10-12-17 Seg 3 Mens Room Eats on the Cheap

Thursday, October 12th

Emails, Ted's Meat & Potatoes tells you how to get a meal for under $5! Plus No S Sherlock and the Shot of the Day


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This is the men's room. Coming up we'll drag until the Saturday is on the way also to return a no as Sherlock in the meantime the game is big dummy we have balance on the line playing for a team sober and working on question number three are there Alan's question number three is this. Who is the vice president's on the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. The vice president that is correct site. The Hiroshima or her Hiroshima of her book actually as the Caribbean Caribbean Arabic and you pick and well out of there are you their daughter. Alex oh my gosh and yeah. Arm did not. I just sent our employees redundant. The media giants have done to him he doesn't mean they don't break and we'll do is let you know if you're waiting there to play big dummy let's get a new contestant play the game does indeed. Hello Terry welcome to the men's room. Oh yeah. Jerry Lewis overnight for over. Dietary we have depth news Clinton's you know if you look for the program British period of time. We have a certain theory about women whose names start with teams. Not crazy okay that's what crazy people say all the time yeah. Now have you. What's the last thing you with the last object you view through it at someone's. I don't need them now. Now I think I don't even know that I ever felt anything and anybody OK all right maybe your really military than Harry are you wouldn't authoritative position. Leno but it teachers something. Well all right. I feel your name. For those who works of the sewer thorough Derek as safety stuff they're with the biggest dirty river city. I I'm. Really out land is what doesn't and nobody expect that I would say they're going into an exam. So I. Even managing an alien who. Boone just like a mayor. Terry where eagle American tiebreak they'll put that issue latex arm interval. How much they checked OK all right all right have you ever. Well no but it. Looks like you'd sweat a lot. I'm thirty dollar million looks like in the league in real hot and gorgeous what a lot anyway in one of the few times you can openly sweat on someone and you're not bitching about it. I definitely in army layup hasn't bought sweat trickle army and it's like you know bygones are bygones but there is no other time rundown but. All right here is your question. Which drug company manufactures Viagra. Who had come cool. You're. There. For the silent he's getting there. Exaggerate their auto. Do you think total. Yes the student was someone who has and you didn't know. Or I guess they caved and an idea I don't. When first released and they're like this is not a recreational drugs. Move may be where using performance enhancing drugs may be or not. You don't know. Here's a question which car company manufactured. The blood diamonds. There the guns and I don't know all what is guns up. Not a guy he loses all one word on it would be something like one out of this you won't work if you were love and then they'd be you know guns which. I don't know the gonzo holed out an email with that no not Buick. Wu. I have to read I think about I don't British Jackson put to make itself more I don't. You saw why you'll Daewoo Kia and Hyundai dealer today hit the brand new look and ugly hair sent a grading outdoor bar would take two or Daewoo. Get a clue game or the fruit undoubtedly umbrella. Are your question all solo material used to the baseball. What is the second largest city in Ireland. I don't know anything about Ireland. It's heated baseball and yeah somebody eight and based on. Any age and date on woman's one of the things they used to line Tara Ireland. That's a I don't now. All I know. Pork pork. There's an act of course my mom's. I'm miles I have 2 o'clock. My first thought was there's Turco part of that you could see that the the other as a where's his Robin I don't even steroid. And gasoline Ireland but clearly different ways Khannouchi debates we'll go hard spit balling yeah. No cohost cities in our paper that it wouldn't it with apple watch Ireland. And inside violent if there. I. What does the name of that X-Men that shoots lasers from his eyes. All of my game if I don't know Andy explaining there going oh man. The I was and the guy and you know. I won't know marine worrying. No clue me. Yeah it's an extra. I don't know who gets an. Michael what he means something there I don't have come whale PRI cyclops I thought I see out of us I thought okay all right so close. Question I'm Jerry in yet not too. Think if if if. Which company released pac man in 1980. Denny and Murray. I midwest. Midwest tomorrow and it games sing very dead and the info I'd made people we forgot. I'll go after the world superheroes I think you can get the smoke. What is the Alter ego of Spider-Man who. All well Amy also in his mouth Spiderman and lose. It now whatever it takes name is Mary Jane he's taking pictures what this is named as a likely Florida AF is the Alter ego Superman. It's a euphemism our China. Now. If you look at the the if you had a ballet for your pianist and I think Chris is yard of the Kuwaiti more you think your keys I think at this gap. He's gonna take your bid directly to your grave danger period is let's put it someplace believe that the path. That would be like crap you don't I don't other appealing girls. You don't hear her. It's I'm. Table trying to help you man act of trying to help you know. You can an anti. Peter Clarke former front Oregon editor of physical abuse but that's where you say it like that it really does sound like you who the good word you can market. All right so it'll form an awful awful or enlighten you more lol yeah. Are. Hook up. I mean I gotta stop it makes it go and ended back and and a completely. Noting that I got a couple. Cookbook apparent. On how many hydrogen atoms are and one of molecules of water. Or. Oh yeah. Your finger off suggesting yeah I mean. Look man last billions and you realize that the latest on jeopardy he can't escape the shadow of the other. Day at duke. Our stay with how they do Gibbons has said that last and prove me wrong. Now in the children's book about a 25. Foot tall red dog what does the name of the dog. Yeah yeah. I didn't boom got rid of big red is clever still around I acknowledge John Ritter's dad. Religious run doled out so he's different boy started selling well and I know what would you root and I'm a nobody was delivered the big red dog what sort of well and I love current brought. As someone who I know that did you do we heard about it we didn't hear who were that is because the gather replace had a meltdown because you want to bring puppeteer and crazy that's why we heard about I think. Think Clifford the big red dog you just rerun cause you good that's all I Clifford the big red dog live it was a pretty excited I'm so jealous yeah you don't have nothing Clifford the big red dog my kids were born just after his his heyday I wish I could you know and then one thing that I really regrets in my days of taking these kids to these plays. Is that I didn't try to them I didn't by the concert teacher. I should about the teacher myself I just heard absolutely. Bear in the big blue house I would have not have a Kyle you assured another Dora the Explorer shirt at a multiple Disney on IT shirts. Trying to think to some of the other productions and us all over the years or just. I just let me just say one thing so I want to say most recently about the Disney on ice. And on the avengers. Motorcycle whatever the hell was but the the one I hated most because I hate the F Ing show passionately is Pepa the paid a lot Aaron. So I take his seat half of the page it just found him I already don't wanna go and basically. I have to hustle out of the studio to get to meant basically it starts around saint Thomas from should show us tonight. There are cited ago I walked into this place and it just seemed out of the sky walks up to me and stops me says Heyman rear tickets that. And I Marty kind of been a bad mood of runaways and next hour and a half on the scrap a Dorismond too much money and like who actually backup of the pace doesn't look man. I'm not trying to be. I just wanted to because of the siege goes number no look. I weren't here. And I love your guys to show I can give you an upgrade went down front row for pep of the pig nighters across hey man how Obama got them Els who came to play American community you don't really. I got upgraded for I got some of the best things and also for our old doesn't know it's not because then you get too close to that. Volunteers section all right and I know the raw peppy and happy on stage and does what. I'm not so would you say you're spot literally day you have Hilbert hopeless will whatever. Like don't shine that bitch army do not put it I'm always listening right now I hope we used do. Movies that I haven't looked multifamily with the mother wrote an idiotic and deliver a never give him another damn thing ever. Miles and 101000 today and look at the on Faith No More sound garden at all. All of these and I wanted to Z I go there. And do the guy and I like to show us that thank you and I got the same crappy seats I go there for Pepa. We had gotten mpeg and it's like hey man front African world we have Intel and everything else footer at the docks but I'll brag a little input output as far as our men's room poll the numbers have come and right now. The number one. Category from him time regular foot fetish and latex is Rego. There is a two way tie for second between latex and him tying coming in at number three. That would be the foot fetish although we haven't calculated everything on the mantra live Twitter yet so there you go on that. To come back. How they eat like a king for five bucks at your favorite fast food restaurant that's on the way with a head chef. And Ted's meat and potatoes would get your emails on the way as well from the men's room Edmonds or buy dot com you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Yeah. It's also they shout they also the return now know as Sherlock but first time for a few emails here for the men's room a men's or live dot com. I know I know is a birthday wishes guys can you wish my son Ryan a. Happy sixth birthday give a big only broad Jenkins. And a little kids faced sandwich thanks guys appreciated that from rob. Audience says yeah. Out of my son Jay in rock star for his six year around the sun from dad in a time to take off the leash we love the show thanks so much guys haven't seen the shots and I have a fourteen per day to my son gig and we listen you guys on our way to soccer practice. Give a barber shop they sandwich please and maybe I'd Jolie just not love dead Beers it's. Movies bow around his sandwiches. She's done her own desire. Now it is Stanley is he's still around a zero in the morning and afternoon and. Just about sunrise and during the big 17 did you plan some turtle wax with a slogan up cupcake love dad and. Oh. That's fun. All guys always rob boy Ethan happy eighteenth birthday we both those near show years ago during our long summertime commutes now that he has carved his own. He still enjoys listening to your show on a regular basis. Considering he enjoyed hearing that they sandwich when he was younger I think it original they Sam woods will do the trick on his first day of adulthood thank guys at thanks guys a rock on that from Tom fish sandwich. I Don lemon here it's my girlfriend Azeri is twentieth trip around the sun. Was saying if she gets in dirty German thanks guys appreciate it. Don't look down let's say we have to do with the doggie style but I'm what do you do at Transocean whose. John a lesson to be just truly in my hips ground. Although I give her day job my brother Brian. He lives up our he likes to leave me dirty German messages which I find hilarious yet disturbing sense. He is my brother did you guys please give them some dirty German thanks fellas at from AJ. God decision to join my mother was demoted to show mouth has no teeth and not come over here I'm complete pop's music. You're going to be the reason I. Guys like your birthday shout to my husband keep PS 34 we recently just moved from Michigan he's a big fan of the show and get some dirty German thanks guys at from the coal. Yeah you'll want to be to a common model as well so the ritual burning. Yeah I'd like them to keep something do something to chill. Please wish Chris they have a 34 birthday he would love to hear some turtle wax he loves you guys and listens to you every day that from Cassie. Total look go to. Okay. All the nobility of the birthday shot onto my lovely beautiful wife Amanda she's 26 in the most kickass amazing person in the world. About some dirty German talk from Ted and thrilled to commemorate her birthday and hopefully embarrass her little beer and bacon then from Randall lane and in Amman though tonight applicable to district. Yeah maybe later we'll have some crates and with the three. Just as my son Chris completes his 38 trip around the sun. Idiom a barber shop faced sandwich because we like can't pay so much down here in Mississippi and with C. All guys if you're ever Mississippi let me know and I can they issuable some great southern food into another thirty minutes away from Ole miss campus. And you know how hot the girls are there and how wild they are on game day wasn't you guys all the time that from Mississippi red. Is it to movie Laura Suzanne wins. She's a daughter on this. Oh yeah Stanley is he's still around a C in the morning and afternoon and news and. What else to do is my husband Aaron AKA white thunder I had the 41 birthday with a mandrel penis and only drawn Jenkins thanks guys and Kimberly. Moves and multi in this. Well. It's sixteen under white thunder. I have a great nickname hello gentlemen I want to get my step dad Mike a huge bird they shot ideas 48 to listens to you guys every day and I know we love near the birthday song with the original face and when Joseph thanks guys that from Kevin fish sandwich hi guys here ego. I mean yeah there's okay. Yeah I did it OK have you had anybody. I'd pay good they could take you. Big day is done as a did you German front. Available through these we'll stay on men's line doesn't come another sign retailers. Double and you won't try fly fish move and. Know what they do you guys. An awesome show of enlisting since I got stationed in at 2005. And you guys at me in stitches I have some issues PT EST. And woman days get dark on the drive the men's room was put a smile on my face and sometimes they what the hell with Larry is news stories from Florida. Thank you guys so much for what you do thrill and did you guys kill me god blessed human. That's from a loyal fan named Sean yeah Danica Martinez John after yesterday's show and I had to go find the video viewing Merrill Munro I regret. Could make it halfway through. Don't think I would have been able to handle it any better than muted. But it did lead me down a rabbit hole of Ted videos that's all the bacon dance a serious wax job. In your messy ass apartments as well as a bunch of stunts on a dime challenges holy crap my sides are killing me you're the man dead. Rock gone from Adam and one more dudes almighty god I just watched the infamous Ted Smith Merriman look. Munro clip. Which was pretty awesome. But Dan YouTube automatically played another clip starring the Ted Smith showing off his apartment in TV cribs style. Holy S it solid gold is an older clip but still it made my day you're one messy son of a bitch is dead and I love us. You should do a 2017. Update on your new apartment and posted for the world to see have a great David Joseph Louis. That from the lovely Kayla yeah I try to we should do is what I'm leaving an apartment. Did you creeps no round did. If if if if if. Got up on the program they return to know as Sherlock but first head Jim is an analysis finds out. Okay and I'm OK. Okay. I had a common situation it's problem we've all been sick men who sit around the house you're hungry. Maybe it's late at night maybe just afternoon you only got about five bucks a devious spare you that even sixty. Check it out so you basically what I'm gonna do DD seven fast food restaurants you can get a lot of stuff for around five bucks are. So it's a restaurant. Just start with king Burger King aren't they hear it in a dollar menu. I'm not positive these items are all their dog okay okay guys don't you can buy all of these five bucks okay. You start with a double cheeseburger okay that's always fantastic that's a different frame and flame broiled and and I am testing and you get a double cheeseburger a beat gay bacon burger small Fries and a chocolate sundae. For around five dollars a guy I've read Matthew I like the most about the Burger King hammered compare you every other festive hammer no no flame brought to you taste that. You actually taste the mustard. All you know what do well that's not a bad thing about anybody know Burger King hamburger you definitely pays mustard and updates the pickle if you like giggles and know where nobody really does like to predominately see Jill get on any other fast food hamburger if I think McDonald's puts mustard on the just nod to catch a dominant feature at racquet does in his little tiny bit and onions out of all of the McDonald's Hemmer this is the difference in the taste between a Burger King to be is just flat out mustered little throw while they're hurting it was like coming in and just make as many patties as you want who's like the double cheeseburger that the three by three before my breath. Thank you think he's I don't know what we're doing here feels like it's really get away for about I do like picking a lot this. Her six subway. Okay yeah debate on the day they're football instead nuclear six dollars now know 211 inches and. And that's Jews live original gives you know remember. I'm gonna you can basically get maybe 66. Loaded up with veggies that can keep you at five books about their okay so. I think you look. It's subway man one great thing about subway. You pretty much know what's going on there they get a daily deal everyday elegant once a wildly introduce a new bread but only in that light thing that I don't you crazy that you go to subway each consistent get yourself. These are some restaurants were you Guinea for just about five bucks on today. Smackdown. McDonald's OK we we can do we do a lot of damage or McDonald's break is basically they have a whole dollar may know them they have the two for fives if you wanna go big you can get like a big Mac and something else is the big sandwich two for five bucks. I just like now with lake and dollar menu breakfast all the time you go crazy your accountant I we're not just talk of burgers here dude you get. Mix it up a little bit as they say here the sausage muffin for peace the nugget snack seismic flu earning small Coke. You look at a 550 deck that you eat breakfast lunch dessert I'll want to salsa all want to know I have dial around with a sacrifice I'm. Ship full litany all right all right and on the menu well enough to know to do here but I Ahmed assuming it involves not it's. Inning you know what miles this is the combination of me knew what their fate I have favorite big mirrors the nuggets your favorite thing spicy chicken. My that I thought you liked the original chicken if I can get it could you know I like spicy I think I think nobody that can't what you were basically go to chip away you get original chicken sandwich. Or a piece nuggets they should be well under five bucks if you add the waffle Fries yeah I know you do and we assume your game you're looking like 515 cat also. They have great sauces there I'm Polynesian guys but they look exactly as Polynesian what is Polynesian tasteless so he's out not okay. He's the documents what's the if it does it. What an ace. This was pretty easy I'm pretty sure I've ordered this one before junior bacon cheeseburger and I think those have been a dollar something for years yeah. Small fry and a small chocolate frosty. With tax that you come to about five bucks okay. You don't I've noticed now that a from the wind these world that is a picking up steam Manila in the in the crazy you food world where murders. If they potato. Have you guys noticed the baked potato popping up in a lot of different locations. Yeah but I still feel like Wendy's owns it they do you know relate though it might. I don't know I'm sure there find everywhere believe I'm a win these. I'll do make potato somewhere else on my visit the tape Ramadan and a few bars like all new thing big time baked potato. I'm with you man I'm originally everything else it is kinda had to make a reconcile this sort. Are you with all the only discovering now the potatoes don't have preferred drug Judy Taylor dot every day between ages kindergarten fifth grade. Yeah potato or put that to break the federal broke. So does I don't know if the food trends are as much as hamsters are just as much as people don't shut up about and read through I blame him listeners I think you're right for the dictator typing right it was like great dictator tactic everybody loves them. But what was it ten years ago they started slowly showing up your entire class Eric. You know what happened what they can like now Bacon's OK again. Everybody loves bacon and is a couple of years like darted about they all talk shows they want from me I'm generally enjoy tacos and just tired of hearing about tacos are people so shocked about this stuff there's always been around. I don't yet I had tackles last night you billion in tweet about it. No and even golf on the rails on you just ate tacos I've yet had slowly get posted to every piece of social media hello pat and I hate to act has been talk has become selected like if I'm eating and I've got to tell you oh like eighty years ago are they thought he knew what does that went to Hawaii. Gotta be like I millions of people in Mexico their I cool you guys like the street tacos now Han okay. You go to Dave for an that they patent and federal are looking now like. Major this crap and it's enough it's Sox it's like pumpkin spice and done. You know a friend depth Asarco in a pumpkin spice two more okay I'm up. It's it's neat it's not ghosts to poly OK when they got. I have to go away. Basically you're gonna have to order child's meal. Okay well I'm an adult can order to they have kids meals that come with too soft tacos jump chips all right. And up box an apple keeps of course. The worst thing that you do need out of all that is one. Probably the box and apple to box of marriages are trying to make it seem like a healthy sag within they put. Sugary juice diabetic water in my go door you're familiar with the help the option O'Malley is the boy who does timbers and real fruit juice and then had a bizarre why it is June durable sugar don't Bragman and present nobody is real it is crazy you know like when I was a kid like we nobody knew that. But you know I would usually that was like to help me help you here crimes that I never BN high school and some music. Emanuel Jews as much sugar is a sewed it was like you know my I'm well over 300 pounds this clinical auto thanks so. Dude I could refuse jug of mr. boots on that they've put dozens of the they put a vending machine and abide junior high and one point time they had sodas and and then they figured out oh no no we don't do this with the kids weren Clinton gets on a machine and they thought it would Jews. Which had more sugar more calories is okay and Minnesota did death. These are always give me for five bucks at your favorite fast food establishments on did to me. Taco Bell all right see this is riles going right away you can buy a franchise. Trooper topic I realized there's not that iTunes specific like they have a dollar cravings menu yeah ice. I mean isn't the average stock like just a little soft taco lair like. Is even a dollar I don't. Think and how you say you're like sixteen at that dude are you still live there and I can tell you for a fact and and the one thing that I don't know are you losing 59 cents was pencils and she's. And it's just beans and she's right but it's just awesome like nobody gets the Pinto and cheese and more than telling you man. It's not a resident was there Pinto and she's 88. How things I think those years I did I think I'm one of those people you know how's your personal ordering and I'm rather like Jesus sandwich you like the printers and Jimmy's death I always got that matter honey talk goes again always got one side of the does geez. See that's weird when I don't talk about I don't know than ever get sites. He's the street tacos yet made sure how an elegant inevitable. Yeah arrows and hit two good bye to the cross one point four minutes and who always tell about Taco Bell. Dare to dream I have not some old order this location so dribble one. I wanna have Taco Bell food and three B and W root beer or one of those tennis you know that aren't double stopped so Taco Bell may be listen in which you're saying. Baton I've seen a Taco Bell slash. A Kentucky fried chicken and Pizza Hut involved in that equation I've seen a couple different franchises that of like Pizza Hut and KFC together and I don't know how they get added I'm doing a four way won't. No. What I consider that there is a lot and there's a four way I want to say who have a new normal all right I don't know that it wasn't like ANW. Clue to destroy it was like AW dairy queen Taco Bell and easy to KOCO like pizza cutters on tonight. It is rural as highway in Pennsylvania it's only place and it was. It was 100 days my you'd just get anything our man it would it would get a little bit from everywhere right and his there was like one of the greatest days. Taco Bell by the way I don't know that you know to everybody loves Taco Bell for talk about stuff you but I don't know that I would call the most authentic Mexican food now now hold my joins our war Mexican. What now they're even getting a little bit farther away from being Mexican food. Taco Bell to starting test just started testing got a new breakfast item called chicken and biscuits okay well I everybody's now that yeah. It's clearly a paper cup filled with fried chicken chips. And little triangle shaped biscuits. And you get a dipping sauce either funny or not Jim cheat all I'm way down to that right now they're only available in one of the white is towns in America where Indianapolis felt OK. Don't otherwise I love how we go I go money thing gas over the maturation both generals puts on the other chicken basket. That's good news Cobo genuine close if you go by the name Bolger who's you got to put a C a vote general's memo whole world doesn't like to. So I just I have to go out with general I feel about nacho cheese on biscuits and and greatly. Honey makes cheese biscuit cheese chicken business not bad though what I was love it I'm just saying given the choice. But it is that we don't have common habit slather that bitch in not to rebels might call it that Carlsberg parties. Chicken and cheese biscuit with hot sauce and I get to those wolfman and the senate that was awesome. Chicken in judo if you are Vermont biscuit which just getting to broker off a ticket she's just didn't pick. Thank you had just go to calibrate itself with a shot of the day the return to know as Sherlock is coming up next you are listening to the men's or radio networks. It is you. It does with a shout and in the first. Allows me the thrill hill. Colmes good low angles and it gave birth stories with headlines it's. We're news when. And show up. Woman goes all the time from playing a game on the phone for a full day straight. Monkey's uncle. Sherlock is 21 year old woman in China she actually win one and one of her eyes she was cell phone game were a full day streak to pack and doctors are served for good vision. We should eat I mean I did she win. And now I guess it's one of those dangerous if you like the only games you know really who's behind it and keep going mental thing I guess. Seem to sixty pictured. Aaliyah here Adobe fault and don't understand why sex goal brothel owner says visitors have disturbing request. Yeah. And dream that DA again sex dole brothel owner says visitors on extra requests we have a picture of white old yet. Oh that's a ball game I it's my feet I would buy them. People buying meat from strangers on social media it's a serious problem. Why well. And stakes in the trunk but there. Actually I'm on T Bo dug up the ladies I got a New York strip I don't know why that is working or how about two or three million people buying meat from strangers. I'm social media for it isn't telling people and dean and it's selling the need to justly mildly and I don't student Abalone in my trophy. Yeah most of loaded to drum. We'll. Follow. Current ones dean's wife Georgina Chapman is leaving him hello. Sharon knock. Him. Lawmakers shocked to learn the seventy plus children missing from Kansas is Foster care system GU well kickers are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Sherlock. Seventy children are missing. From the false choices. As you might guess from lawmakers got wind of this yes they weren't bad shot while the seven net zero. She east Tennessee area. Are gonna go this hour. Yeah. Study finds that members of congress with out draft age sons much more hawkish war. And now and show up do you do I know we did during a. It's to be ready. Men's room knows just. As usual we had those entering best game Steven broil to find out your toaster yes indeed today we chose to anonymous men from I'm gonna save us from golden age how old child what was that they need to know that is in China all right. And as it is in America when you're about to get married you your best friend or best man you go out for a night armed town. In China however apparently they do it the night before the wedding and in this case just like guys doing rational parties they just got silly. An appointment broad daylight. The best man duct tape to groom to the White House. And then heat tape firecrackers to his book oh. Then he lit the firecrackers. I'm basically blew this guy's ass apart he had to end up going to the hospital they had to delay the wedding. As they sort of third baseman repair his butt cheeks back to where his ass is supposed to oh Alia. I don't know why they thought that was an event and look I know we get drunk and we do dumb stuff but generally when firecrackers come out. Yeah there's enough sobriety and those routes like hey man don't know taped to my ass and a light them and it sounds like a bum deal. I. If the investigators get to the bottom of it. They didn't know just the butt of the joke. This for an apology translated. Just got cheeky. Incredible I'm just curious. And and horrible pictures to go along with some sort of we've posted momentarily. I was cheering for. Report the supposedly very good booze because we think it's yeah I may not bag so all of the tongue and download the two party in our Tommy's. Down now all I bet don't laugh. Ticket does a lot right now the profile as we will take collar 984499. Night all you play profile is gonna minutes. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.