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Thursday, October 19th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines


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This is dumb men's room. You're listening to its real. It's. So they're standing by for another round profile those who think dollar 9844999. All you'll play profile this coming up the Mets. And your headlines on the way one hour from now first quick check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right according to a new study most workers in the US aren't being paid what they're worth. Well yeah now. Okay here and I was in fact there's a relay. The average person can make thirteen point 3% more if they negotiated Sally salary or about 7500 dollars a year. Hey man. Dan I think everyone's under the MI thought that was like innocent. Huge job pays forty grand a year won't it doesn't you don't give forty grand a year community to get what the salary certainly think about it. You go to the store and is based on taxes. Whatever the price says in this country it's going to cost you more if you get a job whatever salary they told very they're gonna get less than a wonderful. Today I didn't let that work has been more to store her re news. Parade today the end. All right has would you trust this there's a new app called nude that scan your phone for naked self fees. And stores them in the secure spot now. 00 absolutely no way about making assimilate me behind that web site now away and become known tickle my pickle. My economic photo hosts and jerky modern kids when there's an online site ever given on somebody's personal information. This clown would do it absolutely not if but but the but the and that will be the guys at the Ginn had I think your nude photos actual fact it's basically it's. No no Wilson Jeremy in care how Daon three got his old Reagan to give your rating on my company news you got your posts of meat yeah zero my friend how many of other people. And did you bother you the black students did you tell us it and comes into later. Guess they Israelis and the new do you immediately delete it actually do I repeat I gave my phone Somalia today into gear you can look at the pictures in as a woman I think don't worry. If he picks are called the rookie nick. DM I'm not. I don't wanna look at my do you wanna go to my father Fred what do we say we want to see you need your social photo was. Pat you have people who don't overlay our Bible is clear that people that I don't want to see how can that a starfish on the beach it. And I'm I'm. Yea yea yea yea there are thousands in other news. Blizzard North Carolina responded stood on Sunday after a woman slapped her boyfriend in the face. With a pack up vacant prison movies the full of bills they cut you pigs to admit. If you did. At the misuse of bacon and his. That's a gross misuse of great I really hope the wasn't frozen no me I'm going to be as a member of news and I are going to be a bad movie idea that you gonna make big. There was even a bad move themselves or maybe you know remain vacant U of the navy aegis is something like this. Definitely check it brilliant regular eleven hello I'd probably that they get the bridges in a cooked yet yeah they pull that off off off off off. Back Travis don't make it out and hot hot hot you have heard of it for some copyright rather the couple. They've looked funny things. Both clearly on a restaurant in LA as they're being completely black chickens for Ali. It's a breed called a silky that has flags here and what my friend is gonna constant sort of a controversy and you're saying yeah. Marty laughable you've got this at all but I did get in June. This is guilty that is as good as opening the day every so many as. Don't think that is. As you ever heard this now not never alive now another drilling and could the black. Both local teachers he. Role our dad it's the death might get a commitment to think and paranoia on the bump up in the we'll just. 300 knoller and why did they get married and burn the Y and on top alcohol. And was that a visit to one of like a hollow in they've dar Jagan. Again. It could go but I think I will clean and I'd like this Jerri blank chickens. How does that even figuring I don't minerals completes crappy stuff and I could talk. Is it neat black or just gas gets skipped skipped. But that might throw we have would you eat that broke yes really that's chicken and how do you get the right equipment that's our I can't sit here and I. There's a wave. The double deck not having that the dominoes and England will not go to jail for it. But the bulls have 7 PM curfew for the next six months at different addresses so all sleep in the same bed together ground they can before seven. So the punishment do instead of public you justly punish them for going would have liked pizza joint they're having sent did you see these do. Now the etc. for everybody for Ted oh yeah I mean no you throw your leg and mood Bob in the floor layout and all the other they're they're continuing on the process and I don't know. We'll both said that he slid revealed reds to sir. Did they know the meat lovers with a lot definite season trust anybody and they ended up and got a nap is actually seriously stuffed crust that's there. There's other yes yes you do that you like pineapple on pizza they've got an end in all of our videos today. They do you know good do you balance and stuff they do that if you think that you think the. Sam. Two of the officers involved in drug and a man of of the united flight in Chicago back in April have been fired and Jamar got to spend. Jets during. Yes there. Was that like there was that one of the ones we saw was a the doctor got drug offer guest it just is a guy so I'm guessing it's not the doctor because that's good but the call out the doctor you know. Well if it's the doctor real you don't call in guys. The truth doctors they really care about being called doctor. Had to duck the flow was first man I Jimmie running. This Friday to the airport view the other month had a good luck tonight is collier ironic T. The portable are part of a LaGuardia Airport had to be evacuated after a seven year old Spirit Airlines passenger flipped out. He found at the fee for checked bag was fifty dollars lost his mind and really said the only word that you just can't say in an airport tolerance is that the there was a bomb in his suitcase. Do tell me look at themselves. I'm not so the no more would you save bombed everything changed because you're ruining my day. He's at the because you do wanna pay a fifty dollar tab I guess that it's expensive as all hell but now my flight gets canceled. I can't meet my connection. Because you just couldn't have let go through I recently had a situation room think manly attach a name to a hundred dollars. If this is what they were saying to me and I looked her marriage is aware of jargon for the 100 hours of my exact response to those. Used. And she did not probably best I you're out of your god my and I didn't do those. She's catching and that is why my thank you write and I think the whole thing with spear. Again it's always there's a bit of an effort Georgia for all your words used on the plane. FEMA got a forty dollar parachute team that's story does sound a lot like my dad is at LaGuardia air traffic is. Got Barack Obama and if you think if Canada got through that Obama has. Damaged a Massachusetts woman was found guilty of trying to steal eighty dollars worth of lipstick from polls. Two months after she hit the lottery for a million dollar values that you had changed her ways a mile Winona Ryder patio Google we'll stay rich to pay don't spend any Eric Franklin. Trip to make good money Ted if you don't spend any of us you know exactly what was she wanted in them I lived next to contribute and then there. As you pretty funny response I guess if you do anything you want pilots and all the while I won't go to our ranch. The FDA used to require all content to be at least six point seven inches per recently changed that policy includes a lot of you have smaller. Because those guys just aren't that big. Now a company called my one is offering custom sent by selling them in sixty different sizes sixty. Thank you got to go like to issue footer in like trying to prevent if it's circumference laying the whole field I see it in love that you know because he will acquit if it does not. Patricia I'm 36 short I think the I thought I hate condoms I think he's got a pop up all that is so off all of the territory and wide. With a you have to put that would your Tinder profile now we know her own Omaha we've never actually saw the box of these things. They're really good offense I think just caught in wreaking anxious and finally I know has again managed to get himself banned from an open from open casket funerals I do that. A tale about a one hour from now hey my god cannot start coming up one hour from now first call. Precepts. Cipro help to please everyone how profile this is playing a short dead miles it's not a simple game more we share with you a real like news story. Something did happen right here on planet earth or. Or and as you listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be drew people and the decisions that people make the last few and it is you think. Makes the story a story. Hello Blake welcome to the bedroom. Photoshop. RY oh you understand how does your game is played. I do indeed fantastic here's her story I'm gonna start kind of at the end but the woman who caught off her husband's penis. And put it in the garbage disposal. After Chicago molesting her seven year old child has been released by police without charge the mother of two flop did India Lafayette in the end. Told police that she came home to find her husband the stepfather of two children molesting her youngest while the older child to sleep. Stone altars and her husband was so drunk that he falsely humble so full quote with the Smoot and springs. While she was quote ready to give him with all I had inside duties Cuban whose minds don't just once you decide to take matters into her own hands and says quote at first I was we get my brother to come around until. And I would have been letting the mall quietly now I know he'll never do it again. Police were called to the house after a neighbor reported hearing quote blood curdling screams coming from usually quiet family house. The woman raising alarms and some sort of seemed from a slasher film it's a screaming didn't stop. Neighbors that usually Coleman peaceful mother who's known in the neighborhood practicing yoga in the local market summarized. Was still screaming at her husband as he was being stretched into the back of an ambulance. One of his testicles was also suffered burn attack and all the doctors said they injuries are not life. Threatening they did describe them as life changing. Going to be used you believe that mama bear here is black and white meg C or Asian. Whole home at all. All. And never got its charges and so okay all I have to go to local. All they coincidentally all of the apple didn't we know her place. Which he. Grandmother I'm super wide. This may have been of Hispanic is and I think it's in the last name but I don't I don't remember. And where we'll slowly slowly at their Lafayette Indiana. But there's one word in here they gave me the only clue that I Borger and what do you what do you think they must yoga. I thought I was listening and why the immediate I don't know locations beating Uga to OK if we do final answer could hold. Why can't the new. It. In my old on this even when it okay my final answer quite finalized we'll find out if he was black white meg C or Asia next. That was fatigued you are listening to the men's or radio network it's. True yeah. Well mother faces Indiana and mama comes home and her husband is a doing internal stuff there. Through the two kids so. Keep things nice like thought a penis and testicles goes down me garbage disposal so he doesn't have that in a moment now she's only to repeat this in the garbage disposal one of the testicles was damaged in the eye removal of the and I don't think you'll feel sorry for this not at all frankly she. The police showed up for obvious reasons Villaraigosa. We're not gonna charge me files but the question is Blake we said do you believe that this mama bear is black and white makes you were Asian and east I would miles and a walkman it. You wake guns to go do yoga in a parked at sunrise that's about a rising deaths. And our whole 00 black. I'll hand I knew we don't always go go go by the look back in the picture like this does yoga. Sunrise and apart but this picture well guys. Most just doesn't make sense it's the right Arnold called her and I think it's something that yes this is now relatively. Soledad not a TV damaging. And how. Sure. Countless hours in front of the talking again in the mid. Presents. You cartel like pay out one liner for real zinger try to get somebody Turk I tried to him to all the time it does know is where it. All right so I think one thing about get net get busy here and there yet it kind of guy getting get out right. And you know people said earlier today even you know get to explain it doesn't work as well. I also think there's time and place for these figures. Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders are having the debate. At this point put politics aside it doesn't matter which side surely innovate on attacks whose attacks I was so if you look at act. I just I think my body market that I was read out on and I think I just saw them zing in each other and it's pretty awkward. Ted Cruz is awkward Bernie gets them trying to get them back in no way a bit. Neither of them are the best jokes here's this take a listen it's awkward. Iraqi done and brought to you relax mom come up front. The Italian but I EEE you know you know some might say Curb Your Enthusiasm. By the way the impression Larry David doesn't view is spectacular. And and and so on day you may also how somebody that a good enough. Palin holding company Ryder stood at two wanna glamorize it aren't went out. A ball much are Obama braves who. Just watch the video manager particularly page peak until you would you watch a video like Bernie looks legit pissed off they just uncomfortable I'll know. I think my big group credit though man I like that where it was a great life or at least I he only did ask him why don't think he feels bad we have to explain about what he that was well time was wrong to Europe there's blame everybody gets it and it's not the meanest thing you consider. Well and it turned out on a DNA test of their related or god is on it right I watch that show took and every Larry David and Bernard Sanders not take gruesome reason. I'd like to see the link between pit crews have the respect there's secretly picked. You don't know what's elect Obama and Dick Cheney and put twelve cousins Benoit OK let's go on the phone yet. Bernie Sanders Larry David it's almost like that don't know you know in theory. If you went far enough back when we all gonna be related to serve if you're religious than we are yet. It started with Williams he's he's he's he's an infant and the ha ha now this one again has Ted Cruz it. This really isn't Ted Cruz assault. He's clearly sitting there there are much. Nobody called it like a panel or not panel when you go in front of a congressional committee right right that's got to the word I'm looking for a C Mike Wright and around maybe. Mission control how hard right already. But I think the dead credence stuff. Yeah yeah I I write down right. Why not try anyway isn't there isn't available sooner that are out there sales another Alley gets there that's not the best build up idea for a couple senators having some fun have you heard about Ted Cruz maybe been zodiac killer. Not I heard that Mac now and when producers Lehman against. When he first started campaigning or something like yeah will lose their connection why did that even become a thing you know people has put up like pictures are home yeah or whatever and like yeah he's close of the zodiac killer. The event. This is kind of like the leader I now I'm not defending a guy but a fight I don't think you can serial killer Wesley told Mike earlier I go in no. Zero shred of credibility in this period. I think it but it would be kind of amid easing if fact I'm the guy was like and then I'll go be a senator unisex salmon and memento that a serial killer news soup killer. Yeah just like Cindy right huge although Australia they got the emphasis learn from needs. Yeah yeah operational means for the I mean ideally Texas never has to whether a deal you'd think he's from Texas you wanna still kid sitting in a congressional committee. It's actually is serious thing going on and then and SaaS. Another congressman you'll hear him explain why he lost his attention span servers dress. General thanks for being here. There was some drama there sort of added to the drama distracted you from minute I was paying enough attention that I dumped a doctor pepper on senator throughs so that's what was. Distracting us on the side of the diocese. So they don't know if we don't know what athletic look at it because you're avenue series thing and the news pictures these two guys can't condemn its army and didn't get in order to shuffling all the noise both sides from doctor pepper on the back. The island out Texas associated with a two adult they tell you guys have a doctor pepper a refrigerator near them because doctors are from Texas right does it say Ted Cruz our respective state you know brand stepping of course he's strictly a doctor pepper I don't know I appreciate militias doctor pepper. Yet as doctor pepper and they love up Frito pie Texas took his. I don't know fragments to recruit who's eating a Frito pie but I guess I don't know yeah. And the chambers of congress so amazing what is that like that's deep fried Frito pie that's true do or is he cannot sit through any congressional everybody's free to Obama. So aren't thrown. Into an above your. So oftentimes. We hear about what I think is some of the fake this news in the world. The war on Christmas now gets he really fired up because I like to say Merry Christmas and you can write I don't think they're burning. I don't know where the whole thing came from O'Reilly. And I get rates of evil one it. I keep forgetting the menorah is up at the day's a new one had elevated blab about and rightfully so I did say in it for me it's not like a big kicking like I was just gonna think Mary Christmas it was as having holidays for meals they bless you some people say it isn't time. Yeah always go to morning as you sit there and I did take the gun out of bless you Brennaman thing can happen and it's fun but at some point I can fatten them like there's other major holidays going on there. This one is a new one this comes to us from the TV station in Boston. Now apparently you can't have Halloween. This change because I you know Halloween is honesty in the air next to Christmas for our children we have crying kids going to point the school. Wonderful school how to repackage your Hamlin on Friday at his all the kids or tell. Gonna cost you more and parade down the street I remember a little time. You know why this is what he had to turn into some political people aren't too concerned with political and over political means today plug. Envision going door to I don't know on the sale of the reasoning behind them or one hour per month. The sooners have redone this is so broad Halloween thing lets us. We have numerous events of the school that not all inclusive that's a problem so if you cancel one event on Matt. I thought process you gonna have to cancel every single event. So they changed it to black and orange spirit day. That's the stupidest thing ever heard and saw Bob went from celebrate and who the hell's that I. Our thank you that was my new life. Brent ordinance today welcomed the new brand presidents' day our army Karl mom and it looked and it's how we act a lot I honestly believe that in some way. Somebody it's so easy to troll people now because ladies of the media they state their teeth and anything so probably one person as a joke probably students at. I'm offended by the name Halloween we should have blackened or spared there right the school scared I don't think about it nicely some local broadcast picks it up now becomes a thing and we have to act like it's worth a discussion. Holloway register. It should wrap. Did he get this is Gerber through the years he ran New Jersey we're gonna go out we're gonna get drunk out of her skull that's what we do Barbara looks forward to it. But we know the game is we're going to get drug that's that's what we're want to consume more alcohol than is healthy. And how we were the kids like what this is there booed the super crack man this is the one they realize book. I'm gonna let you eat a ridiculous amount of sweet got them stuff Ronald Steele some their definitely gonna pill for after crap whatever your Becky. Dads they routed throughout the let America foreign carriers and god man it's like it's Halloween you know until bro Halloween the dolby home that day that's easily solvable. Proper dinner go see a movie whatever. So does Jonathan Powell plays and I you as though I love holidays are more polite you know we had Christmas fourth of July or whatever but like. They think of what the house took a breath. Just you know and really any holiday name now got a tweet about it you gotta put your face look at video and a real fired up about something specific about how bad. That's when he came into these children to have a Jones witnesses or just don't care. Exactly. I have that on threw me off of the can't say how big medical school and and lose my mind candy how we don't ruin yes yes happy Halloween just Ryan's Mary Crist is all that stuff. Agrees with them and if you're listening to this is a repeat of our Halloween 2018. Shows which by the way one of the greatest show to us we have a fantastic that you're talking about an offensive name can we talk about arbor day. Oh we're gonna go look grads is all about freezing room and all vegetation I don't care here we go tell what the bush is it's all about the treatments and right. When asked are you trimmed tree. All right. I will say this sticky lieutenants. Political self legacy here a lot about the NFL and other ratings go down the rays are going down. There ratings maybe down a little bit but they still dominate the front right that this number one showing the land some of my football number two show Thursday night football owner would have a Monday laughable just not good football comes in top ten. Jacqui don't mind it's over on ESPN where is Thursday and our Sunday night are on regular network broadcast TV OK so I think that helps him I still. I still contend to me Sunday Night Football is what old Monday football used to think it is that I must be right is it you don't get the cool music but it's it's it's the national game. And then Thursday night football I think we all this kind of agree is gonna be a weird match up in the strife and chaos in Asia. Holder does that gate and differences this man Thursday night football as mandated by the NFL. All 32 teams at the show at some point and let's face it sometimes I think they go out of the way to make sure like look nobody feels like watching I don't know who's. The colts right now and articles or watching Tennessee put them to get like let's have one suck. Packaged together instead of taking these teams of putting aliens say about the game labeled wanna see the colts against Pittsburgh got the rewards you've colts at all so instead put him against the titans of the we will see about people like Pittsburgh people like New England people like the cowboys but you. They never put a really crappy teams with the populace. The looks of the popular TWA to watch and it just to boo. And see a movie exactly. I mean I'll sit right yeah part of a farmer why you only like one team so in theory. It's easy to move toward the arrival as a manager you're closer to play also has a lot of different teams you grew because you get all what the map. Alchemy that even as an as soon as it's that it's a math alchemy that's where it's probably not but but but it's not means making stuff but but it goes back to the fact that the Sunday nights and then the Monday night's eventually can get into kind of a flex pattern and they do try to put the premier games on site. When those games go late in her article about those on Sunday and a Monday there lake games. Which shortens the week for Thursday. So most of the time the prime time games the primetime teams it's even a shorter week as a play on Sunday night to play on Monday night's event that. That's why you know I get the colts or whoever comes at them. Phillies hate on the colts' front. I don't know how I am I'm just go farther gonna what is your integrated seamlessly jaguars but before that under the plan all right you have like multiple rounds taking on Christ I don't know the dolphins angle. No right the browns spent the battle for Ohio no one care no once fighting for Ohio Iraq if it but no one wants to learn about trying to look if you. But the the but the fact if you take you know you tell you good luck. The sad part is the price for Ohio and Ohio State and I felt like it this effort fell apart when they go to the Little League World Series whoever no one month the went there and they would see the view over the exact. Also in every talk rains and be remiss if I didn't experiments in SE IS to the top ten. Of course third. In the top tornados and CIS New Orleans and and CIS Los Angeles. Those shows don't stop in CIS and NFL yeah basically all you got to miss those good to go. Yet these days I mean it to print money over the MC IM dude factory if you get a chance I don't know if anybody seen this as I haven't really seen again a lot of traction yet but there was a guy who believe it or not went through. And since baseball as an action right now of course we're gonna see Joe Buck here eventually I'm assuming you a for the playoffs and world through maybe not but I am assuming he's going to be there but this guy so Toby is guides and every single. For the last twenty years. He cut up every promo. Did Joe Buck did during game that had to do with a failed fox show the was coming on after the oh crap episodes like Joseph let's go like. The remote though most see action packed the craziest vets knew she told the year rock rock rock rock coming up right now New York undercover that is done that would give up yeah they come and again in the coming at you can if it's just. It's all just crap every single time and each I just wish you'd been more awkward. It was not only was he knows an event sincerely doubt brought easy you know and they know it yet and I show on TV did you gotta check the third match you know. Garbage can girl. Tonight after Orlando overcame girl they like the good is that anything that there's a heartwarming story about a girl Elizabeth garbage cans that is our warming coming up right after the game here tonight on fox presented because another. She grew up on the wrong side of the tracks inside of a garbage can literally typical product it with the frame the debate. I always like these people there's you know it's like he always believe these people be oldest people a lot I of the Middle East and I'm a she. Her name is Lucy oh she didn't even think I always do with with with him. The show to make fast she is a 112 although Austro disease what makes her the eighth oldest person. Right so eight year old friend that TV they're Katie came Pittsburgh bailing it out on top and they went and interviewed her. Hand she has a secret to living very long. My mind. And then rendering can't think it needs. I drink milk. I think since the milk. And countryman good sized gal like me here you know nice split one. Was there Harbaugh are going off in the background where else could have been but she. I mean was it harder now I know it's well. 212 rate the April 1 of the working in I think the fact that she's a desk no I'd be images like me in my friend they're gonna split one invention of the phone socialist. The two gets drunk and passes he can get back. Hello where hundreds why are they drunk they shoots on through twelve paramedic program while the Matthau I operations drew are you wearing around now. I also like that a 112 play that it. We feel like all right you know it's. You can have a half. Happy to have beards I was gone for an iron city that well this funny dude. I read up a little more about our apparently she brood her own beer during prohibition. All our lives as lakers in my blood then hit batsmen so strong employer and it's pretty clear. If everybody did better look at what they affected area with the thank you say we appreciate you guys are headlines on the way would my god you're losing to the men's are ready and our. And Swiss miles. I'll see what's happening in the real finally go Iditarod dog racing dodge both of for doping like Lance Armstrong still say they had a ball. You own California restaurant admits they resell pot pies fried chicken for thirteen bucks and all the fixed. Politics may soon major poker food bowl and pole dancing doom worst college roommate ever filled girls water bottle full clue and now Michigan night. Community advocate I guess busted stealing from corpses during open casket funerals as time your headlines. It's Sunday. Cares like Colorado and Michigan a community advocate has been banned from attending open casket funerals as part of a plea deal in a theft case. The mantle of pistons nets at Timex watch and bowling Alley ranged from a casket during a funeral service for his coworkers father. Up his things that Graham writes I'm like jewelry like eight pistons path. Heat and again I must say steal from the dead but it was a stolen diamond ring yeah. Rolex watch ER I understand Woodruff thinking but he pistons that like you used to do which and it's really not there just to do. You know so unedited that's forty dollars he still had to polling room. Only rains yet and Rolex an anti next time you want time Max. Not know that he's wearing bowling rink for ease of Wear a Rolex to rent it. You don't know how columnist go look at the tea out defender. On the world for the first time in the history of the Iditarod several the animals have tested positive for a prohibited drugs. They tested positive for old Leo like pain reliever tram and all Dolly feel tram and only not an enemy much you're involved in. It is my pleasure to. And that's what they said they called the musher knew what. Would you call the driver open on the most of the door to the ones other drugs they might put those gone are the West Virginia they have dog track racing right okay. And even they would just say it openly like yeah we coconuts. I usually do you really comfortable you lose like them all down no 100 news secret ever and it might kill all Psycho thing Helena Greyhound the playgrounds are traumatized and all the jury and we're all their whole life man up until that point whether Jason that would grab and whatever that. A horse racing gets drug tested for various reasons Manet if India is the animals involved in gaming where you can bet. And on the right Iditarod is one of those things you can gamble on her period alien Alaska but any time that you can put money on something and when money on something there's going to be drugs involved. Think is that the award for catching the rabid you get it. Bump a cult they pay our gadget guy named rabbit. You have people fast moving grass problems. They're not rewarding that the auditors to open the dog doesn't make any money little more reasons than just say and that's how you get a Jason revenue faster as the original iPhone actually chase that ran the reason horse jockey weighs 85 pounds he is a big line of the horse and I just didn't detonate at that they don't feel like even and they run real fast. Mike the other seat branded dog track is if you see one dog take a proof. It has now they are lighter and their feeling and how it's not a bad theory. A memo a little dog track once but I wanted to make sixty bucks always go to Brazil I thought is if you're watching track and field with human beings. The guy that has taken down but has that he's winning that race Irish hill with the one that walks into the circle at the beginning hot. You know and I'll authority sweat and yet knows just jump in our outsold already ample and everything they do all that might have been on that Jack and crazy or declare that. I don't know love with the body's always named rusty and here comes rusty rusty Fleming rose to. It's true. That's a good movie he became almost drug rose above anything funny I don't know how to do is we can make it up to grab that straw vote in their rather I don't know all Jose towards a lot of moments. O'Reilly may be seeing some new games make their way into the Olympics about time the global association of international sports federations has a lot of server says to the international federation of poker. International poll sports federation and the international table soccer federation. So maybe seeing told dancing poker and food ball in the Olympics don't they table soccer and that's food ball rather just do love beer pong at this point I just love the incredibly. Official names of these the other all federations. Of course I feel like they're defending galaxy and yeah. I hope all goes I think the most impressive is watching someone who can play football players whose ball absolutely no idea ordering some of those polled dancers are are right they're not anywhere is abusing the physics fouling right would be doing their sliding down and stop and you think they'll take points away for in the food bolted to the spin move. I don't know I don't know I don't have played anywhere man they tell you don't do this then this gene and there's a when Jack gives us truly is no sort of new rules. It starts them and I thank you think that jackass instead Smith yeah. Please do at this mythic it I have a Jeter kind of Smith can't win fair. When did you know that's right she might get might not seek and I try Alec air hockey that's ever headline the bat by. Are you about tonight we appreciate it we'll see it except for the return of Ted vs the FCC bad jokes and the shot of the day it doesn't mean it is all true we've been all about those birds more now but we return tomorrow. So until then. Please do what you do best and more leaflets say today beautiful.