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Friday, October 20th

Mens Room Question: When did sex do you wrong?


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Mean what sure love to hear is real and the members of this radio program are simply. Trying to look. Send anymore. Lord and doctor and he invited to join the party. This is the. All gathered in secrecy. The men's tour. Thrill. They say shake your radio more than three times. And you're. I don't know why they go on and Arizona our 2699. Now. Along with Steve the throw hill. Do Ted Smith and hard. I had to lie guy. It's. Hardly an image a. Campaign here come the bad jokes bridges the return of dead vs the FCC. Get ready to play profile list plus headlines events or Joseph the day fumble listener emails and everyone's favorite TV time would tip click. Class period to drive I knew go to Florida where man grabs tonight and takes his girlfriends. Large boa constrictor snake. Someone just figured out what KFC is doing on Twitter and it'll make your belly. CIA fires black lab who wasn't that interested in his bomb sniffing job at a substitute teacher who duct taped kids' mouth shut. Should be beaten by a mob and Alaska animal control officer did the call about an alligator. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question. All of that good good good day to you and yours are elusive. I have bad news specifically for people that are into these reality. And happen to live in Wisconsin so listen up 96 point nine and Appleton those who respects you. Are the Wisconsin state legislatures that are currently mulling the bills that would make animal sex a felony. Concerned that it's not currently it's just a misdemeanor right now we go to England we've remodeled the felony them public sex. It was another human being a 28 year old woman she found that out when he was caught on closed circuit television. Performing oral sex and another bar patron. In front of other market drugs thing is. She was so drunk. You even know which he had done until she woke up and delta also. Let that sink you your blackout drunk you wake up you're in jail and they explained to you what it is you've done the evidence they have the you knew you don't remember you can revisited by watching closed circuit television yeah. You tags. And when a comb through oral sex and things that actor Michael Douglas she may have actually been right. When you might recall that a few years ago he was diagnosed with throat cancer when he was asked about it he blamed it I'm moving you've with his wife. Catherine Zeta-Jones and we were saying hey man you knew you smoke cigarettes that might actually have something to do it well. It turns out. Then thankfully a combination of both according to the latest research. Smokers who just the south mouth if you will the more likely to get for a cancer than nonsmokers. I'm not saying I'm worried about all I'm not a I'm going to hit hit hit. And you didn't quit smoking and I'm smoking like a chimney. And we've all heard about the dangers. Of an erection lasts longer before we don't know those dangers are there that's all we need here before we go Heyman. Let's do something about that while I was playing my Pennsylvania inmates. He's suing after the correction officers ignored his 91. That hour erection. But and a perspective that's just under four day or your teenager it's an erection. But all of these stories well I got to thinking and let this question ma'am. Everybody enjoyed sex people wanna have sex but sometimes things go oh sometimes in the with the disease may be in gee maybe a Michael Douglas enough for a cancer we don't know. But this is our question today. Win that did sex do you wrong. Big Brother Joseph caught a four point 9990 you can like humans are on FaceBook follow us on Twitter events are live and send your emails to the men's room and men's or live dot com. You're listening to the men's or radio network. Fitch is your. Screw hole dog that oil out of the Jennifer 2000. 899 when you Joseph we have Rory today we get the magic got. Drain and tells for the shot of the day. The exciting return of ten vs the FCC is coming up and today we're gonna talk about one of the happy is things at least one of the most entertaining things in my lifetime and that's when you have the opportunity to have a little bit sex. And sex is one of those things where. Once you get that feeling the first time having it becomes a lifelong gold let's see how many times you gonna have sex it's my long though before you have that it's one of the most enjoyable things that that human beings can American do. And then becomes what an awful bad side as well and yet occasionally it it's not I mean if they look when you're in the throne though when you're in the midst of it is it's it's wonderful. But that does not mean. That sex at times can't do you're wrong sort of talk about the that today we'll start with a story and this comes out though of Oklahoma. A man was mocked. And needlessly denied medical care by jail officials while suffering a 91 hour erection in 2016. This according to a five million dollar lawsuit filed on his behalf. Dustin Lance alleges in his lawsuit that he suffered permanent injury Telecom Dustin Lance man dusty Lance employees of the Pittsburg county jail ignored pleas for medical care he was suffering from a continuous erection. It has petition is and his troubles began December 15 2016. Win while incarcerated in the county jail. He ingested a pill offered him by another inmate. Lance and his potential petition says that he made jail personnel aware the next day that he was suffering unbearable pain. As a result of the commission. Lawsuit says Jill personnel repeatedly mocked Lance while denying medical treatment until. December 19 which in a jail employees transfer of Lance about noon to a regional hospital where doctors said they were unable to treat his condition. And indicated that he required immediate transferred to a urologist in Tulsa. Now rather than transport lands to a Tulsa hospital. Officials returned the 32 year old the jail where they arranged for him to be released on his own recognizance according to lawsuit. Initially filed in state court lawsuit was re filed again. Lawsuit names as defendants blob blob blob that it away man this guy it doesn't say. It beaten basically of what happened at the end when we don't know what I'm assuming by five million dollars that his penis no longer works. If you. Ours is four hours is the limit that we know of right if you think you have a reasonable chance of making five million dollars and I'd have to think been. Yes on the went wrong with your deep right right yep yep absolutely yeah good labor everything's fine elect a man I just a wanna better meal you're okay. Someone brought your penis and I agree with some liberal in my. Your Mac kind of position I want a lot of money and I about a lawsuit guy but when it comes and I'd be like oh yeah I'm so when you know look look may I mean maybe it was just that painful after so many hours. Well that's the but would vote to leave that's the whole thing about the article I look at you correction from nine when hours yeah you want to go away but having been a teenager important issue are broke that record on several occasions but. Yeah when you're paying into the city screaming in pain about it. And if ya look it's it's not it's not a secret amendment it's one of those things where you could have heart palpitations you could have. I don't know a huge cut on your arm and wonder if you should go and get stitches all these things but the slightest thing that goes wrong the guys junk he's going to be at the doctor. He's going to be in the hospital is going to be trying to address the situation and he might say. Doc what's going on there all the other way in my heart has been slaughtering and I have no wonder their whole lives are generally regarded Natalia like hey man don't take your blood pressure too bad. A listen your heart palpitations late. Hey there I'm here for my. We will get to that a minimum Michael Douglas as we know when you said earlier he has been married to Catherine Zeta-Jones for quite some time and he admitted what he had oral. And throat cancer. The part of the reason that he had this problem. Was based on the fact that well he's mastered telling us and we laughed and thought all right well I don't have but I also feel like he's such a dude he just took the opportunity to say that. Just to say it it's almost like say yeah. The economy and apparently admitted there are good theater manager although down as member of death and did you did you know exactly like save the woman from drowning by moving her my penis to grab on to actually bring herself to shore outside Xavier. Think I'm glad you're writing a blog about observing dredge that up all the my life views just as long enough to researchers in the middle of the river. And I can't have one night stands condoms don't fit because he's aesthetically it's it's a terrible thing it's it's an international for old fashioned solve now we get the study that says oral sex can cause mouth and throat cancer it's a long study smokers who have had more than five sexual partners are at greater risk of getting the cancer triggered by the human Petaluma virus. A scientist reassure that only point 7% amenable ever develop that. Other as well as much lower among women. But who did not smoke in those who had fewer than five oral sex partners in their lifetime I don't know that I've ever thought about my oral sex partners. Dementieva since part rise soon I like art yeah. Not every time they left the they have every time now but I'm if I'm and sometimes it's one or the other right understood based on time which in no mood to do how I would plays out but. I've never had some of them laugh like oh no we only have morals and I hope. If you have. Yeah really. Just note that no sex sex right no sex you do you've had a partner we're still strictly oral sex but I would call my partner but I mean people if you look at what he's. We are now for a while I'm gone. Well I was late Charlton who charged to stick it to our zone which we can't you know now I think the story out loud and a positive she was truly single. OK. Okay. Did you go to her but her idea though my hay out how I'll do this yet and you do this right we're not doing you know yet so you did that she did that knows that. Yeah I think you've had an oral sex partners sometimes there was pizza. At the end it yeah it was going to be tonight. Pepper it's so I think I can go. I don't telling the Madigan like solid and hasn't celebrate the occasion like I mean I. Like ranchers like wells are you serious I don't wanna do that lady I don't know if you look pretty good deal today hey sounds fine to me now and I'll bet that in impedes that I'm in I'm down. Men are most likely to have an infection more so than women and then that oral sex. With a smoking and all the stuff I'm gonna get in the specifics of X insolvent medical speak for the most part but they get into the fact that yes those two are somewhat of a deadly combinations so to speak not deadly but that can cause a melt eventually right yes so those are the two key items that they figured out that triggered him. I we got no story for you here and this is a story about Lindsay O'Brien. She is 28 years old. And she carried out a lewd act on one Ian Jones at a pub and I believe this was in England in full view of pub goers. On the evening of October 3 customers of the club were left horrified when a drinker performed a sex act on a man for a shock customers. Now. I've seen and I hate to say that's but we're gonna be dead honest about this. You only horrified at the people boulder of Brett I mean I think we'll agree on that there's a reason why do go to born sizable people who are pretty good look at least the jig is 95% of the time. I saw a picture of this woman and I would agree. Bob customers were left for. I'm mad at. Both point that is yeah that's a different way and being done about it and I get to map it out and I did not say it is an odd thing. So basically he is she woke up and a jail cell and said she was ashamed and extremely embarrassed. What is your morning rep was likely in loans and revealed he had no idea what you've done. The pair had I Don yeah the pair did admit to to hang around doing that though and O'Brien the guy he pleaded guilty then some we Dunham. Outrageous public Ed decency obviously has for a long time to considered something not to have to be regarded as anything other than. Deeply offensive. Particularly as if there are actual people that were offended so one of the things on this cases are trying to figure out was anyone really offended by the borer Yakima. The reason for standing here are completely out of her character. He said she overrun not know it's our list of mammal people get drunk they might do things you don't normally see due due because the drug but. Drunk his troops here she's extremely embarrassed ashamed of her behavior she's devastated by the events. The incident was also captured on the closed circuit TV at the pub. Season again many times she was embarrassed and ashamed she had split of their partner in June been homeless and don't. He had lost his job as a welder he was hoping to start work again. And basically this is why they were in the club hanging out. They met up and bam right there while we talked about the dominoes couple inaudible and England button but at least they were aware I like the fact that she in the wake up and so your wake up in jail cell phone I'll know right and what about the dime. And I will tell you which bid. Disservice on dude and a bar and I knowing at all and that its own video. Yeah belt with a guy and dominoes he was pissed off of the judging got to be in the business because both of them were. Obviously engaged in the act. At the beginning of the video on the dominoes thing she is. She's basically doing most of the work there and and then they continue on but when the judge handed out the fines the guy got more time. There's like hey man might. Takes two to tango like well why I get 200 hours of community service and she got like sixty. It's so he was pissed off of the judgment just like anybody come down on me you know I've. I know why are there I'm exactly why should your with was super hot the joints all the burden the judge you say anything you want but your right leg look. To a durable that is exactly why this happened she's very good looking and she was doing it she was doing and the judge got to see it so guess what she got last time down. I mean there's there's no question about think any guy in the world like we know exactly what about that. But I think it's fair but you have to understand that flat panel dancers very attractive she's very trying to judge got to watch video of her doing that so even know she broke the wall he's still like I got direction. I really your last time he won't admit that but there's not a dude on this planet that does not see through back. Had to do in the video look like one of those guys involved in elect. Soccer hooliganism you know we have learned hooliganism. The guy having such a dominant yes exactly stereotypical 'cause he's English mouse always hooligans yeah I don't know why do what you might not even like football and they call it theft. Our question today when a zags do you wrong 844999. Cola hello how I welcome to the manager. At all. Top hat you listen to radio no put on hold and I find out like a minute from. Hello Johnny welcome to the men's room. Exact card on time. So here's my here's my big dog alt or this back should do less. Edited. At a college here. Idiotic bar. At closing time. You know we're good young gal. Troop out into her car. It country are due to horse bit bigger ball got out they're pretty ever. Dead she had a big load of our you're like beat her up big media shoot out that there. Are two other. It and we get that back if you are. I'm on the bottom. Did it ought to be out after a wild. You were done it yet. She gets up it gets out. But I what they they're kind of flat. And I get up that I about. I feel. Something that all local. Our side that part but at that jug but what is it. Dead I go out at the bar that like. I bigger but what I got a lot. Wrong and actually at a certain you'll say go to the Apogee eight eager are offered up no doubt he. What they'll go all ends. Air and I her ground and sees it she's got a screen a little bit cheap that you got blood all. How does topple him by my ask judicial record stack my legs were all ready. And bought or assured sir in doubt it's got to always your. I'll play it. It it expects are if you go to Europe has opened the kind of sending a group meter how many years bad luck is that the and sex and Brigham here. Look at it. Yeah yeah so how long did Xavier as a stop bleeding. It was bad edit their way. Note though she took me back to bargain by far the electorate are far ahead you know again did you ever go to my body art. Eddie gotta clean me up yet. Lucky him Honeycutt and I had I was one big cutter was like a few of. You know I had a few cuts I had probably are a war art. Reduce gas is about a guy I've got a really night bar right out there. Do you all right so it looks like across but if you meet a woman now Aaron. Is I get a once over this Gardner as Johnny and reduce went well that was as a result woman you don't know on a sitting on Amir. You have never ever sold a gal. Who hope or it but you guys that never thought Earl. What about what do you tell women wanted to ask you whether scar across your blood. And I fight. They've totally out a couple of times. Did I great motor cycle but if this is the. And it was as the only time that you that you about a bonus as well let it. Pop okay. Man oh man all right that's. I have never saw our enemies as you retell a story about two or some of us here here he was conceived in the back of a car on the Mir in the cracked you know your father is a scar on does that ever saw again but if you look format. Just like Denny's having sex in the and he realized he got cut ideas just because. It was either. In a height of passion or it's just so sharp you know like anything else like the throw in both I mean your door opens refinery you're having sex right so. We've all had some guided us properly to hold an up or it doesn't matter man but if they're liberals bashing you fight your way through a module in the far lotteries. Absolutely yeah I think is out it's you'll look I mean that would kill the you'll want Olson back kill mood. I mean and like look I like to far but I understand. I generous I understand this time and place let me rephrase that there's a place where there's definitely not the time you're easily the room in the middle of a comeback by god partner and come back. No no bad to do the any auto sector nab people. Out of Iraq Mac and Scowcroft knows the hallway real predator but big east of the town to leg up in and just keep this about and it it it and we moment in the situation you gotta for a unity a fart about that size. He wanted a far out for you have say so you'll squeak one out by accident killed the mood. You leave the rumored to go to the bathroom EU border little far but do yourself a favor. And cal to release like five Mississippi because sometimes a fart is kind of like a puppy that you gave food to him. You don't realize it but it is followed backed oh yeah you know a lot of second rule and Favre somehow is right beside you like it's a loyal servants of York it has. Yeah it's like of customers in just stakes there will lose the video of the chick like not getting that second jingle. Right it's right all the sudden it's like they're the people paying the so who's the the woman's video going around and I guess she got back some guy's house loses changes and white dress or whatever and he stepped out to do something I don't go to laws and she looked sub her dress manages. The search airing it out you remove their debt Chacin now for basics about. And you can kind of hear him walk back through the room and managed she dropped to present to speculate some sold composer Dave in the white. If he had infra red vision your ass about blowing right now that you usually able to take a pill or you can see the. Out when you're far in enemy that we you can avoid it. Numb have lead on everybody it's yours to clean up it's on sane honest I'm Donald don't label and know William every conversation was still an outside it's windy. And I imparting to them talk until they don't know the recognized and I would be funny to watch people Hartford and they give you at the infrared and you can watch everybody far Ellis avenue just a good guy and I Barnett. Yeah I I'm against that black. This summer thrill of sometimes you gotta crop dusting here is hoping people don't like I. I know singer and a sporting event too and are walking up a rant now that I would do expect you know you let one go dude. It or not alone didn't and now we're we're good guys are good that you call I don't know man the a stadium went when you're walking into game relieve your game that is cropped Dawson yeah man you like everybody the mall airplanes clean it all right man plus that's the other is no matter point yesterday because I'm guilty all just fingers in my leg that was them that was a right to Agassi the cloud that's building a word about people like you. I got as far as. It takes them back but he had brow brow I just somebody else saying my god it's live it's. And I would be ideally you'd have to do it at the right place you could just crop does the Iowa nearly as supporting category you guys there is a great place you do not sit down the toilet then it's an act rightly be part of hall that's as a party elevator that scans your partner restaurant and you're home did you get further Charles and I are around us were cool if you know anything at home the adventure man is sporting some other place. You don't merely an elegant forget the whole look the adventure and Clark I too athletic and finally at home but like if you're somewhere else and release of first three people more. Disaster the of the suspicion by the way just quick note to boomer lifting cab drivers. If there are only two of us in vehicle and we smell far we know. It's you we got a cab driver Nittany last week man and it was. It just got so they can it was so bad I mean every now Gloria but he cracked his window a little bit more money you have to know that I know you forward ran right. There's no one else in the cab man. Live disaster back up though did you did you detect and here's the difference I was being good to those legal for the cab Labatt brewery reason knew I was already blew down a wide. Okay when it's time as Iran paid for far 999. Alone hold the line where your calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Miles. I am very exciting return attend. Ours is the FCC they were talking though insects. Did Iran is is crazy story. Oklahoma jury convict a former police officer for killing his daughter's boyfriend on Wednesday at age early finally convicted a former Oklahoma police officer for fatally shooting the boyfriend of his daughter. In a racially charged case that featured not one that not two but three miss trials before a fourth trial found the ex cop guilty. 57 year old Shannon Kepler was arrested and charged with first degree murder of nineteen year old Jeremy lake in Tulsa Oklahoma. I jury convicted him on first degree manslaughter and recommended a sentence of fifteen years in prison. I kept Arnaz daughter Lisa Kepler add previous arguments about her bringing men home so she left. She and found out the Lisa was dating lake from a FaceBook profile. Authorities testified that you may have found lakes address from a juvenile file those supposed to be sealed the back of the file listed lakes address and his presumed race black. According to CBS news. In August of 2014. Janning Kepler sat in his SUV near lake solemn and spotted lake and his eighteen year old daughter walking together. 44 year old veteran of the Tulsa Police Department said he was trying to protect his daughter because she had run away from home numerous times and was living in a crime ridden neighborhood. Wake up horse all the double he got out of the car asks Lisa what she was doing there. Lisa walked away without an answer but like approached the father in place and testified that her nephew reached out to shake his girlfriend's father's hand and introduce himself. But Janet Kepler says that he Salt Lake approaching and opened fire. In self defense. So offensive what. Yeah so the off duty cop fired in the fired again. Killer claims are the only kept shooting because you Salt Lake reaching for a semi automatic weapon. He's bringing it I'm bringing it Kepler said in court it was either him or me I'm not gonna stand there get shot. The killer just got a scar left he never called 911 nor did he wait for medical help no Trace of a weapon by the way these semi automatic weapons are around after he was arrested for the crime. Kepler claimed that he couldn't be tried in state court because he was native American he said he was won the 28. Must he creep into your get I mean come on Tony eight god damn. A judge later determined that he could be tried by state prosecutors his next tactic was to get blacks eliminated from the jury pool. In each of the previous three trials only one black person served on each jury each trial ended in a deadlocked jury. I case was partially obscured by the police shooting four days earlier blah blah blah blah blah either way after four separate trials. He was found guilty. It's amazing as most people don't want to when he made the man they're good good solid people. I as far as sex during the dirt and miles you play this audio the other day and this is ridiculous OK so. Like when we do rounder kids he tried not to curse is much just because you don't want them to pick up on certain things that you do we go repeated somewhere at or. You try not to say. So when you know or fan remember you try not talk about that person's business in front of the kids who should they see that personal data is that Arafat early on board flight. There's a certain things you keep from its so. I guess somebody has a pet parrot. As of yet apparent is the one guy imitate there. So this case the parent and I don't know much sex you have to have in your home. That the bird starts imitating your sights sounds but as both like to tell somebody what running water and Bakalar Bud Selig backwards on these birds when they're they're really goaded imitating any sound that they hear and reproducing and I mean you you think you but I think for further Burt who want to do this is my understanding it's. Again if you teachers say hello you're on to say hello and says hello bank you repeated over and run over. And don't really anything again you know if you if you're teaching somebody something or something something. Repetition is the best way to do it yep dormant cases where the birds just go off in it in the throes of passion and and mimic those noises. And it's the point where people think the people are being murdered imports while sex going on and police have busted then and then they just see this parrot there and then so here's the weird thing about this. We get this video acting but then it goes down a worm hole. And the worm hole is all of these Mora is the there that are making him sound so this is an actual pair are out there and want to bring its edge and look weird about it if you actually see the video out of wanted to understand. You here's sex noises in the parents are making the sex noises. But it gets really creepy and you feel weird because you're looking at Paris. And Bernhard. So you walk into the first tower but come on dinner. That's not with a guy sounds like well yeah exactly to say you know. So your honor I couldn't concentrate and out there's there's no way no there's only you go to your buddy's house and apparently doing mr. drawn have a normal dinner conversation like bet that becomes the white elephant in the room and if that parents do and that the whole time like your teenage son is in the bathroom right border one if you did you go to your you'd just start date a woman. And yet the pet parrot and when you did to her house. That's for the pair Basel he's mimicking her and the earlier gets referred to get on three it's I guess that's a sales pitch. Mean I don't know if they so now it should be noted in the video the birds cannot Bob and had set up and down and pretty good rhythm today he's met with the burden. Clearly is not just Syria I think this is an eyewitness account yes that's why so creepy to look at like maybe the birds that men making any news that's just how the Bernard. Get to death until the birth it has debatable I think I'm imitating Erik what he's doing his own can't handle my opinion is that I may know where the spurs were here if if the he's from the wild. When the zags. Dude you're on a 44999. Cola. Hello rob welcome to the men's room. They exit on top. Not so I tend to teacher who actually says that carriers will just pick up on favorite words. Debt to speak here so it didn't happen you repetition. I don't know that's sure not set a testimonial Lazazzera. I'm Sandra badly hurt his heard a whole lot of sense. Well I think no where our lives what do you have that little girl and put it it's not the same knowledge. I think now yeah I'm that would disturb Millen is there's gotta go for it brings a liberal onslaught and now rob Roy and imagine. Still get alerts aren't dead birds as the FCC get those backs bad jokes very goes well you can email the bad jokes to the men's room mad men survived back out. Shenanigans continue on the men's room radio network.