3-12-18 Hour 1 - "You Learn Something New About Sauce Everyday on This Show"

Monday, March 12th

The first hour from today's show! Starch Madness, Daylight Savings, a 30,000 dollar bottle of Ranch, Excuses LB hasn't used yet and more!

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On Thursday and then we'll get starts madness underway. WA AF let them NET one Westbrook. Just WEEI hasty to Lawrence WW PX 62 busted. My goal is to leave the house I don't know if you can do. I offer my sincere apologies I don't think it's now enough snow that's for the intro. Pros believe that we should go for. Why is the highest possible standards. And proceeded to. Part in wearing face off and I remember extra boost of courtesy trip delegate at some slim picking a bargain from. And respects I sometimes you lose just consideration. Fortunately for. And in my resignation. Well first of all our meal I'd talk to my ball jagged and. And now I'm here for no. Broadcasting live from beautiful and say Brighton Massachusetts Pete he's dead. Somebody over a chicken Caesar salad streamed live at WP. You can also ask Amazon echo or go home to play WB yeah it's so easy you know. Yeah I thought well man please WTF. Hill Man Morning Show. Love it Doritos and that addictive thing as agreed to leave it. And this is not the type of entertainment that are safe place. Soaring but it wasn't my. Which your host Greg Hill always seizing the day and the remote that's why I lived every day through. When it comes to naps and television and to greatest assets of being. I called the Braves being sacked coach Gil and you ladies are interested in its sixty year old moose knuckle. Sports with a mastery of the spoken word. Again wow yeah right and nothing nothing nothing we can you can. Healthier more on the go too hard drive I won't hurt they're sort of inserted through no hey Danielle halo. I think news headlines with the always agreeable did yeah. Bracelets and Allan Steinfeld. That she's able. Larry I could imagine having been excellent and done it's like you're scared and be angry husband never come verbiage Mike Hsu I. From this issue for your favorite actress Angela Lansbury. Pizza Hill Man Morning Show. It felt it needs a little adults and there. Ours is and it's got to be in the key in the. Glorious world pleasure of lemon. If you knew you would probably won't see if you. Only a little Monday bow out the beer in here before the clock strikes six acted daylight savings time for that GD 8000 dollar. Top cared when I don't work come out at a dedication about it then all right let's do it listener asked. Thousand dollar how there is on WI AEA asked just. Your share of. Starting the week job with the chance for you to win and why in the thousand dollars cash right now. So wipe the sleep out of your eyes as the saying goes and taxed. The code word. Sheikh in honor of angry march you big not big. With a deed a day. He could tax the code word they put the AKE right now. To this next number 72881. A reminder that message and the data rates apply. But Tex the way and you'll be entered to win 1000. Dollars cash in Iowa of another code word for you coming up at seven and and and at eight and nine. And all day long here on a Monday. And I believe that they always say that today is the most dangerous day to drive. Because everybody is still. Over tired from. Springing the clocks forward. And so there are more auto accidents today than any other day of the year so bizarre. Allow people are dead it's just a mind out what do you mean I do you convince yourself to your time. Yeah. I didn't. Lot of pressure on himself in the plot like god the clock springing for RA I'm going to be so it's like I'm proud that our liking that you know you get second would totally out of it. Ericsson definitely I feel it's I think people are mean ankle misery. I'll pour out they were out Saturday night and they one last hours sleep and then had big spring out of that and take care there. Their chores yesterday and all those and I'm up early afternoon pulling the garage. Though are well anyway. It is 602 and if you would like to be on the show this morning you can call any time. On the Framingham boards studio line that number is 617931. One AA out that 617931122. Degree or. If it is preferable to you you can text your comment any time up until and on the tax line which is 97 and one says. And joining us first this morning on the Framingham boards studio line it is Kevin hello Kevin. Hey good morning Greg political and what's going on in. I think daylight savings time as a complete play got placebo effect immediately didn't all the people and you just Titus the notes are right yes put the clots around that he wouldn't have any rights are accurate it. People that sixty hours select prepare for that he's afraid that this. Now I'm. Don't pay me and do you change the clock in the escalator viewing at six months I have papered I had to break this theater and this will lead to some kind of the bullying. Hello Mel voicemail messages but the escalade changes the clock itself. Robot opera robot uprising alert don't know what about the African either side of IRA. The out there yesterday and and as I got in the car and automatically changed it's really gas self. I didn't know you're not daunted by all the time I drove the Arizona I don't know how an outstanding out of this huge I don't know how it knows but it now. This is this what they sacrifice the spare tire for a good kick hit the you have the clock automatically chains something there I. For all I know my friend Charlie may have been the one who win. From now on anything that goes wrong on the show I'm blaming and I'm Charlie like OJ I watched I watched a home buyer OJ thing yesterday. I will I need a lot of time to talk about it so probably talked about it. A little bit later on but most. Obnoxious. Offensive ridiculous thing I've ever seen is OJ Simpson confessing. It's good to the martyrs lying on fox last night it was it was not so we'll get back coming up of course the as you know. And probably don't want it now and most likely don't want to blog about there is a blizzard coming late tonight and throughout. The time okay. So the another storm on third. Nor'easter and less then ten games. And the snow is gonna begin after midnight tonight. And we will end up with over it looks like over a foot of snow in most areas by the time I'll done tomorrow. So I feel I feel so bad to those the people on this so sure if sick I mean they're aiming finished up of the water damage crap but this is not more water yeah its snow I am and an inordinately it's not like minus thirteen degrees balls. So yeah so will keep me updated on that obviously about it it looks like. When it comes to. Our sports director another two hour plus commute. Tomorrow morning. You'd better lead before four all right I don't have an idea that you mentioned you left before four on Thursday you better. We're going there all the crap that I took for trying to be responsible she can't I felt like I was enamored routed Charlotte I'm inclined I would I'm gonna take you received monogram read I will be sleeping is stationed. I'll be happy dinner portability. A fresh a couple of cuts yeah and now mark that year and will be you do yeah clearly corn. Once tomorrow morning we're gonna equivalents. The heat. I want you to be very careful LB because I believe by a newspaper John is pointing this out on the text machine. But I believe there's also in an increase in the number of heart attacks that occurred today. Because of daylight savings time so those those two things that happened. On the Monday after daylight savings time an increase in auto accidents and an increase in heart attacks OS that. They had just won it's they'd LB guys are saying is those he would snowstorm common deny it actually get a real bomb site well. You. Got it all wrong. And let us know what our bosses your foot of snow yeah that's I didn't understand so now everywhere is tomorrow. It's gonna fall 11 to three inches per hour it looks like is that will be slow fall tomorrow. But it's all getting under way. That it's midnight tonight. Are right on the show this morning coming up at 730. It's Monday's mock. A lovable dog who is hoping that you will provide them with a home. So far you have adopted over thirty believe you said 36 of the Mondays months they now kidnapper at 38 I'm would we meaning creeping up toward 38 we had a thirty also and a pending adoption pending adoptions I can't wait till the being is dried on the contract yet for me to formally announce excited that palace about today's died. Big dog is named one nurse comes to us from doing enough breed rescue she's a cat who are had a whole mix. Very beautiful dog she is just under three I think she's let's see let's do the math. Aides to shoot death 32 month sold out. Noted we're gonna tell us about children and I did so 730. He'll be able meet Monday's mutt and if you are able to provide Monday's line will be forever home we will be eternally grateful. At eight we are going to play your home L voice mail messages back so you can leave a home male voice mail message on any topic. Told Mel voicemail numbers 617779. 5463. That 6177795463. And if you don't want to if you're too lazy to leave the message yourself you can have Charlie do it for you but just leave. Leaving home L voicemail message and we will play your voice mail messages back. Coming up at eight and then after that. We are going inside the simple mail mind with someone who knows it goes so well are ours are simple minded sports director. Simple minded Sam is sort volumes so if you're a woman and you are confused. And cannot figure out the way. Very basic mind of any man in your life work second beard boyfriend the guy just started dating. Your husband your ex husband your co worker what a what have you. You may ask any and all questions of LB. And he will provide you waited a rare glimpse inside the simple mail mind so ladies. Get ready to text your questions. To Linden coming up at eight to ten and also. Starts madness is under way I gotta get aggregate all the details but I believe the brackets are up and on the web site. So. On Friday spent a good amount of time after the show. Tabulating every single one of your socks suggestions. And by the end of I guess by the end of the month we will have determined. Without any doubt without any argument without any further discussion what the single greatest sauce of all time is. I am these are sauce here in the coming up this appointed by Charlie Baker. And so I need your input bracket lies. When you go to WA AF dot com will wool wolf will will go over exactly what made the cut coming up. But it is starch madness and all 64 sauces. Ready and waiting for you. Did give them my job right now below what do you want your going numb winner what are what are our guys that's what yes you do have to predicts fewer column and right now Uranus but you're calling -- over Italy. I would pull out now. Many business brown and its outstanding. I mean eyes and I think that never advised at check out holidays had the edge now more people are familiar with the holidays and they are grenades and people hate the French but wait they're both French. But the other part the other sizes olive branch to branch out that way ahead of the game when it decides so I'd anyway starts madness underway. We'll give you. More of an opportunity to comment and and a share your thoughts on that. On this morning's Hill Man Morning Show it is. Six pan and coming up in just a moment or two. Excuses LB hasn't used yet. My horse was lonely and so I brought it to duck club. Hit the all right that's excuses LB hasn't used yet coming up. And we'll also get to today's pervert teacher association member. Pool was the soccer coach and was heading. More than soccer balls ugly so. That. Is all coming up along with today's news is next on the Monday Hill Man Morning Show. I didn't still coaches for the WKS you still will report Roger by doing what auto truck recycled. Find them today it fine use parts dot com also brought by smugglers notch football visits bugs dot com today. Yet another mark snowstorm that we measured in feet is heading our way so Victor Cruz enjoy what we are we have that's what you did it smugglers notch and. From easy nonstick hair raising Steve smugglers notch. Paul and we took full advantage of the new snow this latest storm left two days of powder packed powder skiing. His left is tired. Happy and very satisfied the group Luzon sterling mound so fun and fast to me make run after run beautiful tight New England trails. Definitely feeling major again at smugglers notch I'm Janet Elliott. 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Subaru Outback it's what makes a Su Borough a superhero. Hey Bob good this is Murray is upon us channel by the Hill Man Morning Show will be back in sixty seconds left plugged. Allen helped. Realizes no matter where you are in life you can always be moving forward. Moving forward with compassion with Stanley and with care we needed. Don help others plans and coverage options to keep you healthy and happy during every stage of your life. Why move forward alone when you can move forward together with Don help. You can learn more about Don how a townhouse satellite. Don how. Moving forward. Together. In morning show. It's on your morning. Are very few. I mean America. Speaking of got people let me say like whopper too would say. We're all vulnerable. Bomb I'd just reached out to art director. All content and that is digital pony. And the starts starchy madness brackets will be up momentarily so. Starchy madness underway. 64 sauces at the end. Of march 1 national sauce champion will be crowned and that's it that ends the debate I've been asked. For decades. When it comes to sauce which is if I'm able to determine. That one. Is better than another and it's now going to be up to you. So you can fill out your bracket. Of course at the end IE if you're. At the end of filling out your starts madness bracket it will have all kinds of sauce things on right on on on the Barack yeah okay bill that he saw stains on the bracket so I don't know if LB is calling you he's he's calling for her. Days to go all the way I don't know if that's gonna happen and I attic could be you know there could be an underdog gathered there could be some kind of a a team a sauce excuse me that nobody expects it all the way like for instance the Marleau reduction over. Or maybe the harder I mean who knows that we will notion you hate her son's Pekingese you have. A national opposition guitars I'm not a fan but I've about it donated. But anyway. It is. It's coming alert you as soon as you can get in on that. Also coming. Another winter storm. A day welcome to New England we're gonna have the third. Nor e.s there in less than ten days it begins at midnight. Tonight. The weather this hour is brought to you by TF green airport. And snow start at today's today's buying today is going to be partly sunny and temperatures going to be 39. And then. After midnight tonight the snow starts falling. And there the weather experts are calling it a blizzard so that means we'll have the wind and as though and it looks like 123. Inches. Of snow falling per hour gap and at the and by the time it's all die and late tomorrow. Armageddon is it's going to be over this can be over a foot of snow that falls in most every area other than. Other than the case itself. Get ready for it there's nothing we can do about it we can line we can complain hopefully. Hopefully you got your power back just in time to lose and to. But wonder what they're saying is that the snow. This time around. Is going to be fluffy. As of as opposed to being way this game you know oh The Beatles in this Obama won't be moist snow so there won't be potentially there will not be. As many power outages as their word last go around it's. Right it is tiny fingers crossed it it's it's if sixth when he Juan. And. Let's see here is 617. Taxed on starch madness which says I know it's been around for hundreds of years. But I believe a strong contender. Will be that traditional. Spaghetti sauce now that is that's the tomato. And of course the tomato can be. In various forms you know we have the marinara. You have the I believe we added I get it I got those guys printing the bracket off because I'm I'm a little bit. I'm numb when it comes to sauces and I spent so much time coming up with 64 sauces on Friday that some at all. All the sauces are running together in my head which is not Marat it's a marvelous feeling hot button. I believe that we put the vodka cream on man that's a variation on the tomato but it that techsters correct. Let's see here somebody wants to know of the Macs last may be yes of course. Where's the Max us made it. Here's somebody says the mole a Sox will be in the top bracket at the end of this whole entire thing he's. Let's see. More and more women here is. 0860. Text from a home continent of Connecticut. Yeah buddy. Sauce brackets are complete fires it's completely subjective to individual ballots it's the same as trying to say which I PA is. Is the best totally winning the negative negative Nelly for yeah you know it's March Madness came over the and saying great I'm here to make everybody started Mazar. All week surging stars start friends easily you know how sometimes somebody will call Lynn and try to make a point it's completely. Off the left like in the call those obese people yeah yeah that texture is my person. I'll bet a lot but again what if we can we just can't help but interject with a little. And you know I mean yeah. And we're together that whole thing but it kind of business now I know manageability and I think we'll look so pretty subject on for the Hillary will vote period you know some people have a more planned at all when can handle overture well fools with a little bit of book mil deal. Here's the text that says technical question here it is for those seven. Pacts which I think it's Florida not like the rest of yes. Where I would rather be right now and then and then here and Brighton beautiful seat right no disrespect but we have a storm coming. And and that Dexter oh commute can you just ruled that text machine back a little bit of course on their machines all the commitments as a rule. Where a seven tax odd technical question burn days. Is just pollen days with paradigm. Is that considered a separate sides yes yeah. Birthdays and holidays is one of the five mother sides Kursk's earnings is not. Yeah expansion Mel valid today sauce two months Austin's annual holidays so so hot when you'll over the side doesn't see this and you know the mop the top of your head nine and a half weeks. Hey Sarah some grenades hit a high. A here's the text asking whether the shrimp. Alexander sauce from Morton's made the list and not a it's an attempt at a bigger grabbed my god it's him me bring them at it I liked their shrimps they have two separate shrimps losses. Bill Frist goes which I really enjoy date they have the cocktail everybody at the time and cocktails on cocktails on the list. There and start madness but they also have like an Italian sauce which is kind of like Italian oil. Oil leak. Right and they have like a mustard boom allowed the public got Micah great poop on Ruble line. Paying the extra extra entered this party. Pretty good below up. It's got from where I'm at everybody play what's up. God I know I are you really did debate like college yet know what I don't know they want to call it again but to try. When you said debate what do you debate for four seconds. Music and YouTube Collins and a what does this is how is it how is it being on the Auburn mass however there. I thought I can call them I hope they want honest to help I called them once lived a full month on the right of the fact I went with them and I think the Bruins. And switching topics and apply here let me get back to McCormick. I'll peek into her winning column about you have to want to there we go again. Well on the salsa all we can get it how to play out I'm giving the public service announcement that's OK I want to remind everybody felt that two things. Hey what are going to be on the beach drinking margaritas in three months so don't got to hang in netbook and more importantly. The league I was the worse. I was somebody make sure but you have plenty of batteries. And more importantly eucalyptus oil for a couple bottles and thirty track. And don't forget the milk and bread I did see a news report last night that was after the OJ special. 00. Blue jays since it. Yeah I'm hundreds of people I. Think he was left I cannot wait to talk about the OJ thing which we'll do it 720. He was laughing like a lake of lake got. Slobbering idiots where he's describing how he killed that used to be I mean it's not a murder its humble it's unbelievable. Any tried to pin the whole thing on Charlie and I it's you know I don't know Charlie is but I wanna know immediately who Charlie was. Oh that's right it was generally. So where was I oh I want I was watching Fox25. And they actually did a news report. On the empty shelves of a bread and milk a day at the grocery store guy out already yeah that was yesterday upbeat report there were people or out yesterday. Buying bread and milk. In preparation for the storm K newspaper job. What's up. Am you guys are awesome about. Two recommendations about future equity Greg. Spock has played delightful. It in the world. Light. Honey mustard. Yet RD party I beat the punch. Town spot pizza honey mustard and you did your pizza in it it is ordered to as a Mac. Org ads that I believe the honey mustard is also. One of the entries and starts madness. I'm culled honey mustard what. Love the money monster I don't have a violent. Fair Unita and now. Do you like the whole grain honey mustard as an addiction. Question then doing an excellent sound sort of total you know I thought about it the whole agreement on a fair amount of com. But I I listened. That's why we play these games the Sox games so you never know who's going to be the winner. And by the end of march we will know who the national. Sauce. Champion is in starts madness now. I have another code word for you and a half an hour. So he can and do your best to win 1000 dollars cash that's the thousand dollar collar code word coming up at seven. And at 7:30 this morning another dog will be in the studio who was looking for a forever homes so hopefully. Here in the mood give a home to. Shelter dog and wanna dog in your 730 from Monday's month and then a player or mail voice mail messages back. So leak in the bay hill mail voice mail message right now on any topic. Of course the impending doom of yet another storm is a great topic for held male voice mail messages that number. It is 6177795. 46361777950. Fours 63. Are talking about the starch madness sauce bracket I want to ask you if you saw over the weekend the unveiling. Of the 35. Thousand dollar bottle of ranch yes yes they did I want it's gorgeous. As I think I'd like to get one of all this statement peace Sasha got now this is. A gift for the royal couple yes that's getting married. And the hidden valley ranch people about dumb themselves it's. You know a bottle of ranch. And apparently what they're what they're saying is that ranch dressing. Can signify. The union of America and there and Great Britain because we have an American. Bride. Now who is they've brought yeah I American router I was going to be marrying a prince death and our two countries can come together. And at least agree on one thing and that is. The beauty of ranch dressing pregnant. Did you say it was at. Or four karat gold bought and no it's actually any in eighteen carat white gold model with. Diamond and sapphire is it the hidden valley ranch colors are blue and green yeah so it has these beautiful little stripes the cap of the bottle. Is jeweled with all these different little. Sapphire and whatnot so it's really really pretty. Hidden valley ridge did put out a statement on Saturday for a national ranch today. And says that they're gonna commemorate this wedding by creating a one of the kind bottle to honorary fellow famous American. And reminder of the familiar flavors of her home country as she resigns as royalty across the pa pa. I haven't seen the royal families. Garage of crap that's being given that he doubted that they distant. Yes sir that I am a surge shelf on the last. Always have that Hannity and dvds at the Obama's problem to obscure reference on that of the young hope. Had a warehouse full of gifts this included became the rule yes. Oh me and you know Saturday. That is exactly on the back I don't know that shows coach Matt Miller he dies. At I don't know because the well. I mean that doesn't Bob that doesn't bother LB you look at the load Lloyd Bridges that this is there does not care whether somebody's. Right now dot OK I have to created for your viewing pleasure. A photo. The 35000. Dollar bottle of ranch dressing a gift. For the royal couple what is that royal wedding coming opting out. Wedding it's got to be springtime rank and may nineteenth Saturday may ninth and care and that is again. I can't I love when none although the royal family fans especially the ones over here start going absolutely bananas about the wedding stuff yeah I felt like the weeks leading up today's never when when will and Kate got married the whole thing was that Larson and her dairy air. I can't wait to see with the big. Well hubbub is going to be in the fascinate years. Well this. This no one is the smoke. Meg and our goal however her name is there is a lot of young there's a lot of young women. Who are into the royal wedding stuff there with the royal wedding Cardoza because Iraq. Let me try isn't anything here bracket my friends that I actually do our royal wedding party bracket I try to seal leg. Which would be less star and then mega mark on the cow stop because they Ebert and we are a look at some point or not getting out and buy it and and now we actually I'll have a pool for who's gonna get the first commemorative plea. From those to royal wedding and display and a well wake up like an easy and it's like I'm Jane doesn't like six hours Paterson hours behind the current twelve or something like that it's so we get up like the middle of the night alike it's weird Irish guys are like offered a part in that north unlike watching soccer are now we're just watching a morale when it infamy thing. There are people who who get up get up and and watch these kinds of things I remember. Geez it must've been Diana's funeral. Did that. Mrs. hill was up at like 3M or something to watch like a lot of hunger yeah I mean there there aren't there in the all right I got the engine just pop over to to the UK now on should be in Italy with Julian that sound right well you know. Which I've scheduled my trip recent dire going to go and meet Julia in England. At the end of this month so. I am are you gonna get to Italy at all now comes after about it's I'm sacrificing Italy are go to Italy and some other time Julia wanted to go to England. Reese doesn't care where we go along there's the man sell and sell. On foreign objects. Policy that Dan Crowley you know the end wood five parent and it's all about acme line about a program on nine times I've hit. The food and England Vermont where explosives sacrifice well I'll be in my community we don't have time to end of that sir you've had several chances that mean maybe they meant and I know of maybe in the next maybe the next go round elaborate avail you'll love it. You actually sacrificed fatherhood and I. There's exact price not right. Let's see here is a 978 taxes as I have no faith in stone arch madness. And less session outside solutions. Because. What others of us can do macaroni and cheese lasagna and biscuits injury treatments and plus countless buildings at the builder saw possession and or is the builder responses builders' thoughts another in learns something new about sauces on the show every day. Our ears the this is not all. 64 though on this list that he's in on yours. And while it what is there's only sixteen on here at what it's like honestly. But the whole everybody's hand twice. I would get to our will give you the full. I would give him the full list. Of the sauces and he's man all the sauces. That are part of the arch madness coming up in just a little bit right now the news. And the news this first hour is brought to you by. Severe university are you ready to transform your future and online degree from Rainier can now choose from programs in business nursing psychology and public health. Learn more and Revere radio dot com Roger also by the Worcester trailers hockey back it's it's as close fifteen dollars to see what's to trailers Paul finally. 3651750. And now it's time for another edition of excuses we convenient excuse. Us kid didn't mean to read this foursome eldest nightclub that followed the sun thing outlast some things were crazy detour you see the video over the weekend of the horse in the club of Miami. Yes and now it's as an animal rights person you're probably very upset about this like men all our. Our theory that a date military they feel like this was a horrible thing happened this this woman had her or her course at a night club in Miami induct club yes lady had a horse. And wildly inappropriate I doubt what what's being done here is why. A lot is being done out of it this source this is that the smoke final round in Miami Beach and I know Kyle allow mode that allows. Riding the horse. The white horse the horse bucks tries to throw the woman off and then kind of soldiers off to the site clearly. Bothered by the crowd the noise the light that that are up. Petition was filed online over 3000 people sign that they were completely date. Action against the club. On Friday the city manager issued an order for their business license to be revoked I'll boy Dan Gilbert is the mayor of Miami Beach. Truly chilling video. We can't really control destructive. Insane stupidity. Responsibility. It was something that was contrary to what portion of what city is. It was. It was dangerous to this animal was dangerous to the public it was inhumane wasn't so here's word it was outrageous. Onions that at that about ports in the club in there and can I fiddle. With your iPod for a minute being not sure I wanna. Fiddle with. It does not just iPod. Is your blood. We just let that as long as the horse is willing to pay the cover that probably doesn't matter of them in line and somebody you'll live coverage actually they'll let anybody in Africa that the worst is still bottle service of the matter. Now that's not enough. What else is in the news this morning. Well senior senator Elizabeth Warren once you're known she's harmony and again I'm not running for president now time not to run. As she was on it. Jim Acosta on CNN on Saturday. So what I am not running for president of the United States I am running for the United States senate 28 team Massachusetts will though. Limbaugh don't. And did mention. She's gonna lift you up. A lot of a lot of the lot of those people they say. She likes the station's gonna lift. Gonna lift everybody. That's her thing eyes we have the audio from her which will play during the 8 o'clock hour and about 835. Where she addresses. The editorial. Which has demanded. That she submit to DNA tests to approve or ancestry. Guys and well. She addressed that and Meet the Press yesterday so we'll get to that audio a little bit later on but you can leave I know male voice mail message. About. Senator Warren our senior senators and effective she says she's not running for the presidency or any other topic. He'll email voicemail number. Is 6177795463617. 7795463. And will play your home L voicemail messages back. Coming up. Eight. Tomorrow. Nancy no doll that 730. On this show so if you happen to be in the situation. A light situation. And which you're not sure of the way you should ask. You can ask the obnoxious know all the we have in the studios every single day names Daniels and you you know. So just email mantown at WA AF dot com that's mantown at WA AF dot com. We've viewer and Nancy no on question and it will be answered tomorrow morning on this show. Back 730 or thereabouts. Tuesday. The Boston. Vaults of aging at the top of the hour every Tuesday. WAA. 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Another morning show and Scotland's on their repeating the exact same call but he did on this showed why he was but plenty of content as a big same exact thing. Like going to the MacKey in India's stocking up for the army ran out via. That's what he does now pay nondescript coming up in about an hour. Seven and fifty years ago. The birds or might be the second skirmish. In the robot uprising those. The humans massive. Victory methods skirmish victory. For the human race over the robots and I will share that developing news we view. Coming up at seven. Now. We're getting closer to Saint Patrick's Day it's Saturday. Which is going to be. Going to be out of control did you go to the Saint Patrick's Day parade yesterday in Worcester ma true. I deny actually hated. All in from that from that I my wife works any local package store down and yesterday it was kind of like they're Christmas almost it's hot and now. Just walking over their brand launch I was a stake in my life in my way to section. You go so over. Are out of mantown you are what do you Wear underwear my wife and once you're what are romantic manual are you and you brought her lunch out work. She's like working did it ever in freezing and it. Every play all guide where she likes it she license to sell its now two deficit tomato and some chips and the small picture of Benedict number yeah I was gonna say they like the apostolic library here you have to Wear like a convert action masters something when you go deliver the tuna salad there. Well anyway. The I was lot of people were. Tweeting me from the prayed yesterday and it looked like it was a good time out there and blisters so it was a nice day so the drugs were parading down Chandler street was states that already stumbling bit of their own that their bodies all around the 7-Eleven in the early in there include. Well W say apps Murphy madness is going on that means. That you can win drop kick Murphy's tickets every hour every single weekday. From noon until six so. Every single as is the case always. At that this time of year every year every single drop kick show is sold out at the house of blues and the only way in is to win. And so make sure you're listening starting at noon. Today in every day this week and we are giving away a pair of tickets every single hour from noon. Until six that is. Murphy madness exclusively. Here on WAI. Let's see a whole lot of minutes. I am. Here's a Texas says we do the same show every day with our dull Danielle contents I don't know what that which. Daniel content are you talking about have a lot of it that's that's a 401 tax from Rhode Island itself now. My sincere apologies to that particular Rhode Island person. For our dole. Danielle. Contact and getting an emergency that you have going on today stand by. Here's a 978. Tax which reads the landscaper brings mrs. hill her lunch hall I at all out there reasoning it's. I hope is that jeweler that the all right so real quick he wanted to go over. We have time I wanna get to this soccer coach who is. Pervert teachers association member of the data because she was. Heading more than soccer balls but before before that. Before we be put before we do that we're sure Adam Canada of investment that I'm here. My understanding. Though but I wanna gorgeous the Sox battles real quick. During starts madness and I wanna I wanna see what you think early on when it comes these particular. These these sizes go matter with the each other right now ready. OK so. March Madness under way obviously bracket show yesterday and and you're gonna be furiously. The filling out your brackets all day today nobody's gonna get anything done in productivity is gonna drop across America because March Madness is underway on this show. On the show because I am the czar of sauce here in the commonwealth as appointed by my friend. The governor Charlie Baker. I want to for once and for all put the put to rest any and all questions about what the single greatest. Songs is self. Based on your suggestions on Friday show. And today. Sox. I was gonna column brainstorm session but it. Really a like a mouth that storms session on Friday came up with a all the sciences and and here's here's a week ago. All right first round. Game number one. Port wine Dem legalize. Verses who teed off. A lot song that's gonna be up one sold outside our secret other plotted violent period in compliance. Day until. Sweet and sour. Vs the product sin always. That's a tough yeah between dramatic yeah Arizona and our people of the street out. Game three brown socks vs what to share. Now lives. Here's my question over here she comes I mean it's like and no it off it's not a note southwest did get the real wet dream with your nonsense I thought that well what does that. Where you said routine. In the in the first match and a first round I don't get don't get it that don't try to be on the that you would mean for crying out on just received the brown gravy is reputed well yeah I saw one does not extend your video tonight it sets the brackets just picked the winner. Are asking just tell us that. Consult the NS AA handbook. National size and this is I yeah. I. Then you got they'll poison vs the mop the marsala. Lol OK okay he asked. I'm not huge arsenal fans Mike Wilkinson Barry Marseille and then you got that Arab be out of vs the bull and nasal. Let's not do. The tough and I like both of those. How about cranberry vs vodka cream. What do you think advances now I have never had barred you can so you have it's now been involved you dislike the vodka party and I use of money sent to the vodka cream sauce without the green I. I doubled back on that I do the cranberry our size and there have the vodka a is that in the can. And yes did I hear the cranberries. There. They can that the best way then he got cheese whiz vs the born day so our our morning out I think that it's kind of like 86 feet. Basic she's not verses aren't present your geez sounds. Right. Affinia match at a field and then what about the lobster vs the old claw of a problem was only lawful contact. Well like a peppery kind of all I got around. Well it's like a it's kind of that at the end yeah previous salary thing yeah when it's got the black peppercorns ever there are here though Bob Flanagan and Devin allows us and he had a Chinese restaurant yet but I don't and I you've had enough I had her out our other thoughts on that yeah recommended no lobster and yeah. Are right then you go to first rounds. The vinaigrette vs the Murillo reduction. Deal aboard relays verses enchilada. Tough on their own thing. And you've got the chick filet saw us vs the we we went with a bunch of different. We didn't just do barbecued pig that's different now this is a regional thing but we we did today are very good the different styles of Barbeque and paid very important when it comes the sauce. As bizarre sauce I will tell you that. So we've got the chick a place Austin. Verses the Lexington. Lexington style barbecues are now how what's the player profile in the Lexington Lexington style is. Kind of and we believe. Royally bass style. Does not come in a plastic bottle it's a ten minute. Then you've got that harder. Vs the mushroom gravy side something very real okay musher all day really aren't that operate there. Cocktail sauce vs men science. Doctor facto. I was just because it's rock classic gravy. Vs the South Carolina mustard style barbecue so I save a prevalent they would also have to if you haven't pulled pork sandwich day out of coal fly you have to have the Mossad style this South Carolina must itself. And then you have the duck Sox vs the Alabama wiped barbecues outstanding. Whatever one of the rarest of the barbecue sizes is the Alabama light but it is delicious. If you ever get a chance to go to Alabama I'm open to it. And then you've got Renee is vs.