1/22/18 2nd Hr - The Amendola Parody Song & Slayer

Monday, January 22nd

In the 2nd hour of today's show, we find out Slayer will be embarking on their final tour, and Tool may be working on some new music!!


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. Fool me. I'm always. Nobody. And come back in the winning run. It was perfect so. Okay. Miles of this city and state and area knowing that. Now you never know what you wanna talk about and so we will do. The remaining three hours. Until tomorrow night's Coke island episode. All guys on the dock all the time. Breaking news yeah eyes of his. It's time should drill now. Know that there's an enemy when not what it was talking about things going. Some people there's a couple of breakout groups from scratch my notes. Finger on the pulse Ashton has look at a drill down. Didn't see any that it. Widget and you would see any of the sag that he would he would do anything when I I guess are one multi billboards I saw one moment I don't know I've I've voted did you vote and really watch and has the patriots right I didn't realize renovated before the patriots but what did you know by. Drinking and smoking 101000 by the way yeah. Nick facetime in last night right and they won. And it is are you see George I just solve calling nick nick is like holding up the phone. And this huge 63 men child. 812 year old trapped. In a 48 year old body. Literally just dancing in the street except this plot grows yelling somewhat Nazis or Hitler something which probably most liberals wouldn't do he's making some sort of joke. I said well that's that's a little different but it was it was an image that will stay. In my mind for evermore watching just kept a dance with surety kit oh my god. By the power of victory Ammann dole but lights who's that there was no place in the world I heard the stadium was. Lit yet I even thought about that as noisy as energetic. As involved and riotous as it is young man ever been but I wouldn't trade anything. To have been at. Cassel can't. Now with my boy and Jerry Jordan who but I didn't know Jerry can get jerking game face just like the rest of us here is they all had some emotional investment. We. They should it was an incredible was crying on Darren you know during like the weirdest song and living out and know what was. Yes they cut and they don't have snow on the way I saw before they want this was like yes it was after he made a big and I had song was playing and I put us in running or he was kind of looking online and Brady looked a little like when he was taken the FC championship trove that mama but the platform yeah well as dusty but I'm docket. Am I don't they cut a way to Emmitt dull and maybe some of the attacks I nineties have won a seven can back this up. They cut to Emma dole and he was literally like yeah ball again wiping away tears and he's going like this to his eyes on the same thing he was just get so emotional about there are coming back or something. Or maybe just look like he was crying but. Maybe it took one look at them. Laser shows and performances. Oh my god speaking of his girlfriend did you see the funniest picture I think it was only embossed tweeted last night. Yeah and it's and then dole up holding his girlfriend she muscle like ran and jumped on him right so. There hugging their she's like I'm not very much coming down right gap and narrow is a girl probably around the same age examined Miller and his girlfriend. Standing about three feet behind them and she's looking at eight I don't look. And the girlfriend with a look of light on wish that was me and I added that particularly all of us paying ten. I haven't seen yet I did him in middle crying or Amendola crying on sideline haven't seen yet but I am Neeson confronted me firemen that can. About the fact that. Any Amendola was somebody people talked about. Getting rid of the all these little click vehicles that were gone around and August like Dion Lewis Danny Amendola could their jobs be in jeopardy will the patriots move on from dole. Time to cut Dion Lewis. Most important to players on offense yesterday well I mean number is the most important person letter that yes Dion Lewis and and Danny Amendola yesterday clutch cakes served hot in fresh. At fox were by the pie. Let's talk about real quick and give kudos to. The offensive line. Because there hasn't been much talk about them. And Brady had some time at all I heard about was this act. The deal Saxon bill Jacksonville Jaguars and I had wagon they got til early couple times but from then on Brady had time. Yet in a ton of extol how he had time today yet now they did at that I have about this to no one's giving these guys credit how about a little shout out. From the studios here in beautiful safe Brighton mass to the good folks that work for the New England Patriots medical staff because that wasn't a Guerrero effects right there. That was the boys and girls that have the little doctor's kit with like the thread the needle they fixtures and he's got to pace of gas for his tape basically on his right hand. Boy looked Vegas and was bucket and yesterday when he was just taken the jags in their number one pass defense apart. Yeah you know as team effort you know the training staff and and the doctors and Alex. And I doubt it keynote Kiev had thrown in now right what does he think several price that Alex is a snake oil salesman or total Charlotte pace. I I wish I had the time the money or the ability to get in there and have him work oversell myself to issue. Well it's really doesn't solve did you specialist. We shored grounds going to be OK he'll be OK I mean. Teach us as those for I was worried laugh right I'm not gonna lie I was worried about I don't think it was a dirty hit either I think the problem is with our thinking intentionally did now but he it was. It was a risky it I mean you got to try to tackle him I just hate when guys use for former football on the old navy about that stuff the tax line concurs that Welker was bawling on the side I mean in Lendl I sharks are now oddly enough Welker was volley because he forgot where it was academic session that was unfortunate you know Welker got a nice job cannot. We can't I mean just because we love adult men and dole is our new slot receiver of love enjoys. We can't forget welcome. I mean like. He was he was loved he was a regional thing. Well look at pay and column you know it all starts with the W weather. It's trying so hard to think of a similar 'cause we're gonna drill now right looks out they what's gonna be coming down the rain. Right now we held or for dazzle or like our when they're brought to you by our good friends at New England outlaws wanna lose weight. Exercise or just visit our friends and doing the fat loss dot com today. Rainy and I seen this late 39 degrees tonight governor out of 37 tomorrow rainy and 57 coming up. In for you to huge. Music. Breaking news stories. And those you. Tools out there and human. And one of them is actually listener generated story as always for use open you if there's a story think we should hit an address. Text it WA AF Tex I 97107. One he actually gave us one of the stories I Escude one story through to weigh in on goal with the listener story. So just give me your name and town and we'll throw news stories and those go to pol. On the framing imports to eland has been holding hello Paul. Oh. Yard. No. It. But it. Isn't that. That's attached. It to. You didn't. Yes he was a camera yelling out a camera man at the black candidate do little ludicrous there. Absolutely. Oh thanks for the call volume we did catch that. He told the guy to get up by the way and then on the sidelines they Cottam. San to a team that reducing get these different camera guys are open field assumptions that affect mr. Brady. Claws out kitty costs. You know he's he's pumped out. He's. Many view on the tech side to close attention to Iraq. I. The big guy out ready to tackle the legs. Don't forget to get your GF why Jacksonville Jaguars or GF why go after your selves. Philly fans and Philadelphia Eagles. You like to leave those type of messages or congratulations pay preaching goad you go negative angle positive call this number now 617. 77954. 54. If you just like to scream euphoric leak because you are still recovering from the game. We'll take that to. Like maybe just call that number and just yelling Tom F and Brady over and over again we'll play. Leave by the end. It's interesting how pats fans are so pumped up yesterday obviously. But we didn't lose our blank the way other city did like. Minneapolis you know Minnesota fans they went nuts there's all the viral videos of vikings fans freaking out breaking stuff. Philadelphia apparently whole nother level looked like the end of the war legitimately it looked like as one person described it in a video. It looked like the closest thing you'll ever see to the purge in like yeah there's no law. People driving do everybody is up the stairs and GM's yeah. The Alamo library from rocky get people were naked on top of suvs writing the streets people wearing dog and horse masks like looting burning stuff six arrests. Knew there have been it's going to be insane that port Minneapolis the only hope the only prayer for downtown Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Is that it's just balls cold. Yeah otherwise. Yet you burn it down both host Billy the other ones you Ilie through batteries is Centre right. The only football stated that cheered when Michael Irvin almost broke his neck yet through battered booed Santa Claus through batteries at players and home. Proud to say the only football stadium. Ever had a jail. Might have them. Ex accountant colony to show. He listens I know he listens online he be fired me as as. My accountant because of my lavish spending he gets so frustrated as I can't I can't do this I can't do list. He got really mad is that it's affecting a French I can't do this to me he's in New York city's from Philly any that Brad. Did. Eagles Eagles there's no such thing. And yes column no such thing. And as they've just like a Marshall or just the idea that a fair weather Eagles fan there is no such thing I just want to know. If anyone can put their finger on this particular Paulson why is this source of Philadelphia's angst. Well they haven't wanted to while they've never won a suitable day ago. They've been two of view they're like well we were there like we were we would have as one unauthorized alien general. But you get on early series the last ten years hockey team is really do hang out and I think on Saturday night to see. Fist fights we saw animate him. We are pretty angry we mellowed since we've set a winning but we early wreck we other days a million dollars and so. Of interest and well it's I can anonymous. I didn't wanna check any of the web sites and go to that is going to be by next Thursday or Friday going to be on watchable. And could get richer they're gonna be back. Bill Brady's got what other field won't it will go to these got to witness David Morgan went outside the stadium. It's going to be ridiculous and I'll be reporting all of it. I know I can't I'm so psyched are going to be there nick Stephens our very own nick Stephens will be at the suitable our correspondent rule hive. On radio row. Opening up and sounds of interviews give us a flavor for and I don't calls to bolster a quick bit me. What I don't but I would never do when I. My little NBC sports digital you. I went to the Super Bowl in Tampa. Covered. And I was we had to put like you know as you're gonna do it discernible we have to do it for video today so problem apartments in the trailer. Tonight what symbols like misting up like this 678. And this NBC guy comes and running into the trillions Matty come come and becoming a social life are currently walking in the field between an axis. And they're bringing out extras. We're gonna stand in front of the stage for the musical performance on the bus. So they're all corral the front stays like fifty people are six and who was the halftime at that moment I always sort of missed his comment and I and it's just me. My boss from NBC sports and make a few other people. And also the bands out there in Austin this guy walks in the states took the microphone. Misting out Chris Robinson and it and it's empty studio actually empty stadium. Missed coming down and he is. It's darkened stage. Here. Good evening NBC executives. Let. Barry. There. It's always and I got to see his whole set rehearsed standing on the field like five other MBC guys that's it about it how is that not. One of the great how you waited this long to say that the best way he oversaw the boss how my god what well you know what it wasn't too problems. It was tape it was a Toews Pittsburgh. Eric Arizona I was cutting rates to Harrison's playing well there's India earned. There was items has been an ice pick up when I watch you wanna talk about beast mode you wanna talk about how you burning in learned that guy. Played almost as many plays yesterday as many snaps as he had been higher season for Pittsburgh right he's played war far more than needed a whole year and three games for the patriots. He's out there and all of these human car crashes against an extraordinarily large physical Jacksonville team. And keep posted a video on IG this morning of him no joke. Doing six inclined presses at 335. Pounds. He is not from here is not heed this didn't vote this Devo. And a million. 6335. And he's yeah he's not RH for God's sakes he's not a you know like. Just a fluke he's still he's client. He's out there still plan Matty got a great tip knows it's this kind of insight. That really makes the audience and our ability to interact with each other so valuable on the 97107. Text line. Made it from nights and I hate that make sure you record your interviews all that's a great idea. She should. Now 774. I think it's the number of 01 of our. Can cost possibly can cost possible CN CT. Sufferers and at the choices that got Tom ready in my humble opinion. He can throw a ball reasonably well Arctic. Five weight Matty if someone wants to check in you saw bruises holes that. I'm winners. Actually sub Rosa one other time it is cooler. It wasn't his intimate and it didn't have the rain it was an empty stadium but he he was taxing is suitable set them but I can see him with Hillman. Front row at Gillette. With mr. craft stories that slot that got us consulate. Yak so why was now his his opera I annulled like it was he did not know to earn a patriot and a belief that he is it known as a reference there's a fan you know what all hill Angela are being granite city of mr. Graham and he was letting us eagles' food -- bring their bring you figure out well football floored like you know it. Yes did he is unbelievable. Nobody leaves the life. That mister Kraft does not to be a billionaire and be able to just to have those parties to know you'll help put together the greatest team in any sport ever. And is his are you shop managers god. It is to think that like it just like there must be tap lines they get gin and tonic tap line of pop restaurant tab line in his boot. Then he's out of hopefully I'm gonna get a chance to meet with an interview next week which will be. A blast but like he's god. The life man I sonic at 121212 showed Madison Square Garden. You sit in a couple rows in front of me as it's mister Kraft. And I I ran down his FLAC which just like. They were dressed like the color of the seats because someone just turnarounds like weren't going to let up that's right just interviewed mr. Gretchen let's go to London at the rams pats him I waved to them. He recognized you know talked a little bit. Full blown his. But she but she did just having the time is it noticed he can do it all and it doesn't look like anyone appreciates what he has more than he does. As with his new special friend Rudy won't make any. He loved great night of well he loves Greg he didn't know me madam but I Gregg got a whole concert or just you know holy of the imaginary might that. Until there is like. Bryant get a throb and. All the world brawler blah blah blah blah impact. We're seeing on saline his bring us pizza at all you need double Boston nick is this yes pre show. Springsteen walked down the tunnel. Behind the stage kind of will and so the people sitting on either side could see him in this crowd who see here on the data. That whole sections could see in the resistin couldn't he just like walking free show. He here. And their own lots Bruce and then like two minutes later. Ten times louder and it is crap marketers see Corso psyche got a bigger of racism in the box in the Bruce good to get. OK thank you very much this is what happens when you're still like the new guys ever say it is a year to of the Matty and experienced but. 978 says actually 781 little correction or info. That person's. Idea of making sure you record your interviews that's a throwback to LB forgetting to press the record button for the entire week and it's Super Bowl interviews he of. Call I don't I don't imagine all I would imagine vulnerable hanging and. Hiring an internal B you rented him you have seat to Swanee LB was huge and other on the on the broadcast team that has been no Beers on the bracket they they cut to him instead violins Ballmer brought the Bruins and warlords there and I that are you know really Ukrainian next to them. We need. Is that. The gutsy stand for unlimited free corona as I get a great is that I in Brady's and both their case well 603 idea mister Kraft or Brady's hot dogs and bad. Okay that. Like he's are right. We're playing the song now. Classic gold for the views known and how about a little for you because the 4 o'clock hours almost over. She stood for the fourth things you should know these fuels violence. Never get less than twelve hours a week. I've got the same first name is a city never going nearly as got a tattoo back of this is for you from the heavy in the okay this one was a listener generated story from the 51 sixers actually Long Island. I guess listening to us on the app or Bluetooth. Through there app. Yep or their lot speaker maybe they are New York but they said. A write in their Bluetooth right on the Bluetooth theory would tell me that using their Bluetooth to listen to us Symbian and out in their car men. All other smarts beat guy used ideas about speak today Alexa. Open my Yahoo! Gmail play and yeah at the technology email my Bluetooth three should stop behaving. Nearly patriots haters where that he bingo. This morning the band slayer. Shocked fans. When they announced their farewell tour which has waited for 2018 good bye slider. Tour dates have not yet. And announced. But it promises to be a world tour. The native video announcement. Including a compilation of media throughout the group's career ranging from early posters are recent shots the band that footage from every era after 35 years. It's time to light collect my pension so the front and Tom I have a right after. So we I don't let them catch it maybe thirty plus I'm nearly five years any here can still speak I mean. I like singing in this fitting that blank out in convincing everybody. That this guy is having maniac it's like acting is morally or our and you show them in his expressions. This isn't like a thirty odd years of James Taylor the 35 years. And Dawson. They go and now more music news second story. My boys you know I love nick I love to play these guys dual pirate radio or muscle while going to be pumped up a cool beginning beside them yep not air supply okay. 06. Double fiery got the news roll on the tool. Now. He's been a running joke. But the date tool comes out of the new album way to do that pigs fly to right that George RR Martin we'll have to do pass on advice of fire novels. Well according to the stars Adam Jones the band as well other ways to completing an album. Asbestos is laugh at these records to duck session. So new tool on its way. And we can expect to release so. Music is done at lyrics coming in hard. That Maynard James Keenan. So all you all the luck so man and new music coming soon. So 774 saw slayer in Boston last August when lamb of god stoked on it now I believe. Fantastic. We give away tickets to get in the 5 o'clock hour almighty god. We have great black labels with tiger and able he anxiety you get a little bit of that he can treat the audience to for a couple seconds there's. And I've got some buttons you can press got a real summer time. I was gonna that he he while waiting on the Crimean ports deal I problematic. Double hey you grumpy old Liz. Are you being used your grumpy bastard beard oil this very morning Matty. They go yeah. I'm sort of beard looks like he shine oh awesome game but it boy caught some. Yeah. Game unbelievable the ages brother dean unbelievable. I just had noted apart while locked brigade rolled is insane. Wait did you did you did you actually watch the game from the parking lot like you said at the TV and to yeah. And see people don't realize that I can do that no so apparently liked. Up to 30% of the people in attendance there at those games are actually in. The parking lot for the game parking lots like the best sports party goes they're there and people bring in flat screens. Like DISH Network makes this little thing you can bring and it's connected to your county pop down on the part of what you get it crystal clear signal. Flat screen drinks shares bone. Love it coming up czar could see on sports and there's a lot of sports talk about your generic radio voice mails while hot flash your calls your tax all that and more. It's Matty and.