3-12-18 Hour 3 - "I'm Proud to be a Fat Ass"

Monday, March 12th

Hour 3 from Monday's Show, Hillmail, Inside the Simple Male Mind, more sauce talk, Putting Veterans in School and more!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Stopped Floridians. Drunk on drugs XXX the liberty is the place is completely out of control them so this nine. Danny can Anthony. Lives in lady lake Florida neighbor called 911 reporting that deity was drunk and suicide allegedly. First responders showed up took from the hospital. And at the hospital right there of the bill right. Yeah. I mean that's guaranteed money though he had a week to our expert doctor Ernie became very impatient he was like screw this I'm done. He walked out of the hospital. And steals an ambulance. To drive it home. The drive from the hospital this guy's house five point seven miles he ditched the ambulance. Went into his garage and hit in his car's trunk so Nolan could find him. And unfortunately he decided to park in violence in his neighbor's truck and wade which aroused little suspicion. The lady lake police sergeant Fred Jones it is very bizarre you to into the hospital because your drunken value in them events that you just stolen in particular to your house. So this could have been bad. I can read your bill if it was stolen by my friend Charlie. Eric I'm hurting her stupid no bribes Charlie it's good to think the real and I that there will sit out a way that. A bullet. Oh by the way it was still on probation every 201718. Lie I'm right on it's. In a golf cart or a car don't know probably useless when there was a lot of tourists in yeah. Thank you Daniel welcome. Coming up we're going inside the simple mail mine so if you're a woman. And you find everything. That a man in your life does I'm. Explainable. You may text and ask LB why it happens as we go inside the symbol. Male. Mind all right and that text numbers 9717. After we play your old male voice mail messages. We will give. All of you ladies and opportunity to sort through why the very basic. Very Neanderthal like male mind works the way in which it does so that is coming up here at WA AF FM. And HD one what's robots than. WEEI. HD two warrants and WWB. Acts HD two Boston. All right let's get this. Now it's your turn to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Hill mail. All right although they'll do you have to prepare the next hour nap on WP. LB. He said on Friday. That you left homeless then at 4 AM during the storm on Thursday and Scioscia. Orange Turkey two hours you better leave it like three year two tomorrow because the blizzard is coming tonight admit I'm I'm honest I'm sleeping on your coach and are you gonna sleep on the couch in the on you know what's. You know what sucked the ball down to Comerica out of Cerro tones are Quincy death terror government parties are I don't know like seven guys in on bars on the Donna Quinn they parachuted just went down at some supper and a couple of Jack deals out. It's going to Asia but I understand there that can hammered out. Why and yeah it definitely wouldn't get until it got chills hammered podium do you drink straight vodka. Unseemly uterine. I'll please. Much of the losses that are out there Astra is soon home with a Bonser didn't mean to animals crushing balls and watching. There are winning that inspire you Angie yes I do. Could tell us what you love I'm a little longer on the what they're more when you are bloodline a circle watching Greg Gerri it. They need a little bit. They need a little more. The the ending is and it's good that'd I think he could have gone on for another six episodes when WellPoint US. Us on the first receives and OK I just didn't start is good your you really enjoy bloodlines bloodlines great TV. All right well anyway. If you if you don't know. A blizzard and they're calling it a blizzard a nor'easter. A bomb mode Genesis arriving tonight at midnight. And by the time it's all done tomorrow. We will have over a foot of a foot of snow and any of us who. Any of us who have businesses that people are supposed to come in during the storm will be out of business and I don't think I'm thinking my friend speaking for a BI. Candy can end tonight they're going to be a snowflake. Or read clothing to name it. Drive it in tomorrow how. That's been a nightmare with the closing of the businesses and about I mean really get enough from god can forgive what about this idea mortgage down mortgage action it Abu today's home male voice mail messages are brought to you by the city of Boston credit union. With the all of the convenience of big bank checking accounts. But no minimum balance requirements or monthly service fees he can check out the city of busing credit union and their checking account service today. And here for you now are the very best all male voice mail messages that have been left by you. Over the previous couple days. Yeah me that in 28 and I think that's what. About this message. Well. But the trifecta. But I will mind routine and. Well I think that's all that we finally know the reason it got wind of that is related news. Got to be our golden years couldn't bad. Add up all of that and then although it's from the gap bad apple boot grain to the point they're. We know we get problem. And. 617 texture agrees with me. The ending of blood line Sox. I didn't say analysts stocked but it just. It was such a great show men they botched it toward the end and found botched it. 7:19. AM. What I read that over time and gets us the finger and buttons it was it's it's us. Blue blue blue line and. There are because the people that well that don't know where there are one of the very elbow room. The very wealthy man and ready so elated that out that I wonder which category L bean ball that cute. Into that. I accept. A retirement. Home and I'm proud to be products. I spent the first of march or February weaved in and percent body that might yeah DB and you had to be and should now. You know one wanna meet me for ways Abbas broke. My answer is always yes. And then. Only twelve to England he can you know I think is that that's that's reported on. It will not make sure of course the park or compliment. It's now. Yes I think my voice is horrible and I appreciate the compliment. Here's the Texas says Greg your employees alike the people at Beaver County day when I was growing up Beaver County day it was close every single day railing and they're comparing the and listen are people have to drive. Two places in the storm of the late but I don't like to college until that now to Marianne because sometimes we get forecasts and there are not that not right. People are wrong the sunshine is a shock you lied so when you know he knee you don't you don't make the decision to close until you know until looks illegally bat right. Won't we we see him. Optimal shape finally admitted it did it but it probably did it did it. We've done it I don't know but I can put it that way. Charlie. Charlie won the one that did that Charlie is the one that did it eloquently OJ. To me oh man. If it's okay I'll admit that I needed those murdered. If you admit that I love it if I can bet that. Not an. I mean. What is with the laughing at the most inappropriate. It's. It's you know there was so much for days. It's like somebody slip a couple people's votes. Saw incredible it was comfortable. Is it there it is it's hard to be a Muslim you know like. Her murder use Jesus cap people's throats antique. Easel acting like it's funny. Like hypothetical. Like you're basically on television. Telling them America how you killed two people in cold blood and he got away with it laughing about it I don't own hole. Started here and ten days. Ago all of god. I. Another day off for some people them yes. I mean I'll be here. That's what I do unlike the US Postal Service I shall brains as leaders. I mean less than a vacation a rare vacation days tool and lovable but it is. It's probably going to be a good day at work from on the mile and I mean. It sounds legitimate. Like this I was gonna fall in to the volumes going to be one to three inches per hour now salt and and that's going to be through out the morning and throughout the you know. It's gonna be legitimate the linemen. I'm sure that. The governor's. On its way to the mean a bunker as we speak and and their preparing for this baby. Full blown. You have been so well that it didn't you realize that can then you know not spend it copyrighted work off. Therefore whether you mentioned Bob in your bracket and independent and Iraq and the agreement continues to them. We're connected. LB and he cements. Pleased that my nugget in the sauce of truly a form at the bell shaped ones on engines them. Yeah and Greg I'm gonna pay you pump that and I don't want to get mad about that part we waited. I haven't worn while typically no I mean that is the view and I don't know why I doubt that that. Being that you know made it do when I haven't been here and you know our broad based look the other day. And Michael's mom alone. Always quiet month FaceBook and now look at them Greg. Like other open now all going Oldsmobile that read welcome back in the lap of one and that according. People's thought it would my aide. Shaved said that. A look like spouses. Older brother look I don't know I mean I don't know what that. I'll get soft five and creating you know picking that pitchers from teams and things like that McNamee be you know it's. After that I look at a huge huge. Better about herself by. Trying to make other people look bad that's fine I mean I you know we have restrictions around this place them. On which side of her face we can take him I mean I've never done a photo shoot whether fixer and our get ready for the folks there. Sir Hibbert I can't lay her down around you and your opposite she's got a trial all my oh my god it takes hours to get ready to take one picture. Did dying or did nine not courtesy text you with that means. You did you know you know me I don't give two out so I'm happy to be made fun at that that's the it what. What what we have for contact people could make fun of me now and then went in and wanna look like you knew what would we will owed me after contents so I tried to face tune one photo to eliminate a little change tonight tweet the end result that can not. I'm betting. I'm now with. You can double your very comfortable at age at age fifty guys. I bust my ass like what what what what what when you're in jail. Weary way Johnson sixty daylight nasty personal trainer work. You know spent another fifteen grand on plastic surgery for my face to make me look younger it is what it gives it Jetsons and look. Lol oh man. Yeah I'm look. I don't think I'm I have known. Siege. All right this. It date thirteen. Thank you were participating. This morning during filming now. And were about to go inside the simple mail mind fund fun fact. From a 978 tax their bloodline. Of filming ended early. Because they stopped a tax break that Florida was giving her for filming things there so. I believe that that's why date didn't have enough content. Finish of figure out. Which is kind of ridiculous issues on the Vancouver Canada they're British Columbia irreverent. Made light Key West, Florida they added you get and 25 cents on the dollar. Here's the Texas says Greg are you saying the you don't give two Chan's about millions yes. Elect OJ mean where he's in court trying to put the glove line in the mean says Charlie doesn't like it when I try on the stuff. That. That mean this morning this and it OJ HL games that are floating around there. I would just I mean who is is Charlie him as I like his other personality lakers murdering personalities and future. There's there's the theory that I had seen on line that it wasn't necessarily that he had multiple personalities it was that it was another element of his personality like that you want us out of watching himself do it yes and like Charlie I think was supposed to be the more com. Side of the personality of empathy do you get any work on the OJ just chocolate about you know people line. That that you know that was his side that he went to when he didn't want to accept. He really insists hoping it. Like crazy cycle out I mean do you think there was somebody would them when he didn't. I think it would have been hard for them to keep that person a secret this long. But I guess anything's possible I mean. Not often. Women or narrow the house has come not pray. Which one place for the bills to him or Charlie Gonzales dividends this case you put an asterisk nexus name right I mean I don't. I know. Would you you in our policy is you believe he's Psycho. Meet us on what his interview took to washout last writers like all Monica ally again of course. I just don't know how. Anybody listen you have to be really really really good friend. Did that go with them and do it now and to never say anything about it never give him opera anything like that you can't fight like Al count like out there are yes and or M and I mean. Or is it an illegal thing. Like he estimate of this'll in his lawyer's it will take this name and you know now I mean I we're portable Qaeda share. International leader remember burying him. Well not not according last night I mean you watch that thing right day of the I got close comfortable and I are harder watcher sorry dudes. I mean it's. The idea that somebody. Anybody other than him. Did it is is absolutely ludicrous and the I think he probably. You know he's so evil and sick that he thinks he's going to be able to fool everybody in that everybody's gonna watch that buy into it he's going to be a great guy and you know he's going to be invited acted bell their country club get his membership back and get all the parties and you know I mean that's that's what that's what he keeps thinking you know I'm sure we'll Mike. They connect with Mike. I heard that that Charlie was actually short classes rubber. Excellent excellent conference. Now George is that that's the guy you. Were a little bit and it's very reluctant. And I'm feeling today today's weather brought to you by Subaru of New England supplying all wheel drive vehicles with a passion for winter adventure and we've been talking about it. It's going to be sunny and 39 partly sunny and 39. For most of the day today snow arrives tonight total a matter white out conditions there's going to be. Over a foot of snow that falls by the time this blizzard is over. Travel tomorrow just looks like he's going to be ridiculous self. Bang in today don't tell the boss you're not going to be there a mile and a VS an issue on the Kahlo. And now and it's only natural fresh problem and eager to join us I'm never going to stop going to prostitute. I don't understand this week peered inside another got to work when I once in awhile. The simple mail mind Moore who we're happy to examine a great time 24. Obscure reference from a text there are and the OJ Simpson lost confession. Videos that they show last night on fox. Primal fear was that Norton. Great movie yes excellently created a whole mother that personality. And yeah Datsyuk committed to Maria are there that you create great great career after nine million now you ever seen now I lol my ordinances are spoiler Miller I mean there's a spoiler husband doesn't now it's it's not like dateline and it is it's it's great. Art. If you are a woman and you are confused. By the way the very basic very Neanderthal like male mind works. Excuse me you make checks in right now. Tonight B 7107. And LB all provide you with a little insight into the simple male. Mind and it's brought to you. By LBs their doctor doctor Robert Leonard and doctor Matthew little press the you can call them 1800. Get there. 339 taxed LB yeah. My boyfriend a couple of years. Starts a fight every couple months and then disappears for a week and a half on a Bender a he promises every time that that was the last time he'll get a job and and then it happens a few months later now will this ever change your own rule will this be my life if I answer the phone this time around now. Now it's never gonna move on. A lot of guys that they start fights just so that you get a few days off it's. Go to Newport News a couple of chairs have been looted from Florida and Comerica red tail between their legs apologizing segment rarely run spreading from homes and inner. Finally tax what is the best way to get my husband to do all of the projects that need to be done around the house before summer and it's. Hire somebody unclear publicity of those things that we are some. I I mean it's it's one of those saying zero aria is you you're grabbed me when he comes home from working you have the list and say look I don't care wanted to stand. Believe you start knocking these things off maybe actually does one of them up that while you're you're you're you're you're climbing all out of one step at a time. I mean can she tell no sex and see what happens. Or is offenses. That are you know to do the honor of period three hours if he's the guy you vastly reduced some white 27 times mind are you guys have a whole lot of sites either. Vitally tech speaking of that. My husband and I had been married. For almost nine years. Our sex life is. Okay. I don't like talked to him about kicking up bowl level. Even if we did that's really have a face to face to offered you know grab say what's most gopher couple cartels and some out Beason. Have a little discussion. What they're gonna respond to anatomy she tells them more plaguing you know she wants a little effort to manage to get our while I guess you don't like I always say the Bessie endeared to trying to solve this problem mayors. We now have the kids or you know you have cares maybe drop marked the third best friend's house or when he gets home from Mort you're naked on the kitchen table now. As good way to mix that up miss suggest asking to do those things right in the middle of the act because men are more receptive to several different ideas I'm. They're blood is all drain down to one area and away from their -- you're going are you going back to the do the tour thing I'm not not to slip up this unless the swells right up there are now saying I'll tell them don't tell match at a time not all the outside the meeting on I just get into it and then you know once he's ready to go you're like law but to do like this what you can expect. Defense. I think she I think she wants more from the resort. Retire from. Let's see here's a 774. Attacks there. My boyfriend has just started to ask me. To do crazy things in bed. He wants to charge some porn sex moves. How is the best what is the best way to say no. Why do you wanna say no. Aren't sexy moves there sacks morals are at all I'm gonna get creative in there missionary gets all dinner hurried. In on any you know BER yes you do is one thing it's a little crazy then you know that's easy answer a couple of you know I you know throw a couple of more things are Chara and you know he's trying to get get in get year old and just enjoy now told that it really good. It is via charter reverse cowgirl to shoot you know one and I. Works. My wife just told me she wants to go to a swingers club for her birthday. Anything I should be concerned about yeah the fact Garrett from Florida it's up for the weekends you know I've been here are somewhere that's really gonna be working your little lady. That's really inside the war to female brain should save that and PM Thursday. Let's see. I used to be very secure in my relationship and after listening to inside the simple mail mind. I'm constantly worried that my boyfriend is eventually going to cheat on me the way LB talks about Q. Do all men eventually cheat in their relationship. Yes small talk likes. I don't know did or give me a number 80%. Every 5% us 65. I mean if the divorce rate America's 55 50% and then change. The Arab leaders and other towards our guys are trying to you know where it. I gotta tell you went into it though. I look you know this is meant to what is the shaming of the man that goes on. This is that segment I don't know are preliminary and there's there's an example women do it name men women and women do it. Let's see here's a 617. Taxed. Is it possible. To be physically attracted to somebody but have no set. Yes. 100%. And it goes both where's goes both ways terror you can totally dig it chicks body in India and totally warm. Dep there boy he can't stand a personal she must have been pulled out by guy I'm physically attracted attracted to you but there's no mister. And even know if it's like the in the personality part LB I think sometimes is just you think somebody like super hot you know and then you detonated near like. This isn't we have no does no rhythm that you're happy you're out here on there that neck and back. Our work can you do any ounce icon what I avenue just later. I'm seeing a guy here's a nine to remain text aren't seeing a guy who are you know cheated on his acts. Will he most likely cheat on me. You know what this is like that last question to be honest it's one of those things I wouldn't. How can you are hugging him in a relationship and that's that you worried about. Yeah isn't reality along a little bit but he can't hit can't wake up in the morning and be happy if you're gonna spend all day wondered if your boyfriend can achieve. Or if you if you aren't these are cheaters residency. There is you know achieved he's gonna cheat and and and people the chief engineer. You know so. You know you can't you know either you're in the early shipped any terrible person and you trust the person and mentally breakdown of trust. Hang tough don't sweat the small stuff does is known know you could no should have a how good is your day gonna be the first senior wake up in the morning and if your husband's car accusing got to be for you to go to work or are you do spend all day Warner these. Bang and some chicken noon yeah special way to live your life right. I think you also a look at the relationship that was an existence when the person cheated like what the dynamic was but I with their acts and like if there was anything that led them to cheat. That is just being asked them to visit Texas says LB's sock too weird voice when he talks about taxes so Chris. If a song. About little soul searching me now is creepy. But I you know again and I hope what are and where and allows have been my digits back in the eighties I was thousand. Let's see a 978 tax why does my boyfriend get mad at me. When I whisper in his ear I'm horny when we're out in public. Could you out of a BC what do I do it at the daycare when your way to the news editor I mean not remember what a dope. Now here's a 978 tax if a Dari lies early on in a relationship like four months into it. A stupid lie that wasn't necessary. Is he doomed to always lie or can he actually change and I can trust him. Lesson we got to see a lot of things to be able to get stuff done OK Lotta times you don't feel like more in the long. And we wanna go out a couple of pops and watch the baseball game or we won't you know with our bodies. So we gotta we gotta make some mock UN arms and law day in and ski area Saturday are your character I forgot her commercials yesterday before you're failure. And yeah you really didn't Bob's I got like I have an item at a news station it's got some commercials. Here's the scenario though on the forgetting part yeah I thought about it Larry back into our western I again and everybody tells little white lies to to get through the day. Here's the 315 tax. Where is that from Danielle. 315 is from the New York well north and central below New York. My boyfriend broke up with me after a year and a half. Any broke up by just ending all communication and barely responding to any of my messages. Right. I asked for my things back a month ago and he said he dropped the mosque since he drives by my house every day don't work. I have sent a couple reminders. And he keeps saying you'll bring the mine next week what the F is wrong with him and will I ever see only thing that's what a. Number one number warned you know his schedule. So you know when he's gonna be home Enola struck looks like prior to his house. Walked into his house gave you grab your stuck trying to mean what do you like nine yeah arm and arm. Is metric that we menus they want the stuff back so they can see you again is that it is promise I think that there and that's what he's concerned about I don't know why we're not talking carries a nine era I'm. What are jewelry box it seems to me she's got close and and legit stuff if that's a case moon go get it it necessarily hearings and deploy to Iraq to move far it's extra shampoo do you what are there Politico. 774 attacks I just got back together with my children's father. The sex isn't good but I love him. To be honest. It's his size. Each other any things work to increase size I don't wanna hurt his feelings I don't like talk to them about it. Why I think yeah. He's here yeah. Leave our children with them you know me knows likes and his dislikes or is there any terror exercised daily lives. No no we're just argue about it and it brought in by endowment dance I'll weld done. Eleanor and her she put up her show clips and another is that it's really not that he could go I don't know you cancer so successful. Those pumps don't work speaking for our friends I'm not enough I don't I mean I was or anything you know take anything to you. The game yet appears extension solar and you wanna save up fifteen K then save it out otherwise it's again here's our crew to guard if you don't wanna take a scalpel to your penis and there are several other ways that you can rock that woman's world yet. And you are a battleship a pleasure to hear that. You have many weapons that's her knocked up and so she should go to him and tell him that he should try to do some other things that is mark shoes advice. Are right well that is inside these simple mail mind that we do that's arm Mondays here on the Hill Man Morning Show. WE AS. Heard on the story coming up on Thursday a day remember and pop culture at this Sunday's San Aaron the draft pick Murphy start their string of shows at the house of blues Colin Quinn if that's a little back and Adam hey is that laugh Boston and that's the word on the street sponsored by planet fitness the world judges who. We don't planet fitness dot com for more details about. Plug on the WA AF dot com. 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Each one of those has variables like what you put down in Hawaii vacation. And then issued trading that insured there's many moving patsy you financing as there are you new path. And that can get confused. Every prime dealership to bass players have. Because of crime we practiced full price for its. So not only do you know you're down a monthly payments you know what you're paying a backpack with veteran. What the police act in the financing costs upfront. That's our policy and a thirty dealerships representing almost every category. This time you have all the facts to make an informed decision and how. To find you kind dealerships this attract crime got caught. And show. In the first round. Starts madness which got underway this morning it is cheese whiz verses more and day. Which is kind of like she's is is really the poor man's morning really. I'll be loves that she's Liz and I would assume you'd think. That cheese wiz will advance. To the round of 32 with a win. Over morning right parties that we started our party picked him to be a victim to the final four you did not you picked. You put cheese whiz to the model for anything but you can use it for anything. I get the my bracket outcome I'm delaying I'll probably do it during the 9 o'clock hour and Tom I have some. I'd get a couple. Couple sauce battles that I'm not the firmly convinced yet which way it's gonna go so I don't wanna. You know you have one of those bucket breast Brett bracket busters and you're done yeah it bracket bracket busters and you're not. On. I feel like we talked about this earlier but I feel like honey mustard vs Carbonari is it's going to be that's Michaels went. It all away on mustard honey mustard to win all the way all the way. Mustard is an excellent well he get everybody unit. Like the healthy people really love the army must all do they elected that veggies and man that prisoners I don't know I think it is best. And yes simple sugars tradition yet right yes. Yes I feel like the this'll be interesting because. Like the Alfredo I would think Alfredo would have an opportunity to advance all the way to the final four and maybe be in the national soccer championship although. You know with the way people's attitudes are changing about. Food and sausage general it might not that it might not make it I think in order to really have approached this accurately. We needed a panel of individuals to fill out brackets over shielded from the news for a month but they couldn't get that. But there is good for you butter is bad for those veteran guys for you against study effects right now. What else I think I feel like bernese advances almost on Barack I don't know. The vinaigrette vs them load reduction and I'm a fan of a more low reductions. But some people really like the minarets not do so again you have that'll healthy thing there's not a national summit. A ball sonic and regret reduction about probably owed so. All right well anyway starch madness under way in go to WA AF dot com and our contest page and participate Fella you bracket. And the experts say that countless hours of productivity. By cheaters will be lost over the next few weeks how they're filling out their sauce brackets and we'll know at the end of this. Weather and who is national side's champions. Last hour we had wander in here wonder is Monday's much this week and you can see you wonder. On my instant ram or on my Twitter feed and Monday's mutt is brought to you by critter. The mobile tool to help shelters and pet businesses organized and better connect. If they launch in early April and they want your help so joined debated today at critter dot com that's KE RI. DDR. Dot com and check out wonder who is two years old. And wonder is hoping that you'll provide him when they a forever home. I Ares amazingly he's a medium sized Darden you yes happy is anything really really obvious who's Mary's gloves currently durable. On today's they think it is you know we need a lot of locks and as usual high energy but he was a chill when he was in no gel either way does the nose nudge like my government does that make. Hello device that let me. Well I've noticed you know how women when they live together they all get their period at same time. I've noticed that yes I 1973. I've noticed that when people come around LB they automatically become lazy. What can quickly can they don't have any energy wander well literally down beside me for fourteen minutes when Macedonia you know it is it's the gravitational pull. Yeah yeah. Iron right somebody's upset that I didn't have like beard she's on the list as and I mean that's covered by like the morning in the she's is sort of I mean and there worth their analysts' sauces I mean that. The sauce list goes on and on and on so we could include everybody it's like every team does it every team doesn't make the 64 there's a lot of sauces that are Notre Dame this morning that's right if you have a rights. It's read this doesn't mean you are I. The SL for really if it we there's really when it comes to rooting for local teams it's just Providence and Rhode Island air that's there there now. I. Weather today it's gonna be partly sunny temperature is going to be 39 for a high and then. The storm arrives around midnight tonight total another white out conditions a blizzard it is looks like the qualifications for the blizzard. Will be here that means the wind and the in the intense no one to three inches of snow falling per hour starting after midnight. Tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon in the commutes both of whom will probably be very very difficult it looks like the snow is going to be. More about above floppies now than me I don't what's now so gently hopefully we won't have the same power outage issues that we had over the hood last couple of storms. And from a high tide perspective. The tide is. Not only gonna be eight and a half feet and Tom says he get you probably an extra two or three from the storm. Which puts it at eleven but not at like the fourteen that was that last go around. And the seaport planet while. Looks like things maybe a little bit easier this go around our third nor'easter. In ten days and it's enough enough we don't want to stop that it's it's supposed to be sunny and ended in the fifties at night not snowing so. On that begins at midnight. Tonight. It is. 846 and today's Hill Man Morning Show is presented by Echostar technologies your data center solutions provider for more information go to echo stored dot com. To talk about that Elizabeth Warren audio from Meet the Press gets over the weekend yes another an editorial published in the Berkshire eagle. Last week. Basically calling on senator Warren to take it DNA test to prove her ancestry and I love it. So of it but she's never going to candidate Tammy test now never bullets and oral history. That's it's an oral history former feeling that she's relying about it and it suggests heritage she sticking. So Chuck Todd and Meet the Press. Asked her to respond to the editorial. And she had this to say. But. I do now I know who I am and never used it funny thing never got any benefit from anywhere. Picture of him it is one that none of those one lines like. There's no possible way that she is ever going to take the enemy that never mean as there. What does she do like an OJ thing like again like it go to the networks and say all right. Give me a couple million bucks if I learned the pin I don't care how my panel I. All bill like alive. DNA tests that. If if if you if you willing to get you give the money or campaign raised. You know maybe we should do one of those. Forced cheek swabs and we can create a clone out of her and then test loans and that's I think I would have been I don't know I'm just saying the Democrats would lemon. More and more and Tony Tony yeah. I. I mean. Here's the Texas says she she she got blessed you know thank you she should take the DNA test when the president releases his taxes makes it I. There and don't. A couple of adversity it legit question. I'm not. I'm not gonna can't remember ever getting Everett I don't know I think the governor why he did. Yes yes under lock into him why yes the governor of a lie a she mad she medicine are released being really you Brazil India and that was he should not have ever had that that was ridiculous the birth certificate that. I think the DNA test is. Listen you have a newspaper. Granted it's in the Berkshire's book value of them calling for her to take it DNA test and in the state where she's the center and a I think she sang at the show to do it. I what I marketability and always never give them calling an Allegheny doing a lot of not road work and pothole filling up departures and I avoid them. Every and a lot of funding. For the Berkshire's. How we feel about a request for an earmark the based on the discussion that we just I don't know whether you alright with that real time with that my name get started. I let's get to the news and the news this hour is brought to you by. Naples they can help your business standout with custom signs banners and brochures that are reflection of your company and designed to impress clients for less standout materials. Equals outstanding results staples brought to also buy cars for kids you're number one charity for our donations. Now also accepting boats are v.s motorcycles and real estate donations. Hall today. Well. The trump administration last night for rose proposed providing some additional. School personnel. With a rigorous firearms training in schools are also looking at making those veterans one minute past certain tests and whatnot. Also backed a bill to improve criminal background checks on gun buyers nobody think about the putting them that's in schools part of this. I think it's good then but there are people who don't I mean people went when I talked about this originally people went off on me and said I was an idiot Newman missile and does. A moron. Which I am all three of those things I race all those but. I don't know why it's a bad idea if you have veterans and I feel free to text in our call and I am I'm wondering if you feel like it's a good thing in what with the negative is now that people. And they had a very I just come back to be become police officers and firefighters. Should they not be allowed to be. Police officers and firefighters say viewing your family and I burning house or in your family unit distress situation but now you don't believe in them to take care your children. I'm you know I think I agree with LB but there are some veterans who suffered some trauma sure. Wouldn't necessarily be going after that they thought of that last week is we had a lot of veterans that check dent. And some had said hell yes sign me up I'd be willing to do this I love this and they had some veterans second unless they liked. In the last thing I want to do is like oh like after what I'd been through when I was deployed the last thing I want to use component like have to deal with this kind of thing. I think as long as it's a voluntary thing you have the appropriate screening that you have for anybody right that it could be a positive well but. The thing is this is an actionable thing I mean that people want action. And then if the action is and in some cases if the action isn't that we are going to stop the sale and manufacture of ball. A weapon whether they be guns where organizers. Forks or or you know or any. Like lower in all water pistols are like you were not some people are just not. Then they're never happy in less than that but I I think that I think this that an interesting proposal I think its interest. You know I again REI unity unity unity they come back to become your policemen saw. It's easier police minutes OK but if he's in your school taking care of your children it's not okay well. I think that's movie it's goofy thinking negative propaganda and you know our. You know the world we live and our bodies are negative Nelly. When. Walt insisted on saris to counteract that LB I agree with you but they have to be screened because some vets come back. With whatever trauma it may be in for instance there was that shooting. In California right. You know with a girl from BC brat whose work in their diets and have a right wizard he's very sore total of sorts or is it okay if he's a copy near term with peak if he passes the right screening to say there is a risk factor there are not dissing the veterans of the. And your bidding and negative Nelly because they'll be realistic about your putting somebody in the school. With a firearm a matter of the veterinary but he also need to make sure that they are. You know mentally K you're just in your your your. Being in case and let me tell you we're being really. Letting a guy that. Yeah on that path is a cop that's it becomes a police officer is the same danger and he's gonna snap. We'll worse that that's always the Susan if you are out. Why well yeah he's staying. Past the same kind of test does like. That's exactly what she was sitting at that you'd do we have a screening options yeah cash and. Well all the battery failure yeah I know you're already it in this is what this is one. The negative now he's doing our world now. Israel I know it's great what a great opportunity it would be for our veterans to come on guy wants a qualified yes. We think hearing talk more times. No we talk all the time about how how horribly. Veterans and our country are treated as a pertains to win on home where we got a border veterans I don't even get it when it's not where they are overstating it. They're talking about the fact that there is an issue in this country it'll Joe Schmo has to be tested out of camp to become a state pride or not all veterans are Joe Schmo who later on become police officers are committed. -- That hurts our veterans are Psycho like you're the one who had that in your head and that's where Rollins at Pauley says wise yeah exactly and can deal with dramatic issues and PT FT stating the obvious. I just can't yeah yeah I hear Paris. Unlike unlike so the better comes back. Does whatever test you guys deem necessary. And we're bringing her passes wolf that that's yes that's where are we talking about like it because Chris Cheney needs to be some kind of a screening that's pass yes our veterans a peek at the meditation on how they don't do certain job. What I think the point of you think the president has denouncing. I'm okay I'll veteran show up at a school wouldn't balance with your the earlier in my and then your guns and tomorrow whoever is there and that's what they want. Jumping on his bandwagon that actually at the guys making sand somewhere you know do you YouTube don't like it because it came from you know go on yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Become police on a lot of parents that you may follow Brett. Bolero. Podcast. Campaign you know corner and that's one the last again use as little corner big enough you have to be in the middle of their own case in Idaho line here is that Cologne neck. Barrier and went that next. So I agree on all sides of the aisle on this issue on other veterans I've worked in law enforcement currently. I've been a firefighter or most civilian and the military sector. Tom I think you see in a inspector. And LB I agree. It's as a great opportunity to get those veterans who. Either just wanted to do some good. Or don't have a job like me. I would absolutely go to school on miked up social. No problems. Elections. On what we're in the Al. You meet that you medal period that is the biggest thing was gonna control it. And. Lost its owner the Shelby I'm not disagreeing with. It. Local gun laws but I'll certainly do more research like what I went through. The process worked for the law enforcement agency that I worked for now. The mental health. Evaluation. Orchards. 415. Or the question. The second floor it was senator under question. And you go and talk. Arm. Certainty that the more emphasis. On mental health evaluation in this country. Aren't great are great. But it got to be careful because as soon as you start saying that somebody might have an issue. Then your shaming you know that's that's so tight we're gonna we'll continue we mourn this coming up. A play were you paying attention at the end of the show and I have a code word. That you can text into win thousand dollars coming up momentarily. College basketball brackets and you can. And stellar X plus it's WA AF dot com slash. And make your bids on Thursday. Ford Five Hundred bucks and bragging rights. You AF prejudice all presented by Cannes film that's light and also brought Cuba rabbis energy. Bracket the new Smart payout from Cumberland farms isn't just a Smart way to save ten cents on every gallon of gas you can earn free quote with a new breakfast and pizza clubs demo that Smart they have from Cumberland farms children your Smartphone. Into a genius who awards only available was what they mobile episodes of exchange. 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