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In case you were still getting your drink time during the last. Mid term performance. Tears what do you mean. Since the most vicious hit to the head and everything but the fact is iPad I played a lot of baseballs and kidney of integrates with right listening to her feet. Music she so he had turban. On top of the set right so he had. I forget it it's a sad thing aren't aides think could legislate primarily very tight in the little ball right now. So when he would Wear helmets for batting it wouldn't always covers ears right at every game we went through this and umpires feel like me I just I don't feel safe with him eating right. That never faithful with it for seven or eight. I never saw him get hit by a pitch right now we're like in eighth grade. He gets he wasn't the best hitter he gets a bad double or something so bad inning in the dugout he gets fired up right and I don't know whose mind is I don't have to him. Or whatever. When it's our turn take that he hopes he got warming up on the mound marking the big do throw and he men are deep frame right front hand pitch count up on. And it okay. At that hour and a Polaroid thing you know whoever I think that's how he got it right in. Yeah I yeah I know he was just late getting out there but it just didn't cross right in between dean and who. The Spanish word for eighteen did tortilla. Filled with shoes. That's where hurricane hit a hail of a wanna build with cheese and a key auditorium filled action. Ted surrounds them. A flower portfolio warmed up stuff which he got off the back and it is real Mexican restaurant and mostly. Midnight every Reggie I don't know if you're new Mexicans had got this thing man. All day. No well. And you sure you're not messed up today. Do you think they too tortillas with cheese in the middle could somehow be a basket and hit it good. Women are just as likely to get hit on at the gym and sweatpants as they are in yoga pants for pay to. Play well. And I I'm afraid this a different way as long as men exists women in any conditions size shape and will be hit and the remote room. Kind of glad that stuff across the bucks gone. Ali Hewson the just I mean like I know I'm looking at putts that sometimes you can really be focusing and what effect snake like what's cool we should record but see I'm real Internet at all at that because. At least of the turnaround like what I was reading your book. But you don't put words in places you go there to put billboards backwards on the highways and our own thing and the thing I want to talk to them. I returned every conversation with a big turnaround could you give me a phone number for your by the political. I wanna but died. Analysis of one I'm so excited that he's. Elected call that thing usable for the have a number. There's a couple things haven't like pizza and donuts they're faced with up to their smell oh yeah they live up to no doubt ma'am and bagels. I guess I gathered smelled avail of fresh today don't think yeah none man out of feel like when Dawkins. Going pizza donuts ma'am we're we're going to let the members he didn't get a brain get a plain bagel and like the it's the fifth I think you need played bay of their vote butter on a day go. Well sure that's really an award dinner get a plane will bagel how did you think the plain bagel in the played quite clear she's on it and Obama has grows do it though it's not hesitant to foul don't ever go to New York like bagels when I got on pump coming god damn man. They don't play bagel and made a plan. And then that makes no sense I I spiced it up a put butter on it. Crazy I think about it crazy lights that you can pick it up up. What could the perceived decrease in air temperature. Fell by the body due to the flow of air. We're seeing an increasing air temperature and move on. Because of the flow. In and indeed the moment New York boy it feels awfully cold. It's not it's factored in to how you feel. I think that the and point. Okay. Windchill. Windchill I act twenty. And it's eleven every winter hey it's going to be 200 degree grew go through Atlanta seven seeing. Wind chill in the summertime heat index meaning. You pointed to feel extreme if you read the heat index finger. And change your life row hot. Yeah my goal what I open like opening your sixteen ounce soda I don't plan on breaking the way I plan on breaking loose right now. Just site. And take dad Matt Ryan has Idaho might ice if McCain hadn't learned a super role we suck if you can't ice cream sandwich from the other half back who doesn't. So that would be weird kid would do it. Yeah us. They don't get those I gonna have back I like this add active presently and I'm going to Breaux once you give it to me if you take your bank if you had to have it right. And I don't mind giving them my contempt of that I know the deal. I'm rare occasions they will complete the whole thing but in the end. There are kids get bored it's never adds exciting that they call the halfway done they want you for more of this is to be sorted too bad he's good. Yes some girls are like that too. I did a girl that always thought she was much hungrier than she complied. I would encourage her to order stuff pile so if if that I knew. I think we'll get into duplicate it here or there was if it hadn't done. Name given to what type of animal captured in China and brought to the united states of the first time in 1930 you've got this tiger. Applause I think. He's giant and the panda express brought over on the panda express it is express. Saw yeah I'm here for the up and go yep born scramble to complete three sour patent says paying that. A growth and the zoo zoo would've looked through the without a good minutes for us through the it it it all right you crash and try to eat local that's good good my local single if if if if we go to some things we have a description available than handy recipe underneath they should have a barbecue every year the good ones get Knowles got to go and certainly you can imagine I don't need Charlie I mean. Now you know that they shot around the right but it does in Ireland man. How about habitat and everything you could do much buy into the home rob heroes Lou. You know melanoma the other drive down to waste my don't not yet to come in here. You think if I just question number six or at least we know that the. First pitch man he takes me just ask like a shot I've never seen from a coma. Then a couple guys get blocked on. On our team and then up looking guy on their two time. So now we're all urging him on the body and emotional. Now we're also little higher Montgomery bus it was a live a little bit and do cinemanow but you know pass and now we're also now there's a dust up right there's a dust. There's stuff for a dust up that area and all that is you know can we gotta talk. Always. Now does it doesn't and they are right and nobody could camera there but that's not one of those things really umpire comes and talked feel he was all white I didn't the turning and I thought the team managers can talk to you like everybody agrees. Not to hit anybody anymore so that inning and a half go by who comes up to play this yields catcher who hit a home run around. Well I plot a put them on the top of the all other incidents critics unintentional I'm mattered not that means it doesn't matter but I didn't mean I hit the ball and there is no first I'm sure you'll Hollywood. There is to let this is this is two innings later there's only hit the first guy high and why you didn't know I intentionally hit the first guy but does that pattern but doesn't know that they're I don't know. Oh wait until I hit the guy in a head man does stunning news like only starter run Mino like. It was an accident tonight's series. I'll be united in the plucked him and ahead you can BC just came up managed just real be the next they kicked me out of the game he didn't plan. Now done men's room legacy continue. Loose. You what you're about to hear is real. Trying to offend anyone. There aren't men's room. Dad hey here comes the bad jokes pitches the return of did vs the FCC. Get right to play profile list. Plus headlines and in your shot of the day fumbled as Terry Nelson everyone's favorite TV time with the click back you're gonna don't try to go a Georgia school bus driver and mother of two arrested for driving drunk. Went 31 kids humble. LeRoy homer is involved in a high speed chase what they call but strapped to the top with a cord. To Louisiana where a woman busted after stealing Booth says quote I hustle that's what I do. Food truck in Denver serves up cocaine for their customers do and principal tells high school students and leggings make them look fact. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All have good kids good day to you and yours all right I'm sure you remember this but. Monday August 21 when he seventy. America was treated to its first full solar eclipse and almost the center cool stuff. What precautions need to be taken namely Wear protective eyewear if you're gonna watch the eclipse because you know. You're staring at the sun and it's just a bad idea always there's always has been but not everyone is Smart enough to understand that. Take rapper Joseph we bad acts or annoyed and call him Joey dumb ass he actually tweeted. That he did not need to Wear protective eyewear to stay here at the eclipse and it turns out he did not. He did however need to cancel the rest of his current tour due to temporary some blind oh. Now do you think that don't I don't know that's the home or this is done. Imagine. You're protective eyewear from. So that you could go watch the eclipse and protect your eyes from the sun was to apply sun streamed to your eyeball. This actually had emergency rooms apparently had to deal of people who puts on screen and eyeballs. As a cliff protection. As for. Now sometimes we do dumb things that we just know we shouldn't Abdullah's Sanchez of California you'll probably remember her story she's eighteen year old woman. Who lied to stream the crash that killed her sister's Jim commented on the video that you know educated sister Gigi those together. People live stream all the time the thing is she would have avoided the crass if she hadn't been wiped. And I know that's pretty street but big dome and making the decisions they can also well just be based on something done on the house party in Pennsylvania. And like many house parties the cops were called because we're making too much noise. They got all we'll just the morning does not them them them open cups duke. But at the cubs got their cars are prepared to drive away. They started blasting the feed the caps turned the volume they got site. We all do dumb things we will continue to do dumb things you'd be doing something dumb right now we are listening to the show. But today here's our question if they've been through bill and avoid question looking back. Maybe boy wasn't such a great idea. Her brother Joseph caught a four part 999 although like commands from on FaceBook follows on shorter than survive and send your emails to the men's room Edmonds or live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. We're gonna show number 2006. I. And 63 when they shall we have worries today the NF is back and house dead meat potatoes the nine. Most dangerous foods in the world whose age six can kill you is coming up where they had shift and Ted's meat and potatoes I met all of them delicious. I don't look at the list is this my gas and everything I have medium bag VE day. To building something your happier on this list you don't want this series are right out of my dear you know there's there's there's a few on there that I have they've never tried. I anytime game as they've done is get ready go 844999. All of those are first and doesn't write a play the game goes big Democrats before we get there we have a couple comments became man and it's as. When he's gonna stop saying that the two got ninety wrong just curious it's been almost a year keep kicking ass listen. The reason I keep bringing up Kimberly and Eric as our two biggest dummies is because to this day they have remained the two biggest is that these amount to disarm under the laws and I haven't had male listener go for a long restrict no one's been dumped and then it's followed comments as you know I've been Eric he never actually got one right so he should hold biggest underground self let me correct you on that it was Kimberley. Reid and actually get one right. Eric got nineteen questions wrong he answered his twentieth question correctly at Kimberly went through nineteen questions got them wrong we actually ran out of god damn time that's it. And dollar as always when we play big dummy we Doolittle men's room poll last time we did a polls all about breakfast. We asked you pancakes. French toast waffles we had to vote on Twitter men's or live any idea of the year on the guest on waffles waffles with the overwhelming winner fine I. French toast and pancakes keeping in mind that as another pancakes would dominate obviously I am wrong now this week our men's room polled quite simple. Simpsons. South Park. Sponge Bob Orr family in in my because they live at the end it was not on the list inning on a list against big one of the force that will. I don't know analyst Anke and that Nana Nana and and I am. The question is since then South Park sponge Bob and Family Guy the game is big dummy let's get to go. It let's say hello soon Tyler hello Tyler welcome to the room. Wealthy melt down oil. Wow. Diaries over knots over. And over two overtime look in the show apparently has a question. They have been below agreed to that in meltdown was a good thing and they're not sobering memo Tyler Simpsons South Park sponge Bob them again or go out. South Park gullible are having a boy exceed. All right here is your question Tyler Hoover Dam. Is built on what written. Knows that the Columbia. All right. Yeah I know that. Fans packed town after the ride due to give it your clothes. The other first letter. Are your question what. Is the meaning of the French expression saying that the I. Oh away. If you go. I only know lived there for really bad song that life goes like twenty years ago that's like that's why. From guys like campaign that believed to have died of god everything that is the only reason I'm no good when I first read it like Intel also live now eyes and also to know who blew the I'll probably die for mobiles are viewed as they say love I don't know maybe that we've made it. And what have they given I don't know under the goes Robbie notable fruit. And I think that was years if it if you're deep breath for asset and never thought we never had that why you lose all all the sale I believe somebody just called Robby gamble that hey Simon just said your name on the radio waves African had a heart attack and died at that. I killed Rabin didn't bush do now on our. Mike if we can find that song little related replacing a lot of people those people. That are either afford to go to a forgotten it's. Or fortunate enough to have never do we have a we have it available I'm sure they haven't come on and they're gonna have to go back into the yard attendees to say on the weekend if it were given deep into the yard kid until a couple versions of sale of AS where there was there's a Bob Seger song called say on me growing gap. I brother Bob Seger and AmeriCredit June Aaron I'll find bugs here Aaron thanks in Abby. I Tyler here's a question. What is called plural of the world crisis. Heat. Crises Bradley is feisty which means many things are going out there yet does general statement pricey. At four foo bar game. Big dummy 844999. All of Italy have up next they're red say hello and welcome to the men's room. Okay. Oh right definitely you. 5 October not to overdo it left. Over and I Simpson South Park sponge Bob family gas. Go to the computer who pulled school a big. I'd never knew urgent question what is the name of the deepest known location. In the Earth's oceans. I got the for. All bad. You do what it does have a script. Alluded to fix every car. Hi Gloria what I had. Hello good morning. I feel that way and that's in Philly love what I thought Hillary grandpa thought that was over the ridges like the biggest mountain on earth underwater bigger than ever for 33008. Challenger Deep. Challenger Deep is dude where's that look at. I don't some an ocean may have no I don't know it's I I thought Murray comes French same thing you do in a way that's an easy question of why I am 100% wrong. After all the subs are that they don't you know you want to coordinate all L. Okay. What about crater like. Hasn't is that the divas like they did. How deep is greatly do we have any instead you were there you go to the black look pretty deep. That if I thought let's get it at the Palestine is in the war and current lease at least in North America 19146. Feet. To me counterterrorism beats the deal right here and you leave. I don't know what I did that just by looking at the bracket I don't look the bottom of that thing looks like beer cans cell phones to the it beard and he's got to go along way to find itself. Since some banana right field corner a little probe things going around 191000. Feet by 2019100. And then who that's a good class I don't know what nineteenth out I mean I imbalances I think of hustle exceptionally bright or wasn't there anymore would be like Denali backwards how how deep does that again Mike. 19140 says thank you I don't know 500 okay I'm glad and up until about the old man. The oil men along with the yet the older ladies didn't perpendicular fervently as long as they can remember and just traveling around more like I've seen them to talk about it right circles around like. Why mormons to the LO because it looks like a giant toilet and that's the terror to delay okay. Ago miles they're better. I do to grow as those who are geography what country lies on the border between Spain and France. Start to deliver. I don't. Flu and. TV time and goal left clothes and door and toward endorsements implicate an empire plan. Does the going to indoor to fight the import it if. All right what song by Michael Jackson contains the lyrics. Any are you okay. Lou I don't know any extra. Spoke. Any are you OK are you OK. And so let's. Try it. A critical movement. And protect its they'd get back. You can Zach bat Huston and a shade a man who robbed banks. They're not going to mama hit shows signs spelled I knows him drive Ted crazy we don't know the answer. And it shows Steinfeld what was Kramer's first inning. I'll. Go out there that I have no idea it's easy want to with a whole lot around it. But I've never looked out and I remember we get stuck up. It make that a dog run at the top vote Cosmo Kramer a threat. They fell for the name my buddy Max stopped but noted that the brake fluid if he doesn't have a buddy Matt. I was go to the world sites here. The reaction where to Adams of hydrogen combined to form an atom of helium. Is called what. It's a reactionary to Adams hydrogen a combined to form an animal Huey. Clear him. Do the big brash and it knows nothing about signs L league it's all in the nuclear physics that's what he knows about the cost him stresses that Sampras should have been there to give his big domains are 999 all of those are next contestant ready play the game console Santo and space Joe Brown the governor if you think you and Shaq frustration that shines arbitration hello Johnny welcome to the men's room. Oh and I. I join you governor of silver. And silver. Right since and fell apart sponge Bob or Family Guy left. Well on hard court instant I've got a collection. Okay. Everything I got I got a date follow the rules but watch the wall clock. Or late so you'll have life. No I'm a white she got up. It's where they collect and it I don't know Jeremy what's her show. Now she's got. Shelled what looked solid. I'm good job right off you get this Merv shell you get the citizenship. Yeah I got a better deal out of this man and a good memories from earth discount and god forbid somebody picks to show the start with a pass that I'll end some nerves and sends them and they can't let that affect. Our energy towards the capital city of Australia who. It. After the preferred. Him. Nor have little boy tonight immediately one's demands always catastrophic. Can draft and pass Dara and Barack tough. So my that's truly faced. No it's not just don't know how you do now you have the Melbourne I don't know what can ignore cucumber is a move could go burrowing should did conclude that day or night it in the middle. No country. All right who's considered the father of Psycho analysis. An important. Doctor Regina manager Lou live for us a little boy is all about sex he's all about the penis and. Well that's a cycle analysis essentially things everything goes back to sex and yes I'm generalize and bat in yes I know there's more to about. Here's a guy like anything remotely phallic he's like are you gotta think Davis's butt video became mobile firm but sometimes a cigar is just cigar. You know why does he smoked cigar my wedding right everything subpoenas to you but there when you simply put one en route to ignore roe. None of anything I said applies to need. I just like cigars this has nothing to do with the penis in light of looking exactly. Like a team. Where we are they might now be a bad idea to go back and read his study on penis envy it explains a lot. Houston though gave his big dummy 844999. All of those are next contestant read play the game hello Parker welcome to the men's room. Our guy. I've heard you showed an outfielder. You bloody little bump over direct our throughout the show left. And our men's room full today Simpson's cell parts sponge Bob Orr family yet. Now targeted that are just a couple comments coming on this thing Challenger Deep. The deepest point in the Earth's ocean is in fact in the the Merriam for an awful. But is so talented. And it's almost all of up as anyone ever found out if any is in fact OK no we don't know that we are every hour of the follow on that now I don't know if we could be I'm not wild she's okay. Yeah Michael never cleared it up and amp farm never clear that I thought to be fair ma'am why generic brands he just got messages they got name and that was enough. All right they're Parker here's your question. Rich five time Grand Slam tennis champion tested positive. For a banned substance. At the 26 team Australian Open. A female way. Eight deaths. Yeah. They didn't like him better now. Sharapova Maria Maria Sharapova. Bamboo revealed. Stated on the roads. What was the band something no fifth. Some and something Allah willing we and you know about Coakley was loud and I don't look for those remind older. Wasn't eligible for the convenience and well and a speed can anyway. I was sometimes do to get popped too late. If you take a drug date that they knew was masking your right to your coming off a siren Rex if you get top of that to Coca. Who knows she's been around the block the measure is more but MasterCard. Are what it takes an average of eight minutes and twenty seconds to reach the earth me. I. Life time yeah well Parker I'm impressed by that one really out of just assume Michael Ball. Stars'. PR meter thank you just don't stop in on me to stop these space junk. If this doesn't all fall in space and space trash. There is big down 8449990. Loser and is consistent threat to play the game hello Judy welcome to the men's room. I had gone oh. I. I truly felt and it's over. It's over you'll love the show that click okay. The only member of pulls them themselves Smart sponge Bob Family Guy. Family got its unity I would Judy's argue yes and no collar Juli she. It's duty men duty to god Emerson loves what I would and you know Judy you definitely got a beautiful girl. I'm a guy duty you to question. Literally the only countries on this planet that do not use the metrics of United States obviously. Myanmar and what African nation. Woo African nation and let's go to Ethiopia. Hyperion whether yeah. And other American those led billion dollars but yeah. And Monrovia Arnold cares. Have there. Who won the Nobel Prize for literature in morning sixty. But the singer. Again who won the Nobel Prize for literature in 2060. Who happens to be real easy thing is almost the most illiterate singer what I gallon. And Hannah Hannah. Don't do that okay. I'm not alone other B Drake. No see the difference is this. Bob Dylan had to get that literature can you can read what he wrote since you can't understand anything he says when you go back targeted abroad reticence to him that's really good. Poetic and never heard the first of these lyrics are so good so much synch because there is pegged out 8449990. Lose our next contest and ready to play the game hello west's welcome to the men's room. Bergen and Blackhawk bitches it's. When I feel it's over it's over. I look at the show left me here and broom poles could be Simpsons South Park sponge Bob or family yet. But got to go to one that I actually DVR or so South Park okay. Of them wrong with so far. I dared to question. What does the name of Washington urban 1819. Short story about a man fell asleep in the woods for twenty years. Thought my god I know list. And I looked at the wrong forward but. It's awful hard on the wrong car. He's right at the wrong one came to my mind first that I do the same thing Julia yeah I I just seriously. I thought rescued me but I know that thought at. It is not rescued. No come on man do that. I don't know brilliantly to yourself if you don't you know this might say the answer you're going to be a little brother now Rick Stanley for families. Hey I'm hitting it a Vanilla Ice. Rob both of them left something like I did and advanced. And legal. No permanent not helping. Heat. Have similar. Get more you might be like we're family and sleep for twenty years credible study Arnold it is as good as you should add a little water water too because it opens it up and opened the flavor more if you add water broke down until you it's on the rocks or whatever it's actually better and better choice Hillary and sucking it out of the bottle and we'll and come. Well let's play a mile acquitted that sore ice cube and about relying. Paula death star ice that's cool and yet it you gotta get to multiply and there are suddenly get delayed but it's cool things is happening half I mean all work as you know a lot of work. I want famous singer appeared in the movie mad Max beyond thundered home. Oh I got this man. Do you enter. Eric Snow last trick play our address absolutely. So governor Jeb and now feds made a details as the nine most dangerous foods in the world is meantime. Gave me his big dummy 844999. A lot you're listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know. You know have gentleman's room. Our game as big dummy 844999. Cola. I've got a new comments the gunmen as they do Ed says let's see as far as. Sigmund Freud and his whole thing with the hey everything's phallic European Symbian was a smoke a cigar in which case it's. Some government says that's a pay quote about the cigar he actually wrote a paper about Alison guard could be found it. Probably never read. Are more people asking if any is okay we work with the Manny we did in fact Astra rocket intellectuals aren't out there and oh god yeah he's good what she said let everyone know any is a case and he is in fact OK and members comments as. Are we live today or is another gotten him repeat well there's a reason this is a taped a show down this is a repeat we're just taking exerts from everything we've said in a previous shows in the way pats and again it's an amazing things are really does sound mind and Olympic recent weeks someone who which one of us at this to us. Yeah I know. I I'm excited for Christmas tomorrow. Yeah. I had to go after these doors are today and come out about it so nuts and I think almost every guy in the world just wasted the last minute to get right you know I know all the independent and I remember if there's a New Zealand had a north shopping tonight as a growth instead all the this is our Easter spectacular and I. The reason I miss the game to bring his dog god forbid we take a vacation this. It's more parred 99911. Was our next contestant ready play the game hello Casey welcomed to the men's room. Did our job. Kasey welcome and they've done a Merry Christmas happy Monica oh man are you doing weird who called in to a repeat after it. I think isn't it great that you would baggy pants he knew the call again. At the same time medical letdown to me through their repeats everything Casey is over knots over. I'm over all right if you look at Michelle and our major polls today in honor of our holiday specials. I don't think the Simpsons South Park sponge Bob a Family Guy. I'm gonna pick the symptoms Iraq. We'll do that but that Simpson himself part time relief in our miserable. Hi here is your question who was the lead singer of the rock and roll Bamba crickets. I don't know glued. Who. Is using I think your being here with the meat was definitely holing it but it okay I don't know given it. There were a lot of him before all of our time. Death all of them and you immaculate to boost up and live choir and why was he good argument that your money to charity believed to be the music and all right this is serious question. A bit do you call a group of you knuckle it's the umps aren't again at all. God your stupid whatever they look at that gaggle of beautiful while it Dominic Casey to get on your holiday we expect. And Argentine left. I'll I'll get negating that I feel like miles migrated so a group of you'd come. This might be what a black woman would call. Amazed me is blessed in that but it's a blessing and a whole look I think what I don't know I don't know that our didn't ambush us now. All right okay yeah I guess I'm not by name Steve the group unicorn. You made these groups these unicorn. Is a big blessing if you go down there. And at a gaggle the world has never seen anything like this gaggle who lets you going. You know your holiday shopping and his and a Christmas is tomorrow and that the we're doing our lives the repeat show up. We need all of you to help those who are 2019. Holiday spectacular big replay it in 2017. And even 1607. What is considered to be the first permanent English settlement and a new world. Of Plymouth Rock. Top Jamestown and in the bedroom. Available live and weather stations identify themselves in the big dummy state for Florida nine title that take 449990. Look.