasts, I Cannot Earmoth"

Thursday, March 8th

Thursday March 8th, 2018 Hour 1: We're live on location at Granite Telecommunications, LB didn't make it to Quincy, Storm Updates, PTA, more Nancy Know It all from Yesterday, Power Outage Reports and more!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. WC NN NE ST one west worlds lost WEEI EXT two floors WW DX 62 busted. My goal is to leave the house I don't if you can do offer my sincere apologies I don't think it's not enough snow that's for the intro. I was relieved that we should go for. Why is the highest possible standards. And proceeded to. Apart and went faceoff and Mary in March strippers of courtesy trip delegate at some slim picking a bargain. I'm respects I sometimes you'll lose. I'm still appreciate. It will be. Unfortunately often in my resignation. Well first of all our meet or talk to my ball jagged and. And now I'm here for ago. Broadcasting live from beautiful NC Brighton Massachusetts Pete he stabbed. Somebody who very chicken Caesar salad streaming live at WP. He had that Alice setting up. You can also ask Amazon echo or go home to play W yeah it's so easy eating all the. Bob we'll man the. Hill Man Morning Show enough it Doritos and vindictive thing has agreed to leave you. And this is not the type of entertainment that. Soaring but it wasn't my. With your host Greg Hill always CC that game and the remote that's why I live it every day through. I called the gravely affect both you and you ladies came just did an F sixteen year old moose knuckle. Sports with a mastery of the spoken word. Again wow yeah I can nothing nothing nothing we can you. Holiday a healthier more on the go too hard drive I want that they're sort of insert the through no. Hey Danielle halo. News headlines with the always agreeable did yeah. Activation for dinner and where my flowers and where is my. Snap bracelets and Alex I don't. She's able. I idea but in the cabin that's when I'm done it's like you're scared. And the angry husband never come verbiage Mike Hsu. House from this issue for your favorite actress in million married I don't. Oh yeah how big bag that's a good. Pizza Hill Man Morning Show. It felt they need a little adult dinner I'm gonna happen. It's and it's got to be in the key in the glorious world pleasure of lemon. If you lived years you probably won't sit through more things to. Good morning everybody. It's the Mike Hsu show. I just want to let you know right off that I'm going to be playing rush for the next four hours while we broadcast live here. From granite telecommunications. Further saving by shooting five of that so any rocks on you like to hear this morning I'll play it whether it's ninety minutes long. Or three minutes long in fact I don't even think they have a three minute song. But feel free call the Framingham Ford studio line which is 6179311. No as far as I know everybody else's okay. They're just I believe all three Greg Danielle and LB are stuck behind plows. I think they are doing the conga line in here. And I was the only one to make it through the path in all fairness I stayed over by the the lovely Adams and over here by the lovely Quincy river across from Pope John Paul the second part that was a really. That's a beautiful scenic view of your forget the chance yet they'll be here soon we are broadcasting live it's a grant telecommunications here in Quincy and their amazing event sitting by shaving five. The Dana Farber. Institute and they you know they have over a thousand of their employees come in here in this giant cavernous lobby they have achieved their heads. To support to a cancer research. So that'll be going on today here in beautiful Quincy they'll have a video of the governor's going to be here. Shaving his head I believe when Greg gets here the gonna shave his head the cleansing mayor's gonna be here a ton of people including a superstar celebrity guest. Which is going to who was going to show up at some point and have his so much heralded hair. Shades. For cancer research so if you wanna call and like I said 617931. One AF you can also text and text numbers 971 assumes media texting. While there is he's alive latest is generally is go lie half eyes. Don't show love living in doing I don't know what it's never dull Greg. I never boring I hope this winter never ran he's sued because it's so beautiful outside right now there is nothing better. And leaving yourself not quite enough time to clean car. And then trying to race your way to a live broadcast but here we are yes and it's going to be a very exciting day mr. ship it's it's pretty inspirational today and and of the work granite telecommunications is done over the past years and this is it's amazing. I mean millions by the end of this warning millions of dollars will be donated. Two words doing everything possible to try to and suffering of those who not only. Are fighting cancer but their families and and and everything associated of that so. Later on this morning at about 930 years so. The governor will arrive here and he's getting his hits you shaved. Along with. Yours truly yes. My head will look even bigger. Then it does now with no hair on it later on this morning and that's I mean alive I'm constantly shamed in in bullied over. The size of my head and and the size my hands I know it's weird it's like all the blood went to the head not enough points and six. Doctors can never explain it it was the fact that my mom drank during her pregnancy and that that explains a lot of while Manhattan's have cherries in the middle analysts usually pretty healthy that's a fruit yeah that is a fruit yeah that are his are you gonna leave the shave the head leave the beer guy of course all of us. Veronica growing up. Yeah yeah. There's and there's. Special guest who is I believe still getting his or her head shaved and I today and accuse him. Yesterday so he. And I think that's going to be an announced salutes. Giants crazies. Out of control panic when he arrives here. He's probably like parachuting in or something you can't in this in this this huge lobby it's what yeah four floors like for Stewart were broadcasting or age or any in its fourth story lobby here at granite telecommunications. In Quincy. From a weather point of view if you're debating whether or not to go to work. I write and you have the opportunity to work from home today I think it would probably do that. The the roads are not so great especially here in the South Shore where they only got one. Like three or gassed there's not a ton of snow here but it's wet it's it's like wet heavy snow yeah. So. And certainly. There other areas Danielle when you guys give you an update done and new supplies on what areas have been hit the worse by speaking aren't if you wanna be on the well what what's that some religiously speaking. You Britney no I don't think it. Heavy snow LB is an oasis. Is back at the studio LB are you at the station. Yeah I think I paid it would I was so close to being there. I was getting on the pipe you Natick. And I was watching the clouds. A hundred yards in front of me on my new. Poll. Are you kidding me now I sort of guided it just took me an hour. And and like fifteen or an hour and a half ago from Natick. And I was like I'm not me I'm I don't even know there's probably more plaza on many street going south. The roads and decided Quincy is a road sector halls in some dude very it is hard piece of tree. God bless Ralston TV but I'm now so I I I called nova iron in my. Do you want me to be like an hour and a half laid bare or do you want you to go to the studio and so. I sit quite frankly we didn't want it to be either place like you insisted he insisted on coming hours and hours to Narnia. So to make it clear. This is not a blood drive like incidents where you went to the studio not knowing that we had allowed broadcast we where we were in communication before him on that. I would just say to people trees are going to be coming down. Any moment trees are down and also I mean it's this wet heavy I personally don't matter road billboard. I was just waiting there for a tree to fall my my truck and I was like half a mile from the station and the people. Don't even just. Mail there staying home and get it either because it's an amazing although I I can't believe how many people were out on the roads. Yeah yeah yeah it's not so I know. And they know there are when I was driving my final stretch of the I felt like I was trying to. Make it across the country and covered wagon and in the cheek team and the eighteenth when I was to my final stretch. Here in Quincy there were people who were racing to try to get to work and as their employers. Obviously. Except no excuses that's what Americans do that it doesn't matter if it's a Bob bode Genesis of that nor'easter is that it doesn't get you ratio because we're Americans are easily or do harm to go to work really hard. We go to work. So are right. Let's get to ten owed an Alice in their seats. Am I so there I'm building at first as lucky as I still laugh at right Redmond to run into our good friend rob hale who pointed me in the right direction. Is going into the wrong building code oh yeah. Currently our rights Democrat from. Speaking going there and building. That it adding I. Maybe in the car that I walked in and I was like weird. Hit me. And I'm glad you're there it if it was not enough that's an. Let's get to Kevin who is on the Framingham forward studio line. Joining us this morning here as we broadcast live from granite telecommunications. And Quincy what's going on. Good morning. It's so great that mean it seems like most of mass polio has survived. The second nor'easter in the week so that's good news. They let me preface by saying I think he's doing dark where are all the money raised on different things are like you're really got a great. Let out. They oppose the arts but would that be considered global warming global warming or climate change. The outlook it's a climate change jackass when it. What does it with me I just got half of very bad commute in excess weight. And trying to keep present state of mind in an networking product let me tell you something when it doesn't fit into their narrative they just call it climate. Lighter moment yeah your thing in the design and yes you. All right well we are a lot of this morning rely almost every morning a wireless it and I take many vacation days but when this pre recorded right now this. On flights that's not happening right now this is on site remote broadcast and later on this morning. Not only will I'd be losing my glorious locks in my glorious. Fabio like locks aren't you kid and here. But sold the governor of the commonwealth and many other. And one mega celebrity Brian Dennehy it is not god and I'll Brian I'm Brian Dennehy help. Nobody asked me earlier if it was Lloyd Bridges it's not an average cost. I don't know it's like doc from back to the future path that doctrine on now at. But there is there's a lot of granite employees and others who were getting their pitches today and there will be a lot of money. That will be donated at the end of the day so it's a great thing. If you wanna be on the show any time this morning calling the premium for studio line that number is 617931. 1223. Or you can tax on the tax line. Which is nine B 7107. And will be back live from snowbound Quincy here on the Hill Man Morning Show. I didn't still country for the WA AF ski and snowboard report Roger Biden was would auto truck recycled find them today at font used parts dot com. 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You're looking for the kitchen when you bake your PDs mask. The extra veggies and your sister will. Constantly trash. You're looking for a garage real part bicycles turn icicles and every mode of transportation. It except your car. You're not just looking for a house you're looking for a place your life to happen and whether buying or renting still makes it easy with Smart search features photos and more. Zillow find your way home. Wondering did Greg is bringing in his own personal high priced hair stylist to shave his head. At today's live broadcast from granite telecommunications in queasy I ask you fancy talk for shifted back. This is this Thursday Hill Man Morning Show. Flooding cal well why is this what they tell but I had a fever did you gaffe. That's fixed it and prescription. How well. Them nice job in you know on the musical upon them with hair of the dog thank you that's the only when you're getting this morning when he. And dynamic here and we'll let you lottery you ask the music ecologists for error related signs because I can help you out you're in a meeting. We could have gone with a little sister golden hair. A blow but by the way you know at the greatest thing for many of you about in a live broadcast is I do not have my iPod would mean I cannot in my I don't know. I cannot in a month anything all morning long. But we are broadcasting live this morning in Quincy in the middle. The nor'easter the bomb bode Genesis storm number two and a week. And we are at granite telecommunications. And there is. A big events that is going on here and has gone on here for years. And later on this morning. All kinds of granite employees. End. Several delist celebrities and one A list celebrity will get their heads shaved. Forward shared idiot and and to to raise money in there are millions of dollars that are donated at the end of this event. By rob hill and the people here grants are you calling the governor deal with celebrity or what is the governor's he would be Wasilla is the slots as it is real and it it firms are still eats well so quickly they forget about him. About. Exactly. Now the Deval Patrick is running for president nobody's gonna talk about our little little little old governor anymore yes it's going to be. With a little of pucks on them well got a bigger nowadays these doll he sees them he's a beautiful man you can't get away from. That's true. And he is gonna get here a little bit early but when I say early. The shaping the celebrity shaving portion is getting underway at 945. And he is and yet here about 930. So we can squeeze in a breakfast we did baker segment. He's you know very busy as the go to the bunker this morning is gonna Wear the vest has got to put the best on his get a check on everything because of course there was a storm. Now. LB. A Texas says I know why LB is in the studio this morning. And the answer is so he wouldn't get shamed into shaving his expensive. Let us but I just passing well reckless and I applaud you earner and they do you. The event that there is going on today is one of the most amazing things. Ever the amount of money they grant technologies is donated is off the charts. Why I do the buzz off guard Joseph lap which is which is grow arms. Ga where everybody Shuster head and we have a team and I and and so you know I wouldn't have been able. It was too much information and I was honored to. Viscerally. He does I don't care what you in my head to. I was gonna say you know in virtually every situation LB being in the studio he's not in secret signals to shut up but it doesn't make mention of the anyway so that. It doesn't have a big guy did this sectors actually concerned about another issue with a LB being in the studio not with us on location. And that is. Who's going to keep LB from falling asleep he is unsupervised. This morning yes there's no deal you know who's murdered me what about cost now. What about leftovers do you still have left over Italian subs from a week ago you're either of those. There's a mile away from homemade bread and took the let's get sue a newspaper job and who is probably out delivering the Boston Globe this morning in the storm. Because the news never asked what's happening John. You are correct so I am. And I gotta say if you have a well in Quincy is the snow isn't that bad you are absolutely lucky isn't that show and end. Where you and can't then. Yeah how many inches would you say felon in Kenton. Itself all pretty heavy at that it's at least six to eight. The okay yeah well listened godspeed godspeed that's thank you Colin. By the way I was ridiculed and wanna make something clear. When I in Stu grant my bit mode G saying god speed the other day it was not the first time. I had a bit at that Margie yeah if you tell that I had a bit Margie for years. Like all these social media heart goes like Greg found that most now I've had a bit I just don't share you know every part of my social media life with everybody with the. They didn't do a bit and let me know one of those fun what hey have you. Have you heard about does that bode gee think Google are I don't know it. It kind of hooked Mike Hsu and I were talk and before the break and non yeah looks a lot like him but why didn't come out that grade what do you think what. Did your phone and we can make of that routine. And Johnny I think dark and yeah what are the darn thing darts that mode you it's not white beard dark sunglasses yes unless it wait Clarence white slacks with the black belt look at is there rectangle once he's at the little rectangle for nameless ones that's what Jeannie Jean jacket. John this year although some I don't know leather jacket the -- other members only okay oh yeah. Cordoba you it probably has it has one sport coat that he wears to funerals and are just the idea that if he's if he's about to meet and he's about to be suspended for something that says. During nighttime show. If statement. Let's see this is him on the Framingham forward studio lied hello Tim you're alive you made it you made it through the second nor'easter of 08. I don't know I'm a lot of earth but if the well. Seventy not seventy and it all ya know it is let me give you the weather. It's this though is gonna and sometime this morning but. It is a treacherous commute I'm I'm telling you right now. And this snow at least here in Quincy is is is very wet it's it's not like us know that you can just brush off the car no it's heavy it's gonna take you. A significant amount of time or your monkey a significant amount of time to clean your car up today so. If you are. Thinking about going to work because your boss is on relentless and says no days off like build out Jack then. You you know you definitely want to get out. And get going early and this let's see what Jim has to say on the premium for its studio like this morning hello Jim. Yes Greg I don't believe list yet you're having it later on today. Well if you know how do you know I don't go to our all what are half. Yeah Boston. Is still have the hair I don't know how you and these and why he dies as in the allied. One of the great memorable moments. Of my radio career. Was the last day on the air for Charles Lockwood there and we did a spinal cast he and I. He was on WZLX at the time. I was on WA AF that time because there's no weather station that there's ever wanted to hire me in 28 years and we've played this seems on at the scene I remember that yes yeah yeah mind blown wasn't that a great radio bit that it replaces areas we've played the same song at the same time it was thank you but let them. Wrong. Commitments and then listen Charles look at their lives today. How the absolute talent if Chris and username at work for. I I know the radio furlong says I'll be. Now I'm in the turnout was Charles that's old Charles's. Yeah are you in general the show and yes it and we angry banners that that what made you know that's what made me angry that I learned that guys he usually host morning shows have to be jerks. And I I was on the first and silent about the does slip up so extra going Charles Charles is awesome but the episode that it. Let's. Go to Chris who is joining us now at 626. Hello Chris. I don't today at blows out an egg. At first that long. Chris I I have a full head of there. Only for the next three hours and then we'll all be gone at about 93945. This morning. And I think keeping handler exit soon yeah I agree. Planet if it like that's our report from my cute future resident art Adam well. All right fugitives and diseases where he went to college in Illinois North Adams, Massachusetts yes OK well lately that. That's where at 33 inches and now these shots. 33 and a believable yeah I'm making my way in the pot that now unfortunately but. 33. Inches and your driving to Boston you have to go to work. Numb it and as a backers and then I'll get additives are taken root to select some boys Florida ROF I noted that the good news this. That's crazy okay thank you. On now on being corrected on my own magical radio moment by. By a nine. By and 901. Text their lives where where is 901. I don't it is it only Memphis Tennessee. All. And they say that the sun was babe I'm gonna leave Cuba it's I'm putting was I'm pretty sure it was thank you. And temperature. By the way several doctors believe that that was Deval Patrick. Calling in as Chris. From western mass where his mansion drive and for management and who's trying to test the waters I was I'm a to see how phone call in the shell might go over that now that he wants to run for president Deval Patrick's trying to test the waters again and replied and just howling in to CN. To see you went to host additional things today it did Deval Patrick I ran in for Gavin your thoughts are up and listen to them. Pick your your response off the air at 850. Who who the click on let's get the O Scott from Weymouth this on the phone now are rock climbers so close to a lower on the social that's why a lot ace Scott was going on. Good morning guys LIN almost and I'm almost embarrassed to call three years and earlier it's almost you're my neighborhood growth as soon as the only about two miles away but I'm not gonna be able to get over the after 60. Yeah. Look at those and that's what that you all are well where are you exactly what the idol of the court house says I'm an actress. So we are the courthouse just don't I don't mean yeah I don't think that's that is the courthouses so echoing where it. Well on import Newport avenue extension to extension of granite and granite telecommunications. Player and you could ask. I yeah. Corning. But that's what did you ever. She said that she enjoyed document view but we have to run to rub against the clock thank you let's see. And gas. And at. All Dick you know as they didn't give many indications this that's his dad. Damn what's up. I look at it let's go another. I'm I'm I'm even I thought I might think. I'm sorry. Levy would be calling about it I. Can't get out from what we don't allow at all. It. Are you you to a couple who plows together so. And that's not code argue they. We've got to try she's out in the truck with the on the I mean that's that's you. Well I think a lot of you plug guys do you use the come out and plot would -- night thing to try to get to chicks right is. Goes. Oh boy I. I'm Mary. I'll hurry I prepare. If my life. All right excellent. Well how we're Lou they're gone okay. Both he Jeff is joining us now here in the middle of the bomb blew Genesis oh Jeff what's going on. It thank you for making a hectic to its equity. I'll let let me tell you some I don't want to I don't wanna glamorize. Or. Be overly. Expressive about what I do every day but here I am in the middle of the storm broadcasting live from Quincy for you people in the name in the name raising money for charity that's that's what I do it's what I do. And drug it's like to truck or read off the road. Will argue right now we're learning and then stroke earlier I won't deliberately ill say well how much those urgent. Yeah aren't visible weren't you can't but it was heavy wet lot of trees downed oak. And the bike but I just wanted to that you guys that pick up a ballet egg. Scott can go kick Ike. Our night did you all right well. If you're just joining us the event today is called saving. By shaving. And this is the fifth event. And granite. Shoot you have information on how much money they've raised anywhere or. I think we get that from Robitaille who is the amazing CEOs completely joins us on the show until there there pledging over five million us this on here. Just this year this year. Over five million dollars and though. There are a lot of granite employees will probably try to use the weather as an excuse to get out of coming in and shaving their hat today by. I am not going to be able to and we now have I'm an have to submit because here. Now here's the question because last the last time you've done this you know we had the the longer winter here going unite in a short for spring you keep it tight from here on out. Or first of all when it comes to mean nothing as tight it's and yeah I'm trying to get in on it and it quite quite well quite some time since then it was his credit rating that'll play but. My answer to the I'll probably keep it again I don't know if I'll go like I'm gonna get like does the minimum. I don't go full ball. Because that would just honestly not look good to to a lot of people so I don't getting the boys trailer I go for like a one or two and the like that. And it's I'll probably keep it close that maybe go with three years in Penn in the summer months you know I feel like the issue is that if I altered my parents a lot of smoke sentenced to hammer really upset and ruins. The room and learning that he didn't recruit it it ruins their year LD. Now I have yet to be opposite view but look at he looks like a bond henchman is that the is that. There's this other guy from transporter. History. Shake ups says. I think so I would definitely gives us an eight and I think it's a all the yellow started slowing things straight and none of state them. I watch miracle I want parents for a three yesterday and ended up. Let's see here is attacks than anyone texas' correction for grad. His wallet is very tight well I am I know he doesn't carry cash and frugal. We knew I don't carry cash it is but you'll copy about shoot about anybody copy of my cash pretty happy if there's a lack of my hard earned cash I appreciate it thank you very nice. Hate let's see John is on the Framingham forward studio line what's happening John. Good morning criteria out into the lunar let's let's say. I guess today I don't know Tony or kill all of us. You have the question I had a pay I had occasion to have been notes azalea ice Munich questions about the question yesterday well. That was does that Tosh or Burma to Nancy she took her minutes in question look over my notes you show I don't wanna use that Langley British shows sucked incidents. There was no substance or yesterday I know Tuesday. I don't know what you critic got a question not that I can look at look at look at it and I just don't. And listen we have the whole incident regarding the Nancy no it all from the man who got the vasectomy and there are I got an email from that guy last night and he's going to call the show. When he feels like he can stop. Getting sick because these he's been. Extremely upset about the situation. And so he he did give me an email explanation. On he wants to call the show when he feels like he can do that. Emotionally. AK occasionally from time to time friends and family will reach out and be like with Ariel was amazing yesterday at four people text me like to. The only man that was a 100% link up with Jud Linville I'm iPod U I yeah I want you into the email twice had to pull up his responses. Even myself I was like a Mac I just feel so bad for that kind of situation and a blank. Yup it's like out of the book of questions as. Those now because some may not have been listening I'm I'm gonna have to recap that whole time doing so to recap it. The guy who emailed in. For Nancy no it all yesterday. Had a vasectomy. Before he met his fiance he he was divorced. And his fiancee that early was dating before they were engaged remarried she said she never won a children so he never told there. That he had a vasectomy so they're going along and they get engaged and then all of a sudden she says I want children so he would know what to do. So he never told her that he had a vasectomy it went on to try to go through the mass of nations if you will. Trying to have children very disingenuous. And recently. And whenever within the last week she came to him with with Julie and said I'm pregnant. And he went to the doctor and said wait a minute is there a chance that my vasectomy somehow came on dissect it and the doctor that now and so he is on he now knows that she is carrying a child which is not news and she also told. Kim and his daughters and his previous marriage. The same time so he doesn't know it today. He has no idea what the ball people should runaway. And it is al-Qaeda and have to do it and I. Now speaking of situations in which one might get pregnant. There is an interesting. Teachers students sex story in the news today in the this one has twists a total total August. Because there is a Colorado. Feared her teacher. Cool. Is being investigated by the police. And the student that is involved in this is denying. That any kind of sex went on normally the student is the one who ends up marking the teacher I. By telling friends or via social media or their parents find some kind of series of needs or sex messages that have been sent but in this particular case the student says no wait a minute stop investigating. My theater teacher she and I did not have sex. There's an entire group of students also backing up that claim so that the teacher. Is named Cary Barnhart Roberson she teaches at pine creek high school in Colorado and I'll be total Kook in right in your wheel hop clubs this woman is right in your wheel of his kids who look page Tweeter forming shot the picture where she looks like. Maybe someone who would have been newscaster and a former life that had an incident and was forced to retire from the and then that started coaching the drama club to get that look about her anyway so they call her BR. Last names barn her Roberson. And anonymous tipster is let the administrators at the high school now that she was allegedly having sexual relationship. With a male students. Now this has come forward his name is Ryan my count. He's a senior high school he says absolutely no way is any of this true. And these things are. Totally false and BR would never. Break. The trust of a student days. Brought out that someone had accused. BR. And I mean I'm having I'm an inappropriate sexual relationship I was appalled that someone would make. False and malicious claims against her and against myself. You know what I believe him. I did there and if I do that is the way says that has the rigs in the Booth it has the ring of truth to it not applicable I call. And I call acting. I've tweeted a link. I totally to a photo. You can read the article in the gunners video in the will be able to decide for yourself if PR. BO movie theater teacher who has doing things during the production of Oklahoma that were inappropriate. Wind came sweeping it out quick gags. Wasn't the plaintiffs though but I tend to believe that that that's cute in tactic and believe me. I start acting out guys and dolls and that is my favorite musical about the way that it sit down your rocking the boat into the ticket ticket and moments against there the the that kid problem assuming that he's been a long time drama club. Participants and he is bothered bothered that his beloved teachers being wrongly accused. The theater group feels that this is somehow retaliation for them quote on quote from the jocks is an on the job at it or not. The job that it's from the community people. Who are upset that they've been. Pushing the proverbial envelope with their story lines that they're choosing to form although they said someone is a little conservative and issue with some of that. Content and I. Actions I and therefore made up this whole thing. What do they do like the shape of water or something. People and people in Colorado we're not in that the love between a woman and then have quite a creature no they changed one performance. To death of the sales person. It's an order to go to any team will meet DelHomme and today Loman with the media sells low low low person. There that. And colonial Britain. What about Greece that they do agrees that new 2000. It's just let it in a decade he would be eating greens are no grease light. Well. On my Twitter feed Gregg you'll WA AF that's how you follow me on Twitter more on that story. We're live in Quincy in the middle or there I guess the tail end of a storm we got to look on the bright side things the snow continues to fall. The roads are horrible. Don't buy into anybody's telling you that the roads are our great knocks. Then I'd be driving in eighty yeah the the roads are really really bad and there it is not a chance that they're gonna get better for quite some time so. I would get comfortable wherever you are hunkered down and enjoy. The Hill Man Morning Show we're gonna get this though 50 at about 7:30 this morning. And take a look at the crimes that have happened in in my home continent of stow Massachusetts where lived almost all of my 51 years. Will also go inside the warped female brain. At 750 and then at 9 o'clock. Some. And help raise a lot of money so we're live in Quincy Liza Minnelli it's not Liza Minnelli we are nor is it that weird guy that she was married to for awhile. Initiatives now and another Davis referred LC are thinking of Liz Taylor. I guess so I'm like tenth game at least half of an illness is ultimately I still like really really fire. Where we are alive in quick easy in this is that Hill Man Morning Show. And out just what you thought they couldn't get any better we get viewed this we feel it coming on we'll continue to do so that you don't do I didn't get I didn't yell in Gaza CNET and bang the table I just said I'm done so I need a way to like. Decompress from Molson draft and healthy life. The president and let might actually technique I use that site because I bet did not set a lot of great well. Three in 542. Hole that purple that it. Readout before that it as a whole again for another four seconds. Markedly we've got accent sells everything. I plan agreed I would to a single bad guys that I said better not worse well Matty and nick weekdays three to seven on WBA. Plus. You wake up to practice today. In your luxury hotel and it skin. Dixie routine for rejuvenating the sat at the spot. And protect your drive on a world class golf course the course happy until you track and then tapping. Then and with a five star dinner five winning hands and 5000 reasons to stay another night. Who are weak lot and found that it luxurious book and make a toast rave about dinner fall in love dessert. And dive into drinks at the club DJ in the sights and sounds see one of the kind spectacles watch a show. Yeah or wake up sit beside the water. That's it for the thank them for dinner dancing and drinks on the ice cream and a couple eloped with three series. Or just spend the morning sleeping and in life there are unlimited possibilities. Mohicans so full of life. 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It is saving by shaving five and a lot of granite employees and others. Including yours truly will get their heads shaved third charity in a couple hours it's ten minutes before seven. And pretty much a gain l.s gonna give an update on all the storms stuff and a moment but promote whether perspective the snow will stop it and and it'll probably be a couple of hours before it does. And the accumulation totals vary widely. I would say there's probably would you say there is hearing Quincy three or 43 or four inches maybe that's about it as the three or four matches and certainly all around the state all kinds of different snow totals and power outages at school cancellations and all of those things so. Daniel get to all of those. In a little bit I have your next text code words he can try to win thousand dollars cash during the thousand dollar Holler coming up in ten minutes. And you'll get to still 50 at 730 years so. And we'll go inside the war female brain acts. 750 in and organ player a male voice mail messages back so you can leave one. On. Winter storm land or on any other topic till Mel voicemail numbers seek leave voicemail message right now is 617. 7795463. At 617779. 5463. Media you leave a voicemail message and we will all we mark. How marvelous sense of humor you have coming up at eight. When we play those home health voicemail messages back and then during the 9 o'clock hour today we'll be joined by the governor. Who has participated in this event since he since he took office I believe and he'll be here giving usage shape. At 945. But before that. Will get to breakfast with the acres so if you have questions further. Our governor. He will join us at about 9:30 years so this morning here at granite. And then you can text in your questions or call and when and governor baker is here for this month's breakfast with baker sick. But the news this hour is brought to you by. Lister trailers hockey is back get tickets blows fifteen dollars to see Lester rulers call final weight recent signs 1750. Or regulars each seat not contract to also buy staples. Think your business money this week at staples you can save it on a full range of office and desk chairs some up to 50% have a better chair. Equals a better worked day and 310 staples its current time. So let's do little that a storm updating. Because Greg just mentions you know Mary snow totals in different areas they are saying that we can see anywhere from a coating to two more inches. Falling throughout the morning today we got a lot of tree damage. Looking at about 300000. Homes and businesses in Massachusetts right now reported to be without. Power yeah that of course on top of a lot of people lost power for several days thanks to the last storms so that's a frustrating issue. Yeah a 100000 people without power this morning yeah that's that's that's a lot of people so that if you are a work hard though and you're gonna try to. Make some sales calls today than make sure you check at a time and because the police you're going maybe without the dollars so some delays also being reported at Logan so of course if you're supposed to fly out check with your airline about mrs. overshadowed. At issue is -- going to be able to fly to Italy for their three week that sabbatical in Italy Ireland it's stuck in neon what's the deal with that the he can check on Alitalia and find out if it's flying to. Rom to Rome Italy by AJ FK yeah okay. Now some breaking news this morning Amy an MBTA commuter rail train. Just deep rail. In the area of 489. Wilmington excuse me main street in Wilmington. Are these before 98 mean streak only one lane of traffic it's it's a fluid situation yeah I. I only look them in a traffic is getting by right now. Because they have to evacuate passengers from the train so keep that in mind if you get ahead through that stretch in Wilmington don'ts. And increased fear rapper isn't this isn't your failures. The is your base is your basic message. Stay on him and Netflix and and beaten down and listen this show and don't do anything yet and don't be that guy that tries to cut in the middle of the plow conga line like he played Honda CRV that did so this morning when I was on my Wii and it's. That didn't go so often that. Why Danielle I do not for another eye in the hills I don't even understand why people. There have been two wheel drive car for front wheel drive car even leave their driveway. While they have to be somewhere LT and we have today that could put your boss and say there's no way. There's no and you know I am the boss says away like you say no way in the boss' way. He says get your ass in your buyers. We and then and so that that that I passed back guy that was buried buried his little mini card games you know mr. corner glued in new yard. Written you know crushed tree name any any sickness conflict can tackle that it was hilarious. Mean this gone from the guy couldn't make it to via location as a let's. Drive massive truck more. Meanwhile a good deal to corolla spitting my way down here like it bought him. I will say this I did the right guy would have been there. Okay I'm I'd wanna applaud the plow guys the three plows are on the Mass Pike doing their duty. At you know between five and fifteen miles an hour and so you know I've been to the I I tried to be I tried to do the responsible thing to be on the air and I I was yeah I was near the station there was no way I was gonna make it there. I mean I can I got dirty dirty if you wanted the right. It's well some would you think we don't see through this. Really odd this guy again this time you're thinking too much into it. I mean and I wanna apologize to the halls of people when they see the tracks in their yard because there to around a fallen tree. I've got to Arianna why. Does a meteor that crash little street again too many details on what Darren you know bench. When you get here tomorrow ask for energy what time I called him this morning. You're just please to a cursory call to to range of forty doesn't look at 4 o'clock you bitch I'll whatever I relaxed. Today. I mean well boy I really think they're on the same room is usually. Yeah meant to benefit the Dana Farber whitener. Also I saw it in all their own life and audio experience wants good enough. Yet I still made it to Quincy jackass that's the point that. I'm on the other side of the tunnel guy and dios has jig and to open up to super duty. I ask solely on the expressed or what plane and it got around there it is. I didn't as the loop if the disk I just. I just got a 781 texts from a law enforcement officer who says. That they worked all night. And now what's really shopping mayor and a business. Is that people are out jogging in the middle of the storm and wide enough and that that isn't the they believe that's endangering other people because cars had to go around the that is so your respondents say today it's. One game so Aaron Harris yes listen I have a mentally rather we run doesn't matter the weather we run week that's what we do we run. Nazi era that you fit into the collective on this one of the run back to stole from here and we. My I'm not leave my car. Might need to get you automatic wind did pick up he has a lot of aid. Here's a 774 text from somebody who works here granite. They're calling you limp LB their driving from Plymouth and better and then they're calling you. All the guys you can call me anything you want it wasn't my fault what you said you know I I I was I saw the plows I try to hit the on ramp to the pike you trying to beat the plaza didn't beat the closet and look at that there's any other any offers that were in that cluster path. Behind the three plows all the way to Boston could you give me some help and don't look back. Here's a 508 text that says you know. That LB. Is currently sitting in Greg's chair nude. Are all well I held my hiring and towel not the worst thing to be on that chair to be there. I hope that he does sit there as well rules. Some chew on my who lost a this is that they get to the package shoot in the front street let's let's get to Mike on the Framingham forward studio line below Mike. Bag wanna guys what's up much as watching now that you're a popular it was still have to go to work today. Are working a hospital and we never closed its what ingredient which hospital are you working. I've in New Hampshire but my two bill press slipped it inside and everywhere now Howard he's a warrior how much how much snow in New Hampshire today. I've been manager apparently fourteen inches forward. Yes all right let you down you can call on the Crimean ports deal line this morning the numbers 617. 9311223. Or you can text on the text line which is 97107. And as Daniel mentioned roads in many areas tough. MBTA having some issues this morning as you might imagine as they do every morning. And 300000. Fellow. Massachusetts. Residents without its 300000 in Massachusetts that don't have power assets throughout the area to run side that's that's alive so. All right we are about to give you a code.