3-7-18 Hour 4 - "I'm out of here at 10"

Wednesday, March 7th

Wednesday March 7th, 2018 Hour 4 - More of the Nancy Know it all discussion, LB's Sports, Golf on the Moon, Natasha Verma and More!


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Positively men yeah amendments are you can you know because that you can tax that code word red. 7288. Line. Annual BM. Do to win 1000 dollars cash we are giving away 300000. Dollars this go around in the thousand dollar dollars just text the code word red. To this text number 72881. You'll be entered to win message and data rates apply. And could be four or we risk. Our at risk are way out into the wilds of the storm we'll give you one more code word coming up that tanner I guess Kerry and Edwards. And so here's the deal on the mambo Genesis of the winter storm quick and it is going to be about one to three inches of snow. Here in Boston. It's weird I mean that looks like now it's kind of but then it looks like rain here outside studio and brightened on denied what would you go to college arena which pilots now it's rain. But Michael. It's a pain in the gap is it Obama takes it is is it wintering mix a feeling that way yes they love the terms mix of sun and clouds hell does that by by tomorrow we are looking at about one to three inches years in the city by tomorrow morning and north and last. It is kind of an unknown somewhere between three to eighteen inches of snow and where you'll line really the route to. Wooster colts. Regions. Anywhere north or west of 495. Of the ones who end up with the most know this. It's 905. And in just a little bit. Weather traffic etc. permitting will be joined in this studio behind that ushered pharma pull pull upper. Absolutely. Inspirational story. Why she was off of the television news television news for quite some time which was fighting cancer and she's told a story on our show about a month or so ago when she returned and she will be in the studio and talk a little bit about. That in her charity and and all kinds of things coming up and also coming up of course our and of shell game were you paying attention and if you can answer. Questions about today's show when we do that about half an hour 45 minutes and you could twenty years ago C Papa Roach and data remember. The saga senator on Thursday march 15. This. It is lady who has been hanging on on the French import studio line. With that comment on the Nancy Miller all segment and the guy at the vasectomy whose fiance is not pregnant yes Lanny. What's up man. It was just wondered I haven't heard anything about it. It could buses can't deny that he had to dissect the many. I don't think so. Is that the conversation I have. You're already born my idol if they. I don't know all day as they're all they did I mean issues as well and the column that she was pregnant parity had this big it'd be told them my nose she's a liar out. That's in is a lot going on in this section we hold of his daughters are now that was never revealed now this guy. We need more information we've got the word we you have to work out some kind of a local news voice changer like and they're interviewing the whistle blowers in nominee hello John. What's up John. On them. Good article in the that you won't look out my questions were coming. From our. Yeah the second woman what kind of control that you see in the. I. He didn't telling you is that new and a birth control using guys execute him it I. Think they would have been. Maybe it was the rhythm method in L. I don't know that the phrase that relates to I had a different kid that as a result of the reform nine of them met yet. Titled LBs with coming out there are no rhythm couldn't go to the right no rhythm and and if you take your temperature of the peninsula Annan and every day it's just happening in Canada Janet I wish I knew about the rhythm of that maybe an escaped once. Sees it is dead below at right what's up. At. W from that re right away at this stage lit up a child's life. You know where we can has spent a lot of aren't auto and explain. Well. By the way sometimes. Even if it's you're not if it's not your kids. You can end up paying child support was there a story recently yes I was here in Massachusetts yes the guy where they had a guy had been. Forced to pay each child support turned out not to be his kid and the judge still ruled. They're still stimulating the child or Florida in my admin Florida didn't have bad bets I found out it wasn't his key. Red pens out of the child's board and he took care of the kids are now. But that's it that's bogus knowing again did I guy I understood I think it's bogus but. There's a difference between I I thought back I was trying to compare what were talking about yeah Q. Never to different situation there just a I think we need more information if they're just still engaged. They kicker Kurt. You know yeah if she EU that you had you could your personal conversations and she kept and I and I you know look I wanna get married I don't want our kids and I. And bring the certainly thing. And I think the and going back to that didn't false Childs park case there is one example in Texas where the judge had ruled that on any child support. Determined to be issued before a paternity test was taken still need to be paid to the sky. His act had a daughter. He was under the impression it was his because she swore was. A court ordered him to pay 65 grand in back child support payments. They took that the paternity test. Turned out not to be as kid and they said okay you're off the hook for the future but you still hold the 65000 child support payments are you thought it was short and I. Wow outrage here is an ambulance and now it's free agent. It's. Just realistic forgot to shade in the Taj is coming amid issue is the growth. Working exterior. Was meant to Africa and where's the working on his season and take your shoes off. Pottery soft and a fifth. I know exactly doing hard labor in North Korean prison camp. Now when you say buttery soft hands they can only hold one pad not awful not just there. Because they're small. I. You're asking me this morning in the office. About whether or not I would play golf on the moon and you know I happened to be. Somebody who I don't play as much as them I'm I'm always busy. I love golf and I would certainly like the opportunity Sunday to play around a golf on the moon. There is AA. A golf club in the news that has purchased. Some land on them and passed out there and it hit you I didn't know you can do it either. But this is the big news story today because they're gonna build the first golf course and in this yes yeah. Is there and they want to be the first time in the name of the place the purchase the land it everything it seemed to reference a golf club yeah a little different specific name of the place by president place an Augusta. The masks and you know he hit an American Augusta National now an unlimited moons. You know the only question there is this like one of those FICO fund Munich parents now recounts we want him in vast were building your golf course in the moon. Its its it's a very interesting story I would assume that they're probably going to be able to. You eat them in the ball will travel. For miles rising tests though. Yeah campaign who was the astronaut that was it golf balls out there and that the eagle arms and arms I'm playing on it's Alan Shepard according always to read. Oh was Alan Shepard. Well. That whole thing was fake. The moon landing we obvious just just ask buzz all right. You don't want to thank you walked and then when you didn't. Call the kettle black if ever thought of sand and stripper get my weight for me a coward and a liar and a. The I'd write property taxes on the moon but what's that what the property taxes on the moon for the commercial entity accidentally. This is now gone to reflect this is beyond 1% because the only people who are gonna be able to play on the moon arm. I'm not asking on mosque Beazer hosts John Daly and that's absolutely hated doesn't shrink right. That we'll never never mind Atlantis for the Echostar sales trip it's gonna be. Actually tree video of the duels hit men are 101000. Foot derided. Yeah is 912 here on the Hill Man Morning Show which is presented by Echostar technologies your data center solutions provider. For more information you could go to echo stored dot com. And now so deep that came up. I've got beat you with a WAS sports minute doesn't. It's. Brought you by my doctors doctor Robert Levin doctor Matthew prestige to mask his hair restoration. Tired of being ball ladies you have some hairy issues call 1800 get paired changer lattice change your life Bruins red wings. In a shootout at the garden last night no Mac a boy he sought for four weeks of men CL issue. No bird he's got a broken bone in his fourth next man up. The little ball hate. Here's a monster not that shot saved my house. And yeah that's a lemon and that tube back to back some great job by marsh and it up with five points in all. Bees rolled up for the role they're five apart tomorrow and other second behind the Leighton kept pace beating. Now holds and rival and authorities campus five work youthful he received back. But I do the good news of Bruins have games in hand so every time they win. And somebody doesn't play its form it's a four point two coach capacity after the wild ride a build these. Perhaps we we know there's a utilities and it's hard to stay in the moment treaty to unfocused and not wanna have a little offensive surge in trade chances but. You know we're we're trying to play to our identity as well so we talked about it hopefully it doesn't go and one iron out the other and we take it to heart and and build on for an excuse. Guaranteed commands a little banged up slant on doping got to win it was when number fifteen. And at least fifteen and four. We get we get some good goaltending. One was also done as I mentioned marsh five points toward crew went to into tools to assist Basra. Three helpers Riley Nash three helpers sober guys. Stepped up big time without without their captain now next up Philly to mourn and on causeway street. That it's cool school this weekend with the home and home afternoon tilts back about Chicago Saturday morning by the garden Sunday they're out when you see. Per twelve. Dirty park dropped the Celtics are one and one on their three game road trip which ends in many tomorrow night. Sees T wolves they lost in Houston one in Chicago. Also learn fearless leader Kyle every Irving is dated date with a bum knee he had knee surgery so I think Kara. Who's trying to make sure he's around the end of the season amounts of playoff four on the Red Sox got Davis from devers holder soon. Rosen called 91 over Tampa Bay in their last spring training tilt Hector Velasquez. Bring ours number five in the rotation. He went through innings of one run ball looked great. And and they are not eaten for in pre season good news slugger and newcomer Judy Martinez won't get start number one today reverses many in Philly. And split squad action. Thursday they have Tampa Bay. Patriots offseason update. They cap space wide receiver Kenny Britt. Patriots rounds is back in. The general picked up brits option so Brady's go to another weapon. In other news bodybuilder slash NFL refs and heartily. Most in shape official in all of sports call or his calling at a career I guess they're gonna who promote his son Sean. As a head and I fell. Official called champ should we care as teams go for conference titles. To make it to the big dance all roll instilled in Zach here is one of five who got. Got a ticket to rip it up in the land of 68. Next week. Selection Sunday is this weekend BC beat Georgia Tech didn't. Round one of the ACC. They have MC speak today northeastern as runners over get a decent run this year they lost Charleston. In the CAA. Titles current conference title and I told so. A great job by the Huskies I'm LB snare sportsman. Our LB I don't wanna learn raid Jew but these people are very upset. Days while inform you that. Zdeno Chara is the captain of the Boston. That she can Wear the C and then both guys that worries are captains is well if you wanna say alternate captain that's why it's an eight. Go ahead but I would hazard suggested there he is fairly influence influential. Runs locker room I mean he is a captains. And the that you get when when their coach calls the captains and bird he goes in. I Zdeno goes in and I think practices the other alternative captain. Can't Lenin and they Wear ankle not the. The president. Yeah yeah and they're calling you this person's calling you would thing Don why they knife for a while ago about yeah I mean really have really amazed though. That's why wouldn't they just. Column and alternates why do they say alternate captain got OK so so alternate Ding Dong. Dinner party or whatever that parents are geared you guys going good pick pick pick away. I'm out of your technical where moments away from. Our next guest in the studio yeah it will be the news journalists Natasha are my children shortly this is act below Zach. Boring everybody looks up out with the Zach I get questions about it moon court here yes. Who exactly has the right sit down old pieces of the move. The Lunar. Embassy corporation. In it in in Nevada. Yes has has generated eleven million dollars in revenue. From selling. Space real estate. One acre of lunar property can be purchased for nineteen dollars and 99 cents plus ten dollars in shipping and handling. That it won one dollar and 51 cents and planetary and lunar tax and two dollars and fifty cents. For the copy of the official certificate of ownership cracking Zell selling this to and it's this is not buying a stylus is buying. Some property on the moon. Good good deal nineteen bucks and change right isn't really though welding and really just talk about what's on the move the ball actually actually the problem is to soften them and it's cost you a constable and earning a million. Dollars to fly this way more than that. The following news that this is a billion dollar industry away land land on the moon and reals there on the moon. The following celebrities. Are some who have purchased. The more than 600 acres of land on the moon and purchase and here. They are Barbara Walters. Last season bubble she's a moon that. Am. Tom Cruise. Corpus and John Travolta. Quarter real well Nicole Kidman their own science colleges who have and that's what they're doing she's. Nicole Kidman she's she's eaten. And the the problem with the golf course on the moon which we were discussing is that if there's even a one degree pitch. It was and years golf ball into outer space which. For me. I would not access found it and then just to drop right you drop it in the fairway and it's that's what I do so the president is looking. With your fist first pitch at Fenway in space that. Hector that at all little Fella is it going my first pitch at Fenway Park is still floating around them yeah Alex. Now. The man who runs. He lunar. Embassy corporation. Is wanted by the FB. Right I houses are for turned turned it down. A fifty million dollar offer last year from somebody who wanted to buy the entire northern region of them Vuitton so. Listen with an idea and a so oh. It's. It's very interest thing. You might wonder how became possible. For him could be to claim ownership of the movement as that as many people do. It started in the 1970s. When he was divorced and quickly running out of money and and he knew that he did a little research at a community college. Eight he found a loophole based on the outer space treaty of 1967. Is excellent what's fascinating. It's 830 web pages and it says that no nation by appropriation shall have sovereignty or control over any of the satellite bodies at the document never mentions individuals so. On November 22 1980 he filed a declaration of ownership for the moon with the United Nations. Our team where I declare myself to all of the moon it was that easy. It must be pretty little pulls people are. Don't know if I'd still like ball are you kidding me thinks they got a big the people answered email and send the money to Africa physically battered by their me yet and a gold mine. Now community can use bit going to overpay for land on the moon attacks the ones that know attacks there is like pretty amazing right how about that. This is mark hello mark. Yeah I don't guys let's. Edwards on great play golf. Johnny inside the media would about a 150 yards out building had been into the woods this sort of vault back into it felt like Google. That's that I used to boot when what I used to play when I was on the vineyard and I want to get away from middle or to put some well placed of the Secret Service I don't Woodson and they kick my did you footwear is to kick or ball back you know he. He's data minimalism purpose to get away from doctor. Sometimes I'd have Monica grabbed my ball hollow empty and it went well yeah window in the Louis sternum and care. Of this that she can maybe get a job. This is Kevin hello Kevin. Hey Greg good morning what's happening. I tuned in late nighter that was the name and now I'm trying to start a colony of liberals on the moon that was outside I. It's not yet a. And Powell. I mean where I mean seems what is and the money though like honestly because what if that guy he is it like I mean he went to the United Nations over this what it fits what you can buy. An acre of land on the moon for nineteen box why did you pick calling this is early point yes people typically like. Not investing in Nan ya crazy the unhappy people like and. Aren't I grand to spare let me do this I mean it's unclear many legal experts say it is unclear what will happen to his claim if it finds itself in court at some point. What does she carries the million dollar. Yeah you can't slot and outside if they collect this artisan has started an assembly has been guy's been living large in Vegas where you're champ kind of wanted chumps now one award go to a dinner party and show us civilians and I don't an acre armored golf course on the moon I'm quite happy what. I hate again hurry hurry get nearly hit yours hit hit hit hit a ball off the first tee remark I think it's pretty good. And singer Sheryl I don't whenever his aides that pretty safe. Beth and I mean there's is there waterfront property of their as the water on the moon you know and so now the actors they're adults up there are. I'm not gonna close Susan Collins has done in Finland the ignorance on the moon of the sea of tranquility dunks and I'm. Well a table you can hear the sausage making it bites because of the space center in an excellent. Now things don't go Irish it would bring those back paddles are gonna were amazingly taste different on the moon that's a camp fun and everything different on the moon. I am going to boot tweet us. Link right now. News the business insider article on this lunar real state corporate excellence man who sold eleven million dollars of real stay on them. That is on my Twitter feed right now Greg Hill W area to follow me. On Twitter. And you can stay up to date and everything that is happening on the show. And waited Greg Hill foundation we have to. Big annual Greg Hill Foundation's spring events coming up first and foremost our annual celebration of our beneficiaries which is happening on March 22 at the mask while Boston great food great views. Rate celebrities. The mayor will be there and waiting on the governor rule corner and tomorrow NC he's gonna find a way to get there. And and you can join us if you buy tickets at the Greg Hill foundation dot org that's the great deal foundation award. And now take this so you know he'll meet later. The Greg Hill foundation annual Boston Marathon party which is the capital real bright. At the finish line right near the finish line and blows the street. Is selling like never before all the I'd better hurry up and get some rich we are limited in the amount of people that we can pack in there it's a great thrill and it is it's like. Spring is sprung and everybody's out to have a good time on met on Monday so. If you wanna join us. And you get the hang with the not Donnie because is not buckle and is a big sponsor this year. Then go to the regular foundation dot org and lock yourself and for our annual Boston Marathon party at the capital growth. Natasha Burma will join us next in the studio and we'll get to where you paying attention. To. We don't know. AAF fab. 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That's if recruiter dot com slash wrong zip recruiter dot com slash rock. Okay. The yeah going on its food is good. There's so yeah. You're listening to the Hill Man Morning Show. You AF. I don't know fired next guest knows this or not but I am on a major landowner on the moon I don't know you know. Are you now yes Natasha Varma is here. From NBC ten looking more homeless here you look great thank you so much to feel great and you made it over here pretty quick from the studio now that the weather's not so bad a jag yet whether his work and a light. On the line it's starting to get that out there yeah. Now have you been giving your outdoor assignment in the snow banker. I know I know what what that way I would say in the warm comfy studio down what are you doing are you working and working in the afternoon showman beyond that. 3 o'clock 4 o'clock 5 o'clock talking track conditions yeah. And I'll be back early morning tomorrow it's probably gonna get pretty bad this afternoon yeah okay marriage and yet. Yeah well it's on my Cecilia and and I got to tell you when you you you disappeared from television for awhile I did and everybody people were wondering what happened. Where's the cut they were they were texting in what happened to Natasha and they thought it was a Hillman jinx scenario you came on the show and and that. Management there was matter. Low amount so idea they love us right so and then you called us and we learned and it was aid mute the way in which you shared your story was. So inspirational. We learned that you found out that you were gonna have to fight cancer and me and you did and and and how's how's your health how how are you having remission yeah I'm. There are. I'm. I feel great I really feel back to normal my energy levels back to normal. Big news I'm gonna go through surgery at Mike port taken out you'll learn. Yeah so they doctors real confident enough to take it out so to me that's a great sign that they don't want it to key now. At any point by you know it I'm being closely monitored and just taking care of myself and you know being vigilant we are FaceBook. I'd by the way so cells. You need me you know the way I remember you already ruined my instant grams story I did answer grams story of Natasha arriving he had breakfast with them and it was a locking in the big Honda breakfast in the background you ruling out of my best friend Annie and I are. A courtesy. You can't calculate Gil what you're handoff I don't your. I'd be it last this what is at home and I its home base. I'd be the home. Wolf for Britain really as a healthy and are maker what do you the bread machine. Why do you have a bread machine look at them but if you can get. The bread they make a third Sox. In gimme hero when he Canadiens want to would have to us hasn't turned his own battered. Got thrown out that's below the iPod Touch I gotta tell you something I mean you're. Story. Is really important and there may have been some who missed when you call but I just wanna mention that. You started to have to not feel so great yeah and you went to your doctor. And need no nothing negative about the doctor this happens your doctor said that it was probably a muscle that you would pull sprain at at the gym or something. Right yep yeah right I mean this was the end of August and you know I noticed that I had a pain down my arm and then I felt that area close my neck and I noticed a lot. I didn't think anything evidence think it was cancer. And by any stretch of the imagination but I decided to go on to the doctor is painless bad enough. And the doctor and member heard. Just you know it's just so they're my memory sheet. Felt around she felt that lump on my neck and she's like oh it moves that's a great sign. I like OK thank god so she gave me muscle relaxes the pain. Was being treated by the medication but the lump wasn't going away which is concerning my dad is a doctor so he is always you know up to date with what's going on with my health. To be told me go see another doctor and I didn't even that doctor was telling me. We really don't need to do anything he told me like sweetie you're gonna get bombs embraces all of your body you don't need to come in for each and every one of them on the theory. Democrats say it it and use the term sweetie yeah I saw earlier honey it's all blurred out it was just a condescending turning. I was on the phone with my dad was on speaker are listening to him and my daddy's got you know thirty years then in Madison and said you have to do an ultrasound we need. Answers to our questions we can't just leave here thinking it's just a bumper Peru's because it's a lot. And regional Sonny came back in the color was drained from his face and he's like. We might be lymphoma and to which I was just shocked because you know ten minutes earlier he was saying how it probably wasn't cancer. And so we didn't emergency biopsy and I started chemo. Soon be ties it was staged to it wasn't just that want it was on the other side button and it was growing through my chest. And wrap it I know it's inappropriate to ask a woman her age but you're told you what are you twenty I'm 2323. So am okay hot and it can happen to anybody at any moment exactly and hodgkin's lymphoma what I have is prevalent in early twenties. In the twenties and then also in the sixties I'll while it is rare. By it. You have to take charge of your help you advocated for yourself and if you don't get the answers you need to find it mean doctors. You know it's her teen in the emergency room they see so many people they can overlook Cuba to have to be persistent have to say. I need to leave here knowing what exactly it is and I'm glad I cottage because of stage two it was growing very fast when they did the sequencing they found out it was. A rapid growing team and you went to radiation went through I do their radiation I winter chemo what they decided to do was give me more chemo now to Nazi radiation because of my age you know radiation compose a one term. Risk ya breast cancer down the road yeah I didn't wanna do that I'm so. I did a lot of heat my house it was six months of aggressive team out. And it's strong and you know with that came here a loss in everything that comes with you know chemo and it was. It was awful truly awful. So if you look. On FaceBook live right now. You can see Natasha and she's got baseball hat on Harry and you might say wait a minute why are you wearing her why she went what's the deal. And you are actually wearing. A wig yet that you created because of your experience with chemo. So what I would do is I would unite I I've got to synthetic way I before I lost my hair. I was in denial in the back my closet I'm like that's ever gonna happen currently is my Caribbean 1% of people if there's even a percentage of people who lose who don't lose their hair. Started happening in Mike. I can't you know exactly happened within a day I just sort of brushing my hair and only ones here where coming out and it's. Have long hair so it was just shocking to see that. Within a couple of days was all gone on and I hated that we got had heated the hairline to tell people we're looking at me didn't look like it looked like myself. I just put it like Nike baseball cap line and that's how I'd go to treatments and it's that's how I would walk around. I'm Beisel didn't have any hair underneath and I think people could notice her like one or two strands of hair. I I always wanted a pap Wiig Ehrlich hack with pair attached to that we can have to worry about here line and so. During and I'm liking how I developed this product basically it's amazing. The LA and that's really good baseball cap hat here taxed too excited that you can put. And I realize you know we already happy foundation environment foundation with my family that was founded in 2013. And I know how expensive ways are they can run to 2000 dollars and and that's how much they are yes yeah. Thousand are on real human hair for yourself day. Big big big cost me I thought I want our work our work Meretz has other third shift as a janitor six events and on top of that mountain hospital bills so we give them we make these and we give them for free to women and children fighting cancer and the foundation and to me that's awesome they how many how many how many have you given out so far so far it's over a 109. IA linked up with the patriots and they donated a hundred. Pat caps and now we have the patriots cap wait that's last and without a lot of women I mean across Massachusetts Rhode Island. Across the country actually a lot of people in Texas California. I'm across the country not just you know. Women. Endure in their twenty's you know seventies but also children leave we recently gave one to a little girl with leukemia she six and filly. And this is all done through the -- foundation dot org and you know it's been really critical that I'd just call put a cap on cancer. When you look good and you feel about our that's I was gonna. You know and it's not it's not a a female thing but there but women tend to be more. Focused on their hair. You know I mean I honestly a little concern I forgot you're coming united changed today and finally look like and don't judge me on the way. OK I am and he usually wears or says times you know and seen you before and that and a great. It's I. Oh for crying out here and the clouds and I'm not kidding and I think he had just kidding I don't know what it there that. But women do take you know that EE if your fighting cancer you need every bit of energy did do that again and you don't wanna be worried about what you're actually what you're appearances exactly right right. I found was that. I was so emotionally invested in the fact and the horror that I had lost my here. That I couldn't focus on anything else I was so down and they're actually a couple of days in between my chemo rounds where I felt pretty good. And I kind of feel like I was in pain I look at the Mary and I looked so host sick I was bald and I was hail all I was just so. Sick and I its trade in and translate with how I was feeling and so it I felt disconnect I would feel sick. Now you know I feel like it it makes it a more obvious visual trigger for women to be. He'll pie if there are guys with long hair but our guys have kind of shorter haired use so what to shave his head or cut his hair short. It's not is noticeably Pallet well builders changed his hairstyle via when you woman who is gone from shoulder linked or longer cared to know year. Are very short hairdo for no apparent reason. I think a lot of people automatically think. She sick something's wrong she had cancer something's going on so that's another additional thing I think that makes it you know harder for women. Either to conceal it or not have it be obvious it's so much more than just beauty. You know it's like. Cancer already takes so much away from you and me I was doing and I am doing on my career but I felt like I was. Coming up on promotions and new events coming up house cleaning my. Career and everything all the Senna and I had to stop and I felt like. Cancer robbed me of a good time that I was having I was out. There are big things happening in all the sudden you're taking my hair to. The chemo is affecting my neck line where I had cancer my lymphatic system. Not my hair and so it was like my identity was being taken away from me to an on top band like. What else is is being gonna take away from me an hour and Harry taken how much. I'm so it was a way for me there. Re claim my identity and the feedback we're getting from women to is it you know. It's helping them as well Natasha Burma is our guests. Verified new smoke at home and and so if we have a lot of people who listen to show who do an awful lot when it comes to things like this is if there are people listening wanna get involved. Win this program. And help you provide wigs for cancer patients and weeks will what do you call it again that the hack capped waves cap wage act cap on how can they do that what's been. You can donate onto our website Burma foundation dot awards and also a new feature you can also sponsor patient CUC. The women and children who need a cap way and then you can donate to their specific campaigns. It's about 250 dollars per person for us to make it and sent it to them. I and so you know any amount helps because we put it towards the cap. Wait that's impasse on American he's that Nokia is awesome awesome. How's it going over beam back on fear you or who's grown back and remember that it's been really seamless transition I came back to a new morning team and I love our morning team I mean you know we're. Really were clicking so well Chris I don't campus or take out now right yeah he's awesome and amazing professional and she's someone I look up to she's. Being here for so long in Boston. She's wonderful toy is great match of course is great to. I so we have a great team going in it's it's fun it was an easy transition and BC was very very accommodating turn it during you know. This entire process you're Jacqueline Bennett is a good friend of mine is while she's one of the N meteorologist NBC ten and she. Has breast cancer and she just delivered her baby she was going through this while pregnant so and I was diagnosed just like a month after her so me and her close we stayed in touch with. The whole Harrell loss mean. And so she's doing well too so you know it's been it's been an interesting. Year and by entering into when he eats he doesn't. Does everybody over there know that I'm your broadcast mentor. Have you told them about that I had not told that okay I'll be sure to really that you have please please kindly man on and are you. Are you gonna join us for the Greg Hill foundation beneficiary event on March 22. That's OK good I will be there aren't good here is that I know people want me use so. Here is Samantha who wants to talk to Natasha hello Samantha. Her any good morning. It's the seventh. Or. I think they're doing it absolutely incredible. I actually implement music everything and that he says. Our credit a nonprofit organization called the grass is. And I asked stupid yeah skis yeah. If you actually turn to the founder and myself or crack. So we actually have the privilege as being able to be presented as. Are diagnosed as though I'm 31 that are trying to prophylactic mastectomy. I'd probably affect you as well. What do you ancient that the treatment at the urgent need for women so slippery that orders. Can I ever accurate and that's been very and the injury to their company. It is I think it can be a very awkward cease to be and so called an expert on and off and that I'm the 31 month. That's three Franklin content wrapped in recycling. Together haven't looked out. Think he Greg nick have you been exercising as I appreciate it don't. I don't know. I don't know if you automatically and sponsorship of this it as a genre everybody's everybody called. More business solutions quiet on the on the peninsula that split spell on the 31 is that reason. And I could help Obama be Democrats want to sort of evidence let's go back. And I act and the project that include. If everything creating a pray that luxury tax if we expect it every in the future. Think he's so much very important Smart yeah really really cool. All right so if you are so inclined Natasha is is has really turned what happened to her into a real positive. And if you wanna help her out go to Varma foundation dot to work out it's Burma foundation the and you can participate in bowl yeah but we able we have a lot of people I think will start. Back you know and and that from a from a key is like a kid perspective. You know they have to worry about going to school and what their friends are gonna say you know it's way when their when their hair falls out again this is a great. That's so important to me to this in now with that girl who is telling you about the six year old earnings Lucy and she's being treated at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia her father reached out to me said. He you know she's been going through this mistress for leukemia and lose her sister was four and she was being leading classes it was one incident where. Her dad like sounds and I Halloween wade that he put on her and then put a cap on similar to what we're doing. And it fell off during class and educated started laughing at her fashions ball underneath that's my heart you know it's just it's not bear and you might all deal with the cancer but as six your all its not fair known as early as you know it's just sucks it's a horrible disease and you know children. And so it's we make it fun for them and that they can pick different kind of parent color to be pink hair in the blue hair they can change different colors of their cabs. And at least make fun aspect out of it panel earlier cap we get here is something fun you can put on an eight. You know it's like dressing up I've kind of divert the attention away from. What's really going on you know in it's it's difficult but I lower product view hate you I'm so happy back inward you guys. We're glad the years and doing all this I mean it's it's really impressive this year today you're doing now this means you and it's and honestly I think. I think we'll get some people up routes. Now what time are you guys over and NBC ten and going to the alive. Breaking into radio program and life goes after and warm I mean we go on line Brantley ten or early bust and an eleven and. Where I'm on line of thought and a wide open at 3 o'clock this afternoon with Pattinson and I'll Leon 4 o'clock 5 o'clock. Possibly the sixth man and back on in the morning channel ten. Or 32. Seconds nation live reports from the grocery store of people O'Brien. And that's actually local got a lot of local news debt. Did you stuck up for the storm I did not know the going to be out here by tomorrow you know I didn't not necessarily. Will be all right we're going to be OK I don't know I can you don't know and it didn't like it is TO I'm sorry I don't know why I think we'll be looking there morning day evening commutes can be brought. Yeah maybe the morning commute tomorrow as well but you'll be okay as long as you watch NBC and the. Leo all right. The gosh you're great to see you thank embassy on the 22. And yet and I'm gonna hold you to the golf tournament this year oh yeah. I didn't you know these last hours on the hold you to Mohegan Sun Wii's we're going to fox was this year lol yes. Mexican upload and I know that we're going over foxwoods soul hold you accountable I'm not a good comfort that you don't yeah yeah I noticed I felt sorry about. It could be happy people have pants on faith and I. OPEC's there's several Texas that you weren't caddie at all with isn't there yet well I mean I'm. In the coming year drove the last news journalists that we have on the show that now kind of you can take a joke guy issuance of chemical market gosh you can handle the newest. This rosy woods prison very lovely moment in you know just completely related immediate online or over the program program and remember there's a middle aged workers and yeah yeah yeah now. Many middle age Sunday to. Yeah. It happens in a mile journey and I just turned 39 it's a disaster yeah well males but look great for Cleveland separate they're now. Thank you again 38 and yet early third yeah yeah yeah thirty and I mean that too much at what's that ten years for them with ten years between us really. Oh my god agent. But I also got Isa and I'm gifts from NBC and we also got some hands sanitized for your small hand all on. And so Hoffman and how about you thank you you know I really appreciate that thank you. Fridge make some kind of a product that covers a lot of time thinking about it and immediately admit. Good for my annual against. All right well issue I think we get it up right at dodger great CO thing job when he went down my eyes you're asking me where here we love you we are we gotta get out here but. Tomorrow morning we will be and getting my head shaved. So we're raising. Raising some money tomorrow and we'll have a special guests. I'm not only is the governor Guinea's head shaved not only am I getting my head shaved. We have a special a mega mega star who is why I don't hear people I'm not okay. And I sat 63 or Roy had a hostile. Dave and I have now. And a a man who is gonna say it's a man who is known for not only what he does every single. A year for this region. But but oh so he's also been. Is there sorry. I'm so I'll be live tomorrow from granite telecommunications when that all goes down we'll get that point six. He'll get another. Code word you can text in the 1000 bucks coming up in a few moments and the WA AF or they blitz is next thank you very much for listening. Previously un. Do you nick you all and a whore you're just yelling something about fungal pop or not gonna no fun go get it right front gulf pops I want one girl right now on the driving import studio line column Colin tell me what you think if you walked into a young man's apartment and you're young woman you're gonna date. And you see a hundred horror fungal pops. Making it political theater arts fight a lot partly. I don't know and I think it will we have to have that many but I may not mine that the same time and I love more movies to non. I'm sorry I'm I'm an early the. Okay again. If you didn't ask all the days so far Columbia. I was gonna say Jen you should do like the best picture nominee says and it's title and get out Matty and thick weekday afternoons three to seventh on WA AF. What's your. The white ones. 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