1/22/18 3rd Hr - John Malkovich and Fitzy

Monday, January 22nd

In the third hour of today's show, John Malkovich makes it into our Hot Flash, and our old pal Fitzy stops by for his Wicked Pissah Sports Report!!


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF dot com the. Stepped up in the clutch when we need need you now you drink champagne in a taste our right. Hammond. AM EN. Walked up to that line in your big boy pants. You looked at number twelve with a knowing glance that said death row. Throw it to and then elbow. AME and go oh yeah. But I'm not the world's most emotional. Guys but when he caught that pass seat codes made me cry and then go. Moon. Well they had not done and we all understand why they keep on the winning 'cause they got men like M endo. CNN. Up to man has sold out. It was game to do. I had the match by asking all of we love parade they did CNN. So we do Helen don't Obama winning big games while I'm not the round. And got a lot of I want daily output another guy John Hammond do. Yeah. Okay. We haven't. Jaguars want to. Afternoon everybody. Okay. Yeah. Everybody is excited. Everybody's talking about it so we well. And therein mandated two hour we have left on this program. That government shutdown is over. Setter against. The backdrop of a woman's Barnes. And all of that does so well politically. So your glove your facts. Rather break down the government shut down. That was done on. To have some fun. The women's march. Yeah god knows it's not the money they're generating through their work. Because they thought hey what better that it was gonna say I back away. They certainly give more than 73% of the effort whom. Pay a woman if we stand behind you women a female won best actress last night of the sag awards I think that's a huge. Absolutely. We are ready at all not at all. Progress evening. Am thank you for your comments on our place to go to lay out a progressive strip club called progress. On years a lot of lot of kind comments nick we had to Amendola. Songs dropped today by Matty and nick records we probably crows in the studio. And we had two of them some of a search using of ripping off 95 because I guess they did a little song we did not know. You know we we came of. Was torn up math guys and I think it is and I have atrocity. I have gone to the laboratory I have done the risks arch. I know it is impossible bird to people are Jews Asians or two creative. Groupings of people to come up with those same idea at the same time you know it's funny about that is it's due and I met. Jim Murray. At the UFC fights super cool big Jim Ari and wickedness gas super cool whip it mask he knew I was we missed that aren't sure sure wrappers this grinding. Do. Like yeah I by someone here. CDs on the way to show that digital out of burger. We will talk about those flights UST has brought I gotta put it to use our USC to two anyway listen we don't. Awesome. We have another image dole a song which who'll play. We've been. Alternating them each hour at the top of the 6 o'clock hours and then you guys can guess who we still that when a friend that's. That absence and season was their. Matty nick brought to you by town fair tire. As have been on the street cred with the Perry sucks this appointment guy that's I might do a rap on this week and got us into finger and Roger by town fair tire needs tires town fair tire is the largest selection of tires at the guaranteed lowest price go to these people they support Marion next town fair tire and we think. Are coming up this hour we will hot flash. Fits he will talk sports and we'll get your generic radio voicemails and your G a Y messages if you have some of the fans of Philly. This is the week actually does that two weeks to do it let's start tonight 617. 7795454. We wanna hear from you guys leave us a message now. Yeah and we want you to hear me doing the weather. I try every time I try to make every step I try to make every Segway different I try to make today. To design our listeners just like snowflakes disliked here. Are right in the 5 o'clock hour we all your forecast especially when they're brought to you by our good friends at Subaru of knowing about Iowans whether electricity was yet Subaru also affected the 510 pound dog new data woman. My soul hearts 38 degrees right now a bit of rain and ice in framing all the way to downtown Boston tonight it's gonna be in the mid thirties breezy rain and drizzle and. This is a. And tomorrow 57 degrees. Heavy rains throughout the day Matty and nick don't forget that every Friday and January you can ski for free things your pals here at WA half we give. Lift tickets away and they are free and that's why we safety freeze would say ski for money it costs money to root for. And all ticket winners also qualify automatically for a weekly grand prize get a way that we get away every Friday afternoon right here on the Matty admit show. Stallion elect. So listen on Friday from nine to five free lift tickets every hour every Friday. You know I've seen stand up on skis. And then go right immediately crashed into it operates key as art guzzle and Beers in front of all the ladies this cap. Here's your old now they see with a weakened this a sports report like it defeats. As the sun on WD. The wicket with a sports report is brought to you by Mercedes. Mercedes-Benz. For automatic all wheel drive all season confidence all road competence limited time offers available on a complete lineup of Rhode gripping coupes sedans suvs and more. Visit and be usaid dot com for more details. Doha. My god they're now my god. Well it. Was that the punt return with that the third and eighteen was that the fourth down catch was that the first sat down with it the second touchdown. Little man comes up big again Danny Ammann dole off. You got to take it to the soup of Paula. So nice to have no idea. Patriots stage yet. It's not an improbable comeback at this point dudes I mean. For God's sakes this is the same team that just it won eight straight to hell of an on call I gotta say at home freaking you fans out down to wanted to attend. Ten minutes left nine minutes left that's what that. Final touchdown would like two and a half minutes left the out of almost over the eight minutes and 47 seconds left. For the mud started that game yesterday I'm pretty much think in the same thing that you guys are all think it might. The world business. It's like strangely strange things the Foxboro additionally. Over the cute kid would like the girls and like the funny Judah freed landing at where is that. Was the hot little British bald chick that the word yet where is the hotter version of eleven I've politicians. There. Crews are nowhere and they gave me a heart attack they can't do it might him I'll I'll. Every other AFC championship is a national open just like every other AFC championship is tight it's like this voucher movement however. Tom Brady when they're five Super Bowl average margin of victory. That's it was a. AMD than four point. Love that show but I love the specimen they do that one thing for the pets ball and stuff like that have a margin of victory. And be right now that video you're thinking about that. Right oh. I. You're thinking about dole is over who's right that's the thing that. Man he is someone that girlfriend who did you wanna be more last night Tom Brady. I did you wanna be is girlfriend that's laser show that smokestack. On the vehicle broad jump and there was times after the game boys you ought to be Tom Brady. Who madam midfield after the game congratulating. His superstar I slot receiver. On what was an awesome effort and then they said exactly what we were all saying well we were busy breaking furniture chugging Beers target our friends. Mark Bryant now living rooms advice faces. I want Tom Brady to meet me someplace and say. Let's ever go get it sometime I think that's not me there's very few things ally. In this I've seen my favorite football team my favorite sports team by super balls and verified and a half point favorite to win this six. I don't do the big deal as I say that you know all the time. Yeah but that's usually why don't you go after them that's always the remote. Predicated school play yeah what do go after and get it yeah now. Give them. A rematch of super ball 3913. Years ago your producers buzz Grammy LVM within a high school. The last time. Tom Brady. Defeated the Philadelphia Eagles did a Super Bowl I was and I dropped out alright yeah correct yeah what have you viewed the everyone else can be all right. Spot as grainy over here always run it was run in numbers. Between the convenience of doing gigs. Think it's Allen Wu sees on the street Goddard Chelsea. For God's sakes an absolute does that thirteen Reagan years ago do. Unity and haven't you any minute dad the last time the patriots beat the Eagles credit crazy thing is Tom Brady was younger and now he's actually playing better. What an effort yesterday by Brady out for the love of god at the thumb gates and gates like gay. Cut gate all week long 290. Yards threw touchdowns. Clutch when he needed it most once again which is what they do. What I mean shouldn't we all just sat and our respective bar stools and sofas and just watch it like tune me in on like I'm just gonna wait for when he gets good right. We knew they were gonna do it why don't we are not expected at this point I mean they legitimately now done that so many times why do we not expected when it matters most on the clutch is on the line. And you need to drive you know who's gonna do it. It's like the other team literally expect it's like the jags knew like they gotta do it. Now they said it was because they coaches decided to shifted to bought. A soft zone coverage in the second half because in the first half they're playing more man up there a more aggressive and it work. And I'll tell you what happened then vote Joseph was sucked straight out. Through their downtown hole when they decided was to drive out to 55 seconds at the end of the first half let's just taken me. We'll take it the and take out lead fourteen dead and go to that content to be up over the patriots in Foxborough and the EC championship and that's exactly. How you lose if you look up blueprint for a loss. Against pat that made the championship that's exactly what it's as important as cricket he was 23 had a 36. 236 yards. One touchdown and then. A ton of tears. It's like a self fulfilling prophecy these teams get up this fast start. And as soon as things start going wrong a little bit they kill because they feel the president oh my god the haters gonna do it to us now yes and it's so strange too because. I I think last week I've ever Jacksonville saying something about feeling pretty good about yet. Today. I got mud and today. I'll miss you already met today. We don't win the. Well. Mr. Ramsey I apologize. I believe we are it disagreement with you that the probable. I I have a lot of progress out of Baghdad after your a lot of percent. So I Jalen hopes all that the company has a buddy golf trip the Super Bowl that's what you can and what made this it's like super he had his friends get together for some ten pin which it's really good pot movement in Liverpool. I mean they play well but the same time I'll tell you what couple guys we've been bagging and tagging all season and dragon who cooks. Six were on yesterday big catches on the line. Stephon Gilmore. Somebody you never I J. D. Drew hit that out grand salami. In the playoffs against Cleveland back in 2007 and I was like hey. He just hit his seventy active like I'm home bases and apple fans this is the app as his seventy million dollar Grand Slam Yo-Yo boy just. Yeah I mean he played a 65 million dollar gain he's been awesome. Actually Belichick said earlier today and the radio. He almost played his best football. Over the last six weeks when we needed the most also he said about his the adversely awkward post game embrace what Matt Patricia when I was pretty sure they're gonna kiss. Well that was a very emotional game I don't know of those were billions of exit rationed stressed there was a lot of high blood pressure on the sideline. I love it that they want so much. And they don't stop caring. Super Bowl 52. In thirteen days in Minneapolis now fortunately the host city will not be participating in las yesterday and hideous fashion 38 to seven to the EH EL ES NL's. And invites fans. It took an. Well bush. Okay. Okay. A yeah Ron malaria and our last show me. Downs Abbas I know the bus downtown. Los it's been over a year. Yeah blow. And I. Run what we're trying our best rumor. Business on thirty their time away and. And you saw a lot of competition in the market it was sort of sports we're good. And the listeners they love who we play the pot roast and it's still. Yeah. Okay. Now this is that they got to be taken on the Eagles. I'm not so much worried about the team I mean falls played his best game so far. They get the running game go on the defense this Dowd it's gonna be a fun Super Bowl but I tell you what though yeah just give me give Anna give me one little slice of the the total fan argue that broke out last night in Philadelphia after they took down the NFC championships. It as a football maybe they're actually there. Out of that we believe. There's no way we don't. Very good. I don't I saw them under the new people jet ski in the streets driving until about is that I've written. They would not let that. No arrests. No that was 66. Arrests. No risk when. Right big. We just heard from was like a nineteen year old kid wearing an eye patch on live TV quite well nick hopefuls. Make dean nick Coleman and here we are now referring and it Stevens as they deem it. From our last program only answer that you have to Wear and I've met through you confident I promise you they deem it. Like I know it's unbelievable. And note the sell the slots and all myth that three straighter on the left one of 395 to that this blog magic. Kyra even dropped to forty burger you know what they Jalen brown maybe that's what happens when you tell everyone you gotta be removed because and plays in Jacksonville on a Sunday in the AFC championship. Jason gets invited the head coach of the box yeah bronze appointed in sixteenth straight games. Beat Montreal again after the B Montreal they'll be home tomorrow night. Against the devils this took all fifteen to thirteen days away gee whiz what will we talk about from now until then. We'll have some more fun audio and other stuff to play via next time around. For MR I know it's off patriots Tony Ford jags joining pang of mine GF Laver one year old puppets who is way it is below you say Jason Kidd got fired. Added concentrates for his wife had. Long. You really hit that one flu shot. So much news so little time to get to it. Time for a hot. The same time we should do something if it's hot and slashing and if you only data when it's. Ready and nick will cover it appears you're. On WA AF brought you Michael levels markets when he plus varieties of homemade smoke kill but also no preservatives no millers know gluten a dilemma it's delicious kill bossa Hammond called cuts of 43 Mildred street Worcester. Visit them on FaceBook now. Nick. Go for one of those platters are now go animals won't solve many unity in great moments in the patriots game last night but. All these cool little moment one of my favorites and and this video has gone viral it was something that ever was talking about it go find it Google it it was John Malkovich. Out of the pregame the pregame. Teaser trailer they did. If you didn't see it usually those things they have a celebrity comes on just some dramatic read like Ian McShane or someone comes on and as the patriots. Taking on this underdog team. In other uses like either and like some theatrical said yeah maybe they're like I know seems sort of likes void of the studio and they do it. There it's their intensity in their face in their voice that's loud at times right into it so this thing starts up and Malcolm it's basically reading the script and saying that now I'm not gonna do this this is hacked this is cliche in the he's trying to explain the young director it was filmed locally to with the New England Conservatory. And he's explaining this kid the young director improper asylum grad so be proud Boston. Richie Moriarty and actor buddy of mine from New York City played like the nerdy bookworm guy would the glasses. It's what's so awesome about it went viral instantly put it out about two hours before the game anyway. Crazy it's four minutes long it's worth every second of the watch. It's subversive at the same time that it is inspirational I loved it a little taste of what Malcolm it's really gets going. Read his first championship do us troops and it's madness when it's physical IQ it's. Our league overruled duty mortal blow you know it's. Match. Just a fearless it's. It now. Many actual symphony arising up behind them playing real time of so called checking out MC today we have not given away the sickest of Black Label Society yet. We're gonna hear from fifty again in just minutes. Also. We're gonna get your generic radio voice mails played. This hour coming up all that more Marion.