10-18-17 Seg 2 Mens Room Shakes the Bacon

Wednesday, October 18th

Mens Room Question: Why was someone unconscious for so damn long?


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This is dumb men's tour. You're listening to the men's room. Okay. I don't turn Kentucky goes to way. Goes to a wedding seven year old and he falls asleep the next day and they cannot wake him up for eleven days is currently in rehab but trying to get it right also a man woke from a coma. After nineteen years the first word that he uttered was mom because his mom was still sitting at his bedside are. Question why was someone unconscious for so damn long 84499. Now I know helicopter apparently. Hello Merck Qaeda Al welcome to the men's room. Well oh and I that I asked say your name right. Yes he actually did all right I was pretty drug MFN up. Currently a cook so I'm I'm gonna story and it's the second of two terms have been in the coma my night. This one just happened in March. So what happened was and a little point is I'm actually told this story even what happened to me. And because I have no memory of what happened or the week leading up to. There are in the balcony. So this is what my friend got pulled me. We're at a bar in San Diego this is about 1112 years ago where the barn can ego and I was that the bar chart and some girl. They're. I'm a little bit behind me playing pool on the underside of the bar to there was a decent and it sparked some people start fighting. And the bartender has the peace of mind to let call the cops because well. None of the art and there's certain people still try and so they're like you know as long as they say corner of the cup social daycare there's corn in my trance basically therapy unit well blue Lee probably moments before the cops actually showed up. That's why Gallup or rowdy. In someone some how ended up with a broken bottle. And went to try to add some more. Depp Christian who's going to be our patent be standing right next to where I was sitting keep solid beer bottle coming so he moved. I have my head turn the other way I was hurting so I didn't do and the beer bottle it straight in the metro. And and the girl that I was talking to use suddenly starts screaming bloody murder. And according to my friends what they do when they look. This he heard screaming and they watch me during my hand to make sure shield of beer bottle and as my hand which is the beer bottle. They should spurts of blood on what basically what my heart it would be as good blood is just went straight out then you don't look at the beer bottles. They are Muslim leaders say analyze if you're pretty CPR says like ball. And yeah basically is your buzz kill of this room. They hadn't yet and then and then moments after my hand touched beer bottle I'd just like my I drop my head which is what you know they've. Overall story was that I was called I broke my hand and I just talk to the ground because well there's no blood on my brain and I'm down. So when that happens and really second after I hit the ground into the front door of the bar comes decrease in your piece. I woke up to date later in the hospital. And according to. The doctor. In chief and walking outdoors thirty seconds later I would doubt. And jello on doctors always tell you that light outlook like I don't need to know ma'am that you save my life now you said. You can't even remember the week leading up to bat is that because that that does this stop on blood flow to the brain like that much memory disappeared with that. I believe so because I didn't go off a lot of brain cells because into Denzel you know ten cents and this is so low and behold I I look at either and the guy who's studying because of the military. Two times out of I had a good chat out just basically would be in court because of military press charges he's actually still in prison right now. Wow twelve years later. Yeah I think he's like an edit and here's a look at the big lesson in why don't try to stab other people right now as a general thing military or not but I'm while Manso. You get stabbed in the throat with a beer bottle you do survive. So now that that much time as fast as I can't you cool bad ass story. Or dissenting is this is caused the scar would have been on my throat as it goes across my commotion and went through town if you really well so there's quite knows. Car home your god I mean it that you healed until well they you don't really get the opportunity to explain the scar on your neck targeted beyond earlier had knowledge you come into the hospitals try to see you have to better ending. No I mean I don't think she ever did although burning but the only time you see discourage it I don't shave my guess by. Creek neck beard and see where to Connecticut girls and thought they actually it's not worth it does mean but I also lost all the sealing much out so. So the first couple years it was really scary to change to the only thing. What about now hold dear feeling back enough. I don't know I still have most of them seem more patch on micro. Well let's go all right I got one stupid question but did you watch it but I've only heard of that somebody get a bottle like that in a movie like can you watch that scene or is it. Creepy you're gonna send a lot of. It doesn't duct. I have no memory yet so I mean that's just another leasing. Maybe they'll think there's always like oh my god nothing happen to meet. I I get all steadily going into that was like the movies I get out now did you are as you were were you still it in the military did you get sent home at this point and what what what happens to you in this in this situation. Our I was still in the military that is turned under and I got four years in social criminal and a million jewelry back to that bar. Like she should give pre drills are subjective and I don't know you simulate three mile an order volume bottleneck. No I honestly don't remember the name of the bar. The Mets are good I'll ever admit I had never been there before. And I never went back so. Yeah yeah I feel like I certainly don't want to go back now it's man you don't care hotly. I don't we have ever known and when you're good stead met several of the bottle of all what's less in the throat. Yeah that's I've seen so I think you've hit it with bottles at C Mac and something I've seen a guy get hit over the head with a model that didn't break the sound the sound all that horrible I mean it was where sometimes yeah I mean threatened. With a broken bottle I have been threatened several times and broken bottle man yeah. We're now are you guys hanging out real threat wholesome good Maryland I. Mine was. A bad mistake I thought it was a good idea to try to buy some weed in the tenderloin San Francisco. Oh I know lane and I got rhythm although in crazy idea but yet I was mopping the homeless do end up yeah I think they're walking bars. No one's even threatened and this guy we're getting when he uses these muttering to himself he's angry about what are reasoning about mall with a friend and this dude you wouldn't think he was surprised at all to look at him and he's sitting out oracle Criss crossed Apple's all throughout the call now. And this guy means you possibly can dad and Jean young the bottle immunity has the broken bottle which is assigned to the great because like this is his weapon of choice he's got amount. It's our screaming at me was to over the walking he decided what whatever he believed to be happening was my fault. And so he's threatened to stab me in my but it Leo more punishment do you not me in my common man. A match is give me some back up zero like hey man just walking by relax relax and like I just. You're right I'm sorry my bad I Darren Darren and Eric Harris also wanna relax. Outlook the fact well look man. Was always got a weapon held view at that moment I know you're not supposed to say that bill that's more like a domestic argument but I. Someone as a weapon aimed at me I can't think of anything other than him I couldn't. Relax last night I don't settle I don't Reggie Love black a dangerous work it is a lot of relationships were probably all kinds of what's so hard that they gave the reality is just like this is not a domestic dispute I want you to relax a little bit because you want to stem the growth of the black I'm not allowed asking too much rise they're back to format a matter of the island are bad broke Barcelona dodges were so damn long 844999. Nolan. Hello and welcome to the men's room. I did little arm. My story a couple of years all this credit that I was working at a I'll. All night. The name of the radio. Well because they don't want to touch this thing could look at it until it's like hello an angry man is very. Just putting a period on the sentence and he's very comfortable I have. Think all right I know these guys let's go imagining. I need them we if that's funny campaign and at SRI if it weren't just here. Are you go out like a logger who hit it. I I thought it hey all right so where. There's like a two day break after urges. Cut other I have pictures I don't know timber area where the street there brought. And so we decided it up oil local bars not behind. And did that today it is a civic Gary Phillips. Shortly and timber and fishing dead. Well don't fight it out yet breaker I agree with that I don't remember much. Because about thirty seconds and somebody chucked at shared a back at Ku. And and right next to wake up. I'm and the hospital. Ed. If you can't later. Mom. Senators dominated and it is because a concussion from the chair I hit in the back and Andy Matt and create art intravenous cocktail called painkiller addiction about. Damn sure you early you weren't involved in the fight that sounds to me like he got in the back of the head of the chair just when it broke out I mean you know I didn't back and that there. Apart endurance or ma'am did and I now chair. So far you know the guy the might do so by our standards as did argued the brunt of the of the action there aren't good as do all the wire Rendell will go to bars or go back to Jackie geez I don't know. And you have no recollection of this and doesn't. I've got this fire itself. Sure let's break it up and but understand our attitude by the whole Kara did you finally looked up. Do you have a hard time give our time watching professional wrestling based in the united got hit over the head with a chair. I know I actually laughed about it okay aren't. And have you been back to that bar. No I status bar it will be back Utley. Yeah no matter rough reputation Horwitz in a chair that ruined for. Yeah so edit share. Fine and I had a gap area I gotta I gotta pick up one of those chairs on them. But I know they're doing the money there they of one of their ideally for the trash into the tyranny then you know I got to bring it up and it's great. It's like you're picking up with the ball. Oh yeah of course like it's like oh my god it's it is just it's just there's nothing to elect how they make this from the makers and urine school debate that argument about what the mat wrestling was real I think if you sat in the chair it would just fold up in itself. You know we like it is acts. It's that light in that flimsy but they are here. I intend mouth trying to figure out with a metal thing knows all this aluminum or what is. In this was a rod he got wiped out in the locker room Jim like he was added to arguments going on rankings make grocery drilled thank you feel to go back and forth in the one guy one of Bruce real. Grab a shirt and almost that gives me. Hot and wiped his kid out ma'am I mean it wasn't the worst thing. A white smoke do you believe the drill now over lick you it is different tune if they would Israel's. Why woods does someone on guidance for so damn long 844999. All LaMarr your calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have gentle man he's grown. I found out there's not a return a food Sox last our question today dealing of people like Dell got a guy woke up after twenty years from now being in a coma and it can't wait. Now basically a modern day rip van Michael I think could talk any was you know more alert than most of the time when people were out that long lived exactly relearn everything was pretty to sharpen up a quick with the with their innate vegan. They say that probably a lot to do this family being by his side for all those years remind his mother was in the room nineteen years later he woke up and she's there. Never got mom though do you think. You guys nobody in the me and I trust my mom would you trust like lives to do that. It depends of summer trying to get all their life you don't feel. Every twenty years a wife can move our enemy and you'll understand and as a parent. It don't. This is the beauty in the curse of children simply good. You look at. These ungrateful little snot rags are right and what ever they do in spite of the fact that most of the time they made our own bad decision like. I know to be fifty years now fumble than. I'm still gonna worry about you just can't escape. I don't dish it seems like a total mom who for years but leaders of possible scenario. Because the kid the guy had a young daughter you and now the lyrics of two leaders that are you know she's good twenty years old when you or whatever the deal is but but inning. In theory that's a shock you know I think he's you know you have a kid hope legal process that information you remember that part of it if you do or not you've been told. But in the next thing isn't oh yeah your wife well she never budged gonna wake up since you got remarried to get through market in mind they seemingly meets on as a whole family and I mean the used to be years. Yeah I mean right that was always Jordan fathom castaway I folly yeah that's right ma'am and I would you like I don't. It would suck which your wife I wouldn't blame the general white mountains here is dead don't get like only a my humble and you'll be there that the I was someone on judges for side maybe because you would in Oklahoma she finally met the love of her life you know I mean I heard they know lot of Eldridge I've noticed they look birds like. You know you did one of the greatest things ever in the fifth out of number imaginary Andrea if you Gerri have a great like I love him more now he goes all night. These are doctorate in Connecticut. That's. About five million dollar home on the anti drug like sweet potatoes and steak that he's a receipt given every night it's I don't know. Wireless so when I Dodgers are so damn Lonnie Ford far 9990 like the great things like that there's always thought that if if the and you tell what I've come into this actually pertains to think that that's easily the best life ever sorry honey your government money to the hello Devin welcome to the men's room. All yeah. Parity by jet that that needs to anomaly or user. Update at gitmo terrorists. So I was in my brother. We proceeded to our house. Eat bread and let her go out. We have the one room where we set beer pong and it didn't just play all the pot. It's so bloody day underplay it had a friend over data and we're playing it. I think he'd be we would like but formation called ring of fire we get three quarters but better and that he's automatically lose. Is so I really shaking hands after. We played well you know it is beget or your songs or recent them you know exactly note conquers. So that's you're shaking hands you have really looks like they'd be like I'd Egypt now. And then I had bought. Oh Jesus was torture should ended abruptly didn't it. All what lights. I'm gonna light knock you out but well. I ended up doing that now yeah I don't know the question this hey if you if you knock him manner he knocked you out. I watched him out it just right and just completely collapsed on the floor like adult lap you and you don't like I tend to edit any. On the found out afterwards you're like a pretty bad depression and and at throughout the next week but that it worked out like that question because that it is well Islam told. Doesn't look good does our men. How do you still know this guy now. All we had a there's a lot of them. Everybody to take a bouncer and he cycle and I don't like to pull out the what you got to be very careful what you do once we don't knock yourself out I think it's both. You won't hurt somebody that bad and also regulates if you don't get him that right spot you're her true. But I feel like if somebody had money means they don't blame just her being buried back. My head but that's like trying to kick someone in the jewels like about what you and things got a little takes spitting on someone. Yeah different level. Big head but for somebody that works so much security you know where anything that you know you're like they used the term like I was just trying to stop them. My. I'm not about what would Jack. Why Arizona guys is so damn long 844999. Alone hello Cameron welcome to the men's room. They got gone cops. Are my story and it happens last year actually I was a freshman in college at Seattle U and my body his name's Dylan. He walks in other rural lunch reluctant soreness cafeteria in the commons. And you can W and then I got back from the doctor's offices that I got to the I got an extra heart cells. And and make it brought in about. To sit there talking about it earlier in the news. Eco. We're enemies go alone. Yeah just almost war. Where he won't some says hey I got back from the doctor. I protect our foul and he's young and he drops them Florence condoms. Why did the doctor and let him in on him that's God's heart ailment him so what do they do get an ambulance ride that she's so what is your reaction when you hear this and who's in the mid collapses to the floor. How are gonna do quite looked at him and like I thought to myself oh crap. And I'm wind up you know one of the patents and we got a lot of and it turns out he was out for two and a half we. Omar Ghali as a result of this extra heart valve. Yeah it's so the doctors told them. It blew it it broke while he's talking and he's he's just glad that our computer. Is. He's telling you what they found it and time it. For that to happen that the explodes. And drop designs for two and a half we are busy okay now. Well yet you OK but also on site about a whenever you Chad you know shaking their key passes out. Like send you equipment. If he drives the master baby yeah as the battle. For you at least it didn't think it does make his vacant. But a few bats without got to be kidding themselves. That's going to be the worst side effect ever eaten. Under a lot of people say but sir that is a fun track them and that's good direction to fund the bank so to this day MP turns around one out. He's gone. Izzy Izzy is easy version of sorry Z emergent. On the so someone has had to have them have been pushed his ass off of them repeatedly. Although I don't know quote if I happen before it is you know heartfelt and he's fine now yeah so I had no I mean I mean he wanted rigidity goes for his heart blew out. All right what is this when he marathon live when he orgasm yes. The same thing writer Amanda yeah I mean he's crossing the line you know closed it won't think the pass out masters it's over you that every time I have sex with you. You'll know pump faking it as well well now when you're passing out when your masturbating someone might find you right yeah. How long does he pass out of the top UVs master beta is out of five minutes is ya for three hours. Oh lead does he need someone there with him when he master Bates just to make sure America it's there is some political momentum out of the middle of the month ma'am please just as either former heat. But the like when the medic alert goes off you just got many things and other junk and you know you love about much more electable GW is that if the he's got that letter goes that he would have that on his medical alert exactly I don't let. This month I am I laugh my hand is in my penis please like me out. Every few minutes I'll be fine. How many times. Did he tried to do it before he finally just accepted the fact that this would go to multiple you know like on this issue is so he got just masturbating and every time he is out at the that is the sound very healthy. This idea couple I think look I think it just is via professional guy he often though in the world and he's given girlfriend does he date anybody drop off. God that he'll. So every time I think if Jack in the big in the zone it's anything that's got a quick takes the there are that the purpose of all places vaguely passes out at the the I was real wake on Sundays like guy. It is simply lose so many unfortunately things have happened pace avenue at the heart valve collapsed and I everybody you have to do next week's two and half weeks later son. Every time the master baby you gonna pass that's your only side effect but why did he trumpeted these tend to when he tabs you idiot pounded make it be funny if it. You can smoke over you walk a young remember and do it and went in your best debate it's lights out. Yes I did pick up and I wasn't really avoiding porn it's. I'll be if I would do everything you'll never be around like man I don't talk about things I wanna hear about snipes. Thank you think happens duties with a woman earlier they'll pull can do anything and why why would someone unconscious for so them off just their picture of the momma Jew and all that's decent lists include a couple. Profit or use our kids is somebody relate there's nothing attractive about this you think you know I don't even think you can have mom June. Now holds enough that's. But who could think about what do you you can always do not knock the new mom June lost the weight ma. Sure I think got a camera and do not have third McNamee didn't hit hit if it. I don't have a TLC sped off their failure mama yeah grandstands that cleared of the tactics that they get a break and I didn't really know what it could be other that you eightieth and I bring a guy a lot of weren't bad but they need me ever I don't know I was giving Robinson Ford's ban on museum video again managed to figure this out. Sony's development. Why it was an unconscious for so damn long 8449990. Look who is desperate and on earth for. Especially like repeat itself. Hello Chris welcome to the Missouri don't often mass today. But when I do. Lob on oh yeah. Yeah I probably got a look at look at look at this situation half glass full of Q every time he wanted to go to sleep you just met you know I do that already. It doesn't work in the every. Parent who does he avoid them like mad because sometimes it's what do you happen yeah as I. Did but I am excited during the around guys you just woke up. Your bathroom an awful long time yeah yeah if it. I did pass an out of work with because I was slow growth in the best again at W blunt opened. He sits right by beating anti air it he told his reason for change but it's taken a while. Hi so I was among those guys are so damn long and your your world. I thought I'd give it storyline is it the bar fight or won the motorcycle lacked the ground out a week. True but when you look what's what did you tell might. I I just told I would I would exclude nurses that were so dark and it. I don't know I don't know if you'll know them. Police and tipped employee makes my job easy I didn't like this yeah okay hey I'm the if please only. Yeah it actually is genuine good guy earlier I had this is where happen out station in San Diego's off. And so I just on the way to work right now my sport bike because in eighty degrees every day down there and I've car push ups slow road. Last thing I remember seeing into my my my head going towards the tape yet and I woke up we can have played. When. Knocked out broken bones both a deal no nothing. Just the one you have voice good are you guys just put you in a medically induced gone just to make sure you're all right didn't have any motor skills. So they did know few baby had broken your neck or your back or whatever. My head just hit my head. Absolutely so hard that it cracked my my in my helmet open. What's OK so so you wake of a week later do you remember anything from that week I don't remember any day. I'm after seeing the ground coming toward my day I don't remember them and were you weak when you woke up like you know to me like I was there when did you have the. And Michael what does your morning brown guys. I didn't want America members of the Arizona so the story one of the setup Smith you're a coma for nineteen years and I and I know his mom's there he says mom I imagine that breath was like god they've dragon fire's been none of that thing man sources like OK maybe some tar and there's natural questions here like you have to poop I mean it's eleven days right so surely you proved over that time. Right. I don't know I didn't. I mean I'm human so I know I did but I was apparently cleaned up because I I don't remember having amassed on here than Eleanor. You're in a big ask that you generally don't do that we have the hospital right whose jobs that until I go I don't know until now when I'm completely out for eleven days quite easy way. Navy's go to some some. Some even lift clean up after me I don't. That sounds horrible thing if you think about the guy the woke up after nineteen years you know you can. You say thank you to the doctors say thank you good nurses like specific really cool ever clean my as overtimes okay. All were made here Mann theater here is like you could be you can be a ball right. In his dude comes up Diego's like pay row is that you know. But yeah man like you woke up. Paula god yeah I last saw her nose knows a nurse metaphorically for ten that are here you are out like I want to blood vial wash your penis entourage entered the season Mack wants your vehicle Porsche I don't days someone not do but did get a single and baseball and you gonna want you to Jim Led Zeppelin but Los underneath there wash all around it you don't mean like sprayed it would go away yeah I mean I got to scare you for ten years you know you'd never know good to I think exactly and like I know every Moline freckle on your body. A pop zip on you a question he's likely to here's a cute dampened at all. The rules throughout our enrollment ten years. If you decrepit if you try to protect I donate to your sister you and your confidence that it lacked adequate though don't talk him out I direction every day at 7 AM then to think. Why was an unconscious for so damn long 8449990. Hello Chris welcome to the men's room. A whole lot of ground. So I Doria. Or a half years ago. In my bachelor party. And there is 22 guys down and locked it. That's quite an entire party. Oh yeah surely nothing did go wrong with twenty some guys you like nobody's gonna get out of hand. For now no one of the law chart. And we had about ever look come from Durban city of Portland Bellingham Seattle that drive overall appeal lazy river at the MGM beyond the next. The whole dude I have on a bachelor party and woke up with a fake temporary tattoo on my lower back. Problem that and I look up. The Pope. Where are pretty good by the target at various times and I would you know have a good time and the barber friend. You know we're all her early thirtieth knew about ten years older than not you know really cool dividend either older than out well not everyone. I met everyone. And are one friend like they'll. And you like Cuellar. I won't have Vegas likes pills. Imagine that from. The you've got a united and a guy he's got like long hair like halfway down the back and eat kind of grabbed the Mike Ryan Donahue and they'll let you. You rolled around a little lagoon area be lazy river and a pair without a wacky where it's wild shirts belt. There's kids the mom around people are kind of looking out and you double bump out of Fulton and trips over a lawn chair. And let's go to my friend got them and yet didn't W but people. Please help me. Go Matt go and get here and security comes over and they're gonna take him away from the the all. Wallace he decides to make the great escape and you run the crop but back in jump in the lazy river and try this gave them a lazy. This is circle if you look at look at her girl it don't they did not walk alongside him they are. Surrogate out of the pool for half a oh. Studies they'd finally get about a third day around 4 o'clock. Or my friends were on Doug Doug economic that I know him Greg do you really noticed emerge it today no we actually you know if Sherrie Guerrero. They got him upstairs he felt sleep around 5 o'clock on Thursday and you look up. Sunday. At 3 in the morning you know we got back in a lot party and really hungry and you know what an op Ed is it art or. Today I don't really hungry in the worst part of he's the most epic part of good news is they're restaurants still open. I did throw a big statement around the river is the thirty apple that nobody liked it took him to a public. I really like it's going to be hard to do it is a little fade wave I think we give her knees. At the chiefs that's it and like Houston where do you find Cuellar for Brian if you found in my god knows the biggest shocker of them. Why Arizona guidance for so damn long 844999. All the more your calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. Yeah. Well itself lives out there also the return to what you don't need to know has news from the paranormal our question today why was someone unconscious for so damn long 8449990. Look. Hello old. Cameron welcome to the bedroom. Dona. I hear my story Bowe bell a couple of years ago I wrote down a California. And I was you know those currently kind of like what your driver enters McCormick or some like you know little Condo curve in the road. Where on on once flooded out. Aside at Purdue on the other side he got a drop off. More now mound road. You have mount broke pretty much well I feel god yeah I don't know the news. That. If you look at the people who minutes forty miles an hour and the first one of those on the passenger side there's no none of those little metal guardrail yeah. So I'm driving along just doing my thing and I'm sick and one of those off turn he can't quite see it very very traffic coming out Serbia and right right what I'm coming around the bend. Your compass car in Samara Lynn. And you know my natural reaction most of slam on the brakes and and swerve out of the way and I don't wanna go down that hill obviously written so. I I slammed on the brakes aren't that I'd turn left real quick and I got out of the away. But our most over corrected it and my rear end of my trucks slid out from underneath me. And instead of going head on into little aside upload clips I've decided to turn right. Well over curtains again and I ended up going down that hill. And radical I'm going down that hill as it's like it'll happen in slow motion and run the bomb gone down until I realized that there's no way out of us. But pretty much just let go Louisville. I remember saying how club might well play well here ago. A pretty much accepted the fact that number I'm about the direct now. And so. The last thing I remember is my truck certain to rule. And roll roll roll in I don't black belt may get slammed my head into the slot into the wind or something and but anyway. Sub 1015 minutes ago bark and I'm out and a blocked well anyway I'd just wake up. Out of nowhere. And I'm laying on my driver side and my roof and now pinned against a tree who. And I'm looking up like ice I conceive this guy's serve my passenger side door. Knew Bob pretty much looking up let us in the side door. And like us so well for like 1015 minutes are only come to I'm waking up to a paramedic. Standing on my door trying to. If the passenger side door open. And I pretty much used little center console in the middle may see as well. A bridge and I'm sitting here trying to kick my door open at six so about how the intro finally. A bit load off my door open. Are you and any pain or anything at this moment. At this moment in time I've. When I first woke up and I came out of there I came to I kind of did a quick check out so my leg before my arm. You know no bones were broken out. I'm retry demo John first and then check out my hand and hello arms and my legs. But somehow miraculously I Google the my head. But that's why I think I hit my head not pro life political. I had a I had a pretty bad credit photo during I was little. Customize how far did you over the cliff. Our world that you're okay. You know as an enemy how your body. Slows down time commitment and a bat that Lal bat when it rolled the car the same thing where. The whole thing maybe takes eight seconds but you remember every single detail these aides say like if you have a good retirement it goes by in a heartbeat but in the moment where they're pretty sure you're actually going to die like when you're convinced like oh man this fight for real this is where my titles like your brain puts on a safety my opponent's right you can speed this earlier lately it's not something you enjoy you just you've. Just accept that they maybe this is the most the Els and I drunk or anything like that. All I have no idea. The but here's the ticker well. I'm allergic to be a and the tree that I slammed into her sudden this big. The and and the attacking the empty you knew did you know recounts that well or hear what I finally got the door open and I'll. Obviously my truck slamming into this huge trees obviously disturbed there's be. Osama Al Arab I'm trying to climb my app via aspect of Brazil. With the MP trying to tell me I'm did it feel like I'm getting stung like a million times. So luckily very ambulatory Baird and they gave me the shots. You know sort of dark from a bunch of these. Now whenever the dam has just that bullet struck down a fifty foot hill you survive in the bee sting your hasn't done. His lawyer manner climbing back up the hill Carl regarding these are you having a bad day he's taken a 5000 dollar a lamb meal Barack. Without chuck. Why would someone unconscious for so damn long 844999. Although still to come which you don't need to know news from the parent oil and the paranormal coming up. The show and many pins continue on the men's room radio network.