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Friday, December 15th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is done men's room. Listening to its real. It's. Though standing by conine a four point 999 a little play profiled as in minutes. Yeah headlines on the way one hour from now first which again in my car for some of the stories and headlines he is not working on are on a 34 year old man in Mesa, Arizona was arrested for first inning after he said prior to the city's 40000. Dollar Christmas tree all men. Hello Graham. Right. I don't bummer I wondered if he doesn't live close by and the thing was just shining into his window or if he truly just does say Christmas. I lit up by town's Christmas tree I don't think it's just the Blair knew better yeah. I don't know I gotta be something you don't just light the tree on 53 new grazing maybe. And I that mamet it's dry and Arizona Christmas trees and I'm I'm ready I mean think about is having in California because of the dry weatherman knows roots of and I couldn't take much. You know the grand state new white people as umpire. Try to censor your grades in college before I let the housing little match the depth and little Lucy Lou there is no name of Byrd or Chris Smith. He does that burn anything down. Texas. That's that's total most of present size and I connect to think of is is a burned out Christmas truly I'm sure the city only has the lights in the ornaments for the one trees have clothing stores I mean it's. And it's just this big standing charge it. Destroyed bit of happiness you know an Angel lost the wing. You know what I wanna bad news next yankees might get receivers street Garden Grove go off. Go up like twenty when he catches fire now thank you never seen in my duty it is unbelievable so quit. I'm sure. And insurance it's it's like your soul burning you have me on my three in your place might not yet a new and others we get OK make sure you put a lot of water in the I didn't OK don't have a bright side I have always been in charge of watering the tree even when I was living at home so I have no doubt in my mind that I can minimize time. Have fun with that you can take place. I had a buddy that had a huge fire pit his backyard and that we would do it. Like after Christmas we just take the dry trees fire pit and they did they go quick you just go to your apartment complex it's been physically. The current threat. The FCC voted to repeal net neutrality and there was a bomb threat right before the vote and the room was evacuated. But they came back and they five commissioners voted three to true to kill. Of course they did a mom thread before the vote. That's ever want to know do you still have to take the precaution that's done well other side you're on the idea that to find a way to go five people and I of votes in this seen snow globe came down to fund seems like halo and I'm like how do you get in on that live in LA I like other headline here after it is here's our can affect your free porn consumption. I think that's a massive issue right now hornets was Ted Cruz gonna do it for a quick look at that I'm I'm I'm. But the 50% sense that it that. We know he didn't like maybe you've you've finally demanded that I vote I'll spend. A big number that Verizon Lefevre. The infamous missed some and doesn't let Dennis alas I don't know I got out grates it exactly it's not gonna talk. John you are our our youth don't want to perpetrated. It doesn't work. And then they hope the golden I've confirmed Indonesia that more and I my computer adventurous Asians as down. I've loved them don't let it sit there epic adventures agents. And computed to insert money can't. A college in England apologized last week after one of their Twitter post asks if if if if if if if I could. Those are our eight college in England apologizes week after we did that Twitter is as if there's students were quotes. Dream being of what each campus before she says Brian hall. Why should we thought that the teaching you about why can't why he's there and luckily in the real repercussions. If you think the the. Why do they have to Japan rubble you know and do you know where they were going to L was it done overall guard boat go yeah yeah I went to college this. It's just as a dollars and England and had no idea like the name of college. You didn't really don't want it now we're not gonna injury may have light cameras as Larry's. That nobody is proof we used to host an image awards much. You got your Gloria and I got edged Jeff all the good players gab as an English and math. A lot of stuff right on another Graham and all I can have a staff that hey Doug do you Howard who think that it. Awful title IMF. The practice my horizons everywhere with it if it's if it's just the past. Do you guys in Chicago are suing Lipton playmate female driver pulled a gun on them after they told she made a wrong turn well. Jelena and gels have to be wearing it seizure that's it it's my birthday bitch. They finished the Taylor wrote down an embankment where you organize your birthday driving cars on. Any. It's full of guns and real good guys. President now since you haven't experienced in Chicago that that was nothing man. Writing what does it say here would you let your companies are paying you would bitcoin if it came when a 10% bonus. Maybe I knew how to spend and losing ground company in Japan plans to start doing it next year I don't understand what bitcoin was from my understanding. It was basically just online currency yes sure I don't know why we needed an alternative currency because. I already have digital money. Well part of the reason I believe are a lot more tax loopholes and things like that in. For the nickel and all recognized by certain services so if you were kind of aware of those services and that's what you would trade and and you avoid paying taxes to defend itself. But now that it's getting more mainstream. Obviously things are what change fresh heck it was my understanding that's what people were dealing with an initiative is also form of global currency. Right where does matter where several hundred they stay injury thing yeah and you guys are nuts if you think that the IRS has been trying to find their way well of course I'm always tired and I don't go newsroom and they're gonna get there Jesse Griffin and terrorism are going to. Suck my bits. 123 year old bride from Nebraska recently had a severe allergic reaction to open in the flowers and urban okay I'll want to be a lesson. And her eyes slow shots. Paul Paul singing beautiful with similar to Buffy closed last act as. They have in goldfish in a wedding dress take each other's hands and looking to do you typically guarded really damaged the could ever stared up which can hear you. An Atlanta. But surely gonna come out of no no she looks like a sleeping chameleon when you can get the usual but ultimately it's moving into. Do you go hey give them Brad. That I was Buddha thing alone. Doorway just sneakers and it'll smooth she found a man. I won't I won't yeah because now. Parked cars. But what can you get. It's called Google but what was the equipment up a couple of should play sister recently had a wedding and I can just imagine if you do a lot of help although I am equipment that we'll talk a significant evidence chicken and salmon might. What do they are seven of the bride splitting it into a member for your kids. And then you guys will never believe this but a drunk man had a bad run in with a sex life. Okay we should really guard Nate but I gonna tell you all know one hour for now thank you my god cannot start coming a one hour from now the first the good news on. Precepts. Seemed prohibitively tell everyone how profile this is. Playing at your ten miles a symbol gain market share or do you realize news story something that happened right here on planet earth or earth. And as you listen to the store based on the stereo types you believed to be true though people. And the decisions that people may god bless you and it is you think makes the story a story. Hello Austin welcome to the men's room. Alone yeah I know. And understand how this here game of playing. This. I think felt. Glad I'm confident man oh man these new motivational speaking I hear is your story a 53 year old doctor. He's a liver spleen and pancreas surgeon and Birmingham England. Now he was in court this week in admitted to. Signing his initials on toothpaste and slipped. Minority transplant back in February and August supporting their TV used to too cold and argon beam collide later but I assume you already knew that. And use that gardens and missiles into delivers non normally the tool is used to sketch out the areas that you can operate on the liver. He used them. To burn as the missiles now another surgeon notice the initials about a year later during a different operation and I'm one of those nations are healer of the hospital. This guy resigned a couple of years ago but he finally had his trial this week he pleaded guilty to assault. Could be sentenced next month now the question for you to listen carefully. This is a doctor and Birmingham England was he black white Asian or Jews. You know I'm not sure what he does and. This. Well. This it's like south her southern Asia accounts are absolute. They could be like Indian something that's why yes I don't really sit in England Dallas like play in England right. Yeah and it's a doctor so you have to look black white Asian or Jewish all on tape. Paribas saying. And a lot of those a lot of Indian due to friends with all lived in England as well short in English people Walsh you try to love curry like huge population absolute gifts like us eat Mexican food we eat in an inning like. I think just because that alone I might mean Asia. General Tony Bennett. I'm Indian Asian all I care. Garros initials. Gas deliveries of patience which is what did you wanna have gotten away with that he settling a similar complications ensue and the doctor. Had a new different surgeries like. This is the initials of the guys that are some ahem who the hell you doing agenda that's a bold move to. Yes threatening other doctor finds a way gives them like TTS military take camera person they'd be dismissed from the surgery did on this person. With all my bad my bad. Like nobody's ever gonna see in Oregon my bracket would you would you draw things. On pins on notice now good calls using an Asian final answer yes. And there and find out if he was black white Asian or Jewish next. Batman fatigued you are listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah. Class sizes to England and a surgeon who was a dozen surgeries every decide to leave his mark by leaving his initials. Basically. I guess kind of edged on the livers of his patients. As violent and don't actually you don't know what it wanted tomorrow and I talk about a lot investors and analysts say. Yeah jet when they did you know getting caught and well also we ask you do you believe that they were black and white agent or Jewish. And an end with you reverend Ted is an Asian. OK okay. I didn't do it right you've said Angel. Job. White white. It's a white guy anyway which is not that that seems though the only way I'd like the story some like the car and Asian drop meg CNN Schumer talking doctors. Tee you're racist anyway doctors if you really want all right everyone relax you're still races. I know it's okay it's okay now abroad TV did all the time it is time for TV time a team. And now. I think life. Countless hours in front of a talking again in the men's room prison. So if you watch local news. If there's snow event what do they do. There's no part of this edited and getting it right they're gonna think about that. I'll dammit Lance Ito Continental's narrowed and elegant jacket a jury say they send reporters out there and it's never OK what they knew that I was getting there which he gave was the face we're now afflicted jackass from salt and our local. News feed you know but it didn't put it I'm sorry guys I really thought about it generals won't come out here on an island and I am called to do a plus our apology comes out. I just didn't think about that announcement about their life they don't mean what you said us yeah what do you think about like it's anything might not leave until it's just getting into it Arianna if you feel about local news. You know I'll hit it I don't know maybe it's best I am a weather person now the main weather for a bullet to the many weather person. Many of these did you outside because still standing next to the building that you worked originally tricky you need to be back in front of the green screen how Ed there. You're menus that we're free and for a little Sally out there who has driven eighty miles away evil from your broadcaster if windows wants to let you know. How bad the snow is in this total town and I was gonna resident. She might have to stay the night in a motel there are just so you can give her two minutes to say. It's really breaking golden Wendy. In the blizzard is exactly as bad as you predicted in fact I haven't seen our cameraman into an environment I don't walls. And they cigarettes out there yet outplayed us I think as far as the local news goes and what we your opinion of it is I think the local news is a lot like cigarettes. Once you've already love the one error once you find a brand you have you stick with it and it's one of those things where once you find your your your thing and they're cancers and we'll kill you did you rarely you know switch over to the other local channels to to watch which when you find your news team when you finally cast your like against equipment. Do you know I'm not look I want to go for everything there's been some totaled locally here. With a lot of new anchors and I am not familiar with and I found to write I'm I'm now going. I don't know which local team like most of them the depends on a day like on Sunday I have my team and I'm like all right you're here right but in their Sunday. And then something changes and different feel reporters now. And I know people hate change and I make fun of people that hate and I hated to. So like I am seriously in this sucks right now might add and add a limbo with the different local news and I just want the one I'm gonna put our. Yeah I don't know that I have a favorite I want I think at some dissonance they get blown out is that they I have I choose the things I don't like. Okay sure senate that was senate added a favor and I think that around like that things this whole attitude event I don't know and I am there's one there's one. What the person's been or maybe year and a migration you. Don't let machine guns on Tuesday they've anyone else but I'd rather listen to her it also depends on what would it as the morning news team is of the afternoon viewers more news here. A little what is that oh orders in the hell was that we're while. It's. It's you know we didn't get here the Monica. And. And I'm glad to have you all you're you. It it it it it it. It's just look at very confused you know the good thing is even have an open Mike we know the Michael okwu gusts you know of all the people honest our god. He's the one guy. Where you don't have to worry about. Bad any of the rest of us you'd run down the hall musharraf's arms immediately what might really develop because they happen with open. Yeah I can say if anything hello in my memory fingers oh what the but I. First she is deemed the race. The boil it that you had the monarchy. I think for the hated it depends that intercom system he just talking through studious opponent and doing it might try to cuts out the promise I know who's talking to back. That guy and that what did you VD I so hope also there's a storm they said people out right or they hear how it's an ice that it's still very. I'll look at sometimes. You know you're one of the newer people or whatever. So basically happens here her name's Amy DuPont. She devastation in Milwaukee and basically she's gonna do alike hit it like an eight rout the smell sir and the cameraman are trying to talk and I'll walk you got the news. The snow is good first snowballs and a cameraman gets excited. Interface okay. Hopefully there will you'll like this yes I'm Cameron yes. So now late payment cut to her yeah. I have an update for you this morning I was telling you that it wasn't quite snowball fight ready I cannot begin feed them my face is wet. My kids not that I am with this morning just it got me in the face with a snowballs so clearly it is great snow first ever snowball. Like all right I'm gonna play again and listen very close so they haven't. They haven't gone to her yet so she's just stay there you know homer Mike Callaway happy smile when did hair make up some points. And then missed the judge you here is a snowball for about two feet away hit her in the face yeah. Right right you just feel bad about you got bad. Wait and you just wound up hitter Aaron isn't a by the way you could see that video at the mantra FaceBook page please watch a video content it's what I mean I feel bad for her but. It's funny I. Have to take quick aside and reminded me aside so our producer Robin fox look into MTV and all those kind of thing Robin is a big fan of short week okay. Moon and and I am one of her things we find out today show with wanna go down and like one of those shark cages Murdoch only great white sharks and and do bad things I go to the circuit she's charged. So. Some of from the TV world Discovery Channel or something has reached out to her and and it looks like maybe in the next few months you could even be on TV for. But you know who would go download any shark cage drew. I don't beat the sharks look to charge. Whatever you crazy as locals do it hit when you decided you're closer to regret it but here's the thing totally lights so we said look man and and she's town homelessness and I'm saying why I think it's I want you to do it because I get a bucket list. It's stupid. And my target price and and and miles and quite well. Should we just take out an ad for new producer and I'm just because I'm proud and what Robin I want to understand this it's just this and our chance. And and you you agreed to get any footage they basically knew admit that you die oh yeah they will sort of put this to us and reason why is this and I'm kidding. We're so lucky we would have to go on the heir apparent and sailors. Lot of you've been asking more prominence and we have to assure you that the words that you hear coming out of our mouth we're not joking this is not a joke this is not a scam. Rob on fox didn't have my great pleasure pig and no one of the no one is going to believe that now well a single person on earth is going to believe that so I wanted to make the statement now most in advance of you possibly being the big thing the finale of shark week once a human being get bitten and half in the cage door brings so now let's toast again and that's. Outside of the day today could happen the dearly depart don't know what your first on shark week. I think it would too and I think I just Marshal Michael Phelps at this point whose handle it in the water with one I will actually get in the water with that don't know that's a strong point Newton. Albeit McCain's but don't we all know that they squeeze in the employed in which they call and request where you're which which areas you gonna do sharks let you go to a specific spots like softball honey and Mike rape where the sharks are big dude trust right it's really all gather once a year and mainstream they may oh yeah Canada peninsula dead yeah exactly and shots headed to make it. It's OK okay that I'm that I. Harold down their do the same thing yes so maybe you should request South Africa CBC air job yet but then I don't get in the water with them. Oh this is like I mean in the cages. With the I don't wanna just be on a vote seen them jumping and the Mets club wanna be really stupid right. Again I wanna go or they feel all right yeah. You just gotta drop the line from Jos everybody knows knows that we need to bigger boat line you remember when Richard Dreyfuss the original draws has to get in there. And that's shark cage. He used to spit in his mask you gotta spit into this who threatened I think barometer of how did that. I think if you want to and so look we can't make sure you have flooding drop all the funny line to free go to this dangerous thing for your astle and die and they'll send you all of footage of they have so that we can perverts are. About the way you did to obviously they have only safety but got like. That's easy to break open is not gonna drop the bombs even a ribbon open and luckily right castles and and go that's why they call I think there foods at. Yeah I've seen the video of the great white she sit on top of the key strategy yeah I kind of yeah but coolest way to go. The same it is bad. Why don't haven't Robin duke Al's got nabbed by a great way to schools tombstone I will win that race the only animal I think that might top that if you have beauty by an animal. Polar bear. Who may be that's for all the Robin look I know she'll lots slowly we're about as far as the tomb stone if you're bitten and half. Great white shark tombstones or did the shape of the draws post milk helps so. But it wouldn't be carnage though wouldn't we carve those charged face and onion and all righty is is follow yet a lot of forming a brave Robbins Beth and it's our attendance is the quickest Simon reminded. It's a quick update I got guys went off Robben remedy owned Aaron. Didn't have a great white shark overnight joking. We think it can ya she knew what was danger to connect eclectic. All right. But see here IB guys obviously you've heard that this is kind of TV because Amoroso. It's how we know or. Does she have a last name. Yeah it's like to an end zone and him maybe are lagging combat mode on the but like the one in the middle name is no way friends do on life grand princess gave me you play like Hamas. Just comes it's like Margaret I don't know you say like the way it's spelled is not the way of saying number should Fred I was not the going back to her roots. Coming to call you out clearly the gave me was like come home pay on Twitter she's just Amoroso select oh yeah Donna share world nobody knew who knew one's name personable funny because in the news overtime to bring Europe now because she's in the news they give her full name anomaly we. We know who armor rolled like Oprah you don't Oprah Winfrey went up aren't you ripped open. Oprah Johnson's life. We know it you say are more rules so like we know the one I'm Rosie Frick and her romance I start doing that Oprah's combined who. Open shots and the awkward and today down with cookies rapidly. Well what you I don't know why apple would you might Oprah Johnson over she's got to bring I don't know what the food is G bring in something and it's very good yeah that's a salesman thing was over Johnson. I mean that's definitely need to hear. I would try over Johnson's and his. Again Eric Adam an independently of. That they you want to Fella. It's always the amber rose has been in the news does she act our she left the White House I shouldn't say we don't. For hacking out if there's conflicting stories it was funny my gasoline use is she was she on Celebrity Apprentice in this manner you know. She might have gone back but I get that she she pushed on a one city original sees something. But it wasn't a celebrity until after she didn't finish like eight when I say and so was a feeling she was shoes a total bitch and everyone remember. So yes he did anything successful and as far as how we got to know or that she was an insufferable. For combat. And everyone remembered her and she didn't mind being in insufferable bitch when they invited back knowing Michigan may approach Royale via. Decry the tour mansion on there yeah. So Robin Roberts. You would remember her from ESPN IOC morning shows. She's a pretty she's also survived cancer once the F twice that you like Good Morning America so yes she's a Good Morning America she basically went from ESPN or Good Morning America is still within Disney ABC dollar kind of all phenomenal drop for him. Good or earlier. But he's always well Robert Roberts is generally just. And now it's this seemed a little. I think aggressive either way it just she usually just reports the news doesn't put a personal spin on it which is Tom Amoroso she added in now one funny comment at the end. She says she has a story to tell I'm sure she'll be selling that story and say hey actually I'm Felicia. All right which he says buyer for leisure viewed a familiar with the movie Friday he think that is just the general term that is. It's almost kind of like apple yeah I am so it just like I wanna deal with youth and that's obviously. But I suspect and Robin Roberts and now he hadn't been made them into targets spicy than born American dog apparently Robin Robin. Against Biden the U. Who else you date a song about the U. Did I doubt that I don't Paul Newman payable phone Booth at a sticking with morning show news. Former today show host Billy bush. Basically we talked about a he's been out of a job that Billy. And. I don't know if I wanted for iphones. Seventeen inches at the end. He should do that these changes name Mara are a number of about jam without a little English as he and Josh. So. Us magazine has basically he's been talking to some networks. He's pitching in new show listen that's facing him in the morning news talk but it's the same thing it's like. People still won't hire him because they think think he's bad for sexual misconduct had. I don't like how much the poster boy the 85 goddamn people men accused I've never said anything. And somehow I'm the poster boy learns Cameron hall she still out there pitch in a morning show as well you remember she got basically squeezed out of the show for Megyn Kelly. Okay well that's right yes she still out there trying to get some. Trying to get some morning shows local food it's jumps. I miles I think you hit on this earlier today but that Disney did it. Wire. What is it fox foxy 21 century fox there's a lot of stuff going on. They acquired. An eBay acquired a bunch of stuff I don't know if they took it all they acquired a bunch with. Lot of franchises like the dead pull franchisee a movie wise and if get a what's the idea I hired as avatar alien predator. Didn't predator have to fight aliens you know once I'm Sharon who won that one you labor's friend I don't know movies such as stop at four. Like he held out there until a predator won this one right at least in the first movie predator did win Allen at a board creditor chance. Then dove movie. Anyhow if you think I. That word came out of my mouth is not a good time to be used. What do I easily think glimpse into the sink your future I think in street just packed. Luckily Amber's brother does that junior for the alien to report a partly why is dean. Sorry dude and William Burris is bred for I'm but he doesn't burn Bill Cosby. I out rank you. Predator with dreadlocks that's what else talking about after any predator but that. But yet they acquired of the TV stuff to some Disney has got their hands on. 24. American horror story which what I think Disney I think American horror story always. Empire. The Disney classic homeland and X-Files this is us. Add that fits in perfectly I would go we'd be this many important that we be if if it. Program back to really lose given statistics after Christmas like we were those who practices have been there we was like that but I know about this is nothing they always say it makes you cry Disney movies make you cry. They also got Family Guy and the Simpsons. Those those is a pretty massive things back to upgrade soon but as the 54 billion dollar deal. He one day Disney owns enough of this stuff now they have all those cartoons together right. You would think so I think ten years now go to Disney World it'll be different issues yet each match dollars more for abortion GeMS but there you can get into the equipment it. You're dead area organs are headlines notably my god ten minutes you are listening to the men's or radio networks it's timely and Swiss miles. Now see what's happening in the real arterial we had England are man seen running down the street yelling and chasing a rooster that kept him up all night. They are could have been the thirty insects still alive that made his right to not feel so tough. To Orlando are Mansfield fondled and gets stuck in the middle leg. Meanwhile a man burns down the strip clubs who has girlfriend can no longer dance and shake and survey says. People are calling overs over ambulances it is time for your headlines. It's time that it. It's it's here's my colleague Aaron contraris. Never before our first man is saying. They're drunk man all his land and hospital after having injured himself full pleasure himself. Became an hospital and a two and a half full and long thinks life for shooting from his and his organization this. It was deemed I don't anymore I called the long via C one because two and a half feet is. The online order interior. Mountains and that's in human phallic. PNC bank they look. And human phallic problems on a day and get to label those sections of the site she said it's and I don't Venus. Thirty inches of doom. Turns out that he had gotten drunk you wanted to perform a sex that sex act on himself and managed to perforated bowel with a toy actually have a diagram as to what happened to home. A good and it's really quite nasty. But that's fascinating figure the thirtieth dissolve at the yeah I'm never gonna find out why that would be a problem. So I didn't know this but I'll direct that looks when you see the diagram due he looks much worse. I definitely taken turns in curve around stuff oh yeah at all yeah I didn't realize that the rectum was actually like a figure cavities and just kind of a door. And he actually pierced through that so he didn't go into the intestine or anything like that you just kind of going Willie millions out of that's it looks like one of those will raise and I. It was like one of those things from like the doctors of this business yeah then that one was hurt me. All right around the world probably my favorite headline of the week comes from metro news but unfortunately they're British media and can get away with what I can't. It says quote pensioner tries to batter rooster that ceiling edit after kept him up all night. Moto on the ruse there was anything that I look man go to Denny's restaurant a lot of times on the menu itself from the oh yeah. The but the Euro before and bright red lose your camera we're of the view of the monkey the year of the dragon your read the year but it didn't. And millions of zoo says a year of tough. Which incidentally 1969. Was one of the years of god which the year I was born and when I read that I allowed my mother who mow dose of bad explained so much. The fifth with a certificate it. That's so I was very. And the reason why they called that is because the full term is actually called a couple. A couple that is that is it a different term for a rooster is a couple things done that's why they shorten it up to that. Anyway there's a video pensioner chasing a rooster around with a driver like his golf club. That have been out as it did a birthday but the animal just continue to elude him in a very fairly comical manner. Erica get involved warm bodies and a woman I bruising TJ through the golf glove I'm going to keep running that roosters most of right now we got Orlando where a man managed to strand themselves after stealing a salon about. In the middle of the night the man managed to steal swan paddle boat and made his way to the statue in the center of the memorial fountain. I'm pretty sure I know what it is is Ted is at the same motel we think it is of that huge ass late minute. The hotel and as the swans on tough. Think Disney World yes and then there's that big lake in the there's this huge swan fountain in the middle of it yeah the south and I think that's a lake that he's talking about. The lake peel off in Orlando writes yes I think that's the one who wins in the hello anyway he's Dole's won both made his way out there and he was. I don't know chilling out on the fountain or someone that I don't know what he was out there in the middle Blake on this memorial. And then the boat floated away. Though he couldn't do miles in the middle of the lake adds it's got to be at I think so too. Itself firefighters did events that a common rescued a man from his first I'm just thinking you stole small monkeys committed a crime here short. You really need rescue to come get she'd be you know it's gonna get wet jump in the lake and swim to decide that thing and it is Florida. Yeah yeah yeah. Is that I am and I you don't know it's an area fan and I know it's an added I'm the right call CEOs think that the entire time living up to this than what I've finally put it finally came out of my mouth if you think the more you get to the middle of Florida the more alligators are you there are mavericks. I'm a little less than they may be some strong swimmer he's on the middle of the lake maybe not confident and it's been issued an anomaly today. Is saying you can't swim get up the water. Postseason he'll vote yet the spammers tennis. I'm miles and West Virginia double A jealous boyfriend didn't like where his girlfriend worked on things to the extreme. Not having his girlfriend worked at a strip club he had tended to force the club to close down by burning it to the ground down get them while watching from across the street he managed to damage a lot of the building before firefighters arrived on the scene and police arrested him. He has been charged with second degree arson but it did get what he wanted to because the manager said that if he managed to make bail he can't risk keeping his girlfriend has answered. Our. Which I think is a legitimate. Now I mean it's legitimate argument but I anti war though employee is proud giving ended terrorism act. Suggest. He's talked to remind you dating a stripper. Yeah do that before he started dating your that you were dating a stripper. They're 21 that she might have picked up the job after they were ardidi. Man. He knew he was given to me was did mr. I think it's Catholics say you do the drains all that is your mind has stated yes it is right now what generally too big mister Purves. I don't know maybe you'll now nor she's gonna work but make you know salads are turning to a stripper pilots are now ahead salad salad. Man it she dresses. For can Sally you're kidding even my girl she went out to a fake boobs virtually birthday. And strippers and you know Salmonella. Yeah because maybe otherwise death Ellen no no no frills river. They were you don't well protect the first actually mean Americana and as you said that all the vocal hook up. Okay. I met him and he was lit majors before. Liberal arts. As every airline could enact my gosh I. Brazil's example the random question quest in your guess is as good as mine and men's room rule yes indeed all that stuff the Myles just said so I don't have to. Our police Wear out here until we're return please do what you do best and poorly this thing else. Dame. Beautiful.