2/20/18 Hour 2 - Not Quite Panting From Black Panther

Tuesday, February 20th

In the second hour of the show, Nick gets a call from someone who has actually eaten at Ciao in Chelsea, the now #9 best place to eat in the United States! The discussion then leads to this little known movie entitled Black Panther that Nick saw over the weekend.


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. Previously unmet even mix used in true road bull. Blue moon in watching this stuff CBS and get to a stupid card and a box of chocolates meaningless poll. Is offering free premium videos on. It's about I don't I. Degenerate. Matty I feel so bad. Millions maybe to a nicer to everyone you would have me. Rubles fifty about to commence my singularity and take over until dominate the Boston sports school team. I hit it might be some openings down the hole and I was just a school. Station. And I and I think she's on an N and then a movie. You know that's no no it's not like I say oh my god I just gave a beautiful heartfelt responses that would naturally. Bjorn and now the true kings of what comes out after ritual combat spears Matty and nick on WI AEA yeah. What cup stuff we'll. You did did you see. God. That this is the Mehdi NHL I'm on a 73 WAA. Half. Also if you want less robust W I need to do Barnes and WWB at 62 of the most. Yes I did we'll talk about it when we come back OK or you signal to Arctic everybody who saw the black panther. Splash don't give anything went on to the show for the show's well there kind of enjoyed it I'm sure if it was 250 million dollars could. We'll get into all that later it is alive and wearing tights emitted by bringing in today but that's why I'm here and there. Tell me able to transfer all my widget. Ritual combat what club forever. We were talking about the fact that. Food and wine released the 100 best places to eat according to Yelp in America. In Massachusetts shows up on there but once actually twice number 27 a restaurant Brockton GG cafe. And number nine crack in the top ten Chal pizza and pasta. Ends his hometown Chelsea match you're presenting. We actually have somebody in the Framingham Ford studio line right now who says he's in the chow. And revealed. She was shoddy. Child did it looks now Schaub isn't Chalabi is so I was you know how is junket. It's pretty good over that you've got if you go they've got to get a mushroom pizza. And then you've got to get god to digital and Aruba teacher who. All night you're talking I saw they. It's unbelievable it's got its slate gum while some believe Goldberg unbelievable. OK listen if you guys if you guys think that they should go a different place from Melrose called awarding try to. Yeah he personally they'd blow away chuck. Yeah I'd be that would imply they're pretty good was not that hundred song let me get a slice it wouldn't find out. 015. Yeah. Hey let me ask you this question Anthony to real lives and are they okay. What would you what would you choose one choice. Okay adequate like men try to sex or like the best pizza would like a ruined or you don't maybe a little runny egg on. Okay. It's more. An absolute 160. Blonde red people who found. It's above our answer the best they took all brother. Improves cancer. She lost and stuff fixed tax. Gap. You are listening to the sounds. But black pen that what Congo forever. Here on mad in nick on AF I'm not sure if you guys had a chance to see it looks like you did because oh. According to latest box office tallies. Black Panthers four day total. 404. Million dollars worldwide invariably every box office record shattered. Sixth highest. Domestic opening ever. Home can hack. What all happened guys. I saw I liked it only got 242. Million dollars domestic now it's up to 427. Million dollars with the President's Day hall in the second. Mr. President say yesterday you guys telling me that you weren't home reciting the emancipation proclamation to each other. I explicitly said you awarded stay home and work on your Monroe doctrine. Wow that's unbelievable. That is crazy crazy cream on the high. This movie was like I mean I had a blood type for this movie more like and been an audit of the buzz was that it was a deafening. And they were in the interviews one of the greatest movies ever. All of my god this is the great not just the greatest marvel movie to greatest superhero movie. It reset the standard by which all superhero movies are made and I'm highway and saw black panther and I exited out of debt it would too beautiful healthy kids and a Mercedes that. Seriously. This movie does not cure cancer it's pretty amazing now if you lived in what kinda. You would never be sick you would be bulletproof you'd be happy and healthy. I'd duck OK best superhero Malone not even close and Batman begins is my favorite superhero movie followed closely by the original Superman. And then we're talking about the marvel universe. I heard Mike Hsu earlier this morning talking about it he sounded more adjusted and the reason that he brought to the movies and he did talking about black panther but. He said it was good but he thought that civil war. The Captain America book or iron and five and retirements Spiderman it never fight. I love that onto a love winners soldier I'd be original Iron Man from 2008 was great. People asleep on the were that the first two Spiderman is that stammering he made years ago before they like. Re booted it and then re booted it again last summer with a only counting the reboot reboot of the notably legit they've. Spite of its own franchise that's had three generations in seventeen years and it's ridiculous. It was good. But it's not like. Box office shattering. Re like Reid's re calibrate all superhero movies get out of your way in spend millions of dollars to get a baby sitter and go out to dinner. And let's keep it real I think that because this was an all black cast because with the black superhero. The last time we do. You know like a blacks who barely medium and does like in 93 the last time there was a blown Wonder Woman. I know. I mean she's a how well we fuse wonder woman in black panther and then we do wonder panther and then a black woman. You'd see that I'm that would be great. For me like black pant there couldn't be more opposite of my life I mean I want to see because beloved superhero movies and yes special effects the scene in. I'm not given anything away its work to go see. The price of admission alone. For the seat that the car chase in Seoul Korea. Really TI yeah everyone keeps talking about that you can't forever I'm like yeah black panther it's more like. So what do you given white dad wasn't going to be a forever. When I hit it evens trying to made three and a half three and a half out of five stars so with that sad and not give it a B plus targeted people aren't about I like I'd like to candidate for the jugular in 87 I'll give it right 87. It was pretty solid. The. Grace thing though that happened regarding the black panther movie this weekend was there was a story. Two kids tried to see black panther. Up posing as a tall man in a trench coat. Now listen I appreciate having worked in movie theater and a rematch I appreciate. The resourcefulness and the creativity that goes in sneak in and your friends sneaking in your goods but this time right here this is next level genius. Tennessee didn't let overnight though. The security up you know. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. All right so you guys have to see a picture this. Literally 810 foot tall human wearing about a seven. On trench coat and what kids sat out another kid's shoulders. Wore a bowler hat and they tried to get in and they got big kid at the box I was like I'm not letting you win you keep going like this YouTube people but god bless. For trying to do it a by the way. Nice job on the tax line 97107774. Spot was black correct and also first grade black marvel superhero movie from the 351. Blade when apple whose job is eyelid was great movie but I don't know if I would consider that a superhero movie Corson was blade. Yeah that based upon this it was I went along was that we hole was that dark horse comics there was that. You know what I'm gonna leave do you guys correct me there blade was marvel every it was dark horse. Time if you like that better. I hit us up 97107. And also give us the (%expletive) out on the studio line 6179311. AM if you saw. The flag pin there and it's not black candidate can kick rocks and give you big John on the GRJ. 6177795454. I have been trying to tell you all for a long time to sabotage but you'll want to listen in. Now. When the sabotage comes to be. Your old pal nick Warren G here on one a 73 WA AF the only station that really rocks. These 3 o'clock hour hot fashion is hot hot fresh. Hot thrashed here have yeah he's back he's back meant what is it about sit in the host seat. By everybody once again here on Matty and nick. Minus Matty today it's underscore and nick brought to you of course by our good friends at town fair tire mat he'll be back tomorrow Seoul. I have the calm and the captain now. We're having fun talking a little rock and jock in shot we are actually just. Digging around black panther chicken in his seat you guys saw what you thought of it because apparently every third person in the world saw that something like 500 million dollars. After not even a week. In release. There was little control oversee over exactly why he did so well I don't think that's why I just think the hype train rolled into town. You engage the right audience you give a good movie. Also this is the right time to release a big fat blockbuster school vacation. You're heading right in the school vacation week. It's right after the super ball ain't much going on it's the all star break in basketball. The right weekend for something with a lot of buzz that's a lot of fun to come out. I liked it. But I'm not gonna be you know running back to the senate Tennessee again it's not like them is going to be the didn't buy dvds. With the dvd okay great gap. Good. On the framing him forward studio wanted to go lawyer Roy smelt a law and wanna check it would matter in Quincy you would like to talk about superheroes of color. Matt welcome to the hall of injustice. Eight shell is sound. It's about. I. Know there are probably like it but I do real well movie talk time up there are six slip out. Man I am so bummed we haven't gotten the seed. Parts one through 52 that's still the only. That still at that they were top secret and others hosted we were deprived of them thanks a lot Bill Cosby you know it's still to this date. Is the only movie that features Bill Cosby and an ostrich. Good you just those two are clearly an immature little on the act. All my man. QEC. That's right out of there on the movies Terry Stewart has since been out demolished. All right dude Quincy entertainment cinemas. We're talking earlier about that the two kids that like. That route we're on top like one guy that was on another guy's shoulders and tried to get into the movie theater to see black at the this weekend. And they they cut a lot of buzz. Of the greatest thing I ever saw snuck into our movie theater was. The pizza to Democrats remembered Napoli is on on Hancock street Quentin. Yeah okay. Somebody I once was clean up cinema one at the old movie theater in Quincy and I saw a box for an extra large pizza pie and I was like paid to our guy. Who'll walk through with an eighteen inch diagonal chest. And dot that there's something not right that this guy how how do you sneak in a large pizza underneath the trench coat. Very defined as an actor cleanup that would be true Dutch. The Japanese to block did not sit back. Well I'll. Tell you is to get away with every. Think that entertainments and thanks for the call Matt. As much snack panther all the Omar Al Roker can't disagree yes also thank you text line blade was indeed marvel. And shout out to the 774 who said blank man is degree hey man like mad at greatest superhero featuring a black super here today. Our lives next what's up Ryan in the fluid. It down about eight thanks welcome the party out. I don't why not being pro pro so. Oh that's rights and Jackson's care to the Incredibles by the way. I would like to posture that's the Incredibles could very well be top five superhero movie not just one of the greatest Pixar movies I re watched it recently with my five year old. He was into it and I was just as into it as the first time I saw that movie is awesome. Yeah incredible that some hernia and now it's coming out this summer. Man you incredibly Ryan great call froze up. I'm coming up guys got quite do I qualify for a hailstorm tickets and court date to.