10-18-17 Seg 3 Mens Room Gets Paranormal

Wednesday, October 18th

Emails, Who Sucks Less, What You Don't Need to Know and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. You're listening to its drill. And one hour we'll bring it tells you where these shot of the day our question why was someone unconscious for so damn long 844999. No luck. Hello match welcome to the men's room all. 000 wow. So Clinton. It's a little Brothers and to catch all all our house. Cameo in the door for him yet at the door and I get really add yet the sprinted down the hallway shot. Grabbed. Yet or are on not. You know over the blog entry at or whatever. It was my brother concerning eat it eat. Grab on that date slipped clear up there right under it Ed. Instantly out. We're. We might then well all that that you end. Derek the answer your free in the hell out than it being the older brother bought out about our own you. Are you the only ones home. Nobody who led it would no. Doubt thought that was the case. If you're Brothers linebacker Joseph you're so you're not Buick you hide this do you hide the knocked out Brothers that are gonna get help. Yeah is. Allowed out after about an hour. Outlaw. In mom's an error. You know we are upstairs got an. Whatever that recovery positioning PG. Cute. An hour later I thought I had like he reversed the MT what I like about the smoke not only did you not tell mom for a few mothers a nurse like if ever there isn't time to tell mom this is the moment you know they tell if I'll let you just tied for one more hour you can Mir tomorrow Barack. Exactly well well I was you know slaughtered all in trouble. I love my brother die for no your brother immensely ways Obama bring. Eventually wake up and he doesn't remember it and stay and I mean. Like. He doesn't remember that friend that we had over who were coming over and Andy he's asking questions over and 008. Why did my head hurt so much. When it when did you know when that market is. Well let me ask you. Men end of please don't take this wrong wave it and your brother still drink got a Pacific up. You know I'm a grandma died. Well what does that say about you yeah maybe it's severe blow to head to figure out. The trick at there at. Well I'm glad he's okay. I need aid. I think at that age. I still would have gone and gotten help regardless of the situation gives some of the knocked out for sure because ought to think they might be dead I mean you know I go I know I know enough to be that may be checked for a pulse check for breathing all those vital things but other than that I'm still that are under the neighbors in the run by an adult human. His mother is a nurse and the list of all the time using go to combat that's what I would do it through four and Laurent before you with a gap with a I've seen so many pass out in front of me Ellison shore they're amateurs seizure or something. That was probably like a very long seven or eight seconds. But partly that was about it or I was gonna bite. Call somebody for an eye opener for me it's real simple man I will always get you help but I don't want you to think it's because I'm worried about it's like I just don't want to deal with it. And for quite I don't know what to do so I'm gonna get somebody on our way it is out of my henchmen. Why would someone unconscious for so damn long 844999. No luck so one of our receptionist was I'd be really bad coughing fit earlier today in fact and I'm walking by. A studio K they held finger is still could bring the coffee and as a listen if you need the Heimlich you're going to back. I can't I'm an adult I don't want to let you know man luckily they stop golfing when they called me name. Hello Calvin and welcome to the mineral. Hello Joseph what I you don't know I. What's going on you know here about a hundred strong enough people fall asleep. Back there exactly. Well. My and so it's not that exciting but. Grip western Canada so of course engine clots or the activities word. Don't we can ice hockey. Good are you guys had to clear ice hockey. We in the states ma'am you play ice hockey you can sign up for something but otherwise did you do in school it's the gym floor. It's a ball it's not a talker right yeah of course and we run rumba like street hockey they would never think of putting our asses are nice people and sadly aren't. Let's duke transferred to NATO and I like that. It is ambition to put mine on there either. At about sixteen I was you know are on the base and Jim Gigi were screaming out medical caught on. And our shoot the puck around with my body. Elena and another yelled back yeah yeah edges what second then the only player members didn't try then put the puck in the net. And apparently IE won't find the net caught Edgar solve that. Once Ford and smashed my face against the glass and then fell backwards it's back and I. I was out so according minutes. And not my body says didn't want to check in installment amount. Down home cool. I woke up then there's a total paramedic but you know the spine border. And you see my urgency here on the backgrounds and that element you know who I am. Actually near what it was then of course I got hit right the perfect spot or couldn't talk about. First it into words out of my about for a rude rude and not tested. Do you think that everybody in hockey has been through just some horrific type of trauma yeah I mean one way or another punter for the knows I think you have to punt to the mount Troy your teeth fallout mean. Everybody who plays hockey has one of those stories are. Yeah and that's the most common stock that is giving it faced by Parker stick if that's the world but I'll even in the US. She's had been in your sir. Our man over point five years and it is not a rumor around play hockey. Yes the play the comeback though indeed I'd let go did you get those all of our. Tall man knows there are things ever. Assad thank you know those are your friends and so between the Trailer Park Boys in the gorge downy thing to that effect you know. Well I mean yeah I. IE I see I hope you're thinking no bullet to. It's sometimes I I don't conversation I'm not a very articulate don't eat out quite a hard time. Search into words and numbers eight and June I got out yeah more often than I think. Normal people but. Now I don't anytime any dumber but. I don't know the few times he did you speak better than I do that's not saying much to speak good English for being a Canadian. Academy has really flown totally yeah defense to boot time humanity graduation Cuba I've never been in a situation where were a season when foaming at the mouth and I and I hope to never do it. It's not like a physical guys you know I rolled ahead by the something about the foaming at the mouth in northern gurgling. I demand that you know him the last of our role in at that happens in America I hope there's at least three of us because Armisen got again right. I don't miles yeah I think the lead on this man out of your millions your grilling I'll give you mouthwash so earnings on two kids what I mean do things out of one's. The woods Foley get them out immediately like nothing good happening but I. By some and I don't someone as a seizure do this in the dvd did today on soda vinegar domination yeah I mean I'm just I don't Ballmer to mouth I can't help you. I don't know what to do why would someone unconscious for so damn long 8449990. Yeah you want me to help you I've stipulations. This could supply glut I don't know how to do this of this habit to get back attack at bats he does something bad news to bash a few things you can have some kind of medical issue with me and hope that the just know. You're probably gonna. And not well versed in the world first. Hello Gerri welcome to the men's room. I don't time. Well there's so like a twelve years ago I checked it I'm diagnosed with testicular cancer and its biggest threat to my lung. I don't matter how does that all the way up there. Yeah. You don't mean like I don't think the testicles in the lungs are related or just doesn't seem like that's fair more fantastical do we know newer more better maternal love that I don't Lawrence. If you could affect its load they had they actually remove my among because of that two were at completely collapsed my right lung. So I went in at a remove note in the recovery room and I woke up. And I was trying to get the attention than theirs. And I had a breathing tube in my throat and I was trying to tell ya wanna I get just take it out. Is she that all week that you can't talk you can't remove areas they edited sushi turned it back I do. Grabbed all the data and hold it straight out of a girl alone. And then I'll let my blood pressure spiked a light over 200. Heart rate jumped all over. Unbelievably. And they ended up putting me back and what better Oakley induced coma. You know that played two weeks so when I woke up there and the tied up like I would like. Going to go see King Kong the beans that's my kids' confidence. So you would now written out of your god in Florida. That would put should medically induced coma like that and I really don't know the answer to this is that something where they can kind of controlled timeframe so it could put you in two and a half weeks was there goal to put to win for two and a half weeks or maybe the gold bullion for one week can you stay asleep on the Manilow. It would get to. So it can actually teach from a heart rate and get my blood pressure backed down. You got a couple questions why are. The other tough time in like higher altitude like if you're go to Denver some like that would that be harder for you based in the fact join of one long are you flying up I mean is there any weird you know I mean I mean obviously probably can't run as good as everybody else or whatever but. And shake my kids I can't move very long do matter anything bad. We don't have kids so you kept your testicles. Okay well that's you know you lost along nicely and you but he can't do testicles. All I had my kid I'd make it's before a lot or before and cancer. Okay do you still ivory doesn't. Admit they still function. Okay. I think it's fair trade well monarchy does goes. Yeah you know I don't know why that is similar look and brother wanted to give him one long you've been belligerent attitude loans and one testicle. Maybe they just say one testicles so the one line while I don't know why isn't Michael Palin is that visibly noticeable at 51 tests will be three in the end it's just the man with a pencil or don't. Confront him like. If you can't tell I don't think both the exit at the among testicle labor did you say you make it very specific shower to let him miles Rebecca you can tell you only has 100 I'm trying to pick it up I think you'd you'd ever really zone in on the body so called Jack Charlton football check I mean yeah it. It's a little more like. I don't know man Larry a bull frog about to make his Rivet sound and look like a rooster. You know me you know what one may hang amendment to a one big ball you want a little all of bug but I look at cyclops or what I don't want like divide one is that Disney and directly no doesn't moved to the middle it's still on the eleventh I momentum since I don't but yeah we need to only go well you know you gentlemen all the bad for you you'll you'll end of the day more than you huge spread our and I doesn't the in the of that you king doesn't hotel last man his on the can all that violent monster Girl you're weird testified on an optimist I'm rolling around metal we've gotten. I'm glad I I don't think we drew the line and the lines right there you can see it goes right from the bud. Why Arizona unconscious for so damn long we get your emails on the way for men's room Edmonds or my dot com you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you is you. True. A question wireless so when god has for so damn long. And here come here emails on the men's room and and survived dot com. Guys the short answer is I'll go. All is in the long answer my friend that cater enjoys having a beer specifically Tony four ounce of death and can called steel reserve. After about nine of these he's ready for as regularly scheduled goma. We usually see in the next evening entries pulled about seventeen hours of sleep in the guess Hermann yes he is sleeping the entire time he can manage this about three times per week. That from gay Eric. Nine to eleventh that it's a lot that is amazing. Guys while sitting in on AI conference lecture and there was a lady sitting across from me she capped another lady on the shoulder and the First Lady says and one out. No sooner had she spoke these words the second lady produced a pillow former carrying bag and place in front the First Lady First Lady Plosser head down on the pillow. I asked if everything was okay concern that the First Lady had just passed out singer Lenny says everything's okay she has narcolepsy. Which was new to me as a condition makes personal flavor blackout climates letter First Lady sits up goes about a businesses though nothing happened really gonna freak me out. That from abundantly cowboy. All the gentlemen. My best friend recently told the story of when he was in a jet skiing accident. He crashed and high rated speed when he was a team. And all those teeth sheared off in the accident. Suffered severe head trauma and multiple internal injuries for which he had to have many surgeries my knew he had these surgeries while he was in Tacoma for over two years true. He woke up. To find two years had passed and had to re learn to walk and do all the basics again he now passes this time as a professional wrestler on the weekends. Were enjoys beating up. People of foreign objects to that from Greg. Paula Jones I've messed up for a few minutes ten or eleven on my brother's birthday I was sucking up on mass amount of helium from a balloon to yell surprise my brother Cyrus walks in but instead. I fell straight back and apparently had a seizure. All I remember was getting ready to jump out to the next second I'm on the floor and everyone was around the yelling my name and my mom on the phone with the poison control. I was yellow the rest of the night and was not allowed to suck anymore helium like you guys that from miles on. We have any comments today I. We do man there's been all over the place and most of them people latching on to the idea of the one testicles while burst wondered out so locked. What remove dogs that the goals they keep the the sect itself in the match rubles up. And basically disappears so they assume that if you have one testicle. They intersect within shrivel to accommodate that someone else says I actually have one doesn't go to does hangs directly below me and commitment of the drug or not. Him and just not the ones who don't have time reviewing stream. Also many German men's in my back at all. General and Robin today is my little girls first birthday her name is Leo Lonnie pronounced Leila. She was like a kid's face there was a letter no mommy and daddy love her thanks from last guys keep on rocking and we Illinois are little trend is up princess Addison a happy sixth birthday keep putting a smile on your face and have another fun that you do stay away from the boys love Mamas that. Could you get acted based sand wedge and a second up cupcake thanks guys that remark. Well. Guided my birthday today I'm turning 28 has been one NC year but you guys tell me laughter and all can I get an Allen think. That socks and a Sarah Palin suck it up cupcake thanks guys that from Chris that's fun oh. Guys always gentlemen also birthday he's one of the hardest workers I know could get turtle wax miss mixed with turtle sex thanks guys from sandy. It's all you got to give a birthday shout out to my husband Jack on his Tony ninth right around the sun if we just discovered the men's room best hands down best radio show. Can get a big old LeRoy Jenkins and some internal sex thanks guys really appreciated and. Movie. It's. Yeah I will follow his allies 32 birthday did you get turtles actually dirty German talking a little dirty Ozzie tad it would be great happy birthday Justine thanks guys. I'll be about you know what would do at night but in the morning also notice some scrambled. And it says if the Melvin had a bad data yet to play God's strength might end up political lot of cream unskilled. It's smackdown and the miles the delicious. Guys there are doing about thirty or out for a turnover on the side nose and your show every day either live or on the podcast there and keep me laughing and distracted. Nothing would make me happier then get an. To get an angry frolic in the bud staff from Robin if and some us sexy Sean Connery from dead keep on rocking guys that from Knick knack fully Kindle book stack. Shot talked. It does give you blazers my hubby Todd added bird did the dirty Germans should definitely given the birthday tongue lashing that he deserves thanks guys that from Gretchen. Yard Gretchen wants us to two Russians back who called me Sunday comeback. John for your blood hey that's some good laughter. I was so you go by and pleased candidates. Zoellick is. Yeah flew oh have you had a habit OK. Have you had a big tank that he had gotten married. I play good I can tell you bet says. Doesn't guarantee German drug buy and then. I was also available through news world saying all men's lives dot com another sign retailers if you actually im sure might apply only guys your lap. Episode has got you the best ever to nears a vote party easily the best show of the year been missing for almost ten and got to say you guys rock. And provide lots of hours of happiness and laughter every day give up the great work and bringing joy to everybody that from a David uses cheers yet David what I'm getting out of my emails and after a guy dame decades finally you put on a show worth remembering and subject the nutcracker Mike if you're not a loan money when I was very young identity is my mother's nutcracker on walnut and broke the mountain. Hall at the moment was so damaged thanks and what do we don't know crackers have apparently they do network when they just say damn. Oh man this is unbelievable I had a friend when the Las Vegas progressive jackpot for his fortieth birthday trip and come home a couple million dollars or. Nice however my damn story as years ago my friend lost his wife and a bad accident and they had a little babies and little while after that he got remarried. Then a few more kids and a few more years go by and he had an accident and lost his life. His wife got remarried with her kids and about two years after. Her heart stopped and she passed away we were all of a complete loss of comprehension her husband is now raising the kids and he has no blood relation to any of them. Wow that from jail. This is first thing every morning and I work I was in the previous day show this morning I can't stop laughing at robins background reactions to the more graphic stories. Thanks guys for the council last set from James pronounced. Currently listening to that train wreck of a show you put on reminding me that time bows and a football game and high school. I was late to all of us from wanting to go to the gas station down the street from where we're staying. One of the coaches brought a big truck and we all piled in the bed of the truck and drove down to get some gourmet gas station food. All driving back there and there was a lot of girls on the sidewalk one of the guys whistle to them they all turned to us and without skipping a beat. Flash does all as we drove by everybody's jaw dropped to the bottom of the truck and I remember a kid inside the drug dealing turnaround. And then all of us yelling at the coach. Around please turn around. Rock on that format of PS Ted what the hell. Yesterday I do call evidence of a guy has been a stripped off and a motorcycle accident in amid smiles and throw screaming in agony here to go. Nice to. Yeah I was confused about how long and I email back I have pack was like I don't Obama just fed up and then he Sydney that you just heard enough to like. Nice but another one there was a nice pork right guys I don't that was an exclamation point or just again great nice and another Venus got ripped off together and can't. It's bad choice of words and though a lot of guys if you ever stuck in the Florida Everglades you wanna take on the Gator. Currently Florida has a python problem and they are big enough to actually eat alligators. The Florida panther until all hours a day pick your poison but if you stuck out there. I don't know any better for Lauria you you're basically screw everybody says it you're gonna take on any other country in the pipe on the panther and again and take negated because five on the meeting via the alligator. Don't believe I feel more Coca he had this disturbing. I got a big time they return a blood you don't need to know about burst out. This room wants to know it's. Sox. Yeah I had time but again Barr whose Sox last need to throw until you bring us three stories from the news every week and it's up to us to determine. What's of these three stories soft police. Now if you like the men's room on FaceBook the debate is already under way there in who sucks less yeah and I've always we have about three competitors going at it today we have the any school district in Florida they will be taking a run well I hospital in Atlanta and then all of them will be competing against an insurance company. Out of New York argued quick synopsis. It's a beach if you need more details are more easily to show. So there's the school district in Florida another facing damages after one of their teachers who have accused of molesting four. Third grade girls about nine years old I give my the seven years ago. But they're using the defense of the girls need to be held accountable for their actions that led them. To the crime so another words. They're getting our rob a little bit under fire during the give avoiding the fourth third grade girls from the molestation. And he'll have to keep your twelve years ago so in court documents to lawyers for the school district. They're ruled that the poor girl's quote were old enough to appreciate the consequences of their own actions. And we held accountable. Through their actions indoor omissions. The plaintiffs conducted themselves on the careless and negligent manner and such negligence. It was a contributor and or sold calls over injuries or damages in other words. These nine year old girl whatever years older but if you tobacco and and found them they're culpable but the adult teacher most of the battles that defense wow that's wasn't. And how we move up. We go to Atlanta and my hawk on this briefly yesterday. Essentially due to two year old boy he's being denied they kidney transplant because his kidney. Was supposed to come from his father. His father is going to jail after violating probation so good that comes our pit bull weighs 25 pounds of age do. He spent ten months a neonatal intensive care unit and his father tested and proved to be the perfect match to give some kid you'd put into perspective. They called his father a 110%. I don't know how that's possible but that's how good of a match you was well essentially. She's just steps from being able to donate a kidney to scare earlier this month. But he returned to jail for violating his parole again for Bob a bubble bubble while but at this point everything changed for the family and that's what the hospital so well. We need three or four months before the child's father can donate kid or the house votes went to the father quote. We need you to be on good behavior for three or four months before you can use your son kyd. So as of January 2018 we will think about reevaluated. Issued statements saying that part of organ transplants are designed to ensure the successful organ recipients. And I think cancer specific information about the case the cases that. The president has no problem saying hey man yeah wolf who do the surgery get kidney. Given to the kid with a hospital because of their procedures in place despite a dominion 110%. Left. Still the hospitals of falls hospital that has made the decision that because that not the jail not a legal system the hospital itself meanwhile. You can't there be another hospital but the performance I don't know the full situation of this and as it is probably can leave the state ground probation the mother is concerned that the well you can't beat him. There's imitated here somewhere along nice and yeah who knows and apparently they're taking on the New York insurance company they sent a letter to a nine month old boy explaining that he's quote George Reza keep alive. I used an aggressive brain tumor he received a letter from his family's insurance companies claiming that. Treating the cancer would be too expensive and therefore quote not medically necessary. The letter read in part quote didn't come Richardson this is the nine month old child. As HIV health plan of New York we'd try hard to provide you with access to quality health care services that meet your needs. What we decide to deny coverage for treatment of service we want to make sure you know why doesn't anyone can absorb information that's a nine month. And I got a letter written dome yeah I was Levy parents intercepted letter they read it so I would do was diagnosed with a rare aggressive. I can't even pronounce his brain tumors blocking blood flowed blood flow to respond. So doctors removed the tumor but the cancer returned and that is word insurance company comes and basically the parents they took it to a different hospital for an experimental medication and a desperate desperate bid. The save his life for the families and sure they deem that the lifesaving treatment of quote not medically necessary. And they warned quote if you decide you have this service you may have to pay for Bruce. I've been included a whole another level to get that we've reviewed the information because these are terminal where I could cover them we know you're not months old but also you're gonna die. Not a good news good news is that he's at saint Jude so would saint Jude's has done as they always do so luck. We're not going to charge you for the spectators Stearns companies and I and help her kid we're not going to charge you for the huge. Room for it it's the insurance coverage decisions and here's what I understand about insurance especially for medical insurance and having to pay for that bad musher might gain from going through all that process all the stuff. I have never dealt with the aid just. Cluster F in my life like medical insurance. Now play good tennis and delta dental insurance who've done it's done I mean like I know when I can go. They never charged me for anything I get everything back in a letter like you went you did it we covered at all no problem. When I had car insurance. When I got into an accident. They were there the next day right they assess the damage they tell me where to go in the plain ordinary things to fix the car as soon as possible get back on the road. Or in the case of the last accident the car was totaled they would they are on site to write me a check right. No problems when my dad get up in the middle of night decided that he couldn't stand on his own ability plowed into the toilet not a good thing completely off the pedestal of blood in my house. Allstate was there the next day. And they took care of everything they assess the damage they looked at it why would probably feel that blue thing I don't have an adult he came over we had coffee it was lovely. But he wasn't none of these not the times that I needed insurance. Outside of medical history is always worked exactly how it's supposed to work know which one calls the most. Right in and so many like I cannot figure out how they've and I realize that part of all the contention and everything is right now but there at the heart of like yeah so does it you know it's like. I don't even know how to explain them the thanks they send a letter. To a person who's not even old have to read yet telling them that this is the continuing they're gonna die like they're obviously just not into within it. I would agree that so okay so I think they suck the most obviously. That kid with a kidney transplants. Are posting hospitals worse than me insurance company to go the assurance company it's not a surprise to anyone as half of all evil but. Based on the stipulations that insurance company I. This is a matter of hardball what they're going overstated by the protocol which says look. We paid for the surgery to remove the tumor what you're doing now and I keep trying to save his life this is understood. But its experimental drugs and we don't go over basically will cover anything that does not have a conclusive resultant. So even though it's ST they're they're sticking by a local policy would be an underpin a policy in just a horrible story. But our federal policy with the two with the kids and women like the man he needs a liver transplant that I didn't turn points are and and dad's got him or don't add into it doesn't matter beds of mass murderer it's. That mostly give give give me the kid needs the kidneys could you have the ability to do it. And when I arrived to understand and it's theirs stipulated in Florida fill out Eagles even jail. And you don't know but again that's not the legal system for bin teen dad from given kidney is the hospital saying this is our particular protocol. And and but they say they're erring on the side of the recipient might I don't know. But because dad violated parole releases kidneys are not safe and some Florida now I would only think it's just you and imprison them. Maybe. Well in Florida it's all about just now wanting to pay out. I'll school district just doesn't wanna give them any money succumb to this lame ass excuse to excuse the most heinous crime but you know that was that terrible defense that didn't work in court but it isn't but it's still to eighteen years to sorted all out. And so you girls have grown up now you're still here admit that. The final definitive ever think of the people sort of the final defense is courses. Is that it's a nine year old girl's fault for a memo ones that have grown ass man who continue to molested. Yeah I think that might be the worst. They had a Florida district going after the fact rarely do they got molested and then write in and then you're adding another ten years of for parliament to the if you like the elements or month FaceBook the debate is a continuing their produce such Lester says all I have to say it's all three of these soc. Yeah under the USA. So governor attorney tells British nowadays they return to what you don't need to know has some news from the paranormal that I thought I. You are listening to the men's or radio network. It was my sales. Greg tells Melissa out of bed or turn a profile though as well vs. We're told useless information. And do you have are too many brain cells not to let us kill you. So lending here on the men's room shares would you don't need to know they'll tell me you know I don't know if you guys have been paying attention and lose like there's all kinds of news good. As far as bigfoot is concerned bigfoot is making me a huge comeback is that yes yes OR Bloomberg I had a conversation a big for two weeks. Jack why does. So my friend please reflect lower. I don't need the property series. Doctor Leslie you're the two most recent spotted the legendary bigfoot and other creatures like and have reportedly been spotted near a northern California like. Jeffrey Gonzales who has a self described paranormal experts. Teddy hurt other sightings of a local farmer who said he saw the creature and five others. Running on his ranch near all the commonly. All of that ball it was California one of them was extremely tall and had a pig over its shoulder. The five scattered and the one with the pay was running so fast and did not see the irrigation pipe it trips and the pig went flying over all the Gonzales said the site has not announced what he says that three additional bigfoot sightings in the past five years have all happened in east Fresno county. He recounted it to other stories including one from a woman whose that are too sudden saw bigfoot in the orchard. And one from a man who saw five creatures in that same orchard. What are the odds of three people three different families who don't know each other within a radius of two to three miles come and tell authorities and witnesses and it all matches are. I believe those those big feet gonzo the Jackson 5. That is your particular X and Q who else could two days and one more jobs does yesterday's news. And now we see on this story we gonna strawberry Arizona. A man in central Arizona says he saw bigfoot creature in need Kugel Nino national forest. The eyewitness claims he was camping in the month Golan rim area. When he spotted the alleged beast. The man goes on the say the initially believed the figure was a large get on the bicycle because it was actually moving so fast a large key in the hole or bigfoot it won't move through Indiana got a man realized he was looking at something very unusual. It was a very large bigfoot can only last about three seconds bucks I was lucky to see it at all. It's code he's plane was almost black with a slight reddish tips. You're gonna go my hair because this could pick up there at the the alleged sighting prompted an investigation by local authorities in nine days after the incidence the depressions in the grass. We're still at deciding spot. Now's not possible to get an accurate measurement of foot size with a link to the stride was clearly longer than with any human could achieve. They added they were able to estimate the height of the purported creature at about eight feet based on the length of the those stride stride jango that would be standing erect by the way by the way the mandala monster. Many claim to be inside the bigfoot has been author reported roaming along the Mon Golan rim. In central and eastern Arizona with Diego we'll keep you updated and I'm here in Arizona without big for the first we made history tonight. Yeah. So do you rate. Men's room knows just. Two it is. I. They're not as good as usual we had good dinner and Afghan Stephen draw vilified at Nortel still yes indeed and today and we chose the police of the northern fronts. Who recently. Gotta be cracked in a Brit re crazy airports. Robbery case now police drove in France they were baffled by a string of robberies that have been happening. I'm the airport shuttle bus the trip took a little overpowered people kept saying. That stuff have been stolen out of the luggage which didn't make sense because a bag from the cargo hold. Under the bus. You're darn darn don't have access storms so. Similar to mostly happened before they're actually voted it. But they're one of the bus drivers figured out what was happening. He noticed a large suitcase started moving on its own. So when the ball's got to the airport one of the passengers. Takes the bag open tried to leave with it but the driver called the cops and there were there waiting. It turned out the government working with an accomplice whose body inside the suitcase so both the boats are moving in those of himself go through the bags. Still and keeping valuable including laptops in zip himself back up. And then when they got to the messenger mission this body we're big on the bag and and they did the relief both guys are about forty years old number one who hid inside the suitcase. He was sentenced to eight months in jail. The other guy get a slightly longer rap sheet so he got a year Bruce then I mean a sixty pound bag is pretty having is pretty bad yeah and make it takes that out of the airport rent and you got your old buddy eat but if he's a hundred pounds and then he grabs 5000 stuff. The mayor's. Had a had wheels gaffe you're exactly right. Yeah we're not gonna play to put more of the movie we drink this booze because. We think it's yeah I mean yeah national all of a brand new dad not wrote you Barney in our Tommy's down our lab there's no not. Ticket does not live profile this Multi Color nine now only 44999. Alone. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.