2/26/18 Hour 3 - A New Green Monsta' & A Breaking Celebrity Death!

Monday, February 26th

In the third hour of the show, Fitzy comes in live from New York with news of J.D. Martinez's press conference today. Later on, the boys find out about a local death that invovles a celebrity's daughter!


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. Previously on Matty and Mitch moment of it appears that I can't get up when my mom would help young man's gonna give you ten fingers maybe all big issue because many he had got distracted and forgot what they were talking about Zoe is what we have left over from there is a lot. I'm a bad guy and I had I say good job of anyway. Dumber Ronnie Burrell died at age 76 I think his double digits. Well he worked its head he orchestra. And think anyone is trampling it spread the sleek RAZR all right take that he had nick nodded night and with the food could cause indigestion diabetes. And loss of hearing and rational thought I'd like to stick to take you to. Are the two guys up from the balcony for the Muppets. You all guys that's the highest compliment other people were radio stellar ball short putts. And now with Mickey New York Michelle rely on the magic of technology to make this transition totally seamless this is. Let me. Disastrous. It's Matty and nick fund WA AF. And everybody. Okay. Zero and now Matty and nick broadcasting from a sister station in New York City because he's shooting a show mr. fancy pants I'm here high above the Mass Pike. And also brightened. At the WA AF intercom Boston studios broadcasting proudly and proudly presented this Matty nick show is by. Town fair tire for the guarantee those prices on tires go to town fair tire. Because nobody beats town fair tire know about me coming up this very hour. We will hot flash anything you might have missed any trending breaking news of which there's a couple stories I just have a new story right here neck. Involving mark Hammel. And a film franchise that you are fanatically in love with a that he might be involved with that and hot flash that in just minutes. You're gonna love that story and I can't wait we're also gonna do a little whose tweet is it anyway for some great tickets we get tickets to. The punk in draw public craft beer and music festival. May nineteenth funny we're talking a lot of craft beer on today show season you kind of a running theme. Pouring through the show like finally poured. I PA so it's apropos that we're giving away those tickets today so missing that little later in the 5 o'clock hour also fits young sports. And get your generic radio voice mails and right now. 617. 7795454. And have a quick question for you I go ahead GMs are open in the 3 o'clock hour. While we are trying to work through the technicalities of getting on the line Nolan. I made me reference in the Matty made it that I had done to the fact that the bulls it it struck me. Watching these bull riders ride these bulls that we in effect are like the bulls. That we are comma we think we are we think we're living our lives we think we're doing good everything's good I don't know how good are these good. Until. Something. As work gets on our back as those bulls are quite placid in the they can just. Bring them in and out of the ring they do what they want them to do but as soon as a writer gets on Apple's back. The bull. Loses. Their acts and they will do anything to point of death. To get those riders off their backs are asking. What are your triggers what what gets on your back that makes you lose zero to ten. What makes meego from. Giant animal feeding chill and use in the bathroom in public to. Blocking wild and Mac. Abject cruelty to others. People insulting my intelligence failure to. Obey public decency rules Andorra keep quiet in theaters based. Being mean to other people for no reason on social media and the biggest trigger of all is we're out of beer or geez it's. After could do this and I agree allotted a rapist or I was going to be in there about them like here well you represented like four of the things on that list of five he did you do all this thing so yeah. Because this is lists for God's sakes. That's about you well that's our question of the audience it will mine is mean texts from listeners trolling mightn't troll by my partner amounts though. So sorry. I'm. We're. But that's what our thoughts and prayers god I like thoughts and prayers. You know. That's my question this art the audience in com premium ports deal like six or 79311. AF where you text ninety's and won a some what your thing well. What gets your got what brings you from zero to ten and two seconds ago I was joke with the unit off the air that text. Made meet you like you know Tom Brady's 44 agreements as it for arrangements or agreements its agreements it was not a very four agreements like. Response I sent to the and catch Gerri text didn't turn out to be you. But I cut myself like while I think a malls and 'cause I'm you know take care myself and talking to accounts or whatever it is I do see a therapist I'm like on good terms and am happy guy Emmett and then I get a text yeah yeah now. I come up in a volatile. Some wondering what it is that triggers people there. Can text 97 on a semi call 617931. Morning people being loud and Theres a good one all I cannot stand. It's such chewing with the even though there's some science out now that says chewing with your mouth open so as to allow more oxygen to pass through. Actually enhances the flavor food chewing where their mouth open drives me insane. Drives me insane just basically ignoring. There etiquette the decency the mannerisms the manners that your parents taught from an early age it's not that difficult oh let me add one other thing yes. Running into people because they were looking at their phone on the sidewalk obviously doesn't happen as much. In our area and beautiful safe Brighton right may be more so on Boston Cambridge probably happens it's on right I don't know how people in Morgantown feel about it but back here in New York City. Ten different people hopping off the subway making way to the studio almost crashed into me because everyone is so up. In their own biz people there's seven and a half billion of us it is a shared cooperative existence. We got. 200 text coming in and has already nick how about this when you're just added. Eating it chewing how you're talking about the movie ghost story which does and I. Loved starring Casey app like you were a little lukewarm about. But there's a scene where a girl eating a pie and keeps scrapings her teeth with a fork I mean people that do that I hate it when they scrape the tee from the pool before got them all. That's the worst now the sound of the sound of steel on teeth. Is worse to me. Fork on Heath is far worse then cutlery on play. Copping a sneezing or covering their mouth 603. Disrespect on others are looking down another 774. The sea route 20978. That's a good what route to can be. Mary angering no worries the phrase I hated five away when I'm out in a restaurant says by the way. And there's a customer being BT to the waiter for no reason. Absolutely. 603. Yellow triggers me stooges yeah not now know. That is worse. I keep coming love is the focus I think it's a good way to get it out nick if you say it and identify. It helps you deal with them carry the burden of it was and I let it go that's my brother I'm more Marion. The breaking news coming up just few minutes about tea celebrity's daughter who just passed me right here in Massachusetts. And also we've got some cool sound. On a story that happened over the weekend. That is the results. Of one of my triggers that makes me become a raging bull when it happens on the highways of this commonwealth and elsewhere but before that let's talk about some fun stuff. I exports. Here's your old pal busy with a wicked this a sports report what it that it that they. And WD yeah they get away that day not just wanna think. Eight in Scotland you know that's our organization that we. Notes. In our process and not happy just put everything behind me here today. Finally got to just play baseball so I'm excited I'm excited to task and I know. This you know historic franchises organization. And you know when he's number one and being championship after Boston's. Ultimate goal and I am happy to another part of that. Sizzle and compel an audio right there comes from the new hero of the calmed down. They'll meet in the meld the big stick at the Fenway. That green monster from another mother. Jazz doodles Martinez he's officially announced he's got much like your favorite shall. Mash this season Mo follows. Nice of Dave and browse he'd also show up looking like he was scheduled to play eighteen holes at four miles country club and swing by for the press earlier today just guys see that. He swings violate where are free and like. I like out polo shirt is company barred from mad he's closet khakis that the press conference today it was a ridiculous I like. I half expected him to drive by the press conference we like there are guys we got a couple of the press conferences playing behind you so we could speed things up. That be great pace probably slain rooms and play the ladies dresses like me that are right that'll do. The deal did take a long time of course there was a medical examinations he had to fly back up to Boston and X rays and of course we had to settle on his official nickname. We imposter here on the program that the JD can stand for a million different things. But my boy Jared cover of us from the bicycle today confirmed. It stands ridge. Jumbo just with. Has led to eight home runs a Ding Dong less hard job but. Yeah. This day and he's got to have a lot. Some people out in Arizona call them just Ding is right so now we gotta get we gotta put our own spin on that and who doesn't love a Jumbo dog. That does a lot of single ladies in the metro Boston and got to find out of Jumbo drag them down 8% for the actually now Matty being I mean imagine if Iraq was still around and that's literally what he had them on what is the new plays by the way you know because if you don't like if you know bang it out like no Meyer the rack and had people literally like it's a deli counter it's not her job. Used to be I'd Daisy Buchanan look green visas go crazy right now in the hands on the signs he really come on I feel I did. It's really restaurant and the F pretty epic like cannot tell a quick story real quick no. I was on a double date great slot at Sun City it's in my twenties and I was doing an impression. Of like I don't know what goes through Zurich and I spilled my shot. That I had re order shots the shots spilled on the table on to my date that ninth in trying to make up that I knocked over the candle. And and a trail of flames went across the table and I literally. Lit my first day on fire. A. Cause you did all of course you do right now this entire audience which is there we impersonate I. Precede. My god just threat trail of flames that they played at the middle is what is going back. Could hear the Jumbo dog is in the house meanwhile and think Florida baseball today the Red Sox absolutely Jumbo Dong to. The Pittsburgh Pirates thirteen to two. In ice hockey action when is your all pals at seven tock I've it is Ireland where the Bruins pulled off. Stay is his favorite meal of the change that's right it was a lot but I acquire and Rick Nash from the ranges in exchange for around. Ryan's good at some guy named Polanski. A pick some complicates it being three stakes autograph by Tuukka made an error. From the ranges the Rangers are real and they got actually savage they got black wall mounted a Black Friday this weekend it was ridiculous talk about full rebuild mode. And the Bruins probably welcome Rick Nash with a fallen loss in buffalo. A loss and her on a Saturday than a loss in buffalo Sunday. Wires for weekend involve and mostly Canada and the visa look to right the ship tomorrow night at home. Veres is now hiring gains Bruins also acquired some guy named Tommy we angles from the black socks today. Mr. wiggles wasn't that your nickname for you thing that he absolutely no towels on itself stake that's right here comes Tommy weighing goals move. Actually a lot of girls probably before Gisele into the picture probably sucks well I knew that was that was my name and all the depositions. I they I check in and it's on new angles when I'm on the road and I don't wanna an ally. At that point your honor mr. wiggles entered the dorm room. All right say I'm amazed away goals a smile well. So I want to play sit down and he shot up. Also that they have a light and pulled off by huge trade this afternoon right before the deadline acquire and also from the ranges. Ryan McDonna. Quality defense and give them some awesome I think like an awesome our defensive line second line. What have all I know the east is gonna piece in the playoffs on right now. These lightning. That's my favorite song from the show greased by the way yes. They'll be in the play out they'll play down Celtics will be housed in the grid tonight at 730 in the after nine daybreak the seeds beat the pistons Friday then turn around. And beat the next on the other end of a back to back Jumbo Dong Saturday night at the connect about his home. The Madison Square Garden which is ironically round -- things that not ironically around carrier ring may have convinced geno Smith that the earth is flat. Proving that you don't actually have to be accomplished to be a dumb dumb and sports I kid you not that somebody else that's gonna actually hang out here don't know Clabo flatter men. I mean you have fake Photoshop picture of the earth with the car and apps not all mind new articles based mother and I'm. Hey what time does big foot anonymous get together again for sandwiches menace lamps and can monster. Hyundai makes them more competitive if the NFL com minds that this week and nobody cares. I've grown twittered out this weekend something that sound like he got out of fortune cookie at the Kowloon and everyone freaked out that not a man he was which governor restaurants are ruined CT FD. Our own pal Jerry Norton from buy stores right now trying to. Crack as he called the ground Vinci code so we'll give you updates on that as it happens. Also police and file looking. For an unarmed man who was seen heist in 54 million dollars from the Jacksonville Jack wise facility this weekend. Police are looking for a tall man 64 looks a little bit like will Farrell. Wearing a baseball cap and Ed page golf shirt dances to the name Blake portals. Don't guy apparently he resigned for three years in 54 million dollar and it's. Right. While oh and and the rams senate 2018 flocked around and do not 10192. Round of the chiefs. But top rated cornerback Marcus Peters chase if that's the hall they're gonna give away repeated his atop cornerback. Kind of makes you wish that Belichick had gone ahead and pulled the trigger on the Malcolm Butler trade. Sent him on the Jamie Collins expressed to Cleveland just really got to gotten some form they're gonna benches as in the fray instead of a ball go that fit I can't help it. Allen also breaking news Denver is the leading candidate to sign Kirk Cameron. I ever I apologize. Denver is the emerging as the leading candidate to sign Kirk cousins that makes much worse applied read that wrong what options we'll get productions have both devout Christian both with at least six kids I think yeah. And as a bunch of other stuff but that's all you really need to know so. These back in action. Tomorrow they got a big week coming up pulled up the huge trades. I say hello to mr. wiggles when he comes in town Celtics play in the grid tonight. And because everyone hates the patriots but that's what makes the laws and I. What's RT upset and have a great one. The Al outfits were convinced books. Thank you fifty we're continuing even though it's not the 4 o'clock hour if you have any correspondents out there. Either in the metro SO show or north or southern New Hampshire metro west Boston wherever you are you wanna snow's story and keep texting them and calling them and we got a bunch text. With stories breaking as we do the show to keep you informed ninth tonight absent traffic nightmare lol. Back up for miles bicycle struck my car on Thorndike street. 97 A correspondent weighing reporting from the scene shower Beers should our Beers. Wayne that's a reporting is done that's a lot of chocolate indeed all right we move on. We will talk about the daughter of an icon who has passed away controversial icon and also. A story that happened this weekend we've got sound of it something I'd love something and grinds my gears. And that the police took action talk about that dogs are magnificent glorious okay. Any breaking news you may have mr. dating trending we keep our eye on it for you in a hot flash. And for a hot blacks. The same time we should do something if it's hot and flashy but if you always doubt it's. Ready and nick will cover next here's your. Action on WAM. There's not Klaas brought you Michael and most markets when he plus varieties of homemade smoke kill buffs and know for certain. No Phillips no gluten at go limo still list just kill bossa camp and cold cuts 43 overshoot twister. Visit them on FaceBook nick. A lot of people working they miss stories so let's get to a couple actually the ball to have some local flavor. This is sad one all the way around. Right here in Massachusetts. Bill Cosby's daughter ends up dead at 44 years old he's American she met her end. And one. What I. Hello. This thing on. Your show Buddhist. That's really said was she it would legitimacy Cambridge. Ma am. He western mass guys let's see here let me read the story Parker. Huge data just out show of well. Let's see where to where was she all's I know is this she died Friday night actually in Massachusetts. She stood by him throughout the whole scandal a strong believe my father's innocent of the crimes alleged against them. And I believe that racism has played a big role in all aspects of this scandal cause of death is unknown. Although we're told she had significant medical issues in the past this is according to TMC race and we're associate kidney issues. And possibly was in line for a transplant this is not the first of Cosby's children to die of course Ennis Cosby. Murdered in 1997. And failed robbery attempt. So they've got tough time Silvia cause. Man that's so sad and no no. Forget the did you take are any tasteless jokes forget history forget what's gone on the last couple years no parent should ever. Outlived their children no parent should ever have to bury a child let alone two that sucks yeah I mean take up the rate and it's a sad for. Hey thanks for and vaulting way over the top. My two closest to and redo it well he got killed but kid. It was 1230 Y 12:34 PM this is updated a ripper 'cause we states and it died from Reno disease so that was correct that she had some health problems on. This is story I love though this is to a lot. As we talked earlier about what is the you know the bulls are all calm until someone gets on their back I strap that thing around and in their try to buck the guys off. Okay. State police you've probably seen the story. Did you know about this nick if you're traveling in New York City. State police set up a sting like a road block for these asses. He's eight TV and dirt bike riders yeah slew roar through the streets and highways. Of this commonwealth. This time they waited for the in the southeast expressway. We're a handful of them were arrested more than a dozen bikes were seized and one of them is even shot enough. There are some sound. I can't. If this was a podcast someone swear so bad right now this these guys. I mean these guys in danger young families imagine the people try to go to work do their thing you got hit in the back of the car seat and you got these a holes. Treat it like it's up Reagan post apocalyptic mad Max. Movie like thinking that it is on the highways I'm so glad state troopers did this I hope they continue to do it felt issuable. All before. Pay easy. All right all right all right Erin and I know for a fact that Rappaport. Right but okay now that the show everybody it's been great talking to you slower nose can say that I know how. How you and endeared yourself to the fan base but I think you spoke of two to both of arts in the the hearts of many when. We chart the way out while ago about now. It's OK to have loud pipes for. It's our. So are. You can see why didn't make it do to sell state criminal justice program. The. With an Exxon. All right so they don't have hot flashes prominent Arab imaginary gun. I've never wanted to be a cosmic kid morning. Or. But so winning is done people. Aren't gonna ever gonna play damned. For some positive this some of them call to pull it.