10-12-17 Seg 2 Mens Room Gets Freaky With Feet

Thursday, October 12th

We play the game known as Big Dummy


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This is dumb men's room. He's thrilled. I Sherlock Delaware before I drink it tells with a shot of the day in the meantime the game is big dummy for born 999 over and we have a job working on question to produce over. The job here is question number two what is the capital of North Korea. There's even a camera has announced that all lethal I don't know. The only game. Young okay. The places you'll never visit there as a quiet that's there. And why couldn TYCNG. Pyongyang to the original name for the mayor Dwayne charms for the entry to 200 children. Go to Memphis. The psychological test of human emotions and personalities that uses. Its formerly known as what textbook. A lot. Yeah I want to. I definitely wouldn't go broke Jack Crowe put the rope shaft itself. I object your question so of course gotten national park is located in which US state. Sales are expected caddied for me yuck oddity full on the other game is big dummy for far 999 all of those are next contestant right to play games hello Ian welcome to the men's room. So Maria welcome to the show there and farther into the fold. Inside Greg Oakland finished late next where you don't. All of auto club I hear you say that is certainly magnate Ed you've visited their particular category. Let me look at that outlook you do you have children. Know you do not. I so I gotta ask man if you maybe had visited this place. And you have no children. Someone else says children and you've been to that place so how did you get to their place. Stumble across it. Figure it it was it was game off. Don't but penalizes. Most poorly categories in my normal life reasonably normal life I have never been part of the things that I want to now yes you know whatever the scenario might never happen to me and the tough thing is like everybody has categories so quickly. This isn't a subject you talk about trying to you know how long category and but sex rights is everything how do you get into that and I'd be like I don't know if one category we can all quicker because we've all American debut runner liberal. A mom yeah I guess I'm not going to like oh cool original pool medals. In you have been with a pregnant woman. And we're did you guys meet. In Amarillo. That's see that's why I think it's such a hard category to get into because if you are truly going to meet someone at a bar and a most of the time they are able to enjoy the ball well sure when you're pregnant you're not supposed to drink and was smoke and I supposed to do all that so when you tell me that you ran into a pregnant woman at a bar and took her home. To me that seems like. Mathematically almost impossible. He's still like which look a lot of guys have a man with a big black Mitch good. But you can click on big black pitches right. And they're they don't yet and it it's not Rambo what he's saying is he has actually had sex with a woman who but he picked up in a balk. Are you good you're pregnant there's that plus that's it that's amazing you know to me like there might be a big black woman and a bar that I wanna try to pick up but I believe the shooting there and Michigan drink. Because she's got pregnant yeah I mean like when your pregnant Carolina bar. You don't have to drink out of just seems to be hard to be the hardest walk I've yet there for the hollow pinot pop. That's a good idea I spicy food all right Bob close off 00 okay Roy and congratulations. Riding the mechanical bull and chicken oh it's a religious advisor Amy Poehler and us analyses do and that dancing all pregnant friend Danica mayor made his job holders Cameroon as Jack a moment. Art isn't quite sure what actress plays the female lead on the crime drama the blacklist. You are. No clue are all wrong. You know me Niedermayer and I don't want to show put on the show very popular and economic government seasons. I'm okay. I have no. I don't know she doubles title of the shows that no one knows for got didn't. Made him who. Made it Boone you've left everything and it cannot. Question for the failings of Taylor Swift are known as he walked. Back. Day and it could. That's swift diss swift diss there okay. I didn't know that pushed me I did not know I'm a Swiss skiing event. Yeah it was a dummy for far 999 alone who is our next contestant ready to play the game hello Eric welcome to the men's room. Up on. Sober careful. And there you go into Greg go put finisher latex or miserable. Well I'm not really an upbeat for an American oil goes between really hard to go away and Jack who would run you've taken. But cobra virus. Most are. Our breath though. We're does that amaze where's your Wimbledon I was amazed reg game I thought that's what she won't reggaeton yea yea yea I need that you walk the horror I think our language first gulf right yeah Obama always there with a pregame with CB trying to pregnant three years in Louisiana is one of the night when he was tough on him and finally he finally got one mistake. Craig is. How did you question the black forest is located in which European country. So I don't know whether they're delicious ham. Oklahoma awful awful awful as that is honor I had who earned the right. You are correct there. As a quite fortunate there aren't. I guess. Last forest is located and got injured German political Romania so close to Germany that it's in Germany an easier yeah it does in fact all right there's probably near the new black forest. Yes okay the hand the place okay Jim and I don't regret he was offended. Email saying it's not what I meant to run and I got I'm one who can I tell my armpit for a candidate that I. Are you question who won the Nobel Prize for literature and when he sixty. Oh I know that he would say here they really wanted to ask. That is that maybe was involved as what they do on. Still play yes no no alive he is still alive totally forgot that he won that thing GAAP walkman. Where he was kind of surprised about the whole deal and women that didn't act that didn't show up to pick it up I mean really is live in view. Details on loan to an end. Why would need no woman nobody soundly anyway I don't know it pavement movement is the moment. I know has delusional leading. He gives I was in one of the greatest Americans like yours are better but you can't you can't Dublin bound RM Bob Dylan told you as a tropical what I do think you can't you just weird. He's this great literature writer but you can't understand them but you know was taken up the slack for him I believe it and I believe there are some sheer genius of this I do. Bob Dole and I think he's a mush mouth that's its obvious things but I think he modern day Bob Dylan as far as. Vocal clarity goes on to sing it any better Pearl Jam it. And honesty Pearl Jam concert ended occurred to me any better to guiding genius right see you write these lyrics. And will go home and will read the lyrics and we can sing along and all you need to really remember is the hook of the song. Because everyone knows a look at whatever Soros even Eddie batteries performing live and just crushing bottle after bottle Brett Warren. It doesn't matter if he says the wrong thing it doesn't matter to mumble does no one actually knows what he's saying anyway all Leo seduce did to. Remove its moral dirt. And then after that is back to those mumbling. Foolishness and dribbles out of his mouth yeah I mean there's all brilliance as a whole genre rap right now out of Atlanta. In late you personally use those guys fields golf mumble mumble records brilliant because I'm old I am all you have to do remember the look of the song. There have been around what 45 years it's hard to remember everything you did 25 years ago he then me too he does need to know the name of the song is even flow as which they get rid of that trap Luc extra and that's. This big done aid. Or far 999 all lose our next contestant rated played again. Well on that now I'd like trap music but I just want to believe that your hanging out clubs in here that's not to speak your daughters no waiting to spell out exactly so who knows Bingham and I hear how well I think you're you're due places my daughters of the gym. I did you units at a club like ten man tied this track and use the gavel the rhythm again another beat man the right is dating all this music to one specific time and what's it like twenty years and I'm like hog god remember that you know but those days that's one of our miles but I'm tired of Dhabi. Hello Jeremy welcome to the bedroom are. Iraq. For now they're written. Yes indeed Jerry until I pray go put closure latex. I'm I was wondering did you are important wreck do. No I hope I don't go Rego notre. And you start to earth and somehow I knew you're going meant. I did not know this many people would go. Well I don't know why don't they don't like look man I Rego who knew wealthy liberals and I don't care and it's I never thought that would be a statement I make. Really adds that the state over Joseph music it is the companies. Our parent in question what type of animal is the mascots for the Oakland a's baseball team. So you might be the biggest changes. I honestly do not all people I have nothing about the other early seventies championship bears. And don't all people no like yeah I think about when yeah. Why didn't they. Things good and doesn't start with the letter and I don't lot of math stuff I do not know that we have they're athletic don't. There was a nose where it just came out of nowhere I mean I'm sure there's a reason for the Donald Elvis. Yeah somebody who's drunk. Yeah I'll take advantage I have to him alone and all right here's a question and I stole this from our tribute we do here and worked there. There are five states that input the letters I. California. Virginia West Virginia Georgia and what other state. And again. If California. Virginia West Virginia Georgia and then one other state in the blue letters I eight east coach god it it's got it's got two major cities. Where does it emanated I don't know now with the goes lower drugs. So miles an. In spite of being from Washington. We didn't get West Virginia now. Dominik simple and yet. We try that one and we're like I think we've spilled from Germany and hang on. And it entirely to your question three more of big dummy on the way also still to come ahead seven ousted meat potatoes. How to eat like a king if 45 American dollars at your favorite fast food establishment that is coming up at more of big dummy 44999. Hole. You're listening to the men's or radio network. I hit it hit it means and okay. It is big dummy 844999. All currently we have Jeremy playing for teams over online and Jeremy thank you rolled through the break there you are now on question number three. Yeah. The budget to. Our journey here it is your question. What is the first commandment of the ten commandments. As out of it'll seat two and I thought. Above all we have broken right. Tells felt honor another title without yeah I have no other gods before. Thirteen daily. Are worked out well then again that was Dallas. That was straw the broke the back then nobody knew that the and then had a good run their their New England Jesus came he said don't read that led to his or her idea nor I nor the first commandment. I don't question in the Southern Ocean surround which continent. This use of reflected sounds to locate objects is known as one. It. All. Is dead all right I'll bet I would call a candidate we're. Hopefully next. I don't know the division saw an article location is pretty confident. Plays at the difference between right and I may end. Time and I one quick update on him time about 8000 other people. The ones that totals an enemy is I told him dive early him tied to meet Herbert Japanese couple little tunnels and it might be someone brought that up an elevator a few minutes ago is all that technical stuff like I guess I I don't know I'm I'm really. Get to where they could they don't wanna rocking it says that they can do 8000 tentacles going into an element I don't get it. Mean didn't. I did it is I yeah yeah I could add to my mind goes monthly report. There's not a lot tentacles and more of a tunnel while I'll take the cal large. Which Christopher Columbus chip and ran the ground on this first voyage. But Santa Maria. Just think establish the three nights typically gets one are active duty not to do they know the names of the other three yes there's an independent camera. Yeah I didn't mind. I just never did confirm Colombo as a way when are three famous ships and for sure yeah. I really like. And they taught and all the time in school. Yeah I integrated school okay so it's that the Santa Maria about when I'm in the event of beneath your FEMA the Pinto in the Santa Maria. Mountain and did they all rendered some saint although they admitted to the minutes will we call well we don't really called America who they we call it Puerto Rico. Moon yes that really count in and it's close it's a big footed yes that's easy Mac big big ocean yet there are 4999. All logos are next contestant ready to litigate known as big donate hello know welcome to the men's room. I know you play for things over he's not so. I welcome the show and our members bolt. Are you gonna go inside feeling you pray go put finisher latex on your category they're accusing. Ottawa until late latex. Very good. I had there latex no I hear is your question. Went to breed of dog gets its name from the French word meaning earth. School are all well Smith who's listening which breed of dog gets its name from the French word meaning curve. All I actually. And then shouted out yeah. I mean butterfly familiar brutal. And my dad is German for. Do not stepping fast food yeah I think now would Varity competitor and I'm watching germ Hornaday Korea just a brush up on German stuff how many guys were involved adversity one woman doubt always very very tame but I wanna know what moment are related selling ninety luncheon. Now just what happens when I go to Europe in the world is just like it also looked indeed show being you know there of their first. The new camera pulls back lawyer Carlo let's OK just walk right in and just stop and stare. And that's why we like Germany yeah. Card or your question the maze of the missed. Amazed at the miss is the goal that you would ride if you wanted to see walks. He bullying them all these little hairy misty. Are. There's only true these boats in time and a ban on ones and realized that I was a maid of the mist for which I found very troubling. I I don't know. We're okay. Okay I'm having no mention those without them later. All right both crusty the clown. And Chandler from friends. Have an extra want. I was unaware of and it also and hello. Yeah. Middle class this one towards the water. You know when I drive performance middle class and I did not get rid of his birthday parties as I thought for sure would come away. You should look at the holes in your shirt wow moment that actually. All right. Here's the question Abalone is supposed to be the resting place of what famous monarch. Avalon Avalon Abu Avalon. And you've seen in David Gray now. Hillary took that. Like a typical because they have a lot of volume again all right. Should. Have a long. All I only own. You looked up a couple of the epic. Kill our. On. Until kind of. Definitely helped king Arthurs who is famous for us to our defense just. These claims for the sort of style. Now allows them came after the flower yellow flowers has been used going to be just it was gonna Morgan mill is and then we actually pulled or Valerie three medals money. You. Communal lands a lot of money our it is a question which book of the Bible does David killed go why. Are. You only legal. I try to give you can't. You know all it'll go the Bible. Is being killed Goliath mother and you read. Okay I'm glad you have Britney. David welcome I look back at. All I hope ex generals Abdel eat of Paul but how about any movies Samuel L. Jackson has ever been in Gallagher children's movie any good. Freddy read the guy's name children's book and just as the greatest children's book ever written old effort to sleep. I. Don't in Ulster Kelly. British cable TV used to show what bore game topless. It open. November. Topless guard Jeremy when you watch so yeah I guess so yeah. It's ready. I wouldn't you want to start to go stock. So cold. If he's in the dark competitions and now like in England and south. Thousands of people costumes. You people get blacked out front it's insane. But it's it's gotten so professional that they have to tell the guys got you wasted on a plane ruined yeah are awfully good time when. Sorry Celine as the Greek goddess of what's so less fuel body. I. Again I spoke Celeste your own it's I want to say that at. We need to create are. Still thought he could do. All my gosh. Lol. Lol. Okay. So let's see and know that. And fall I all my gosh I'm drawing a blank solo you'll bodies is to go to celebrated the moment. So she's got a blow eat dirt. He still. The moon. Okay all my guys. I think you all Dave and I wish I think we've got that would be good Easter. Yeah sure. The famous eastern star on the role where rooms can. I hear your question in the US military installation known as area 51 is located in which state you got data. Now Larry. And a man. Any earlier I had a go to game is big dummy 8449990. Look who's our next contestant ray play the games hello Rebecca welcome to the men's room. Wow. I'm Rebecca you sober now for over. I mean they're. And Rebecca what with porn category you're gonna go let's we have been tiebreak don't put finisher latex. Particularly have to go I don't Rego of the never been pregnant. Okay and did you ever think three times. Yes I don't think it's funny. Nobody has requested. When you're pregnant did you find that your sex drive and offered the kind of just go away. A little and that it did. Yeah which is like kept getting pregnant. Okay yeah. Tony doing the three months to to get back in there and just get pregnant right away aftermath now yeah I think it okay. Admitted with a long three miles and generally has mats along with three months of the new life. As normal or less like five months yeah. They're the coalition broke familiar with the I USB ports but what the acronym USB's name. Do wrong. And and so bug Luke who. And you don't lose a million. Detonated universe so yes the other universal. As much as I got when I drug against. I don't know universe so all of the. Since I don't know why I forget Michael. And protests captain Greg did a public goods everything ground opponents refuse orders will collapse and nowhere in my inebriated at the I didn't sugar coated fiberglass. It that's a big tigers you know about it. Our Marines and it doesn't Wear pants. Hole all. Of our highways and tiger salsa a book or how are you you know tiny gap then. If you pick it. All right whose nickname the first lady of song. Singing a first lady of song I believe you Donald Trump believes you because. I broke bravery. Parents. Am not let correctly meantime might need elephant. Jerrold thanks. I got very good. Words and words matter the game is big dummy for 4999. A look who's honest it doesn't rain play the game. Hello Derek welcome to a bedroom. All all of. I guarantee children. The strike surely demolishing how. I was just there to see Jeff yeah. Miserable inside Rego flip credit for latex regard. Don't know about into identical stuff that's pretty ridiculous OK I don't not to drive. As a result Alomar and finish fifth drop chemicals in my underwear and have a fun nights to. All right thank you. I feel tempted to try that now I'm on loaded up here. Under the new Berry you know the Newberry medal. I guarantee you you've seen this before the Newberry medal is awarded for the best plot. Thought Bennett. What slowly calling him an annual. New Berry NE WB ER wise to Newberry medal is awarded for the bus were in you have seen this in Europe. And Newberry medal awarded to that just. Happened so. Okay. All. Yeah I don't know we'll get into it. If you have a little more wild things are totally just a warm welcome remember the we stared back at what you look at difference. Tournament the new Berry is for writing OK okay. He beat the had a continental is for illustration so when where the wild things one when a cat got metal baseball had a cat. Based on the illustration and that look at the Newbury it was four you're right an actual book was based on the right you don't want to actionable Sylvester question what's the Kevin Cobb California also learned about this call I got the Pulitzer. And that's our jobs and got them all they had floors of libraries and look different you I didn't know like a library like inside and I'm just gonna get a books and are really low library and doing a good reason which is trying to say. What's that Dewey decimal you don't think that. And it won't let you guys do it doesn't doesn't mulls doing it yeah. Yeah and Carl. Judy. High speed new things and sound dirty thing. And why classic board game would you use the royal four. Alcohol. There's just no way to say that an outside group commands are then it's and it's a movie called the royal four by about a half. An integrated go into a spare you the pumps also. The legality shaft. Arianna Derek nice work I'm not exactly sure what the Al royal for the move this far but I wanna play justice to do it. In a spread your fingers real real life might do you know be royal four is the matter of fact I do I. How hard. The royal port is a situation in which a single piece. Makes two or more direct attack simultaneously. So like if instead the horse was sit there and it could make a move to either attack the king or the queen. We would anyone move. Tells an impossible to does Wear lenses the one move not the not the orders and not be exactly where it sits right now to pieces are in danger. I got oh OK I run my own and loaded double but not exactly about a real quick question if you blame just which team goes first. Pan you're an anti whites of course why does courses we're down here always point that game is big dummy for an hour hello IR us. And our home births today. Little fact about rose more demand for my house you can play with like as he. This is it just. Favors may donate more par 999. Cola hello Darryl welcome to the men's room. Thought oh wow. Aren't nearly overnight over. There was sued porn category military. Ten tiebreaker a competitor latex. Well I don't know I looked great so they feed. Fanfare at the field with her then. It's an entire and today let's say ten top programs and I. All very cold and ten ma'am whatever it is chemical born I don't know whether they won't know what it is today we've announced that ten times the legal and for the pleasure latex. Until he loved it all Asian trip. What a great as I think so but the beautiful thing it beautifully manicure wanna soccer six Florida suck off. I don't doubt while I got three nepalese woman must know this little piggy went wee wee wee we knew we we we we really all the way off. I did you question what's little dog gets its name from the German word meaning muzzle. The whole economy since renewed. There. What little dog gets its name from the German word meaning Mosul. How loyal. Oh yeah they don't sudden death the disarmament schnauzer net schnauzer. You know what the snows a look like. You've seen Amanda looked away clearly angry little Britain Camilla I think different when you see their face they does. They look like will for brenly frowning you pas are gourmet over there is to. You rank as soon as you see it go its theme schnauzer now it is hang out and Hillary says Sony H. As CH in a U. Z offer I don't know if you can do you see that guy all year yet yet they also think it's got to stare omit those things are nasty to Arctic. Wow I. Are you depends on the owner again I didn't want to go for a good point the fifth Afghans they don't say if you like to be a contestant on a 44999. L lo have a brand new contests and am more a big dummy coming up you are listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have turned the men's room it's not on the big show they had seven ousted may details how you can he. It's like a king for five bucks at your favorite fast food restaurants that is coming up in the meantime the game is big dummy 44999. Alone we have a few more comments I hear in this case it is wanna clear some things up that we were not sure of our first of all. We are wondering what the difference or to an echo location and sonar is and it was explained the difference between a hole location and sonar is that sonar is under water only. Would have never known Matt Allen and miles for you. On the calculations Celsius to Fahrenheit basically Celsius to Fahrenheit doubled and and had thirty double in that and third I start west. Well it's seventeen and what does we're starting so if the zionist thirty or more minuet thirty so sixty Larry got a cut that time and those the equation I just and I and I had a for a second that I forgot so we don't you forget it at that I I'm gonna say again the easy equation ask Canadian. If there's that do. I usually dominate for 49990. Lose our next contestant read a playoff game big dumb woman and do you are you argue why you're here I'll get out still welcome Alex Alex what John Goodman John Paul for segment. Yeah a group. He was about to play the players salaries about the play big. But actually is now how did he know he was about what we can tell you in advance he was awfully tired you don't play our random line and their noses Bragg sang let him while living and I'm glad you know. We don't say got amateurs as we are on hold and we're. Outreach and it's. Different. Yeah there's just on the ground then yeah. Alex welcome to the men's room all our. If you sober now for over. Welcome to show us. And if so. Which janitorial cocaine cash Rego professionally. I am going to go and RF. Cynical man I don't know I it. I have a laugh. I did it you know we're gonna outstanding early and we've learned a lot of stuff like one feet below pregnant women. Ladies and good early right now just know them and guys look and you'd either he won't have such view or wishes he had tentacles down the way. You are you'll get it done I would have to think what you're pregnant you're not feeling the best about yourself so that's a pretty good news right. I mean I understand the number one hamburger both a reason you got great and it's not because some say you're the youngest person I've ever seen right. And pregnant and and women who are pregnant normally have that happy look about them that though that look at content you don't mean like they look companies are momentum. Like that some didn't say. Often times rusty pregnant women and they get sick in the morning and had no yeah of course yet they're all holed up like Phil looked at my mom doesn't look it looks uncomfortable and humidity guys that are most didn't like every human being inside I don't see how that's comparable to the moon are comfortable being accountable. One but the one thing I hereby months I remember most pregnant women and and this is the quote. I'm ready to get this thing out of not my baby not my kids not my pride and joy it has now become a thing that they won't removed from about it. Traveling is not likely tumor he did remember that. They're kind of like government. Okay here's your question. In what city was Galileo born. Not. And Chester. I'm home. Just don't know him I just had a comfortable lead over those guys they've been. And euros Italy you know that the united you know would take. All of the bad. All. Our students had the audio. Daily double business. Huge yeah pooch is amazing you have amateurs we rarely even hear about sound to replay that again tomorrow that while never never land of the category. They buried under Visio professional professional organization I want to say like Lucas light and sound resolve and as a they've got to drill let's imagine that Lucas ranch yeah that is that's what they did for us they're gonna use it any Star Wars movie or for us they decide to give that to us. Otherwise that was on a barge or did you just having a bad and that's the next. I don't play you a bit of audio humble past few weeks of Beethoven's symphonies. Was the follow. All I. It's the only war and anyone know you know it. It beat all you want to know if you comment but my primary now it's the only one that you've played it. Yeah your blue did to them. All. I I I think the name right now. It's. You floor the engine. And finally you think about. I don't even know you regular named dean isn't even number you know when you've heard over the bay and may never heard Beethoven's third. For sure we have but I'm annoyed them like this gonna like that actually plays a bit four rockets. They should many games continues on the men's room radio network.